Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

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The Morning Qi Ritual gives you a sense of deep inner peace, keeps you stress free throughout the day and gives you a boost of energy and vitality.

By: Lee Holden

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hello I'd like to welcome you to this chi gong routine for more energy it's going to be about 10 minutes long and it's designed to give you that boost of energy that you might need in the morning or anytime during the day where you feel like you need just a little pickup alright the first exercise is called knocking on the door of life I want you to stand with your knees slightly bent you're going to relax your neck and shoulders and just start turning from your hips and your waist and let your arms knock across your lower abdomen and let your arms knock across the lower back the door of life is an acupressure point directly between the two kidneys around the second lumbar vertebra and this point gives you a lightning flash of vitality to give you more energy for your day so go ahead take a deep breath and let your arms knock across that lower back and knock across the lower abdomen we're going to simulate some vital acupressure points to give you that energy that you need through your day go ahead and take a nice deep breath turn from your hips and your waist just relax your upper back neck and shoulders if you want to did it give you a little more flexibility in their spine you just gently turn look over that shoulder and open up the spine take one more deep breath and this lets your body kind of unwind all by itself come back to the center and take a deep breath good the next one is something called a tiger again it's an exercise to bring more energy into your body so bring your hands up over your head here's our inhale then exhale and bend your knees come down inhale reach up bend your knees on that exhale come down towards the floor this will strengthen your legs and tonify your kidney it opens and stretches the hips and the lower back so here inhale and exhale down a Tiger to bring that power and energy and vitality into your day stretching strengthening the legs opening through the lower back you're going to inhale here through the nose and exhale out through the mouth inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth this will help to release that Tiger energy in your body inhale and exhale now if you can you can come down just a little bit lower and sink into your heels and then come up make sure on this one you feel comfortable on your knees and your legs and you can always just go down a little bit not too far and get that same benefit last one and arms out to the sides good you'll feel that speeding up your heartbeat warming up your body and bringing that energy up to the surface next one we're going to do is something called chi massage here I want you to knock over your kidneys again this is the door of life area so it's going to bring out that energy in your body think of some of these exercises as a way to give your body that natural boost of energy and then from the kidneys I want you to just slap down on the back of the legs and up the inside of the legs so you're going to come from here go down the outside in the back of the leg your kidneys you go down the outside and then come to your chest and knock right here over the chest take a nice deep breath this will open the energy to your lungs into your heart for good circulation nice deep breath and the long exhale then slap down the inside of the arm slap up the outside of the arm right there to your neck and shoulders do that again down the meridians and energy pathways down the inside of the arm up the outside come over to the other side up the inside come down outside to the neck and shoulders and then back to the chest these points here will be really beneficial to your your immune system as well increasing the energy to the lungs the hearts and even the thymus glands take one deep breath exhale and relax and I'll just close the eyes and you can feel this energy start to awaken in your body this is what we call Chi feel the Chi circulating down through the arms into your hands down the legs to the feet very nice alright next exercise let's do one this is called Buddha holding up the earth Buddha holding up the earth it's a breathing exercise designed to tonify and strengthen your lungs so here arms around your knees or bent inhale bring your hands up over your head and you're going to reach the palms up over the head thumbs extend and then exhale and come down good inhale and we come up exhale and come down if you want more energy in your body for health wellness more energy in your life one excellent way to start is by deep breathing so lengthen the breath here inhale bring your hands all the way up over your head little pause at the top of the inhale and then exhale all the way out exhale all the way out and nice deep breath and long exhale inhale little pause here let your body fill up with this energy exhale and come down do one more time deep breath and exhale down good now that the body's energy is open and circulating let's go into a nice flowing sequence that will bring you into a nice harmonious rhythm in your body your hands are going to be here in front of you we're going to open the hands out then the back of the hands come towards each other roll up push forward and then circle this is called embrace the tiger return to the mountain out rolling up push forward inhale as you circle around the exhale we're going to open the hands a little flowing movement up the spine exhale push forward inhale and circle the hands exhale and inhale exhale and then this is a long deep breath gather your energy exhale out embrace the tiger return to the mountain this one harness is internal energy embrace the tiger cultivate your power and your strength at the same time return to the mountain keep that energy calm and relaxed clear return to the mountain also means come back to your Center your place of harmony and balance so when she got what we want to cultivate is both the combination of abundant energy and mental clarity deep vital energy plus inner balance and harmony let it flow through your body let it flow through the body one more time come around to your Center and now that student bring the feet a little closer together one hand under your abdomen the other is going to circle this will bring a state of mental clarity and inner balance and harmony this one is excellent for mental focus and just gathering your energy and your resources can use this one before a meeting as a way to get clarity set clear intention and start your day empowered full of strength and with clear mental focus it's called centering inhale as the arms circles exhale and come down the front of the body inhale encircle exhale and come down for your mind and your heart and your body's energy and harmony and balance one more time and just bring both hands over your lower abdomen close your eyes and feel that wonderful combination of energy and relaxation great and enjoy the rest of your day

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  1. Thank you very much! Just what I needed. I am 70 and have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and am determined to heal myself naturally. I think Qi Gong will be great – gentle on the body – healing! Can't wait to wake up in the morning and get started – except the knee one – can't bend them – yet!

  2. I like all of Lee Holden's Qi-Gong videos. I have started using the 10-minute video to help me with my ocular migraines. At the first sign (grey spots in my vision which then become fractals), I begin the video. I've found using this restores my vision shortly after I complete the video. Reduces the severity and length of the migraine. My recovery time is much shorter.

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