Mexican Border Camping & Marie Kondo: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

Mexican Border Camping & Marie Kondo: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the February 5, 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:27 President Trump gave his second State of the Union address with a theme of “choosing greatness”

5:10 VICE News goes to the boot heel portion of the border to get to know the people of the border town of Hachita, New Mexico, and see if they think they’re in danger from migrants trying to cross the unwalled portions of the border.

11:21 VICE News looks at the history of blackface in the wake of revelations about Governor Ralph Northam.

13:49 Marie Kondo is championed for being the organizational guru. Some claim her tidying practice has changed their lives. Her consultants go through a 3 day seminar to learn the practice and become professional organizers. This year, Dexter Thomas is joining them.

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37 thoughts on “Mexican Border Camping & Marie Kondo: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

  1. So sense his black ass didn't see nothing, I guess nothing is wrong. I didn't see over 900 people die in Chicago last year, but I'm pretty sure we can agree that it happened. But sense your RACE-BAITING ass didn't see nothing, there's nothing wrong. Riddle me this. If it's so safe why did you take a local person with you. Why didn't your back g brave ass just go by yourself. I'll answer that. Because the local knows exactly where to go where you won't see anyone crossing, because the trail is a tough one. Why should they go way out there to cross, when all they have to do is walk right out of pretty much any town on the boarder and cross. Why would they take a more dangerous and more physical way? Your black ass is a racist. All your doing is trying to shut down Trump's agenda. Anyone who has half a brain knows the boarder of s a dangerous area. Your just to fucking ignorant to admit it. Maybe when your family gets assaulted by an illegal your view will change. But oh ya, you don't live by the boarder. So you have nothing to worry about. Your statement makes as much sense as if you said we don't have a problem with guns and black people in Chicago. I guess there is no problem there too. Southside Chicago is a safe place to live. Keep your racist remarks to yourself. And just because you shake a white woman's hand, don't make you not a racist. Just means your a snake.

  2. dude goes in joking about women getting trafficked then it turns out it actually does happen… and keeps arguing why there shouldn't be a wall… like a ladder… cuz trucks can go over ladders…. man, confirmation bias.

  3. I live in Arizona and hunt deer down south. I have personally seen armed drug smugglers full camo even the bundles on their back wrapped In camo. I hate the fact that I cant enjoy my hunt in my country without having to watch for these assholes…. I used to carry just my bow. I now carry my bow a 45 and AR platform pistol. I have seen countless illegals traveling through the desert. Maybe I should hunt where they were camping.

  4. Black people. Get over blackface. It's not thought of the same as it did so very long ago. Jesus Christ to here from you this lady go off on how it was portrayed generations ago is still thought the same way .
    I'm sorry but you are not opressed and no one who was oppressed is long dead. You act crazy people are going to treat you crazy

  5. I remember when VICE actually did stories on the things that mainstream media was afraid to take on. Now it is all the same. Trump this. Trump that. How far left can we take this? All the wayyyy

  6. This is total BS I was born and raised and live on the border, my family has over 125yrs on the border… I will be more then happy to take this punk and that idiot vice chick to the real border where they can get robbed beaten and most likely killed on the American side while they are trying to camp out… This is nothing more then propaganda they are spewing..!! I bet the black boy would crap his pants in fear if I took him to the serious places and not some lame border town that does not see the real illegal alien traffic..!!

  7. Vice isnt new there just a left wing propoganda puppet. Like most news companys are now. Vice is just over the top about pushing the lefts agenda. The guy that "interviewd" steve bannon should really be fired or not allowed to interview anymore.

  8. The leftist love that Japanese philosophy of downsizing and organizing its people like they do in that country into coffin sized apartments in line with all the other methods of population control.

  9. I still waiting the day that gringos will acept that they are part of the problem. They can't say "we have a problem in abuse of drugs, so we should attack first here" no is easy to blame others like "the problem is that we don't have a Wall to stop drugs an illegals carring drugs" and never say a Word about USA like the first source of money and guns for cartels. Whe USA accept that his strategy to stop the drugs is all wrong and start to work with Mexico and Central America , that day we Will see finally peace on this region. Please Trump, stop being an idiot and work with us and not aginst us.

  10. We need to raid the Vatican and force them to make public every record they hold then take any and all weirdo priest and give them some of public capital punishment for their sex crimes

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