Manchester United vs Burnley LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM NEWS!

Manchester United vs Burnley LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM NEWS!

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We’re LIVE from Old Trafford from 2pm GMT with Manchester United vs Burnley Premier League team news reaction! Who do you want to start? COMMENT BELOW!

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hi guys welcome to full-time Devils hope you guys have all had a great Christmas and I hope you're all doing well it's Boxing Day we're here at old trafford we're inside hotel football so thank you very much to hold our football for having us inside today out of the cold inside how're you doing you're doing good I'm trying to get the team News up at the moment so as soon as I do have that for you I'll let you know what the team is if you have it and get it in the comments and I can read it out for you as well and I'll keep trying to get them out for you in the meantime keep your comments coming in are you looking forward to the game are you nervous about this game Burnley held us to a nil nil draw here last season tumhe and was an absolute fire wasn't he and we've got to make sure he's not playing today I think it'll be Nick Pope and goal for them as Tom heon's injured but what we need to make sure we're at it today we need to make sure we're up for it there'll be a lot of Manchester United fans coming here today a little bit disappointed at the simple fact that United haven't been able to keep up the chase going with a win at Leicester we didn't do that as Latin Ibrahimovic starts and that is you heard me Alex so get thinking about your prediction is that an ibrahimovic starts David the hair in go young at right-back jones Rojo sure at left-back now this is what I wanted midweek when I was thinking about a team I was thinking no Valencia so put young there and then put Luke Shore in that left and that's what we've gone with today Chris Smalling out of the team now I know I was giving him criticism for missing that header but he's got a groin injury so not surprised he's at its roll Jones together again at the heart of the defense in the midfield we got mattock and Padma then we've got matter as Latin Rushford and Rommel ooh Lukaku that is the team news for manchester night the haeryung Jones Rojo Shaw Matich Pogba matter matter in great form the other day Ibrahim ovitch looks like you might be in the number 10 position Rochefort and Romelu Lukaku on the bench Romero blend Lindelof Tuan's a bee ander Herrera mycket Aryan and Hesse a ling gardenia that's the team what you think in steep good to see Lucho back in a mixer I was expecting this midweek where we could have put Ashley hung on the other side a diamond at a dreadful game that day so yeah and young on the right hand side we can actually cross a ball first time rather than checking back I like that I think this might end up looking a little for fall to me Shawn we have the ball ibrahim that's been back in the starting eleven is pretty gangster I like how they're gonna line up my question mark is your mataron Rochefort's ability to deliver balls into the box or what could be two big strikers because really that's a massive asset that we should be utilizing in faith with Rose a little unfair a lot of criticism that rush would receiving he made a schoolboy error the guys basically about 18 month battle being at school so like I think it's fair enough if he learns from and he doesn't make them mistakes again sound but he's a young player and he's a young player that doesn't really have a lot of leaders on the pitch that can tell him the correct things to do and the correct time to do I think that's what you missed like the experience of someone like a gigs or even a Rooney to be your saw not seen it and been there seen it done it in all these sort of situations but it's a good team it's a it's a team that's clearly gonna go for it I'm interested to see how Luke sure does glad to see to unsavoury no no Marshall on the bench glad to see to anze be back in the bench because I think with all the problems that we've had at Center off the fact that he's not even been thought of he's a little bit worrying because the guys absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to see him playing for United regularly do you think it's an accumulation of fixtures the reason Marshall has been left out freshen it up on the bench and then bring him back in and the weekend their game Southampton I can only guess and I would guess yes you know we've got a lot of players that play in similar sort of positions we've seen mica Tyrion in the world of us a little bit recently as last times obviously only just come back into the fold for for starting and being on the bench so yeah I think these probably know people would be overreacting and he's not someone's writing an article right now at a metro or goal or somewhere saying that we're going to sell him because he wasn't playing today that's just the way football is isn't it but I said I think this is a team so bitter about not getting that job at gold Steve definitely always wanted to be a tea boy at goal that was my lifelong dream week 2008 enjoy yellow Jones and Rojo probably forced because the small Inns injury and also to unsay be on the bench prolly also forced because a small is injury but I think there's an opportunity there for someone to stand up to be the second choice striker sent thereafter because once Bay's fit he's number one and there's no arguments about that whatsoever Bay is number one any some people say marina always dumb I don't know where all this coming from but I've seen a few comments now now why do you think that is the Marcial thing getting people emotional again I don't know I see a lot of garbage written by a lot of over reactionary people to be honest if you think about it is philosophically I see people say Marino's not being backed furillo right I see me people say menials not been backs right is it true for the matter right marina has probably been backed second best in the world in the history of football right he should not backed as much as I gave an unlimited budget he'd been planning for the guy coming for like six years so I can live with that right I think we've got the resources and I think we've got the ability to be able to to do what Joe's a marina or needs to be done it but it needs one thing that I don't think our fan base has gotten at least patience it takes time I don't think the world's got patience at this moment I think everything everyone just wants a vacation society don't worry and I think sometimes you know these are old phrasing the good things come to those who wait Walton time well 20 years ago mate Manchester City was winning the third division and we was winning a trouble twenty years ago Manchester City fans literally couldn't have imagined beaten was in a derby let alone winning a title and finishing above United right ten years ago they was losing at Middlesbrough eight one that is the level at Manchester City are we're not the level that they were we are I didn't see that all right I got it we're not we're not as far away a city was 10 and 20 years ago we're second to them that's the thing nobody's talking about what the rest of the league is doing and they're saying how bad Manchester United is well if Manchester United of this bud and the rest of the league is that far behind Manchester United then maybe it's not that impressive that's it you're beating everyone because everybody's people just need to get a little bit of perspective someone just asked in the comments do I think like what was the question the team moves for you guys that have just joined us Tabitha haeryung Jones row whole sure Matt each pod by the captain again captain Piper again mater Ibrahimovic Rochefort Lukaku what were you just saying before we got rudely interrupted someone asks a question can as Latin and Lukaku work together and I think yeah because I think at times you'll see Zlatan mooching to the number 9 spot I think for a lot of it you'll sit off and they'll play ball and he's got a good football brain and he's got a good bit of orchestration he's a lead and Lukaku create you mentions that and pulling into the number nine Lukaku the other day create two or three opportunities one for Rushford one for lingard and he was generally his all-round play was pretty good another thing that went under the radar because of the disappointment of the last-minute draw and but that could happen a lot over the last six weeks we've been honest with ourselves that's what we've seen quite a lot of over the last month for now for two months that is all round gamers massively improved and something that I was sort of noticing and discussing with people online there seems like I was better for his last year because Latin scored more goals that's such insula finking what Lukaku was brought to Manchester United his overall gameplay evidenced by the fact that you see in the bars that it plays but also by the fact that the goals are being spread around the team more this year last year that sound finished on its lot I'm finished on 28 goals the nearest goalscorer to him was on 11 goals this year you've got Lukaku on 15 but you've got players on 10 9 8 goals because the rest of the team is being brought in and the movement of Lukaku up from just these movement alone is leaving gaps what were people to run into and take advantage of let alone his ability to make and create chances himself so I think that yes he's gone through a little bit of a dip goal scoring and hurricane today scoring goals us put even more pressure on people and if Lukaku doesn't score today you know that's your people right he's a fraud and this that new ver but his overall gameplay is absolutely great and I'm really happy with his contribution and I'm yeah I think he's gonna finish the season on 25 to 30 goals which is a phenomenal return gaved the haeryung Jones Rahul sure Matich the park better captain matter ibrahimovic Rushford and Romelu Lukaku on the bench we've got Sergio Romero Linda Linda laughed when they be and a Herrera Mecca Tyrion and Jesse lingard know Antony Marcy ow Victor's just said Marcia will be replacing Rochefort yeah he's not gonna be doing that today because he's not on the bench who's not in the eleven he's not going to be playing today yeah Lacock who's passing was minute in the last game I agree with that as well Jacob Marcel is apparently injured says Sebastian Jordan because Rochefort is a quality player yeah all this pressure on Marcus Radford is ridiculous to me the boys going from his first real dip in form in his first since his first 18 months at the club is it been more than 18 months it's been in the first 24 months maybe max rush yeah a team in February it's gonna be two years so for a player that said his first two years I've been broken unto the ceiling and this is his first first dip in form real peeping form because not so long ago I thought you think we did a well it's been lacking confidence it's been months since rush redundant good game ones last semi good game I was like Moscow 50 December next question yeah but is it going up work people are caught talking about his attitude everything I don't get it Marcus Russia's attitude he's a man that literally is the epitome of spirit and attitude I don't get it I think people just need to vent sometimes and I think they need to be more considerate and think about what they're actually saying sometimes because people do vent and so our autumn nonsense whoever heard of an inconsistent 19 year old no I mean 1919 I'll tell you what we've got their mother we've got another we've got the other whiz kid united whiz kid about its man like Alex Alex first of all Merry Christmas mate you have a good one we've got a little something for you as well that will give you later so we're not going to embarrass you one yeah we don't do none of that we know your girlfriends are all watching and all that Alex what's your score prediction for today three one you think Burnley are gonna score your night they're gonna score free whose score him first it's Latin you're happy that is back you went to Madrid nice media thankfully you're back though now cuz you are our good luck charm yeah so we win in today tell him come on you night I'll see you in a bit yeah right yeah from Alex you know it is same free one I'm gonna go with out free well I think we'll score free I don't think they'll score disturb you got a prediction did you give it a car member I'm all over the place in mayor I want to say one nil cos Burnley literally only involved in one Mills pretty much I think – no I don't think they've got really a lot of goals in that we should be worried about we need we bought pouring forward but Sean Beck's a hell of a manager you know people people need be patient because Burnley can probably keep us nil-nil at halftime not get on the team's back support or Akash see what any man that eats razor blades I ain't gonna mess with really razor blades Shaw died she's running around a hotel football apparently yeah Steve you feeling happy I'm always up to me no matter much where ask where else would you want to be on Boxing Day then I'm gonna beer and watching United what what better fingers than my own off this morning uh today having guys that is the team news live stream thanks to Steve and thanks to Alex you can subscribe to ball for their YouTube channels on youtube if you just search their name see Alison and Alex kneeled and ie I'll be make sure you do that log up after the game Alex feel as well and Steve will have a fan come on full-time devils so thanks for joining us I'm going free Neil alex is going free one Steve's going to know I'm out of my Cola we're out of here Rebs north

22 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Burnley LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM NEWS!”

  1. The problem is not just with the tactics but also with the type of players. The football we are playing involves a lot of crosses and long balls but for that you need players on the end of it to head the ball and score a goal and lukaku doesn't seem to be that player who can do it consistently. He has other good attributes like passing and providing assists. Also, we don't have great crossers of the ball. Young is okay, mata can cross but needs time to whip a ball in as he is a little slow. Rashford is just bad at crossing. I am not a fan of this style, I would prefer more flair and using ball players like Mata or Mkhi but the tactics don't suit them. There is just a complete mismatch in the football we are playing.

  2. I'm fucking well gutted I don't get what's the hype in rashford he is fucking shite I'm looking at this team we don't have real winners besides pogba matic mata lets just beat Southampton at home Saturday must win game

  3. Why did we not play like this from the start?

    Why are we setting up defensively with Ibrahimovic at Number 10 and Mata as a winger at home against Burnley

    If we attacked from the first minute we would have blew this game 4-0

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