Man arrested over Birmingham mosque attack

Man arrested over Birmingham mosque attack

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Man arrested over Birmingham mosque attack as it is revealed it was not a hate crime.

an attack at a mosque in Birmingham in which three men and a police officer was stabbed was not a hate crime says the local MP it's thought the incident which happened around 11:00 p.m. last night started after one worshipper turned on the others a male police constable was injured when he arrived at the scene he fired a taser which hit the knife man but it had no effect police say a 32 year old suspect has been taken to a secure mental health facility but QC and the police have pulled together really quickly since incident last night and what's already clear is that this was not a hate crime this was a tragic sad an isolated incident and what's really important now is that people stay very hot calm we pray for those who have been hurt and run around their families and we let justice now take its course

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