Maasai Life Through A Child's Eyes

Maasai Life Through A Child's Eyes

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Subscribe here: 8-year-old Naresiah takes you on a journey showing what life is like as a Maasai girl in Kimana, Kenya and the struggles she faces. Learn how Operation Blessing is helping Maasai tribe with life changing programs

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36 thoughts on “Maasai Life Through A Child's Eyes”

  1. give them cow farms, stop destroying their environment and their health. fuck with all these fruits and plants, give them real nutrition. their ancestors used to live healthy and long lives on cow's meat, milk and blood.

  2. This video is not only an eye opener but is one of the reasons for staying alive. May God bless me with enough strength that I can help these people live better life which they deserve. God we need your blessings! Bless us!!

    Much love and prayers from India❤️❤️❤️

  3. This might be a dumb question. Why do they keep the fire pit inside of their house? If it causes the kid to cough a lot and it creates smoke why have it there? I don't think it is for warmth though considering it is a African country.

  4. I am doing a school project and that was the first video that popped up and I am very happy that I watched this video because it is very helpful and has a lot of positive attitude.
    Thank you for sharing it 😊

  5. If every Tv station share this video in every country on this planet, and if everybody gives just 1$ all this kids would have houses and normal life! Remember this, remember!

  6. So beautiful kid hopefully people around the world should donations to help you . USA , Canada and Europe donations a lot money to help poor people in Vietnam the Vietnamese government putting in their own pockets .

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