Liverpool transfer targets: Are James Maddison & Declan Rice a good fit at Anfield? | Premier League

Liverpool transfer targets: Are James Maddison & Declan Rice a good fit at Anfield? | Premier League

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With the 2018-2019 Premier League season almost at a close for Liverpool, ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol looks ahead to the summer at his former club to discuss whether James Maddison, Matthijs de Ligt, Declan Rice and more would fit into Jurgen Klopp’s squad at Anfield. #ESPNFC

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33 thoughts on “Liverpool transfer targets: Are James Maddison & Declan Rice a good fit at Anfield? | Premier League”

  1. need a goal scoring and creative cam like Coutinho was in order to add to the goals the front three already score, Bruno Fernandes is the best option for that specific type of player

  2. No way stevi, player with no persinnality does not have a place in liverpool, madison must change his look ( hairstyle)and gestures, stop immitating beckham in many aspect. Then he can have a place in liverpool. A man needs to have his own personnality rather than copy and past

  3. Liverpool can win the league with exactly the same squad they have now. Klopp doesn’t need to spend a penny in the summer. He could keep the whole squad together for another season if he wanted.

  4. Werner is the most likely to come out of these.
    Dont think this guy has his thoughts straight, if Werner is going to move and prove himself and develop his career, what other big club would he go to and be guaranteed a start? Competition for places is always good, and right now he'd be 3rd behind Origi.
    Ox fills the role he describes for Maddison. No mention of Matip's recent form when looking for a CB?
    My opinion we do need another competent full back, and why not throw some absolutely outrageous bids in just to stir the pot.. Sane or Rashford £80M go ed hahaha
    Dyballa still a big target in my book.

  5. the point about having Gomez is key – he was immense before he got injured this season. If we didnt have Gomez I think we might well have been in for de Ligt – would still love it but cant see it happening

  6. we need a left back not morino , another center back not lovren , shadows for mane and salah and a versatile center forward …
    Brandt, de ligt would be nice but im sure Klopp will find or motivate some talents

  7. Ziyech is overrated. He's above average but he's not going to help you win the league or the Champions League. He is not consistent enough and he fits only one system of playing. His conversion rate is very low – 3%. He reminds of Bernardeschi – likes to shoot at the goal and move forward a lot but he's not skilled as a finisher. Could end up wasting many chances this way. If either were more clinical, would be very useful to their clubs.

  8. Some people have a real lack of knowledge when it comes to James Maddison. He created the 2nd most goalscoring chances of anyone in Europe this season. More than Messi, Hazard or anyone who plays for Liverpool. He's only 22 years old and has scored seven and assisted seven in 38 appearances. According to Opta, he was: 'The only player to create 100 goalscoring chances in the Premier League this season & was the first English player to create 100+ in a single Premier League campaign since Leighton Baines in 2012-13 (116).'

  9. Top targets should be Neres and/or Ziyech and someone who can play up front. Maddison could be an interesting signing too. Could use a back up left back who can also play other positions if required. Also need a new boring midfielder to be ready to replace aging Milner (though he looks great right now)

  10. A lot of you people don't seem to understand that Liverpool don't need much other than another great player who can play up top. Ox coming back next year is essentially a new signing already. I personally think Keita will breakout as well. I think he needed lots of time to adjust, he was unbelievable at RBL.
    I LOVE de Ligt, but LFC would never pay that much for a CB when every CB that plays with Van Dijk already has been amazing. Matip & Gomez have both been great largely. Lovren is above average cover. Even Fabinho can play there in an emergency. As long as Van Dijk is healthy LFC would never spend on a CB. It's not about the player it is about value above replacement. Is it worth 70 million dollars upgrading from Matip or Gomez to de Ligt. NO, they've been incredible this year and Gomez is just 21, Matip still 27 and has at least another 5 years of high level play.
    They will likely add a very good young winger like Werner or someone like him. I think Werner is leaning towards Bayern, but I'd love to have him as a rotation option. They'll likely be in the market for a young full back as well.
    I know everyone here will whine and whine about not buying world class players, but our squad is pretty close to complete and everyone is in their prime years or younger except Milner. Keeping everyone together can only strengthen the teams bond.
    Lastly, something most people don't think about. World class players will want GUARANTEED playing time & starts before they transfer. They don't (usually) want to come to be a backup.
    It will be a pretty quiet transfer period I think even though we will have money to spend. We just don't need massive improvements. I'm still hoping for a highly rated forward who is still somewhere between 21-25.

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