LIVE: Lavrov and Chinese FM Wang Yi hold press conference in Sochi (ENG)

LIVE: Lavrov and Chinese FM Wang Yi hold press conference in Sochi  (ENG)

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi are holding a press conference in Sochi on Monday, May 13.

The leaders are expected to discuss the strengthening of bilateral ties, the current situation in Venezuela and Syria, as well as the preparation of President Xi Jingping’s visit to Russia.

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you you you rest rest why sure madam like a spider ladies and gentlemen we begin a joint press conference by foreign ministers of Russia and China good afternoon watching we have had a very useful discussion do we have interpretation can you hear me good afternoon once again we've had very good negotiations for additionally we held in a friendly this year we are marking the anniversary of our relationship we now have a record high areas of cooperation record treyton over $100 last year trees investment projects and pipelines worth 120 billion US dollars and this year finalizing major endeavor a year of regional cooperation satisfaction with our defense military cooperation join fight against extremism drug trafficking terrorism and other organized crime reaffirm that our relationship is on the rise we agreed go on as a pass for future contact center and future cooperation in terms of political context Xi Jinping said logistics issues and now being resolved this will mark a new chapter in our relationship another opportunity sidelines of multiple fora in the first half and in the full 2019 meeting of operation Ramsay International Affairs Russian shine committed to a multipolar more at beautiful world that relies on the principles in the UN Charter the architecture that was designed following World War two has been established straddling but we're currently seeing new attempts to undermine it and to substitute you in charter for with rules-based order again there's been attempts to bypass the WTO terms of trade we agreed to deepen cooperation multilateral fora particularly at the UN the Shanghai Cooperation Organization three g20 Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization partners russia india china and russia mongolia china formats the alignment the Eurasian Economic Union and belt one road we hope for integration of formats basically URIs a Shanghai Cooperation section ASEAN will help us to build a new major education partnership taking place counts and mutual interests we also discussed regional conflicts Venezuela crisis we both believe that it's the Venezuela nation that has to shape its future through comprehensive inclusive political process based on a constitution we see from hotheads talking about military solution this will exacerbate the situation creates a new conflict Korea Peninsula we agreed to maintain our shared efforts to establish peace and security in that part of Asia we're both committed to stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan minimizing the terrorist threat and other threats coming from Afghanistan we agreed to maintain certain facilitates a peace in this region contact grew between the China Cooperation Organization and Afghanistan and the Moscow format we're also work with the u.s. to bring about a peace deal we believe we both believe that serial Syria's territory integrity should be intact UN Security Council resolution 2254 a must be implemented there are still some terror groups militant groups out there in Syria they need to be eliminated Syria to be assisted in restoring its economy and the social sector the political process based on the outcome Alfa the Syria National Congress the constitutional committee has been established and it needs to implement the political segments of the UN Security Council resolution 2254 we have jzr change buttons on that economic sanctions against Syria very hard on the Syrian people will look to the comprehensive situation the comprehensive deal with Iran now that the US has pulled out Russia and China believe that these deal must be maintained and Iranian sanctions by Washington are illegitimate warned of aim is to ban will experts from the run we both believe that Iran is committed to to the comprehensive to you but expects the same from my European partners must also do their part of the deal overall negotiations have indicated both communities deepening our cooperation on a broad range of issues including in each national affairs and I'd like to thank my colleague once again for a very substantive very professional friendly discussion and give over the floor to him we didn't even question is a long-term solution sending chang-ho choo-choo cha-cha-cha cheapo Trinity Sansa yeehaw dissing founded when the question – action – chanted the nation to meet code parentage wooden position meaning tinkle hella high and momentum changing will show how to change the widget to challenge Alicia talk about grace jingo shishani city to Morgan's intenta Shinda litigation tradition delish upon way many Cinderella City shall we live in Russia Jung in the other or also change in Kosovo a sedan will ensure young champions of g-god she choose near the uncle considered junior pthe ho removal can see the fiber so true Janet with her cousin Tony Hawk wise teacher Shunji catch two more coins concussion agenda sheesh when Watson conned out senior night tumor consider children you shouldn't put on Joey Joe show me more cupola change me tradition Cinco the uncoded challenge impossible Josh she see me you know so she saw John Kotter reunion Adams you found your one shoe she couldn't even enjoy you put on the cymbal crash or you could change one week sentence Tori need 200g transactions as a picture put on the key we both believe that all international efforts in need to focus on establishing peace and security we need to move away from despotism hegemony and unilateralism such action research do not enjoy suppose me and a bohemian gee we've seen drastic changes the most fast-paced changes in the past 100 years we now have responsibility in our shoulders to share that responsibility with and guidance we're ready to promote we will focus on further global threats thank you news agency of China sanctions the situation the country's very critical what should Russia and China dude she resolves the crisis it's not Russia that should alone do something as for Russia Russia has caused live with water it has to do in line with the timeline there was established we have re-equipped some of the facilities to produce stabilized Turks three participants are doing what have subscribed to do lower semi rates commitment again has two teams of ceiling captures a cab these are voluntary commitments Pyrrha and Iran you can waive his commitments father participants will not comply with their commitments again their sanctions ports from Iran and disability if by partners to devise a mechanism to avoid your sanctions there is a mechanism but it's not enforced and European undone them at the counterparts told us that this mechanism by humanitarian goods this is not what Iran Iranian deal that was approved by the UN Security Council's guarantee will ensure that Iran will be able to buy oil to international markets without any barriers and take action to make sure that other members of the deal particular Europe in Congress have to do that part of the job I know that today foreign ministers of France Germany the UK Guinea are meeting in Brussels compare he's on its way there he canceled part of his trip to Russia he hoped that Europeans will stick towards the UN Security Council resolution says truly I know that they will be pressurized by Mike compared to otherwise certain about that but tomorrow buddy cancer will ask what perspective by the US now they're gonna get out of the crisis that was created through their even lighter action I hope there will be sincere discussion with my counterpart from the u.s. tomorrow Artie – Artie questions Lavrov the years President Donald Trump recently said possible between mosque in Washington nuclear arsenal and China coud later joining however China said it does not intend to take part in a trilateral disarmament deal does it mean there's a stalemate and what about the New START treaty will it be extended I always said the question to foreign minister of China what is your assessment on the Korean Peninsula how will China and Russia cooperate on this in terms of limiting strategic offensive indeed we did hear that mr. Trump is interested in China and join in China's joining in talks well we don't have any talks underway and as Trump said China is interested Chinese foreign ministry came out to the statements saying that there has been no such interest demonstrated by China well if there's any initiative in the in Washington they have to discuss it directly with China that's well the New START treaty President Putin made multiple statements on that we want to have another five-year extension expires in February 2021 we are ready to discuss this issue with our US counterparts and again we have a bilateral control mechanism of prosecutorial issues we can use that takun ism to resolve this issue any issue in terms of bringing down the arsenal of numbers and concerns because the US has announced plans to really quick strategic bombers submarine silos conventional type of weapons but the equipment has to be done in a way that the other party needs to make sure and verify that the US will not be able to reconvert it to reverse it decisions it's a professional question we are discussing it so far we have not been able to achieve an acceptable way to do it to verify that's everything has been done in accordance with the treaty Mike Pompeo is expected to come here tomorrow I feel this will be one of the central issues of for tomorrow's agenda we'll update you on the outcome of the talks in terms of nuclear disarmament Minister Lavrov has laid out the official position by China indeed China does not see any necessity and does not intend to join bilateral talks between Russia and the US on nuclear disarmament because we keep Speier in nuclear arsenal as a minimum level the necessary level to you maintain our defense we will not use a nuclear weapon and at our own initiative will not be the first to use it as for the agreement between Russia and the US on the nuclear arsenal again it's always been in the focus of the international community it's very important and again Russia and the US have a shared responsibility the maintaining peace we hope that the US will respond to Russia's concerns they need to strictly comply with the New START treaty they need to resume the INF treaty we believe this will meet the interest of the international community as for the Korean Peninsula we've been taking consistent action with Russia to maintain peace there's been a stalemate sir however there's a growing level of uncertainty on the peninsula North Korea he's committed to denuclearization its once dialogue to be used to resolve the situation so we're still on the political track still in political mode but what's the barrier there's no road map table Singapore declaration gives a promise on full of a full particular ization on a peace mechanism a new relationship between the u.s. and North Korea this is the right path Russia China is welcome to it as well as the international community but again these are two major goals resolving the nuclear issue bringing about a new mechanism so how can you coincide it how can you bring about both last year we had last century we had great hopes but the talks failed because we didn't have a roadmap so how can we go out of this stalemate we believe the only path forward is a real one is to set a comprehensive set of actions and then take actions simultaneously this is the main approach this is where Russia and China believing and this is some is is an approach that enjoys trust with international community for dignity ization living concerns establishing a financially sound Korean Peninsula is what Russia and China both hope for we are on the same page with China as I said in my introductory remarks we have very close coordination on the Korean issue we welcomed both Russia and China contacts between the u.s. and North Korea we tried to promote this dialogue in many ways based on the principles that my counterpart just mentioned stage by stage process open process reciprocal process denuclearization has to cover the entire Peninsula and not just its northern part we believe that both parties need to move along this several years ago together with my counterpart we signed a declaration during one of the summits which provided for such a roadmap that's he referred to and again since we don't have it since we've not been officially approved we have a stalemate and again the fact that we now seen contacts between the US and off Korea that relies on the roadmap that we drafted together with China confidence-building measures fairly direct contacts face to face con context and we hope dad's at certain point will have a comprehend deal on full denuclearization and the criminal building peace and security in Northeast Asia 100% guarantees to North Korea solid guarantees to North Korea that's what President Putin mentioned earlier including following the 25th April summit between President Putin and to Vostok it's hard to do that but that should be integral part of the future arrangement Russia and China are ready to take part in working out such a solution again it has to be a two-way street said they will ban nuclear tests they will no longer do any ballistic tests and they shut down one of the facilities in response US counterparts stopped saying which he exercises but just recently this was a major exercise and it caused a negative response by North Korea and just like China to try we've been trying to calm down the situation we need to displace to bring about conditions but we should accept a pool comprehensive arrangement and now the final question in Phoenix TV noon tomorrow just reaching two million companies you couldna assume a corner three to four cha-cha-cha so when she needed a father to me lianca tomorrow so we'll have a changing tion Tina Menke and the girl may walk over him from Loyola John tower Sochi the middle ha ha John so that means a cigarette lighter Rafa Rafa two inches away neat America treaty singers Rasheeda chunko who knows so homie what's the damn question you asked a very important question u.s. Chinese talks have a lot of progress however there are still difficult issues that need to be resolved under the circumstances it doesn't make sense it to accuse each other shift the blame to others we're trying to make things worse – using pressure will only undermine the situation and undermine each other's interests what are we doing right now is to maintain our interests and to maintain existing status quo and trade Russia's China is a major economy of the world and the impact of our future deal will not be would only be important for our two countries but also for the entire world Russia the China has been very open for trade I hope that the two countries will have enough wisdom to cope with pragmatic aspects of the talks any talks have to be a two-way street during negotiations with any partner China will defend its sovereignty interests of the Chinese nation and the dignity of its people these are the main principles that we rely on and we have relied on in the past and we rely in the future Russia China and the US are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council we are very important to world nations we've seen increase number of global threats we need to be constructive and tolerance we need to constructively cooperate with each other we need to resolve any concerns doubts and misunderstandings we need to ramp up cooperation we need to comply with international commitments in terms of peace and security we need to comply with our a historic mission for the benefit of our planet and in this case Russia the Russian Chinese cooperation see we're all modern a good example for the international community events based on mutual respect we are working on a new deal with the u.s. we want to make our world a safer place a more stable world to live and thank you just very briefly I would like to support so what my Chinese counterpart said on the importance of our nations to the future of the world this is not just iPhone words we need to take responsible action with rounded Lextran initially we need to make sure there is indivisible security equal for all the world nations and again China Russia and the US are very important nations and we need to maintain your relationship if that relationship serves the cause of peace in the world we have a trilateral contact on Afghanistan and I'm sure that certain situation in the Korean Peninsula on the Korean Peninsula which have been resolved to a much more successful if we have a trilateral dialogue on it's between Russia China and the US thank you the press conference is over

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