Lake District – The Outlying Fells of Lakeland – The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe

Lake District - The Outlying Fells of Lakeland - The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe

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19th May 2017 and the team continue wandering over open moorland, this time it is The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe that gets our attention. We visit the Reservoir and Dam and encounter grouse shooting butts, animal traps, Red Deer, a waterfall, plus a few becks with a few Fell tops thrown in for good measure. Prepare for knowledge and some history lessons. The Fat Boys on Tour team visit Sleddale Pike, Great Saddle Crag and Ulthwaite Rigg to the sounds Sky Larks playing in the wind.

Music is provided by SkySurfer and ‘Here comes the Sun’ then 7and5 with ‘Icy Blue’ followed by an extract from a Snap! classic with ‘World in my Hands’. Lastly a track by Above and Beyond called ‘Peace of Mind’. Hope you enjoy this video and please Subscribe to our YouTube site

well Friday today they cut them more days together it's the start of our walk today she probably fishing woods today's walk starts from the wet sled or reservoir and den car park and after a short walk along a border way we ascend following poor Hague Gil and a wall that runs parallel once in the moorland the first items of interest on the numerous grouse bats and a shooting lodge called lunch house then after taking a look at the impressive pink granite boulder known as Grable we ascend to see little Pike over very rough ground we carry on to great saddle Craig before dropping to a lovely waterfall at a bend in this little back after a shorter centigram we make our way to earth wait rig after yet another dose of rough ground we pick up an excellent old pack horse track taking us to sled or halt for a quick look round we also admire a wonderful rebuilt pack horse bridge before we finally return to the car well the teams here full teams morning morning morning looks like Claire's but with Custer's or the biscuits for everyone so we'll be ready for same ladies in the middle smiling route card in hand we're young David this is tikka Steve he's always bouncing around his guide shows us that Wainwright was definitely not a fan of the dam and said it was just a drowned area with its sad relics and ruins he continues on by saying that the head of the valley remained unchanged however by the dam and that the hills were unaffected as they always have been lonely wild and desolate the perfect place for red grouse to breed and for shooting parties to wait for the glorious 12th of August so if you don't want to end up in the mouth of an English Pointer or a Golden Retriever and then dragged back to one of these grouse bucks and plucked I recommend you don't do this walk on that particular day because you might end up in this place warned in the guide that people over 75 years of age should be advised to regard it as unclimbed well we had to restrain young Dave because of course he wanted to take up that challenge and climb this giant boulder made of pink granite but failed dismally to stop young in trying to push it down the valley well this was the top of sledder pike and we checked and rechecked our GPS is an OS maps because it looked nothing like the diagram in the guide but we were happy we were there we soon got back to our game of dodging Nepal and guessing who's going to get the first bootful don't misunderstand me though though some of the going was difficult this is a great walk and we were loving it some people were loving it even more than the rest of us there's no getting away from the fact that this is miles and miles of open moorland Heather long grass bog eccentric but then suddenly you're greeted with just wonderful sights love to touch this through hours bog found this beautiful office Becky coming out and it looks like Stevie system I miss that steep you do again mate they're receptacles this soldiers a nice smile from anyways change there's nobody telling me up being grumpy as the crow and I think we're missing too and I've been building well obviously two things to clear up there one I am never grumpy and I've never ever told Chris Blake off on don't know where he gets that from this is all craft wait joy book Pete well I love them well we've got still coming in for stares as we step out there into this beautiful this time keep moving Skarmory to the diamonds in the mine it turns out but this was the best thing what a way to find such hard could bring you great peace sledder hall with soul by united utilities in 2009 to a conservation architect named tim ellis he had bold plans for renovation but to our knowledge though he still owns a property he has had great difficulty in obtaining the much-needed planning permission to get it to how it was in the film [Applause] we've got some gentle Walker's here coming through their poles good afternoon young man would you like to say something well the track that we run at the moment is actually an old medieval track way and who used by the pack horses gone back to early Bronze Age David was surprised to learn that most pack horses were Galloway's small stocky horses named after the Scottish district where they were first bred the use of pack horses can be traced back to than the oolitic period and in the 18th century Galloway's were bred in swell Dale to halt led or swell Dale runs broadly west to east from the Cumbria Yorkshire boundary to the market town of Richmond with the famous nine standards rigged cans at his head sadly the Galloway Pony is now an extinct horse breed so we see Galloway cows out in the fells and now we discover that Galloway ponies once trod the tracks we walk along there'll be no living with the old boy now [Applause] well look at this looks like a typical medieval packhorse bridge okay that's what a fantastic sir though Chris is quite correct in identifying this as a wonderful packhorse bridge it was in fact completely rebuilt by the manchester corporation in the late 60s when the dam was built they added new parapets and strengthing and was completed to replace an older one lower down the back that they thought would not withstand any flooding that may have be caused by the new dam I have to say I made a great job absolutely lovely I'll have to get Graham shoulders in there to rinse off his poor old cellmate that is absolutely stunning with the packhorse bridge in beautiful do this one on a clear day after it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks and you'll love it by the wind be on your back before your life comes through for you

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  1. 5 minutes from my house, im down there most day but rarely do the walk, mostly take the dogs into the beck [R Lowther]. Enjoyed your video, the butts etc are part of the local college up in Penrith
    Hahaha although if i turned up that day i would be cursing you all for taking up my sparking pace as i train the dogs in the little wood, nearby the car park.

  2. Really enjoyed that, despite having to go and get my sun glasses. What a pair of leggings! I freely admit to turning back on this walk quite a few years ago. Your advice to go after dry weather is very good. We got well and truly bogged down! We had a look around Sleddale Hall, which was quite derelict at the time, and diverted to Shap village for a fish and chip lunch!

  3. It looks a challenging walk in the boggy ground and I had to LOL when the deer stopped in shock at them leggings, the young lass was wearing!  One of the girls in our Tiffin Trotters walking group had a hip replacement last year at 43 and has got back to fell walking and been up to Snowdon with us, so I am sure Ann will be OK!  Nice walk out – cheers Alan!

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