José Manuel Barroso – BBC Hardtalk – 2014. Szeptember 9.

José Manuel Barroso - BBC Hardtalk - 2014. Szeptember 9.

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engine look these have been very challenging is very exciting and in fact we have been living through crisis all the time don't forget the first crisis the first crisis was the non ratification of the constitutional three day but then we solved it with the Lisbon Treaty all the countries and supported it then that person wants to see it perhaps a looks at and reform the percentage of each problem at each time now secondly you've mentioned rightly that during this time you have almost doubled our membership from 15 to 28 member states isn't that one of the great success ever I mean in your penis tree for the first time we have almost all the continent United around values of peace and democracy is that the case there when you had the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban saying that he has some admiration for a liberal countries such as Russia if there are some issues and regarding rule of law in Hungary we will address them but look Prime Minister burn was democratically elected in Hungary and I'm sure that is young Gary no surgery respect principles of democracy nothing to do when in garion anger and gary compared with angry when it was a tutor in regime and the common is true

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