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Johann Hari – Lost Connections – Part 1 of 2.
Johann Hari is an award winning journalist, author, and TED Speaker who has written extensively on social, political and cultural issues.

His New York Times bestselling book Chasing The Scream challenges addiction and examines the war on drugs, and

his latest book Lost Connections, has been described as a ‘game changer’ for its groundbreaking thoughts on depression, anxiety and antidepressants.

It has been endorsed by Elton John, Hillary Clinton, Russell Brand and Arianna Huffington.

00:00 Trailer.
03:34 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:30 Brian’s introduction.
06:03 Personal questioning motivated research for Chasing the Scream and Lost Connections.
16:26 Why Johann travels in search of answers rather than undertake scientific research in a laboratory.
21:12 The core of addiction is not wanting to be present in your life because your life is too painful a place to be.
29:58 “It was the heroin that kept me from killing myself.”
41:40 How can the medical health establishment be persuaded to change treatment practices.
44:07 The role of the internet, social media and mobile devises in contributing to social isolation.
1:00:48 Our battle with extrinsic values versus intrinsic values.
1:17:08 Social conditioning can move us in the wrong direction.
1:26:19 A democratic workplace is just one social change that would decrease levels of depression.
1:28:46 The depressed and addicted need opportunity to talk about what they may be suppressing.
1:42:33 We call four walls home, but it is connection to the community around that it makes it feel home.
1:54:34 What Johann does when he becomes aware of negative thoughts coming into his mind.
2:00:25 What it is like to be in the public eye.
2:01:36 The amazing group of people who have endorsed his book.
2:11:37 Johann’s next projects.
2:13:05 The challenging art of journalistic interviewing.
2:17:39 Johann is such an evangelist for America.
2:22:32 What is Johann’s super power?
2:25:46 Daily habit that has changed his game.
2:29:18 What scares Johann.
2:31:33 Best and worst days of his life.
2:34:03 What keeps him awake at night.
2:35:10 Longer term worries.
2:38:14 Phone call to the 20-year old Johann Hari.
2:39:25 Success secrets.
2:39:54 Why he is fundamentally optimistic about a lot of the things he writes about in Lost Connections.
2:44:54 Brian’s summing up.

Lost Connections website

Johann Hari on Twitter

Johann Hari on Wikipedia

Johann Hari Books:
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – And the Unexpected Solutions

Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

God Save the Queen?

People mentioned in this episode:
Billie Holiday

Harry J Anslinger

Professor Bruce K Alexander

Noam Chomsky

Professor Tim Kasser

Professor Carl Hart

Marianne Faithfull

Al Capone

Sean Penn

Professor John T Cacioppo

Sir Sam Everington

Jeremy Hunt

Marc Maron

Dr Gabor Mate

Hilary Clinton

Elton John

Russell Brand

Donald Trump


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29 thoughts on “JOHANN HARI – LOST CONNECTIONS – Part 1/2 | London Real”

  1. First sentence has a moronic interrogative.
    Listening to lisping twats like Johann trotting out clichés is one of the top ten causes of depression …
    It’s ironic that a gay bloke – who purports to understand what it is to be alienated and disconnected – should seem so axiomatic and irritatingly normative…
    And best to steer clear of bitchy little gibes like Marianne Faithfull is ‘actually bedder (English people are losing their Ts these days) than Mick Jagger’ in a supposedly unfrivolous lecture on addiction.

  2. Why spoil all your good work by making widespread judgements on every UKIP candidate?
    Are you saying they have/are breaking the law?
    I would appreciate it if you currently your political slurs, they offend me and cause damage to innocent individuals, thank you.
    I still respect your work, I just noticed nobody had complained about the handful of deadpan comments I've heard you make in videos. The accusiations are wild cards, have no bearing on the subject matter and I feel are totally unnecessary.

  3. Johann is doing so much for women and men who experience life through addiction, depression, anxiety etc. He backs up his writing with science, personal experience and compassion. Love it!

  4. Thank you LondonReal, honestly your is among the most inspiring channel in the entire YouTube. You are doing a considerable effort to overwhelmed your audience with much more valuable stuffs.

  5. I just discovered this man 3 days ago, I ordered his book and cannot believe the amount of research he has done to expose the pharmaceutical companies for the leeches they are. He proves in his book the " low serotonin myth". I take anti -depressants, its been 4 hours. I am going to wean myself off of them , this man's book inspired me.

  6. They have made money off ones Misery. Why would'nt the system want to keep it that way? It is Job security. Check out Insurance $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, Prison, A&D treatment centers. Read Multiple years of Dissertations regarding human studies, no matter the Era, or terminology used of clinical specifics. Bottom line, it is cut and dry. All goes back to Secrets kept is imprisonment, for %, whose trauma , dysfunction who insist on siding with the offender , can result in ones, death, and the perpetrator lives free and ease. What lie and bondage have you been bound by? The cost give ones power away, should never be paid.

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