James O'Brien Live Fact-Checks Boris Johnson's Launch Speech – Conservative Leadership – LBC

James O'Brien Live Fact-Checks Boris Johnson's Launch Speech - Conservative Leadership - LBC

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Boris Johnson launched his bid to be the next Prime Minister this morning – this is James O’Brien’s live fact-check as he was speaking.

The former Foreign Secretary held an event for his campaign to be the next Conservative leader, insisting that he would lead the UK out of the European Union by the end of October. Things got testy when six journalists asked him questions – and he struggled to give a satisfactory answer to any of them.

Throughout, James dipped in to correct some of the things that Mr Johnson said, providing an invaluable service.

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39 thoughts on “James O'Brien Live Fact-Checks Boris Johnson's Launch Speech – Conservative Leadership – LBC”

  1. Conservative track record for the last 9 years. Evoked a referendum without planning a Brexit out come . Defunded the NHS the Police. Messed up all the welfare payments leading food stamps and poverty. Static wages . Vast decline in investment into the Uk. Companies leaving or planning to leave if no deal is done. Scotland threatened to leave . The Ireland boarder issue.

  2. Poor James O’brexit. The reality we are close to leaving the Eu seems to be sinking in. His fact checking was just more dogmatic bitching in his room of doom and gloom. Yes go and have a lie down, tug on your revolting beard.

  3. James o'brien pays a diversity tax. He pays a higher price to live in white Chiswick so that he and his family don't have to live in a black or Muslim area. Total douchebag

  4. The quintessential Alpha white male doing what he has historically done so well……..Lie…..so not to confuse i am referring to the so called conservative politician

  5. James you really are pathetic. So negative about everything to do with the UK. Why don't you put yourself out of your misery and use the freedom of movement while you still can! You continually try and bring the mood of the country down. Hopefully people will realise you haven't a clue about anything. acting like a spoilt child. You should try some therapy before it's too late.

  6. That was 36+ minutes I will never get back. Valiant effort James O'B – unfortunately BJ is a runaway train that is going to be difficult to stop, even if he becomes leader of the Conservative party. Let's hope everything he breaks will be fixable. I am going too am going to lie down in a dark room.

  7. utter trash from a left wing bigot – this idiot states some facts that comes up with a conclusion that is so far fetched and unrelated, utter utter idiot…….. a very angry and bitter individual (sado). The labour party wouldn't even touch this man because he is too left.

  8. I'm the public and I want to hear if you lied about the extent to which cocaine went up your nose, Boris. As that will affect what stance you should have on sentences for cocaine taking. It will also affect whether your pants are on fire. They clearly are, you filibuster.

  9. As long as old Etonians and Oxbridge educated people are in charge, whose policies always benefit the already rich (including many of the rich who do not employ people), many people will feel 'left behind'.

  10. Thatcher broke up the spirit of the UK over 30 years ago when she unceremoniously closed the mines. Brexit has been the result of a long endgame from that. Even if we don't become more prosperous as a country overall, it's about pride in looking after our families, our neighbours, our towns.

  11. 11:09 yes i know you don't O'Brian. Your slogan should be seeking perfection, like it exists?! I hate your segment, I feel your antagonizing me. You're like the guy that blew up Chernobyl plant so delirious

  12. James O'Brien

    Yes he is a winner , he had the polish carry out his building WORK.

    And why , good price

    But the bigger picture is that the polish are buying a house in their own country.

    All British workers are being undercut by more motivated people who see their future in a tenable situation .

    The money taken home to Poland buys them a future .

    Open door immigration had destroyed the future of the non liberal elite.


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