ICAR-2019 UG, PG, PHD || SVBPUT agriculture university meerut, (U.P)…………..By Chiki's Biology

ICAR-2019 UG, PG, PHD || SVBPUT agriculture university meerut, (U.P)..............By Chiki's Biology

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Our top Selection in GATE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2019:-
1- Kumar Bhaskar AIR 11
2- Rajat Anand AIR 23
3- Karthik Shivaram AIR 62
4- Smitin Bhosale AIR 70
5- Mayur AIR 319
6- Rahul pandit AIR 34
7- Sayam ji gupta AIR 480 (BT), IIT JAM Biotechnology AIR 284
8- Devesh Yadav (Got admission in IIT Kharagpur)
9- Ashadul Haque (Got admission in IIT BHU varanasi)
I heartly Congratulate our all candidates and wish them great success in future.

How to become a food inspector:-

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