Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering

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you are their creator you giveth them life and spill it genetic engineering is the process of cutting and altering genes in an organism's DNA and transferring them in order to bring out favorable changes the purpose of this science is to make an organism perform certain functions that it usually cannot perform genetic engineering has been around for thousands of years and originally was used by farmers who domesticated plants such as corn wheat and rice and selectively bred animals such as the mule in 1627 Francis Bacon predicted the future of genetic engineering in his book New Atlantis centuries later Gregor Mendel studied pea plant breeding and published his findings which led the way for the modern study of genetics today the entire human genome project is known and gene therapies have been successfully completed the genetic engineering field now includes genetic selection gene therapy stem cells and cloning we're only beginning to understand the information the first documented case of gene therapy occurred in 1990 on a young girl named Ashanti Ashanti had a very rare disease known as severe combined immune deficiency they left her with no immune system or way to fight infection in order to have a chance of survival with the disease the girl would have to live in a type of bubble that would completely deprive her of human interaction including with her family instead she was given somatic gene therapy and was able to enroll herself in school and even get vaccinations for diseases somatic engineering is the process of targeting genes and specific organs and tissues of the body without affecting genes in the sperm or egg somatic engineering can be used to correct genes with defects that caused lifelong and deadly diseases such as cystic fibrosis there is no cure for these diseases because they are embedded in a person's genome and there are no medicines available today that can alter the genetic information the only plausible way to eradicate these deadly diseases will be to use genetic engineering genetic engineering can also alter the sex of an embryo which would allow a couple to determine the gender of their child this could be beneficial to couples that know that they definitely want a son or a daughter most babies are accidents not me I was engineered born to save my sister's life you don't want to saddle children with false expectations the parents pick a kid to be smart the kid doesn't succeed now they're mad because they spent a lot of money to do this they don't get what they want we need more oversight of this industry and I think this is going to turn out to be one of the biggest issues in the next 10-15 years genetic alteration could lead to an impression that people are products meant to be designed perfected and controlled parents would choose to design their child to be talented or more skilled in a particular area like intelligence instead of accepting them for who they are this could lead to a deterioration in the quality of parenting if the child isn't interested in or doesn't succeed in the parents intended goal characteristics of every unborn child the belief is that if people do become genetically engineered anything they accomplish is due to their alteration not their hard work or talent the abilities and skills are no longer their own but rather a product of science and perfection built in already a child is an eating additional burdens and keep in mind this child is still you simply the best of you who's to say what's the better trait is it better to be redheaded than it is to be brown haired is it better to have freckles or not those sorts of things I think are very subjective and in some ways driven by our culture if everyone was engineered the human race would become more and more uniform during World War two Hitler attempted to remove certain traits from the gene pool to create what he thought would be a supreme race most would agree that this was unethical but with gene selection through science make it suddenly acceptable who's to say which traits are desirable and which traits are bad where parents try to cure things such as short stature by gene selection this is the disaster everyone warns about a new species set loose in the world we've documented the entire human genome but that doesn't mean we know everything about it some genes are responsible for multiple traits but if you select a gene without knowing the consequences in mice for example it's possible to increase memory by altering a gene it also makes them more sensitive to pain it's difficult to tell what all the side effects are without having done extensive research that can take decades and cost millions here is sizable 120 billion dollars to be exact and I can't afford for them to reconsider what you tell them is your business dr. Koster consumers would also play a factor in the ethics of genetic engineering since these treatments are expensive only the wealthy would be able to afford them the rich could afford to make their children more intelligent or more athletic while the poor are left with whatever nature gives them this would cause socio-economic differences that would lead to separate genetic classes clearly there are many factors to consider before genetic engineering becomes a commercialized process if certain people are allowed to get gene therapy what would the criteria be would it be okay for parents to select traits would insurance cover treatments if they are necessary for a normal life like in Ashanti's case whatever we decide scientists are already working on a future that may include genetically enhancing the human body in every way possible in a study done in 2004 scientists were able to change the diet of a select group of soldiers to provide them with a modified version of carotene a protein that allows you to see simply changing what they ate gave these soldiers infrared vision temporarily it's very possible to change the genetics in the eye to match these results so that people can see infrared even with a normal diet researchers are also working on figuring out what genes make a hawk size so powerful one day this gene can be transferred into humans along with other enhancements one of the most controversial areas a study pertained to the length of human life it's been shown that it's possible to increase the life of mice by 10 to 15 percent just by modifying certain genes because mice and human genomes are very similar it may be possible to increase the life of humans as well in a world where overpopulation and lack of resources is already becoming a real problem do we really need people to live longer however the future of genetic engineering is an all leek it's possible that we will be able to cure disorders caused by genetic mutations scientists believe they can induce a genetic change in cells where the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome is slowly removed from all of the cells in the body it may be even possible to cure Alzheimer's and other memory de Gration disorders genetically engineering humans could help eradicate many genetic diseases which would otherwise have no cure however if handled incorrectly genetic engineering could cause discrimination super diseases and possibly new species of humans genetic engineering is going to be a huge issue in the next 10 to 15 years and it's up to us to decide what is ethically right and know where to draw the line

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  1. Probably the elite who control the world don't want any new people to be better than they are. So they don't want the average person to have it. How ever they could use it for themselves and probably already are.

  2. How are these people that don't want to improve our people?
    What is wrong with them, let the parents choose what kind of children they want, lets make our children, smarter and healthier and more talented

  3. It would be the end of human dignity, as human beings become products. The whole process began with contraceptives, then went on to abortion, is now attempting to play God by trying to change sex, which is impossible. This cannot but end badly, terribly, much worse than Hitler and Nazism. .

  4. what if we had an entire society of super genious people maybe it would be a society of math smart creative dumb. maybe it would be a depressed society (ignorance is bliss). smart people are more likly to use drugs. maybe we should all be 3 foot tall decreasing out needs for resources

  5. In a world where relevant information to perception of reality is drowned out by noise and censored by the media and facebook it is refreshing to come across information like this.

  6. He states that "Gentic engineering" has been going on for thousands of years. This is Wrong. Humans have been Geneticly Modifying animals and plants for thousands of years. Yes there is a difference between the two.

  7. NO NO NO, genetic engineering will not lead to a society where everyone is the same

    different people have different ideas as to what is perfect, is it the ability to breathe underwater or to fly?

    but otherwise great video

  8. Let's Dumb down Human population with Vaccines & GMO. Then the humans will be less perfect physically with a stupid brain. Then we will sell them Fantasy, dreams & trends. That will make them work harder with 2-3 jobs to buy what we sell. These stupid monkeys would welcome our proposal & go crazy. Just look at the never ending lines outside Apple Store. We are Genius😎

  9. I don't mind Human Genetic Engineering help with cure diseases and associate with medicine…but i disagree with Genetically Modified Food that create diseases.

  10. We're already genetically engineering other animals like dogs, why are humans so different? If someone was going to be born aggressive would it be wrong to change that and help their life? How is it evil?

  11. My wife and I had IVF twin boys in 2008,we had hoped for a daughter since we had 5 older sons……:)

    But love our little guys…:)

    I think parents should make the choices…

  12. all traits and features should come naturally.
    Their ability to learn anything much better and faster, strong will, and able to withstand any stress. This is all in my opinion.

  13. Its very possible to have many clones or create humans with specific traits. I wouldn't recommend this to be a good thing to happen as that's a very evil thing to do since we have limited time on earth and biologists and scientists shouldn't have the power to manipulate human dna

  14. gov trying to depopulate an literally choose the recreate . . . knowing what their use will be look at our gov what do you really think. live longer . . . .The  most important 2 days in life are being born and the day you find out why …… don't you think you have to die to find that out .?

  15. If this actually happens and humans become genetically engineered then no one would know who they were really meant to be because they were basically created by another human. I don't think anyone wants that. Genetic engineering should be strictly only used for medical purposes not cosmetic purposes, for example use it for curing the blind, curing cancer, curing astigmatism, curing Down syndrome etc. not just to change your appearance I mean that's stupid we shouldn't use something this powerful to change an human appearance it's like genetically transforming an orange to look like a tomato, you wouldn't eat it after you found out it was biologically an orange so humans should stay biological not engineered!

  16. I do admit to having a bias towards the advancement of genetic engineering given that I have EDS, a genetic disorder incurable by conventional means, but I think it will play a positive roll in the lives of everyone once it develops enough. It's one of the many fields I am considering studying when the time comes to select a career, given the benefit I personally would see from a breakthrough in gene therapy.

  17. Of course, it is illegal to study B.O.W as a weapon, since the Biological Weapons Convention pact had already come into effect, but there really is no difference to studying it as a weapon in comparison to as a cure. People already fear advanced AI humanoids, partly because they'll potentially reveal the flaws of human nature.

  18. I am all for engineering out genes that are related to diseases… Our medical technology insulates us from natural selective pressures that would do it for us.
    Gene therapy is positive eugenics, its a solution to the concept of negative eugenics where people with undesirable traits are removed from the gene pool. It allows us to intervene where the undesirable genetics are passed on and prevent it from continuing in as little as one generation, curing a disease or disorder forever. Law and regulation can tackle designer babies, but this much is extremely important.

  19. 7:53 at "Now" picture, It's to show the men could have boobies with them? This theory was just like a reedited from Charles Darwin episodes into a new brand of "Human Genetic Engineering " for human species. 

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