How to Show Sheep

How to Show Sheep

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Get tips on how to show sheep, including how to dress in the show ring, how to set the feet, and the importance of eye contact when showing your lambs. Part of the Honor® Show Chow® The Winning Matrix video series.

in addition to how the Lambs look we also want to make sure the exhibitors dress the part it's important that you realize that you're going to be showing to a 30 40 50 year-old individual it's going to be judging that class and that's how you're trying to appeal to so you want to dress professionally you want to dress like a professional stock person these two kids are both doing a good job of that we've got clean jeans on they got sturdy shoes on we don't want to see any flip-flops in the show ring you can get away with that at home not but we don't want you to wear that in the show ring notice that they also have a clean start shirt on that buttoned up all the way long sleeves are appropriate for some occasions short sleeves are okay if it's really hot but you want to have your shirt tucked in girls keep your hair up out of your face like what hers is you don't want when you're out there showing the Sheep it's very distracting when you're having to mess with your hair all the time you need to be focused on your sheep so have your hair pulled back and fixed so it'll stay there guys as much as we like to wear ball caps at home you can't wear one in the show ring right so we want to make sure you got your hair looking good no ball cap on again you want to dress like a Stockman because you're trying to impress this document want to cover a couple the final finer points in a little more detail when they hope when you hold the head you notice you're holding it under the chin you know not grabbing the ears they're not a handle you can hold the skin under the chin if you need to so you can keep that neck up and perpendicular to the back notice you can use these muscles in their neck for bracing thumbs behind the ears keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back and the nose slightly above level now we want to go and see how we set the front feet when you set the front feet you hold the sheep with your left hand reach down and grab the right front foot on the judging side above the knee setting it squarely on the front corner switch hands hold the sheep with your right hand reach down and set the left front leg squarely on the corner toes pointed forward when we set the back legs I'm going to set the one on the show side first grabbing them below the hock setting them slightly off the end of the hip grab the right leg below the hock again slightly off the edge of the hip just about shoulder width apart again if you get them set too wide then they look too shallow here now there are some regional differences in how and how we show some of these animals but most of the country now we're showing standing up like the kids were doing earlier like what I'm doing now but more and more there are several places where we like to the sheep down again that'll be some regional differences where you keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back same goal as when we were standing up bracing them and driving them no slightly above level and then keeping the top up so whether you show up or down is going to be determined one by which way the Sheep looks it's best to buy who your judges and where your showing so no your judge know what the rules are and what's acceptable in your area in order to make that sheep look its best one of the common problems that we see is that the exhibitors don't allow the judge access to the to view the front end of the Sheep there are several ways you can accomplish that task and still maintain control of your sheep and still have them look its best the first way is to simply step away still maintaining the brace using your fingers keeping the head at the proper angle the other way to do it is to turn this way again keeping that neck up and perpendicular to the back no slightly above level allowing the judge access to see the full view of the front end of the sheep one of the other things we want to focus on is eye contact it's important to know where that judge is in the show ring all the time you've got two eyes keep one on your sheep and one on the judge as a judge it makes me a little bit uncomfortable when someone's giving me a dirty stare the whole time it's okay to smile at them you got one eye on the judge one eye on the sheep so you can make sure that sheep looks the best you can it can the whole time but you know where the judge is in the ring

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  1. Hey guys I just showed my first animal today it was very stressful but this helped a lot my sheep Sheela wasn’t very cooperative but I’m the end she was fine thanks!!!

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