How to plant #garlic (Complete Step-by-Step Guide) [Sean's Allotment Garden]

How to plant #garlic (Complete Step-by-Step Guide) [Sean's Allotment Garden]

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welcome to amateur gardener for advice on growing your own food and flowers so to split it it's a case of just getting your hands in if you need to use something like a spoon of something just pop it in to get it together mount to try not to damage them so out of that one bulb I've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten useable cloves that's not bad now some people I know like to just buy garlic in the local shops and put that in the ground and then they complain every year that their garlic isn't that good I always find it's best to go to a specialist grower because I know that these are disease free and the things you buy in the shops you can't be certain that they have worked any disease so there are the cloves so let's go out into the garden I'm going to plant my garlic in this bed this is where I had the runner beans to give a good crop that's what I'm doing is I'm just going to add some more compost to the bed just to freshened up a bit just using multi-purpose compost in the compost I'm going to put some of this fertilizer which is been especially made for shallots onions and garlic I'm just going to put a handful I'm just sew it along the top there and then just work that in so in this section I'm going to put my early purple white and then next door I'll put the elephant garlic and it's really simple all you do is you just dig a hole whatever you do do not push them in because you will damage the underneath and that's where the roots are so dig a hole because I want the cloves to be about four centimeters below the soil and don't forget the pointy side faces upwards and then about six inches apart put the next one I'll give them a feed at the start of next year don't forget to put the label in as well otherwise you'll be thinking what are they so I'm not that difficult to do garlic but a lot of people do seem to have problems with trying to grow it and I to cover them over and pop a label in so I know where they're now I've got some spare I'm going to keep them and I'll put them into a pot now for the elephant garlic I'll put that yeah six inches apart as well now because these are bigger you have to make a bigger hole obviously go bit deeper and again pointy side facing upwards six inches again and there we have it the Dalek is sown for another year the horticultural channel down to earth practical advice for the amateur gardener wherever you are in the world

21 thoughts on “How to plant #garlic (Complete Step-by-Step Guide) [Sean's Allotment Garden]”

  1. is it necessary to peel off the skins of each clove or better to leave the skins on? Some growers suggest leaving the skins on //

  2. Hi, planting them in november i think isn't a bit early for me if i am from Kosovo. Because they start their vegetation in spring, and planting them in november while winter is comming could harm them?

  3. I agree with Sean that using garlic from a food shop, or even your saved garlic from the previous year, can result in problems, however, I've done this for years with no problems. Its a risk one takes. I did buy very expensive Isle of Wight garlic last year and the results were no better than garlic from the food shops.

    Sean, I've only just managed to work out how to get onto this site to post comments – have you offered any advice on preventing allium damage from the allium leaf miner?

  4. Clarification needed please. When you say to plant 4cm below the soil, that means the TOP of the clove is 4cm below the soil? Yes? (4cm is only 1-1/2 inches)

  5. Having worked in Radio and doing voice overs and such I understand you trying to help your friend, good for you!  Nice video. I planted mine too late in the season earlier this year but waiting to see what happens to them. I don't even use garlis just wanted to try and grow it after watching so many others do it. I wonder if the galic bulb is forming now, would it last in the ground until spring? The leaves are up and still green. I peeked at one and it's small still.
    Just wondering

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