How to grow wheatgrass

How to grow wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass offers amazing nutrition. This step by step instructional video shows you how you can grow your own wheatgrass in your own home. Mmmmm yummy

growing wheatgrass grow wheatgrass you need to start with weight of course this is it here we've got about a cup of wheat same stuff you grind up and make flour worth and make bread and all those other sorts of things should be able to get it from the health food shops normally kind of expensive if you buy it in small quantities but if you buy it in bulk it works out quite cheap we've got about a cup here the first step is to just take a jar and put the wheat in and let it soak overnight simple as that after the wheats soaked overnight you can put one of these cool sprouting lids on it you can just use this several or something like that Australian but this makes it kind of easy it's got a wire mix in the end so let me just straighten the water out and fill it up again and give it a rinse a couple of times now we're gonna repeat this process at least twice a day at least every 12 hours and once we finished rinsing we'll put it over and like a dish rack or something like that stand it up on an angle so any extra water can come out and we're gonna leave it for about a day and a half until it sprouts up until it's got little chutes rinsing it twice a day okay so we're gonna do this but outside because it's a little bit Messier after you finished sprouting your wheat for a day or a day and a half it's gonna look like this a little sprout a bit sticking out the end so we're gonna take this and we're gonna spread it out in a tray seed raising tray with just a very thin layer of soil on the bottom bottom of it so we're talking you know a centimeter centimeter and half of soil not very much it's just really the seats not going to be in there long it's just enough to keep it going while we're growing it as a grass so we put the seeds the the weeks the sprouted wheat out on our soil and the soil has already been wet thoroughly through and we spread it out just so it makes a nice even layer right across the soil we don't really want it so there's too much sitting on top of each other this is about a cup of wheat which I find are you sprouted it turns into more and I find that to be about the right amount for a tray this size just a normal seed raising tray okay once we've got it nice and spread out give it a little more there we're going to cover it with a piece of newspaper which we're going to damp down as well so it's very important for the first couple of days that the the wheat stays dark well that's developing and growing and that's going to help it grow better then we'll take it back inside once the waters sort of exist waters run out and we'll put it on a on a shelf or on a bench somewhere and we're going to keep it moist for the next few days and let it grow up so after a couple of days of keeping the seed dark and damp it's going to look something like this we'll take the newspaper off now so they're like this you can see all the little shoots spread out they may be three or four centimetres long and kind of yellow so it's time for them to get some sunlight you can put the wheat outside or you can just keep it inside somewhere we'll look at the leaf some Sun and you need to keep watering it every you know once or twice a day keep it nice and nice and moist and as will sprout up pretty quick three or four days later watering it every day your wheat grass is going to look like this it's ready to be cut ready to be used all you do you take some scissors and you cut it off nice and low just like that take it away leave a little bit bit you can cut it twice so you can cut the whole lot down once and then let it grow up to about the same height or even a bit longer and cut it again so the way most people use the wheat grass is either they put it through a juicer and just bring the juice or you can just cut it off like I just did put in your mouth chew it up and get the juice out that way to spit out the fiber or if you're really keen you can cut it up and chew it up and actually swallow it and give benefit of the flavor in you as well so that's how you grow wheatgrass

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  1. Hi. I grew wheatgrass for a few weeks and I had so many bugs the little flies in the grass. (I had 10 plastic tablets full with grass). It also smelled very bad and I had to throw everything away. How can I avoid that? I want to grow it again in the next days. It's my medicine. Thanks!

  2. We can chew and swallow . Since our appendix does not work so we will not be able to digest plant cellulose. We might develop appendix inflammation. Wala . Benefits of swallowing.

  3. Everyone is commenting on the newspaper being bad and that the soil is not needed…but…what about the water? Use artesian water and DON'T pour it down the drain!!! Use the water to water your plants don't let it go down the drain just because you dont need it.


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