How to Get a Honda Radio Code *For Free*

How to Get a Honda Radio Code  *For Free*

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This is a video of me retrieving the radio unlock code for a Honda Accord. Takes 5 minutes, and is very simple.

if you've ever disconnected your battery on your late model Honda you know that when you reapply power the radio doesn't work it locks you out and asks for a code the way that most dealers would suggest you retrieve the code is to bring your car into the dealer and have the service department write it up and charge you an hour's labor to get the code for you however it's fairly simple to get the code just over the phone if you know how to do it and who to ask for and if you show a little bit of courtesy in order to get the code you need the radio pulled out of the vehicle because the way the dealer gets the code for the vehicle is by the serial number on the back so you need to have the radio in front of you once you have that you just need to use Google and find a Honda dealer doesn't matter where it is just find that phone number to a Honda dealer and you're going to call them and make sure when you call ask for the parts department don't ask for the service department because they'll try to charge you money and ask you to bring the car in possibly and they there they get paid off of work they do they don't get paid by the hour so it's in their interest to get serviced work done the parts Department however is somebody that sits behind a counter and he they're usually more willing to help so when you call ask for the parts department tell them that you have a Honda Accord or CRV or whatever and you disconnected the battery and now it's asking for code and you were hoping that they could help you out and they'll ask you for the serial number and then they'll give you the the magic number to enter into your preset buttons to unlock the radio I'm going to call a dealer now and get the code for this radio because I I don't have the vehicle that goes to it and I have no idea what the code is so just to demonstrate I'll give the local Honda dealership a jingle and hopefully I can get the code Heike I talked to the parks department hi I was wondering if you could help me get a code for my radio I disconnected the battery it locked me out I could I got it I went online I got it right in front of me so I can read okay it's Emma's and Mary a97 a is an apple two four six six four six it's a 98 accord write that up on the top of the radio 4 6 4 3 1 alright perfect I appreciate it ok thanks boy

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  1. listen to this video! it works perfectly, because i called honda support before and they were useless asking me for my VIN number and pictures of the registration of my car…. This worked in seconds 🙂


    1. make sure the radio is off
    2. press and hold 1&6
    3. press the power button
    4. write down the numbers in the order they appear (they may display all at once. you should have an 8-digit code when you're done. also the letters don't matter, the dealer just needs the numbers)

    If this doesn't work you will have to remove the radio.

    If you're trying to find the serial number on the radio, simply pry under the "vents/clock/four-ways" above the radio and pull out the whole component.
    Then stick a cell phone with flash into the hole above your radio,
    take a picture and there it is.. Your serial number is right on top.
    You could use a mirror or something if not able to take picture but I don't think you'll be able to see the number without getting around some components.
    Hope this helps!

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