Homeland Border Security USA S01E09

Homeland Border Security USA S01E09

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the United States with entry points at hundreds of airports harbors and along a border of more than 100,000 miles is protected by the Department of Homeland Security including the Transportation Security Administration the US Coast Guard Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection including the Border Patrol this is border security USA the checkpoint in Falfurrias Texas sits on a main highway 80 miles north of the Mexican border it's a route often used by illegal immigrants managed to slip across the border and try to make their way deeper into the United States today Border Patrol agents pull over a driver who's a US citizen on the front seat of her car a child who appears to be passed out a lot of tempted to speak to the child they went as far as to go picking up her hand and dropping it to see if she would wake up she wouldn't wake up the agent when he asks the driver of the vehicle her relation to the child she was hesitant immediately that aroused the suspicion is this young girl and some type of danger pre-dawn JFK International Airport Customs and Border Protection officers are tipped off to a suspicious passenger returning from a short trip to Colombia he bought his ticket the day before he left and he always stayed in Colombia for four days which is not consistent with a vacation the passenger was from dominican descent had no family members in Colombia so had no ties to Colombia at all he's a US passport holder he was born here in New York officers decide to search his bags after doing thousands and thousands of passengers thousands and thousands of bags you get to know what the weight of a bag should be what the weight of a laptop should be once he picked up the notice to wait at a laptop he knew he was on to something right away the Rio Grande River forms a natural border between the u.s. and Mexico each year hundreds of illegal immigrants risk these treacherous waters trying to cross into the US the Mexican people think of the river is a place of death there they know that a lot of people have died trying to cross a river so they are scared for Border Patrol agents the Rio Grande poses a unique set of challenges you've got residential areas back right up to the river they'll cross they'll go in the backyards they can go inside a house and wait you out agents are investigating a mystery that began unfolding the day before 25 illegal immigrants were apprehended along the banks of the Rio Grande part of a larger group that's scattered and fled agents are heading out to find the rest before they disappear if it was about 30 to 40 they end up getting 25 so which means there's some outstanding Amy's out there so we're gonna go start tracking those guys and say we can find them New York's JFK International Airport more than 12 million overseas travelers come through here each year today a man arriving from Casablanca has been sent to secondary inspection for questioning okay mr. hand a concern a database shows there's an outstanding warrant for his arrest okay what was the purpose of your trip a vacation how long either for really right now we have a returning United States citizen and it comes up that he has a prior criminal record what a possible act of war I can just tell me a little bit about the arrests that you say you say was for drinking beer once nightly an eight-player I thought I did most likely there's what I do did it get you pled guilty to a criminal possession of a controlled substance beer is under control so we get how many times were you arrested before well that's that's what the warrant was issued that that's why the warrant was issued I'm did you miss a court date not really good day okay outro thank you I miss them alright have a seat this isn't going to take long it's just a matter of verifying the warrant and seen it it's a 1994 warrant so I don't know what they're gonna do it fitting here also in that last year sir please have a seat I'm gonna verify that yes we verify that here it may well have been here at Hamlet okay 60 so I just want to make the fault police okay all right Devon our fight okay I understand he was arrested for a criminal possession of a controlled substance and he was arraigned on the criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third which was a Class B felony so we're gonna call up and see if it's still active they'll let us know whether or not they're gonna compete with you rob he never took you do that other time JFK International Airport a US citizen returning from a trip to Casablanca has been detained because of a possible active arrest warrant have to verify the warrant still active so what I'm going to do is call up Queens Barnes and I'll speak to an officer over there and they'll let us know whether nothing to configure I don't listen inspector rosary Kennedy Airport elect to lone terrified for warrants to Lanka so I can be pay now stand up in the back over there nobody's telling you why I'm here just came and got me when I gave my passport Wow if I might have tell me what tell me what kidnapped so they do they look like okay it's not active copy name please okay thanks a lot how good they're okay mister hand come up please okay so I called up and I verified um you're free to go eleven out I know sorry about how thanks for your patience and welcome back sorry about her it wasn't taken out of the system it may very well have been taken care of but sometimes the record doesn't get updated so we still have to make sure okay back in Falfurrias Texas Border Patrol agents try in vain to waken a young girl lying motionless in the front seat of a car the driver of the car says she has no idea what's wrong with the girl and offers no information about her identity we grew up not a thief finally the little girl opens her eyes agents take her and the driver into custody for questioning Hailey's basil oil case at the checkpoint every day all day all ships candy goodness I thought was it does Lavina what happened with a little girl she was coached things that she relayed to us or things that she was instructed to say look it was a girl this is Jana goodness she does exactly where she's going just a mattr laying it on our little more nobody quits going put four more okay I got four okay finally the driver of the vehicle pull the agent to the side and said look let me tell you the truth he's not mine I'm getting paid to transporter to fell furious Texas on the deal from the hustle here it is huh her lack of experience is what prompted her to dis come clean she knew that she was caught she knew she wasn't going to fool anybody with a woman admitting her intentions the agents concerned now turns to something even more critical finding this child's parents Tamar we dug up on there one day no service issue that does it no matter their number the temple man with no leads agents must devise a plan to find her parents at JFK International Airport CBP officers are checking the bags of a US citizen returning from Colombia the first thing they notice is that some of his electronic items are suspiciously heavier than they should be we open up the first bag we saw two battery packs which you look like they belong to a computer you notice there were a little bit heavy you can see it immediately as he's getting it open right away you can see two asil the packages we're doing I was going to put some of the powder substance in this test kit battery pack a pizza and all that for is going to contain how this whole package if the battery packs wants the door to retrieve the camcorder it does turn on it does work put a club on the top of the camcorder you can see the aluminum foil packages on the top of the camcorder which is also all heroin now we're going to pop open the screen on computer immediately when you open the computer you can see the foil the entire screen there's going to be a foil package and all that foil is going to contain heroine this top part is just one package one bullet sheet and then they cover with the foil the suspect is taken into custody on drug charges in this case is turned over to immigration and customs enforcement it is still under investigation it will probably close to two keys of 2,000 grams of heroin it's pure heroin before it's cut up so the street value could vary but it should be over a million dollars on the street possibly more what officer dort is doing now is he's taking pictures of the seizure he's taking pictures of all the different concealments after the seizure is processed we put together what's cool the concealment report we set it two points eventually all over the United States and hopefully the information from this seizure will lead to other seizures and other thoughts in the Rio Grande Valley settler Border Patrol agents are heading out to search for ten illegal immigrants they suspect crossed into the u.s. the day before and are still hiding out in the arroyos along the river there's some fresh blood coming out of the river one two minutes away when the sensor went off so they should be right in front of us they're moving pretty fast though so we'll see if we can catch up to right here got a couple of the units they gotta try to prevent the engine from getting picked up we got one unit up but on the highway and we got a couple other guys on the ground if they know that we're following them they're gonna get off the trail and they're gonna hide him and the bushes here they might just be hiding in here someone Detroit Michigan the Ambassador Bridge linking the u.s. to Canada is the busiest northern route into the US with more than 4 million cars driving across in last year my name is Chris want our ski I'm customs board Protection Officer today it's a Saturday real busy out what we like to do is go out it's called pre-primary before the enter these booths over here you call the dog up there's a lot of traffic hopefully get lucky and get something big an officer was approached by a young lady who was involved two United States and the officer noticed some discrepancies in our story and k-9 officer alerted to the spare tire heart is rock it's got to be loaded right now her behavior is kind of speculative she's playing the what's going on what are they talking about is there something in my car she's claiming she doesn't know what's in her car she's claiming she doesn't know why she's back there there get you get oh my god get it up throw it out of town we lowered it it's really heavy not a lot of air tire doesn't even match the size of the tires on the vehicle we're go ahead and see what's inside if it's still up so hopefully it's a low see what happens in Detroit Michigan trouble at the Ambassador bridge that links the u.s. to Canada Customs and Border Protection officers have a woman in the holding room and the spare tire of her SUV on the ground about to be sliced open the suspicion it's packed with drugs I can smell it Romero it smells like marijuana there you go yeah this young lady Kim cross nervous behavior crappy story Tigers can go and look what you got a loaded marijuana tire this is our high the silver shooting for catching the bad guy and this is what we did today perfect this is odd the slang for here is BC bud which is British Columbia marijuana it's known to be grown hydroponically indoors very potent high eye content th-the small amount of this could equal you know triple or four times the amount of your your stereotypical Mexican marijuana once across the border double or triple the price right now / well so in a few minutes we're going to turn her over state and local Hamtramck task force and they're gonna take her to their facility and processor they're under state and local laws the suspect pled guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was sentenced to one year probation back in Falfurrias Texas a woman has admitted that she was paid $300 to drive a young undocumented girl to a secret location in the US now agents are hoping to get one more critical piece of information the whereabouts of the little girl's parents we need to find this little girl's murder and we have what we have right now is live a 6-year over oh yeah in a strange country and we have no idea all the minds of people that live United States America we have no idea how to get all that boudreaux's mother hope you have a grand children with you like your six-year-old grandchild just dumped in quite a bottle somewhere well that little girl find yourself dumped the United States right now yes hello yah metal in the danila clean we gonna soon isn't the buddy or though when I thought he died aqui tenemos Arica just wanted to assure him that we had his daughter she was in good hands and she'll be placed in a suitable facility since this checkpoint is 80 miles north of the us-mexico border there's no way to prove that the woman smuggled the child into the country she could have been hired to pick up the child on the US side and give her a ride to meet her parents the woman is released since there's no law against accepting payment from a parent to do that okay that's super bucket does get okay que pasa nada man Oh kids are the innocent ones in this there there did help us once then I'm making decisions for themselves they're in a tough tough situation and we're going to make arrangements to house a child until an immigration judge can make a determination as to her status the little girls stayed at a nearby state juvenile center while authorities carried out an investigation it was revealed that the child's mother lives in El Salvador and her father is a legal resident of the u.s. living in Alabama three weeks later the girl was reunited with her dad McAllen Texas back along the banks of the Rio Grande Border Patrol agents have fanned out and are combing the dense brush searching for 10 illegal immigrants they suspect are hiding out they know that we're following them they gotta get off the trail it might have been idle ended from the Romeo 34 we're not too far behind you here got one of the units again it has a hate aliens in custody right now they should be up here radio blessed indeed savvy people they fucked it back sound guy shot a crossbow Arizona 15 days ago 15 days ago busted' want only a wall control Andy stop a kelipah tropica pasta dough Mentos low low heels take Ln Rio Bravo en place de Rossi say say Yolo yatta yatta hakuna la cebolla porous export super art a la vida en toda esta usted a space turnig are so severe Aneesa Mustafa those to trot years you know you feel sympathetic but at the same time you don't want to show any weakness because if you show weakness they will take it down into that second law or Nausicaa Perseus ok digamos tell okay VOA I cruise el corazon dope or phoenix usted Cruz Ando see a la montaña estaba no señora Consuela vista de carne see meet Oprah las que no Roca table une seule or yo-yos que parece de ghosts real man when you see stuff like a sociis entrap you see tragic a del del x improve our lives MX's appreciate when we have movie sedessa LS command against the illegal immigrants movie transported to a Border Patrol station fingerprinted and processed prosecution will be determined on a case-by-case basis if no charges are brought against them they will be immediately returned to Mexico at Denver International Airport Transportation Security Administration officers have a strange situation on their hands a woman trying to gain access to the secure gate area not with a valid boarding pass but with a letter she claims was issued by the Department of Homeland Security she was trying to use that letter to get into the checkpoint and to the sterile area to do a mystery shop at some bar on one of the concourse give her secret shoppers I was hired just kind of monitor a bartender for an hour without them knowing I was there and report back to him this evening TSA officers quickly determined that the letter is authentic and that the woman has security clearance but only for her day job as a cargo ship er not for moonlighting as a secret shopper we determined that it was a letter issued by the Department of Homeland Security allowing this woman uh ness courted access to cargo at her Freight facility it doesn't give her access anywhere Denver International Relations and by trying to use it for that purpose the woman may have landed herself in hot water right possibility it's a federal violation circumventing security possibility and over the regulation speak with supervisors and managers to determine oh there was a violation not necessarily will are you reviewing that I'm gonna give you my car I know this is wrong okay and I just even do my job now I just want to leave at Denver International Airport this woman was caught by Transportation Security Administration officers using a letter from the Department of Homeland Security try to access a restricted area a possible federal violation the letter nudes i didn't violate any law because according to the tsa which is under Homeland Security I have passed a background check like to know more about what I mean by violation no I don't like that word okay civil process okay you're not going to get a violation without my hobbies my boss gonna see because I can lose my job the letter will be sent to you if there is even a violation we have to treat everybody the same and assume that there may be a threat there because that's to the benefit of you know the flying public you know I'm glad dirty works but they need to clarify to the people like me and have these ID numbers and background checks and testing that this applies to one area not the other night we understand your frustration I do I don't what did you get you all i would like i mentioned potential violation it doesn't necessarily mean that what occurred today i i'm a ninety-eight absolutely you I'm the chance to administrative hearing and you know tell your side of the story I'm not going to tell my sister I'm going to shout it well you have arms if anything else comes up give me a call okay thanks Christine Thanks you don't even know how I've never been in trouble they love speed tickets that's it whether she knew she could bring a letter through you know I have no idea but the fact is we did what we needed to do and we possibly prevented you know some kind of a security incident tsa later determined that Christine had not violated any federal laws and no charges were filed San Bernardino California the fugitive operations team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is mobilizing to carry out a search their mission find a man who has ignored his final deportation order this individual we're going Avenue is one of our fugitive targets went to the process of immigration proceedings and an immigration judge ordered Henry boom bomb removed from the United States well we do have a warrant so we're going to see a bomb this we see with at home in Rome they said that all the vehicles are in the driveway and it does appear we're gonna do a doorknob please I do a police come to the door please come to the door please please huh God move on the house guys be aware how you doing good morning we're connecting investigations okay we come in thank you I can sit so I'll sit in the house with you right now sir yeah your kids yeah your wife any other males adults living here with you no the suspects brother is cooperative but the suspects sister-in-law has locked herself inside the bedroom somos a gente federal se puede ver la puerta por Chah war unless you cannot do that man a dangerous situation is growing even more tense as officers suspect the fugitive might be hiding in the room with her Chicago's O'Hare International Airport two US citizens are returning from a vacation in the great outdoors of Mexico which CBP officers won't have a closer look and there souvenirs to see if they're illegal these birds are hunting trophies a hunting trophy is an animal is going to be mounted for display I have all of birds mounted at my house and the wife's okay with it they're hard to find those kind of white ones always brought in today they're called Google stir keep those birds their weight over 20 pounds when they work we don't have meats not with them is just a beverage how we make it all for you the concern with hunting trophies is if the animal has picked up a disease in the originating country to disease that we do not have here and one that can affect our production agriculture we have to presume that these hunting trophies are infected with that disease and their specially handled and they go to a special facility they're properly disinfected and made safe and then when they're released in the commerce or they go into the hunters home we know that there won't be an accidental introduction of the disease the men paid $180 in fees for fish and wildlife agents to process the turkeys gobble gobble gobble the Federal Express facility in Memphis Tennessee has miles of conveyor belts carry and sort packages bound for destinations all across the u.s. CBP officers screen them for illegal goods they might be concealed we probably only have about 20 officers on duty those 20 officers last year we're able to seize 600 pounds of cocaine I want to say 40 pounds of air 150 pounds of opium it's a game of cat and mouse someone's hiding something from you and you gotta find it and as they well know people come up with some pretty creative ways of hiding things an officer pulls a package offline containing three earth paintings you see a lot of narcotics addicts domenica coming to the United States so as the paintings are x-rayed officer Clark is looking for any signs of tampering must like the frames been hollowed out filled with take this in our testing room has something been artfully concealed inside this painting at the FedEx facility Customs and Border Protection officers are taking a closer look at three paintings that might be hiding something illegal hollowed out white powdery substance works right here another good indicator displays the damper packaged inside there's something exiled rolls tested positive for Indian ecstasy pretty good seizure all three paintings contained ecstasy pills total street value over $50,000 meanwhile in San Bernardino ice officers are at a standoff and growing increasingly concerned that a fugitive wanted for defying a deportation order could be hiding out in a room with his sister-in-law Cheryl no locomotory hasta que hacer el amor de sola I spend a little whatever libertà the startled woman finally opens the door was that with us a lead before Sara Saturday look what but after searching the house officers determined that the suspect was not there whether it's a Homburg read to come with us and show us where he lives that's it for this part he's using this house as a dropped address he parks his vehicle here his brothers in a new December to Dino Grasso mucho que ah yes rocket Rondo Rondo sake what's happening with that there's no answer at the door suddenly an officer spots three people bolting out the back of the house let me jump aah I saw some movement coming out a back door and had to be subject flying out of their lawn go around go around go around Hey cover the front Bell go to the front he's kind of playing it off like he was gone and then use that little opportunity to try to run away out the back fence market honey what do we get care for like your rescue buck you got welcome back to your regiment officers who were chasing the three people on foot have caught them and also is knocking at door and someone starts running it makes me very suspicious what's going on the juveniles are questioned about their relationship with the fugitive Gabriel I put your dad's names I can call now it turns out one of them is his son claims he doesn't know where his father is you know your dad work the juveniles don't offer much help and are released we will likely come back to this individual house set up a surveillance and wait for this individual to come home we're not going to go wait it's born it's not going to go away so use it up to the cobra shoulder cake you early the next morning ice officers are staking out the fugitives home suddenly an officer alerts the team that someone is slipping out of the suspects house waited till he went mobile and his driveway and at that point we ided individual well we don't place the target in custody it was a good day you know we got our target took a while about a leg work but we're persistent and it pays off we're just going to process a man execute his point of deportation and this evening speed back in Mexico I know what your name is officer Nathan sighs names come on tonight Nichola international sutala bottom line crime is crime and that's what our job is ultimately to bring them to justice and make sure justice is as seen through all the way officers with the TSA and customs and border protection go out of their way to treat everyone the same but it seems like not a day goes by that some traveler doesn't ask the one burning question what if I was like rich or old or super famous would you do the same thing absolutely everybody gets treated the same celebrities get asked the same questions what if they have anything to declare and we look at the declaration just the same and we treat them the same we have a better smile on our face because we seen a celebrity but it's all the same treatment football great Tim Braun appreciates the TSA team they have a tough job dealing with so many different people they have to do that so I try to remember that when I come in here it's very tough job one of them is a minister of my church so I have to be very nice you guys can't say we didn't see this right I actually asked myself the bill that created the Department of Homeland advance and the TSA a lot of these people know that and so what is it did you gotta create my job I'm Pat them down anyway because that's their job the Southern Methodist University basketball team receives a technical for traveling without an ID no smell driver laughs it's like no I didn't take you ready to get out oh my gosh okay oh is that a freak darling at LAX Matt grant the star of TV's The Bachelor London Calling is being questioned about whether he's coming to the u.s. for business or pleasure in the fact that's where were you being drawn at the data I've never watched a show oh my god you are I am seeing even more but were you actually on The Bachelor yeah people are trying to get an acre yeah how'd you believe it okay yeah they were fine as far as customs Border Protection goes they're still subject to the exact same scrutiny that any other passenger would we see so we try to be democratic first yeah nobody hates it Buffalo New York CBP officers never know what type of strange situations they might find themselves in and how they'll handle when they do today a woman dressed in her bathrobe is trying to enter the u.s. Audrey she's carrying only a large collection of DVDs what do you do with all these DVDs watch them yes are you working in Canada right now you have an address yes I have will you live with it the bedrest parents family friends family and they know you're here today what kind of question is that this is what you add on all these questions in the situation yet we're just trying to establish where you're going to ma'am and you're not really giving us answers you're trying to you're kind of being evasive what's your ID you got my address does that tell me who you live with where were you uh planning on going today to church basically we're just trying to establish what her intentions are just a church know that you're coming yes when did you contact the church not long ago how long you plan on staying in the US on this trip that's not what I thought it can stay final thing I want to talk to the pastor and I want to see the Chinese people in the church that I met before because I want to be a missionary in China how you gonna provide for yourself in the United States food-wise for things like that the church is gonna take care of everything yes everything she didn't have any clothes any money she claims she was going to New York City she's basically gonna be refused and we're gonna make sure she gets back to Canada safely i TV it over he take it off why should I take it off when you figure forth no yes no yes no yes step forward have your fingerprints taken I'm not having my fingerprint taken back in Buffalo it's an unusual standoff between CBP officers and a Canadian traveler will stubbornly refusing to be fingerprinted I'm not having my fingerprint taken okay now in order for you to go back to Canada your fingerprints must be taken okay to make sure that there's no wives no warrants out for your arrest it's all this is if you have nothing to hide there's no album here I will not it's all we ask is you please be compliant have your fingerprints take you already got my fingerprint taken every time you come exactly to avoid this tense situation from escalating any further a supervisor decides to skip fingerprinting the woman the situation we kind of back down a little bit for her safety and us the officers we just decided to forego all the fingerprints and get back to Canada or you do now is where you ride back across because the bus is gone the bridge is too far to walk so we'll give you a ride across the bridge back to Ken yeah basically the officers just escorted back to Cannon and they will talk to the Kenyan authorities to make sure that she's just not left there and they kind of seek her to make sure she's okay yeah all right I have a safe trip Border Patrol agents screen thousands of people every day and most pass by without incident but today in Falfurrias Texas a surprise encounter triggers a range of emotions for one agent when he finds himself having to search the bags of someone from his past you want to ask you with me so makes it oh that's weird I asked him what do you do after high school he said he's been roaming around doing little bit nuts so he admit but he admitted straight to having to having the possession of marijuana what man about barber children you see them in high school because he went the right way and overthrow yeah he graduated year before good guys he's old alone he's been in prison prior so I had to find out what else he has prior to that our song is basically has burial be a place what's the most time that you serve in seven months if I was in prison been a while since I've done it I just got to deal with it nominal I'm just thinking about how much my bills gonna be basically you can be charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute although make some money but I wanted to line even make money which I lost money instead and my freedom the way dreams I guess you can say I just get older – it was fourteen pounds of marijuana it with value is going to be at eleven thousand eight hundred yeah it's it's so it's a pretty big load for a personal carrier the suspect pled guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was sentenced to two years probation business when he was about to get off the bus is when I had pretty good feeling it was him same thing eyes going with the same crowd little different state I still don't mess with Texas they call Tony values if we have property ready welcome to the other Greek States who's next foster kalinosky Radice for ten great officers they can make people laugh and that's nice welcome to the United States toodaloo oh look at that it's almost your birthday happy birthday 29 right pretty a necesitar completo he correct oh let's see she looks a lot like you okay welcome to there see you next time bye-bye

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