Highlights of BBC's EU Great Debate – BBC News

Highlights of BBC's EU Great Debate - BBC News

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The EU referendum took centre stage at Wembley Arena as the two sides traded blows before an audience of 6,000 people for the BBC’s Grand Debate. Both campaigns had three representatives each on their respective panels, including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson for Remain and former Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson for Leave.

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25 thoughts on “Highlights of BBC's EU Great Debate – BBC News”

  1. Do really think prior to joining the EU back in 73 i think it was that if we had known that our pound would have dropped from 240 pence to a 100 pence and that out oil and gas fields were going to be sold of to EU corporations ,plus we wont be able to fish our own waters and that German diesels have to fitted with cheat devices because they cant pass their own emissions tests and that terrorists would be flooding into the country , do you think the British people would have signed up for that shit ?? lets just pull the plug and fkem off down the road ,the 39/£40 billion will go a long way to get us back on our feet ,plus i dont like a Mcsnail burger anyway !

  2. people say that leave was all lies, but I have to ask, why did the remain camp put such a weak team out for this debate, seriously their strongest debater was a tory, she put up good arguments, khan was a waste of space trying to be quirky and the trade union lady was the worst, just reminiscing about the unions back in the day lol

  3. BBC is just a bunch of sour Lefties.
    Dreadful bias in favour of the Labour party.
    Keep trying to dredge up some hope of staying in the EU despite the democratic referendum.
    I have not heard an unbiased BBC programme from the Brexit campaign to now.
    Even this morning on Radio 5 a so-called Brexit debate concentrated on rehashing the election instead discussing our future life outside the EU. The two Remoaners weren't even English. A Nigerian and a Czec. What the hell a Nigerian has to do with it I have no idea.
    BBC needs an independent monitoring body and programmes alleged to have any bias should no get aired.
    Stick to the FACTS. We don't want your over speculative guess work. Give pure facts, from BOTH sides of an argument and allow viewers to make their own minds up.
    Presenters should not be allowed to give their own opinions.
    Time for change.

  4. people in Politics have now learnt a vital lesson – the rise and never underestimate the poor people again ————- I bet soon they will find a way to cap this threat to the NWO plans ————

  5. Khan's interruption when Gisela was talking was rude and ridiculous. Just yelling "we can do it, we're not quittersA" – that's dumb! We haven't even been able to cancel the monthly EU parliament exodus from Brussels to Strasbourg, what chance do we really have on getting the kinds of reforms needed? He's insane!

  6. All the muslims they vote to remain to save their ass. Its no way and no mercy. It is time to round them up like cattles and ship them back to the desert. Ship Them Back. Ship Them Back

  7. When the bills and taxes go up, and benefits are lost, the businesses shut down and budget cuts begin, people will think differently I'm sure.
    When Britain becomes corrupt, I'm moving to Canada.🌎

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