Granada ITV Sport. Results 1990

Granada ITV Sport. Results 1990

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This is ITV sport results, full show from 1990 on ITV Granada network. With host Elton Welsby. Starts with an oracle advert. Notice the wonky camera at 5:53 Lol

I have the ITN news next after this from same time 1990.

19 thoughts on “Granada ITV Sport. Results 1990”

  1. "Well, as promised, erm, the goals from Carrow Road now, it finished 0-0………."  Excellent work, Elton!  Good days of Football back then.  And, despite that big gaffe, Elton Welsby was a decent presenter of ITV Football.

  2. Elton Welsby was excellent but the coverage was completely short-sighted (although I loved it back in the day).

    Results in non-alphabetical order, not even a full 1st Division table and no tables below that or even results for anyone below what is now the Championship.

    Modern football gets criticised daily (and rightly so) but at least it's inclusive in terms of its reporting.

  3. Thanks for uploading this. Back when football was limited to 15 minutes of results on a Saturday and perhaps one live match per week – if we were lucky. How times change!

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