Gordon Ramsay Eats A Bull's Penis | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay Eats A Bull's Penis | Gordon's Great Escape

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Gordon Ramsay heads to Kuala Lumpur, where he meets up with a local biker group to take him to their favorite spots to eat.

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the next day and I'm heading out of Penang with my head full of authentic Malaysian dishes from last night it's a great shame that we don't know the dishes better back home in England think of any other international cuisine and you could name you know specialities but when Malaysian cooking it's almost like a hidden agenda foods exciting I mean there's no two ways about that but it's quite complex I'm keen to get on now and search even further I'm flying 300 kilometres south to kuala lumper or KL to the locals it's the capital city and it's where I'll find some of the most adventurous Malaysian cooking in the country but I'm not relying on the food critics to show me where to go I've arranged to meet Malaysia's answer to the hairy biker's money proper motorbikes I've got a Harley home here yes I'm not and I'd run yeah love it weekends absolutely perfect how are you good I'm DC DC good to see so did you build this one I'm ready for a competition a couple of years ago as it shows oh yes it is fantastic so good to see a glamorous chick on a bike as much as we love bikes we look for food all the time so we left food and bite is something we call right to eat and foodie Hells Angels amazing after you thank you the bikers are taking me on the trail of their favorite foodie pit stops and inside the market there is a legendary dish that Mila wants me to try torpedo suit yeah so what is it oh they say it's actually soup especially for men and this is how it looks like is the part of the cow what the fuck is that the both mainly with stuff a point penis yeah this is what's up top we do is all about yeah penis ooh this is a bit of a chef's dream come true no I don't love it I'm gonna think of every goddamn fucking food critic in the country and sort of do to them what they've been doing to me for the last 10 years yeah screw them so take this off here yeah be gentle be gentle yeah hey Gill Michael Winner Giles Coren so small right yeah yeah Matthew Norman yeah it's been a long time trust me Matthew Norman almost men wouldn't eat this thinking that that's gonna make their widget grow bigger apparently it's not just the size it's just stronger last longer there's a reason why they come here penis in the bowl yep few little extra bits for you Mina Amelia's favorite soup is flavored with spices like clothes and cinema but there's no getting away from the main ingredient here goes here we go check on the skin yet right to eat let's go thanks buddy Mira come on the soups nice but it's the kanji bit in the middle like gristle now I'm crossing my laces I'm like crazy between my ball bag of my my ball penis because I'm like yeah muscly grizzly and a chewy almost like sort of an oxtail but with a soft bone inside not good and the size of them Jesus Christ

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