Fox News: Birmingham, England is a Totally Muslim City!

Fox News: Birmingham, England is a Totally Muslim City!

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Fox News’ Steve Emerson says non-Muslims aren’t allowed in Birmingham…

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23 thoughts on “Fox News: Birmingham, England is a Totally Muslim City!”

  1. I just discovered Fox News said this lol. I’m from Birmingham and we’re got a higher population of ethnic minorities because we’re the second biggest city in the uk. Also let’s say we were 100% Muslim somehow, what’s your point? Imagine being told by some crazy fucko right wingers in the us that your city is something it isn’t when your the one who lives in it loll

  2. So what we heard about people getting run over car bombings women being raped and everything it's all fake or it's Christians that are doing this? Is that what you're saying?

  3. Okay, so only 200,000 Muslims of the 300,000 hate you and don't want you in their part of the city unless you comply with what else…..wonderful Sharia law……Sharia law blessings (tall buildings) to all you liberals!

  4. There's muslim religious police in London who beat people for not dressing in muslim attire lolol that's fucking hilarious, I've seen some retards in my time but this dudes gotta be the biggest yet

  5. Where does fox find all those idiots?. Are they breeding them themselves?
    It's hard to imagine that anyonw can be that stupid, but I've heard Santorum commenting on Holland. Man, how is it posible that people stupid as they are, are allowed on tv. Let alone running for president like Santorum is. If people like them are becoming president, every American soon will run to Mexico.

  6. I was in Birmingham last year and saw a bunch of fully robed Muslims walk past an S&M bar that had half its patrons, fully leathered in BDSM gear, chatting outside smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol – the two groups barely noticed each other.
    There are streets in the UK, and small isolated pockets where gangs of Muslims or Islamist nutjobs have declared themselves 'Muslim Police' and the streets they live on 'Muslim Zones', who will harass or physically harm non-Muslims for venturing in – but not entire fucking cities for christ sakes. And I think Birmingham would be the last place such a thing would occur.

    These 'Muslim Zones' are more like the various parts of cities in America where a white person simply doesn't go unless they're crazy. Or various parts of the South where it's the reverse.

    There is a problem with Islamism in the UK but these Fox News fuckwits are grossly exaggerating it.

  7. I only watch Fox News for get a good laugh how so far out these guys are. They are completely insane and those kind that think that they are sane and smart …. like this Piro look her face :)))

  8. Is he the same terrorism expert that spotted the CIA built (Afghan freedom fighter) training camps in Afghanistan and declared them terrorist training camps. hes good, PS i'm white UK and my white Scottish mate lives in Brick Lane, Whitechapel London, just down the road from the East London Mosque we pass it all the time on the way to Sainsbury's supermarket, we have not been harrassed, but we do dress as rastafarians just to be on the safe side 🙂

  9. Birmingham would still be as "beautiful" even if it was 100% Muslim. We're offended because he marginalised Muslims, not because he insulted the city.

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