Fed up Fox anchors DESTROY Trump’s sanctuary city threat

Fed up Fox anchors DESTROY Trump’s sanctuary city threat

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BREAKING: Fox News hosts Shep Smith and Chris Wallace just destroyed Trump’s threat to dump undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities.

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Shep Smith: The fact is, no Democrat – not
one in Congress or otherwise – has called for open borders. And as far as sanctuary cities go, there are
actually 5 sanctuary states. California, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island
and Vermont, are all sanctuary states. And on top of that there are 127 sanctuary
cities. But the law is clear: you can’t do this. Is this a talking point for the day? Is this an effort to change the news cycle
or change the narrative? Or what is this? Do we know? Chris Wallace: Well, we don’t know. I have a suspicious, which I’ll give you
in a second. But let’s go back. Remember, this is a story that was broken
last night by The Washington Post. In fact, we didn’t know it until last night,
that twice, once last November, once in February during the whole shutdown crisis, that the
White House suggested to ICE, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “hey, let’s take
some of those migrants at the border, people that are in detention and have to leave, let’s
put them in busses. Think about this. Put them on busses and put them in sanctuary
cities. All the way up the coast of California to
San Francisco. Dump them on the streets. Take them all the way into the northeast,
as you pointed out, to Rhode Island or Connecticut and dump them on the street.” And twice, ICE said you can’t do it. One, we don’t have the funding to do it. Two, we don’t have the busses to do it. Three, there’s liability, what if there’s
an accident? What if someone gets sick or hurt? All kinds of reasons why they couldn’t do
it. And the White House came back last night and
said, “Look, this was an idea that was floated and was rejected.” And that was the end of it. They also flatly denied that there was an
effort of political retaliation here. Now, suddenly, quite a surprise to I think
everybody, the president this afternoon comes out with a tweet and says, “No this isn’t
over. I’m seriously considering it.” And you saw him say in that press availability
just now, “I am seriously considering this. They want open borders, they want people there,
we’ll give them people.” Which sort of sounds like political retaliation. Here’s my guess – and it is only a guess. Take it for what it’s worth. This will never happen. This is the president saying, “We’re not
going to cower and try to pretend we didn’t really do this. I’m going to double down and suggest it. My base will like it.” That was Fox News’ Shep Smith and Chris
Wallace dumping cold water on Trump’s threat to send undocumented immigrants in sanctuary
cities. Trump: I call them illegals. They came across the border illegally. We’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas
and let that particular area take care of it, whether it’s a state or whatever it
might be. California certainly is always saying, “oh
we want more people.” And they want more people in their sanctuary
cities. Well, we’ll give them more people. We’ll give them a lot. We can give them an unlimited supply. Because while Trump’s threats are as subtle
as a heart attack, Shep and Chris Wallace clearly have his number. And that is that this whole manufactured crisis
is a) a talking point to drum up support from his shrinking, extremist base, b) the legal
liability equivalent of putting a trampoline in the middle of an elementary school gymnasium,
setting it on fire and then calling the kids over and c) disingenuous. Nothing will ever amount from this. And Trump knows that—and that makes it so
much worse, because it’s not even a serious policy proposal; it’s meant SOLELY to exploit
undocumented immigrants as pawns, as political props, and nothing more. To him, they’re not humans, they’re chess
pieces. And to him, they always have been. He has never viewed immigrants as people,
from referring to them as animals on numerous occasions—
Trump: We have people coming into the country – trying to come in – we’re stopping
a lot of them. But we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people
are. These aren’t people. They’re animals. to predicating his presidential campaign on
banning them from the country— Trump: We will build a great wall across the
southern border. Anyone who illegally crosses the border will
be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which
they came. to using DACA recipients as a bargaining chip
to end the government shut down he created, putting 800,000 federal employees out of work. And while Trump tries as hard as he can to
dehumanize these immigrants, these people who come here to escape gang violence and
economic strife, the people who clean our houses and cook our food and mow our lawns
and farm our crops, his attacks fell flat, as mayors from cities around the country called
his bluff and offered to welcome immigrants into their cities. Like Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who said,
“The city would be prepared to welcome these immigrants just as we have embraced our immigrant
communities for decades. This White House plan demonstrates the utter
contempt that the Trump Administration has for basic human dignity.” But even if America’s sanctuary city’s
mayors didn’t call his bluff, it wouldn’t matter. The White House has no legal authority to
bus immigrants long distances. Even Homeland Security officials sought legal
advice and found that the plan wasn’t in accordance with federal law. Basically, if someone is seeking asylum in
the United States, the government can detain them for a certain amount of time until their
hearing with an immigration judge. And once they exceed the amount of time that
they can detain them, if they haven’t had their hearing yet, they have to release them. But keep in mind two things: First, if anyone
has any record of violence or criminal activity, they aren’t released. And second, while Trump claims that once immigrants
are released, they never come back for their hearings, that’s not true. Data shows that the large majority, about
75%, DO come back for their hearings. And that number used to be higher before the
Trump administration ended an Obama-era program that matched asylum-seekers with case managers
who encouraged compliance with court-ordered obligations. That program’s participants had a 100% attendance
record at their hearings. In other words, Trump broke it and then complained
that it was broken. And that shouldn’t surprise anyone, because
the fact is that Trump is not looking for any type of solution here. He’s not interested in keeping Americans
safe or seeking comprehensive immigration reform or finding a pathway to citizenship. He’s only interested in using immigrants
as pawns to further stoke division. Except now, no one is falling for it.

41 thoughts on “Fed up Fox anchors DESTROY Trump’s sanctuary city threat”

  1. Attention all states that are designated sanctuary states n sanctuary cities start now letting Trump know your humane not hateful racists! He threatens you , put up signs push your state n cities not to vote for a low life criminal that is greedy, hateful,racist,traitor! Lets take America back n be proud, instead of being laughed at around the world.We don't need to go backwards in time!

  2. why you have to lie to make your Point ? in the clip “ they are animals “ he was referring to the ms-13 after a so call journalist ask the question about that Group. the suit you put on, makes you look serious but you are not, you are a joke.

  3. Trump can help out with this problems, he has billions and he can spare 1 billion or hundreds of millions to the countries that needed help. Question is, is he really a billionaire that he claims to be, or is it a lie. He had lie so much that everytime he talks all I hear is lie lie lie and more lies.

  4. Shep Smith. Gay Beta woman/man at fox news. Immoral degenerates (like Smith, Cooper, Lemon, Smullet and you Cohen) all hate trump. That's the real news. You are another nobody patching clips together out of context trying to manipulate weak liberal retard minds with your asinine bullshit. Blah, blah, blah, whining and crying don't work anymore fool. MAGA.

  5. Years from now when history judges Trump. I bet you wont be able to find someone who will admit voting for him. Yet 50 % of Americans did. What the fu#k where you thinking….!

  6. I sure hope you’re correct. Trump and the current republicans in office concern me. How are the people able to stay in position and literally not do the Constitutional requirements of their jobs! How does even one Rep. support a man who is willing to try several times to break the law and impeachment hearings not begin immediately to see what’s really going on before things get even worse!!!

  7. Shep, refusing to fix the asylum laws, provide for the needs as asked for by border control officials and disparaging ICE and DHS for their efforts to enforce the law are in effect constructively calling for open borders. It's like in Oregon wanting to ban any gun that can hold more than 5 bullets, it's all a ruse to get what they want, without having to say what they really want. Wallace has recently joined Shep too often and I will no longer watch his axx either. though i used to respect him.

  8. The law IS clear it IS ileagl. Re member we had eight years to fix this problem no democrats have done nothing. This narrator is stupid the president didn't say anything about DACA. You obviously don't live anywhere near the border.
    You are correct on one point. The problems at the border are indead manufactured. Starting with the carter administration to present. So instead of flapping your leftist socialist Arrogant elitist gums go spend some time with the border patrol. Then report the truth about what you saw. But that doesn't fit with your politics does it .

  9. Refugees can't cross a border to apply for asylum illegally. It is not possible. They have a legal right to do that, and denying them that right is illegal. Refugees are human beings running for their lives and the lives of their children. He calls them dogs and rats and talks about them infesting the country. He wants to keep them incarcerated indefinitely without them having committed a crime, or ship them around the country like parcels. If this is not hate speech and utter contempt of human life, I don't know what is! Either this is who he truly is, or he suffers from a very severe and dangerous mental disease. And now almost none of the people who stopped his worst impulses are gone. It's basically him and Steven Miller, and they are two peas in a very lonely pod, with no one to talk to but each other. Not a single voice of reason that any of them will listen to. If Trump supporters cared enough about America to listen to the things Trump says that they'd never in a million years air on Fox or Trump TV, half of the base would be gone in a week.

  10. You completely lost all credibility quickly cuz Trump didn't call all immigrants animals the animals he called were MS-13 animals and you lost me for me right from that point you're full of bullshit & you're a liar so very misleading. What a waste, nice suit but empty.

  11. Sane citizens know what these asylum seekers are: mothers, children, fathers, etc. Not ISIS, MS13, rapists, murderers, cartel and other "bad hombres." But let's say that they are; the President of the United States… is suggesting he might release these dangerous criminals into society?? An assault on innocent Americans… by the PRESIDENT?! It's simply, staggering and horrifying… such a disgraceful, horrible human being. Never EVER had any interest in governing all Americans… or even pretending to have empathy.

  12. It is chilling to hear a Trump use the words Nazis used about Jews during WWII: “these are not people, these are animals.” Do you need a clearer warning? He is a fascist, racist, amoral dictator, with zero regard for law or human rights. He is not fit to sweep the streets, let alone lead America. Shame, shame on all his lily live red minions and brain dead supporters. You are helping to destroy the country our ancestors toiled and fought for.

  13. A week later and nothing has been done by anyone about trump openly commiting crimes.He told people to break the law because he can do whatever he wants to do and no one does shit about it. IT MAKES ME SICK HOW SOFT THE demOLDcrats ARE. all these videos people with the same fucking comments. its tired old and fucking sicking. THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO OLD WHITE MEN IN WASHINGTON AND WHITE PEOPLE ACROSS THE COUNTRY. WHAT IS HAPPENING ? These channels show the same shit over and over and over. I dont even know why im wasting my y=time writing this meaningless comment. AOC is working hard to get shit done while the old fucks hate on her and slow shit down. NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

  14. Trump is a liar and a big mouth . He want people to think he's this tough guy.I think he's a puss y trying to act tuff . He is constantly saying shit then one of his ass kissers will say on that not what he meant.They say don't look at what he says look at his heart and people have tried to buy found that he doesn't have one.The Democrats are trying to get the big drug company's to lower drug cost for the American people.The person with the big heart sent letters to the drug company's telling them not to work with the Democrats.And what's Trump doing to make sure that people keep their pensions that they have coming to them I'll tell you nothing.And what about all of the coal miners in West Virginia who cut off their nose to spite their face.You vote people in who keep you from getting your black lung payments and take away your pentions that's what the right will do for you.I don't if the middle class will ever learn that Republican do nothing for them.And about lieing to people telling them that all of the coal jobs are going to come back is a lie.I worked in the mines and they aren't coming back natural gas killed the coal jobs not Obama like the right true to say.The plants in this country have switched over to natural gas because it's cleaned and cheaper.Check for your self and see how much Cracking is going on in the Ohio Valley.Maybe the people who are losing their pensions in W.VA. won't vote for the party who could care less about weather you can survive or not.You give yourself self inflicted sound you can't complain about the consequences.You voted Trump in now you have to dance to the music and tell all your friends I voted for the man whos making me lose my pention.And my black lung also but he's for the working man right. People they already have you working paycheck to paycheck and that's how they want it.

  15. They should send the immigrants to sanctuary cities… It would only increase their productivity. If you look at the few States and few regions that have had significant financial growth and productivity increases, they are areas which had increased incoming immigration. nowhere in the United States has increased productivity and growth due to higher birth rate of u.s. citizens.

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