FASTEST way of *FARMING GOLD* | Fortnite Save the World Event Store

FASTEST way of *FARMING GOLD* | Fortnite Save the World Event Store

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Here I look at the fastest way to farm gold in Fortnite save the world. The Gold Farm is really limited in the game at the moment so this method will help you get more, plus a TON of additional resources like Hero XP, Schematic XP and Reperk!

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I love gold the look of it the taste of it the smell of it hey welcome back to the lisanna I'm a camel it's and this is for now save the world now what about all the cups today is invent gold and how the best way is to farm it because I've just been unready somebody asked me about how to farm gold and would you know these did this cord in general just said to the person you know go and check on reddit these loads of carriages lots of ways on there but the most common theme I'm seeing and this isn't everybody and some great guides and ready in fact some amazing guides on reddit but some of the guys are still saying to farm SSDs now SSDs is kind of a dead where to do it and I'll tell you for why because there's a lot of things in the event store that we want for gold at the minute you know we've got the copper red that's out the bleed storm and for so we've got Ragnarok you've got machinist Thor you've got harvester Sarah this tons of cool stuff and that's not as before we even get to the pure drops of rain dirt and all the other cool stuff that's in there if we go to the map and I have a quick look over here now if you've got to the SSDs and you go in this way it's a stone wood and what the common way is you've got two stone wood you got to this play with all this thing here you hit select and you go to custom put it to power level one two three and then you launch now there's some issues with this and the main issues being the first one is you probably you know you're unlikely to get into a storm shield eventually you might not land in one I tend to find personal for me about one in four I tend to find a storm shield now if you're the type of person who can drop into a mission and just leave then you know power to you that's great you can't just drop in but it's gonna take you a good five ten minutes to actually find the storm shield defense to actually do now once you've done that storm shield it's gonna take you another I would say about eight minutes to actually get that storm shield done so we call it in total about 20 minutes it's gonna take you and in that you'll probably get anywhere between eighty which I got and the last one that I did because I'm just tested it out this morning or up to how long you can get out I've seen people get 150 gold before by doing this way but there's a better way to do it if you actually just go to the area that you're actually in so for me is twine so if you got to twine peaks and look for an incoming there you might not always find one and that's fine if you don't so what there's no incumbents there at all that I can do so I got back drop down a level so we go to Cannavale a and then you go down to the highest area that you can find the haste area for me is down here down at the bottom in Calais and I just looked just look at the actual encampments and just see what they've got now this one locked now because it's got the purple around it that means it's a storm so what you actually look at is if it's in the storm like that and it's giving out gold as well that's the one you want to be doing so all you do pick the leaders that you want I mean personally I would go for the reclaimers probably best Oh flurry yes someone like that I'm just choosing back not because he's cool but all you do you just go into this and then you just run through the mission so I'm just gonna show you this now the good thing about doing it this way is what you're actually gonna get you're not just gonna get the gold and then a lot of trash with it cuz the way that you get the gold from doing the storm shields is you get mini llamas open up the mini llamas you might get a couple of thousand hero XP you know you might get you know a couple oh I don't know something else you know something that you don't really need a trap or something like that and then you'll get your gold on top as well pretty trash with these I'm gonna get pure drops of rain which you need gold which you need and a better amount it's not going to be a great amount but a decent amount of hero XP as well so let's just jump in and see how quick we can actually do this okay so with these missions you actually have 20 minutes in which to complete the mission and the good thing about that is you can't go over the time so where are you gonna take time looking for SSDs do you know going through menu screens going through the boring storm shield defense it's a low level they are really boring and I stopped borne if you're a new player as a new player is actually quite exciting but for you no solos higher up in level is really really boring to actually play through a low-level SSD so you don't have to go through that in this now what we're looking for is a beam of light in the sky there it is so we're gonna go that way it's devoid that's my ships we're trying to do this as quick as what we can alright so here we go so we've got another one then we're gonna smash you won't smashes love those guys alright here we go take him down now because we're actually fighting under the level that we're actually out we should be absolutely fine I say shit doesn't always work out that way you know we've failed these before we've failed them it doesn't matter when I its approval point you or not but one thing we are trying to just show as I said is the absolute efficiency of doing things this way she's so much faster there you go oh is the bad that god I thought it was my seismic shock okay so that's two done already now as I was trying to say you actually get 20 minutes to do this mission anyway so by the time you've looked for a group using the other method you know going through storm shields and not enjoying the mission and everything else you'll have already finished this one so what we're trying to do is actually be about I don't know the last the last one I got the last storm shield what I did this morning I got eighty gold so you know and then I got 1,250 hero XP as well thanks for that one okay I'm just gonna skip everything we're just gonna go through drop that just to take out whatever is chasing me and I want them incoming that's over their log so I'm just gonna run past everything how I draw the line as it matter it doesn't matter all right where is it there it is she's there already smash the charges can be stopped if you're quick enough which arm looks like I'm not gonna be by the shock tower so that's usually enough to put a smash you down usually unless you're reloading [Laughter] bouncing smashes alright okay Jesus concentrate lick concentrate always my thing I don't even think these are from being cut meant you know well not even helping right now let's go she's doing it look she's got it alright let's move in and smoothen such big chunks won't that skill it's something new what the new one which the other players using right now so lotto volatile lots of also is actually using the the new out wonder right now it's also got seismic shock great for incumbents some other good incumbent heroes master Grandia Ramirez Bradley's gone Sarah hotep anyone like that harvester Sarah you know all these people are absolutely great when it comes to her incumbents obviously the reclaimer and florid yes they're going to be number one okay so that's three encampments already so let's just keep on going let's keep that streak going like really keeps on saying yeah that aimed all right that in you can see I'm such a good PR player despite common opinion all right looks like we're good here so we want to just pass the five-minute mark on and we are bossing it right now our miss wimple this is not time ragnerok to swim three seconds on the tower it's up but I don't even think I need it he goes four out of the five I mean we're just rushing through this now which is granty most people understand that gold you know gold farming and encampments is definitely the way to go I don't know why you'd bring striker AC though striker air conditioning he's not really one for incumbents I mean it's always a good hero he's agreeing or in fact for farming but he's not the go-to hero for farming Jesus did that guy plays battle royale did you see how quickly put that up that was nuts key binds people key binds okay so now that we've got the main encampments what we've got now is super incumbents which of these now these will form loads and loads of missed monsters so look at that three you've got one blasters right there I don't swap you that as well you've got to take her over there as well right I might have been five Buster's so what you're actually going to be getting is lot danger in the mist down there 14 of 50 missed monsters now I normally find every two missions sometimes more it depends what error here in but every two missions you'll get that one filled eyes and that gives you a hundred Reaper as well so you're not going to get that Reaper or be able to complete that quest when you do it storm shield is even more just come up there I mean sometimes you can do it in one if you you know if you're looking but it really is the luck of the draw just depends so we've got 20 already but we've not done the bonus increments yeah and it's the bonus increments while all the missed monsters are but this group is absolutely fantastic so I've got a good group that's the good thing about this who've we got lots I can't even know what kind of pronounce that oh and I don't sit with me lots of art oh boy tow lots of art we've also got near new your FX and Hulu as well okay so we've got another bonus income and then all great fun and lots of missed monsters which is what what I've done alright we go take and that love the specter still it's still a beautiful weapon oh you're up okay I got you okay let's keep the energy up let's keep the energy up you all right not quite we're putting that down just yet till the next spawn comes in there it is I don't know why the seismic shock works on tape cause it doesn't make sense to me I wouldn't mind if that didn't work but hey it is what it is I ain't complaining all right I think that's another one don't over got another another bunch of spawns oh here they are alright be dudes got it go all right there with God you know what as well I know it's not clusters a top tier hero but Ragnarok so much fun there we go we got this and we're already 10 minutes in so far so when was you might take 20 minutes to complete a storm shield this is just so fast you've just got to make sure you're picking the right one it's got him have gold on it and he's better off if he's in a storm as well here we go I know what to do you're right you're right ray get off the hover boards a good start no you think alright life is good and look at all these miss monsters we've got 37 missed monsters down already so we could potentially get a hundred Reaper from this one I don't even know what I started off with all right let's go take her all right showers back up all right and because as well sometimes he's a lot more level than you you can do them a lot easier and you can just do them so fast too that was meant to be a shock tower all right I got him down you go guys down you go you know when you've got Outlanders doing encampments you just can't lose so fast there you go one more we've just hit the ten-minute mark so we're already 50% faster than doing stomp shields so this is a good thing so far all right I got this put the tower down it's nothing to really shoot although you got some missed monsters so I'm like 47 48 I need two missed monsters so in the next spawn our fill bulb so maybe you can't just do it every single mission maybe every mission at a certain level you can fill that up and get the repo that means if you do 10 missions you're going to get the reaper so I need one more missed monster to complete that one more missed monster give me one what and this tongues here there you go that's it and that's my missed monster slain mission done so I've actually got a hundred repack from this plus whatever gold it gives me and all I've got to really do is beat 80 gold no you're not pro clean not propane damnit get the reward get the reward times yes got it alright good so that's it that's how quick you can actually do it it's just so fast and so quick alright so the most important part now then is look at the rewards so let's have a look how much gold we actually got from that cuz that's what we're actually after and this is also a great way to farm Reaper do you know what every ten increments that you do you can make a Reaper you can repack the weapon I don't think there's any faster way to get it at the moment I know you can get a lot from doing the four player missions where you get the times four Reaper can do tend to go for them quite a lot but this is just a super efficient and fast way if you want to actually level up and get like you know if you're actually looking for schematic XP are you looking for hero XP then go and do the four player missions they're definitely the way forward so missions are in the storm certainly ones got times four on them if you can find any there that wants to go for however if you're looking for gold or if you're looking for pure drops of rain or if looking for anything else then this is definitely the way forward okay if you've got like three friends or anything like that it's always great to take them and with you so that you're all on the same page but look at that we've got six thousand two hundred and fifty kilo XP which is well worth it pure drops of rain always needs tons of those and we've got 92 gold which beats the eight T gold but we've got I'm reading this faster this didn't take 20 minutes at all we've got a 100 Reaper and we should get some more gold as well potentially another 100 gold so we nearly doubled the amount of gold in half the amount of time so those of you that are still doing storm shields at the moment install wood you know all I'm trying to say to you is don't do you know it's not the way to do it anymore what you can do now you get all the cool stuff from the event store just by doing it this way and you can build up the other night when I was looking to get the array so the Riskin came into the store didn't have any gold on me all the time you'll see a lot of youtubers doing that because we try and review all these things but if you look at the heroes that we've got you know I've done a review on Ragnarok thora I'm not the one of this sledgehammer just yet because he's an urban assault but I've reviewed a lot of these weapons and a lot of these things already and the main thing is I need a ton of gold to do that so what I did the other night is I just I had some gold already but I just found them incumbents for a little while I think it took about an hour and a half two hours and I just bombed those encampments and then I bought the wraith what's bed and then just leveled it up the next morning by doing the four player missions it's so so simple and just a good way to do it's just the most efficient way to actually do it but that's all we've got time for guys let me know down below in the comments let me know which one you actually do when you're farming for gold so just to point there Juno do you do encampments or do you do storm shields so SSD or incumbents I just want to know what kind of the ratio of what you guys are actually doing and who's doing more but I tend to find the encampments and just saw so much faster if you are doing storm shields or you do it you know you don't agree with the video you think that the storm shields are faster then let me know the details as to why because I would absolutely love to know but a massive massive thanks for watching guys if you're not part of the littler army already make sure you hit that subscribe button and I will catch you on the next video take care now

40 thoughts on “FASTEST way of *FARMING GOLD* | Fortnite Save the World Event Store”

  1. Added this updated guide as requested by lots of people – if you have a faster way then be sure to let me know!
    Thanks for being awesome guys! 😃

  2. Storm shield are better until like half canney valley because you get like 50 gold per llama and its more worth it. Also if you're lucky you can also get more gold if you get an argent llama. So it is a good methode but not for newer players.

  3. “Get any Fortnite Save the world items! At Fortnite.ggg. Grave diggers Nocturnos any other weapons and resources for extremely low prices! Items can be delivered to any platform, pc Xbox PlayStation or mobile.”

  4. For people who are also achievement hunters the storm shield method in stonewood is not a bad way to get your "1000 play with others missions" by going to play with other and setting the level to the lowest (power level 1-3) you can easily but grindy play 1000 and get your achievement

  5. Still should do both encampments to fill current gold storage then SSD for mini lamas for when you buy everything from new week and great video and advice for lower level players

  6. Your math dosent work. You got 93 gold from a mission wich took 12 minuits. If a ssd last 8 minuits (wich it dosent it takes 4 max ussally 3 minuits if you are a high power level) you would get abot 80-120 gold avarge meaning after 24 minuits you would have 240 if you did the ssd's and 186 if you did your method. And this is giving you the good hand. If we assume it takes 20 minuits to compleat the encampment mission and that the llmas give 120 gold then in 24 minuits you would have 240 gold doing ssd's and only 93 gold(and an uncompleated mission )
    Ps. The reason i used 24 minuits is becuse it is the LCM of 8 and 12.
    Sorry if i misspeld things

    Oh yea yea

  7. If your high level farm stonewood SSDs and do low level missions and increase difficulty for bonus gold.

    If your low level again try running lower missions at higher difficulty for bonus gold.

    Look for missions with extra gold as a reward.

  8. If you do a ssd in twine or canny or even late plankerton, you can get MANY reward llamas especially if they're later/higher power SSDs and getting those llamas to silver, that's alot more gold in 15 mins than doing an encampment for on average 100/150 gold. You can get x5 llamas from a high level ssd it's not to be scoffed at, plus people need help with ssds

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