Farming in the 1940's – Film 39293

Farming in the 1940's - Film 39293

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Farming 1940s
Blacksmiths working with hot metal and Forge. Ploughing with a traction engine. Three Shire horses. Haymaking. A horse and wagon. Elevator. Making a haystack. Mechanised and horse drawn farm machinery. Thrashing machine. Harvesting. Farmer with his tractor on an old farm. Farm scenes. Farmers wife with broom sweeping on doorstep. Farmer tightens nut on tractor wheel before driving down the road. Horse and plough. Farmer takes off cap and scratches his head. Comparisons with Tractor ploughing. Horses with nose bags. Farmers sit together and have lunch but someone continues ploughing with tractor. Clouds in the sky. Horses leaving field. Farmer looks at his pocket watch. Tractor ploughing at dusk. Spindly International Farmall tractor. Harrowing. Lorry (G.S. Jones) drives through the countryside with load. Point of view through orchards. Man drives a tiny tractor.

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