Election Night Live With Iain Dale: Watch Live From 10pm – LBC

Election Night Live With Iain Dale: Watch Live From 10pm - LBC

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As the polls close at 10pm, Iain Dale and LBC’s Political Editor Theo Usherwood bring you live results and interviews.

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35 thoughts on “Election Night Live With Iain Dale: Watch Live From 10pm – LBC”

  1. Makes me laugh these MPs look petrified yet surprised by the results, yet STILL choose to ignore the obvious, BETRAY BREXIT, FUDGE IT, YOU WILL BE WIPED OUT, they think this is bad wait for FARAGE and the EU elections, BREXIT PARTY WINNING 40% on WTO/BREXIT platform.

  2. WE voted OUT of the EU to end all TREATIES, cut all ties, she is now hell bent on delivering the EU a SURRENDER TREATY, we DONT NEED OR WANT A TREATY , just a FTA we can rip up any time.

  3. Macdonnel 400 seats LOL just goes to show how out of touch these fools are con/lab they back a 2nd ref for the 400,000 members and betray 5-7m labour brexiteers, and the results showed the result of that.

  4. To LBC… If you know there will be at least five panelists on an important show this evening, why not plan and place the appropriate amount of cameras around the studio, so that the viewing audience can see all of the guests as they speak? 🤔

  5. the reason the greens and lib dems did well was in many areas you only had tory or labour ,,and no ukip so people voted greens or lib dem ..so their share has gone up not because people have suddenly become green or lib dems ,,,the eu meps will be ukip and brexit party ,and a general election will see labour reduced tory reduced and the brexit party an ukip massive gains the rest will be wiped out ,,

  6. Surprise, Iain Dale blathering on about Islam and Tommy Robinson despite being told repeatedly it's a non-issue.

    The left-wing media have deliberately created a no-win. It is legitimate to question some of the behaviour of Islamic extremists, unless you support the Tube bombings, Westminster Bridge, Borough Markets etc, but anyone who does ask questions is vilified, persecuted and called names 24/7. Does Mr Dale think those incidents didn't happen, or just that they are unimportant?

  7. UKIP haven't allied themselves with the far-right. The media have told everyone they've always been far-right and are now….. far-right. Not being a UKIP supporter myself, I can see these lies that the sheep gobble up. Including the panel so it seems.

  8. 5,22 .00 The local labour council chap explaining why his part of Yorkshire have been destroyed through folk feeling democracy was being destroyed by the 2 main parties. Especially showing that Yvette Cooper's constituency, who voted 67% Leave would have been equally as wiped out, had it been a general election, as they have been in these local council ones.

    He hi-lighted how generations who worked and supported labour were being totally betrayed by the current crop in London… Reason for this post …. watch the Labour party woman … her facial responses … the smirks …
    This shows how completely out of touch the labour in their establishment bubble are, compared to those whom they are always spouting on to represent

    Without chaps like this local Labour councillor working his socks off for decades, for what he believed, this female would not have her privileged position.
    I think of my father and his father doing exactly as this chap's generations will have done. Now, we have nothing in common with the Labour I grew up with and the strong beliefs generations of family's held.

    Also felt very sad, that he had to say, he wasn't a racist/etc; because that is the constant message from the left, that if you voted leave, you're somehow subhuman and hold racist beliefs.
    He, nor the other 17.4 million should never be made to feel this way, as they bandy around baseless slurs on people's good characters
    I wouldn't have been able to hold my 'tongue' had I been in the same room as this female, who knows so very little and cares about democracy and other people, even less

  9. Now seen local council results sofar people voting for all the 3 main parties we should have spoiled the vote why are we voting when goverment have destroyed Demorcracy and given us dictatorship people of the UK will never learn and we will be slaves to the EU forever more and just wait until the Lisbon treaty is implemented in 2020 then people may wake up to what's coming as we will still be in under EU dictatorship ruling everybody should have written in felt tip pen dont vote for traitors not vote for any of them as the people have just given goverment back more power as a deal will be done leaving us still in Europe and EU laws and regulations being handed to the EU on a plate all I can say is just get ready for what is coming leavers knew this as we were the people who went with what we could see and know not what remainers have done which is they believe in what they are being told

  10. In some areas there was not an option to vote their party of choice so people either didn't come out or voted 'none' on the voting slip… everyone waiting for the European elections.
    LBC clearly another anti-UKIP bias… media company spouting racist propaganda and just earned UKIP a few more votes! 😊
    Keep watching the tide going out… for the tsunami is coming! 😉

  11. Guess what – The failure to deliver Brexit or any other organised future plan for the United Kingdom is a local issue as much as it is a national one.

    No point in trying to conn voters otherwise.

  12. Many of us had to spoil our ballots and write UKIP or vote for an independent yesterday. It was so frustrating not to have UKIP on the ballot. I want to know the spoilt ballot count.

  13. Payback to the O so mighty political establishment,and be assured this will be repeated in any general election.. Grrass roots will continue never to vote,or to vote for anyone except the two main parties. Glad you Dictators are getting stuffed.

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