DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

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Speaking in Downing Street, DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party has been in discussions over “how we can support a minority Conservative government in Parliament” and have reached an agreement.

The parties “will deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s interest”, she says, “strengthening and enhancing our precious Union”.

She confirms there will be “no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment” and the parties are also committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence.

There will be further financial support for Northern Ireland of £1bn over the next two years to “boost the economy and invest in new infrastructure”, Mrs Foster adds.

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44 thoughts on “DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News”

  1. The Treasury report revealed that Northern Ireland has the greatest spending per head of population at £10,983-£1,907 more than the average UK figure 

    It is followed by Scotland, Wales (£9,996) and England (£8,816). 

    'Public spending in Scotland is higher than the rest of the UK', says David Mundell

    Notably, every English region received less spending per head than Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

    The south east of England, excluding London, came bottom of the spending table, it had just £7,977 of public money per person in the last year. 

    The level of spending is calculated through the Barnett formula. 

    Scotland enjoys a greater spend because, for decades, the country's population has grown less quickly than that in England. 

    Out of nearly £591 billion of UK spending in 2015-16, England accounts for £483bn, Scotland £57bn, Wales £31bn and Northern Ireland £20bn. 


  2. I'm glad this deal has been done. The fear had been the price would be a heck of a lot more. But the money will go on investment, and I'm sure that will help replace any loss of EU grants post brexit. It was absolutely critical it happened because the future of brexit hangs on it. And the future of the UK hangs on the outcome of Brexit.
    So her working majority is now 13, which should be enough certainly to cover up to Mar 2019 when we're out of the EU. What this also means now is that the time pressure will be on the Government to get Brexit done fast, and it therefore also means any attempt by the EU to extend the negotiations will be vetoed by our Government – forcing the EU to pull its finger out. I hope they see that.

  3. You call an election you never needed to. You screw it all up and end in a worse position than where you started. You are then reduced to courting what is substantially an offshoot of the UVF to remain in power, and Oh!……the cost of your desperation and failure to the English, Welsh and Scottish taxpayers is 1 billion pounds of their money, as they watch their NHS fall apart. Not to mention the potential collapse of a peace process decades in the making. What is this stupid woman still doing in #10? Anyone else would have the decency to admit total disaster and quit.

  4. theresa may calls an election, she messes up and gets no votes, jumps in bed with DUP and it costs us the taxpayer over £1.5 billion, shame on the elite mafia/criminal british government.

  5. Delivered Under Pressure. Theresa bought their vote. £1.5 billion plucked from the magic money tree. so the deal is only good for the DUP and for the Conservatives. Once again we the public have been shafted and for austerity need I say more.

  6. To all those who are also disgusted with this deal I'd to say I'm sorry for voting TM. The conservatives are finished at the next election. I'm from the the wimbledon constituency and we've always been conservative but things now have to change. To say there's no money to fund social care and security. No money for the needy and the disabled. No money for our critical infrastructure including the police, Ambulance and the Fire services. Cuts to our defence and national security but we have a spare £1.5b for the DUP because we have a strong economy??? No, your supporting a party still living in 1920. I'm sorry but austerity has gone too far now. New labour fucked this country's economy we all know that but this country needs a new path especially because of Brexit. From the next general election I shall be putting my support into a new direction, a new way at looking at things. I shall be supporting labour.

  7. we have terrorist in our country and the British people need defending stop ignoring it and do something kick some doors off before the British have to defend them selfs its a disgrace saying we have to get used to terror no we do not

  8. So, in order to push through decisions that aspects of the house and
    country may not agree with, rather than let democracy and debate win
    them over, you hire yourself a party of yes voters.
    The price £1bn and a "coordination committee" taking salaries no doubt.
    All out of tax payers money.
    No money for additional nhs funding, no money to feed those using food
    banks, no money to build homes for the homeless. Somehow £1bn+ salary
    expenses magically available within a matter of weeks to payola the DUP.

    Isn't this unconstitutional and actually illegal?
    Spin it any way you choose-they're bribing the DUP to support their

  9. This has all worked out very well! Theresa May's extremely mean cuts that would not save much money have been ditched & DUP making sure that farmers will be able to get Eastern European workers & finding solutions to the border with Southern Ireland will also find solutions for making good trade deals out of the EU.

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