Dr Shashi Tharoor's powerful answer to Sky News interviewer about how much India did for the British

Dr Shashi Tharoor's powerful answer to Sky News interviewer about how much India did for the British

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Shashi Tharoor was once again on a UK television channel and spoke about how Britain does not really owe us money, but a moral responsibility to say sorry.

Lee from the Raj when you can talk about the trickle down and the repatriation funds to the UK but too many people live really right they were beneficiaries of that there were vast sums that were sent here Colin to the UK not not not not a trickle vast sums in the billions in today's money perhaps more some of calculus even higher sums but I'm not here to talk money because I think what's far more important is the moral case I think what really matters is for Britain to look within and to recognize as something to be apologetic about Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada apologised last year on the centenary of an incident in which a ship laden with Indian refugees fleeing the British was turned away from Vancouver Vancouver port and pretty much everybody on board came to a grisly end either on the high seas or subsequently at British hands and Trudeau even though the Canadians didn't actually kill anybody themselves and even though that was also a hundred years ago did apologize to my mind I think just just taking collective responsibility is a moral step that the British have simply not contemplated after 200 years of profiting from their empire and I think it's I think it's sad we just celebrated the centenary or commemorated the centenary of the first world war in these last few years it's still going on really till 2018 do you know that an a million Indians fought under arms for the British side you know it was largely Indian soldiers that stopped the German advance at Ypres or the beginning of the war do you know that India supplied pack animals food clothing rations even rail lines ripped out of the ground in India and sent off to aid the war effort and that the total contribution of Indians in in cash and kind is estimated in today's money in about 80 billion pounds sterling I'm quite sure you don't know that because the British don't tell you that it's a great triumph of British arms but India has been forgotten I drove past a statue in London two animals that participated in the war there is no statue to the Indians who have done this for Britain I think at some point the British really ought to look back at their 200 years not through the rose-tinted spectacles with which you see these gauzy romanticized television soap operas oh man India but look back at the reality not just the financial reality the reality in terms of human lives that were affected and trying formed because of the colonial enterprise and then decide if there is something worth apologizing for I believe there is Shashi Tharoor is author of inglorious empire what the British did to India Shashi very good to talk to you thanks a lot thank you god

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  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT well said Sir.
    Maybe that's why they don't teach this in history lessons in the UK…British people don't like inconvenient truths! !

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