Dogs 101 – Great Pyrenees

Dogs 101 - Great Pyrenees

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For more, visit | Elegant and eye-catching, the Great Pyrenees is a great guard dog.

this is the Great Pyrenees elegant and eye-catching they look like polar bears known as the Pyrenean mountain dog in Europe these majestic Giants were named for the mountainous region in southwestern France where they once had a very specific job they were used there as a sheep guarding dog instinctually nurturing towards small young or wounded animals these bundles of white fluff are nocturnal by Nature don't be surprised if they want to nap by day and guard their territory by night but guarding is not their only talent they also have the stamina to walk long distances in World War two these dogs were used to shuttle contraband goods through mountainous regions it's believed that this hardy breed originated in Central Asia and migrated to Europe 5,000 years ago by the 17th century these regal looking canines were guarding chateaus for French nobility in fact in 1675 king louis xiv proclaimed the great pyrenees the Royal dog of France today they still look like a million bucks their weather-resistant double coats come in one striking shade white sometimes they can have patches of brown or cream color their ears are v-shaped carried close to their heads and while most dogs have a single dewclaw on each of their front legs the great pyrenees is one of the few breeds with double dewclaws on its hind legs it was theorized that they were using those to climb the steep mountain sides to protect the herds the great pyrenees is not an apartment dog these natural guard dogs need regular exercise and a fenced-in yard to control their tendency to roam in the health department there like many giant breeds in that they're susceptible to cancer late in life especially bone cancer and with all that hair these dogs shed a lot when they shed in the fall in the spring they're gonna need to be brushed more if you're looking for a dog to do party tricks the Great Pyrenees is not for you independent and laid-back they can be difficult to train unless you start early but as a family companion you can count on these giant beauties to be loyal and protective they're very sweet-natured to sum up the great pyrenees needs a fenced-in yard and daily exercise they suffer from large breed health issues need weekly grooming and can be difficult to train but with children they are patient and affectionate

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  1. This is the best breed of dog I've ever owned! My 3 year old Pyr is o calm and collected but also loves long walks and shes super protective. Just got a Pyr/maremma pup and hes estimated to be 130lbs.

  2. My Pyrenees is a NUT. He’s crazy. He barks a ton and loves to jump on people. But he’s very sweet and he’s very protective of my family. A little too much sometimes. But he’s only 11 months old so we’ll make sure to train him

  3. My grandmas niegbors r moving around may 8 to 13 and have to leave thier dog to go to California and im in oklahoma and she lives in the country and so we r probably going to have to keep it and its a great pyrnees and german Shepard and my friend has a great pyrnees that bit my hand it has a scar about near november

  4. I love my Pyrenees named Koda Bear (Koda for short) he’s so sweet. He is about a year old now, and when we got him, every inch of him was covered in fleas. He was born outside and still lives outside to this day. The people who sold him to us said that he just had a bath but I knew that wasn’t true because of all the fleas. I couldn’t believe it. He is now happy and healthy and tick/flea free! But, if you try to gently play with him, he will jump on you which hurts, even if your intentions weren’t to play. He doesn’t understand that he isn’t a lap dog😂 I chose him because he was the first puppy of the litter to walk up to me so I knew he was the one. I actually live on a farm and he lives out in our yard, and when our chickens leave the coop, he chases them back in, but he never harms them. It’s so funny to watch him chase them back into the pen. He is always sweet to everyone, even if he scares them at first because of his size. He truly is a special dog. I love you so much Koda Bear!❤️

  5. Our Great Pyrenees was approximately two years old when we agreed to adopt him, after he was rescued from an animal shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia.

    He has never “bitten” me. But he has grabbed my wrist gently in his mouth, only if I am doing something he no longer can tolerate during grooming. The only other time he actually tried to bite was when he felt his domain threatened by a group of High School kids passing by our property on the street. It was VERY odd. He sees these kids every day. This particular day, he started his guardian dog threat barking long before they reached out side of the road. I held fast to him, to try and calm him. He was all the more intent in breaking free to run all along the fence barking in his on the Offense Guardian Mode!!!! I expect he might have smelled something the human olfactory senses could not. Or they may have shot fireworks towards him during the New Year holidays. He still barks daily at them, but not like he was that day.

  6. I have one of these and they are so cute. Whenever I go to school he will chase after the car. He’s been doing it for a long time and he’s almost getting faster than the car.

  7. My friends have a Pyrenees and German Shepard mix and he's completely black except his paws and end of his curly tail which are white

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