38 thoughts on “Dogs 101 – Canaan Dog”

  1. This is the Palestinian balade dog or Palestinian canaan dog not israelian هذا الكلب البلدي الفلسطيني او الكلب الكنعاني الفلسطيني وليس إسرائيلي

  2. Omg I think my rescue dog is a least part Canaan. The facility guessed he’s Lab x Pointer but he’s only 45lbs full grown. People say he looks like he’s part Akita, German shep, I’ve heard Boarder Collie, Basenji, but most people say he doesn’t look like a lab or pointer. I’ve never seen a dog that looks more like him and all of this beautiful unique features more than the Canaan

  3. Guys u have given wrong information
    Its called Canaan which related to canaans one of the oldest nations lived in Palestine and Lebanon even Jews never been there
    Its a oldest arabic civilisations in the history

  4. Whats mean israhell !! I am cannan guy and there isnt any thing call israhell in our history , look go in past to 100 years and will disapper from the earth eri i swear !! That our national dog not for dioshj people

  5. Thanks a lot for the video. But, a small correction is suggested to be made. Canaan is the old civilization used to live in the levant region, which contains these countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Israel/Palestine. So it’s not only Israeli.

  6. Look at all the butthurt Israelis. Its called CANAANITE not Israeli. Once again you freaks are trying to STEAL what is NOT YOURS like the fake state you reside in. BTW 7000 year old SAUDI ARABIA cave painting feature THIS dog. So guess what? That makes it an ARAB dog. Ergo PALESTINE and the descendants of the Canaanites are actually who this dog belongs to.

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