Does This UKIP Rant Represent Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E94)

Does This UKIP Rant Represent Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E94)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E94). Analysis of this week’s European Union address.
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On The Trews well good morning I want a privilege to address the three great presidents of the European Union on behalf of my group and on behalf of Hugh Kipp which topped the poll in the United Kingdom so imagine my surprise honest 27th of May as I headed to the conference of presidents meeting in Brussels where the leaders were the European groups sat in a room but I wasn't sure you know would they be nice to me would they be nasty to me will they accept that something fundamental has changed although it was business as usual but if in a stick today if I will pick it out and coming from the UK we didn't even realise that these elections were seen to be significant as far as the next Commission president was concerned the Tories didn't have a horse in the race the British Labour Party had disowned Martin Schulz we were pretty unaware of what was going on a victory for democracy I'm not sure the loser she's like he's flipping over kind of Pancakes he's become the president of the European Parliament now shouts he then ran into the new golden rule of EU politics which is when mrs. Merkel speaks the other heads of state obey and the support for us simply melted away you would have thought when in a hole stop digging but no Dave kept on digging away waited that mine immersing this in the mirror inputs Chaz's on there a better team but no Dave kept on digging away it's a bit more like the intergalactic committees that you see in the modern less enjoyable Star Wars films isn't it our Parliament in England another green lever and dark wood I can't handle that so this is a little bit more likes of a a conference room a service station hotel in South mins and welcome to the swallow Hotel Nigel Farage's in there where he's gonna be Mike simple Oh artichokes I must say as the final vote approached it began to feel a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest it doesn't really matter how good the British entry is such as the dislike of our country around much of Europe but we'll always lose if you want to win Eurovision stuff it's a racist anyway I have to won Eurovision this year I wonder what the prospects are now for renegotiation he's wanking in his pocket number 11 came through life gasps ooh in the last boat which all these younger the drunker Widow he's a smoker my god been that all for Younker the drunker i think he is a smoker he's like a bad old Emma nip we've got a referendum coming up at some points in the not-too-distant future in Britain there is one thing that would convince the British voters to vote to remain part of a European Union and that is a fundamental treaty change that says we no longer have to accept untrammeled access to countless millions of people from across the whole of Europe we need and the British people demands 80% of them want us to get back control of our borders so we can choose who can the Brittain see that thing where he goes 80% of people want control over the borders do you think I think that's just because that arguments stoked up the whole time I don't think that that means that people are all the time wandering around bloody and bruised buddy-buddy that's constantly pushed message that coca-cola's a really popular drink because it's so damn delicious just because that missus he's out there coca-cola coca-cola and immigrant any criminal or an immigrant did not get enough of the message of its corporations and big banks that causing you to be poor it's affecting your life you can argue about the degree of impact that immigration has on an individual's life our affects the job market our affects the economy was true though is it don't affect the economy as much as corporations and the financial sector behaving inappropriately and sequestering off the dollar for themselves the whole time so like if you spit like if you'd like like you would lift in a ten and every five minutes I shave immigrants and more specifically some on shouting immigrants it's just like that isn't it really it was just in your consciousness like a like a bad jingle that's what he's like and he's like a bad jingle their logo looks like a cheap supermarket in there rhetorics like a bad jingle and for the rest of the EU I suspect the next five years will bring endless misery for the southern Mediterranean eurozone countries that perhaps is reflected by the number of Italians we now have in our group and what have we seen in the last 48 hours we've seen naked militarism with the EU flag being virtually goose-step round the yard is that his first speech and I think they came from Europe you come from Europe Roger it's just the name of the big planet ellipse we've seen the European anthem actually I'll tell you this we know the Euroskeptics are the progressives these two gentlemen had nothing to say today it was the usual dirge like dull looking back to the model invented fifty years ago we're the ones that democracy we're the ones that want nation state will ones that will a global future for our country's flat behind he looks really embarrassed not to be trapped inside this museum thank you like he's like but pitch their party what are you doing here what are you doing here you so fast what are you doing here what I heard is the speech of the leader of the Opposition into the House of Commons if you want to wear that kind of speech get elected there a lot of these color where they make phones now Sally Portman in 99 on a night bus just to be able to boast as a British citizen who wants to get out of the European Union picking up at the parlor you screamed like I've been flagged a bit racist you don't really feel like a Flags gone a bit racist that one is a little bit of a racist black you sound like somebody from the old communist era saying that if anybody else if anybody else has a different point of view clearly they're mentally ill or there is something wrong with them what you're gonna have to get used to all of you is the idea that across the political spectrum there are now more Euroskeptics in this Parliament than they've ever been you know when you got a school trip and I go right why on this school trip you're represented in our school so don't do anything in passing minutes of Nick's hammock from the museum shop lots of pencils or some rubbers or something like that was set off a fire extinguisher now do you embarrass the school I never understood that at all I've just seen Hydra Faraj familiar pollen now know why don't mix that from the museum shop window or a school trip because now Nigel Farage country and I'll tell you this mr. Lambert's don't worry too much about my presence because within the next five years I won't be here why he's not something like a living puppet like Jim Henson with temporarily racist heard this you keep creature hello don't like that but I vote for her because but how he feels about European politics I feel a lot of people feel about the politics in general and it won't complete the evolution of parity or power shared equally among people muga and run our own I've said too much some trolls

27 thoughts on “Does This UKIP Rant Represent Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E94)”

  1. I think history is going to view Farage more favorably then Brand. I never thought I'd say that. I always liked Brand, but time seems to be proving Farage correct. This video was posted in 2014 but we have seen a lot change since then havn't we?
    Who has been closer to gauging reality. Farage or Brand?

  2. Don't be a twat brand he made a great point about nation state democracy and told the truth and you just make childish irrelevant points and slag him off as racist for no reason cmon man

  3. Instead of taking on the issues Farage is raising of the anti-democratic nature of the EU he is raising, he just wants to childishly mimic him. No one who wants to control there own borders is racists it's a simple sensible idea, I suppose Russel doesn't care about that because his wage isn't being compressed by cheap foreign labour or uses the public services that are under immense pressure from mass immigration in his metropolitan bourgeoisie champagne socialist lifestyle. The EU also helps global corporations control markets with lobbying and using EU law and Luxembourg to evade tax. Do some research Russel before you spite your rubbish all over the internet.

  4. Am I the only one who feels the “80% of British people want control of our borders” quote is a misrepresentation? lol
    Why do I get he feeling that the actual question posed was,
    “Do you think the Germans should have control of our borders?” lol
    What does ”control of our borders” even mean?
    It's just like in the US, where they ask “Do you like freedom?”
    then the next morning…
    "A new poll reveals 99% of Americans think Muslims should be shot on sight. The people have spoken.”
    80% is ridiculous. I don't even think 80% of the country are even from this country in the first place.
    Which would be to say that literally all genetically British people want to leave Europe.
    What a bunch of balls XD

  5. wake up russel , it is the globalist elite that push the eurocrats buttons 
    if you are against the 1% then you should be against the the european puppets that they control. all these so called trade agreements they tout are to further the globalist elites agenda

  6. Remember Russell is just a man, not everyone is right, this isn't Russells finest hour, but oh well! life goes on, the first few minutes dont really have any value, its just fairly childish

  7. All Russel Brand can do is make trivial, irreverent comments towards Nigel and when head on debates him, doesn't even seem able to make one substantiated point against him, while disregarding the crowds questions and continues preaching his ideas.

  8. Very good analysis of his words and the points he makes in his speech to EP, talking about how he tosses his arms about, and the manner in which he speaks and the bloke behind him who looks embarassed. I've learned a lot about what and why is wrong about the point he makes, I understand if he didn't look like a puppet and wave his arms about so much it all would be ok?

  9. Russell Brand you are not a politician. Why don't you stick to your own area of expertise? It's getting a bit ridiculous watching an ex-drug addict talk through a hole in his arse. Pathetic.

  10. The media undoubtably shove immigration issues into the consumers view, unlike the wealthy however, the issues of overcrowding are more than clear to the working class, which is why its so prominent in peoples view. Not because of the air time cultural issues have in the media that is resonant to "coca-cola" as you put, we see it everyday and it effects us. Most of this video was juvenile, all you did was take the piss with no relevant comments on why you have such an evident repulsion to him. I was expecting to have been presented with reasons to oppose Farage with a host of legitimate factors as to why UKIP are so negative, this video however made me even more supportive of Farage's campaign. I suppose i'm a nazi loving right wing homophobic racist now lol
    Still a big fan and love the vids keep it up Fox news can do one. haha

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