DIL GETS A DOG – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #46

DIL GETS A DOG - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #46

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P: Woof-Woof, Meow-meow, Dan and Phil Games… P: *laughs* Cats or dogs. D: Okay, Firstly.. P: Whichever one you identify with D: Meow isn't valid and anyone who does should leave P: It is! I just said hello in dog. I bet loads of dogs watching this perked up They were like, "What's going on? What's this video? :D" D: "Friend in the screen! Must scratch!" D & P: Hi!
D: And welcome to the only video We care about this year, in which the brand new Sims expansion, The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, has come out. P: I'm… I'm so excited for this video I've been waiting for so long for this expansion to come out! (bangs table)
D: This is what I've been living for to be honest. So… P: The day is finally here. D: I hope you're ready because Dil Howlter is getting a pet! P: But first, not dog related, but very exciting is
D: So much less important but still we should probably mention it. P: We are doing a new stage show!! D: Yeaahh
P: Called, Interactive Introverts (that graphic design) D: Dan and Phil are going on a World tour in 2018. P: Right to your town
D: We made a whole video about it which we'll link down in the description. which you can watch. We made a whole website! #spon P: Yesss…
D: If you want to see what cities we're going to on this tour, when and get tickets to it– Just go to that website. P: Come see us in real life
D: And you'll have some fun, I promise. P: Yeah. Our seal of approval. *laughter, is that, is that* D: You'll have… you'll have fun…
P: We promise you'll have fun! P: Anyway,
D: Anyway P: Dogs. Cats. D: Let's go D: Ohhh, myy guuud P: I love that the example picture is very ill dogs. :/ D: Yeah, well, look, apart —
P: It's a strange choice. D: It's not just you can get pets. You can become a vet. P: Oh, that's part of it…
D: So that's why there's a very dribbly bulldog right there-
P: Wonder what's wrong with it D: There's many a frolicking cats. All the dogs in this, look sad. P: Yeah
D: WATZ YO GAME– P: Why are they sad we need to look after them.
D: –Maxis. We're on to you. P: This dog is obviously owned by someone that's got a slime channel and he's eaten all the slime. D: Exactly.
P: Probably an ASMR slime channel, look at his face. D: –Which is why it's so unethical.
P: Look at his face. P: He's heard those tones.
D: He's not happy.
P: No. P: So to make a pet we have to add it to the family–
D: LiTRALLY P: –like a new family member.
D: It's it's as valid in the Sims universe as another human P: Yeah
D: So, as you can see in this *high pitch* tiny little corner down here. We have blue Dalien, Tabitha, Dil, and Dab. P: The head of the house hold. D: And now we're doing plus dog. So, harkening back P: Harkening D: To creating Dil Howlter. We are about to create a dog. Are you ready for this? P: Yeah, let's do it. D: Let, let's use the opportunity to change Dil
P: No! D: Cah(?) Can we see–preview his elderly mode? –No, not going there yet P: I'm, I'm not ready for that. So, D: Okay, so, the plus symbol.
P: Play with genetics? No..
D: That's just not good, An occult sim. I feel like Tabitha in many ways is already an occult sim. P: Let's leave that for now.
D: Definite closet vampire.
P: Click the paw D: Add pet
P: *gasps*
D: Add dog, add cat, make a mix breed. P: What, between a dog and a cat? D: Of a dog and a cat? What are they on about?
P: I am so confused. D: Oh, I think that's not like of a dog and a cat.
It's you can-
P: You can choose D: –You can make a specific crossbreed of a dog breed.
P: Ohh, should we do that? (dramatic zoom) P: That sounds fun D: Let's see what they can- let's go back there right now.
P: Wait, we need to decide between dog and cat. D: Do we? Oh, yeah (!)
P: We, we do. I've been on Team Dog But I mean we do need to decide.
D: Nobody wants Dil to get a cat.
P: Okay, let's get the dog. D: Maybe we can like the Simpsons, and it'll just be like a side character that's there Like the cat in Simpsons, it will never have its own episode. It'll just be there.
P: Oh, it's just always there. P: Right, create a child. D: Okay P: Dog
D: So, it's a dog. and one half of the dog parent– P: Is… D: Will be… This! This good girl right here!
P: WHA! Let's just have that one. D: How you doing? Hello, look at that fluffy tail!
P: It's so cute! Sorry. Concentrate, um Okay.
P: Right, Let's choose the parent for one. D: Choose breed. Okay, so.
P: So the first breed D: Alright, let's do them all. B: Yess. D: Beautiful
P: Majestic
D: Long, majestic Afghan. There this is wonderful. P: Yeah
D: Here we have the Airedale Terrier. P: Dan, I think there's like a million dogs. I don't think we can react to every single one. D: Lets just react to every dog breed! IT'S THE ONLY CONTENT THAT MATTERS! Okay, so you can have an Akita. Nice. Good–
P: *gasp* Strong snow dog
D: Good boy hello there, Alaskan Malamute D: Hi, they've liTRALLY made every kind of freaking–
P: They've made so many– *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* D: Sorry, I–I cannot get it together look at this mountain dog P: Ooohh
D: Save me. P: It's got two different color eyes. D: Rescue me with Heterochromia
P: Yeah D: Oh, okay, here First contender: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
P: Amazing D: Which is a very – fluffy kind of Corgi
P: Very cute P: I'm loving it. D: Oh, my family dog was half Collie.. P: It's Lassie D: It was half Collie, Half sheepdog. P: This one looks hard to look after it looks like it's–
D: It's very energetic P: It's very energetic.
D: Probably not good for Dil I mean you should probably just make it half Dalmatian because I mean like, Why not. P: Just straight away, 'cause then what happens? D: 'Cause that will just make it fun, won't it? P: A Dingo
D: An actual Dingo P: That's going to be a wild dog D: See, we saw some Dingos irl in Australia (when we were on tour. #spon) And they were very Shibesk. I thought
P: They were very Shib-esk I feel like something migratoraly over generations like the Shiba inus and the dingos kind of in the oceanic-Asian area P/D: Something happened P: I just had a thought. Why are we even looking at all these dog breeds? because you want a Shibe
I want a Corgi why don't we just smash them together? D: Because there's plenty D: of valid good boys! P: FOX! Like– D: Wait a minute
P: Is that an actual fox? D: I–I was just. Ok firstly, that Frenchie looks like a cat. It's very disturbing *exaggerated zoom* THAT'S A FOX! And this is a very fluffy beautiful fox. P: It's a fox has been well fed, unlike the London foxes that have killed seven people D: *laughs* D: And ate 800 pigeons This is like Mufasa as a fox. I'm just saying that right now
P: I love the fox Maybe we could mix the fox with something? D: no phil D: Kermit detected. Hello, how you doing YES!! Welsh Corgi Pembroke edition
P: this is the one D: that's the classic Corg experience if you wanted it D: Or a Pomeranian
P: I love a good Pomeranian D: Or the Teddy Bear cut Pomeranian – SQUEEE! D: Let's just infinitely generate P: Cuteness overload D: different versions of these Pomeranians. P: Yeah, let's just keep doing that. P: They look like little Gremlins. D: This is too much. D: Oh my god!
P: Woah! That is a well groomed D: I gonna, I'm gonna go ahead and say don't style it.
P: Samoyed D: Yes! There we go. Much more natural.
P: That's better. P: Hound of the night.
D: Fluff lad – Found. P: FLUFF BOI! D: Look. At. That. (here come the memes) wow majectic beautiful much sims poise grace very grace curled tail D: stale memeage D: Good specimen
P: AWW! Amazing, okay P: Okay, and then the other parent is… D: Going to be the shiiiiiibe!
P: The sheeeeeb! D: Obviously, you know, in real life adopt pets P: yeah! D: of any breed. P: We're technically adopting this one. D: We are out of the ether of the video game universe P: definitely not genetically modifying it in a lab. D: My family adopted our dog, P: aww! D: and it was the perfect dog, so you never know. Anyway, onto our cybernetic P: *laughs* D: Dimensional dog. Okay, let's see what it looks like, three two one (puppy barks) P: OHHH! It's so cute! It's got the best features of both! D: I WaNT To DeSTRoY MySeLF! P: It's a SHIBA CORGU! D: It's a– *laughs* D: Ha ha! If there is a name, that is absolutely, not it. P: Yes! D: Wow P: Amazing! D: this is incredible P: very expressive eyes. D: Ticc (?) D: So what are we controlling here? D: This is the, the voice.
P: It's the tone– it's the voice, so it's either sweet dog or, D: Okay, so what's the most high pitch dog? (dog barks at normal pitch) D: Oh, so that's the normal one, and then. (dog barks at high pitch) P: Oh! It's breaking the sound barrier. (oh Phil, smh)
D: That's weird, okay. W-What's our dog? D: Just like a good– a good middle ground.
P: Just like a mid–middle ground. P: Definitely not the fox voice. D: Why is there a fox symbol?! P: You've heard a fox mating, Dan, you don't want it to sound like that. Wake up in the morning and… *emulates Fox sound* P: A relationship, everyone owns the dog, yeah. D: Everyone is an equal owner. P: What kind of traits have we got? D: Okay, so. W-what kind of dog do we want this dog to be? P: Not aggressive. D: Okay– *laughs* aggressive?? P: Right. We'll each pick a trait and then randomly choose the third D: I'm gonna go with playful D: That's a good one there P: That's a good one to choose. D: Important one. What about you Phil? P: My choice is… D: uh huh P: I want my dog to be loyal and not like eat me if I faint. D: Yes. P: Let's say, some dogs will lie down and die with you, while some just might eat your face. D: And you want a loyal one that won't eat your face after you die. P: Okay, I'm gonna close my eyes and choose a random third trait, are you ready? P: Balalalalalalalala D: Ok, yeah, and what will that be… D: Click!
P: Jumpy, easily frightened. D: These dogs are easily frightened! B: Awwwwwwe! ;D D: So it's loyal playful, but also v(ery) scare D: v(ery) timid. meek boy. want to hide P: I think I made everybody super timid. P: Sure.
D: I can kind of relate to that. P: That's me if I was a dog D: liTRALLY. We've, we've actually just combined ourselves as a dog. P: Yeah. D: This is the Dog Dil. It's the Dil Dog. B: NO! No! D: no no no no
P: We're not calling it the Dil Dog. D: So when do we get around to naming the dog? P: Uh, I think you have to click on the P: HELLO, MY NAME IS [DOG] D: AHHHH! NO! No! No! (Dan has horrible flashbacks and screaming) D: When you least expect it. P: I'm sorry. D: Let me live! P: The sims knew D: NO! Hello Anything! My name is anything, THANKS! P: They know it. First name.
D: Awe! Well, Whatever the last name is, P: it's Howlter. D: It-it's Howlter, we know that. P: Right, we should we name this dog? Everything else we have in the Sims is a combination of two things D: And we can't do our names P: No D: Because we've done that P: So my pet hamsters were the most important to me, so I think one of my hamsters– D: Wha, so-so P: So what was your hamster called? D: My hamster! My hamster was called Suki ;( P: And it has some strong memories. My hamsters… D: (mumbles) Yeah-well, in some way… let's not talk about my hamster. You all know that story… P: I've had lots of hamsters. I've had Norris, I've had Phoebe, I've had Henry D: Well which hamster? P: Norris was the fav. D: Norris. D: So how'd you combine Norris and Suki P: Norki? Oh, that doesn't sound good. D: Nuki! P: Nuki? D: Nuki! P: That sounds like a nuclear missile. D: It sounds cool! Looka-look, Nuki! What's the other one, Sorris? P: Nuki's the place people go on holiday. D: Why did you pick Norris then! P: No, *laughs* Wha-wait! D: Jesus Christ Phil. P: Let's think about this. D: Sssssn. Snuki?
P: Snow? Snuki?? No, that's someone from the Jersey Shore. D: Snuki? P: Snuki, they've got someone called Snooki. B: *laugh* Ha ha ha ha ha B: Phoebe D: So that would be fu–foo–Phuki. B: *laughs more* ha ha ha ha HAHAHA P: This hamster combination thing isn't working. D: P-H-U-K-I! P: No D: Phuki! P: I-I'm not calling him Phuki D: Phuki Howlter. P: Phuki We're not getting anywhere. D: I think out of those options P: Yeah D: We should go with Nuki. P: Nuki?
D: Because it just sounds cute. I mean look at that. P: Okay, i-it does –now you've written–now you've written it down
D: Nuki Howlter P: It does sound cuter than what I was imagining. D: And it doesn't–It's not Phuki. P: What are these? D: What are these right now? D: He can sit!
P: You can put him in positions! D: Good boy!
P: Yes! D: You don't even exist yet, but you're a good boy! Come on boy–
P: *laughs* D: But you can have whatever you want. I'm gonna die look into those eyes and tell me you won't do anything P: I have ascended to heaven and then roll over is this yes D: Infinite skill applaud and your fav do this. I think not. P: Top lad. D: I stand talent right here people whoa D: Okay, let's not–this is not a
P: Nuki's going to throw up all over this weird void D: biological centrifuges that we're gonna catapult the dog into P: *high pitched voice* Look, Dab's holding the puppy! D: i'm GoNNa RiP My FReaKinG THuMBS oFF. Okay, get rekt Pancakes Y'all ain't got nothing on the Howlter's now P: Let's give Pancakes a random dog too just let's do it P: We're here–They can have a cat.
D: A dog or a cat? They can have a cat, which is perfectly fine D:We're not hating–What up BOB?
P: All right. Let's do it. What up, BOB? D: Okay, let's go to pets
P:Cat D: Let's create a mix breed
P: *laughs* Are we creating a mixed cats? D: I'm not really aware of cat breeds.
P: No, me neither.
D: As a thing. D: I mean, can we just like randomize it?
P: Let's do it. P: Alright, we have to choose the third cat. D: Okay. D: Are you ready here we go? P: One.
D: Random one. D: Ooh, tha-that's looking cute! P: That's a cute one! P: That's too cute, I don't trust it. D: random two P: Nice
D: That's even cu–it's less big eyes… D: But more majestic P: elegant D: with a mank's tail D: Ready? P: This is it! The Pancake's cat! D: This. is. the Pancake's cat. B: AWWWWE! 😉 D: It's just a brown version of the last one.
P: A cute brown– it's got little tiger stripes D: Tiger-esk stripes P: Harkening! Back to it's tiger times. P: I think it should have a raccoon voice. D: does that mean that one of the options for cat is racoon?! D: I'm mean, I would say…
P: I think we should. Previewing the cat breeds for if and when P: Dil gets a cat, D: we get a cat, okay. P: Yeah! Let's choose this. D: it's a free-spirited. D: aloof D: Gluttonous cat. P: That sounds like a pancake D: that sounds like every cat, P: let's just leave it D: Are you saying- The Pancakes are a very lovely family, P: They're pretty aloof… D: Eliza Pancakes D: Are they? P: Yeah, D: I feel like the Howlter's are aloof, gluttonous and… P: Probably D: What was that last one? D: Free-spirited. P: I think we should call it Pancake Pancakes (laughs) (continuous adorable laughing) D: I can't even type; P: Pancake Pancakes! D: It looks like a pancake. P: it does! D: There we go, D: Pancake Pancakes D: Awh they- they have little Evan holding it P: Sweet~ D: They've made great decisions P: Yeah D: With, like, who should hold their pets here D: Look at that perfect family, P: That's so perfect. D: I mean Dalien is hiding his true form there, but still P: Yeah D: Perfect family. P: I've exploded, let's play P: I don't even know what you can do with the dog D: I do- I have- I have no idea what to expect. P: in this game; I'm quite satisfied just by making dogs D: I'm SHOOK D: Where is it? P: Where is the hound? D: Where is Doge? P: Maybe it'll arrive D: Hello everybody, will it get just descended from heaven? P: Press play, see what happens D: Wait, it's here D & P: g a s p P: It's out on the street! D: Rescue the child! P: Rescue him D: ok get to know or offer friendship? P: Offer friendship D: Let's start with an offering of friendship P: Let's do it D: right next to the storm drain P: I'm a bit- DONT STEP ON THE DOG! D: My god, quickly D: Rescue the dog- I think dogs in this game might just sit on the porch; Dil is literally saying "Hey, how you doing" P: hello D: Okay, sure- OH MY GOD P: It's so small! D: IT'S SO TINY P: I didn't think it would be this small! D: I. Am. Shivering D: AWHHHH HES SCARED P: Awh D: Cause he's a scared little dog D: Yes, oh my god Dil P: it's ok D: offering the hand of love P: the dog whisperer D: gving him the big sniffs D: He just became friends with Nuki P: nice. D: (whisphers) Yes P: take him inside. D: Can you pick him up? P: Yeah, I think so D: Come on, come on- OH MY GOD DIL! P: Don't let him go- DON'T GO DOWN THE DRAIN D: DIL D: Quickly quickly come on! P: It better not be easy for these animals to die or I'll be very sad. D: Oh, yeah, I mean in this neighborhood. D&P: Oh my gosh/god D: Now go back down again. P: Yeah D: WEEEE D: And it's going in by itself, amazing P: Thank goodness for that. D: I'm very relieved. P: I love how it runs! (Dan laughs) D: Just bounding through- the house feels so alive! D: This is- a quite funny decision- D: they made is to make the pets uncontrollable. D: So it is literally just, like, this random thi- P: So we can't really do much with it; D: And look~ D: He's feeling shy B:Awh P: Dab, come treat the dog D: Dab knows how to make friends in an efficient way P: Definitely D: Here we go; with the bunny slippers, which must be very confusing for a brand new puppy- I don't know about you D: Hey! How ya doin P: Hello hound! D: Nice to meet ya pupperino- P: A little bone! D: Ah, he's got the bone! Bribery, look at this. P: HOM NOM NOM NOM D: Dab knows how to do it D: *incoherent squealing* little barks P: This is so cute P: Tabitha, D: It's Tabitha's turn D: Pet P: Pet D: -is a loyal dog that appreciates a good petting. P: That's my kinda dog D: Okay P: I want a dog that just wants to be loved all the time D: well Dalien, you've been replaced. P: Yeah D: You're no longer the hot new thing D: No one wants to love you P: Maybe Dalien will get jealous of the dog D: And zap it with a laser beam P: I wonder how many dogs you can have in the house; could we fill it with like a hundred dogs? D: Yeah, a hareem(?) of dogs? D: twelve THOUSAND D: Awh, oh my god, he's so smol P: *dog noises* D: A pat completely (pause) D: -envelops him. P: I didn't know he would be this smol, D: He liked it D: Big wags are happening right now. D: Apparently he can get obsessed with stuff D: an obsession… D: -begins with the fridge P: He's obsessed with the fridge! D: That is incredibly dangerous. P: Hello my new overlord D: Giver of life; D: Giver of meaning and purpose. P: I mean of all appliances, fridges- I can really relate to that what other more choices you can simstagram the pets we need to send I Have a new animal. Oh yes, yes So photogenic! This is gonna be an Instagram famous dog in no time Shh amazing icon truly and now He's got 24 Instagram followers. Literally probably more popular than Dil Let's be honest above the cherry blossom fail ones we can now add a proud dog OHHHHHHH AWWWWWWW We have a wall of photos. Now, let's take them over to just appreciate again How bad those cherries blossom selfies were. They were so terrible to set in the background? I mean they tried they tried the dog is now watching bath time Hello, it is a weird dogs actually enjoy Oh look at this the whole family in the bathroom together doing various things abit weird So is there anything we can buy for the dog like a dog bed or anything? Yeah, okay? See pet stuff now We're talking the bow-wow And Meow Chow pet food bowl like a good pun there we need to choose a color the most important or the modern No, bow wow meow chow are you sure or the pet mate programming pet feeder I feel like we're so bad at looking after ourselves and our Sims. We should probably get the automatic feeder Then the dog falls in love with the feeder instead of you, I mean The pet would know the reality of life then in that situation though, so we can get blue red pink and beige Pink! Pink, you reckon? Yea, I like it! Definitely! Very futuristic the dog's gonna get killed by it cos it's so long. There? Or like more by the door? More by the door. There! It's like we knew before we knew. It's perfect! And then what else is there a bed pet bed your pet deserves to have a good afternoon sleep Okay, like if I'm at dad. I'd want the dog sleep in my room. So it's probably down So we only need the small addition smallest, maybe in Damien's room because that look at everything that does have is going around it Yeah, whereas Delian that you know you could have a friend, so how's that that's nice. Oh my gosh Yes, I would watch a soap opera about daylian, and new keys adventures yeah now we're talking Buh, buh buh he was thinking about a ball easy little balls. Yeah, okay, I mean color doesn't already down there Yeah, it's a bird. I suppose in their Idol. I just want to buy all the toys come on and obstacle yeah Okay, small unimpressive Obstacle honestly we're gonna be watching this like Dan and Phil Oh, they're responsible with finances the small dog who amazing right now. Yes not into the barbecue. You know that would be Terrible bad, it's gonna go in the barbecue It's not gonna go into the barbecue Wow so you can literally build a whole obstacle course for your own crops Into the sim oh my gosh well, it'll get a giant curved tires too much there We go this would really complement the aesthetic of that We literally we literally can't even visit it to wait for the mansion anywhere in the house No Doc welcome mat, that says hey, we're a family that has a dog yeah now we're talking he really Died burn it don't calendar Such as days, I'm dan and Phil dog Berlin might go and it'll be next to the fridge It's meant to be I think a lot. This is been a vet clinic I mean we can just turn a house into a vet clinic doctor budget bandages mixes made a bloody Blob like you would go in the lab. I don't think we're not a vet Yet We're not that if I had a dog that small I'd be so scared of sitting on it by accident definitely I mean it's now you've made me very scared give ball to new kia. Go on Tabatha's is what's important? If that dog what it won? This is the content we need playing a game a bathroom catch What's in box just a cardboard box We've given it everything at once, but just one box Can tabatha even get two new keys attention it is played yes playful pet they love toys and want to play with a loving life Nibbling the ball. This is a good Sims to Graham. Oh, yes, okay. Oh oh and pet goat yes, ah Ah 25 followers Wow, we're really prioritizing the dogs social media brand right now aren't we dogs are really playing with the ball so much as just eating It but that's fine playing is eating You know who's playing eating his life right now gotta toughen to make it jump through a hoop wait a minute Dill is in the middle of What I still Think I'm talked to by aliens again Duck dude how did we not know he is not having another baby? I'm telling you that right now Wait a minute cause nuki has been active on Instagram Yeah I think positively pet products had sent him a small token smile God nice his first pet spa Anki Instagram my god He has a hundred and two this is this is gonna be the next video shit so believe dill got abducted we didn't notice That's so it looks. It says. He's like still in the process Oh Baby, we can't do it. Yeah, you have fun. Why speaking of alien agendas daily ins on the prowl oh He's going for the alcohol. Oh if he met the dog you exposed cocktail glasses. I think that's what's happening now Are you ready there? We go universe is colliding. Let me tell you about my terrible. Yeah, okay? Well no no Drako. No is a mistake. It's not only bad. The dog's tail is wagging nose. That's good It's like please help me I detect lies oh Look what did that mean? I'm having alien telepathic communication with the dog. I think they just had a calm I think that's what it means I love the dill getting abducted is just like yeah that happened anyway about the dog is more important. You can light it on fire Okay now, this is a thing let's bring it on. I hope you're ready I know you're a brand new life-form, but your moment has come away. Oh is he back for God's sake God what drama queen hello idelle how you doing, and why he's got a baby in him He's focused like this this guy's a scientist right now He's like Oh got to hang out with Damien's mom you liked it And it's all he's not even dazed anymore used to that probe in now With this eyes flaming whoo, I think that's a bit advanced for a puppy. It's like dog endgame. Yeah, let's douse fire But what we can do I think we can train the dog to do something It's flying okay Looks like Dell. I will protect you. Don't worry. I've got this covered I'm coming can he sniff the alien on him maybe Remember me I'm like the reason this is happening. It's not all about you and your Dog can you teach you a skill, let's see roll over dog Trained commands he'll I guess that would be quite useful if he heads towards the science lab follow the bunny slipper I mean a hole so we can trace. Yeah, I Was like if training a dog was that easy do any man he'll learn to heal come on heel good new key Heel, and it's running and what looks like a complete disregard for the rules I don't think that worked hippity hopping around do it do it come on come on No yeah, that sounds like my dog we're always there the dog has just done a big heal because he's having a slide Yeah, can we pick up the dog and just like deposit him? I don't know. I think we can click on the dog bed Maybe and say put dog in bed put dog in bed ask to lie down. Oh my god. They're so small and look D: Ok yeah, let's do this. So Dalien after, you know, his stepdad–oh, no real dad. Yes, Tabitha. I keep forgetting that. D: Yes, is, you know, having a good time, and here comes Nuki D/P:Oh! D: There was an attempt. P: Face-first into the floor. D: It's sort of chaos in the life of the Howlter family and I'm really not sure That a small puppy was gonna make that easier– Tabitha's done! She's like "I'm-I'm done with this". P: Is dog gonna get into bed? D: Look, there we go!
P: Yes! D: Aww! And is he gonna have a sleep? P: Cute! *long pause as Dan and Phil internally scream while dog makes cute howling noise* D: I'M GONNA PUNCH SOMETHING-OHMYGOD YES, GET COMFY P: Yess! D: Sleepy time P: Oh, being a dog must be so nice and relaxing D: Wait, where did he go? He's already- P: He left the bed. D: He's left the bed. D: Ohh! D/P: He's sleeping in their room! D: This is disgusting! P: I'm gonna die. D:I hATE this! P: We need to stop D: This has ruined my life. So this isn't even like- I know we've got the dog P: Yeah. D: I mean, we can train and play with it. P: But there's a whole new town to go
to. so I think in the next episode we can explore the town D: We can walk the dog! P: Take the dog for a walk. D: A family walk, more playing… P: Maybe meet Pancakes the Cat. D: Meet Pancakes Pancakes- D: Forget the Howlters. We've entered a whole new pet based arc P: Yeah. D: In the Dil Howlter story. P: Can't believe it. D: And I'm here for it, uh, my life has a new purpose: waiting for the next episode. D: And I'm the one that makes it. P: And if you, too, like dogs and Dan and Phil, you could get the Dan and Phil and dogs calendar P: Which has 12 months of puppers. P: 365 days on your wall. D: No Sheep-Corgi crossovers, D: But there is a Corgi, and — wait — P: Find the sheep. D: And the Sheep. It's like we birthed it P: Yeah, it's on danandphilshop.com, uh Make sure, you get one in time for Christmas! D: In time for January. P: 'Cause they might sell out. D: Y'all could be staring at that good boy- D: Not Phil, not talking about Phil. Forget us. P: Yeah. P: We're gonna head off into the wilderness now. D: I'm just gonna go read more about this Sims Pet Expansion, D: And how I can D: tREAT THIS DOG BECAUSE IT DESERVES THE BEST P: It deserves the world. You can give us a thumbs-up to welcome Nuki into the world P: Subscribe to our channels, I promise this *???* over there. D: Thumbs-up for the doggy future of this series P: Yeah, you can subscribe to this channel and come see us on tour, P: danandphiltour.com, D: Linkie in the descrippie, and we'll see you next time. P: Gooooodbyeee D: Bow wow P: Woof woof!

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  1. So I almost went to Interactive Introverts. I asked my mum, showed her how much tickets were, and actually checked out how and where we sit and stuff. She said "Alright, sure. We'll do that". And then it never happened. I'm still upset to this day.

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