Did Prince William CHEAT on Kate Middleton with her BEST friend?!

Did Prince William CHEAT on Kate Middleton with her BEST friend?!

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Prince William has been perceived as a beloved grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who is preparing himself to take the throne, a devoted husband and father, and someone who is reliably fulfilling his duties as a monarch. It is in him that the British see their King instead of the unpopular Prince Charles. But, recently, there are rumors about Prince Cambridge’s infidelity! Maybe William is not as perfect as the image they have painted for us. Find out if William has really cheated on Kate Middleton with her best friend in this video!! #katemiddleton #princewilliam #meghanmarkle

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Prince William has been perceived as a beloved
grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who is preparing himself to take the throne, a devoted husband
and father, and someone who is reliably fulfilling his duties as a monarch. It is in him that the British see their King
instead of the unpopular Prince Charles. Recently media reports infidelity between
Prince Cambridge and his wife! Maybe William is not as perfect as the image
of him they have painted for us. Find out if William has really cheated on
Kate Middleton with your CurioSips family!! After almost eight years, Kate Middleton and
Prince William were considered a perfect marriage. They made a happy family with three beautiful
children, so there were rarely any rumors of a crisis between them. That's why when the Sun revealed some information
about William's betrayal, the world was shocked! A little later, rumors about the affair were
confirmed by Giles Coren, a British journalist who is famous for providing information about
the royal family. He tweeted: "Yes. It is an affair. I haven't read the piece but I know about
the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling. Even us jews." We do not know if this journalist is the most
reliable source of information, but the tweet was quickly removed! Too late though, cause it was already all
over the internet! It is said that the betrayal happened with
the best friend of Kate Middleton. Rose Hanbury is the wife of a good friend
of the Prince, David Rocksavage! The couple has been one of the richest Britons
and they have been very close to the royal family for years. CurioSips often could spot them together at
parties, and Kate and Rose seemingly supported and trusted each other. But you never know what is waiting for you! The Sun reports that the Duchess and her friend
had had a big fight, and William tried to ease the tension between friends. However, his wife broke all ties with Rose,
and following the news of her husband's affair with her friend, she demanded that William
exclude the Marquis and her husband from their social circle. Meanwhile, the royal family reporter Richard
Kay told the Daily Mail that these rumors are not true, and the two couples even think
about taking legal action against this information. Why do you think so many scandals are always
following the Royal family? No one ever writes about the CurioSips family! The spokesman of the Kensington Palace hasn’t
said anything about it, but we in CurioSips think Prince William is not that innocent! He has been talking about his passion for
women for a long time. Just think about the story of his relationship
with Kate Middleton. The couple met in college and were flatmates
which quickly turned their relationship into lovers. Later William interrupted his studies and
went to the army. As Marcia Moody reports, in his controversial
book, “Kate: A Biography”. Prince was not only spending his time with
Kate! And the couple’s split can be a testament
for that! Despite the ups and downs, Kate forgave William,
and he soon proposed. After a fairytale wedding, it seemed that
they were able to create a happy relationship, but the scandal broke out in 2017 when the
prince went skiing alone. While his wife was at home taking care of
the children, William was filmed dancing and putting his hand on another mystery woman's
waist. People did not hide their surprise, and Kate
again tried to save face. Some British media suggest that despite what
people think, the reason for the feud between the two brothers is not Meghan Markle, but
the romance of William! After all, they both remember how things turned
out for Lady Diana after the betrayal of Prince Charles. It is said that Harry cannot understand how
after all that had happened to their mom, William could have done such an act. Do you think William has forgotten the painful
story of Princess Di? Considering that William does not have a close
relationship with his father, does this mean that he really wants to be the same as him? Didn’t he learn any lessons from Prince
Charles'? CurioSips is speechless! Of course, all these are speculations, because
the royal family sweeps most of the scandals under the carpet. It also seems that Kate Middleton will again
hide behind the facade of her sad smile. You remember that William does not even wear
a wedding ring, right?!! But Kate is doing everything to meet the requirements
to be the right wife for the future King. Besides, divorce is not an option at this
point, whether the rumors of betrayal were true or not. Although Middleton seems more devoted to this
marriage, she and William have to put too much money in to think about the separation. What do you think CurioSips family? Do you believe Prince William has cheated
on Kate? If yes, do you think Kate will forgive the
future King? We are waiting for your comments and remember
to become a part of our CurioSips family by subscribing to our channel!

34 thoughts on “Did Prince William CHEAT on Kate Middleton with her BEST friend?!”

  1. I did not believe it but I see the change in them and I don't think Kate can forgive him or her so called friend and why the hell should she I think in time they will separate I am sad to say.

  2. I was reluctant about finding the truth about my cheating wife but I’m glad I finally took the courage for it and now I believe the saying that “The Truth Will Set You Free” cos I feel better and free now after knowing the truth. I got help from Cyberhackinggenius as he helped cloned my cheating wife’s phone and I got access to all her phone messages both deleted texts and social media chats without touching her phone. I’m glad to uncover her lies, secrets and Infidelity. All I did was share my wife’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read her recent and deleted messages from my phone through a programmed link shared to me without touching her phone and she has no idea her phone has been cloned. I discovered that my wife has been in a long term affair outside our marriage and it was very painful finding out I’m not the biological father of our last child. I’m finalizing my divorce with so many proofs and she is still in a complete shock about my findings. You can contact this great Hacker Gavin via Gmail (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146.

  3. Rude reporter. He had the audacity to refer to the Duchess of Cambridge as, Middleton.
    If anyone had called, Diana, Princess of Wales, Spencer after she became a married woman there would have been outrage.
    Respect, please, is that too much to ask for?

  4. Well he is just like his father what do you espect. I’m sorry but Kate Middleton is boring and Meghan is fun so there you go. If you ask him I think Kiate is a spoiled brat so I don’t blame him

  5. Personally never was interested in the royal until Harry and Meghan, they royals appear to be stiff and who knows what goes on behind close doors, kind of strange they marry cousins…Yet try to come across having this perfect family…They are humans just like everyone else, they aren't God!

  6. Yeah he's a good source reporter of course the Tweet was taken out but everybody already seen it on Google Yahoo and the internet of Instagram to leave Buckingham Palace everybody seen it

  7. Thank God for the non Royal British reporter who's true to be a journalist and spoke the truth about the infidelity and cheating of Prince William. He knows the truth about the affair he actually stated and it was on Google the true reporter stated that he was a cheater near Cannon and Palace is trying to cover it up

  8. We all know he's not perfect we all know that Kensington Palace sticks up for scandals over and over again. Even on Easter Sunday when he made that black racial remark towards Africa we all know that African reporters around the Buckingham Palace

  9. Did you say devoted husband who are you kidding tabloids videos in Kensington Palace. We all know he's insecure he's jealous of Meghan and his own brother and he's a black racist. He takes after his father a cheater they say the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

  10. Yes we know the Kate had it off with huckleberry guess she found out the scandals back in April right before Megan's wedding that's why she was crying and they blamed it on Megan back in November way back in November after six months after that what is discovered that William was having an affair so the cover up the scandals of the cheating Beyblade Megan the cables crying do to a bridesmaid's dress isn't that so funny

  11. That journal who's a great source know the truth he made the statement and and rode it they were having an affair but Kenan and Palace told him to take it off cuz they knew it was true that we did was having an affair and try to cover it up one more time of Williams scandals.

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