Diane Abbott vs basic maths & logic

Diane Abbott vs basic maths & logic

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Watch Abbott’s biggest gaffes over the years, from 2017 local election numbers to “white people like to divide and rule”

do you know the number of net losses so far for labor at the time of us doing this interview I think the net loss is about 50 they're actually 125 net losses so far well the last time I looked we had net losses of a hundred but obviously this is a moving picture so how much would ten thousand police officers cost well um if we recruit the ten thousand men and women over a four-year period we believe it will be about three hundred thousand pounds three hundred thousand pounds but sorry three thousand police officers are you telling them no I mean sorry how much will they cost they will cost they will it will cost um about about 80 million how about 80 million pounds we've never had this conscience never had it don't know what you think would you be prepared to preemptively use a nuclear weapon if it was to save millions of lives in this country we don't believe that the most pressing threat yes or no if yes or no it's one of the single most important questions any government in the world can have if they have nuclear weapons is if you have to use it would you use it why can nobody on the labor side say yes or no to that simple question yes as we know because we believe there are many more pressing threats and the debates around pressing the button actually two tracks I'm talking about the real pressing set chemical wealth warfare to the solid pressing than somebody about to nuke us into extinction use you say people speak in code about read you haven't spoken in code you said white people love playing divided and room we shouldn't play their game max you'd never imagine Michael saying that changing that to saying black people like playing I'd imagine duo happens here and what would happen if he said it you didn't spare ago I thought that was quite a racist remark was it not not I think it's a starting point to say that white people not some or a few or even many but white people as he group I love playing divide and rule I was referring to the history of the British Empire but you were contextualizing it to the present day when too many were temporizing Julie was referred by were you referring to the Steven long's case or something happened long after we had an empire when a royal prince dressed in SS uniform he was absolutely you know condemned had he worn a Mao outfit nobody would have blinked why is that why is it right to wear a Maoist t-shirt but obviously wrong but it is to wear a Hitler t-shirt I suppose some people will judge that on balance Marge is more good than harm I can't figure out you

24 thoughts on “Diane Abbott vs basic maths & logic”

  1. She’s the black token with a low IQ and this is politics. These are the type of people who want to rule but Abbott and others are there to keep you voting for the opposition. Politics is a game, a fixed game of tricks and cons, manipulation and deception on the peasantry masses.

  2. She is so unbelievably stupid it just goes to show how far the UK Govt has already sunk…I mean Boris as MP? today! Then this incompetent woman taking tax payers money along with the rest of the MP's ??? Oh I am so please I no longer live in UK.

  3. Why on earth do people vote for this cretinous moron.She is the thickest person I have ever heard.as they say She is short and stout every time she opens her mouth shite comes out.An idiot has more sense than her.The lunatics are running the Labour Asylum.

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