David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher from Shameless) Interview On Sky News

David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher from Shameless) Interview On Sky News

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David Threlfall/Frank Gallagher talks to Sky News’ Colin Brazier on Sunday 26th April 2009. He speaks about saving children, bumming horses and the meaning of love… and that isn’t me trying to be funny, he actually does talk about these things! Take a look…

in the sender's had third party but now I had a powerful once it's a whole team parties to tackle global policy David is here to explain what he means by the very nice David Moore I'm Colin watch.watch mighty tea party like it okay the basic it up their numbers at the same children for few years and it this this this column we can eat starts today people are getting together and throwing tea parties it's sort of like um just you know there's a sort of it you just do what you want to do I think people in the water doing scuba Tea Party think that things perform to raise money to keep awareness of the situations around the world for children or suffering as history our government the British government in terms of child poverty set this deadline is horizon 2020 yes for any child book yes it's all those aspirations it's a bit possibly I mean but how you know I know they've tried to set metrics for it but we're not in tried together always um yes I'm kind of funny they missed it in my view that's that's my own person I'm not speaking necessarily on a percentage of them but I mean they set to Harvick by 20 2015 and 2015 and I don't end it completely by 2020 and they're not they're not going to meet it seems a bit crazy to me that we've been bailing out banks I'm not bailing out a children really which is the future that's what that's what my concern is my my interest when when I was first asked by Save the Children was free health care and when they asked me is that you want to do something that might be in Britain's worst ad so within a week or so I was in Ethiopia so I was able to see on the ground and it's quite it's quite I'm sure you've been out in those places so um you know it's quite harrowing any white so it's quite a leveler to see there there's a snap now I mean that was a lot that was doll with kids were often and they had to find ways of making making making a living it is it is that's all it's something about that old cliche I'm not one of those sort of celebrity acted I'm just an actor and who plays a little bit lucky with a show but if it heightens a situation like this not singing it it's a bit like if I could take everybody out there and witness it you just go you know what people would just get it like that and it's I'm sure yourself you've been out in these places there's just something visceral about it but really I don't have to show my WTOP oh is it muscle is offensive on my desperate and when you hear politicians as we've heard this morning talking about how we need to be thrifty talking about austerity you know austerity for us means we don't get a summer holiday austerity nuclear fuel means that one no meals has gone somewhere else absolutely I mean I again various various children I talked to and they're very extended family were looking after them have to make the decision stay away early you're either yet people I mean coming on and trotting out figures but actually it's absolute truths they have to make a decision whether to go at our breakfast for three days and pay the ninety pence it cost to go to health center one of the ones I went till is a basically given during in Ethiopia to walk Save the Children set up health center they have outposts which are about 20 kilometres away the two supposed to serve say an area of 45,000 people which when I was there and my son was about two or three years ago was with dealing with people who were walking 20 30 kilometers open the open open that the amount of people who would be were being seen seen by people followed by safer children as well as one of the government's to about hundred and forty five so that they learn there overcome with with people coming in and of course children on the five do not you know that statistically do not make it because if they don't get help my you see my interest is free free free health care I know Gordon brothers but it's not into this some years ago but I'm not I'm not quite seeing that there's any that there's any action for us at the moment I think he's got the desire but I think it's it's it's like love it's a you've got you've got to is that as bad action that's about them saying it on them on there don't believe when I said that come on zombie show sorry you saw a moment before – with that somebody else a government and I might have you think you is man front right yeah yeah bukkake play yeah shameless her had a name people I put my famous prettiest time that's all no you know it things common gardening I've been acting for nearly 30 years which seems to be it's probably one of the remembered big tip for surviving the recession is to steal everything yes but interestingly impressively only the best birth was occurring I'll go I know something big or not you're going to do or indeed through the backdoor but um yes I mean that's just I suppose it's it's part part pretty good part and based on facts loss what we do on the show and we get the newspapers everyday and some of his main watch sky and just to stick is the old cliche well you can't like this stuff you know the man who was one of my favorites was was a man who was always had it for molesting a horse not a pensioner you know you just think well if we had written that it is the hope is you say I can't do that it's generally a lot of any moral inequity that you identified it's always happened but I just wonder where you stand on those questions of the big questions of social mobility memo to work with George Osborne about whether they should we text breaks for marriage I mean there are people who say all know we've got mminton be there to indulge in social engineering but you know you look at these big cancer states where yeah become old framework although there isn't 123 you kind of wonder where the state does need to start saying people look we're not stigmatizing certain ways of life but we are saying look you know manage has brilliant outcomes for health education all kinds of stuff we want to encourage you to take a view on that yeah and that marries you certainly need you in an upper I don't know i'm not i'm not sure but what I do know about those essays and what the show has been accused of in the past patronizing and I actually was born in areas similar to I mean I didn't grow up upon these on the state but I knew them growing up there and the people in the middle of all that problem and recession before the recession and celebrated mass there's a celebrated the word shameless is about being shamelessly celebrating what most people have despite you know I mean I know that your purse friend of Mines brother described his visit to Manchester I see that been looking after me very well I see poor as Church mice but with hearts of gold but I mean if there is an element of that you know they will they will give but at the same time they will um if it's there to be lifted they labelled that they'll have to lift it because um if I was a probably in the same situation because what help are they getting and if they can get happy we can get some some tax break from being married that way people could say well that would leave something like Frank Gallagher to married falsely for the wrong reasons you have money variances and the palaces you know we are married for them exactly on that note same if they throw eggs if you want to log on to the website said to children dot org you're going to be helping a lot of people you know five pounds into a ketone married America shouldn't organ the UNH – you can follow follow follow makes it really really will help folks if you can if you can do it Maddox reminds a very powerful that this is something live on Sky News comp get all the gossip I mean our cyst on this weekend partner comes in tomorrow faltering phone blog

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