Cyclone Fani lashes India's eastern coast – BBC News

Cyclone Fani lashes India's eastern coast - BBC News

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Cyclone Fani has slammed into India’s eastern coastline. More than a million people have been evacuated from the state of Orissa, also known as Odisha.

Footage: Subrat Kumar Pati

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48 thoughts on “Cyclone Fani lashes India's eastern coast – BBC News”

  1. This is nothing to do with global warming this is nature doing what it does when you cut down trees you dig below ground you pollute the air and there are too many people. This a natural occurrence and it shaped the world from the beginning only we have given nature the ammunition to fight back. We will not take blame because we do not believe in mother nature but in goal scientists and scaremongering media.

  2. Thanks to satellites launched by ISRO(funded by tax money which could instead be used for distributing among poor as per BBC) millions of people's lives are saved. Atleast Now people might understand importance of space programs

  3. I m from odisha and this is very disgusting to see that all the celebrity donated money for Kerala flood and tamilnadu cyclone but odisha is suffering various cyclone but no one are interested to donate money for the people… I think India is not caring odisha and they are consider odisha only for vote..
    No national media gave us live courage but our local media and odia news helped us a lot to overcome this problems… When everyone suffers they come to odisha to pray lord Jagannath but when no lord Jagannath is in trouble no one caring him…. This is the modern India… We are telling it is a developing country but it is an underdeveloped country….

  4. Orrisa is an English terminology for Odisha. Do not mean to offend anyone it's just kind of weird seeing eastern side of orrisa mistaken as odisha.,while as a matter of fact they are same.

  5. Million of people saved due to those satellites which showed precise path of the cyclone , no casualties reported such precode steps taken by govt of India and state govts

  6. Why is BBC news people so cheap could not they have placed some cameras strategically around the area that would be mostly affected by the hurricane so that viewers living on the next part of the globe could get a firsthand visual experience of the ferocity of a category 4 hurricane in high definition.

  7. according to the Mayan prophecies: they left written in stones messages where they tell us the urgency of synchronize with nature they lived in harmony with their environment they had respect and they loved it because for them the earth is the mother earth that gives them food for its survival so, yes we want to survive as a thinking species. We must start by taking care of our home, if it is not so; the planet itself is going to reset physically and spiritually, in some way and seeing these natural phenomena, is only the beginning of many natural events, which are happening right before our eyes, which should not scare us: because we see how we have our home all destroyed and polluted. then do not expect good things; yes we only do bad things …

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