Cycling in Manchester on Sky News 2016-09-01

Cycling in Manchester on Sky News 2016-09-01

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Olympians demand cycle lane legacy. Britain’s top (sport) cyclists are calling on Theresa May to create a “legacy of every-day cycling” following Team GB’s Olympic success. More info at:

okay well we'll see how it goes on the streets of Manchester this is what thousands of cyclists do every day take to the roads of a busy city and hope to survive the journey I mean a criticism of Manchester over the years is that there's been a lack of provision for cyclists cycle lanes places for cyclists to stop at traffic lights no indication well at a close shave their a car decided that it didn't want to indicate when it was turning left and that's a really dangerous thing for cyclist because if you don't know the cars turning left then you could get hit 80 million pounds has been spent in Manchester in the last 10 years to make journeys like this safer but some of Britain's cycling greats now say infrastructure needs better investment we're trying to say to the Prime Minister that the best way that our athletes can be on it in terms of their success at the Rio Olympics is for there to be a real legacy of every day cycling the reason why British Cycling involved in this is to get more people active and what will make the biggest difference on Britain's roads and encourage people to be active as if they were made safer more segregated cycle lanes so people can cycle to school and cycle to work and get in their physical activity that way counselor Chris Paul helps to decide how much money is spent in manchester today the council opens six new cycle lanes across the city British Cycling say there aren't enough of these they're not good enough the ones that are there yes we hard to disagree with what I can't disagree with them we've started relatively late but transport the great amount has been running the cycling strategy for instance 2011 before that all the districts did their own thing the government money's only come on stream over the last few years really in an ideal world we'd like to be matching London that's very those same sort of amounts of money hundred million a year in inner London we've got the same population in Greater Manchester may be spending about 10 million a year ODU started and there are horror stories in every cycle shop the reason that I'm here actually today is pick up my bike because I got knocked off it two weeks ago I Drive you didn't give me time to take a turn and pulled out on me too early it's generally really bad it's just far too many people not looking where they're going turning in front of you to the left going in cycle lanes but yeah it's not it's not a good experience at all really my 10-mile journey across Manchester has revealed there still lots to be done before cyclists young and old can truly feel safe on our city's roads Nick Martin sky news on the streets of Manchester

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  1. Some boorish cyclists are a put off. These Narcissists are a detriment. But too many motorists do see you but cut you up. Looking at them one sees they have their "la la eyes" not looking

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