Cross Question with Iain Dale: 18 September 2019

Cross Question with Iain Dale: 18 September 2019

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Iain Dale leads the Cross Question debate with tonight’s panel:

– Labour MP Gisela Stuart
– Former Green party leader Natalie Bennett
– Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan
– Femi Oluwole, co-founder of Our Future Our Choice

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47 thoughts on “Cross Question with Iain Dale: 18 September 2019”

  1. It's funny because remoaners like Femi prattle on constantly about how there's no mandate for 'no deal', yet he completely refuses to even entertain the idea of actually letting people vote for 'no deal'… I wonder what he's so scared of?

  2. Femi and the Ozzy debating brexit .The trouble is with the united kingdom it's fallen to the foreigners the united kingdom as we know it has gone these bloody foreigners have destroyed it ..People talk about how bad the NHS is the bloody immigrants who are using it and crashing it same with all public services and most of them eastern European……The British do not have a say any more most of the protest was foreigners …..Kick the bloody lot of them out of the united kingdom Gina miller first …

  3. That Femi Ola,wally oozes with arrogant remain anti democratic bias,while hiding behind the camouflage fake people's vote.I knew 100% what I voted for,to leave the EU,for totally sovereign and political reasons.He and people like him from such a priveliged background have no right to deny true democracy.The so called people's vote he campaigned for is an insult and a complete joke.Democracy demands the vote of 17.4 million is honoured..There is no honor or dignity or justice achieved by anything less than that.He and Parliament,and all Remainers,who have tried to overturn Brexit,should hang their heads in shame.The British people deserve far better,than what this shower have done.

  4. They all have Zero authority or economic expertise on such complex matters. Risk v Risk Mitigation therefore suggests that the benefits of remaining in the EU economic area outweighs by far any of the arguments for leaving.
    Conclusion: UK to Remain in the EU.

  5. An election is now inevitable. If Johnson does not get a deal through,
    then with Brexit still undecided, The Labour party will go into
    freefall, still split, and will be demolished by the Lib Dem vote. The
    Tory's will then come through a win with a majority (a landslide if they
    stave off their arrogance and go into business with the Brexit party).

    Labour's one and only hope, ironically, is if If Johnson DOES get a deal
    through, then on the back of that he calls a general election. The Lib
    Dems will then be toast as they will have nothing else to fight for
    (other than their blatant anti democratic stance on revoking Article 50)
    and with Brexit out of the way, then so is Labours baffling and
    confusing stance on Brexit, which they won't have to put on their
    election manifesto leaflets and look stupid on TV (take a bow Emily
    Thornbury) trying to defend it. Plus they will have the chance to get
    back those 5 million labour voters from the North & Midlands that
    actually voted Leave in the referendum.

    In summary, whatever deal that Boris brings back Corbyn would be INSANE to not give his MP's a free vote on it.

    If he has any interest in not being wiped of the face of the earth in
    any upcoming general election then it is only in his own interest to get
    Brexit out of the way and over and done with, if anything to take the
    wind out of the Lib Dem sails and get those Labour voters back from

  6. we were told by cameron that in the referendom if we voted leave, we would be out of the customs union, single market and the ECJ, George osbourne also said that if we voted leave there would be mass loss of jobs, deep recession and house prices would fall. after that we had we had all sorts of scaremongering about food, medicines, asteriods hitting the earth…i mean ya know, kinda gettin a bit desperate sign of a losing argument, just because people dared to vote leave

  7. We voted, you need to listen, we all knew it would be tricky and we may not be happy with every aspect of the new terms, tariffs we may have to work as a country for a new future, you are stopping this from happening, its what we wanted come what may, training our children for great carrers in our country proud to work in all industries here as well as every single human being from around our world if they have the conditions of the terms we agree, the same will apply for every other country. Come on we can do this. Can't bare to think of our democracy if we don't leave

  8. The spin on the remain side is mind boggling…. the referendum wasn’t advisory ffs, the pm said our decision was FINAL, what we decided will be ENACTED. Once the pm says that we have a verbal contract with parliament.. parliament has made a contract with its boss aka the sovereign people. It’s important to understand that the TRUE sovereignty lies with the people & we only lend parliament our sovereignty on a temporary basis … they always have to hand it back to us.

  9. Well done Natalie.
    Our top youngsters leave to go work in 29 other countries, after we educate them, and we have to take dumbo’s from others countries.
    Sounds fantastic for your middle class kids, Nat !

  10. Who Said anything about 0% tariffs! quit the BS Femi, all us brexiteers want is a Fair Trade, be it free or not (but not done by a stupid membership fee with high tariffs in combination), Opportunities should be created not Restricted by over-regulation/legislation.
    19:15 sorry femi your logic is flawed again , it applies to remainers too because there are many who are fed up of parliament not respecting the referendum result and would now advocate for no deal if the new deal is Horrid plenty of people close to sitting on the fence, in the end all you can do is honour the result.

  11. There was only 2 options leave or stay regardless what they say now we all Voted to leave do you job right pull your finger out your Butts Do as the people have ordered or face the consequences at the next election

  12. We don't need to have freedom of movement, people from India and Pakistan have been able to come here for decades, those countries are not in the European Union! and all of the immigrants who I have encountered within the healthcare system have been Asians and excellent educated professionals, Not Europeans although there must be some, one thing I do know is that we don't need thousands more cleaners/low skill workers from the likes of Romania who cant speak a lick of English and send a lot of the money they earn back home, Immigration YES!, but not open immigration.

  13. Femi is great, he talks complete nonsense and makes stuff up as he goes along! The MP's didn't worry about the size of a majority in the referendum because they were told it was "advisory"🙄 Hilarious liar, doesn't he realise that it would have been recorded in Hansard and quoted by the remainers from day one? Idiot.

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