Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro trailer

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro trailer

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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro/trailer.

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery is exactly what the title suggests. This two-part DVD series looks at the machinery on the Saunders family’s 300-acre traditional mixed farm in Norfolk. All of the work is carried out using a 14-strong fleet of sought-after classics which come together to form a fascinating and unique story as we follow the farm through the seasons.

John Deere is the favoured brand, represented by an 1140, 2040, 2130, 2040, 3140, 6400 and 6420S, and they’re joined by a couple of David Browns in the form of an 880 and 990. A couple of vintage tractors are also still used in anger, with an Allis Chalmers B and Fordson E27N Major each playing their part. Other machinery on the farm includes a John Deere 1075 combine, Whitlock 308 digger and Sanderson GX525 telehandler.

Crops grown include winter and spring barley, winter oats, potatoes and sugar beet. Beef cattle are also kept. Part one covers the first half of the year, with muck spreading, ploughing and other cultivations leading on to cereal drilling, sugar beet drilling, potato planting, fertiliser spreading, hoeing and spraying through to lifting the early potatoes and the winter barley harvest. Part two carries on the story with combining winter oats, stubble cultivations, spraying, harvesting potatoes and sugar beet and drilling winter cereals, plus ancillary activities such as ditch cleaning and workshop work. The programme concludes with preparations for next year’s spring sown crops.

Action packed, with tractors working hard and plenty of noise and smoke, this DVD is a must for any tractor enthusiast or lover of farm machinery.

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welcome to classic farming with classic machinery we're at play pit farm in central Norfolk which is farmed by Tony and Christine Saunders and their son Thomas all of the work on the 300-acre mixed farm is carried out using a 14 strong fleet of classics John Deere is the favored brand and they're also joined by a couple of David Brown's yeah welcome to gray pit farm nekton we're in mid Norfolk we found about 300 acres of land yeah we grow chubby for British sugar and quite a bit winter barley for the cattle Spring Valley for the cattle and oats which of the cattle as well everything we grow we put through the countin feed all the straw we grow as well we use for the cattle for litter and feeding we run a 300 head be fattening unit here we also have a small egg production unit which would run alongside Fowler originally bought a fortune a 20-17 pair of an engine one in 1948 he bought that new and we had that up till 1961 when we purchased a brand new 990 which was about old tractor and had that few years and then in 1968 we bought Dave around 1200 had a few problems with that so in the end we decided to have a John Day have a different make so we bought that 2130 which is here we've got that new in 1974 she been on the family scenes played a whole farm for 10 or 15 years and really and had any problems with it at all really yeah that's had a new clutch in it but that's about it most under what works done over 10,000 or name are then after that 1981 we bought the 24 we and then after that 1982 we bought the 3140 look those new then the Levin 40 came along they had done some bars that were ii am award and then the six 400 came along then in we bought that new in 1993 and then the 64 20 we bought that in 2007 in the meantime the teleportal was bought in 2001 before that secondhand and they've done a couple of thousand dollars when we water style of course is a gold digger Whitlock 308 we bought a secondhand in 1976 they had been with a builder in Scotland so they told us but knowing 90 that reports secondhand we bought in about 1960 that was the AIEE that was bought secondhand six hundred dollars when we bought that 1972 has a 1971 north alarm osmond so we get asked the question why do we keep all these old machines running and the simple fact is it's running costs we do 99% of all maintenance and repairs ourselves and even if you take the oldest John Deere along there the 21 30 what that tractor costs us in terms of repairs and maintenance in a year maybe two years would be less than one monthly payment on a new tractor and that can be said for pretty much every tractor along there even the David grounds as well as doing all the maintenance in our workshop here themselves we also like to do a lot of fabrication and modification to the existing machinery we've got and if we find it's a fall short of our expectations and we can see room for improvement we go ahead and do it even to the point of making new machines from the ground up as well as the members of the family myself and father in the month we have four employees on the farm to full-time to part-time but these two chaps who are mostly involved with machinery and field work Stewart and Matthew we've got a farm shop which we've had right 34 yes which we sell a true and bits and pieces and we've also got a campsite which we opened up by seven or eight years ago we also offer out outsourcing on engineering work their workshop space to help out local farmers and businesses despite many sought-after classics amongst the fleet all of the tractors have their part to play and our works hardware necessary to get the job done as we will see as we follow the farm free you you

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