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and welcome back to bed for sports news is the 19th of April and Norwich somehow a still top or go for it now the first game on want to talk about Sheffield United versus not your forest now this was a game I did watch luckily chef Roger night said it looked very good then it's really really good played really well really good football really slick got lucky with the red cards it was it was a brave decision and by brave I mean probably wasn't a red card that was defenders back there wasn't the it would have been classed as a professional foul I don't think it was he got very unlucky in the situation I think not a forest run lucky but goals from Mark Duffy and Stevens gave Sheffield United the two nail win now that gives a chef would know that we know when it puts them above liens in the league table and leaves come up against the Wigan in the 14th minute we can have a red card for a professional handball deliver a handball whatever you want to call it for me again brave decision don't think it was handball but we can did get unlucky with that as well Leeds then score they missed the penalty even score pretty much straight out for anyway and then what happens in the next 60 minutes of football I'll give it to Wigan Gavin Massey was a double great double for him as well Wigan win 2-1 at Elland Road which puts Leeds third in the table no games in hand they are third in the table on goal difference so there's a four point gap already between the two folks battling out the second place and Norwich City Norwich have the coarsest away kickoff the later kickoff in it the games at football Norwich started off shaky they always do at home some reason we just always seem to concede at home when I was down the pub and I knew that we were going to concede Steve Minh scores in the 18th minute good goal he probably should have got that but before this even happens the referee I thinks had a compiler Westwood is out he's out in the warm-up he gets injured in the warm-up and that is bad for him it's injured and Dawson comes in and then I think it was about the 10th minute but the actual game he handles the ball outside of the area deliberately which for me is a red card straight away I think the referee bottled it knowing that Sheffield United would have to play the rest not even shaking chipper tonight Shepherd Wednesday would have to play the rest of the game with 10 men I think for me that was a bottle job I think he should have given him a red card and Dawson should have boys marching orders I think he should have had an only buff I think he was should being gone but anyway the referee didn't do that and Norwich then once Worcester afterwards with statement anyway Dawson gets yellow card and then what happens in the next 80 minutes say or football it just nail-biting stuff that foresty Aires scores an absolute stunner pelleve worth goal of the season great gold brilliant goal that's fantastic but there's not many words you can't even describe it I was applauding it was just such a good goal the second goal again and the referee and the linesman should be seeing this Tim Krul makes already had save balls loose though he kind of come it comes out his hands balls loose and Steven Fletcher literally parries the ball into the net with his hand you should see cuz he slides in trying to get the rebound and both of his legs are in front of him so what makes the ball bounce up like that it isn't anything else Lee literally the slow-motion replays from every single angle you can see he used his arm and then you keep on going keeping on arch make freedom free substitute as they bring Tim close on it gets to the 90 50 min and I have to say Mario French she's bought the free kick Mariah's probably didn't foul him it was more grand chicks going into him Ferengi gets a free kick 22 yards out and earlier in silence you know silence that just he bends one and it goes top corner place where I was that one absolutely mental branches cause them that equalized it in the 97th minute of the time incredible there was only five minutes out of time so we've got quite lucky with that but it puts not five points credit now I'm now more worried about Sheffield United Sheffield you know it look really good in their game what the finger Leeds bold it bleeds are falling apart again the song is based on them leads are falling apart to get be into one against ten men at home they've they've shown they probably have lost the heads maybe I ignored it but leads the third in the table and I would say they've probably got the toughest running out of the two teams norwich on the other hand if they get one more win i think they I think they've done it I think Stoke if they win that game they've done it they've won the championship but I'm now looking toward ship which now it may be coming up automatically really could game for them I was especially not pleased but it just each seemed like he dominated the play who was Norwood I know he had a few shots that went wide he was a very compliant and I think he will probably be the linchpin in the midfield for Shepherd you know it in the neck sort of games leads on the other hand they need to get better at defending if you're playing against ten men you need to know that new press in just inviting we can either give you even on the break I know that Leeds had so many shots and target and I think we're gonna add a still you need that concentration to put you through at the end anyway that is it I've gone on for six minutes I think that it's enough of me rambling on just a mad game to have people around for the norwich game we've done it again and the think it was them I think it was the match so that day Twitter account said that this team never gets been well you can never beat this team I fought we want to go down to our fourth defeat since I think it was the Leeds game and we didn't fantastic anyway that's it from me Bev Sports News and I will probably see you soon I'm going to Sydney it's tomorrow hopefully report some of the game footage there for you and I will see you later you

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