The Iraqi Orphan – BBC News

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For a short time in the early 1990s, Amar Kanim was famous.
His scarred face and desperate story featured on newspaper front pages around the world. He was introduced to diplomats and ambassadors. He even attended a session of the United Nations.
He was known as the little boy who had lost everything in a napalm attack. He came to personify the suffering of the Iraqi people at the hands of their own president.

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Amar was brought to the UK from Iraq three decades ago, an orphaned child with terrible burns from a napalm attack by Saddam Hussein’s forces. His cause was taken up by an MP and his treatment and recovery in hospital were followed closely by the world’s media. When the spotlight faded he settled into a quiet life without his family in Devon, but then years later receives a mysterious message from a stranger, saying his mother is looking for him. Jon Kay follows Amar’s journey for Panorama as he returns to Iraq for the first time in 30 years. Is it a case of mistaken identity – or can they find Amar’s family?

Climate change: could Britain be zero-carbon?

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It’s an issue on which a 92-year-old David Attenborough and 16-year-old Greta Thunberg agree. (Subscribe:

An issue with existential consequences – both for the future of life on Earth and the future of our lifestyles.

Now, the UK’s climate change committee wants us to achieve a zero carbon target by 2050, with all the sweeping sacrifices that entails. Others want us to do it much sooner. But even if the UK achieves it, what about China and the USA, the world’s biggest polluters?


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the UK government must act now to halt global warming putting into law a new 2015 Net Zero emissions target that's the message from the committee for climate change which urged number tend to bring in legislation by the autumn and insured tougher policies are in place for all parts of British life we've done the work we've seen the science we know that we can achieve Net Zero by 2050 all we need is the government to say yes now urgently why not be more ambitious well very simply because the facts are you can't do it we can go to Net Zero by 2050 and when we've done it we in Britain will no longer be contributing to global warming while extinction rebellion may claim it doesn't go far enough most climate scientists say this is a big step forward this report is a big deal the government specifically asked for advice on is it possible technically and economically to get to Net Zero and this report unequivocally says yes it is which is not something that anyone could really have said 10 years ago but getting to zero carbon involves massive changes across the country the firmest policy demand is to bring forward the electrification of cars from 2040 to 2030 by next year government will need to present a clear home heating plan to end the use of gas boilers in the UK consumers meanwhile we'll have to eat 20% less steak lamb and dairy and with aviation targets also capped it could be much harder for another runway to be built at Heathrow on top of all of this the report outlines plans to plant 3 billion new trees and the cost of all of these changes up to 43 billion pounds a year we need to do a lot of the things that we intend to do more quickly why on earth are we building houses today which aren't ready for the climate change that's happening leave alone playing its part in stopping more climate change and cars car as well the government's got an aim of becoming all-electric by 2040 that's far too late it ought to be by 2030 and that's because Road Transport is the single biggest cause of co2 emissions in the UK but switching to electric faces a lot of practical problems Frederik de valois says it's been an uphill battle to roll out the required charging infrastructure so it's been really challenging actually because we started with a target of 6000 charge points within the m25 in London we had a committed budget of hundred million pounds and we are in 2019 on we have only 1,000 chart points in the ground and it's not just charging points that are falling short less than 1% of cars sold in Britain are pure electric vehicles and many have waiting times of more than six months the report also sets its sights on home heating and house builders in 2015 George Osborne dropped a ten-year plan to have Newbill zero-emissions home a u-turn that has left a bitter taste for many campaigners I think it was actually one of the most disastrous decisions certainly in the environmental area because let's face it those new homes are going to last a century people will be paying more on the fuel bills and emitting more it was a terrible decision and it led to a lot of industry skepticism about government holding by what it says it's going to do and then there's Heathrow so far the airport industry has claimed expansion here can be done within existing targets but the committee has warned that aviation can't wriggle out of its fair share of carbon cuts and while today's report makes big demands for all sectors of the economy it's the government who faced the biggest calls for action if it doesn't act then the world will know that it hasn't taken all the evidence it has refused the remarkable opportunity that it now has and if it doesn't it would have failed absolutely helliya Brahimi reporting work with me now a Ferrari yameen lawyer who helped negotiate the Paris climate agreement and has taken part in the extinction rebellion protests here in London and Bob Ward who's from the Grantham climate research institute at the London School of Economics welcome to you both Tirana let me start with you I mean I think personally 2050 sounds like a very ambitious target for the laundry list that the government has come up with you don't think that soon enough do you it isn't unfortunately I wish I could join in the congratulations and at the moment it's not commensurate with science the budgets and the assumptions that are based on essentially throw small island states and least developing countries under the bus so which target egg would you like to see I think it has to be much sooner we'll get to the back way it has to be somewhere in the next 10 years in the next 10 years in the next 10 years you want 23 million households to stop using gas boilers because if we legislate and have an emergency efficiency act yes we can it's gonna be very costly and some people I'll be able to afford it because we need to allocate the funding in the next CSR to do that Bob or is it realistic by 2030 to have that kind of change well the the 2025 target extinction rebellion have been arguing for it's just not feasible and the analysis published today proves that let me tell you why it's dangerous to go for that is it those 23 million households if you rip out their central heating now you don't have a plan for giving the meeting you're going to expose lots of people who are vulnerable to the cold to the possibility of dying next winter so if you introduce plans that you can't deliver on you will disrupt and damage lives and livelihoods you will also create opposition to any further changes so the 2050 target is consistent with those eyes is consistent with the IPCC's report which showed that if you want to reach one and a half degrees with our minimum overshoot you need the world to be at 70% you need the world to be at net zero emissions by 2070 at the latest Iran some of these fees feasibility isn't a fact it's a set of assumptions that's driven by political will so it's up to us to decide whether we want an emergency energy efficiency act to take up all of the wind winds that you know people like Bob have been pointing out which have not happened it is up to us to decide to allocate the relevant spending from the Treasury to these actions we can organize that we're not saying that people should be without heating in homes we're saying people should be absolutely climate action is an issue of social justice but we haven't treated it as well you know this government hasn't been able to organize brexit now what you are asking for whether it's 2030 or whether it's 2050 is a fundamental revolution of the way that we live our lives can a democracy even organize something like that Bob well we're gonna have to because the consequences of not doing it are going to be truly terrible the science is very clear about this that we are going to face a world which is just going to be very difficult for us to live in and our children our grandchildren so we have no choice but it we have to go down a path that we know that we can deliver on a fire is quite right greater urgency greater determination from policy makers at the moment we're not even on target to meet the carbon budget for the late 2020s and early 2030 that were under a week in a minute so we had people we had dinner London is getting very upset not all of them but some of them were the fact that you know you block dinner at 5:00 you know important parts of London and the traffic came to a standstill how would you get people to make the sacrifices they need to make to meet those targets yeah in a democracy the demands of extension rebellion are to set up a national with perhaps city wide and authority wide citizens assemblies we absolutely agreed that this has to be done with people not against the will of the people and citizens assemblies are the true way in which people can be brought on board people understand what to do in an emergency and what's been missing is governments and citizens working hand-in-hand what we've relied on and I think Bob can agree with me here is a set of voluntary approaches essentially Mark Carney as much penetration beyond and what does he propose is a set of voluntary codes for banks to report financial risk but okay but you're honestly you're asking for a political revolution before you have the climate revolution and you're not going to get that political revolution well I think Michael goes in the meeting that extinction rebellion had with him was very interested in the idea of citizens assemblies we've left citizens behind in so many parts of our decision-making that's why we actually were in a brexit crisis we also had discussions that exceeding billion with the Sadiq Khan he also expressed interest in the concept of assistance assembly maybe with London maybe as part of a National Assembly and I think we've got to look very carefully at how citizens are being left behind and assumptions being made about what they will or will not do okay we we don't need a citizen's assembly we know what most of those policies are we do get on and do it energy efficiency is a no-brainer we shouldn't be having the worst we know how to change it get on the politicians and get them to do it it's not about technical analysis Bob's done so many of them and that's alright we didn't have other people with us gotta break it up but it is important Bob Ward for Ronnie I mean thank you very much indeed thanks Matt well environmental protesters have been targeting one firm at the center of Rao's over fracking INEOS whose founder so Jim Ratcliffe claims the country is being deprived of cheap energy the chemical producer is now bankrolling the Tour de France winning cycling squad formerly known as Team Sky the newly renamed team INEOS were booed by protesters at the start at the Tour de York ship from Yorkshire Yorkshire here's our chief correspondent Alex Thompson and they're off Doncaster today for la dipper v TDY 130 riders 19 countries 384 miles over four days in God's own County but in the town's Market Square protesters had gathered early incensed that the plastics oil and fracking giant INEOS should sponsor a cycle team in the very county it wants to open up to fracking among them three borough councillors boycotting invitations to pre-race hospitality to protest instead it's about going to renewable energy and if the adds an inkling of cents that would go into that and they'd start making a profit from it straight away into wind farms into solar energy we're in the midst of the climate crisis you know there is absolute consensus that that's the case and the last thing we should be doing is starting a new fossil fuel industry donkus the council passed the motion we're opposed to fracking in Doncaster with anywhere within our land and that has cross-party support it was unanimous in the gallery not every Yorkshire man or woman feels that way of course and order some of their MPs even in areas which face potential fracking we've got 23 million homes in the UK connected to the gas supply for heating and cooking so all need in any scenario any energy scenario we'll need gas for some decades to come a key question will we import half our gas today do you want to import more and more gas as we will be doing or do want to produce it from our own natural resources protesters gathered in Doncaster this morning were having none of that the presentation therefore of the in yours team was always going to be a mixed affair [Applause] frak off INEOS the repeated shout is he bothered the new sponsor in yours boss Britain's wealthiest man personal net worth more than 13 billion dollars currently reported as moving to Monaco no sir Jim Ratliff is not polit I wouldn't want to get involved in ooh who's difficult dangerous they've been fracking conventional wells for 60 or 70 years all the wells in the North Sea the frack domain everybody there's nothing all we do is pump water down and it just loosens her off of it that's all so you know I think it's a great shame that the north of England were an important part of the economy is manufacturing is being deprived of cheap energy the potential fracking map of England it's banned in Scotland shows large areas of Yorkshire could be fracked in your says it would even frack under the North York Moors National Park if it could Friends of the earth have now issued an open letter to the team in your cycling boss so Dave Brailsford saying INEOS are using cycling to greenwash its image Brailsford well he's attracted his share of controversy in sport down the years rap lives angered environmental groups for years both men are simply shrugging it off and the cycling well today the tour stage entered countryside potentially earmarked for fracking further protests are expected over the next three days Alex Thompson Channel 4 News in the East Riding of Yorkshire

neighborsgo says goodbye to Diane Hartley

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Staff and friends tell the publisher of neighborsgo that she’ll be missed.

the best reducer together at the last minute very little resources what to go to this page and to go on take a look at charts all aspects of Diane no yeah draper Draper my B&N in the queen bee yeah that's right she was our queen bee right these are on the pl to the softball leader in our leader in the office we really well can I can't even put into words what she means to us Tripoli the dynamic quality and the style which we machine and cross and I do want to say that when I told a few people the reaction when I am of leaving the reaction with the same I would take a bullet for Tommy coming said that you know I'm a little bit more deliver another body for a second you know what I would take a bullet for not know I wanted to present this to her and thank you for leadership and the great support and the great friendship that you provided me personally and to the group we would not be here you guys gotta see this they probably spent like how long it's amazing no they're enormously talented yeah and and so thank you very much and thanks everybody for coming and enjoy a great view of Dallas is when we've never places and thank you for coming I appreciate everything look look at d-bags thank you

Alan Partridge takes to the streets! – Comic Relief 2019

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Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge takes to the streets of Norwich to drum up some fundraising fun for Comic Relief. He’s joined by his trusty sidekick, Simon Denton (Tim Key).

The biggest night of live comedy and entertainment kicks off in spectacular style as a host of famous faces bring you exclusive sketches, live performances, music and stunning surprises, all in aid of Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day 2019 | BBC

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it's time to cross over to Alan Partridge.
Good luck everybody. Hopefully see you on the other side. Yeah, I know, I know that,
but they… But they say "reasonable expenses", those are the words. And they might say, "Hang
on, Alan, I think you're mugging us off here." I say, "Really? I regard that as reasonable
expenses." What are they going to say? Apologies, we're clearly having some technical difficulties
there, we'll try to get back over to Alan shortly. Alan? So I claim £430 first class
return peak travel ticket, get a mate to give us a lift, 30 quid to him, new pair of shoes,
400 to me. As if I'm going to catch the train. You know? Could you send us a receipt for
the train? Yeah… Clearly Alan is still having a few technical issues but he'll be back after
the news to take fundraising to another level. Time for something very special. Earlier we
had a few technical difficulties but fingers crossed he can hear us now and he is aware
he is on the television. We give you north Norfolk's finest fundraiser, Alan Partridge.
Make sure you pay up. That's exactly the kind of mischief, officially sanctioned mischief
we are getting up to today, getting a grandma to dress up as Elvis, or me saying I'm Alan
Partridge backwards. I am Alan Partridge but I'm not backwards! I begged to differ! I'm
just saying I don't have special needs. Half of everything you raise goes to Comic Relief.
It does indeed and the other half goes to a similar local charity. Co-founded by me.
Called Laugh Help. The conservation of roundabouts with flowerbeds on. Remember the Laugh Help
A pledge, none of our money goes abroad. There we are. Some pledges, Pamela pledged £50
if you wore clown shoes for the whole day. So when are you going to put them on? I do
though, somehow. There was £74 pledged by the kids of Saint David's School in Stafford
if you would drink a raw egg but as you have said. I don't drink raw eggs any more. You
don't drink eggs any more. I just don't. We have had an interesting one from the manager
of Richer Sounds in Norwich. I know him. £5,000 if you can organise an impromptu conga. Let's
do it! I would like to form a conger if you could all get in line. Not side by side. That's
like a Jewish wedding. Cancan at a Jewish wedding. Stand in line and gently clasp the
hips of the person in front of you. What are you doing, you dirty get! Everyone coming
together like David Cameron's Big Society. I don't know if you remember it about eight
years ago… I think we'd better hand back to the studio. We are not handing back. We
are not going to hand back. Just… Just, it's all right. Where is everyone? There is
a shop here that we could try. Do you mind if we film for Comic Relief? They do mind.
You! You! You! Is that a pepper spray? Hey, what are you doing? You could have been an
attacker. You didn't bother to ask. You are quite threatening. I tapped you on the shoulder.
Was that threatening? Come on, this whole gender thing has been going on for two years,
people have been pussyfooting around it, let's have this conversation right here right now.
Started in the corridors of the BBC and they can rip up the carpet and it might as well
be wall-to-wall egg shells. Stick your head above the parapet and you are likely to be
hit by an arrow or a stick that chooses to identify as an arrow. Sorry I took your pepper
spray, which is made from real peppers. I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. I'm sorry,
mate! Where was I? Conger! Let's go! I forgot they closed it down, a dog choked to death
on some condoms, I think he thought they were bacon rashers. It's a pity because it would
have been a good short cut. I think there is a youth club around here. No, it is a scout
hut. Alan Partridge, scout patrol leader, 68-70, north Norfolk. Can we talk to some
of the Scouts, we need to do a conga for Richer Sounds. We are only filming from the waist
down. That's even worse! Please, I beg of you. I will have to ask somebody. Hi, Val.
What's wrong with your eyes? I ran into some bins and… Pepper spray. Great, Scouts, how
many have we got? Six, seven, eight, we've got enough! We have 15 congees, we now have
a conga quorum. Lift your knees! We have 15 congees. Where are they? Why have they gone?
I knew this would happen. They probably conged off to chicken cottage. Maybe Richer Sounds
will still give us the money. They have said they won't. Back to whoever is doing it this
year. I hate Comic Relief.

Crazy Australian Kid With Scottish Accent Wrestles Croc On ANN News

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Insane Kid Wrestles Kid

hello folks I'm Jack and today we're going to be all going over a crazy story so there's something called the Great Barrier Reef and it's dying I'm going to pass you over to William Cooper with Oliver he's a fisherman and yeah let's see what's up tell guys I'm William out in the middle of the ocean in this crazy storm with Oliver what are you experiencing about this sad sad moment well you know I feed my family right below us this thing is dying and we're doing it just just knowing that makes me terribly sad and when we're we're making it going we're killing it with all of our pollution and I'll climate change and I mean we're doing things like but it's not enough we need to do more what do you think about the poaching well it makes me mad because you know I feed my family with with this fishing rod right here this is how I get my food I come out here every day and right and I fish and I get myself I get my food for my family and stay in the limit I mean I do what I do when I need to do I sometimes go to the limits but that's about it [Applause] what are you scared of [Applause] how would that all of them oh you know we got the croc we were wrestling we brought it back the show we killed that we got the croc the Australian croc back to you jack Thank You William now there are reasons of stuff is happening okay it's all the pollution and climate changing but the distal hope today okay we the government has enforced we're poaching rules also remember cleanup day yes coming up i'm a fourth and don't forget about that and yes thank you it's a cross [Applause]


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Everton Under-23s made it a league and cup double! With the PL2 title in the bag, the Blues faced Newcastle at Goodison with the Premier League Cup on the line and lifted the trophy thanks to captain Morgan Feeney’s winner!

all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] bigger news might be on the cold [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah oh shoot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] be brightened to win Premier League – and a great chance to do a double on me now good would that be for these young men you know age I mean look it's it's Lots you know the achievement of the century in terms of right you know big big cups and what-have-you like that and but these boys hopefully will go on to experience things like that in the future but you can only be playing and observe wants to do a double would be a little special night for all nobody's ever done the Premier League so and family cook double so everything can create a little bit of history under the first football club things underway Angelo my fellow sons one four four throws around be or windsors first header of the evening but it goes out for the goal kick it was nice for a centerfold early ones the first tie but isn't it yeah exactly the straight a very good intent put the ball in the box test their Center hogs out trays are won it comfortably so hopefully that'll help giving confidence for the rest of the evening long both fall down a lot left hand side it's blocked oh right more than freely and hello pixel epic gives an early church of the ball inside the first minute to jail Virginia who finds Brendon Galloway who that's the ball do the work then follow that a Polish left-hand side but can't find that in the Evans and you Castle can get away with Matthew launched at sanjaya yes possessor there's Josh Portland man who stole cinched feed from really to title to support towards solar we can hand him down by the corner flag needs a bit of help gets it from miss Angelo mark hello has a funeral and again girl on stuff and does so faster sailor somebody leaving score de Ville 23s rolls it wide said about me Evan sticks help cross into the penalty area not the worst cross in the world but start with finding across the United Murph they don't the delights are at the early tempo down and here could send Pope folks wide many density Evans and Josh Bowl are getting on the ball as well I like the fact that they're playing on opposite side so Anthony's a predominantly right footed player but even cut back and whipped dangerous crossing noonas weed as he just did there and Josh you had such a good good game against riot and we're at the score deal important goal for us we know on his day is a very talented player as well so I think looking at it phrase around it looks nice and sharp in the first few minutes before we say of foraging the way four possessions have to weigh by Owen Bailey and more than Feeny brings it under control and uses the bill nicely Galloway and so so he has to go back Leavitt will start again at the end when sweeps it wide towards a barrel it wasn't the best connection friend Denis ethereal and you can stir had possession again they follow the good season Newcastle they've reached the Premier League Cup final that involved in a playoff for promotion to the twenty lead to top flight they play Southampton as the date has yet to be confirmed so Newcastle are clearly under-23 team on the rise and I spoke to David on the rift in the dressing room before the game and he said these are a good team yeah he said that to me I'll sat down and had a couple with the boys just before just before they went out and he said exactly the same thing they're well organized and you know there's no way on the planet we can take this lightly itself a long ball towards Josh Thole only gets a little upset lien gypsy puts a challenging to flow in for peloton over on the far side it's notching then we should have these these schemings but the Chairman's here it's a microwave the Chairman's come up mr. machineries up I just saw Marco Marco silver and Marcel brands are also here as well so that's a nice nice nice for the players to know that the managers here watching it the Chairman went into the dressing room Diddley beforehand in there had rode with the Bruce which is good rousing speech for Demong Shore feeling to attainment now what's been seeing let's see the bear early those in this community crop farm the first time the tough years have been in the family clip flying up and then you look at this tab there's 11 o'clock 11 men including the goal keeper obviously the new boss behind a more it's gonna it could be a very very tested evening for us the Center for youth chairman throwing on this I didn't have to be aware but yeah you can see what their game plan is Newcastle they're going to try and deep dig deep they're gonna sit deep and try and hit us on the counter-attack and they're gonna just try and frustrate us I think for sale December really deep which foot some dime or Caleb except he put a skill by Sunday late his rabbits slice it into the channel that's a great early point into the penalty area that apologize Virginia never say about cross time there's a decent crossing on the left-hand side there from Liam Gibson but jail was equal to it nice and comfortable handling he's been excellently season as well Virginia good prospect for us in the gold keeping Department size as well as we're big lad always helps if you're a if you're a good size of your one be a goalkeeper in your are live from British and Park on the official Everton YouTube channel tonight [Applause] you see it now with Dennis doing in in the middle of the park plenty of time plenty of space on the pillar but Newcastle camped with eleven men literally within a yard radius just go by Jeff bowler I brings the ball infielders rather so it's going to need a little bit of individual brilliance I suppose down this that's where the code I think it could do tonight the Puri you're not solely because of what I've said about new Carson their approach this this at very very deep they're working hard as soon as we really hope they're working hard to get every single man behind the ball and right now this is when they go to break long stuff herim barely Newcastle United captain you lose a Spartan fellow again the reward of attrition I think this one there certainly patience is going to be the key worm Sanjaya back to Beverly Cass again another birth comes through load up by Charmin that I could challenge by in the Fangio mark fellow for the very good strikers on but it was actually done through Carson it's owned by German which strong shell is Brian the Franz you know mark hello that the impression is gonna be a set-piece or a counselor sack don't you that's gonna run lock the key yes it's 50/50 this game at the moment isn't it though I mean they're both sides have started okay plenty of possession but not too many chances to talk about for from wirelessly over everybody camber solace under get there no he can't long stuff deli slicer play behind Luis trypsin chased down woopsy makes a living a hash of the clearance so he did I mean he'd actually done the hard work let the food run across him he went to play at backward he's right for a sadly they've got in the way and these kicks it out for a corner so time to concentrate first called evening from Newcastle I think that would be logged corner kick for the derbies have your body bar just there at back for hours and he comes the core it's low it's not the best event or fact enough scrambles to behind the line and it's another corner and there's rights outside for Newcastle just a chance to see the replay there on what's the showed up paying off Brendan are the way that might have actually come off the Newcastle man but the respective because the referees given a corner for them again and it comes Behrman Galilei doesn't stand on ceremony anywhere litter and such Baylor wins at least inhabit chases down the second board it's forward by Jonas Terry NC time for anonymously to find Dennis adenine a lot of the pursuit demonstrators that the middle of the park again the Newcastle overly interested in precedent most they're quite happy fruits are after Paul and they'll see as it has upset on numerous occasions already quite happy to put all men behind the pool sip tea and and frustrate us more than anything headed by the shall assemble picked up by Josh Baylor is this the moments of brilliance moving waiting for no long stuff is there and again just too many black and white shirts endorsing the Newcastle approach didn't have a an illustrious plunderer shall we say that at least fellow Queen of the South there's been coaching at Newcastle United in some way shape or form since you 16 years of age [Applause] coaching loser well organized yeah it's very very much so exactly what David and Ross said to the pair of us they're a nice side they they do the basics right they're not going to come here and lay down or be overall they haven't shown that that's all in this opening you know 10 minutes or so [Applause] heads up a crossed over for Gerald Virginia there's more color razor on B peels off except it's well defended by Cass it's well defended but mark Ellen's got to be a bit bigger with the board edit button Trey zombie is peeled off the defender there on the shoulder is 30 yards of space for that food to be played over the top in sir and Mark Heller was just a bit short with his past so sharpen up on our pass in a little bit 11 when it's gone I could have some pork family cuts while alive on the Evan YouTube channel could put a score by Jamie steadies doesn't get the church it needed its back into the penalty area and it's clear by Ryan Ashley and a super bullet flow by Jen you steady on this lady's impressed me in this opening 11 or so minutes Darren he's been there he's been their best attacking player really James Terry to right back getting forward there took a magnificent ball into the box I think it was Luke Charmin was it there a new gesture failed with the header ticket mmm some kind of purchase on it but it was a hair's breadth away from him another New Castle corner this time from the left hand side it's the penetrative coast and then we'll get to touch on it great save by child Virginia it's aware and scramble and it ends up in your arms which I'll show that you can put the bones I'll say you're gonna be a difficult one it was Rica Shay around the box I mean a good pool in from the from the left hand side right footed in swing in there and I mean talk about putting your body on the line Morgan Feeney does terrifically well to throw his body onto the ground and just about saw it out and unfortunately for us the ricochet fell into the hands of jail Virginia the second time around and we cleared the danger but anyway some worrying signs there you can clip some of the first have it on the right hand side in front of the family enclosure you can't see on camera is that there's a really healthy crowd behind us in the football and say yep yep it's always nice other first midweek crowds to spook the young players Evans and their target at bio steady just guides a fat – Nathan Parker the Newcastle United cleric you put his Owen barely the captain these very much they're more than feely Owen Bailey he's an old-fashioned type centre-half he's a Newcastle United fan and he's been with the clips and she was 7 years of age so it's just the identical opposites of them Phoenix there's nothing wrong with the old no-nonsense the end up we've got one in our first team at the moment in kazoom of Maine outstandingly well alongside Michael clean and there's no frills with Claire oh yeah I mean into the defenders are there to stop goals and so put their bodies on the line and why I'd be like that and the lights are Morgan Feeney and Owen Bailey do that for their clubs to enjoy defend and don't worry they enjoy being a leader as well there's a good lad as well Morgan I like him a lot of time for it yet there was very respectful of the X players is Lee Morgan well he's never told me so he knows his history so he knows you've kept us in the premium a new start and Sharpie put put him in the back of a car and threatened we're actually the century ago he's been tortured snot all week without you know know what he's like is his eyes roll on everything you don't want to see any more days at Goodison Park like that one trust me no Nassau a little dang lucky there Morgan Feeny's fighting to run the Fraser home be and it was a decent very just probably a couple of yards just too long the good news is that was more Fraser Wembley right through the middle of an air defense then having the opportunity to maybe have just latched on to it if the pool as I say it just been a little bit shorter interception by London Galloway they read the situation there very well Brendan good good experience play he's very experienced at this level as well Brendan Callaway so he should we shouldn't have any concerns about anything out here on the field you should be out of deal with everything that comes his way most experienced player on the perches they kept Newcastle go cut the players a revert have a taste of that the first team that moats and Dali in the middle of the part number 18 you Castle is a full international football he's got two cups for Liberia sake black Pike masala sambar picked up by Jeff bola they were fierce aren't the evidence for the first time there's only about six or seven you can sleep late with you and Evan of the goal but they get back into position very very quickly and we organized themselves as Brendan Gallery bucket goes to mark hello Morgan Feeney yeah that would be the one thing I would be looking at now cut when we when we get the ball when we win the ball back and can we just do things that are a little bit quicker because we've just allowed Newcastle dare to mmm alder man back we've just got to do it a little bit we're moving the ball and our movements better be a little sharper if we're going to unlock these stubborn resistance that Newcastle was showing because that was about the first time we only had seven or eight players in front of us exactly and the others oh look mr. bailiff set an ambitious black/white Calandra flick that's right Nathanial my fellow 17 minutes on the clock sweeps it why – exactly Evans weapons can't control it in its how to play the aquarium for you castor we're going to say the patience was the name of the game diamond concern Lee is yeah ice a little bit cat-and-mouse out there at the moment seventeen and a half me it's gone and I mean the best chance of the games for into Newcastle we've just got just up up the tempo in terms of a run we go forward move that ball quicker as I say make sure our movements good help players on the pool just that little bit more with a movement here's long stuff so Calum rabbits one of the players who has played first in football it's a cool ball into the penalty area good positioning watch out for to you better than that what's so Nathan market there's a confident young man who was charging after the keeper there Nathan Harker and the fairness to the young man very very well took a little bit of a risk I always look a million dollars when they come on checking the biographies that leaves you in place with Newcastle United in the office yesterday Mason half of the goalkeeper is colorblind and he plays the put the flag up but doesn't actually played in the game for sure for tonight did you know now centre forward on the day was Derek Taylor we were playing West Brom so we will red and white stripes play the blue and white stripes yet to come off because he couldn't handle it it's Dennis adenine she found zero marquetta Gibson Galloway dr. Gibson which bowl up there with bravely gets the touch on it doesn't think he did for the throne but the linesman and the referee both in agreement that it was a New Castle throwing it's not the best 20 minutes of football I've ever seen them no it doesn't know sometimes you do so much it was so exactly the same thing not many Cup finals are particularly great games all right nobody wants to be the first player to make a mistake if it needs a goal another corner yes all right no they haven't been about three or four more than four weeks subscription mr. Spencer has been a little bit one-dimensional for my line in at the moment is that there's plenty of space and like I say Newcastle but dropping off and it just will allow in the back for and the two boys image fields I have to pull and we were trying to hit diagonals and it's it's too obvious yeah we've got to get the ball on the floor we've got to get it moving and we've got to move it sharper and move those defenders and midfield players a Newcastle around a bit more it's too comfortable for them at the moment thank those robbers for just about the first time money runs into it and we exist yet to the Pelletier brings it in fear as he overrun it just manages to insane possession one point you thought you'd overrun it but he come turns and comes back on his right foot into that far corner but Parker managed to get down to it certainly our best moment of the game liveliest moment it came from Josh Pollard a man who had such a big impact in the Brighton game a couple of weeks ago I'm smart so far the people got as the piano fingers international to tell and what's to nobody in particular just like mr. C was sauce the issue a little bit now if I will attempt on goal just keep them on the back foot a little bit more out in the Evans we've drifted in feeling better I think he thought Josh bowler was gonna be alongside in overlapping but he was nowhere to be seen Josh I think he was still getting his breath back from that run he did but just a few minutes ago but I'm going to see that as well Anthony Evans just not being not not standing out here or elif's on the left side he's just drifting in there just trying to get in that pocket of space between the Newcastle back foreign and midfield players and he's succeeded a couple of times in this house newscast again by Louis Gibson to reach this self-regulate farm level really groups will Sheffield United Blackburn and don't cast it when the group came through to the last 16 to be Sunderland burn world is in the quarter-final and Swansea City Saturday in the semi-final at the Liberty Stadium Fraser jambe and the solace and boots on the mark at the Liberty Stadium did you cover that game though I certainly did I traveled out to Swansea after the barely game a little to mention that sold out we didn't actually got driven through the night it's always working of an influence on this family cup final now is total birth forward an awful long way something really good area throwing on the far side there just by underneath the main stand but he's certainly our livewire at the moment Josh bowler he's he's the go-to man I think at the moment it's Angelo mark hello to that's the only I don't really like about the performance so far a Janus Terry who's been very very good for Newcastle right Lang but squealed like a baby when any having slightly caught in there you don't like to hear that do you and you know sixty or seventy yards away from it we kick for Newcastle this is Jonathan just come into the technique where we're over on the far side there with David Unsworth maybe they're thinking of maybe a possible tactical change and see if we can change the course of the game a little bit that said Josh boulders at his best two moments over there in the last five minutes so maybe we'll stick with it stick with the formation the golden by the way cutting a little bit of a knot so gives it away but the frontal Omar color was very well positioned to hopefuls lays on one occasion Nathan blue head he's on the bench slow rate goes this season once he falls Alex Danny and oncology are only five substitutes in the friendly problem good idea from Dennis adina-in but all the hits trying to get try to play the pole just behind the Newcastle back for for just Boulder to run onto but these Paul was all over hit there you've got a feel for a young Nathan broad ed as well I think it's a bit of a knocking draining and they they just didn't want to risk him so he could use that to take a place on the bench and if we need him he could always come on but I don't think the thought process was that he could maybe to get the 90 minutes under he felt can't absolutely provided us with the highlights of the season so far my scored a brace at Anfield and can you lead to Merseyside derby victory against Liverpool show me study – Callum Roberts those Gibson's that it's how these up before toffee get back to jail Virginia more good for you neither skip up and look to get his hands on the fun little trophy so nice little trophy is relevant in the reception area before the game this evening I'd love to see him lifting that a lot tonight at Goodison Park to go alongside shot on him ghost of drol on its wall smothered by Nathan Hart certainly this last five or six minutes we've just asked one or two questions of the New Castle defense now and Anthony Evans he's getting some jury coming in from the left-hand side and just getting as I said getting in those little pockets of space he's done it a few times and it's worked Josh boulders getting some joy on the right-hand side as well so all of a sudden maybe we just find in our feet with for the half-hour mark coming up hold on baileywick so much sundar take long stuff Lewis Cass is stearic chips at all until another time I only tries to peel off the iron Gundam Galloway to the ground safely through to jail Virginia we've had 28 morally uneventful minutes in this Premier League Cup final all the tents it's all a little bit organized kgs a good word to use Louis gifts up against his brother tonight so unique calendar add the phrase of Hornby to chase like honestly I know all about it but it drives me insane that ball was played five minutes ago but wait till Frazer makes a challenger and then puts these flanges good for a cup that's crazy and say this all behaves in fairness it is the rule that said the officials should they should get together shouldn't they and say to the powers to beat this is just ludicrous it's wasting everybody's time there's Galloway it's nice to take the poor with them and that that was a life decision to be honest Tom Alan Roberts inside the penalty area then you go finished at the inland rivers as well to trouble at Newcastle win the Cup again and just momentarily it's Everton that's on the back force and Newcastle in possession they grab us those two long stuff Sun Valley thinks about playing that wife and plays a short for a lot of the space here it's pulled low low wide by Tom Allen those strangers are scoring against their wit's in the start of last season they scored the winning goal for the under-18s can you cast it against Everton but on that occasion he was well well why'd he was but he wasn't closed down quickly from I like you know there's an opportunity from there about 25 yards out and we seem to make take an eternity to decide to close him down which is half an hour Leighton Park has been tested with a couple of efforts your picture gel Virginia largely unsettled apart from a few catches from decent deliveries from the right areas finding from the corner didn't we as well that was a heart-stopping moment but we escaped that other than that there's probably three three decent moments in the first are from an attacking sense from both sides new Charmin there were some take the food clip quickly trying to keep the ball moving just you can see the two banks are falling for us can't your chips midget isn't it yeah they're well organized they won't drill they're everything that they tune can they keep it on for 90 minutes that will be the question from Newcastle can we keep that discipline can we keep that effort level up for 90 minutes maybe a massive taking any opportunities that we get as well as net califor to be boastful in front of goal [Applause] or will Bailey kellen twice morning sleep the sugar over to much of the world so at Luke Jarrow schism over the line and it's a throw-in for securities Gibson three click for the trophies what 1zb thinking after the first half-hour great shake it probably isn't surprised about the way the games gone I don't think anything that Newcastle have done we will have surprised in I think you'll just become getting to the players at halftime and you're saying as I said before look we know what they're going to do with it there no gonna put the defense we've just got to be a little bit quicker in our thinking moving the ball sharply Galloway takes a challenge you did quite well the defender there to just hold him up but we've managed to get ourselves a throw on but it's just that little bean injection of life and pace in the game because what more I think we require there's more than Feeny that right – exactly Adams headed away by starey notice today Leland gives a straight Bassett Lewis Katz has long stuff unified sailor as far as Markel oh it's a hazardous picked up by some guy he uses the ball rather finds Jamie steady looking effective little bit forward towards Tom Allen you can't control it and it's a throw-in for Everton oops geordie Boyd of course from Clarence his boyhood club John government or from Newcastle United and if they're well as a Premier Li to second division side to reach this far in the tournament of Newcastle United they were grouped with Leeds United Southampton and lots County before progressing through to the reading in the last 16 Derby County in the quarters in the semi-final heads for solace Sam be forced to off the course are quite Lewis Cass needs a bit of support here it doesn't get it but winds are throwing off journalists ready yeah many others they just let the bull run for his feet and then played the put fool down the line to be Silas sample we got onto it but you didn't really have too many options not too many people out there in the blue shirt look it's a help it Dennis Cedeno Feeney to form beacon Galloway tree only three plays on the other side with first team experience says that the Evans who's been alone a platformer sees bugs well defended by early encryption and it's half to safety Dennison a terrific absolutely Hague is a space now here Brendon Galloway on this left-hand side right down in front of us moves a little quicker just bollocks and Paul in inches away and a village raised the ball was out a player that was drift out the only think he did think that Baron because otherwise he heads that in the back of an area should be hiding the ball in the net weight over his right for us from Josh Nora few years against most time Markel Irwin's Achilles addition : again relative we re at just poetess don't indicate which has got a fight touching it it's space difficult to say from the view I had frozen OB was deceived in some way shape or form Fraser's got to be thinking that you know as a centre-forward you've got to be thinking to Kieffer's missing it which staying in Eddie anything his trash bowler he has got some worried wins he'll ever corner she's got a bit between his teeth of me yeah I managed to see just before the game is where such as such in my saloon you know fit more like just like the end against Bryant and yep they said yep but you certainly bees bees bees been our best player job yet it's like the only likely spark got the oven six corner decent why nicely can't get there and the fan jelenia Kelly pick it up for a button such as it back to of Dennis Cedeno and we go back again to Brendan Galloway Denis at dinner and again on the halfway line for tours with Angelo marquel oh nice to thread it through the spaces in red Galloway so Nutella my spell violence phrase it only turns ago we should moment yeah connector again answer the inside just turns and sees phrase only is just couple of yards just off he sent a half there he plays it into him and phrases got no other thought to get a shot off goes for the curler in the top corner great strike on it but just unfortunately a couple yards too high better from our stoked oh and Bailey thirty-eight minutes just on the clock seven minutes plus any other time to go on a confident they'll be any other science' be honest we've had no injuries no substitutions because inside the penalty area with Charmin which and again bite mark hello cross-terms info Gibson into the penalty area it's over everybody today Fonzworth would have been livid Lewis Gibson's are lucky man there he he made the interception but it was only because he slipped on the floor and just managed to stick his leg out and make the interception initially then the ball was played it came into the referee and as you sit down and put us back on the back foot pole drop the bill I'll explain throwing for Everton on the right-hand side has more color Phoenix retainer it once again Newcastle have every single player being on the ball good ball buy out the Evans Josh bowler shoot sugar but most marketers we know that will locate inside a 20 year old was terrific strike from Josh bola keeper could only parry at this time and praise a horn beep rap should have scored but another would savor the goalkeepers legs he wasn't so mode over on the far side the linesman at flag Fraser offside we're asking questions yeah knocking on the door as they say well and watch to Bailey blown stuff with shallots mobile singing great challenge now the twenty three four five against four Dennis Edina the clients Fraser home be Kosovo inside the penalty area saying could you've used me it's a pleasure don't be late go to faraway grave it wasn't too far away I mean I liked his single-minded dispraise a long way I mean he's a centre forward and he wants to score goals so he's gonna have a shot if he says the whites are the post I don't particularly have a problem with that unless somebody's in the glare in the better position which Dennis adina-in wasn't someone you know I've got no qualms of what Fraser did there but as you sit down now getting to pushing towards the end of this first half we are starting to ask a few more questions few more attempts on goal and looking far bigger threat than the earth in the first half an hour well you saw earlier didn't hear that can they keep this organized can they keep this rigidity for 90 minutes and it's it's less the impossible to do isn't it I mean the walkway I mean he's a big pitch is a big night for them to play at Goodison Park as well his new pants are on the chat themselves that those kids who stand strong know when they look at a suit Park four minutes to go in the first half of the Premier League Cup final extra time and penalties drained of its level we won't be extra time ampere just go to paintings so you can cast a lot that's the last hour embarrassed I mentioned after the Premier League was a few officials here tonight you ball please the problem when the stands are empty once the ball goes into the stand the poor little dildos again there's no one to get it back in federal do know where it is inside you have a penalty area now charmant that's us Terry Tom Allen decent fallen again he reaches Gibson but it's cleared by enough Angelo Mark Kelly only as far as telling less local boys English do you Castle sighs if this man in the ball calendar what's his plan of when he's been degree 2 since he was 10 years of age soccer math city of course good secession from every gallery where you go was plays in the field towards Dennis Athena they didn't give a penny with much of a chance you know I didn't garlic takes on the fantail Omar Keller brings the ball in feel it's a good interception and that's got a footwork by Dennis at the inlet and he's strong enough that's enough soup power away at the ball touches it right to Josh Barry once again they double up on Josh Barry to once again he brings the ball infield fired over the crash bar from no more than three yards out it's a glaring miss by Frazer jambe Annie knows it you know what it looks a horrible miss but I tell you what it's not as easy as you think coming Josh barro is the danger man there's no doubt about it and as you say down there doubling up on him but still josh has got the beating of the pair of him he cuts in on his left foot and he rips it to water fire post and it just bounces just in front of Frazer it bounces and yes he should have scored but it looks it looks easier than it actually usually as absolutely no shame in the system of six yards we've mentioned Wimbledon let's talk about the trip I'm talking of a lightly assistance it just couldn't get that right I'll touch on it just to kill it and control it get off damn the hostile missiles gonna come just too too soon for us isn't it we've just think it'll be good for the lads confidence as well to know that slowly but surely we're wearing this Newcastle ride down and I think that'll be on Z's messages sir damn rock you know rotate the first half-hour we've sort of eased into it a little bit as soon as you've raised the tempo a little bit moved it around a little bit quicker you started to causing some problems it's a piece of board while masters better watch this and does watch it and deal with it very effectively picked up by the Danes around forever some jock Bowl that he's enjoy himself tonight willing with some garlic ball nearly got stuck under his feet fell into heaven but once again Josh's got a 60 70 yards of the PA son very well again just gets as high up the pitch the sangar is a good play you know at this level you can seize he's a very very athletic player in the middle of a part for them very very strong Galloway a little bit not being newcastle united storage all eyes now are arm been and speedy on the far side and there you go no other time at all half time it's the only and what sort of probably shaded it and we should be ahead yeah we probably should just about be a pretty good chance for young phrase are there right at the end but disappointment the onion bag he's got another 45 minutes to do that and hopefully witness this from your leap up it's the probability Cup final Accord of some part we're live on the Everton YouTube channel with me darling little sand grains tears alongside me it's been a war of attrition entertainers here also play center Abbot's a mil United nil [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but welcome back to go to some Park for the start of the second half and crane what squats a change in this second half the thing for Everson to break through but I think we do know I just don't think it's a case of changing too much so we've got it obviously push a little bit for that goal make sure that we don't concede at the other end I think we've just got to be sensible in the way that we're playing and why have you but I think you just got to be a little bit a bit sharper in our movement need to do a little bit quicker bit more bit their pace them about us see we show towards the end of that second our first half that we can show these Newcastle boys that we're a good sign that we can possibly cool some trouble [Applause] I come here here the default a unique [Applause] [Applause] we're underway for the second half here at Goodison Park it's goalless don't forget extra time and penalties could be looming if we are level at ninety minutes but gray I think we saw enough in the first half to think that this came here for Everton I don't doubt that for one minute as I said it was always going to be a case of Newcastle coming here and setting their stall out and being very very hard to break down which they did predominantly in that first half an hour of the first half as I said in that last fifteen minutes so all of a sudden we started to create some opportunities phrase Hornby especially a couple of efforts that tracks you should have put one of them certainly in the back of the net maybe we should have been going into our time one they lot but you know as the game goes on it gets harder and harder to maintain the level of work but Newcastle are putting into this game so hopefully we can break them down the sooner the better because you but nil-nil it's still nervy you know there's all still that opportunity for them to break forward and catch us on the counter-attack so we've got to be clever we've got to be sensible in our thinking Morgan Feeney just has possession at the back for Everton and failed to Dennis at the interval now it's with Lois Gibson again then the Galloway on my left-hand side note makes this market gets into the penalty area good defending really good defending by must be long started ever so well to just possess [Applause] grunting Galloway and for Newcastle then dorsal will probably have seven or less the same as David longer other arts are really diamonds just keep it going keep the shape keep organized they either either just said to them like in the main you've you've worked hard you've done well you kept your shape you've been disciplined you know just make sure that when I've certainly have a word with Josh bowler and make sure you're out to him as quickly as you can just watch Anthony Evans just go spinning from that left-hand side and just just keep your concentration levels that's gonna be the key for Newcastle to Lewis Cass good interception by Anthony Evans cool early fall as well Sawa some dope in a chase with Jane you study and study with my party our store gets there first Tony fine stretch up we're throwing for Everton there certainly is a feature of world for Silas and boot cut the top cut the times in that first I'll feed with you he made some decent runs I'd like to see him make a few more runs down the channels and you know he's got good pace and he's got good movement and he's got desire just nice to see it just you can give you if you can midfield players and your fullbacks a bit of an option there's a chance they're suppose to be the go with early efforts on goal flee a half minutes into the second half yeah when's Apple in the middle of midfield there and drives forward he's good 25 yards out his Denis it's a decent strike but it's not on target sales over two goalkeepers bar [Applause] rostrums Lewis Gibson sizes up well he has a scored yet this season Dennis the trader in self enrollment the true central midfield players by and large if in nathangie omar callow and tennessee deen religion he got three goes between or I'm sure David onto it would like a few more goals from his midfield players its Newcastle on the offensive at the moment but force in by Brendan Galloway here is a diamond he looks to the sky in frustration because there was plenty of space on this right-hand side for him to exploit yeah you're right there and there was plenty of space it was a good early ball into him from Dennis etherion as well and he would about the opportunity to go it is fall back as you say clip cheese here [Applause] what's notes with Matthew long stuff from the company's turn to sit in and defend modern Feeny buys the dummy and only wallet shoots for goal and is off target and sure we'll see the ball have broke them in from the side because it would take the little ball boy the best part of the rest of the night to find out where that one's nestling reminds me a preseason that all those years ago up and to run up the terraces and whatever yes there's now on row 24 we still know where they are finding it keep going son Annelle mere foodlab he's got it in the Premier League Cup final but Goodison Park where will the opening come from they made that face before in the front you know mark a low but sir nobody further forward for Newcastle United so the majority boy little skip she picks it up but only finds his brother on this near side who plans to Heather enter touch and abia throwing for habitant Morgan feeling no finish talking a little bit there she's the hold in his chest there is no work in the chest he's a tough cookie Morgan but maybe he's just taking the one to the ribs a zombie edge of the penalty area too mashaallah Samba touches the way through but then the kit man saved my life this evening because I totally forgot my jacket as you doing when it's freezing yes this was I was drafting this morning as well today he's just got away with me there's just boa good footwork again by just bullet that's in the pants here just equation really going to touch on it look the most likely all night he slipped as well this or he gets it just gets his piano fingers on that hides he onto the post but it was a good save from the goalkeeper a good shot here was had he not slipped and if that's the contact with the back of the net he's been the main man tonight for us.just bowler again the corner kick the left-hand side Anthony Evans is swinging in Bell on loan at Blackpool this season then it goes to still have you been headed away at the near post and hello Harlem Roberts it would be a free kick for Everton nice and Mellaart alert there mark hello as the ball was headed out II made sure he was first there got his body in front of kalyn roberts assumes the brought himself a free kick as well attention even Z's standing over Anthony shoots shoots and shapes to ping the ball into the penalty area more than Fenian Lewis Gibson the soldiered falls from the bucket Evans curls it in headed away by Gibson Josh berry on the edge of the penalty area flying out for the volley which don't use right folks crosses into the penalty area over there relative Lewis Gibson shoots to go it's the first defendant chance from the air it's been a good start to the second half for us the opening eight minutes of this second half has pretty much been on blue and we are certainly asking the question now of this new castle de fat Fort Morgan Feeny and Lewis crimson have stayed forward forever since Evans this time it's the deep and against lefty it's cleared by motion garlic and that child Virginia's off his line quickly we've got Abu Sitta laser safety and that Josh bowler keeps hold of it eventually rose it's a new password good well they're just everywhere he did okay skip just dump that delayed edge is gonna be a changer for Newcastle about Charmian is officer Elias Sorenson is all interesting character Elias Sorenson 19 years of age is a Danish under-21 international he was playing first division football and Dermott when he was 16 is that well gave the season on loan at pool so Elias Thompson and Anthony Evans who look know each other really well having both being this season [Applause] don't say Josh bola lift it over some galley who stood first in cantilevers volleys of backwards to them fell on rocks heads it away but scrappy that could have some part of the Premier League Cup final well what more scrappy was our previous caller they're down and see Evans which in the goalkeeper made an absolute catch of it unfortunately his defender saved his plushies there because Morgan feely was ready to just head the ball into an empty net Hezbollah Samba which first touched by the solace and holes of the attentions [Applause] luis class once a free picker he's not going to get one to baby bailey on to Pell and Watts we await the first goal we await the first moments of inspiration here at Goodison Park to provide the breakthrough in the Premier League Cup final it's the sixth playing of this competition which was designed just to add a bit of a competitive edge to under-23 football webbing the world teams were the first winners since then Southampton rush town Swansea and last season Aston Villa I went the family couple the trophies the 2019 winners doing so become the first team to do the Premier League to title Premier League Cup winners in the same season we certainly hope so there's an expectant crowd behind myself and Graham Stewart in the aqua bullen's you haven't had a great deal to cheer them on a chilly grouse and park night let's hope that the best is yet to come some dog it's great for people to join you steady on the right hand side out the Evans death back to check the cost comes in from the right side side headed away pack Y&R sleek – at the end of an open only had a tooth Liam Gibson Gibson turns cleverly away from the tangelo Mark Kelly exchanges passes with the check to choose a large 7 so you do well to keep silent young Ryan Dan were broken into the side here right back he predominantly likes to play as a center half when I'm seen him for the under-18s but he does does the right back job very well and he ties in nicely there to get me completely clear in header good positioning to drop Goodison Park it is not a warm spring evening that's for sure Virginia just about clears the halfway line with his kit bounces over everybody's gallery heads it away at the Evans wins each other's rate slightly hello back to Ryan Oxley it's Fuli to Gibson right Evans people to just go nice first touch by Bailey and he's kissed conscriptions kpop I could simply explode on the references should be but I don't think the referees gonna bother arm there's nothing too much in it he's done the right thing you tried to play advantage the referee and in winning we're clearly we didn't have it he's brought it back and we're gonna get the free-kick so no Marcel brands of Marco silver here tonight playing they looked elephant impressed with her job Paula I think they will I think he's been the he's been a standout performer for us so far in this game he's the one who might looks like he might have the answer might hold the key to unlock endless New Castle defense have the evidence takes this free-kick it's a dish magnificent pool into the box room Anthony Evans first and foremost Nathan Harker a corner five minutes ago and he's again at the free-kick a Morgan field he's just taking advantage of that and heads the ball into the empty net terrific goal for us just what the Blues required and hopefully now we can keep on and win this game comfortably well it's a terrific fall into the box Anthony Evans from the right hand side great delivery let's get a chance to see here again I mean the goalkeeper or these I don't even know what the goalkeeper else doing it I mean he's got it it's right in the middle of the goal for the goalkeeper he's got to come and clean absolutely everything out one of the greatest goalkeepers we've ever seen in the world Neville Southall would have just taken everybody out the way their defenders strikers referee yes but Everton lead final of the man we'll be lifting the trophy a lot then half an hour result is the man who has his third goal of the season and gives Everton a priceless lead in the Premier League Cup final and we may see a different game now diamond Lou Carson look enough to change their their thinking because they've been rock solid and they've they defended a robbery but now have they got enough in their locker maybe though maybe they look to try and keep it tight for another 10 or 15 minutes and then really go for it towards the last 15 minutes of the game but that's a dangerous point I've had injury for Cullen Roberts so we'll have a break in play I know Burton lead and it all stemmed from the danger man again just over on this near side when he was pulled back by Liam Gibson yeah free credit where it's due to the referees they take a little bit as flattened the referees done they in the modern day game but that was excellent refereeing who tried to play the advantage when we did you but it became apparent Josh bowler was not going to have any advantage he did the right thing and pulled a free kick back terrific as a sacred grateful great delivery it's all in the delivery commune if the goalkeeper was certainly culpable wasn't he he was he won't look back on that with any fondness he many cover decent stops in a face-off as well I didn't really see it coming because he's he looked pretty good for a staff Nathan Parker obviously if you're a goalkeeper last line of defense if you do make his mistake normally it ends up with the ball in the back ear net and he's paid the price Everton won you can see tonight's meal will not let Ellen Bailey take a quick free-kick [Applause] less than half an hour to go 28 minutes away from a league and cup double for David and Ruth and there's everything side there's long stuffs Liam Gibson and space on this left-hand side things across when Gibson waits and waits than half follies it back into the penalty area headed away by Calloway picked up quite long stuff again wide open park themselves there's long stuff most ungodly he controls a Gibson but again wisely reads the situation he deals with the situation competently we're moving by Elias Sorenson lays it off too long stuff thinks about the shop goes for the shop good luck by Lewis Gibson there's Louis comes back to long stuff seen plenty the ball is Matthew long stuff in this second period and the Z just his sense train with just a wee bit more urgency now about Newcastle it has to be it has to be you only get one chance in the cup final don't you so you might as well push the bodies forward take the odd chance they've got to do it what we now need to do is make sure that we remain nice and solid and then hit them on the counter-attack I've seen it so many times that first goal in any game or football important nice put it stiffly on that left hand side but just unfortunate to run out of time and space [Applause] I think stomachs are I think there might be a little bit of an issue here for Brendon Galloway he was on the pitch a minute ago I'm wondering whether east these cutters I think himself is leaking here and unless we sent him off to to get cleaned up we've been parsley the kept man he's got the replacement shirt there's Longstaff the Newcastle Everton mom totally down to ten minutes on that sir now that we left where the space is the Evans chamber the ball reaches kalyn roberts and he's away from Evans into the penalty that comes Jeff which India gets a handsome rich Gibson no it's cleared away it's just st. Gauri on the edge of the penalty area Angelo gets a 14 and this is where there was too much in that he's point the founder sang Gary grateful cook work on the right hand side there from kalyn roberts and he whips in a really dangerous boy Ryan Leslie again as I mentioned before his experience of playing as a center have stand him in good stead there because he took up a great position him eventually cleared the ball but it was a dangerous moment for us it's good in fairness to Newcastle it's been a good boost oh yeah it had to be and it has been now then free-kick on the left-hand side when it comes from Roberts take advantage and Fraser home he can launch a counter-attack it's a good run by Fraser handi eventually he's pleading to the ball but he's done his job got the ball away from the danger zone just give us that chance to just regroup Brendan Galloway allowed back onto the pitch so he's settled back into his left-wing position and he's now wearing number 18 jersey there's number three shirt must be blood splattered I never fully understood why they changed this shared gray when you consider the boxes carry-on covered and globey pretty everything Denis Eady know enter from Newcastle in when she alluded to they look at different position now his right hand side Josh : Newcastle have got man back bola well she was right foot then his left foot thinks it to the back stick up ghost Fraser albeit a good headed clearance so that is a food kid injury so he's probably going to stop the play yeah I think it was just an honest challenge between two players fray frays a handi at the fire poles going up for it Jamie's steroid is it Jamie steadies gone down he's okay though he's back up I just think it both a challenge that both players had to go for so look there's nothing wrong with out what so ever on phrase it wrong again just that fall that Denny Sudheer in just how it played into Josh more reach it just didn't have that things it to it if it's got the zip to it josh is in a fantastic position bearing down on go we just sort of have to wait a little bit for a position wasn't it here – Owen Bailey Everton one you kept them there 67 and a half minutes on the clock in the Premier League Cup final we're homing in on a league and cup double it's never been done before they say it's all about development and this hasn't been the best of games but part of the development grant Shaw is learning how to win four four matches game management it is yeah I don't think there's any doubt about that it can't do you any harm whatsoever if you keep winning games of foot forward sometimes you have to dig deep and look faced with different situation on the air it was a huge kick from jail Virginia though it's actually gone to his episode number on one bounce lately it's not garlic angelo my phone he's ashamed because he lost control and Newcastle all of a sudden shaking their fleet clicks a lot quicker he's all tonight by the way he's off side of the linesman's five yards behind them Jamie starey the Evans stop some of his trucks for the Newcastle winner corner the eagle eyes of Stuart best for the offside midfielders we but also spotted the fact that the linesman was failing miserably to be part would play it's called a cake for Newcastle trailing by goal turn it into four corner and to your bike Brendan Galloway who's number 18 shows if you've just joined us because it renders researches labelled it plays the Hornby's high bond is unnecessary because the offside flag is up over on the far side the trophies are leading by a goal to nil at orison Park in the Premier League gusano some dates always their desires always good it's just been a bit of a struggle for him in terms of getting on the ball but this probably the sort of game that Nathan brought had come change while rockin chairs can extend the lead what is it's good shot of fresh pair of legs to come on there's only 20 minutes to go now it's a big 20 minutes in the season swansea the semi-final on saturday as we've had enough which was a shame because he wanted to play in Swansea being a proud Welsh boy himself in the cellar Sambo dejected as he made his way off it's a difficult night for the forward players sorry no one wants to come off especially in the Cup final but now it's said that you've got to look at the bigger picture I'm sure Posada will [Applause] you castle how possession oh and Bailey to some garlic and the pressure from razor horn beep Watts to Gibson put salt on bipolar drips and drops would ensure to st. Guardian gets it back again Tom Allen there's long stuff football by some garlic feature of all Gibson people it's the penalty added as well we're going to get in each other's way there and thankfully jail Virginia did what he should have done in full control challenged by some garlic calorie braved my color is the replay gray on the yeah I mean odd I don't think there was anything there's no amazed afoul rond represent it's a foul I don't think sangar II had any intent to hurt mark hello there chew on this lads going for the same ball ironically it's a motion and daddy who's come off worse and to the Evans he's down as his down as well if you've got a cramp he hasn't played for a while there's gonna be another substitution to see some movement on the bench what he folds looks like he's about to come on I'm sound of your picture just look at the goal again gray up terrific delivery and whipped him with his out swinging ball with the right foot goalkeeper makes an absolute hash of it more than Phoenix's thank you very much yep one nil they always say an assistant at cut final forever soon not many people can say that very telling nope ever no never off he goes well I've seen this Yannick saw a play and he's not bad right if it's the same Yannick story that I said that I saw you playing for please new caps the under-18 zone yeah we'll be yeah he's only 18 years of age he was born in Senegal actually Yonex or a buddies he's eligible to play for Switzerland these babe youth international football for Switzerland and actually played last season for young boys second stream well the quam memory serves me right he's a livewire he's not some good pace I think he's our left footed boy one cleaners by jail Virginia of course plays a home to good header so it's picked up on the far side by Jamie steady infield too long stuff sleds it fall towards the annex alright this Gibson is penalized holding it's a free kick for the Jordi's and they've got just over a quarter of an hour to rescue something to try and force the family Cup final is Webster time they've still got a game to play new cast and they play a one-off promotion playoff game against the Southampton for the rights to join Everton in the top division at feminity to next season we've done it's always just get the ball in on the snare side and then touched into the advertising hoardings these destructive foot stop right there beneath there that isn't good does it just say there's forces let's come right through the advertising board and it just mines I think to squeeze it out with the heads okay Newcastle United photographer and he's okay why honestly take this throw the puck bye babe my assumption prompted that swept wide by Dennis adenine into Hudson fold she folds they go straight to jail your steady most just look so just Yonex all right he's away from Galloway Galileo satellites if it's inside the penalty area long stuff curls and it's headed away by Gibson and was it kept in by jail virginity no it wasn't lively enough their unit or a he was lively it was great sir great dummy and he just got cutting shelter he played he actually played to fool him with his right foot and he think it was Longstaff who intercepted it but if he'd let it go that kid was coming running rushing in there I'm quite sure it was but he was coming running in and you double just had a shock first time cornichons and headed into the air by Brandon Galloway and headed away by Nathan broad this time on the Newcastle left nor as you'd expect Newcastle are trying to get back into this game and they're asking us one or two questions we just got in what we've just got to relax and when we get that phone keeping which seem to be giving the ball away very very quickly we're going along quick you know an awful lot now stuff head of the robots Fraser handed volley clear bye it's a little early for me anywhere will do game but inside different penalty area dedicated five and what you should bear Darren it's way too soon to be though going down the road of what anywhere will do we've got to keep the ball in child Virginia has just given it away right on cue he sliced his goal kick out of his hands and Newcastle can come again I'm ashamed for this game tonight is that Newcastle they look decent team when they play football whether they spent so much time with two banks of forges trying to keep us out now they've got their closer play it would have been a much better final yeah James telly can feel to it Ganic soit I still think for better way by louis gibson his nathan board had his first opportunity to run up the Newcastle defensive stratified long stuff and launch that takes it off him come again and everything hanging on here why not that left outside totally unnecessary from Brendan is you know the most experienced player on the pitch he should know that he was actually going nowhere he was facing the placing that away from play and actually look staring the corner flag down he didn't really have to make the challenge Brendan's be silly following me free kick for Newcastle United on the right hand side must be long staff will take it when CMM forwards for Newcastle plenty of em back for Everton long stuff it's over everybody can smell their near side turn off policy position here at Goodison Park Ryan lastly thinks it's all towards home because really just over one of defense and he runs into Jewish deli steady car people and it's a thrower on this deal dissent spoken survived when barely the captain goes across as well to have a word and there's no hard even abused final and it's not going your way you gonna be frustrated I like the referee I think he's done all right it would be so easy for him to just get his card out and by the letter of the law yes he should or I just think he's sensible referee and it's but not being a dirty game is the late replacements is rogue you know the referee was in the queue to be fourth official today salmon mother but the original battery had to pull out and the sour mother get promoted to the middle I think he's done the rights I think he's I think you've refereed the game in a really sensible mature manner will I receive on the full family list so with for Everton on this near side Josh Bolten down round the corner luck keeps it in the three hereit's comes off Josh bola unfortunately showing for Newcastle ten minutes to go a last row of the dice by Newcastle under 23 coach Ben door solid places right along yellow is on the new castle 19 years of age sound rushed somewhere from West Ham United all three substitutions used for new casting Nathan broadhead and mutton folds on for absent one more goal kills this game does look great no yeah I mean with the clock running down if we're only should get that second goer and make it a whole lot more comfortable for everybody here at Goodison Park then esteem me why – Matty falls development for was it phased a bread the Galileo misplaced to jail Virginia long ball for by the keeper that goes days upon be and he's the plays are only which one is a TV sets the referee I put a chunk Matthew Longstaff gets the ball back again infield to Poland Bailey movers Gibson – Morgan Feeney more Matheny will be more desperate than anybody to keep Newcastle out because he would love score the winning goal in a Cup final for his beloved Everton his long stuff again is that means the kogda turns the wheels when you cast in that midfield earlier long stuff it's alright robots casting fields a lot of stuff again James Terry ships for looking for Karen Roberts dips and goes across to challenge and Gibson Tazewell in certainly no urgency for the Toffees now no no no I mean like you said it's game management time now it's just like run the clock down don't do anything Daffy concentrate keep the balls best we possibly can seven and a half minutes away from seem looking over at the fourth official to see how long he'll put a lad on I think there might be a few minutes added on des in this alphabet of you yeah injuries haven't we here long stuff cobalt parfois lead into touch it's a it's a little clap of course Longfellow watched over that was four feet a lot of rockets never mind to clap it's Angelo mark alo turned into trouble that no one Bailey puts a group all gigantic sorry backs along stuff in the middle of a park there's Bailey again edging further forty Newcastle United captain and sends a half Roberts so long stuff to tour a book Gibson just pushes him out the way and then cuts the ball down the left hand channel it's picked up by Lewis Cass Trust goes home though he's put a shift in big Fraser doesn't it be a yes he's worried she's socks off he'll be disappointed he maybe didn't score in the first half but he can't fault his work slices the clearance it is fortunate to reach gutsy fold picked up by Brendan Galloway make challenge on friend think dollar a week ends up on a heap on the floor I mean if we're gonna be critical we haven't kept the ball well enough so go off we've got we you know we've doubt the turnover of possession has been has been poor from us keep giving the ball away needlessly we've probably gone a little fraction too long too soon just when you need players on the pitch things it's just calm everything down and say listen let's get two or three passes you play the football that we know we can bola like a low-down sedan room but quiet heart for Dennis adenine I think he ever mentioned in my great deal I mean as I say not I mean it we haven't you know we got really controlled the game know sighs flips it forward moving fairly winds the header long start touch the button Bailey with Lewis Katz Newcastle have got to throw men forward and these opposing five minutes if they also rescue this family League Cup final end of his first appearance in the Premier League Cup final more convenient just polar both wanted a free-kick but I don't think it was a free-kick I think Josh bowlers worked really really hard to get himself back in a defensive position and just tried to see the fall out sort of stumble then tried to get a free kick out of it but I think the referee was probably correct and we've just got a concentrate now or five minutes left for an hour five minutes left heathered by William Gibson over the truss ball these boys have just gotta hang on that little bit longer now four minutes and whatever the fourth official adds on and we are picking up another piece of silverware goal kick gel Virginia to take it get right up the field dr. Ola nice first touch from josh brolin say $2 right hands shall dip stands a lot of all the types of workers waiting for which is the Fangio Martellus awesome by Bailey there comes Longfellow for Newcastle United touches of wine – yeah Natori the Waco janitorial this left hand side riots they started for them when possession by Gnostic most of the questions are and you'd expect them to this is the really the last row at a dice for them now what's your launch time finds Lewis Cass three minutes plus added time to go Jamie's steady for the Jordy the clip for Burrell intercepted by Galloway only four facts or design goal wins are throwing and that will do no rush to retrieve that ball just pull up in the pick of the bunch tonight claim I think overall yeah connect the two two centers well all the back forward defended quite well I think young why that's these done very very well as musician in Japan excellent to see Morgan Feeney and Lewis Gibson are defended solidly as well but certainly in the game that it again that hasn't really put too much you know in the way of going forward there's three picked for Newcastle 23 24 yards out there real danger now put its off is it's Dennis the Dean really gets frustrated and just tumbles over yellow city challenge really few complaints Roberts for the right foot wrong stuff when it looks like more but she's favorite well it's scored for the first team already this season is takes the free that's certainly a nervy moment for us there kalyn roberts steps up gets it well over the wall but is also well over the bar as well no time for it to dip down from trouble jail Virginia in the Everton goal and the clock keeps ticking one minute but moratorium we're close these tips but still gets a good contract on plays at home baguettes the heads with my pajamas your heads that Pelin drops doesn't want to stop play or so keep things moving long stuff tried to butcher long yellow on this left-hand side to see what's on right hand side can't keep in yes he can mushy long stuff gets back and spot Cola chips over his own feet still manages to eat there's brought but that's a nice broke they pick out a blue shirt no we are maxi crosses blocky better than that muscle but well he is but he's also you know what are you you know uses novel whether we're in a tree virtually on ninety minutes and I'm sure on Z would have been go to some Park the toppings are back close to a league and cup double Super Bowl played by Josh ball and that right on cue after you pick analysis here are really six as I said from an attacking sense it's probably not been the greatest spectacle you've ever seen but on either side quite clearly he's been the very moment you know the most threatening from that from any from either side as work weights being good as well just still by most people all boys just keep the ball you have to we count like a matador is the interesting about the two you passed the divan down towards and back to Ryan our sleep Brian lastik trotters into the box Fraser who on beheads it back Nathan good headstart Goepper you cancel will patch the ball forward as quickly as they possibly can Jamie's theory has it for the visitors the infield it comes to Elias shadowcery I've been able to influence the game as much as the Newcastle approach Vento it's not I'm sure would have hoped Owen Bailey – staring Ronaldo sideslip back to Bailey now it was long stuff we've had a minute and a bit of the for added Gibson pains it towards the back stick it's over broader it's inside the Everton penalty area such password Alan Roberts but he runs into Nathan watches it and heads it away welcome Newcastle again Gibson but there are some lacrosse headed away by the brother Luis and his father's Bailey hints of the dangers and headed away deep shoulder other tools Jenna subpoenaed cuts in the thunderdome all Kelo his online that sent to your grave Stewart take the tools the corner flag he's a strong boy plays in a field to my fellow boxy tennis again and again in translation those boxy Calloway his patient as the replay guard while my first initial reaction was it so far there's the shock tokido shop in the pocket now this new place in a referee's and what a good game is open is equipped with made a dreadful decision towards the end of the game Frasor 45 yards and over on the far side juniper also picture had his head in his hands and we got three minutes and 10 seconds of the other goes chips are it's ops Oh Josh because she probably won't his long stuff violence these girl win it goes really great header now here's Josh bowler nice first object sucks better standard to safety 20 seconds to go 20 seconds away from becoming the first team to do the family too what's that young man really really nice laughing I'm glad it seemed that scored the winner in a couple of whores I'm moving to go up and pick up a second piece week we'll have the presentation for you just education presentation terrific should be very proud of themselves I'm sure Davey will be please so Pierre one slight mistake Pierre free at the end which other in the main week I'm forgiving you on the fact that in us as well so you know they show me a tape duct tape on the clock crowd and ultimately the album you got picking up the trophy but they certainly haven't let anybody at Newcastle foot the drop down what's a nice touch as well mister machinery and built-in lights have come down and they're just behind the hold room there to be a part of it all Chairman's really really proud of it's great to see the chairman and share you know majority shareholder machinery down and supporting them as a set of players as well I think that's important for us Virginia is Muhsin foals came on as a substitute tonight Lewis Gibson hood Nathan broad that had such a fabulous season so was Ryan actually plenty to come from him Jolla much Brendan Galloway as well who got the unfamiliar number 18 shirts on Alex Denny we didn't get on tonight the Fangio mark a loafer was unfairly cautioned we thought of them young Kyle John as well and there's a burly space for everybody to make their way onto the podium it's good to see the lads in the coast as well who didn't get a kick tonight but had each ours leaves and a nothing on sale up yeah I mean I think that's half the success the fact that there's a there's a real good camaraderie between the players there where they you know adverse fortune of playing and representing Everton Football Club tonight or having been part of a squad through the course of the season and that's vitally important that you've you've got a good team spirit there they've got Benny just creeping close towards the cup ready to get his hands on it there we go a great reception for mr. Machin Phil McGraw one all they go lovely moments the champagne flowing a wicked waste of champagne who's gonna be brave enough to spray the twenty-eight so well thank you very much indeed ladies former cop Kassel United mail

✅ Breaking News – Millwall players hit by missiles during Championship defeat by Leeds

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✅ Breaking News – Millwall players hit by missiles during Championship defeat by Leeds
#Millwall, #players, #hit, #missiles, #crushing, #Championship, #defeat, #promotion, #chasers, #Leeds
Millwall players were pelted with missiles after they went ahead for a second time at Elland Road — in an incident that could mean punishment for Leeds.Defender Jake Cooper appeared to be struck by an object during celebrations in front of the South Stand after Ben Marshall converted a 55th-minute penalty.Stewards removed objects from the pitch, including a bottle, and Millwall manager Neil Harris said: ‘I saw the missiles. Nobody at either club would condone fans throwing stuff on the pitch.’ Share this article Share Ben Thompson gave Millwall the lead after 10 minutes before Patrick Bamford had his penalty saved by Lions goalkeeper David Martin, but Pablo Hernandez levelled the score before half-time. Ben Marshall restored the Lions’s advantage from the penalty spot, but Luke Ayling’s header restored parity before  Hernandez stabbed in with seven minutes to go. Crowd trouble has marred a number of Championship games this season and the FA started an investigation after a Birmingham fan attacked Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish earlier this month. Share this article Share

Millwall players were pelted with missiles after they went ahead for a second time at Elland Road — in an incident that could mean punishment for Leeds Defender Jake Cooper appeared to be struck by an object during celebrations in front of the South Stand after Ben Marshall converted a 55th-minute penalty Stewards removed objects from the pitch, including a bottle, and Millwall manager Neil Harris said: ‘I saw the missiles Nobody at either club would condone fans throwing stuff on the pitch.’ Share this article Share Ben Thompson gave Millwall the lead after 10 minutes before Patrick Bamford had his penalty saved by Lions goalkeeper David Martin, but Pablo Hernandez levelled the score before half-time  Ben Marshall restored the Lions's advantage from the penalty spot, but Luke Ayling's header restored parity before  Hernandez stabbed in with seven minutes to go  Crowd trouble has marred a number of Championship games this season and the FA started an investigation after a Birmingham fan attacked Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish earlier this month Share this article Share

LFC commentators crazy reactions to the Reds' dramatic win | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

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Watch as LFCTV commentator Steve Hunter and Liverpool Legend John Aldridge go wild in the gantry as they live every moment of the Reds’ dramatic victory over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final at Anfield.

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مساء الخير جميعًا .إنه لسرور دائما أن نكون في الأنفيلد نحن نأمل بمعجزة أخرى كما حدث في إسطنبول شاكيري في منطقة لعب الفريق، يمررها الى ماتيب فيرجل فان دايك يرجع من جديدٍ الآن، كان ممكن أن يبقى بالأمام تغيير اللعب للجهة الاخرى إلى ماني .خطأ في حافة المنطقة، ماني، هندرسون في الصندوق! تم التصدي لها، أوريجي! ألدو: نعم ! ديفوك أوريجي ,هل تصدق ذلك؟ ألكساندر أرنولد يتفوق على ألبا في الجانب الأيمن فقط ماني في الصندوق، عرضية ترنت وينالدوم ! الاثنين معا : نعم ! جيني وينالدوم يسجل ! أسسيت (مساعدة) أخرى من ترينت أليكساندر أرنولد الانفيلد ينفجر، 2-0! شاكيري في الجهة الاخرى من القائم، ليفربول يتقدم. ألدو: يوجد لاعبين في الصندوق . إنه يحتاج إلى تمريرة جيدة. ميلنر من اليسار ، كرة عكسية جميلة شاكيري في اليسار ، عرضية رائعة ..وينالدوم ! لقد سجل ! رائع ! أجل ! هيا بنا! هذا لا يصدق. هذا جنون! أنفيلد، هل سمعت ضوضاءً مثل هذه في حياتك ! مرةً أخرى الى ألكساندر ارنولد في الأمام مُقابل سيرجيو روبرتو مازال ألكساندر أرنولد ألدو : أحسنت صنعًا، بنيّ. لقد أحسنَ صنعًا، ترنت، ركنية. ١٢ دقيقة بقيت للوقت الإضافي ركنية تُنفذ بسرعة، أوريجي ! الاثنين معاً : نعم ! لقد أُعطي الهدف ( أيّ من حكم المباراة ) لا يصدق ! ديفوك أوريجي، يا إلاهي! هو-هو-هو!، أجل! هذا غير اعتيادي الليلة الماضية جميعنا كنا نشعر بالإحباط، ألم نكن؟ لنكن صريحين. لكن، حسنًا، استمع إلى هذا، أنا لا أحتاج للكلمات لكي أُعبّر عما يعني هذا إنها موسيقى لأذني، ستيف ميلنر يحاول الحصول على ركنية، ميلنر دُفِعَ على الأرض. أجل ! لقد فعلناها! ليفربول في نهائي دوري الأبطال في مدريد. إنها أعظم ريمونتادا ( عوده بالنتيجة ) في كل الأوقات في الأنفيلد. لقد قلنا نحن نحتاج إلى ما حدث في إسطنبول، لقد فعلناها!، يورجن دخل الى أرضية الملعب الجميع على أرضية الملعب، مشهد من الفرحة والسصعادة والبهجة، ميسي،سواريز،كوتينهو، رائع، واحده من أعظم ليالينا على الإطلاق. إن لم تكن الأعظم في الأنفيلد ليفربول فعلها، نحن في النهائي، ليفربول ٤-٠برشلونة 🎵 لن تسير وحدك أبداً 🎵 🎵 ولن تسير بمفردك أبدا 🎵 لن تسير أبدًا …🎵 بمفردك 🎵 أمضي قدمًا 🎵 أمضي قدمًا 🎵 بأمل 🎵 في قلبك 🎵 🎵 ولن تسير بمفردك أبدًا 🎵

Women's Sexuality Isn't 'Complicated' | Sarah Barmak | TEDxToronto

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On October 27, 2016, some of Toronto’s greatest thinkers and change-makers joined together onstage at TEDxToronto to deliver powerful talks and performances that embodied our theme, Symbols + Signals.

To learn more visit:
Follow TEDxToronto on Twitter (@TEDxToronto), Facebook (TEDxToronto), and Instagram (@TEDxToronto).

Born and raised in Thornhill, Ontario, Sarah is a freelance journalist and author. Her first book, Closer: Notes From the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality, was published in July 2016, with a focus on exploring the cutting-edge science and cultural trends behind women’s sexuality.

Sarah’s message aims to reveal how women today are reshaping their sexuality in new and innovative ways – and how female sexuality is being redefined on its own terms. Sarah’s work has appeared in publications such as Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, The Toronto Star, This Magazine and Canadian Business.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

المترجم: Khadijah zakzouk
المدقّق: Nada Qanbar هل أنت مستعدة أن تأخذي حبة يومياً
إذا كان لها أن تحافظ على حياتك الجنسية؟ هذا السؤال كلن يجول في ذهن
آلاف النساء مؤخراً عندما طرح عقار جديد
في السوق يسمى فليبانسرين. وحصل العقار على موافقة علاج حالة
بعيدة عن أضواء الصحافة لكنه أثر بامرأة واحدة من بين كل عشر نساء. وتسمى الحالة اضطراب ضعف الرغبة الجنسية. وتعني أن النساء لا يشعرن برغبة
جنسية بالمقدار الذي يردنه. لذا يردن أن يشعرن بالإثارة
في زواجهم أو بالمواعدة من جديد. ويردن ممارسة الجنس، ولكنهن لا يفعلن. لسوء الحظ، فللعقار الجديد مساوئ. أولاً، إذا أردتِ أن تتناولينه،
عليك التوقف عن شرب الكحول. (ضحك) إذاً قولي وداعاً لكأس النبيذ الكبيرة
التي تساعدك على تصفية مزاجك. (ضحك) وللعقار خطورة في الآثار الجانبية:
كالدوخة، والإعياء، وحتى الغثيان. الأمر ليس مثيراً. وعلى رأس كل هذا، فللعقار عمل واحد. فهو يضمن لك "سهرة مقبولة"
أكثر إثارة وأكثر زيفاً في الشهر. (ضحك) ومع ذلك لازالت النساء
تطلب العقار من الطبيب. في ثقافتنا، نميل لاعتبار
الجنس شيئاً أكثر أهمية للرجال منه للنساء. ولكن هذا ليس صحيحاً. الصحيح أن النساء غالباً ما تشعر
بالخزي أكثر في حديثها عن الجنس. أكثر من نصف النساء تعاني تماماً
من بعض أنواع عدم إشباع الرغبة. لقد سمعنا كثيراً عن الفجوة في النشوة. وهو نوع يشبه الفجوة
في الأجور ولكنه أكثر لزوجة. (ضحك) النساء السويات يبلغن ذروتهن في أقل من 60%
من المرات التي يمارسن فيها الجنس. بينما يبلغ الرجال ذروتهم في 90%
من المرات التي يمارسون فيها الجنس. ولمعالجة هذه المشكلة يبيعون
النساء هذه الأدوية المعيبة، كريمات التوستسترون،
أو حتى حقن تناسلية غير مختبرة. ولكن الأمر يكمن، في أن الجنس
عند الأنثى لا تصلحه حبة دواء. وهذا لأنه ليس معطلاً. بل مساء فهمه. ولكن ثقافتنا تشوهت، والصورة المغلوطة طبياً حول الجنس عند الأنثى، ترجع لقرون عديدة. فإذا كان أكثر من نصف النساء لديهن
نوع ما من المشاكل الجنسية، فربما فكرتنا عن الجنس لا تجري على النساء. ربما لا نحتاج لفياغرا نسائية. ولكننا نحتاج لفهم أوضح
حول كيف تؤدي النساء حقاً. أنا صحفية، وكتبت مؤخراً كتاباً حول كيفية تطور فهمنا للجنس عند الأنثى. إذاً، عندما سيطر الرجال على العلم،
فعرّفوا الجنس بحد ذاته مرة أخرى. العلماء الذكور نزعوا لرؤية جسد الأنثى عبر عدساتهم المشوهة. كان بمقدورهم أن يسألوا النساء عن تجاربهم. ولكنهم عوضاً عن ذلك، سبروا جسد
الأنثى كما لو كان أرضًا غريبة. وحتى اليوم، نناقش وجود
القذف عند الأنثى والبقعة-G كما نناقش وجود
المخلوقات الفضائية والأجسام الغريبة. "هل موجودون حقاً في الفضاء؟" (ضحك) وكل هذا يتضاعف في إطار
الجنس عند النساء المثليات، اللوات كنا ينبذن ويمحين بطرق محددة. تجاهل جسد الأنثى يعود لقرون عديدة. ويعود إلى بداية الطب الحديث. ارجع بعقلك إلى القرن السادس عشر. عصر الثورة العلمية في أوروبا. حيث كان الرجال المفكرون
يتحدون المعتقدات القديمة. وكانوا يبنون التلسكوبات
ليشاهدوا النجوم عالياً. وكنا نحرز تقدماً… في بعض الأحيان. أنتم ترون، أبا التشريح- ولكنني أقول "أب" لأنه، دعونا نواجه
الحقيقة، كانوا جميعهم رجالاً- كانوا يندسون بين ساقي المرأة
ويحاولون أن يصنفوا ما يرون. لم يكونوا واثقين تماماً
ماذا يفعلون مع البظر. فلم يبدو أن له أي وظيفة في إنجاب الأطفال. فأعلن علم التشريح الرائد في ذلك الوقت أنه ربما يكون نوع من النمو غير الطبيعي وأن أي أنثى لديها واحد
فمن المحتمل أنها خنثى. وبلغ الأمر من السوء أن الأبوين
أحياناً كانوا يقصون البظر لابنتهم إذا كان يعتبر كبيراً جداً. هذا صحيح. في بعض الأحيان نعتبره اليوم
تشويهاً للأعضاء التناسلية الأنثوية. كنا نفعله في الغرب في أواخر القرن العشرين. وعليك أن تتعجب: إذا كانوا محتارين في جسد المرأة لهذا الحد، لماذا لم يطلبوا مساعدة بسيطة من المرأة؟ ولابد أنك تفكر الآن،
"هذا كله كان ماضياً. ونحن الآن في عالم جديد مختلف. النساء لديهن كل شيء. ولديهن حبة للتحكم بالولادة. ويقمن بتزيين أعضائهن، وارسال رسائل جنسية (ضحك) "تحسن الوضع الآن." ولكن التجاهل الطبي
لجسد المرأة لازال مستمراً. كيف يدرك العديد منكم ذلك؟ إنه الشكل الكامل للبظر. نحن نظن البظر كنتوء
صغير بحجم حبة البازلاء، ولكنه في الواقع يمتد عميقاً في الجسد. الجزء الأكبر منه يكمن تحت الجلد. ويحتوي تقريباً على نفس القدر
من الأنسجة الانتصابية في القضيب. جميل، أليس كذلك؟ يشبه البجعة قليلاً. (ضحك) هذا النحت لفنانة اسمها صوفيا والس جزء من مشروعها "البظرية." (ضحك) تعتقد بأننا نحتاج المزيد من "البظرية،" وهذا صحيح، باعتبار هذا المجسم كان رسماً ثلاثي الأبعاد كاملاً
لباحثين في 2009 كان هذا بعد أن انتهينا من رسم
الجينوم البشري بأكمله. (ضحك) وكان لهذا الإهمال عواقب
على الحياة الواقعية. في الصحيفة الطبية في 2005، طبيبة المسالك البولية د. هيلين أوكونيل، حذرت زملاءها من أن هذا
الشكل لم يعثر عليه حتى الآن في الصحف الطبية الأساسية، والكتب المدرسية مثل كتاب (تشريح غراي). ويمكن أن يكون لهذا عواقب خطيرة في الجراحة. لذا من أجل جميع المستمعين من الإناث، أنتم معرضون لخطر كبير
للإصابة في أثناء الجراحة لأن الأطباء ليسوا على دراية تامة
بالشكل التشريحي لجسدكم. احفظوا ذلك. أيها السادة، تخيلوا أنكم معرضون لخطر خسارة قضيبكم لأن الأطباء ليسوا واثقين تماماً
أين يوجد أو كيف شكله. لا تتفاجأوا، بل إن بعض النساء ليسن على معرفة تامة
بتشريح أعضائهن التناسلية أيضاً. وحقاً لا يمكنكم لومهم. فالبظر غير موجود في العديد
من الرسوم التشريحية الجنسية أيضاً. فالنساء يمكن أن يشعرن أن ثقافتهن نظرت
إلى أجسادهن بارتباك في أحسن الأحوال، وبازدراء واضح واشمئزاز في أسوأ الأحوال. ولا يزال بعض النساء يرين أعضائهن التناسلية
كأنهم قذرة أو غير ملائمة. ولايزلن يقارن مهبلهن مع ذاك المهبل النظيف والصغير
الذي يرينه في الأفلام الإباحية. وهذا أحد الأسباب التي جعلت
عمليات التجميل تجارة رائجة ضمن النساء والمراهقات بعض الناس يشعرون أن هذا كله مسألة تافهة. ألفت كتابي عندما كنت في حفلة عشاء وقال شخص ما،
"أليس الجنس مشكلة العالم الأولى؟ ألا تشتغل النساء في واحدة من أهم القضايا حول العالم؟" بالطبع هن كذلك. ولكنني أعتقد أن الحث إلى التقليل
من شأن الجنس هو جزء من مشكلتنا فنحن نعيش في ثقافة مهووسة بالجنس. ونستخدمه للتسويق لأي شيء. ونخبر النساء أن المظهر المثير واحد من أهم الأمور التي يمكنك فعلها. بينما ما نفعله حقاً هو الاستخفاف بالجنس. ونختصر ما هو عليه حقاً إلى خيال حزين. الجنس هو أكثر من مجرد فعل. تحدثت مع د. لوري بروتو، الطبيبة النفسية المعالجة
للقضايا الجنسية عند النساء، ومن ضمنهن الناجيات من الصدمات. وأخبرتني أن مئات النساء اللاتي
قابلتهن يملن إلى تكرار الأمر نفسه. يقلن: "لا أشعر بالإشباع." ويشعرن أنهن فقدن التواصل
مع أزواجهن ومع أنفسهن. إذاً، ما هو الجنس؟ قديماً عرفنا الجنس على أنه كعملية خطية للقيام بمهمة. وهو شيء يبدأ بشهوة، ثم يستمر
ليصبح مداعبات ثقيلة وينتهي بنهاية سعيدة. باستثاء بعض النساء اللواتي
لم يشعرن بهذا الشكل. إنه عملية أقرب لتكون دائرية منها للخطية. وهذا نمط جديد للإثارة والرغبة عند الأنثى طورتها د. روزماري باسون. وهذا يخبرنا بالكثير، بما في ذلك أن النساء يمكن أن يواعدن لعدة أسباب أخرى، غير الشهوة. كالفضول. ويمكن أن ينتهين بذروة أو بذروات متعددة أو يرضين دون بلوغ الذروة كلياً. كل هذه الخيارات طبيعية. بدأ بعض الناس بتأييد تعريف أغنى للجنس. فيما إذا كنت ذكراً، أو أنثى، أو شاذاً، فالجنس عبارة عن علاقتنا بالحواس. يتعلق بالتمهل، والاصغاء للجسد، وصولاً إلى اللحظة الراهنة. ويتعلق الجنس بصحتنا كاملة ومزاجنا الجيد. وبتعبير آخر، فالجنس في معناه العريض ليس نجساً، بل قداسة. وهذا سبب واحد جعل النساء اليوم
يعدن تعريف الجنس لديهن. ويتساءلن، "ما هو الجنس بالنسبة لي؟" ولذا يجربن ممارسات
لا تصل بهن إلى النهاية السعيدة، لكن تصل بشكل أكبر إلى شعورهن بالإشباع. ويجربون جلسات الجنس الروحاني، وورشات العادة السرية، أو تصوير أنفسهن بطريقة إباحية هذا يعظم الاختلاف بالأجساد الحقيقية. ولكل شخص لازال يشعر بأن هذه
مسألة تافهة، ضع هذا باعتبارك: افهم جسدك وهذا أمر بالغ الأهمية
بالنسبة للثقافة الجنسية والتقبل. بالمعرفة العميقة والوثيقة أي نوع
من الاتصال يمنحك شعوراً جيداً، أي ضغط، وأية سرعة، وأية مناسبة، وبإمكانك تمييز أي نوع
من الاتصال يمنحك شعوراً سيئاً وتمتلكين الثقة لتقولي ذلك. في النهاية هذا الكلام ليس لتشعر
المرأة بإثارة أكثر أو أفضل. وليس لتصل المرأة إلى نشوة تماثل الرجل. بل لكي تتقبلي نفسك وتجربتك الفريدة. ولتكوني خبيرة بجسدك. ولتعرفي المتعة والرضا من منظورك. وحتى لو كان ذلك يعني
امتناعك عن الجنس كلياً. هذا جيد أيضاً. فإذا عرفنا الجنس على أنه جزء
من صحتنا كلها ومن مزاجنا الجيد، ثم نمكن النساء من الحصول عليه بشكل كامل وهذه خطوة ثانية مصيرية نحو المساواة. وأعتقد أن هذا سيكون عالمًا
أفضل ليس للمرأة فحسب بل لكل شخص. شكراً لكم. (تصفيق)

Sky News – Breaking News – London Islamic School Fire: Four Arrested

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The teenagers were arrested on suspicion of arson on Sunday night following a fire at the Darul Uloom Islamic boarding school.
Four teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire at an Islamic boarding school in London.
Scotland Yard said two 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds were detained late on Sunday night and taken to a south London police station, where they remain in custody.
Some 128 children and staff were inside the Darul Uloom school when the fire took hold.
They were evacuated after the suspected arson attack at the school in Chislehurst, in the London borough of Bromley, at 11.50pm on Saturday.

we start with breaking news four teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson following a fire at an Islamic boarding school in southeast London on Saturday let's go live to Scotland Yard and join skies and a Brady Scott and ended what more can you tell us well Sarah Jane we just had a very brief statement through from the Metropolitan Police confirming that their officers arrested for teenagers late last night in the South London area in connection with that fire in Chislehurst late on Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday morning there are two 18 year olds and two 17 year olds and this morning they remain in custody at an unnamed police station in South London they will be spoken to by officers investigating the blaze at some stage later today and news of the arrests follows very very quickly on from that very public response from the Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan how he issued a statement late last night basically reassuring the Muslim community that police are taking these attacks seriously and the second purpose of the message of course a very direct message to the culprits the police will eventually track them down under thank you


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when I say you're a tienen oh yeah you those policía se up a career una poorer muchacha no say oh yeah [Applause] I'm okay where am i it's ER I'm okay where am I at hey guys we're over here on Decatur and the street yeah [Applause] there's two vehicles over here and the lady wanted me to walk with her because she saw a female here and she felt you know intimidated that they might gator or ice or something [Applause] Hey how's it going man and again you're too close back up are you threatening me with violence sir no you're recording live go please don't approach me oh good good I really hope so but really no are you threatening you with violence look don't tell me what to do man call your sergeant okay look it's hardly again you know that no you're wrong sir you're wrong sir are you gonna put me under arrest then what you're doing is that right sir you know what look hey Reed Scotty vs. Nevada flick that up sir I'm right behind you call your sergeant if you're gonna take me to jail what you're doing is wrong sir the First Amendment protects verbal outside of the scope of my investigation you're not gonna listen to the conversation that I have sir touching myself gonna better get daily call you alive hey what's up everyone this is a new channel go subscribe his channel he's from California and Las Vegas he's gonna be traveling back and forth doing cop watching I'm auditing so go check him out people he's new he got arrested charges were dropped

Radio Tone RT5 and RT4 audio compare test – Zello Android PTT

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Here is audio compare test of RT5 and RT4 (with and without speaker mic) both receive and transmit.

Oh guys today I would like to make a cross test between 84 and the 85 I would like to test how it sound both of the device including using speaker mic for the LT fall so we are going to do two tests first of all I'm going to left over here the 35 and we are going to hear how its received then we are going to left over here the 34 and we are going to test how it receive and how the artifact is transmitting and the other thing I've got a standard 12 volt power supply with the positive on the center tip that's how it looks like and I'm going to use it to power the flat Yotam 535 in home so let's check I left it overnight and everything was working perfect let's open it because of the echo it's going to pick up the knife speed so I'm going to go into the another room and that's the reason why the video will be cut in couple of separate take so let me hook up everything and make a test okay so I'm ready to do the test when I'm going to hit a PTT on the radio tom it's going to be received already as you can hear there is a echo so I'm going away and I'm going to say a couple of words by using just the phone and the phone using the speaker mic and we are going to check the quality one two three four five one two three four or five testing just by using the LT for phone we are checking the LD equality one two three four five one two three four five testing testing testing one two three four five one two three four five testing microphone testing penalty for using the T and microphone testing hand microphone one two three four five testing testing testing so that was the test by using the speaker microphone and 34 as a transmitter right now I'm going to left 34 without a mic I'm going to set the volume to the halls I'm going to let it over here I'm going to grab the and start now we are going to hook up the microphone and we are going to check the difference in the audio output quality one two three four five one two three four five this is a very close speaking from the thirty-five radio to the earth before radio with a speaker microphone testing testing testing okay so as you can hear you can check how the speaker microphone sounds howdy 34 without a speaker mic sound and you can check out the LT 5 here in my opinion this is the new loudest and it also have the most clear sound and also the the microphone I think it's picking up very nicely but the opinion is just just for you please hear for yourself and think which one is better for you so thank you very much for watching see you next time and bye bye

The Nigel Farage Show: 30th May 2019 – LBC

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Live from the LBC studio the Brexit Party leader will be taking your calls.

Tonight, Nigel is asking: If you had to choose between a General Election or a second referendum, which would you pick to vote in?

Get involved in today’s debate by calling Nigel on 0345 60 60 973.

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he's under huge pressure on a whole number of fronts one a which of course is what is the Labour Party policy on brexit now today he's been in Dublin he's been with the Irish Prime Minister Bertie shock and of course he's been asked once again by the press what does he want to see how is the brexit deadlock going to be broken and this was what Jeremy Corbyn had to say about a general election our first priority would be actually a general election look it's two years since the last general election this government has no ledge to programme worthy of the name it has been incompetent to say negligence in its negotiations with the EU changing it starts many times as almost as often as it's changes for exit secretaries and now we have a Tory Kai leadership contest which appears to be between no deal no deal and no deal well this is not what this is not acceptable I think the public deserves the right to elect a new parliament and elect a new government that can go on from there so of course that's the line you've been trotting out all the way through this not really saying quite where labour stands or brexit but consistently saying there should be a general election but setting himself very clearly against what he calls the No Deal what I'd call a WT o brexit or a clean break brexit but then he was asked again specifically about his views on a second referendum we don't back rerun of 2016 that happened that's gone what I do say is that if Parliament comes to an agreement then it's reasonable and if Parliament wishes it there should be a public vote on it well I don't know with you any of the wiser I'm not I mean it's just it's couched in language that really is very difficult to understand you know he's got his deputy Tom Watson screaming at him much of his parliamentary parties screaming at him say you know they want him to come out fully in favour of a second referendum and because he won't they did lose votes last Thursday to the Liberal Democrats but because he won't actually say that he really wants breaks it to happen they're also losing votes of course to the brexit party and others so they're in a hell of a mess but but what he is saying I don't think is relevant he's saying either there's gonna be a general election or a second referendum and I I have to say I think that generally is the conversation it's difficult to see how our parliament can go on in crisis as it is so I'm going to ask you today which would you prefer would you prefer sometime this year a general election or a second referendum and if you think a general election is the way to sort this out call Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three maybe you think a second referendum is fair and justified because we didn't really know what we were voting on last time mmm text two eight four eight five Oh or are you completely and utterly fed up we've been asked to vote again and again and again and would rather neither happened in which case tweet using the hashtag farad and LBC at LBC and of course the growing number of you watching us live on Facebook will no doubt have your to penneth as well I have to say I am opposed to a second referendum being fought it seems to me that you can't hold a second referendum until you first implemented the original one it's very anti-democratic and wrong I think to force it again but I'm gonna say this I haven't said it before if we have not left on the 31st of October which is the new date that we're supposed to leave the European Union if we are failed once again by government and Parliament then I think there should be a general election later on this year I just think we've had enough of repeatedly being made promises that get broken so that is very much my view let's go to Steve here's a new caller in Beckenham good evening Steve and welcome hi hey I'm doing all right so which would you prefer Steve well I don't think a general election can really solve anything alone because I don't really think that we have a really good sense of the will of the people I heard and plenty of other people say 17 odd million people voted voted to leave I mean almost as many people voted to stay and just as many people didn't vote at all the figures that you're throwing out there really are only a third of the population really a vote they decide they want to leave and that's not really enough I think if you focus on anything at all which should be on trying to conveniently to stay or stay as to lead but to find out what the rest of the people didn't vote at all one well how how on earth Steve can you do that and by the way bear in mind what once I could bear in mind the when Tony Blair won the general election in 2005 he only got 35 percent of the vote I know the population and off the population between 20 and 25 percent say election the state my point is this elections are decided surely by those that choose to vote doesn't have to be that way does it because you're not sure that you can please if you feel that change is something that you want but get often thought about it what you have is people that bothered enough to get off their backsides and say yes I'd like things exactly the way they are but I would say that every one of those people that didn't vote also feel that way getting up and voting for to remain the same I think you can count all of those people as they voted no because even in the heyday Steve even in the heyday when when turnouts were high in this country general election turnout I think the all-time record since the war was 82% general legend this is a different thing three parties you can't make those kind of assumptions but the binary choice yes in or out what you can be quite safe to say we can shoot everybody is in and let you tell if you want to be out it's just like saying about being an organ donor or something like that we make a basic assumption about your standpoint if you don't like that basic assumption please feel free to come and tell us what you would prefer Steve Steve if you assume he was seemed that the non voting majority supported the status quo they'll be almost no point ever holding any referendum would there's nothing like it to tell people to tell people that you want to change it would say something about it like you're saying that wants us to leave Steve I'd say I've seen elections I'm saying that elections are decided by those who choose to go and vote we could of course moved system of compulsory voting would you prefer to see that well I don't think we need to find people but I think if I write assumption about how they feel you don't have to find people that don't follow what you can say you're staying unless you tell us you want elite I think I can tell us so would you choose a general agent or a revelation make any different I don't leave policy unless I knew that a clear majority in the country not just the people that bother to vote but all of the world and you know vote for that how can you do anything other than support brexit party but at the moment at all hopefully you wouldn't change the fortunes of any organization with that little support you have a third of the support of the country well Steve I have to say I've had a lot of political arguments over the years that one's very near me and I thank you for it okay Nigel bring on an election says Patricia in Whitstable she's up for a general election Corbin strategy has backfired on him his mission is for an election and for the Labour Party to be put into power his own party is scouring his maneuvering and manipulations Caroline he is looking a very long way away from much of his own party Scott reckons we were miss sold and lied to during the first campaign for brexit Scott I agree with you in 1975 the lies that were told to the British people to my parents generation were completely outrageous we deserve a second vote we did we have won in 2016 and I'm bored with this we should well I tell you what Scott you know the idea that it was a unique thing that somehow someone told lies in an election you could say that of every single election campaigns ever been fought since the dawn of time but I do repeat the point the willful lies that were told by Heath and others in the seventies my goodness me Graham is a new caller from Newcastle hi Graham Graham hello nope I haven't got I'm gonna go to Kevin who is calling from Pontypool hello Kevin so Corbin appears to be all over the show but increasingly there is a feeling Kevin that something's going to break here which would you prefer to see rice I don't know about that but who's to say do you think do you think Kevin if there was a general election that we could see some big shifts in in voting patterns across the parties all over the place well some people still work I mean it's a you really believe that we're on the point of something as a massive shift occurring yes interesting interesting I mean you're calling from a part of the world where you know the Labour Party's is nice in 18 have dominated politics I'm right and as your and your senses they wouldn't if there was a general election this way the Labour Party is at level with Corbin I don't think he'd be there so long to be honest what given and the current rouse he's having with his own deputy leader and and much of his own parliamentary party he might be in trouble although Kevin there are hundreds of thousands of three power members in the Labour Party who do support him but I don't know Kevin thank you for your call and Kevin you know taking the point and it is a debate that a shift has occurred in British politics that the European elections last week showed that all of that's valid although of course we do have a first past the post electoral system if we had a system with proportionality then I think a general election could give us a radically different results it's not so certain with the system that we've got you under sting to the nigel farage show exclusive a WC it's 6:15 and time for the news headlines will Lisa Rosie's president Trump's hinted he may meet up with Nigel and conservative leadership hopeful Boris Johnson during his state visit to the UK next week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says a general election or a second referendum are now the only options if the UK faces a No Deal brexit scenario an investigation started after young boy reportedly fell from a rollercoaster ride at a theme park in North Yorkshire LBC whether cloudy and very mild for most of the UK tonight a low of 9 degrees lbc travel I'm Katie Tyler it's slow on the m25 anti-clockwise between Junction 21 eighths and Albans and Junction 1840 wood after an accident they're accused on the North Circular eastbound approaching the crook ability interchange after an accident as well and it's struggling southbound through the Blackwall tunnel that's after a motor bike broke down earlier in the center of town there are keys on the Strand westbound approaching Trafalgar Square because of a breakdown and 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conduct authority choose well heating and you get a lot more than an efficient boiler from top manufacturers like gwizdo Bosch visits well heating come rely on us to keep you warm this is LBC van Nigel Farage shackle oh three four five six zero six zero nine seven three text eight four eight five Oh tweet at LBC using a hashtag Faraj on LBC so after Corbin today says there should be a general election or perhaps even possibly maybe depending on the circumstances a second referendum which of those two would you prefer or would you prefer neither do you think neither would actually at this stage sort anything out Pat on Facebook says we voted leave what about the referendum on honouring the Reverend result yeah well I know Pat and this is my feeling that you know the first the vote of 2016 needs to be put in place and if people would have a second referendum down the track they can do it but to do it now I think would be simply wrong Nigel says what are your thoughts on a qualified majority for a possible referendum I think what I do think about any referendum is there has to be a minimum turnout for it to and I you know we're the caller on earlier saying that everyone doesn't vote should be counted in with a status quo that doesn't work for me but I do think if you can make a big change like for example if Scotland was to separate from the United Kingdom I think there has to be a minimum threshold of those that turn out to vote a forty or fifty percent minimum threshold that's my feeling give me your thoughts and feelings on this oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three I'm going to Teignmouth in Devon to speak to Jordan who's a new caller good evening hiya Nigel Haydon I'm doing well so how do we solve it all so how I saw this there's only one solution right there's a general election the reason for that is that we are a decided country as you probably well know and we split all the way through the parties through the through the people everywhere so a referendum is just going to be another 52:48 scenario whichever way it goes it's not going to be a huge margin so what we need is a general election and the result of that election when nobody wins outright conservatives aren't going to win labour aren't going to win and no one else will so I mean I'd like to say we're heading into coalition politics but let's face facts we're already there aren't we yes it's what it said effectively Emily yeah exactly so what happens at that point is then over you and the Conservatives team up and get a majority or Labour SNP liberals and Claire's greens whoever they want to I mean all of them together probably would be a better idea and and the actual result of that as far as I'm concerned is not not how we leave we're up we overstay all the leave the other you guys sort out and relief all those guys get in and don't you know mess about claiming that you know we're going to leave in this way or that way none of the options are gonna work I'm gonna get beep on because none of them are very good you know basically what you're saying is this is the fault line in British politics you either want to stay or leave and I agree with that and people increasingly people increasingly now identify not as Labour or conservative but as leavers or remain as entirely yeah and you're absolutely right with that do you think we've reached the point where basically both the labor and conservative parties to must decide what they really really are I don't I don't I don't think that they need to I think what they need to do is remove this false ego that they've got about themselves are the only two pies exist because they don't anymore and what we need is proportional representation and we will get that eventually maybe not you know I'd love it to be in an X or a few years but maybe not in my lifetime but this issue will resonate for the next 10 20 30 40 50 hundred genes who knows but the reality is that things change now the seed has been sown and we need a proportional representation system I've had that proportional representation we wouldn't have this problem because you're formally invoke 2000 2010 was counted yeah I'm not before you careful or anything I'm a very Pro remain but you deserved it was a it was a it was a tough day it was a tough day Jordan I get your point and I do understand that with reform and with coalition's forming on either side of the argument we might actually get a parliament that made a bit of sense David says America wants to trade with us so why don't politicians make brexit happen so we can have this huge deal well interestingly US National Security Advisor John Bolton is in London today and he made a comment on this to Sky News earlier well the president will do what the president wants I think it's it's safe to say that he continues to look forward to an opportunity to have a bilateral trade deal with the United Kingdom I think that's very important for both countries and as soon as that's the United Kingdom is in a position to engage in those negotiations seriously we're prepared to do so as well John Bolton talking very positively about brexit linking in with David's message now John it Lester says change the first-past-the-post system to the USA Stan electoral college John the American system is desperately complicated and it works in a presidential system but we don't have a presidential system we elect MPs and from those MPs comes a prime minister I think what John's saying is we should move to a presidential type of sister I wonder how many people would support that let's try rod is a new caller from stem areas in Essex good evening rod so general election or second referendum rod for main diva right okay why not what a set of referendums a joke really I mean without a referendum the leave is one so we leave I mean now I'm a reminder that I respect the result so that's that one as for us an election of no idea what that's going to do the fact that come by call be marking the power god help us I don't know what I post a fault with that so it has always been interested in since the beginning I think that's all I've ever heard e-mini screw talked about since 2000 well I think I think all leaders of opposition's in the House of Commons want general elections I want to be Prime Minister don't they oh yeah I mean to me that would be the worse what if the country wanted him in the country will get Monday yes there's nothing I could do about I mean obviously I will make your eyes out to stop it yeah I mean you know that's the agree though there at the end of the day year the results the results as a referendum so rod if we do know that and I do understand you know I do understand people's frustration I mean in many parts of England people voted on the second of May they were asked to vote again on the 23rd of May and I do understand people saying hey you know enough is enough but yeah but somehow at some point this deadlock does have to get broken doesn't it definitely yes yeah I think I mean John you I don't know the way forward I think there is a simple way forward it seems whoever's going to be you know in Brussels trying to do this UK part of and they're going to trash everything they try and do anyway that's the way I look at it so I can't see any day I mean somebody just hit someone in like to do leader which is probably going to be Boris and he's probably by the wild looking funny just gonna crush out with a no deal anyway well maybe we will but my argument I rod my argument rod is we were supposed to leave on the 29th of March we did we didn't despite all the promises and that's why we fought to European and action my argument is the next dates the 31st of October if we don't leave on that we don't leave on that date then Parliament has failed us again surely then it is reasonable to say let's have a general election I don't think I mean our field is a trivial election labour will gain in my opinion our field I will get in and I can see Gary Micco Queen I don't know I mean it'd be worse than that would take some doing wouldn't it but all right I get it thank you thank you thank you Pauling Cruden says the only democratic way to solve the brexit situation is a second referendum with either Mays deal or WTO the first referendum result must be honored or Paul the point you're making is we've only wants to leave we we then in a referendum could choose how we leave and I understand that but I struggled to see Parliament putting that choice to us given its current makeup but one of the reasons folks I'm again really opposed to a second referendum is this so we have a second referendum this autumn and the leave vote I'm pretty confident the leave vote would be a fair bit higher than 52% but let's just say 58% next time vote leave would this Parliament with the color people in it even honor that result I don't think so I really don't think so Adam is a new quarter of a new port good evening Adam we're doing okay ish but I certainly go with ish I mean so in the seventies lies and betrayal which meant we joined the European Union and end in 2016 absolute truth all round and swing voters like myself quite happily thought yeah I can see 350 million being better for the NHS yeah I pretty much think you know turkey joining me you might not be a good idea yeah this is going to be this is gonna be better for my children so yeah I'm out and yeah that was all true wasn't it no job well turkey joining the European Union has been on the agenda since 1961 and it's already much it's all any part of the customs union but I think but I think the I think well I think you can listen if you want to I think the pretty extremists root the agonist has taken turkey down means that it is not gonna be joining anytime soon but yeah I mean it was one of David Cameron's biggest ambitions as Prime Minister was for turkey to be a member of the European Union so yeah that was absolutely true at the time and circumstances change the 350 consensus change Nigel circumstances change more evidence comes to light more evidence comes that would oppose then of course it does Adam I mean I don't have a swing as a swing vote Nigel am I not like my democratic right to review all of the evidence in front of us now look at all of the options on the table and actually see with all of the truth with all the deceit that has come out of the leave campaign not necessarily from yours but from others that actually the best thing we can do is stay in the European Union well out of actually and actually we equation and we had a vote on this last week didn't we we had a vote on this last week no we did last week we had a we had a vote on the the guys who were adamant leavers will still adamantly vote leave irani vote remains yeah people like me that sit in the middle that want to make an informed decision no I believe I did last time and I was lied to now I am old my democratic right to change my mind well Adam how an atom you know my parents were lied to they were told it was a common market wouldn't affect our sovereignty and it took 45 years to the 45 years to have a second go Adam you can have a self Adam I'll give you a second referendum after this one has been implemented and that I think is really the point implement something which is fragmented the country to such a degree that nobody knows what must be implemented once we implemented we are currently talking about the possible leader of this country being up on criminal charges evidence that he produced to help me make my decision well Adam I'm not gonna discuss the details of that case although if people were held to account for promises they'd made in manifestos virtually everybody in Parliament would be in court tomorrow you honest think to the night if our show here on OBC at 6:30 and time for the news with Lisa resist president Trump's hinted he may meet up with Nigel and conservative leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson during his state visit to the UK next week the u.s. leader who arrives in London on Monday has described them as being good friends Jeremy Corbyn says a general election or a second referendum and now the only options if the UK faces a No Deal brexit scenario the labor leaders been speaking after meeting the Irish tea shikan Dublin today Leo Vodka says he told mr. Corbyn the withdrawal agreement was closed and that the chances of the EU granting an extension past the new October deadline were pretty slim the Health and Safety Executive started an investigation after reports a six year old boy fell from a rollercoaster at a theme park in North Yorkshire emergency crews were called to light water valley near Ripon this morning LBC weather cloudy and very mild for most of the UK tonight rain likely in the north and west of England a low of nine degrees Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from seven lbc because overs have accepted they must move to a new day on a new dawn so who will lead the party and be Prime Minister Charlie's checkered Philip Hammond why didn't you put your hat into the ring because I wouldn't win why wouldn't you rent the electorate for the Conservative Party are by a significant majority Euroskeptic many of them do not agree with the stance that I have taken to our future relationship with the European Union how 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works like you eligibility criteria applies leading Britain's conversation van Nigel Farrar show tweet at LBC using the hashtag Faraj OBC jeremy corbyn's been in Dublin today saying there must be a general election and perhaps if a deal is agreed by Parliament then maybe possibly perhaps a second referendum not being very clear all of which proms kneel in Swansea to say I have no idea what Corbin stands for or once anymore but there is a debate in the country what are we going to do to sort this out do we need a second referendum or would a general election sorted and I've now moved to the position that says if we don't leave on the 31st of October our Parliament has failed not once but twice and it should at least be a chance to get rid of these people who failed so badly before we get back to that firstly a bit of good news the World Cup cricket has started today an England of beaten South Africa by a hundred and four runs I'm pleased about that I was invited to the Oval and I was too busy to go says he through gritted teeth and sticking with politics Philip Hammond he the Chancellor eeeh and and the sort of staunch remainder in the cabinet but what he said this morning I thought was very very interesting he was asked if there was a vote of no-confidence in his own government because the government had gone for a WTO brexit on the 31st of October would he vote with his own here was his answer I've been in Parliament for 22 years and I have never once voted against the conservative whip so it's not something that I would do lightly or enthusiastically but I am very clear that the national interest trumps the party interest and if I am presented with a difficult choice I will act in what I believe is the best interest of this country I don't agree with him but it's very interesting what he's saying you know we are reaching we're getting very close to a point where the two-party system could just destroy itself could just blow apart in many ways I'm beginning to feel the sooner that happens the better it will be so second referendum or general election Paul on facebook says I voted for leave twice and would keep doing it in as many elections as possible some would argue Paul they'd voted leave in 2016 in the referendum they devoted four leave parties in the 2017 general election and they ready for leave parties last Thursday and they keep voting leave and three years old we haven't left Glynn says neither a second referendum nor a general election deliver what you were asked to do Glynn that's been my position but as I say if we go past the 31st of October I think something has got to give April says no second referendum but yes some a general election let's get rid of the dead wood let's go to Robert in Rochester good evening Robert good evening Nigel so the question is which would I say is yeah it would be a general election and I believe this is what they're playing towards a Christmas general election to make sure turnout is at an all-time low and therefore guarantee their re-election and that's the sad day that I say obviously my opinion is that I think a general election is needed but something that where we've got a long period of time to campaign to get people interested in voting Robert why would if we had a mid-december general election why would that mean turnout will be low because obviously people are busy over Christmas the weather generally gets bad and it generally changes the way that people are actually thinking they're more insular about right I get it I get it again it you're right no you are right you are right and similarly if it was a February election we would expect a lower turnout you are right about that but but but Robert if enough people wanted change they could still be a low turnout and still vote for different parties I mean you could argue Robert there was a quite a low turnout in the European elections last week and yet quite a dramatic result yes it was a fantastic result for your party however it was still a low turnout it was double the figures it has normally been so well done for that because I think it's your influence that caused the increase in voting for the European elections but when it comes to the let the election that was a couple of weeks before of XI I lived in the South faced yes there was an all-time low turnout for local elections and we saw pacifically where a live in Medway the low turnout caused the normal parties to continue to win because the those who voted for other parties which was extraordinary the postal vote system they the normal parties guaranteed their own victory you know what now I do I do and I have to say Robert one of the reforms I want in this country is reform of the postal voting system you know postal votes used to be allowed for people who were 94 and infirm soldiers serving overseas people you know who had reasons not to be in the country and they would apply for a postal vote for that election blair started giving postal votes on demand and it was what the parties did is they got as many of their known supporters on postal votes and what happens robert is the postman delivers the postal vote through the door and 20 minutes later someone knocks on the door from the party and says can I collect your postal vote please it's open to abuse isn't it yes and although there's strict penalties I've never actually seen it actually implemented a five-year ban I've never seen it implemented and I do question in various areas whether that is actually pressure on the constituents because as far as I've been amazed aware is after they've received their postal vote they're not allowed to be campaigned questionably Wow I know that's not but it's it's it's unenforceable and the other point Robert is they get their postal votes two and a half three weeks before the election date when the whole debate in the cycles at a different stage is very odd Robert thank you messages galore coming in the question is not if but we have a second referendum but what the question should be says Nick from Barry hi Nigel I would just like to say until Berko goes it's just a waste of time discussing it as he has such a rotten hold on the whole scenario he has to go ASAP says Pauline certainly berkos comments in America yesterday have excited many of you there's no left or right on brexit there's only leave or remain the posh boy in Hazel Muir and the bricklayer in Rotherham now share the same view which means that the old party loyalties are gone I want a general election thanks Roland Roland to a very large degree absolutely with you on that I do think that people are wearing on their sleeves the badge lever remainer more than we've been conservative for the last four generations or labour let's go to Dudley in the West Midlands and speak to Yvonne and you call a hi Yvonne hi Nigel so what's going to solve it if I'm well in general election we've got to have a general election because they'll word that referendum so that we don't get what we voted for I voted no back in 1975 I also worked on behalf of the referendum party Young's ago because increasingly I've seen the power from this country disappear into Europe it will be we will be totally controlled by Europe if we don't get out and the thought of that just write-ins make them like children or grandchildren all of you know to matter tonight but to see these country swallowed up well that's a that's that's obviously with you a very strongly held political opinion and son take a different view and they think that a big strong united Europe you know with its own flags and anthems and armies is the future but look you know we didn't vote for mister Yunker and we can't get rid of it I I'm on your side of the argument of course wholly on this but in terms of the mess that British politics finds itself in now would in your view a general election or a second referendum sorted out only if you have a candidate in every borough in every place will it be sorted and then we'll have a true representation we will have an opposition that will fight against whatever is left of this mess we can they are what you say they are career politicians my husband uses live in London and we've been married fiction II came up instead what I live London he said I always thought that everybody up north would you know that London would be decide you know it's really funny having you here and saying exactly the same thing people in London don't think about the rest of the country they're not even interested in the rest well that is that is another one of the great divides that exists in this country today and you're right to say that actually I think increasingly people beyond the confines of the m25 feel that London is it London is a different place Yvonne I thank you for your call you're listening to the Nigel Farage show exclusively on RBC it's now 6:45 and time for the news headlines would Lisa aziz president Trump's hinted he may meet up with Nigel and conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson during his state visit to the UK next week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says a general election or a second referendum are now the only options if the UK faces a No Deal brexit scenario an investigation started after a young boy reportedly fell from a rollercoaster ride at a theme park in North Yorkshire LBC where that cloudy and very mild for most of the UK tonight some rain in the north and west a low of 9 degrees lbc travel I'm Katie Tyler there are queues on the m25 anti-clockwise for nearly an hour between Junction three for swanly and the Dartford tunnel it's because of a breakdown and Alain is shut Pentonville Road is shut eastbound at Islington High Street because of an accident causing delays on the approach and there are keys on the Strand westbound approaching Trafalgar Square because of a breakdown its queuing on the North Circular that's eastbound approaching the cricket billet interchange after an accident earlier on and 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your pension at your pension gov dot uk' for hundreds of years Indian food has been about sharing great food with the people you love for over five years man gel restaurant have bought North and South India together in the heart of London and due to its success now we've come to chip well mountain experience the essence of India and make memories with man gel book now at man gel restaurant calm Alexa who is the best English rugby player of all time good question my favorite is Jonny Wilkinson really huh nice one Alexa who is the greatest rugby player of all time my favorite is definitely Sergio Parisse take out vitality health insurance today and we'll give you an Amazon echo dot like Johnny here you also get an Amazon smart plug and to find your inner athlete enable the Alexa vitality skill for fitness and nutrition tips to get your Amazon bundle today just search vitality health vitality positively different new member offer available on certain vitality plans until thirty thirteen twenty nineteen when Emma monthly premiums terms and conditions apply the Nigel Farrar show on LD they call oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three would a general election sort the whole thing out what a second referendum sort it out I set you don't believe a second referendum what I think this lot in Parliament would ignore it when we voted leave again but I do think we're gonna have to have a general election if we don't leave on the 31st of October and in general the calls texts tweets Facebook measures I'm getting I think Chris from fraud sham sums it up he says it's a general election for me Nigel to give the people a chance to ditch their MP if they did not support the wishes of their constituents the MPs would prefer a second referendum because they don't fancy getting their p 45s and that's been quite consistent tonight many many more of you thinking a general election is the right way out over a second referendum some of you wanting understandably I think once him neither Ryan is a new caller from Bolton good evening Ryan good evening so which is it to be run over – I'd have to say general election in five years we've had five referendum we had a conservative saying what Rosen will give you a referendum we did that then we had the referendum then we had a no general election we've said yes we also good for parties well not all but most of us voted partly saying yes we will you know we'll follow through with the referendum and then we've just done to European election theory you can argue we've had all referendums already within the not quite sure I buy that rhyme but but but no I I don't buy that although we've had the chance to express an opinion that's certainly true yes but we all voted for them and if we're going to have a general election then we need two general elections to get rid of the individuals that are in Parliament at the moment just so we can get rid of this deadlock I am a remainder sorry I'm a leader I massively support the fact that we should leave the EU and we should become independent and unfortunately as we are at the moment we're not leaving and God knows how many promises we've been giving you will leave I know I know mrs. may 108 times you'll leave a mark I mean there isn't run there was no there is a risk that you have a general election and he finish up with the DUP holding the balance of power again I mean there is a risk of that there is but what do we do it I rather just leave I would rather just leave without a referendum or a general election on board where we stand at the moment and we've got politicians being have legal action taken against or just because of what they said does this mean to reason may now it's going to get taken to court I honestly I'm I'm concerned about this because otherwise everybody would be I mean to be no one left with that Ryan I thank you for your call just to really help me here I've got a comment here saying personally I would prefer a Scottish independence referendum yeah thanks for that and of course Nicola Sturgeon very much once another Scottish referendum and she once gotten the remain within the European Union let's go to a new quarter of a Manchester called George George which is it to be I know you're I'm 21 and I voted to remain however I do actually support as leaving because I think you know the country voted for it people need to get on the voted for my trouble with the general election is the way that the parties are voted in at the moment I can't see any new parties getting voted in so I think what you don't was just a coalition probably run by Labour which end of the day I don't think it's a great idea because they want to keep it in the Union at the end of the day it's a george i am i hearing a plea for a different type of voting system indeed yeah yeah what I have to say and I say you know having having led a party to four million votes of one seat very difficult difficult for me not to agree with you indeed and also you know a lot of people my age want to remain because quite frankly they can't accept the result of the referendum which I you know I do hope to remain and I think that we need to leave I think the perception it's a second referendum because I think if there is another second restaurant and leaves will run again Oh George I think leave would win with a bigger majority but I also think this Parliament would still do their absolute best to dishonor it yeah George I'm losing you I'm losing your lines cracking up but George they're a remainer who thinks we have to leave George has anyone whether people like George he's a Democrat Paul Broman Chester says Faraj get real when Mae lost her majority for her and her government that was the end of your brexit and us leaving the EU Paul you may think that actually what it meant was it's gonna take longer and there are more battles to fight I still absolutely believe that brexit will happen because I think the genie is out of the bottle we're going to Barnsley to speak to Jordan good evening hi Nigel you all right I'm all right so what's it to be a general election or a rental Reverend yes I actually think they could pull off those both oh wow okay talk me through it please yep so I think if they called it an election sooner rather than later they have a chance for both major parties the Conservatives and labor to fully rebuild their manifest those wonderful probe wrecks it one for pro remain and then the two parties can have at it and we can finally get this over and done with one way or another that's assuming Jordan that labor becomes a totally romaine party and obviously at the moment it's very unlikely because the wall swap really happens and it's very annoying it's also assuming that the Conservative Party genuinely wants to leave as well I think yeah I don't do something like that it's it's going to go the way whether to fight system breaks which I'm sure it's not what they personally want so I think if they don't do that then they're headed for disaster do you think the two-party system breaking would be a bad thing not necessarily it's nice to see other parties getting a chance you know we're becoming more of a democratic country where we don't destroy it one way or the other we're getting more chances to vote for different kind of important issues like the Green Party with the environment but I think from the conservatives and labour point of view they don't want to ruin what they've got going and that's the only way I think he's going you may be right at the moment they're trying to keep you know wings of their parties together and it's not really working Jordan I thank you Craig in Gateshead raising a point that we've heard already tonight but it's becoming stronger I sense he says Nigel we keep on hearing the country is divided the country is not divided the problem is the London area and Parliament the rest of the country spoke once again with a strong voice last Thursday and Craig have to say there is a strong feeling that London versus the rest it is one of the big divisions that exists today my last caller tonight is David a new caller from Manchester good evening David I am okay ish come on give me a salacious get your the last leg you've got a minute to tell us all right you're the mantel implemented right for democracy itself to survive in this nation the vote from 2016 has to be respected that eon question that has to happen so my proposal is we leave on the 31st of october Deal or No Deal we're out that's it however I am being aware the country is on this issue I'm a firm believer I'm fully committed to leave in the European Union I would vote leave time and time again however I know my neighbor next door he didn't remain err and no matter what we decide between discuss between ourselves I can never convince him he can't convince me the problem is not the people of this country it's not the fault to leave us in the issue the problem has been Westminster it's been our parliamentarians in our MPs from Heath to major Brown so how do we solve a David how do I solve it we leave on the 31st of October Deal or No Deal we respect democracy David I don't disagree but it's time to put our cards on the table the EU has always wanted to go to this federal space of Europe and they've tried to do is slow creep and assault oh sure was into it without I was realizing let's put the cards on the table I want to see MPs in London campaigning to make themselves unemployed like you've been doing for the last well well let's have it but the current Parliament wouldn't respect it and I hope you and your neighbor can make up at some point you've been listening to the Nigel Farage show here on LBC I'll be back on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock at 10:00 tonight is Thom Swarbrick but up next it's ian though thank you very much Nigel coming up at 8:00 a new report is recommending and cut in University tuition fees to seven and a half thousand pounds a year and the reintroduction of means-tested maintenance

Impossible is easier than you think | Rafael Badziag | TEDxUNYP

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How do you approach impossible challenges? How do you achieve something when all odds are against you? Is there a methodology to make it happen? Rafael Badziag managed to accomplish seemingly impossible things and even produce outcomes nobody has dared to try before, because they were so incredibly unlikely. In this speech he recounts the lessons he learned during these undertakings and gives advice on how to bring about similar results in your own life. Rafael explains how to bend the probability in your favor so that what seemed impossible becomes possible for you. Rafael Badziag is a Germany based global entrepreneur and angel investor. He is a valued expert in psychology of entrepreneurship, specializing in self-made billionaires and was featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX as well as in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers and TV networks in several countries.

His passion is learning his limits and crossing them as well as learning the limitations of the people around him and helping them to overcome those. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

I have to warn you I will be talking a little bit about ultrarunning but this is not really about ultrarunning this is just an example to prove my points I absolutely don't want to talk anybody into it how many runners do we have in the audience today okay do you know the difference between marathon and in ultra run ultra marathon by definition a marathon is 26.2 miles footrace this is what most people consider the maximum of human capabilities and an ultra run is everything above that 30 miles 50 miles run and more more returns are run on flat streets while at former tones are run in difficult terrain through mountains through deserts you can physically prepare for a marathon and finish it without difficulties but in an ultra marathon none of the participants can be really sure he will finish even the best preparation can't protects you from suffering and from unexpected crisis the art of ultra running is the art of overcoming these crises this is the art of making your mind prevail over the weakness of your body it's the art of suffering you look like this after a marathon but you look like this afternoon at home art this guy takes the rest in the Nettles after an 80 kilometer mountain run his friend suspends there and says hello have you forgotten you were afraid of snakes six years ago I was told I wouldn't survive another year no I'm not going to tell you a sob story I wasn't sick I just decided to do something that by far exceeded my limits to run an ultra marathon an impossible undertaking considering the fact that I'm not particularly athletic as you see and I have never been I had no idea how to run 100 kilometers I mean how to do it how to get down to it I said this idea with my father his reaction was immediate 100 kilometers running in the desert are you crazy do you realize what kind of people go there you gonna die there did you know that most people don't realize their dreams because they consider them impossible to achieve and that's why they don't do anything to actually realize them often we think something is impossible just because we don't know how to do it I have a simple method for that ask somebody who has done it before so I looked up in a phone book a two-time winner of the race that I wanted to run I called the guy to get his advice on how to do it he didn't take me seriously maybe because I was a complete greenhorn but I didn't give up after my third call he finally relented and explained to me how to prepare how to Train what equipment to use after six months of cruel training and over thousand miles run in the preparation I did something that I had considered impossible before despite horrendous fatigue I not only finished that ultra marathon but I took place in a better half of the field impossible is easier than you think I realized that most of the limitations we are exposed to in our lives are not physical limitations imposed on us by laws of nature virtually all limitations we are subject to our mental limitations or limitations in our hats so if you think something is impossible then in the first line it's just your thought and the reality may be completely different impossible is just an opinion six months before I considered running 100 km it was to be impossible for me in reality it turned out to be absolutely doable of course after a proper preparation I thought to myself I did something in sports that I had considered impossible let's see if I can do anything impossible outside of sports I am a businessman I built a multi-million dollar company but I always looked up to billionaires billionaires with capital B not millionaires billionaires are the best entrepreneurs they build huge value they create huge companies for example the typical billionaire they own 212 or 400 factories or 3,000 restaurants I came up with the idea to learn from the very best and the preneur 's in the world to meet and interview self-made billionaires and then to publish the secrets of their success in a book a great vision would you say but there is one heat nobody has ever done anything like this before there were local projects with millionaires like the one by Napoleon Hill 100 years ago but nobody has ever worked with dozens of billionaires on a global book project nobody has ever tried to why because the venture seems impossible to complete let's look at the stats billionaires are an extremely rare breed only 1 in 5 million people on average is a billionaire that means that the probability of meeting a billionaire by chance is comparable more or less to winning the main part in the national lottery for my book I needed to meet and interview at least 20 billionaires do you know anybody who won the part in the national lottery 20 times common sense tells us this is plain impossible and now imagine how over went I was when faced with the challenge of this magnitude I mean where to start how to get to them but then I got the first promising contact from a friend it was the phone number belonging to former employee of one of the billionaires I needed to call the guy and convinced him to put me in contact with that billionaire I was hesitating for weeks gathering courage weighing core pros and cons procrastinating I was scared to death to take this first step but here is the worst enemy of success the tool I often use in my different challenges is the so called promise card it looks like this I wrote on it I will write and publish a WOD bestseller by end of June 2016 I made 20 copies of that distributed them among friends then the friends could hold me accountable for my promise and I always carry one copy with me so I don't forget it and I made these cards when procrastinating with the call and one of the copies I give to the friend who gave me the phone number his reaction changed my life beyond recognition he said listen I gave you a contact to a billionaire and you are giving me some damn scrap of paper instead of taking action come on pull yourself together get serious and I humbly took the phone and called the guy and that's how my great adventure started since then astonishing things happened I have traveled several times around the globe today I personally know and have met 30 billionaires do you know anybody who wanted pot in the National Lottery 30 times the wealthiest people in the world spent time with me invite me to their homes for lunch for dinner send me Christmas cards or call me this guy for example owns four and a half thousand restaurants four and a half thousand I mean the one on of course five years ago if somebody told me how my life would look like today I would declare him insane and all that happened because of what this friend made me realize that the gap between ignorance and knowledge is much less than the gap between knowledge and action so it's not about knowing it's about doing take action just do it do the first step even if you don't know the next steps take risk even without guarantee of success what else can we learn from that story that independently of how improbable your goal is your direct that action can actually bend the probability in your favor and what seemed impossible becomes possible for you impossible is easier than you think two years after my first ultramarathon I took a challenge of 111 kilometer non-stop run to the Sahara Desert it's called several ultra 111 this was the most traumatic experience of my life never in my life have I suffered as much as doing that race but apparently it was a borderline experience not just for me to be clear the field consisted of the best european ultra runners except for me an amateur despite that almost half of the participants give up during the race due to circulatory collapse dehydration or sunstroke and majority of those who finished lost a consciousness along the way before the race these pros were looking at me and thinking there was absolutely no way I'm gonna finish that race yet indeed the run turned out to be an ordeal I started with an injured knee after only 20 kilometers I had wounds on my feet and blood was squirting in my shoes after 32 kilometers I realized it's over I was shocked because I was prepared maybe for a crisis after 60 kilometers but after 32 how was I going to run another 80 kilometers if I was at the end of my rope already after 32 kilometers I was getting stuck in the sand I couldn't breathe due to jammed nerve I was limping and with every step pain in my knee paralyzed me and my wounded feet went numb and on top of that I was boiling in my own sweat I decided to quit but then I realized I told all my friends about this race remember the promise cut and now they were sitting in their homes crossing fingers for me cheering for me after several ultra marathons I had a reputation of being a tough guy already and now should I give up what am I going to tell them I had pain in my knee simply not an option so I consciously opted for another 16 hours of torture with no guarantee of finishing the race I decided to push on as long as I was conscious until I drop if you want to do the impossible cut off your way back and put yourself in a situation with no return and now the worst the hottest part started it was 105 Fahrenheit 40 degrees Celsius in the shade but there was no shade I was literally reeling exhausted and overheated I was in agony I had hallucinations I realized now it is really over but then I recalled Winston Churchill's words if you are going through hell keep going and these words save me because it felt like as if he helped tailored these words for me for this situation and I realized that success is achieved by those who don't give up and fight until they achieve it and now my goal was just to take another step and not drop from exhaustion and another step and another step and try not to think how many steps there I had of course on the way to the finish line I experienced several other severe crisis despite that I managed to reach the finish line at the kilometer 111 it took me twenty one and a half hours of hellish struggle during the race I drank 20 liters of water and lost 12 pounds of my bodyweight in just one day as of today only three people in the world finish this race without fainting and I'm proud to be one of them I realized that even if you think it's over and there is no way you can continue even when you are at the end of your rope and you can't take any more pain even then it doesn't really mean it's over in reality you can endure much much more in my case I thought it was over after kilometer 32 in reality I could run 80 kilometers more until the finish line at the kilometer 111 you can do much more than you realize I realized how far in our everyday lives we are from the limits of our capabilities how little from our enormous potential we usually exploit if we can only get close to our limits we can astonish the world and ourselves because only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go which of your dreams to consider so improbable that you are afraid to go for it when are you going to take the first step after that or maybe you would like to experience this magic as long as your life the magic to do the impossible to realize even your most improbable dreams we can act only in the present it's only in the here and now that we can create the future and make our dreams of today become the reality of tomorrow but tomorrow may never come so don't put it off though the first step today and always remember impossible is easier than you think thank you [Applause]

ITV 50 years of Anglia TV birthday part 2 Anniversary Special & Bob Wellings + Weather Forecast

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ITV 50 years of Anglia TV birthday 27th10th09

Betty Bass the midday show
Stuart Jarrold Sports
Eddie Anderson producer
Patrick Anthony
Bob Wellings

Weather Forecast with Michael Hunt

David Brooks
Gerald Rolfe correspondent

have those old pitches especially Judy Finnigan looking so glamorous I know gorgeous especially after just giving birth no it makes you sick doesn't it now you've been delving into the Anglia archives I'm working on these 50th anniversary packages what else we got this week some real gems tomorrow we are going to talk about tells of the unexpected bygones romper room the story behind BC and on Friday a special report on the quiz of the week from Norwich open access sale of the century and now I'm over the last few weeks you've been meeting a lot of the presents and reporters that worked at Anglia over the 15 years that must mean so much fun it has been huge fun and a gatecrashed another party today from staff who worked here some on the very first day here's what they had to send Misti of course you were there on the very first day 16 tell me what you were doing it was so exciting I remember a day to see scale but the other thing that's missing I can't I can't believe I'm the wrong side of 60 there but I had many very wonderful years there and fantastic times Louise characters for the year today is fantastic well it just makes me feel a little old I'm still cooking but mostly for myself now naturally you're welcome around any time you're free wonderful memories there let's get some more now from Bob weddings he was a reporter here 50 years ago Bob it's lovely to have you here this evening thank you started in 1959 you were there for a decade to 1969 your first television job he must have changed a lot since then you must have some amazing memories well my abiding memory bed which has never happened to you is after my third week doing about Anglia I was told of the senior producer director well I'm a bear of a man who frightened me anyway so I went up to his office and went into his office and he said dad sit down this won't take long he said Bob look with most people who are new to television our problem is to make them look relaxed with you we don't have this problem we just look ruddy asleep I'm Becky he didn't say Ronnie but I I'll save your brushes you're certainly not asleep this evening Bob just how different was it from then to now well the thing is then and now there is a core of professionalism and fun and ideas people but of course being knew it was much rougher at the edges and people like me didn't know what earth they were doing frankly you sort of made it up as you went along I mean now what I'm bowled over by is apart from you two wonderful people and all that is the sweetness and professionalism of all the satellite trucks and all that is just so so much slicker than in our time it's been so so lovely so happy with us the thing we can ask just do one more thing if you could do something right thank you very much the only one line to learn I'm not sure I've learned it we've is we've seen the news from 50 years ago but what about the weather that's all for me the weekend weather now with Michael hunt good evening to you few days ago I was receiving from viewers spring flowers strawberries or strawberry rather admittedly not ripe raspberries ripe all had been picked within outside in gardens within our region Michael hunt was an anglia icon for more than two decades he set up Anglia whether the first ITV station to have its own weather department frequently to fought a war with the control room as his 2 minutes and 45 seconds for the weather was absolutely mandatory and he would never take any reduction this facsimile broadcast receiver is the main source of the material we use in the preparation of the anglia forecasts it covers a whole range of material right from the upper atmosphere down to the surface but wide although this range is it isn't sufficiently detailed for regional purposes every pen on this chart represents voluntary weather correspondent who helps to fill in the gaps in reporting network and one of the pins on the chart was and still is our weather correspondent in Ely Gerald Rolfe and Gerald's with me now so a lot has changed since you first began yab started right back in the early 1970s 40 odd years ago now the biggest difference from mental now of course is the screen presentation has progressed from the charts with string on them up to the present day everything caputre he must be some key weather moments that stick in your mind I started in the weather game mid fifties and for 1963 wind it was very cold for about three months or so and I suppose it confirmed my interest really the other big thing of course in the opposite way around was in 1975 and 1976 summers which were so hot that we didn't most obviously – didn't really think there's sort of things was credible like the forecast not everything went to plan whether a regular part of outtake shows and the winds along the east coast becomes somewhat like a let's have a look at the local it was terrific I mean we went from paper charts and pens to computer technology which we imported from America we were the first region companies usually it's an infrared picture particularly for the years the faces of weather come and go but the forecast remains the same angly weather continuing to feed the British obsession what the elements have to throw it as what a talent audition tape well Amanda's here this shows exactly what it was like 50 years ago amazing I think this is how it started we had these these made especially for today now this is how it's looking tomorrow lunchtime which you can see the cold front moves through so perhaps some light and patchy rain tomorrow now if you could just help me with this chart Becky this is the closer look at the region so starts off cloudy with some light rain tomorrow morning but it is going to become a writer later and most importantly is actually getting warmer tomorrow fat and I've been dying to do this temperatures could get it too thanks very much Amanda of course some obvious drawbacks how many of these could you have drawn up so in other words we decided to pair one earlier you can't control them well not just about brings us to the end of our 50th anniversary program very special cake here and some bubbly and hopefully I mean we're in Norwich they're celebrating in our news regions around the region as well so here they are in Ipswich and let's take a look at Northampton as well raise the glass to us guys fantastic stuff now come and do the honors ball please yeah and what Bobby's doing that was just leads us to say that raise a glass saying guys to the 50th anniversary of Anglia television we'll leave you with some images from the last 50 years see you later cheers Cheers Irish television Cheers

TRUTH TV – Episode 12: Border Battle New Mexico, Dems And Impeachment, Don't Say "Christian"

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An American citizen who was helping border patrol out in New Mexico was arrested this week. Now it appears he was assaulted in jail and patriots are hopping mad.

With special counsel Robert Mueller’s report now public, what legal avenues will the Democrats pursue?

The left’s fear of uttering the C-word. Why is “Christian” so hard to say?

All this and more on Liberty Nations TV’s news and analysis program.

hello and welcome to another edition of truth is making a comeback a production of Liberty i'm yusuke Donner on today's episode an American citizen who was helping Border Patrol out in New Mexico was arrested this week and now appears that he was assaulted in jail and New Mexican Patriots are hopping mad we have two reports on this story first the political angle with chief Washington calmness Tim Donner then we have Sarah Cowgill who has been on the ground tracking this story closely and talking to everyone there with special counsel Robert Mueller's report now public what legal avenues will the Democrats pursue and the left's fear of uttering the dreaded c-word why is Christian so hard to say all the sanur on this episode of liberty nation comms news and analysis TV program a bad situation on our southern border got even worse this week with the arrest of the de facto head of the group known as UCP united constitutional Patriots the man was arrested on a two year-old gun charge and thrown into prison or he was promptly beaten up by inmates and sent to the hospital joining me now to discuss the situation in New Mexico and the latest with Larry Hopkins is Tim Donner Tim and I have actually been married for 33 years and believe it or not we still talk to each other yes we do hi Tim okay can you tell me basically what happened to mr. Hopkins today well it doesn't appear to be by most reports very complicated he went to jail and word had spread among the other prisoners that he was considered a white nationalist fascist part of a militia that was out to gang up and brutalize immigrants coming from south of the border so once that word spread it really was quite predictable that he would get attacked in prison and in fact he wound up in the hospital with broken ribs and apparently according to his assistants in his organization thoroughly demoralized by this whole chain of events so there has been some talk that mr. Hopkins arrest was actually a political arrest what have you determined about this situation I think it's pretty obvious that it was political they arrested him on a charge from two years ago that they could have gotten him on any time but decided to go for it now just when his group had sort of reached ahead in trying to assist the Customs and Border Patrol in basically surveying and being on the border and and helping them with their work at in in in seizing immigrants coming over the border illegally their goal apparently has been simply to be sort of like citizens who would then make the equivalent of citizens arrests of people who were in the country illegally so what they're trying to do is is basically just to assist that the Customs and Border Patrol with what is undeniably a crisis and I think the point of view of his organization is that if the Congress is going to do nothing to address the crisis on the border then citizens like him will take matters into their own hands and whether the law is on his side ultimately or not we don't yet know but it's clear I mean its crisp clear that this was a political calculation to arrest him and throw him in prison and I'm sure they probably didn't mind that he was beaten up in prison do you believe Tim that well let's just say this who do you think put the FBI up to this in New Mexico well most likely the New Mexican governor who is having a lot of trouble trying to control her populace now they're not pleased about the fact that she is seeming to welcome immigrants illegal immigrants from south of the New Mexican border in Mexico and I don't know if you could say there's an uprising among the people in New Mexico but they're very upset that swifter and sterner action is not being taken to control their border because it's those people who live on the border in New Mexico and Texas and Arizona and California who are the ones who are paying the price for illegal immigration while the rest of us say well we don't but the Democrats are saying this is just a cooked up crisis this is just something that Trump is ginning up in order to to energize his base for the 2020 election but if you look at the numbers of people coming across the border about 4,000 a day this is a legitimate crisis and could even be called as president Trump has officially declared a national emergency do you think that basically mr. Hopkins is in serious danger and that if he was taken for a federal crime why did they send him to a local jail I mean that's rather confusing to me well he's been taken out of the hospital by marshals apparently who have custody of him last word we've got I suppose he's going to be targeted by Pro immigrant groups Pro amnesty groups Pro open borders groups he will be targeted just as he was by the American Civil Liberties Union which accused Hopkins group of being a fascist white nationalist militia illegally detaining and kidnapping Central American families seeking asylum innocently seeking asylum the problem we've got Lisa is that now unlike in past years with immigration the illegals come over the border and they want to be they want to be seized by customs authorities because they want to seek asylum they want to go through the process which will keep them in the country and most of the time of course they'll be granted court dates down the road and so many of them never show up for court and that's why you have the illegal immigration problem that we have now 60% of the illegal immigrants here are simply overstaying their visas or came to the country legally but are still here illegally do you believe New Mexican governor set this up to cause this sort of powder keg because now we really have a political issue going on down there well it seemed that she wanted to make a statement didn't it I mean there was no reason to arrest mr. Hopkins otherwise to say that some two-year-old at charge of a gun possession is enough to arrest him two years later just when this crisis is coming to a head and just when the ACLU has targeted mr. Hopkins as a fascist in a white nationalist militia type who probably loves Trump it's it's not a coincidence all right Tim thank you very much for your political analysis on the situation in New Mexico which seems to be getting worse by the day thanks so much you're welcome Lisa New Mexico's controversial Democrat governor Michelle Grisham has called the border crisis a charade that President Trump has concocted to rile up his base fishermen even gave the National Guard the boot from the Land of Enchantment a group known as the united constitutional Patriots or UCP didn't appreciate the governor's cavalier attitude toward border security and stepped up to give the overworked border patrol a helping hand and it seems that help was needed hundreds of arrests would not have happened if not for their presence but then the FBI put the de facto leader of the UCP behind bars for a two-year-old charge Larry Mitchell Hopkins was put in jail where he was apparently assaulted by the inmates and then sent to the hospital so what's been a bad situation in New Mexico has now turned into a powder keg joining me now is Sarah Cowgill national columnist for Liberty to shed some light on the situation at the border and specifically in New Mexico welcome Sarah well it's good to be here Lisa as usual all righty so what exactly has been going on at the border and for how long in New Mexico it's crazy down in New Mexico for the past 60 days they have had several different types of organizations down there helping out in one 5-mile stretch and this is where the drama comes in one five mile stretch the united constitutional Patriots have been on hand monitoring you know the binoculars looking for illegals and then reporting to Border Patrol and and oftentimes asking them to stay put to work trol can get there and these people seem willing because they want to be caught you know they want to have a foot in the United States and they want to be picked up so they can be processed and then let go they've been down there 60 days and and to date they have helped round up around 5600 people now in the media they're referring to these people as militia but as you mentioned they don't like that terminology they they don't like that terminology whatsoever they call themselves citizen journalists and they're down there mostly armed with cameras and doing live streams to show people hopefully that other people will pick up and watch what's going on down there they really are doing mostly video journalism kind of things is this the first negative encounter they've had with law enforcement yeah yeah I think they get along great with border patrol Border Patrol has is towed the party line and said well we don't recommend you know citizens getting involved in law enforcement but they have a tape or virtual one out of there they'd be out of there the sheriff's have advised all the county sheriff's all the county's sheriffs in New Mexico have advised hey you know you don't want to be armed walking around down there armed and and you know looking for trouble if you want to help monitor from a distance so the the law enforcement seems to be at least County wise and federal wise they seem to be okay with the presence of these different groups state government is the one that they're having a problem with you mentioned to me off-camera that you've been on the telephone line all day with what seems like everybody in New Mexico can you tell us what you found out I spoke with a county manager in Hidalgo County and she's just we're just completely overwhelmed and they've sent letters to the governor begging for funds they've been basically ignored to a certain degree their last letter was out in December 2018 and then the new governor of course turned took over in January 1st 2019 and they're finally getting a little bit of aid and that aid is coming in the form of 3.1 million dollars for radio communications that's how desperate they are that's where that money's got to go and she told me flat out if they had any kind of transportation system within that little County that they just turned those people loose on him and they they can't afford it they're just overwhelmed um I spoke with the San Juan County Sheriff I mean his County is bigger than three eastern states combined and you know he says it's all coming up north all of this is is moving across the border and coming up north and taxing the entire state and he's seen a big fallout and and his advice and he knows Hopkins the man that was arrested his advice to Hopkins early on was you got to take a low profile here you don't want to irritate you know your state your governor because they they nobody's right now appreciating that governor right now nobody in New Mexico is appreciating that governor well what have you been able to find out so far about the situation with Larry Mitchell Hopkins and this is before he was assaulted well he's still behind bars which i think is important he's a 69 year old and I I can't prove this I can't find it anywhere but he claims to be a 69 year old Vietnam veteran and you know he's an American citizen he's behind bars for an investigation that happened in 2017 it was in 2017 in flora Vista 400 miles north and they haven't done anything about it until now and they did it while he was down on the border with United constitutional Patriots oh he wasn't armed he was just their camp cook that's all he was doing down there and they went down and arrested him I mean this is the state that released Islamic jihadist with the training camp on less bail than than what this poor guy is going through right now just sitting behind bars it's it's crazy town in New Mexico right now you wrote an article for livery nation that not one incident has resulted from a firearm discharge or bodily harm no they render eight they you know they they are the on the front lines they call Border Patrol we've got a sick child we've got heat exhaustion or just you know they deliver water they they help these people out until somebody of authority can actually help them let's go back to Hopkins for a second here is the problem that he has is a prior conviction yes so how is he did he get in trouble before what happened do you think the UCP was targeted by the Fed he was arrested on for impersonating a police officer in 2006 which is apparently a felony hint and that's what he got nailed on and that's what has prohibit him from owning a firearm his wife his common-law wife owned several firearms and that was the investigation in 2017 the FBI went in disrupted everything tried to figure out who owned what and that was you know almost two years ago and and now it's just coming to the forefront I spoke with the United constitutional Patriots spokesman Jim Ben V today at length he flat-out told me yes this was definitely hit by Governor Trisha and her you know he referred to them as Patsy's but you know it's it's getting heated down there this is a battle this is a real battle this isn't for the faint of heart well Sarah how do you see this playing out for governor fisherman or pals in New Mexico and do you know what you think this might mean for both the men and women on the ground who are kind of fed up with the state really not doing anything and the crisis on the border it appears that Grisham and her cronies for lack of a better term that I can come up with are trying to turn Larry into into their poster boy for crazy white militia guy you know it fits the narrative but but the UCP is comprised of of all sorts of people women you know every color in the rainbow Native Americans African Americans Hispanics legal Hispanics Hispanics that have just you know recently immigrated they have a gold star mom that's part of their group I mean these aren't nuts they're not crazy people they're not racist they're just trying to help out in a constitutional crisis thanks so much for your original reportage that you're doing on this story and once more you're going to do another so stay tuned delivery and Sarah cowgirls fun reporting on this story thanks so much Sarah thanks Lisa always a pleasure the Mueller report is now public in all its redacted glory vol 1 exonerates president trouble of any collusion or conspiracy with Russia vol 2 on the other hand covers potential obstruction of justice while mr. Mueller once again was forced to admit he can't prosecute the president he did lay out 10 examples of what might be considered obstruction of justice a roadmap to impeachment some say and left the decision to proceed squarely in the hands of Congress have we finally come to an end of the Russia collusion narrative is this case closed or does the special counsels wording provide a hook upon which the anti-trump crowd can hang their help joining me now to explore the options left for the anti-trump versus Liberty Nations legal affairs editor Scott cosenza welcome to true Scott thank you Lisa well as you explained in your analysis of this report special counsel Robert Mueller's hands were essentially tied from the very beginning by a Clinton error Justice Department memo that prevents the prosecution of a sitting president for obstruction of justice so how exactly does this apply to this investigation this isn't the memo you're referring to is in support of that rule which is a Department of Justice internal rule set by the leadership of the department that says the president is not capable of being prosecuted for obstruction of justice because to do so would violate the Constitution's prohibition on the separation of powers basically the memo sets forth the reasons why then President Bill Clinton this was a memo Lisa delivered to Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno by a man who would subsequently become a Obama appointee to the federal courts and I offer that just as evidence that it's not you know a bunch of Republicans kind of making making rules for a Republican president so in any case this requires that no obstruction charge against the president be brought because it would violate the separation of powers okay so the president can't face criminal obstruction charges while in the White House but what about after his term has ended could the DoD I excuse me the DOJ bring criminal charges against Trump later and how might Special Counsel Mueller's rapport affect such a case yes so as Muller says in his report while criminal prosecution of a sitting president is violative of current DOJ rules the criminal investigation of a president is not and that's how he was able to go ahead and proceed under those rules and he was mindful and said in his report that a criminal prosecution might be brought against somebody who was president after they ceased to become president the other thing is Lisa that a new leadership at the Department of Justice a new president a new Attorney General could change those rules so it's not a federal law or part of our Constitution that the president can't face those obstruction charges that's the opinion of lawyers at the Department of Justice so that could be further tested with a different president or a different attorney Jennifer okay let's talk about the ten episodes as Attorney General William bar called them which look to you as an attorney like possible attempts at obstruction well you know the the the obstruction would come from knowing president Trump's or before he became president as a matter of fact Donald Donald J Trump's intent for the various actions that he undertook and then I'm not one of those people who necessarily thinks the president can be prosecuted for obstruction of justice I think that it is the appropriate remedy if people believed he committed a crime to go ahead and proceed with what the Constitution provides which is the Congress can then act in it and impeach the president or some lesser censure or something like that but so depend on the president who controls justice the Justice Department who's in charge of making sure that the laws are we executed to depend on him to prosecute himself for obstruction I think is a bit fantastic and without knowing his intent for any of the actions described in the Moller report I would be hesitant to say one particular instance looks like obstruction rather than another but if Trump really wanted to obstruct or to put a stop to the special counsels investigation couldn't he I mean we heard about the potential for him to fire Mueller Rosen's dying or even both if he really wanted to obstruct the investigation was there more it could have died well there are certainly other actions that he could have taken that would have been a heavier hand in retarding that investigation now whether or not that would constitute obstruction then we'd have to go back to the obstruction analysis which would require Lisa I think knowing his intent or or casting aside the argument that a president could obstruct or couldn't obstruct and I'm not willing to do that finally Scott you wrote in your analysis Robert Mueller gave a hostile Congress plenty of kindling and we've already seen new calls for impeachment impeachment is as you said before a political decision that said do you think the house will initiate that process there's so much there's so much red meat out there Lisa for these attack dogs on the progressive left I think it's going to be very difficult for those who have fanned the flames of progressive hatred against this president for two years now let's recall that they've called him literal you know everything except for literally Adolf Hitler right he's a white supremacist he's in favor of all these odious things it's almost like how could you then say well let's not go quite as far as impeachment I'm not you know the varsity level political handless but as I see those tea leaves it seems like it's going to be quite hard for them to to resist the full-on race to impeachment and I expect that's what we'll see from the most progressive of the of the House members so in your estimation is this Mueller report essentially mean case closed well there was never going to be a case in the first place I think so all right so take it from there all right thanks so much Scott dqo sends up legal affairs editor for liberty by the way Scott you're looking really sharp today thank you Lisa and now for this week's parting shot with Easter Sunday in the not-so-distant rearview mirror it's worth noting that a few people in United States still actually celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in 2017 statista recorded that 81% of Americans commemorated this most holy of holidays despite the obvious popularity of Easter some political elites on the Left seem reticent to name it and claim it that is there appears to be a fear of mentioning Easter as a Christian holiday actually celebrated by Christians there it's been said the dreaded c-word Christian those pitching their tents on the left can't seem to make themselves utter the c-word many do verbal somersaults to avoid addressing it writing about it or publicly recognize those who love Easter the very nation was first alerted to this odd assault on Christians by Patrick Hoff who seems to be a rather savvy college student perhaps he isn't the progenitor of this phenomenon but that's where we spotted it hop astutely noticed that Hillary Clinton's tweet referring to Christians called them Easter worshippers then he did a taste test comparing mrs. Clinton and former President Obama's tweet about the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka and the one at the synagogue in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania both preferred again to Easter worshipers as if they belong to some sort of a cult naturally this led to tongue-in-cheek tweets like this one from Liberty nations Jeff Charles can anyone actually tell me what an Easter worshipper is do these people worship the holiday Easter are they going to start calling us Christmas worshipers in December what happens if a terrorist targets Jews during the same period as Easter are we supposed to call them Passover worshippers point taking mr. Charles why can't these politicians find the temerity say the word Christian even though mrs. Clinton and mr. Obama both claimed to be followers of Jesus Christ American politicians aren't the only ones jumping on the bandwagon to exterminate the c-word in the vernacular a British prime minister Teresa may the attacks in Sri Lanka weren't on Christians they were against churches and hotels perhaps surprisingly London Mayor Sadiq Khan was able to utter the c-word and even went so far as to put out a generous message about Christians still some may take issue with Khan's reference to the Christian community who quote make an important contribution unquote to London skeptics might counter that Christians didn't merely make contributions to London but in fact were responsible for the city's very existence nevertheless we are willing to extend Mayor Khan some good old-fashioned Christian grace and let him slide on this one since he demonstrated the hood spot to actually say the dreaded c-word of course this isn't the first time the left has parlayed political views into a linguistic game of charades remember global warming that became climate change next illegal immigrants in the common lingo of the left became undocumented Americans here we might take a moment to harken back to the salient proverb of George Orwell he said political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind Orwell could have added another rubric to language distortion that works just as well never write or say the word you despise just put it on extinction then in a generation or so people will ask one another Christian what is a Christian and that's my parting shot and that's it for this edition of truth is making a comeback don't forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel and hit our website Liberty where facts matter have a great week truth is making a comeback visit us at Liberty

Mariana Trench: Record-breaking journey to the bottom of the ocean – BBC News

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An American explorer has descended nearly 11km (seven miles) to the deepest place in the ocean – the Mariana Trench in the Pacific.

Victor Vescovo spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench with the risk of his submersible imploding if anything were to go wrong.

The dive was later verified to be 10,972m and Victor became the first person to reach the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

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Shehbaz Sharif taking Political Asylum in London U.K | BOL News

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Shehbaz Sharif taking Political Asylum in London U.K | Breaking | BOL News
#ShehbazSharif #BOLNews #Breaking
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5 Reasons to Invest in UK Property – 2019 BREXIT Edition

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With Brexit looming large over the UK, there is a lot of uncertainty that has been built in the UK investment market. Watch 29k Asset Management Founder & Principal Property Adviser – Prashanth Prabhu, Explain the 5 fundamental reasons for an overseas investor to invest in the UK despite Brexit.

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hello everyone a warm welcome from England behind me is a 19th century building which we are now converting into a residential block of apartments and I'm here to share with you my top five reasons for investing here in the UK but first let's have the intro the fundamental question is why United Kingdom why did I come to the UK to build my property portfolio wouldn't it be easy and convenient if I were to invest in an area where I live well up until 2014 this is the way I used to think as well like most property investors identify an area which is within 10 to 15 mile radius of where you live look for a property that will fit your budget and finally figure out whether it will make sense to invest for rental income or for capital appreciation therefore the order of preference for most property investors is area comes first property comes next and finally figuring out the strategy however successful property investors focus on strategy first that is they look to identify whether they are investing for rental income or for capital growth accordingly they will go and identify an area where that strategy fits my primary objective to invest in property remains to create passive income through rental income streams however the challenge was the rental income versus the capital that was required in my area was not stacking up for me therefore I had to expand my search and as I kept expanding my search area beyond cities and across borders I found the UK to be the ideal investment destination for investors seeking yield based strategy here are my top 5 reasons for investing in the UK number one is the possibility to earn a substantially higher rental income on property investment our focus area is the West Midlands between Liverpool Manchester up to West Yorkshire how does it help to have a high yield it places as investors in a perfect position to apply leverage and clear up our investment which brings us to point number two relatively low interest rates having a yield that is high enough and interest rates are significantly low allows investors to successfully apply leverage in other words investors can target to make positive cash flow after paying for costs such as maintenance management fees and mortgage payments number three is the established laws and conveyancing systems being overseas investors it is important for us to get comfortable with the rules regulations and the laws of the land so that we can have absolute peace of mind after investing a substantial amount abroad the UK property market is very well regulated which installs confidence in investors to plan and invest long term number four is a demand and supply equation the UK has seen a robust growth in its population while at the same time it lagged behind in supplying enough new homes this mismatch presents a good opportunity for property investors to contribute to the local housing stock and work with local authorities and housing associations to provide homes for the ones in need to give you a little more perspective on this I will share the national housing status release in the description below coming to number five so if there is so much demand via and the developers flocking to the UK to build megastructures put in the demand for my asset fall should there be an oversupply the challenges the UK is serious about protecting its green fields thereby not able to allocate sufficient space to develop new homes fast enough on the other hand the town centres are Heritage protected sites and falls under conservation areas where they are looking to retain the envelope of the tone therefore as an investor I am rest assured that the demand for my asset will continue to remain so long as I provide quality and sensible housing stock so those are my top five reasons for investing in the UK I'll be interested to know what you think do leave your comments below and make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen this way you'll be instantly notified the minute we upload our next video thanks for watching

Brian Clough Funny Story On talkSPORT

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►Former Liverpool and Villa striker Dean Saunders tells talkSPORT a brilliant story of how Brian Clough tried to sign him for Nottingham Forest from rivals Derby, for a record transfer fee, with a little help from some flowers, Frank Sinatra and his own inimitable style.

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I spoke to Abaddon in the morning mm-hmm Arthur cultural mean said that evident avid 2.9 million 52.9 my name for the saunder so I went and spoke to Howard Kendall that was interested not is it not as interesting as Brian Clough and it picture the scene so I've got to go meet him at Allen Hills house on the 852 in Nottingham so 8 o'clock yeah 4 o'clock three bedroom detached house me and my agent Kevin Mason who looks like Robbie Coltrane cracker just get the picture looks like Craig he's a ringer for cracker so we walk in gaffers on his way from the ground it'll be here in five minutes so we sit down in the lounge it's the best garden you've ever seen the back gardens perfect we sit down to set the arty gamal cup of tea next thing knock on the door gaffers here yeah Brian Clough walks in green sweatshirt white shorts on white socks blotchy cheeks walks in what teach me I stand up I was obviously a bit nervous it's Brian Clough yeah young man nice to see it so nice to meet you mr. Clough looks at Kevin my agent Shawn doesn't even shake his hand we sit down and he walks up the opposite end of the house sits on the chair with his nose about an inch from the wall looking at the wall I was thinking what's he doing and he doesn't say anything for about a minute and we just sat there and all of a sudden he went Shawn just staring at the wall and he went Saund can I speak to you or do I have to speak to him to speak to you I said you can speak to me mr. Clough he went thank you son because I don't really like talking about football in front of him cuz he's a fat so so I burst out laughing Kevin's not laughed so at this point he slid off the arm of the chair onto his knees on the floor and he's sitting back on his heels going I've got bad knees on my knees my knees are killing me son and he starts crawling on his hands and knees towards me I was up the other end of the house he's crawling on the floor I'm thinking what I can't believe what's going on to British record transfer this is supposed to be and he stops looks at the carpet and he went early all right your carpets he said where'd you get that from you ain't carpet right how much you had $12.99 a square yard city where my Barbara would love that car good choice a lease on at this point they started to work out he might be drunk he crawls up to me and he said he's like rolls he's crawling on his hands and knees and he looks out out the patio doors the best garden ever and he spotted and he sits back on his heels he goes my knees what a lovely garden July flowers Sun he said to me Gillette flowers I went there all right he went and on don't move he goes outside gets this pot there's a best pot you've ever seen with flowers spilling out of this pot he's trying to get his hands on the OL lot to get him out Ellie runs out behind in me went gaffer no don't put that's my best pot don't pull him out he went early you ruin in the deal son the lad likes flowers so he gets a handful of flowers given to me it goes on ages this story by the way he's hilarious no two hours make it longer anyway he comes in with the flowers and he went smell that son smell like what do you think about the flowers I've gone nice yeah he went I love flowers July Frank I went Frank ooh he went Frank Sinatra oh yes he said Ellie put Frank on that I'd like Frank Sinatra my kind of town Chicago comes on he gets the flowers out his pocket he says get you my accounts on get you my coke cuz he puts them in my jacket pocket tomorrow I said what you mean you ain't getting in my account so I get the flowers out my pocket as my Mike I'm now singing the chorus to Frank Sinatra my kind of town check out one British track record transfer in Alan ills also see what's going on so he sings a song all the way through yeah I was going Chicago is I say come on sing they can all sing where you come from so cuz I'm well so he goes um he goes right now then you like Frank you like flowers generate me some big question for you you like me I had to say yes they said I can play for you mr. coffee went that's Italy we've got him he loves me he loves bring the contract Kevin who hasn't said a word my age and it opens his mouth oh he said actually mr. Cluff we got a few things to discuss before you've got him he said who said you could speak fatso right he's killed him it's so an elite fatso out in the garden I can't talk about football in front of him so he walks out the patio doors and cliff he went son get yourself another agent I went why he said look at the size on him I went he's my mate he said he's your mate he'd eat everything in your fridge so he choice so we sit back now arty gamble says right but what we gonna do gaff are we gonna eat said is it not none arch have you not done the deal he went no he said what you've been doing he said well get on with it get on with it so we sit on the patio outside Archie Gemma's got persuade me the same for Forrest yeah and the Clough he sits down folds his arms gone arch get it sorted yeah it sort it's party game with us Dean right I know you spoke to have it in this morning whatever you do don't be swayed by the money good luck Luffy went got a stop me in there arch but I would be carrion so shocked Archie be he then goes and the other thing is Nigel get the Sun it'll create you 20 goals a season on his own went got to stop you again their arch I'm gonna tell our I'd you've said that thank you for that he loved that carry on so Artie's glad said gas I don't know what we can offer him what can we offer him you an arch he likes flowers he likes Frank and he loves me the lad doesn't want any money do you son so I thought how can I get out of it I've got to get out of here somehow so I went yeah I want I don't any money I got to speak to my wife though I got I got speak to my wife before I sign contract so I went on twelve miles away pulled over Kevin says you better gone out of order calling me fat how can he treat me with so little respect you're not signing for them got to my back door when in the back door said to my wife you're not going to believe what's happened to me today don't you when Shh it's putting a finger on the lips Shh I went what you know what she's gone awry sir she's pointed in my lounge he's only sat in my lap with the pot from the gun with his amber on my mother-in-law obviously God I was probably trying to sign me but it was asked the funniest thing that's ever happened to me you

BBC Scotland Debate Night: Alyn Smith MEP in top form

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good evening I'm Stephen Jordan from Inverness welcome to debate night for the next hour my panel will be answering the questions our audience want to know the answers to joining us this evening we have Edward mountain he's a conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands and the party spokesperson on land reform he farms in the Highlands growing barley and raising cattle in a previous life he was an Army officer and he's almost certainly the only member of our panel to have shot a Python in Africa in order to save a man's life Alan Smith was Scotland's youngest MEP when he was selected for the SNP in the European elections in 2004 15 years on he is standing again in Thursday's election a member of the SMPS a Scottish national executive he was brought up in Scotland and Saudi Arabia and before politics he was a lawyer Lorien Cameron Ross was an Army medic and now works as a GP in the highlands she's also a small business owner running an artisan gem company on the shores of Loch Ness Danielle Maher describes herself as a libertarian and free-market supporter she voted to leave the European Union and says she's not scared of an OTO brexit and David Martin is the UK's longest-serving member of the European Parliament who's elected for labour in 1984 was vice president for five years and he's Labour's top candidate in Scotland for Thursday's election please welcome our panel to debate night well tonight's we're in the capital of the Highlands we're on the cusp of going to the polls all over again this time to elect members of the European Parliament as always our audience here represents a wide range of public opinion in Scotland they set the agenda with their questions and we have just under 60 minutes to get them some answers from the panel who of course don't know any of the questions in advance I wanted to know what you think about the debate from home so join in on social media using the hashtag BBC dn and follow the debate on our Twitter and Instagram feeds it's at BBC debate night on your screens for both so let's get started this week's first question that comes from Jason McClurg Jason we in the highlands have felt the benefits of European money whether that's for the farming industry funding various projects or even a Judaism industry so my question to the panelists what benefits will the Highlands and Islands gave breaks it I drew here today on signs indicating the support given for the road building by the EU your party wants us to leave what benefits will leave and bring to the Highlands and Islands Edward mountain I think it gives us the opportunity to reevaluate where we want to spend our money and there's the opportunity to do that when we leave we pay quite a lot of money into the European Union and I absolutely agree with you there's a lot of projects in the highlands that are very important and you mentioned agriculture it's that's something particularly that's important you know and we have to ask ourselves has agriculture benefited under the corn agricultural policy you know farmers of Ages have gone up we're in a situation where we're still producing the same amount of barley today that we did 10 years ago prices haven't been significantly increased and so I would argue that perhaps it hasn't worked and perhaps it hasn't worked and we know what we know it hasn't worked for our fishermen so I think there's a whole chance to reevaluate where we get the money how we spend it and we could do it on a more local basis and I think there are benefits do you think the Highlands we'd be better off after brexit I think it needs a concerted effort from all politicians to make sure that the money that the that was coming into the Highland continues come into the Highland and I think there'll be a challenge but I think it's perfectly possible Alan Smith look Greg's ax is like setting fire to your house and then wondering about whether you want to move or not there-there is no good news n brexit for the highlands and islands or for Scotland or for the UK we are already all of us right now pure before Briggs has even started because Stirling has slumped 20 odd percent it is perfectly possible for the UK government to guarantee that the EU funding that we receive know will be duplicated if Greg's ax happens they've not made that commitment it's scandalous stuff we are already seeing nvm 350 million pounds a week for the NHS we're going to see a hit for all of our public finances for all of our economic prospects and for all of us as a society it's not good enough to say that there will be opportunities in this why are we three years after the vote still looking for what they are but how do you know that [Applause] contribution is not going to Brussels what's to stop that money still coming to the Highlands and Islands through a different route it would be political choices and those political choices would be made by a UK government that is centralizing powers away from the Scottish Parliament is cutting our budgets and is going to need to deal with an economic firestorm because we're going to see trade disruption we're going to see how we actually trade with the wider world massively impacted by this mrs. Mays deal enters into a two-year yet another cliff edge that were hurtling towards while we try to work out what our trading relations are we have the best deal right now as part of the EU it is perfectly legitimate to say you want to leave the EU but if you're proposing change you need to say what you actually want to change it to otherwise it is a deeply deeply dishonest intellectual exercise so there are opportunities of course we could we could be Canada we could have a different trading range way that we could be Ukraine with a different trading original we could be Turkey we could replicate something else but until we know what the change is going to be and the reason why the leave campaign didn't tell you what it was was because you wouldn't have voted for it because we have the best deal right now which is why we need to stop drags it all together [Applause] lady with her hand up well in 2014 had Scotland won independence we would have been out of the EU immediately with no guarantees of getting back in so what you're saying now isn't the same as what you would have said in 2014 madam forgive me your questions based on a false premise had we voted for independence in 2014 we would have entered into negotiations in parallel with London and with the the European Union no that was that was then this is now a lot of people voted no to independence and remember my site lost the independence referendum which we accepted utterly 55 to 45 but a lot of people voted no because of the European question because they were concerned about risking their European status risking their European rights risking our trading arrangements and they were told that the UK's a family of Nations of partnership of equals now we're being told to shut up and get to the back of the bus and let these people drag us out of the European Union against our will if you're worried about you membership it's brain service your problem [Applause] tanomo um I would just say you know you have to remember over a million Scottish people did vote to leave the EU as well and you know you sort of say we're speaking for Scotland but there's there's over a million people that your views are directly against I would say what not said I'm speaking for Scotland at all that the SNP is the government of Scotland and Scotland did fought to remain across every single counting region Shetland voted remain the most Fisheries independent part of the United Kingdom all of Scotland voted remain of course people voted leave of course a number of supporters of my party voted leave they voted Lee by and large in my experience and I've been looking an awful lot odorous lately by and large because there were specific promises that were made about fishing about cutting red tape about 350 million posts for the only chest the leaf campaign was so deeply dishonest it was everything you like you'll keep everything you don't like you'll be able to get right off on 350 million pounds a week for the NHS okay none of these promises are being met because none of these promises were honest or based on reality spectrum there Stephen Martin your Britain's longest-serving MEP you've said that remaining is non-negotiable well I think you'd be a disaster for us to leave the European Union for a variety of reasons we just go back to the point that a question you put to Alan about money I was elected as you said in 1984 1984 West Lothian which I represented them before it became an old Scottish constituency lost British Leyland that lost Plessy lost Levi jeans that lost domains and the Thatcher government had no interest in a regional policy for that area and it was Europe mckimmon and regenerated at forty percent male unemployment the UK government had no interest in directing funds to the area and it was a European Union that delivered that economy out of the pit citizen and I think the Highland and Islands would suffer exactly the same if European money disappears I wouldn't be putting any money on the fact that the UK government will replace that money directly so the idea that we're only getting a little bit back from Europe is not not an issue not Elena I buy going back to another issue and of trade that was made mentioned when what we keep hearing from the brexit ears is we could trade with Europe on w2 your terms but we want to have a global Britain well the global Britain thing is about doing trade deals with the rest of the world that are not WTO compatible so how come we want a WTO arrangement with our biggest trading partner and our nearest trading partner but we want to be free to do trade deals with the rest of the world it makes absolutely no party leader Jeremy Corbyn seems quite happy to enable brexit I don't think he's happy today ball breaks it let me it's not an easy message to get across but let me explain his position he accepted as he says he wants to deliberate the result of the referendum he took the view that we had not you you know we my I'm an unashamed remain out I didn't make no bones about that and I ask you a question sure when was the last time you spoke to Jeremy Corbyn as Britain's longest-serving MEP when was the last time you spoke to him about Breton about Europe and what was that conversation okay precisely roughly about three weeks ago and it was actually making the case that we I was making the case to him that we had to be clearer on the second referendum but let me just very quickly explain why I understand even if I disagree where Jeremy Corbyn is coming from on this issue he takes the view that we are a United Kingdom party the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union so he had a view that he has to try and deliver on that he also the view that maybe undeliverable and we've just discovered on Friday that is undeliverable and if you heard him on the morrow Graham this morning he's saying that we cannot find a decent brexit therefore we have to go back to the people we have to have a second referendum but we differ again the fresh differentiator from other parties in this as well because there is no point having a repeat of 2016 if it's do you want to leave what you want to remain and no matter what answer you get you've not really got an answer if it's these two binary questions what you need is a package so you can go to the people and say this is a package on which you would leave the European Union as Ireland says whether it be Norway Canada turkey and all the other options that have been put forward or even WTO terms you need a package on which you're going to leave against remaining and then two people have a clear choice and whatever they decide then can be delivered and should be delivered and Lauren Cameron Ross I mean this is difficult for me I don't have all the facts and figures but I can speak as a small business that launched her business the month after the referendum as a small business in the Highlands and Islands I was supported with some European funding to help me get off the ground I'm not sure I would have done that been able to do it without that support I have seen that money sort of be dwindling away slowly so I know that there are other people who would have been in the same situation as me who won't have been privileged enough to have that funding and may not have got their business idea off the ground the other thing and the other effect it has on small businesses is when you're as critical growth stage and the next obvious stage would have been to move into Europe with your project and you're a small company you've got limited resources to get into Europe now would require a lot of energy and a lot of resource if I'm going to direct that now and then have to do something different in six 12 18 months time then then that's an awful lot of wasted time and effort for us so it's paralysed the growth of my company and I won't be the only one okay Edward Lorien sitting next to you convinced so this is going to be all right our business is going to be all right as the way you see it well I absolutely do but can I just go back to a point well I will make the point I will make the point if I may on the businesses we have various enterprise boards in Scotland we've got hie that spends a lot of time and taxpayers money promoting businesses across Scotland and we've got the Federation of small businesses all of which can help and I absolutely believe that with correct investment these can take things and businesses forward and encourage them in the highlands which is why I supported the Scottish Government in introducing the south of Scotland Enterprise Agency something that was woefully lacking down there so I absolutely believe with the right funding we can do it but I must just go back to a point that Helen made and and and I want to be clear on this is that when we had the referendum on leaving the EU I was a remainer but I'm also a politician and I have a Democrat responsibility responsibility to respond to the Democratic wishes of the people which is to implement the referendum now the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in 2017 the majority of their MPs to answer said that they would respect the wills and would implement the referendum now the problem is is we become very tribal upon this but all the parties fighting and not coming up with an agreement and there could be an agreement if people work together and I wish we could work together across party lines to deliver what the people wanted because it's unfair not to people were made clear in 2016 when they voted if you vote to leave the United Kingdom will leave the European Union at CU that's what we let's hear what our audience think about this lady in the front row just there yes don't you think that Westminster no matter what color of party is in power at Westminster is not gonna make the best choices for Scotland because when it comes to you know the additional I mean you know farmer the additional money the hill farmers are supposed to get and it's not passed on in places like this and then you have the threat of something like Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister who says that a pound and Londoners better spent there than a pound in Scotland don't you think that the best choices first Scotland are made locally [Applause] when you raise they're about convergence payments we've always been clear in Scotland as a Conservative Party that we would like to see that money come to Scotland it hasn't come to Scotland and the law of use carrying out to review it at the moment and we've all said that we believe it should come back to Scotland and a Michael Gove when he gave evidence to the rural economy and connectivity committee earlier in the week said that he he would abide by the decisions in that and would promote that now I just made the observation to you and I've questioned focusing on this I said to focus you if the money came back to Scotland would that money go directly to the farmers who should have had it and the answer was well we'll see it might have to go into the rural economy now that's really not an argument if we really wanted to get this argument and we want to support our farmers let's make sure that the money that is paid in Scotland goes to the farmers and not this isn't edinburgh better policed or infamous to take decisions about farm what's best for farmers in the island than london i absolutely agree that and it's better place to make decisions than europe which is why farming is totally devolved to the scottish parliament which is why we have a cabinet secretary who is responsible to the scottish parliament and no one tells him how to spend or out a gentleman there with his hand up yes Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union like it or not it's the decision the Democratic decision from the people why will the politicians and the parties not work together to deliver a positive brexit rather than infighting amongst each other Martin talks broke down last week how did you feel about that did you feel we could ever have been successful I think the Labour Party had a for the reasons just mentioned had an obligation to try and find whether there was a decent breaks it I think I was always skeptical about whether there's such a thing was possible in fact it was certainly personally certain no such thing you think Jenny Corbin really wanted a deal yeah I think he went in genuinely we went in with the very simple demands that we stay in the customs union to avoid the problems of selling abroad for example let me give you one example at the moment if you sell cheese from this country to the European Union you need to zero documentation apart for your invoice if you sell cheese to the continent after a heart breaks it you will need at least 11 pieces of paper to cover that if you're a big multinational company it's not a problem if you're a small business it'd be the difference between making a profit and not making a profit but we went into it we said we look at we look at the customs union we look at whether we could have alignment with single market rules we look to see if we could protect workers rights and environment rights and we sat down and negotiate and discovered none of that was possible and I think we're now at a stage where we have to go back to the people and say if did you mean it and under what conditions did you want us to leave the European Union so it's not a case of it's not respecting the will of the people but the problem of the will of the people is that people will not asked in a sense the right question they weren't asked under what conditions I wanted to leave the the European Union you can't just yeah it's like I'm sorry use analogy but it's like having a divorce it's easy to say you want a divorce and then quite difficult to degree the terms of that divorce and it's exactly the same in terms of leaving the European Union okay gentleman in the red on the side there yes you you talk about the ego she a take a customs union there's absolutely no guarantee that Europe would actually accept such an arrangement anyway the European Union made it very clear Michel Barnier and the chief negotiator produced what became famous and political circles but maybe not among the general public of a so called steps diagram where he showed all the various options the problem was Britain asked what Britain asked for under mrs. and her mrs. may was at the bottom rung but he said they would be happy that the customs union that if be happy to have the customs union plus single market alignment and and so on the Canada Plus but none of that was asked for by the United Kingdom so it wasn't a case that we didn't it was refused by Europe reserve case that we didn't go to Europe and actually ask for Alan Smith what's gone wrong with Europe when you drive around the Highlands as we've done many of us today and you see the benefits that the European Union has brought here why is that message not go across you're sitting here with David you could both lose your seats this week here the way the polls are looking here in Scotland but the the rise of the brexit party here why is the message about the benefits of Europe not connected with people here I think Alan could be a little more comfortable on this one on air count everything is up for grabs forgive me Scotland voted 62% to remain [Applause] the people voted to leave the people of the Highlands and Islands the people in Verna's the people that David and I represent along with Edward the people of the Highlands and Islands voted massively to remain no it wasn't a unanimous vote of course it wasn't but the leave campaign lied to you they broke electoral finance law they broke campaign finance law they broke data protection law they made promise after promise after promise that was not capable of being fulfilled in the real world which is why three years later were still gutting about trying to find a single actual advantage to Prague's it if they told you the reality of what they were proposing you wouldn't vote for it and the opportunities inbreds it I'm sorry are like a car crash as good news for a garage or a divorce as good news for a lawyer it's not good news for society and our society in Scotland and the Highlands and Islands in particular we are in a building that was part funded with EU cash that could have been funded by domestic revenues and domestic xjq but that would take political choices which brings me to the farming money thank you for raising it madam Scottish farmers were done over six years ago I was on the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee at the time the money accrued to the UK because Scottish farmers got a particularly poor deal negotiated by the UK government so the money came to the UK and everybody but everybody even the Scottish Conservatives to their Jew did say this should just gone straight to Scotland and the UK agricultural committee kept men decided instead to allocated elorg along the Barnett formula so England gotta Burt whales get about northern algobit now I don't begrudge there for him as money but that was coming to us and six years later we've still not gotta and review after review after review cannot disguise the fact that the Tories did us over and are continuing to do it now that's what Briggs it's going to look like this time next week we'll know exactly how this all work so debate night takes a break next week the cause of that would be a special results programme on BBC Scotland bringing you up to date

Salah injured & Origi late winner: Is Liverpool's title win 'written in the stars'? | Premier League

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Liverpool were without Roberto Firmino, lost Mohamed Salah to injury and Divock Origi scored a later winner vs. Newcastle United. ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Shaka Hislop discuss a pulsating 3-2 win at Anfield and muse over whether the title is ‘meant to be’ for Jurgen Klopp’s men after they went back to the top of the Premier League table ahead of Manchester City.

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Liverpool transfer news: Ex-Leeds boss confirms Reds interest in playmaker

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Former Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has confirmed that Liverpool have held an interest in exciting young midfielder Sandro Tonali.  The 18-year-old has shone in Italy’s second tier, and has been tipped to move to one of the top sides in the country, as well as abroad, as his talent develops.  And Cellino has tipped him for the very top.  “Yes, Roma asked me about Tonali,” Cellino told Corriere dello Sport.  “We talked about him with [Roma general manager Mauro] Baldissoni several times. But I want to keep the boy as long as possible.   “A little while ago, Liverpool also contacted me.” Blow in Werner pursuit   RB Leipzig have made a final bid to keep reported Liverpool target Timo Werner .   The Germany striker is into the final 18 months of his current deal and has been linked with Liverpool , Barcelona , Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.  RBL’s current coach Ralf Rangnick – also the club’s sporting director – insisted this week that he believes Werner should stay put, amid suggestions he could switch to Bayern Munich in the summer.  “If Bayern are serious, then it will be difficult for us. But they often play with one striker, so I see him staying with us for the next two or three years.”

former Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has confirmed that Liverpool have held an interest in exciting young midfielder Sandro to nollie the 18 year old has shown in Italy's second tier and has been tipped to move to one of the top sides in the country as well as abroad as his talent develops and Cellino has tipped him for the very top yes Roma asked me about to nollie Cellino told Corriere della sport we talked about him with Roma general manager Mauro valve it's only several times but I want to keep the boy as long as possible a little while ago Liverpool also contacted me blowen Warner Pursuit RB Leipzig have made a final bid to keep reported Liverpool target time Oh Werner the germany striker is into the final 18 months of his current deal and has been linked with Liverpool Barcelona Real Madrid and Paris saint-germain RB ELLs current coach Ralph rang Nick also the club's sporting director insisted this week that he believes Warner should stay put amid suggestions he could switch to Bayern Munich in the summer if Byron are serious then it will be difficult for us but they often play with one striker so I see him staying with us for the next two or three years

Liverpool news : Liverpool branded CRAZY by Real Madrid insiders after Sadio Mane fee is set

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Liverpool star Mane has shot to the top of Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid transfer wish list as Los Blancos prime themselves for a big summer ahead. It has been a torrid campaign for the La Liga giants so far, with Zidane their third manager of the season following the dire spells of both Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari. Real Madrid crave a big-name attacker this summer, with Los Blancos yet to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. And Mane, who is enjoying another fine campaign at Liverpool, is being eyed. However, Spanish outlet Ok Diario say that the Reds have demanded a huge £196m to let the Senegal international go. Jurgen Klopp is building a dynasty over at Anfield and is reluctant for one of his most important players to depart. And Ok Diario director Eduardo Inda has claimed that Liverpool have ALREADY scared off Real, who have responded by stepping back. “One of the priorities for Real Madrid is Sadio Mane,” Inda said. “A player who has been asked for by Zidane. “The only problem is that Liverpool has asked for 230 million euros. “Madrid have spoken with Liverpool and they have given him this number. “In Madrid they have said that they [Liverpool] have gone crazy.” Meanwhile, Mane’s former Southampton team-mate Oriol Romeu has backed the Liverpool star to move to the Bernabeu.  “Yes, he is prepared (to make the jump to playing for Real Madrid),” he said. “Madrid are a little weak in attack and he’s the type of player that does a lot of damage in open spaces. “He could help them reverse their current situation.” Mane has scored 17 goals from 30 league games for Liverpool this season and will face former club Southampton on Friday (8pm).

liber coolstar maine has shocked to the top of Zinedine Zidane's real madrid transfer wish list as lost Blancos prime themselves for a big summer ahead it has been a torrid campaign for the La Liga Giants so far with Zidane their third manager of the season following the dire spells of both julen la petit and Santiago Solari Real Madrid crave a big-name attacker this summer with Los Blancos yet to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo's moved to Juventus and Maine who is enjoying another fine campaign at Liverpool is being eyed however Spanish outlet okay diario say that the Reds have demanded a huge 196 million pounds to let the Senegal international go Jurgen Klopp is building a dynasty over at Anfield and is reluctant for one of his most important players to depart and okay diario director Eduardo into has claimed that Liverpool have already scared off real who have responded by stepping back one of the priorities for Real Madrid si do main into said a player who has been asked for by sitting the only problem is that Liverpool has asked for 230 million euros Madrid have spoken with Liverpool and they have given him this number in Madrid they have said that they Liverpool have gone crazy meanwhile mains former Southampton team mate Oriol Romeu has backed the Liverpool star to move to the Bernabeu yes he is prepared to make the jump to playing for Real Madrid he said Madrid are a little weakened attack and he's the type of player that does a lot of damage in open spaces he could help them reverse their current situation main has scored 17 goals from 30 League games for Liverpool this season and will face former club Southampton on Friday 8 p.m.


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Is Jose Mourinho losing the trust of Manchester United fans after the Man City debacle? Does the blame lie with the Manchester United owners? Get the latest Man Utd News on the United Stand.

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hello and welcome to the United Standex Monday Night Live we will be taking your Skype calls but I do have flex with me first flex can hear me yeah I can hear you have you got me can you hear me yeah could any perfect um I think the best place I mean look has Mourinho lost the fans we've got the angel gomez like in manchester city is blue we've got van Halen the last couple of hours coming out and slates in marino it's going to be passion passion passion but the first thing we want to talk about is Mourinho his relationship with the fans the Kaku flex was at the ground yesterday really want to get his thoughts on what was you know you don't stand over the years has had a lot of stick plastic fans don't go to the ground but I think it was an eye-opener even to you know who's so-called plastic naan Man United fan nan Manchester band sorry to see that their hate and the aggression and I'm just gonna play people this if they've not seen it it was brilliant bit of work by by Jordan and flex to grab it who he wasn't even somebody you were actually interviewed he just popped in did Lee flex yeah he literally just came just came in I think there's so much frustration and anger around the performance yesterday and and obviously the result there was and there were some quite hostile hot scenes outside the ground it wasn't actually nice to see it at the beginning no a few fans arguing with each other and getting a little bit I wouldn't say physical buy a few handbags there it wasn't it wasn't nice there was a lot of toxic fumes around there but yeah I asked the guy a question and he just came from nowhere and he just couldn't help it I think he just saw the light on the video on the camera sorry and just just when I it yeah and put his force down I mean we'll talk about this in a minute because I'm I'm not about fancams and that's why we've not doing for so long but flexed is just such a fantastic job and this you know never script just what if you've not seen it a lot of you will have just it's funny but it's funny because it's true here we go enforcement so that's it it's done we need to focus on cameras League FA Cup this is my that was diabolical tell me a name when we don't ten passes passing me mocchi I tell you I laugh about it every time but I mean Jesus stopped you were their flanks I mean that's not the only one there was a lot of people like that and yeah I mean somebody just say in acting for the camera I think you know if he was acting he's been at RADA focusing today didn't want to come on I don't think he was embarrassed he just said that's not my sort of thing I just saw the camera I saw the microphone and I just a loaded because I was so frustrated and I think that you were at the game flex she watched the game we spoke to lots of fans and I've never seen and people were saved you've never been to Old Trafford I have been a few times but I've never seen fans you know the heart you know the one thing I would say about the fans who go the hardcore fans as they call him is even under Van Holly we're gonna talk about a few minutes that the red and white army in this standard but there's something I think probably because it was City probably because it was safety to be fair there was embarrassment there was anger and there was definite frustration massively massively and this wasn't just like a routine knee-jerk reaction I think we'd we'd set our stage that game we'd manage to stay within eight points of city which we all thought was a huge Oscars it was and we done some really really good work to maintain pace with him and to put out a performance like that when the stage was set when when everything's on the line to keep our season going everybody including myself was just so frustrated in the ground you know the city fans were mocking us they were literally singing part the bass part the bus man you know even you know it was embarrassing at times it really was embarrassing at times we are many a night and that's all Trafford you know we can't let our biggest rival was coming and and dominate us on our own park like we did yesterday it was just absolute travesty and you just have to listen to not just that guy but you know people really didn't put their views as as strongly as him it was everyone was pretty much unanimous they just couldn't believe how we set up for that game you know we were fairly confident going into it yes without Bob we know that it's not an excuse it's not an excuse and it just revealed a whole bunch of like talking points around why with we're so far behind city in terms of you know is it a case of there was an argument that peps just better than Mourinho you know because there was a lot of if buts or maybes obviously if pet one wasn't there we'd be top of the league you know but that's if buts or maybes there was that argument there was just hammer in Lukaku he's not good enough he's never gonna be good enough there was talks of him even going in January no there was talks of Joe say out by the indices and it was it was some severe panic stations and them yeah it was it was really toxic and listen it's not nice to see but that's that's the power of much FC United and that's the that's the power of the fans of feeling let down and and feeling like you know that this is manchester city we've been dominant for them for years and years and years and people talk about powell shifts going on in the premier league and if anything it's happening arund yeah I mean hockey moon says Jos a messed up badly Josie's fault says surgeon of death press well says sack Joe's a look I think I took a massive fell I did I'm only wearing light blue because I still think there's only one club that wears light buddhahood and that's Manchester United but I was disappointed yesterday it was embarrassing I think you know that guys right we were hitting a lot of long balls and it was just gifting possession to city I don't think we defend it very well we we massively missed pogba Mourinho looked defeated on the side from minute one and to be honest that you know the talk of that's come out today of the the fight in the tunnel I mean that rub salt in the wound for me flex because it's alright I've got a scrap because you do you think Manchester City are over celebrating what I'm sorry folks oh yeah if you lose again they can celebrate as much as they like I've got no sympathy or pride in the fact that we had a fight in the tunnel because we didn't have a fire on the pitch and if city wants a muggers off in the dressing room and celebrates a bitter out I'm sorry well done city a hundred percent I mean I'm not interested in what's happened in the tunnel I don't care what's happened in the tunnel I can't see it has no impact upon the points in the game and quite frankly if we was at the ATO and and we got a result like that and managed to get a bigger gap as they got over us would probably do the same thing you know I'm not I'm not buying into that whole city a bad sports and all that we are their biggest rifles they were starving and they were good you know the tactics that that pep guardiola employed against us were to a tee and he done Mourinho Dan Marino for all you want to say about Raheem Sterling I know you'd you don't like it when you've got opinions and we all do and we call him this we call him a diver we call him a cheat he played he played brilliant they did the boy had done exactly what he done they want is exactly sorry they would they were that good and one fun actually he put a nice little twist on it and he was the only one to be fair who actually came on and said guys am I the only one who's just saying that they're just much better than us you know player for player manager for manager at the moment it pains him to say it but he goes they were just that damn good and that was an interesting for because not a lot of people actually touched on how good city where you don't want to give them too much props of course but I'm a realist and if I can see a good team in front of me we've absolutely outplayed us you know the funny thing is you have to admit the funny thing is to one and the best chance of the game was the car keys you tweeted it out today and said oh my god I've only just seen that back because obviously you miss it and you and then the best chance of the game felt ill ikkaku – – he gifted them to girls as well I mean City were very very good chances wise apart from when they were saw hitting us on the break at the end maybe apparently as well we could have scraped and I would have called it a lucky draw we could have scraped a draw but just threw the question and rule number one African jump man King is a name he says thanks for contribution pal he says we should be praising Mourinho and should be blaming the boards because pep wanted whichever play he wanted but Mourinho the board gave him second choice plays because they didn't want to spend I mean that's the that's the tagline of the show flex I mean Mourinho starting to lose the fans I think despite good results and we loved Arsenal and we loved Watford we didn't park the bus and we played really well and we gave ourselves this opportunity by staying a close eight points – Man City and then all that good work seemed to go out the window because we did just sit back and play long ball and it was really sort of deflating um where do you stand on the on the Mourinho thing now a lot of people we at the ground and online and worldwide saying you know Marino's got the right man I read an article in the independent today by journalists saying he's got he's got the ego but he hasn't got the the ability and the tactical now to beat spat Benny knows it um where do you sit on Mourinho now it's very difficult I mean I do back Mourinho have a halfback Mourinho but like we know football is a results-driven game and I'm not that sort of fan who after a bad result and yes this has been a very bad result is gonna say he's not the right man what does concern me is if we if we continue in this manner I can't see the fans the fans staying with him I mean for all we say that josei hasn't been backed by the board he didn't get exactly what he wanted like pep yeah that's true but he has spent a lot of money you know he has spent a lot of money and we can't shy away from that why are we in a position where we have players that are we called Edward why are we in a position that we have players who don't seem like they fit in a jigsaw why are we in a position where we've got players not playing to their full potential the manager is is is what controls all of those aspects that I've just said yes the board are you know sometimes to blame if you get exactly what he wanted I understand that it's not an excuse it's not an excuse what we do have is actually trying to maximize the potential of the players that we do have you know let's face it is Marshall a better footballer than Sonic over sterling in my opinion yes he is so why is he not playing why is he not playing to the level they're playing that why is pet managed to lose every ounce of talent out of sterling and we've got young players Rushford is not the polished article he's a massive threat and he's a great prospect for England why is he not there yet and that is down to the fact that I just think that pet has it over him you know pep seems like the better manager and it pains me to say it but that's what it seems like we're not getting even getting the best out of what we've got let alone trying to bring new faces in so that's that's a big problem for me so I'm not gonna panic and say I want maroon you're gone by January I want mean I've gone at the end of the season because you know this is football and if we go on to have a fantastic run in the Champions League and Marino shows what he's made of in that and we get to the to the semis and unluckily come out or get to the final who knows who knows you know we get we get the FA Cup and a good one in the Champions League II can salvage it and then and then kick on to a pedestal next year so I'm not going to have a knee-jerk reaction but I think we need to start looking within our own come from trying to get the best out of what we've got before we even look to waste more money yeah well thanks for popping on first poll of blacks we need to get you on obviously mr. Lydon we need to get you on again this week and just shouts out you Twitter as well and if you've not seen the fan cams all of them that was just a cameo of many good ones at the start do watch them but flex gives your tweet your Twitter yep you can get me at flexi nightstand all in one yeah feel free to add me often and let's get talking about United and and other things as well so yeah thanks for having me and look forward to seeing you guys next week well Wednesday Wednesday we've got games so yeah James Pannell speak to you soon cheers take don't know and yeah I mean I'm I'm I can't move away from the fact that I'm a big Mourinho fan and but he did letting he let us down he did let us down and against City I don't understand the tactics and he was let down by some players but we didn't defend well I'm amazed that we were in the game 2-1 I think City probably quite wasteful in the final third but what I want to say is well I must bring this in fun house come out and said that I prefer watching City play they're an attacking team I'm an entire Dan attacking team teams just used to park the bus against me this is a bloke used to play two defensive midfielders in front of about four at Old Trafford and play side-to-side crab football I can't stand people who put the knife in when there's an opportunity when some kick somebody when they're down and fan how you know what sit down you're drunk because it's because of you that Marino's struggling anyway you had two years at the club and arguably you took us back further than Moyes did a waste of wasted loads of money totally sucked the confidence and winning mentality out of the team with your nonsense idiotic football I think when van how tries to come have a pop at Mourinho it really really does wind me up because yes City came to Old Trafford in these school ders I'll accept that yes I have to I hate to say it but I have to but look at where Manchester United are we are comfortably second in this league city or a juggernaut you take them away and United are actually doing very very well despite Mac Atari and being a total flock despite Bay and Jones being injured forever despite pulper missing more of the season than he's played despite the kaku not able to hit this the ocean from a boat despite slatton only just coming back disband despite her era being woefully out of form we are still comfortably second in the league despite Mourinho not getting the transfers he wanted in the stomach we have still progressed massively from where we finished the season last year and it hurts it hurts deep down to the soul that we lost to Manchester City and of course we should walk around with a big ally now ready for the next few weeks but we're still doing better than Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal and Spurs there's still a lot and positive about but of course I totally agree when you lose a game like that to mantua City Old Trafford it is hard it's hard and Mourinho has to take the blame but we should not be Mourinho out we should be I believe looking at the progresses it's there and it's a big job ray Cole Brown and morays made a contribution he says problem with Joe says he needs to stop pulling out games like this Jose they have to find other way because he won't win the title with these tactics I think it had really really well against Arsenal and Watford and then we got the home game we get the golden ticket and we don't turn up and what we do turn up but we don't turn up it was it was it was really really shocking but I'm trying to take another call but also want to bring in as well well let's see if it can take another call first because Skype as ever is started messing around which it sometimes does but hopefully we do have a call now hello can somebody hear me I can hear me yeah yeah got ya Yello what you wanna talk about kids that I had is just our four points just want to run free bleep briefly the first point would be like a key and we'll open the bottom he was gonna be a rich man's house key is no first touch his finishings not I see the pasty because he's not a one child striker but we can't really blame him you know we're not getting the service in the midfield and Herrera I don't understand what he does apart from farlan people and people are blaming the Kaku for the goals but see if we had starting up there he wouldn't been in the box look hockey's actually bothered his ass to come back like unlike half the players are planned for us there's no passion and there was no fight yesterday instead he deserved everything the card yesterday um no but the second point I just want to say we're not stuck on steroids ruining you you stop just goofin long balls uphill ikkaku if you're gonna play an attacking team like Marcial and Rochefort go attack City we're parking the bus when we're 2 1 done in the game we need to win I just don't see it and that brings me on the next point Marie knew if no tactics you've no passion and not only found out yesterday he's living in London he's not the Arsenal manager he's the United manager it should be living in Manchester he doesn't understand and I beg the Manchester derby is for us you know for him it's another game but for us this loss it's gonna hurt us and I'm hurtin and today you know I just I just he doesn't attack and in the it took Anderson the 75th minute they make a sieve like I don't understand the tactics and I think we're enews not the man I think he needs to go I know he has to be bath but he has a good enough team then I'll Park the bus and the game we need to win and in this the last point in one was the hair and if he goes for play because he doesn't deserve the hair deserves better we're not a good team and the league's over I can't see is one in the Champions League but performance is like bad and I don't watch seeker but the FA Cup League Cup their clubs that there are relevant mark and I just don't know where we go from here you know the season is over as far as I'm concerned I think I agree the tie was gone I said that yesterday it is gone and you know even if you people think we can pull about 11 points you can't pull back the morale of being absolutely schooled at Old Trafford and we would we go would we approach the game at the empty had any difference yesterday I don't think we would say it is gone I don't think it's gone as a spectacle because I do think we could potentially get pulled into a battle for top four I mean I think you can go from second to sick very quickly in this league and that's where we finished last year so we've got to do better than that to progress so I think that's where the battle will become now and city will just win the title Champions League draw Serbia's interesting I wouldn't say it's a buy into the next round but it's one that we would fancy and the only thing I would say back is as I said to somebody last night is if Mourinho is not the man who is or woman there's not many options out there mark but I wouldn't I wouldn't mind Marco Silva getting the go Pasha Tino Ancelotti just a manager who's actually gonna play football you know I see a service Kyle Walker was booked yesterday I said mark sweats Marcion rice furred as soon as Kyle Walker was booked as soon as we do that after the said Eagles score you know we just need a manager on who's not stubborn like hockey needed the be taken off yesterday and I don't know there's not many good managers out there at the minute but I just don't think he was good enough he's too stubborn okay well good cool and thanks for having the points lined up because made my job a lot easier and please do calling again yes thanks very much mark thank you cheers pal strong feelings as expected tonight do keep skyping in I've gotta do a little bit of catch-up on a couple of live comments we've got and then I'm gonna bring in a new topic as well Shinji Kagawa at anyways the real one says the best chance of winning the game was winning the battle on the wings first time Valencia failed to come near as in the crowd and that first time that has happened in eight years Marino Paul we did spoke about that and preview didn't he didn't we the way to win that game is down the flanks we never used them a well very good because we spoke about in the preview and all don't think we've spoken about it in the post matched up at all and you spot on rule number one African jump man Kings on again he says thanks for the contribution palaces Marcion a rash better better but they didn't have silver and cabrona they had her rare and lingered as you box-to-box midfielder I personally Fort Lee in God was poor yesterday not not noticeably terrible but just really you know he's Jesse lingard number ten and the team that's trying to win a title for me it's a big fat no but you could save the same about Herrera on his form although I thought what Herrera and lingo I did put a lot of effort in we need to get past effort players Lukaku is an effort player fellini's an effort player they don't win your titles you need to be an effort player and a talented player silver yesterday was flying into tackles that the broiler as well their effort players but they're also talented players that's what we need to get hold of and I'll tell you what as much as that fan at the start was chanting and you know swearing and everything like that I'm very very passionate in amongst that rage there was some really good points ie Marcy Ellen rash Federer up against the midfielder and of delft we're up against the other fullback who's on a yellow card we just didn't run at them why is that I think if Marcy L was in that Man City team he would be renowned at then that why are we not doing that people quite rightly highlighted that Herrera doesn't pass forward anymore do you think he's turned the switch in his head Marcy had a rash would have stopped taking people on do you think they've switched the tough in the head if they had why or is it Marie knows tactics I don't know but I I must say Mourinho is the right man for Manchester United at the moment because there's nobody else and and I think those who want Mourinho out you might well get your wish because I think it'll come to a point if they don't start backing him in the ball in that in the transfer window Zeile walk your walk to PSG because it have an open checkbook and he'll think I want to win the Champions they can put pep in the shade because I can't put him in the shade with Man United and that might well happen I don't think I can't see Marino getting sacked but if you want rid of him that's probably the most likely thing to happen what do you want to talk about as well is the what I would still want to talk about I want to talk about angel Gomes a player I really really like angel Gomes youth player came on for Rooney last game of the Seas last year epic the way that happened the old guard handing it to the new still hasn't signed the new contract rumors him going to Bruce Lee Dortmund and yesterday after the Manchester City dub winning the Derby angel Gomez Manchester United youth star liked a tweet where it was Manchester his blue how do you come back from that how does he want to come from back from that is that him wanting to leave it it's it's it's really worrying that is I've got a horrible feeling angel Gomez will leave Manchester United and I think that will be another damning nail in the in there in the in the club Manchester United because this has happened once before and it should not be happening again and I hope it doesn't happen but but it is a major major worry and so let's get your thoughts on on Angel gamers as well I've just clicked somebody can hear me hello silence it's ticking away escaped bet playing up a little bit at the moment let me quit it and we'll come back into it let's see what the live comments are saying about gomez you and Gordon says why gomez well back like to Wanger out sweet doesn't mean much this Chad sprawl I don't know it doesn't and maybe I'm just being a little bit over-the-top about it but the reality is I feel that way because it is such an important player for us and I don't want him to go think is a real real talent for Manchester United and yeah it does worry me a little bit oh I think this is this is another big massive indicator that we need to stop using Skype and get an alternative because it's just getting a bit bogged down at the moment and let him leave says three ends why not use this chord instead of Skype says level because I had to bloody use it I've tried to use it twice we need creativity says Luke and Novak there's still two Heath Chong Sestito family is a very very good player but they're the I know there's a cat on my seat you and Gordon it's it's Coco the cat and Mourinho can't develop players he always uses already made is Jo hot J heart I I've said this for a long time I think if angel Gomez leaves Manchester United that is going to be a big problem for Mourinho because we it was I think Sir Alex Ferguson got a lot of stick for letting Pogba go but he had decades of major success behind him if if Gomes goes on Marino's watch people will say why have we not given going there's game time there's been plenty of opportunity already this season to do it there's been League Cup games he could have been on the bench you know we've had games where Mika Tarun's been absolutely rubbish Pogba been injured we could have given him ten minutes here and there he could have been on the bench Gomes could have had minutes by now I can't defend Josie on that Gomes could have had minutes by now why is he not been involved why have we risked upsetting him and allowing to go and I'm sure if we've given him ten minutes here and there over the last few months he'd assign that contract and if he walks away from Manchester United that's gonna make a lot of people very very angry it could just be an innocent dislike of a tweet but why would you do that on the day of a Manchester derby where your team's lost why would you like the opposition it's a bit weird thanks for the contribution man united chants Herrera is a poor man's Hendersons his and DK before it gone and title is not gone says axel G city will fail in 2018 I could fall I can't see it mate I think 11 points is way too much Jake pert says Herrera is a passion merchant and nothing more I've got to be honest I did think it was a penalty and I know a lot of people don't want to hear that but I do I really do and I think it was very costly for us I mean ultimately we lost that game by one goal one goal that's all we lost it by and of course the earth and but we you know we've got Bournemouth we've got but we've got we've got Bournemouth haven't we coming up very very soon and I'm sure we can win that and if she Ahmed I am looking out don't worry mate I'm just having a few little problems at the moment okay let's come back there Akash thinks as we can still have a run in the Champions League and Murata should have done would have done better well the Marat is not setting the world on fire daily rittle to be fair I don't think he really is forget the title we've got to start playing football says they'd be and have yeah okay the car key was faulty stupid aunty Marcial that's from I wonder if it's the real one um I think the lock a few situations interesting I put it up on our Facebook page today is he a flop and some people said yes some people said no I think a lot of people saying yes he's a bit of a worry for me but you know I do like the Kaku but I think he was at fault yesterday you've got to admit that Kieran can you hear me yeah what do you want to say I know you know I'm Mourinho fan anyway are you know what do I say pal well first Lola it's a long time since two weeks to go I said get Marina ocean people know they support the right wing but you know the first Connors but under extra delay books in our Mourinho please please just get him out so who would you bring him in who'd you bring in you mean don't start talking about the class of 92 please I mean I have a decent option I don't like that too loudly and people saying you know he mustn't graders you only like him I wanted him but you know when we're not gonna you know Morini I'll calm down I wanted him Argentina I think he's calm we ask them to think about policy know is that look we're Spurs are they played really good football and that they'd fallen away he never wins anything and I mean I know he plays good football but Marino is a winner I know it didn't yesterday but he is he has got that way I think you know I had a struggling I somebody said it yesterday I think it's really true it's now getting wood we're now moving beyond five years without the tide so that ten years and you become a snow comes fifteen years you become Liverpool and I never thought that was possible but if Mourinho fails I had so much faith in Mourinho and still do if Mourinho fails I don't know where we go I don't feel that there's a definite solution out there and that that scares me to be honest yeah that's true that's very true but I just think of a budget you know you know he embraces you talking about a mental chorus I mean he'll arrange and Karma's in the squad the next day you'd have transy be fair you know he just encouraged him I mean look what he's done to Luke Shawn that's grace in my opinion Luke sure I wouldn't play for United again no he's been treated by marina and see the way they did a nice he was fantastic well he was fantastic and I just think party knows that Pitino is the man yeah yes Ernie his all-time great he released a book or whatever but now I believe he can't give it bring us a title and I certain beliefs Rainier want Champions League maybe you never know he's not in the Champions League with the league and you're right you know Kobe ten years before even another Premier League and we have to be ready for that I think we're not winning it this year and Meridian always wins it in the first two years I've been saying it for months but it's not gonna happen this year now which is really sad to be saying that December the 11th that the title was gone and but but you know it's not just United but obviously all I'm bothered about is United we've only got ourselves to blame we had a big opportunity yesterday I still to this day don't understand what the tactics were yesterday it was just almost like hoping for a miracle we didn't go out to play to win that game it was it was very odd when we did you know what fit you know I think Kieran you've got to admit that against Watford in Arsenal away games that were very tough on paper we went and played early attacking football we get ourselves in this great position against Man City and then at Old Trafford with a crowd baying for blood and we just didn't do anything to get that crowd up and running yeah yeah absolutely and after day I think was the Iceland game are you ready car went in to watch lungs someone's hurt was that morenae Oh I don't know and that's why I wanted to Carlin tonight when I lose because you know he has donated locally is on his parables I mean the tactics from what I've seen his gift the barter oh I'm hopeful up to Lukaku at home for the best that's what I see in the match anyway that's exactly that said so you know and to be honest I said it with half time on the watch long yesterday the amount I'm rojo was just hitting aimless balls up and even when the Kaku won them there was nobody within 20 yards of him to get that flick on say it was really weird really really weird and Annarino look defeated from the first minute whereas pet was all over the place it was just it was an embarrassment and I want to cooperate for the Bournemouth game quick enough because I just want to move past I you know I hate to say it but I wish it had chucked it down with snow on Sunday and Saturday because you know people were saying that was a really defeatist attitude well I'm sorry it was a really defeatist attitude from Mourinho and the team they let us down and we do miss Pogba massively I mean you've got a you've got to admit that no papa United with with Papa and without Pogba he's like you know it's not chalking cheese they did such a different thing yeah she's gonna make the paella for the earth why sugar I mean Pope was a massive loss and who knows what could have happened maybe this logic would have been different I mean sit here just got a kick out and know and then breathe through it and yeah that's all I wanted to say American thanks no worries Kieran and thanks for calling in thank you yeah look obviously there's a lot of people not happy with the result yesterday you've got to respect that I mean just going back to that call at the start if you've not seen it do watch it it's in the first couple of minutes real big reaction obviously you know we've only started recently doing the fan cams and for me it's always been you know I don't know I think I think what we do I like and obviously I do like it and I love all you lot and I love all your comments and I love doing the Skype shows and but you know there are there is a bit of a stigma attached to ban cams and obviously not just with Manchester United with other clubs who notably do rant and stuff but I think that did capture something to me it was an eye-opener because we've done the United stand for three years and obviously we get labeled with not being from Manchester not going to games and stuff like that which I'm Matt I'm massively against I think if you're a mansion I find it doesn't matter where you're from and we're a global fan channel but what really was in a way quite comforting was the frustration anger from United fans coming out the ground yesterday that is reciprocated week in week out when we've had bad results over the last three years especially under the gun ban Holly era that fans are collectively very frustrated with yesterday I'm not Mourinho out nowhere near I think there are mitigating circumstances I said on August the 31st that we aren't he hasn't got the players he needs and that could come back to bite us and I think when pub was not there it really does we looked clueless for that Pogba and I hate the fact that were a one-man team we are a one-man team we were clueless yesterday in an attacking sense we were clueless yesterday and it's not the first time October we were absolute rubbish and yesterday we were rubbish and that one common denominator in that is pod was not in the team and and that makes us a one man team and Max says the carcass confidence is terminal I tell you what's a very good point max a very good point because he might not be able to come back from that and we'll see won't we but I'm saying it's but he has had a lot of stick a lot of stick and you know when he got a lot of stick before Jose Jose Mourinho came out and backed him and will he'd come out and do that again wouldn't be stupid enough to come now and do it again and I quite liked the fact that josie marino did that in the past but i don't think he's in a position to do that now i think you'd have to eat after wait i've got a caller don't know why they've got calling out hello can you hear me Oh mark you're right hi Sophie up I thought I'd clink to you how you doing all right yeah I'm good thank you yeah good good good what are you going to talk about mainly about the game yesterday against City to be honest good ok that's it disappointed um I said beforehand like we need to go back man City we need to attack them they vulnerable at the back and we didn't we were too defensive I mean look at a girl where that came from literally one ball over the top and Ottoman team asleep they'll finish the Russia losing record that's very simple it could have been but we just seemed to everyone seemed to panic on the ball yesterday but we like confidence all over the pitch everybody was panicking yellow Kaka was poor bright I agree with what was mentioned earlier the service to him as well it was winning headers but there is nobody within 20 yards of him there's no excuse for the chance he missed obviously but I just feel like the court use him as a scapegoat he was poor from everybody yesterday including Joe Jay I think I think that's a very good point and I think look it's really difficult and people are very angry the titles gone in my opinion it was embarrassing it was toothless but I do think in time we will obviously grow out we will move past it but it was collectively a very very bad day and questions must be asked as to why that was but if you if you hate the Karkar you've got to hate Mourinho you've got our hailing guard you've got it you know it was collectively everybody was pretty poor yesterday and I grieve you I thought I'd don't lie man City I don't like sterling I don't like that I think they are mercenaries but yesterday they were like us they were like passionate manager on the side very decisive in his tactics players on the pitch move the ball around when burden of the ball slid into tackles break the play up apps that dominated us they were up for it we weren't I mean is there any reason you think that was why we were not up for it because in previous weeks we've been the team form team and city of been the team struggling no I'm virtually in second to everything yesterday and I think – because of the tactics we were too defensive which were apprehensive we were at home we should have been on the front foot and even I mean Marini ology interview before for handing really laid back he didn't seem pumped up free I mean to me that's how he looked in my opinion it seemed really laid-back and relaxed and for me we should have been pushing we should have been on the front foot literally from the first we saw miss didn't we play along hopeless Falls we weren't fluid I mean their movement off the ball is just phenomenal and we're too static so I think we showed too much respect I think yeah we did I spoke about it in the preview we didn't need to go down the middle you've got young and masculine one side rash hood and blanks here on the other side United or a club engrained on wing play that's where city were weak we could have used the flanks you've got the car queue in the middle who's obviously big and we decided to just take long balls from the back and I just also not only did we not use the wings which I think was our best asset also we didn't use the crowd we didn't use the crowd the crowd were ready there to be that they allowed the 12th man and we didn't do it we didn't want to use them we just sat back gave man City the ball which kills the momentum the crowd are going to give you because you can't just pack you can't roll passionately 20 minutes into a game when you've watched city passed the ball around for 15 minutes for some reason again I don't know I mean people have said this is just an indication that Mourinho is gonna go he's just he's not he's going through the motions he doesn't seem to be that passionate and he's not got what he wants at the club PSG wants him and he's sort of you know it wasn't life or death to him yesterday like like you say it seemed quite relaxed yeah I mean don't get me wrong I love Mourinho and I think he stabilized those and he's got obviously but back to the top pretty much we look a lot better under Mourinho than we have done in the past few years but you've got a question in the style of plays that man united we've lost a bit of identity I mean we had no Flair yesterday we were literally long people I mean walk had a booking early on why did it Rushford wanna see more Marsha when I sing it just baffled me we seem to hold back yesterday every time we got the ball it's not the first time as well that people have said that masculine rash would don't run it people anymore I've noticed as much as Herrera gets a lot of stick and some of it's justified he doesn't pass forward anymore and that I saw that a lot yesterday he refused the forward pass but he used to do it all the time Marcial and Ratchford used to run at players all the time they don't do it anymore do you think do you think that's tactical what do you think it's lacking of confident I don't I don't know ii i mean it is noticeable that we're not doing those things and those players have always been good at it yeah I mean when Pop was there you do notice a different going forward because he's that box-to-box midfielder obviously he's got that creativity that flair he's got the quality as well but you can't just rely on POC bitch you know I mean it's a mindset to me it seems like every players negative you seem to go pacified with some backwards rather than looking forwards and when we did go for with you she's hopeful ball hoping that the car keys gonna make something of it and I'm not being funny he's against like company he's not gonna get much joy and when he did bring it there was no one there supporting him that's why kit kept just going back to us and we were at home what's in store for Manchester United for the rest of the season do you think I mean is there cause to be positive or do you think it could slip the other way do you expect any activity in January Champions League draw today well I spoke to you earlier on in the season you asked my prediction and I said I thought we kept top two and to be honest are still free to ask that often not finish second hopefully we get a decent one in Champions League now if obviously got a good a decent draw be severe it won't be a rock turn them over but I think we need to step up and we should beat them so yeah I think we'll do well in the Champions League I'm predicting second in the table and I'm hoping that we signed someone in January but you know what I'm not holding my breath because I don't know if Marino's got the backing of the board if I'm completely honest okay great to have you back on again so feet really thanks for calling in and please do thanks right yeah thank mark yeah good cool nights I've done for a while good points as usual and thanks for everybody remember drop a like on the video a bit of a bit of a mishmash Scott Gould Bridgeton I appreciate but needed to get flex on at the start because I've not seen that sort of aggression and anger and frustration that we saw over on that fan cam at the start of the show obviously it's a Derby but I think you'd get the same thing after a Liverpool result and look you know very very very frustrated cannot overestimate that and you know if we weren't all angry tonight I think even Manchester United the club Mourinho would be shocked if we were all sat here going oh well in the matter too much titles gone but we're progressing I mean people so you know when Sophie said their second place in my head I'm going that's obviously progress from last year but in my heart I'm Manchester United in second place is never good enough it's not second place is the first loser and we were the sixth loser last year so second loser is better but still not good enough but we're a work in progress and what I will say to anybody is this is we lost 2-1 we didn't lose 6-1 we lost 2-1 and left if Lukaku could finish his dinner we would have been 2 – we took a point from that game and city fans would have been going I was still gonna win the league because it's eight points she's so lucky and we would have said were we lucky you played better than us but we scored we have the best chance in the gawky we scored it he gifted you two goals what else did you do we should have got a draw out of that as bad as we were and if we had got a draw we'd all be going they were a bit lucky but we still were still in this title race we've got January to come we did it without pogba I mean you know there are mitigating circumstances Mourinho didn't get the people he wanted in the summer we didn't have pogba yesterday we didn't have been yesterday we didn't turn up yesterday I think any of the game we probably would and we've definitely progressed from where we were even last summer and then you compare Manchester City pep guardiola walks into Manchester City the same summer that Mourinho walks in pep guardiola inherits the Broner David Silva agüero amongst others three three world-class players I think definitely in context to the Premier League Mourinho walks into Manchester United a pastic Rooney and a world-class daheia that's it so we got he gets to hire a goalkeeper and pet gets three world-class attackers he then gets an open checkbook Morini opens his checkbook and he's only got six cheques left to use you know compared to pets empty checkbooks so pets done very well I hate to say it's done very well they're doing very well this season but he's had all the cards to do well as well Mourinho hasn't had a full set of cards I'll argue that with anybody but in the context of yesterday we got ourselves into a really good position and we let ourselves down and and that's football you know we've put all the working against the Arsenal Watford – really good convincing wins and then the opportunities there and we freeze have been Man City who've struggled to get the three points in the last few games they've scraped it in the last few minutes played really bad they turn up like the form team and we freeze that's football is so frustrating but there are mitigating circumstances I'm definitely still mourinho in because of don't there's anybody better than him and I think the progress he's made is fantastic as I said I think Louis van hal coming out now and slating Mourinho is disgusting because I think Manchester United are in the situation they're in now because of an how two years of terrible byes and terrible football which sucked the confidence out of our squad and Marino's come in and endures in my mind but second year is always a difficult year and I think some of those players he expected more from Micky tarean let him down some of those squad players that we know aren't good enough really in the big big games you Jesse lingard obviously flamed it didn't even play yesterday you could say he was missed because we did miss him and but all these players good enough I mean realistically when Manchester City go toe-to-toe with Manchester United our Fellaini lingard Ashley young those sort of players are they really that good or do we need other players in I think they're good squad players but I think we need other players in and I think that's a difference as well open checkbook for Pep get by with so many cheques Josie you're gonna have to use some of what you've got already it's his contrast but you've also got contrast in the way Pep was aggressive and passionate about the game yesterday we were defensive and submissive that that was a problem as well and Aishwarya near pans made a contribution it has mark my words if Joe's a goes then Pat will make city like United with buckets of money because history was the only thing that perhaps never had in his era I think next season's massively important for Manchester United I think January's massively important I disagree was safer we've got to use January if we don't use January there's a big issue with this board which I think there is an issue I think Marino's not totally happy and he's made that abundantly clear we've got to use January the transfer window is shortened I think it ends mid-august but on top of that you've got a World Cup that doesn't end until mid-july so you've got a month to buy six players we've got to do something in January there are players available in January we need to do something in January I'd get rid of Darmon and blend not involved in our biggest game of the season I'd get rid of Mick Qatar in as well but I think January will be too soon but darmian and blend people will once get rid of them get better players in decent squad players but we need better than that there's a lot of things we can be aggressive about but whilst we're being aggressive when we're being negative when we are over analyzing I believe what the problems are because we're upset and we're frustrated stick by Mourinho until at least May he's got to be given till May and we've got to see what happens in January we've got I mean what one thing I would say even as a Mourinho that we cannot slip we cannot slip below second to salvage any through anything from this season we've got to be finishing second because first is gone so second is the best we can do we've got to progress in the Champions League – at least the quarterfinals and be competitive and progressive and then from January to the end of the season we need to see it consistently better Manchester United I want to see us beat Liverpool at home I want to see us beat Spurs at Wembley I want to sees be harsh nil in Chelsea at Old Trafford and let's go and give city again we're not gonna win the title now but let's prove that we can start beating these big teams consistently take that internet season get some better players in and go for it again I mean manchester city of wood nearly every games it's August that's difficult to keep up with that will put you 11 points ahead but what they'll else but if you lose and you don't turn up against them in your place that will put them 11 points ahead as well so we need a reaction on Wednesday no pogba again I heard somebody say today you're not gonna beat Bournemouth on Wednesday I was like you have another but then I thought you know what we are so bad without Pogba maybe there's something in that no Papa the car – lacking confidence for me I'd put Marcie on upfront he's infinitely our best attacker he's wasted on the wing put Marcial up front will he do it no he'll play the Carkoon from minute one and if the car Koo scores a goal off his ass Morini I'll be like hey everybody stopped getting on the car coos back he needs to wake up about the car Koo I like the car Koo he's a big work in progress but he needs to learn to sub in because nobody's bigger than Manchester United sitting yesterday he was very poor he sends the wrong message out when the calf who doesn't get substituted because he needed to be substituted for his own good yesterday and we saw this was lats on last year you cannot just totally and utterly say I'm playing a player every single minute because that sort of defeats what Manchester United is Manchester United it's bigger than Mourinho it's bigger than any player you cannot just say I'm gonna play a player every single minute of Manchester United's game because that says that's player that players bigger than Manchester United and nani's and it sends the wrong message out so that's something he needs to stop doing the kaku probably means dropping the catarrian got dropped and nowhere near the team Lukaku needs to know that that performance in a big game like that he's unacceptable that's where he's inexperienced he needs that kick up the backside but I'm not I'm so disappointed like all you lot I'm not melting down I still believe Mourinho is the right man are still back him and I think we will have a good season I just don't think we'll win the Premier League Dion says how can we say mickey's a flop when Joe's a set him up for failure watch every game in October very no good safe parking the bus and he's isolated you know what I'm going to disagree with you there's an aspect to that and that's your opinion but I watched Mick katariina Anfield baccala fifty-fifty with Salah get knocked off the ball can't be bothered to track back poor passing gets his head down gets knocked off the ball that's not Marino's tactics that's my catarrian when he's got an opportunity bottling it so that's that's I think Mick Atari was very poor in October and he needs to either man up or get out and and that's across the squad I think we've got too many players like that and whilst talking about negatives what what about Lindelof yesterday he came on the pitch because Rojo was sent off in a difficult game yet again like Arsenal like Watford before that flawless he's but he's been a real bright spark in in the last few weeks and and he looks like a real gamer so I'm really really pleased with in the laughs I think of it you know we haven't necessarily missed BAE and certainly not Jones but we miss pampas so so much so so so so much um lots and lots of frustration lots and lots of frustration thanks everyone for watching tonight please do drop a like on the video really really enjoyed the show tonight I know it helps us all to get things off our chests and remember if you're new to the channel subscribe get involved drop like on the video we will have preview for the building with game going up tomorrow night and we'll be talking about a few other things as well look hang in there we've been through bad times collectively on the united stand we've been through that van Hallie he needed to shut up and he's wammy up tonight why is he back relevant shut your mouth and sit down you're drunk but will come back from this will come back from this we need a big Resort on Wednesday night and we need to go again over Christmas and get some results and folk you know this just happened under Sir Alex Ferguson quite a lot we'd have a really bad result and it's the end of the world what you do is you just close the door to the outside world I've not looked at anything from Man City fans or Liverpool fans or Chelsea fans or Arsenal fans disclose the world down to Manchester United don't look out focus on ours have the debates have the discussion and work our way back again and again and again and again we ain't gonna win the title but what we can do is just keep winning games and solidify second place and then in February we you know we could we could have a really good go the Champions League Man City looked dangerous in the Champions League they don't they and thanks everyone really really enjoyed the show if you've not seen the fan cams from yesterday do watch them especially the one that's going viral that we put up at the start of the video Aaron down makes a good point what Man City fans exactly and speech all soon thanks for watching we'll be back we'll be back don't worry it just might take a little bit longer than I thought it was going to take but speak to you soon fantastic comments that I really enjoyed the show thanks for everyone's get involved and I'll see you all tomorrow night at eight o'clock I'm gonna go and watch that viral video again I must have watched at about 40 times which makes me laugh certainly these times San Marcos causa

Open Interfaith Iftar Held In Birmingham

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Open Interfaith Iftar Held In Birmingham

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Worst Ever Watkins Glen Wrecks, Spin-outs and Pile-ups

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Check out NASCAR RaceDay’s Top 5 NASCAR Wrecks from Watkins Glen International.

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NEWS 2017
London attack: 1 woman reportedly kiIIed, others injured in Westminster Bridge ‘terr0r’ incident
One woman is dead after a car plowed into a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge in London on Wednesday afternoon.
As many as 10 others were injured, according to the London Ambulance Service.
Some are said to have suffered “catastrophic” injuries, the U.K. Press Association reports.
A suspect was shot outside the Houses of Parliament after reportedly stabbing a police officer.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing a person with a knife within the grounds of the palace of Westminster.
Parliament was placed on lockdown, according to a parliamentary official.
British police are treating the incident as terrorism, and a full counterterrorism investigation is under way.

Dhaka metro rail latest update news february 2019

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Dhaka metro rail latest update news february 2019

Tokyayitaba By Weasel * (Radio Weasel) *

Views:138038|Rating:4.81|View Time:4:13Minutes|Likes:1619|Dislikes:64
Tokyayitaba is our 1st song off our upcoming album AfricanTime and it’s a social tribute to our brother who passed away 3weeks ago Mowzey Radio from the Brand Radio & Weasel.

The Top 10 Free Online Classified Ads Websites For 2015 – Best Free Classifieds List

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This video provides you with a list of the top 10 free classified ads websites for 2015. If you’re searching for the best free classifieds sites then my list should prove to be quite helpful. These free classifieds can be used for many purposes including selling your unwanted items, finding employment opportunities, posting job opportunities, posting personals, selling your home, promoting your services and discussing various topics with the people of your community. The possibilities are endless when it comes to online classifieds because they’re simple and receive millions of visitors every single month. Posting most ads on these online classifieds are completely free, but in some rare cases you may have to pay a small, reasonable fee for advertising in certain categories or to upgrade your advertisement so that more people can see it. This is especially true when it come to free local classifieds in major cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia and Phoenix. But in most areas, you won’t have to pay a single cent. What’s so amazing is how effective these websites are. Most people who post an ad on these free internet classifieds begin receiving calls within hours, and the fact that there’s very little wait time for the ad to post makes them even more effective than the outdated print ads that are in your local newspapers. Even if your advertisement doesn’t get any responses the first time, you can keep on posting it until it finally does which is pretty incredible considering your’e not paying any listing fees. Before you post your classified ad, make sure that you have some crisp images that clearly show exactly what you’re offering. You also want to use an honest, detailed description so that you attract the right people. Making minor changes to your classified advertisement can make a world of difference.

Craigslist Review Review
Backpage Review Review
Oodle Review Review
Ebay Classifieds Review Review
OLX Review Review
US Free Ads Review Review
Geebo Review Review
Recycler Review Review
Adoos Review Review
Classifieds Giant Review Review

Vision of Asia – Community News | May 19th

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2019 New York Indian Film Festival

Meri Awaz Suno

Young India Cultural Group

SUNY Old Westbury 2019 Leadership Awards Dinner

19th IHA Convention Invitation

Religion in Vote Bank Politics – Indian Election 2019 | This Week With Padma Shri Dr Sudhir Parikh

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Border Patrol With China's Toughest Drug Squad

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Drug Frenzy – Part 2 (2013) China’s border cops are attempting to prevent a swelling tide of illegal drugs being smuggled into the country. We follow one of the world’s toughest police forces tackling the traffickers smuggling drugs across the border.

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Get unprecedented access to China’s drug cops at a key checkpoint near the Myanmar/China border where they’re in full flight. Pulling over cars and buses targeting suspicious characters and unlikely drug mules alike.

On one tour bus that’s just crossed in from what we used to call Burma, the team clambers aboard checking bags, compartments and asking rapid-fire questions. Soon a woman with a young child emerges with the officers. She’s carrying a plastic shopping bag containing a handful of condoms filled with Ice — the super-charged methamphetamine that’s infiltrating China’s party scene and that’s being shipped out to more lucrative international destinations like Australia.

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Breaking into Huawei’s 5G tech castle – BBC News

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Huawei is facing allegations that its next generation 5G equipment could pose a national security risk.

There are concerns that China is using Huawei as a proxy and could spy on rival nations and scoop up useful information.

The BBC’s cyber security reporter Joe Tidy explains why one potential problem with 5G technology may have more to do with castles than you’d expect.

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Brexit Destroys Theresa May!

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The only leaving that will be done this summer, is Theresa May leaving Number Ten.


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The Tories have all but given up on the EU elections and are now expecting to return the big fat number of zero MEPs to the European Parliament.

But after an announcement today those MEP elections will be just a side show for Tory Party MPs and members, because the leadership race is now on and the keys to Number Ten are up for grabs.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, has issued the following statement:

“The Prime Minister is determined to secure our departure from the European Union and is devoting her efforts to securing the 2nd Reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week commencing 3rd June 2019 and the passage of that bill and the consequent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union by the summer.

“We have agreed that she and I will meet following the 2nd Reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

And Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC political editor, reports that senior Tory sources told her it would not be some sort of gentle chat but it means “…even though the letter doesn’t spell it out, that if her Brexit plan is defeated again, Mrs May will announce she is going.”

And with the expectation that her Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be voted out, so killing it off in the current parliamentary session, her premiership is now in the toaster ready to pop up well and truly charred on the given date.

And the BBC handily points out that at the moment Theresa May has the fifth shortest premiership since 1900, but could make it into the sixth shortest slot by overtaking Gordon Brown in days served on the 29th of March.

And as expected up steps Boris Johnson to announce he will throw his hat in the ring.

Talking to an insurance brokers conference in Manchester he said:

“I’m going to go for it. Of course I’m going to go for it.”

And he also said:

“…there has been a real lack of grip and dynamism in the way we’ve approached these talks.

“We’ve failed over the past three years to put forward a convincing narrative about how we exploit the opportunities of Brexit.

“All I can say, as tactfully and usefully as I can, is that I have a boundless appetite to try to get it right, and to help the country to get on the right path.”

While Andrea Jenkyns has come out in support of Dominic Raab when talking to LBC.

I expect some more will come forward over the next few days.

And as ever, the issue of the EU has put paid to another Tory Prime Minister.

But the big point here is that Theresa May is now PM in name only. There is absolutely no point in continuing the Tory / Labour Party talks and Brussels will just sigh, call us all more names again as per the BBC documentary, and sit back and wait to see who ends up replacing her.

Now, David Cameron announced his departure on the 24th of June 2016, the day after the referendum and Theresa May took up residence in Number Ten on the 13th July after all her opponents were defeated or stood aside.

So, a Tory leadership election might not take too much time, as long as its party’s MPs select a single candidate and don’t end up having to go to its membership for an election between two or more candidates.

But with the Remainers outnumbering Leavers in the Tory MP ranks, it might not be easy to get someone in Number Ten who truly wants Brexit – actually we may just end up with yet another Remainer!

Anyway, what do you think? – Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.





Thumbnail Image of Number 10 – Open Government Licence (OGL via Wikimedia).

Living Without Fear: Dr Jee Hyun Kim at TEDxMelbourne

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Dr Kim currently leads a research team working on memory aspects of early-onset anxiety disorders and drug addiction in the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne. Her research suggests cognitive-behavioural therapies have different effectiveness depending on one’s age, and advocates treatment of mental disorders during childhood. Her research in memory across development began when she received Bachelor of Psychology with 1st Class Honours and the University Medal in 2004 from the University of New South Wales, Australia. She then received a Ph.D. in 2008 for research in memory retrieval, forgetting, inhibition and erasure from UNSW. While she was at Michigan University for her postdoctoral training, UNSW gave her U-committee Award for Research Excellence in Science in 2010. Dr Kim has recently been honoured with the Australian Psychological Society’s Early Career Research Award in 2012. She has featured regularly on ABC radio, including ‘Radio Australia’, and has recently featured on Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’.

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About TEDx, x = independently organized event

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Breaking News | Cocaine traces found in tv chefs' scottish restaurant loos

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Cocaine traces found in tv chefs’ scottish restaurant loos
Cocaine traces found in tv chefs’ scottish restaurant loos

In Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine the chef is stunned when swabs test positive for traces of the drug in h…

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Rafa Benitez on Newcastle 2-3 Liverpool

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Leeds transfer news: Whites interested in MLS forward – Lionel Messi is a fan

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Marcelo Bielsa is looking to strengthen his side as Leeds continue their push towards the Premier League. Zardes impressed for Columbus Crew in MLS last term and is now attracting interest from a number of English clubs, including the Whites, Norwich, Crystal Palace, Fulham and Huddersfield, according to TEAMtalk. But while some fans at Elland Road may not be familiar with Zardes, the USA international has made headlines in the past due to being hyped up by Barcelona icon Lionel Messi. Back in 2015, the Argentinian superstar handpicked 10 young footballers for Adidas’ ‘Backed by Messi’ campaign, which saw the players given a pair of Messi’s boots to wear for the season.  Zardes was joined by the likes of Newcastle star Kenedy, Maxwell Cornet of Lyon and Manchester United’s former starlet James Wilson, who were all picked as some of the best up-and-coming stars across the globe by Messi in 2015. Man City youngster Patrick Roberts, Chelsea loanee Nathan and Ajax hotshot Kasper Dolberg were some of the players chosen in 2017. Zardes hit 20 goals in MLS last season and added to his tally of six goals for the USA in 40 appearances. However, Leeds fans may not be too happy with an interview the forward gave to Copa90 back in 2017, where he admitted he supports Manchester United.  Bielsa was recently pressed about whether his side would be busy in this month’s transfer window. But the Elland Road boss appeared to play down his side’s intentions before the deadline. “I don’t think that many players will come in,” he told reporters ahead of his side’s clash with QPR earlier this month. “And I couldn’t tell you if actually there’s a player who will come or not. If the club can get players who are better than the ones we have to come and in the position where we suffered some injuries, for example Samu Saiz left, Pablo now plays as a playmaker and we need a winger.  “The injury of Jamal Blackman has not been covered by another player. “These are the two positions that were solved at the start of the competition and now we’re trying to find another one. “We can also say that at the beginning of the season Jack Clarke was not a possibility, but now he is.”

Barcelona choke again: Over-reliance on Messi costs Barca big vs. Liverpool | Champions League

Views:662647|Rating:4.72|View Time:5:32Minutes|Likes:7148|Dislikes:421
ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno break down player by player how Barcelona allowed Liverpool to run through them as Lionel Messi and company let a huge advantage in the UEFA Champions League slip away for the second year in a row. The Reds rolled to a 4-0 win as Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal were all over-matched in the midfield and their back line were left to look foolish by Liverpool’s Divock Origi, Sadio Mane and Gini Wijnaldum.


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Lindelöf, Bale, Herrera?!?! | Manchester United Transfer News Review!

Views:56722|Rating:4.78|View Time:15:10Minutes|Likes:1294|Dislikes:60
What’s the latest on Victor Lindelöf, Gareth Bale, Ander Herrera and more? Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen this window? Comment below to have your say!

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IMMUNOTHERAPY: The Path to a Cancer Cure (For Clinicians)

Views:179405|Rating:4.86|View Time:8:42Minutes|Likes:1941|Dislikes:56
Created by Dr. Samir N. Khleif (Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center), in partnership with the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) and Cancer Support Community, IMMUNOTHERAPY: The Path to a Cancer Cure explains the interplay between the immune system and cancer; mechanisms underlying immune-based agents; and different approaches to cancer immunotherapeutics.

Patients: Watch the Patient version of this video here: