How to Show Sheep

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Get tips on how to show sheep, including how to dress in the show ring, how to set the feet, and the importance of eye contact when showing your lambs. Part of the Honor® Show Chow® The Winning Matrix video series.

in addition to how the Lambs look we also want to make sure the exhibitors dress the part it's important that you realize that you're going to be showing to a 30 40 50 year-old individual it's going to be judging that class and that's how you're trying to appeal to so you want to dress professionally you want to dress like a professional stock person these two kids are both doing a good job of that we've got clean jeans on they got sturdy shoes on we don't want to see any flip-flops in the show ring you can get away with that at home not but we don't want you to wear that in the show ring notice that they also have a clean start shirt on that buttoned up all the way long sleeves are appropriate for some occasions short sleeves are okay if it's really hot but you want to have your shirt tucked in girls keep your hair up out of your face like what hers is you don't want when you're out there showing the Sheep it's very distracting when you're having to mess with your hair all the time you need to be focused on your sheep so have your hair pulled back and fixed so it'll stay there guys as much as we like to wear ball caps at home you can't wear one in the show ring right so we want to make sure you got your hair looking good no ball cap on again you want to dress like a Stockman because you're trying to impress this document want to cover a couple the final finer points in a little more detail when they hope when you hold the head you notice you're holding it under the chin you know not grabbing the ears they're not a handle you can hold the skin under the chin if you need to so you can keep that neck up and perpendicular to the back notice you can use these muscles in their neck for bracing thumbs behind the ears keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back and the nose slightly above level now we want to go and see how we set the front feet when you set the front feet you hold the sheep with your left hand reach down and grab the right front foot on the judging side above the knee setting it squarely on the front corner switch hands hold the sheep with your right hand reach down and set the left front leg squarely on the corner toes pointed forward when we set the back legs I'm going to set the one on the show side first grabbing them below the hock setting them slightly off the end of the hip grab the right leg below the hock again slightly off the edge of the hip just about shoulder width apart again if you get them set too wide then they look too shallow here now there are some regional differences in how and how we show some of these animals but most of the country now we're showing standing up like the kids were doing earlier like what I'm doing now but more and more there are several places where we like to the sheep down again that'll be some regional differences where you keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back same goal as when we were standing up bracing them and driving them no slightly above level and then keeping the top up so whether you show up or down is going to be determined one by which way the Sheep looks it's best to buy who your judges and where your showing so no your judge know what the rules are and what's acceptable in your area in order to make that sheep look its best one of the common problems that we see is that the exhibitors don't allow the judge access to the to view the front end of the Sheep there are several ways you can accomplish that task and still maintain control of your sheep and still have them look its best the first way is to simply step away still maintaining the brace using your fingers keeping the head at the proper angle the other way to do it is to turn this way again keeping that neck up and perpendicular to the back no slightly above level allowing the judge access to see the full view of the front end of the sheep one of the other things we want to focus on is eye contact it's important to know where that judge is in the show ring all the time you've got two eyes keep one on your sheep and one on the judge as a judge it makes me a little bit uncomfortable when someone's giving me a dirty stare the whole time it's okay to smile at them you got one eye on the judge one eye on the sheep so you can make sure that sheep looks the best you can it can the whole time but you know where the judge is in the ring

DIL GETS A DOG – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #46

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P: Woof-Woof, Meow-meow, Dan and Phil Games… P: *laughs* Cats or dogs. D: Okay, Firstly.. P: Whichever one you identify with D: Meow isn't valid and anyone who does should leave P: It is! I just said hello in dog. I bet loads of dogs watching this perked up They were like, "What's going on? What's this video? :D" D: "Friend in the screen! Must scratch!" D & P: Hi!
D: And welcome to the only video We care about this year, in which the brand new Sims expansion, The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, has come out. P: I'm… I'm so excited for this video I've been waiting for so long for this expansion to come out! (bangs table)
D: This is what I've been living for to be honest. So… P: The day is finally here. D: I hope you're ready because Dil Howlter is getting a pet! P: But first, not dog related, but very exciting is
D: So much less important but still we should probably mention it. P: We are doing a new stage show!! D: Yeaahh
P: Called, Interactive Introverts (that graphic design) D: Dan and Phil are going on a World tour in 2018. P: Right to your town
D: We made a whole video about it which we'll link down in the description. which you can watch. We made a whole website! #spon P: Yesss…
D: If you want to see what cities we're going to on this tour, when and get tickets to it– Just go to that website. P: Come see us in real life
D: And you'll have some fun, I promise. P: Yeah. Our seal of approval. *laughter, is that, is that* D: You'll have… you'll have fun…
P: We promise you'll have fun! P: Anyway,
D: Anyway P: Dogs. Cats. D: Let's go D: Ohhh, myy guuud P: I love that the example picture is very ill dogs. :/ D: Yeah, well, look, apart —
P: It's a strange choice. D: It's not just you can get pets. You can become a vet. P: Oh, that's part of it…
D: So that's why there's a very dribbly bulldog right there-
P: Wonder what's wrong with it D: There's many a frolicking cats. All the dogs in this, look sad. P: Yeah
D: WATZ YO GAME– P: Why are they sad we need to look after them.
D: –Maxis. We're on to you. P: This dog is obviously owned by someone that's got a slime channel and he's eaten all the slime. D: Exactly.
P: Probably an ASMR slime channel, look at his face. D: –Which is why it's so unethical.
P: Look at his face. P: He's heard those tones.
D: He's not happy.
P: No. P: So to make a pet we have to add it to the family–
D: LiTRALLY P: –like a new family member.
D: It's it's as valid in the Sims universe as another human P: Yeah
D: So, as you can see in this *high pitch* tiny little corner down here. We have blue Dalien, Tabitha, Dil, and Dab. P: The head of the house hold. D: And now we're doing plus dog. So, harkening back P: Harkening D: To creating Dil Howlter. We are about to create a dog. Are you ready for this? P: Yeah, let's do it. D: Let, let's use the opportunity to change Dil
P: No! D: Cah(?) Can we see–preview his elderly mode? –No, not going there yet P: I'm, I'm not ready for that. So, D: Okay, so, the plus symbol.
P: Play with genetics? No..
D: That's just not good, An occult sim. I feel like Tabitha in many ways is already an occult sim. P: Let's leave that for now.
D: Definite closet vampire.
P: Click the paw D: Add pet
P: *gasps*
D: Add dog, add cat, make a mix breed. P: What, between a dog and a cat? D: Of a dog and a cat? What are they on about?
P: I am so confused. D: Oh, I think that's not like of a dog and a cat.
It's you can-
P: You can choose D: –You can make a specific crossbreed of a dog breed.
P: Ohh, should we do that? (dramatic zoom) P: That sounds fun D: Let's see what they can- let's go back there right now.
P: Wait, we need to decide between dog and cat. D: Do we? Oh, yeah (!)
P: We, we do. I've been on Team Dog But I mean we do need to decide.
D: Nobody wants Dil to get a cat.
P: Okay, let's get the dog. D: Maybe we can like the Simpsons, and it'll just be like a side character that's there Like the cat in Simpsons, it will never have its own episode. It'll just be there.
P: Oh, it's just always there. P: Right, create a child. D: Okay P: Dog
D: So, it's a dog. and one half of the dog parent– P: Is… D: Will be… This! This good girl right here!
P: WHA! Let's just have that one. D: How you doing? Hello, look at that fluffy tail!
P: It's so cute! Sorry. Concentrate, um Okay.
P: Right, Let's choose the parent for one. D: Choose breed. Okay, so.
P: So the first breed D: Alright, let's do them all. B: Yess. D: Beautiful
P: Majestic
D: Long, majestic Afghan. There this is wonderful. P: Yeah
D: Here we have the Airedale Terrier. P: Dan, I think there's like a million dogs. I don't think we can react to every single one. D: Lets just react to every dog breed! IT'S THE ONLY CONTENT THAT MATTERS! Okay, so you can have an Akita. Nice. Good–
P: *gasp* Strong snow dog
D: Good boy hello there, Alaskan Malamute D: Hi, they've liTRALLY made every kind of freaking–
P: They've made so many– *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* D: Sorry, I–I cannot get it together look at this mountain dog P: Ooohh
D: Save me. P: It's got two different color eyes. D: Rescue me with Heterochromia
P: Yeah D: Oh, okay, here First contender: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
P: Amazing D: Which is a very – fluffy kind of Corgi
P: Very cute P: I'm loving it. D: Oh, my family dog was half Collie.. P: It's Lassie D: It was half Collie, Half sheepdog. P: This one looks hard to look after it looks like it's–
D: It's very energetic P: It's very energetic.
D: Probably not good for Dil I mean you should probably just make it half Dalmatian because I mean like, Why not. P: Just straight away, 'cause then what happens? D: 'Cause that will just make it fun, won't it? P: A Dingo
D: An actual Dingo P: That's going to be a wild dog D: See, we saw some Dingos irl in Australia (when we were on tour. #spon) And they were very Shibesk. I thought
P: They were very Shib-esk I feel like something migratoraly over generations like the Shiba inus and the dingos kind of in the oceanic-Asian area P/D: Something happened P: I just had a thought. Why are we even looking at all these dog breeds? because you want a Shibe
I want a Corgi why don't we just smash them together? D: Because there's plenty D: of valid good boys! P: FOX! Like– D: Wait a minute
P: Is that an actual fox? D: I–I was just. Ok firstly, that Frenchie looks like a cat. It's very disturbing *exaggerated zoom* THAT'S A FOX! And this is a very fluffy beautiful fox. P: It's a fox has been well fed, unlike the London foxes that have killed seven people D: *laughs* D: And ate 800 pigeons This is like Mufasa as a fox. I'm just saying that right now
P: I love the fox Maybe we could mix the fox with something? D: no phil D: Kermit detected. Hello, how you doing YES!! Welsh Corgi Pembroke edition
P: this is the one D: that's the classic Corg experience if you wanted it D: Or a Pomeranian
P: I love a good Pomeranian D: Or the Teddy Bear cut Pomeranian – SQUEEE! D: Let's just infinitely generate P: Cuteness overload D: different versions of these Pomeranians. P: Yeah, let's just keep doing that. P: They look like little Gremlins. D: This is too much. D: Oh my god!
P: Woah! That is a well groomed D: I gonna, I'm gonna go ahead and say don't style it.
P: Samoyed D: Yes! There we go. Much more natural.
P: That's better. P: Hound of the night.
D: Fluff lad – Found. P: FLUFF BOI! D: Look. At. That. (here come the memes) wow majectic beautiful much sims poise grace very grace curled tail D: stale memeage D: Good specimen
P: AWW! Amazing, okay P: Okay, and then the other parent is… D: Going to be the shiiiiiibe!
P: The sheeeeeb! D: Obviously, you know, in real life adopt pets P: yeah! D: of any breed. P: We're technically adopting this one. D: We are out of the ether of the video game universe P: definitely not genetically modifying it in a lab. D: My family adopted our dog, P: aww! D: and it was the perfect dog, so you never know. Anyway, onto our cybernetic P: *laughs* D: Dimensional dog. Okay, let's see what it looks like, three two one (puppy barks) P: OHHH! It's so cute! It's got the best features of both! D: I WaNT To DeSTRoY MySeLF! P: It's a SHIBA CORGU! D: It's a– *laughs* D: Ha ha! If there is a name, that is absolutely, not it. P: Yes! D: Wow P: Amazing! D: this is incredible P: very expressive eyes. D: Ticc (?) D: So what are we controlling here? D: This is the, the voice.
P: It's the tone– it's the voice, so it's either sweet dog or, D: Okay, so what's the most high pitch dog? (dog barks at normal pitch) D: Oh, so that's the normal one, and then. (dog barks at high pitch) P: Oh! It's breaking the sound barrier. (oh Phil, smh)
D: That's weird, okay. W-What's our dog? D: Just like a good– a good middle ground.
P: Just like a mid–middle ground. P: Definitely not the fox voice. D: Why is there a fox symbol?! P: You've heard a fox mating, Dan, you don't want it to sound like that. Wake up in the morning and… *emulates Fox sound* P: A relationship, everyone owns the dog, yeah. D: Everyone is an equal owner. P: What kind of traits have we got? D: Okay, so. W-what kind of dog do we want this dog to be? P: Not aggressive. D: Okay– *laughs* aggressive?? P: Right. We'll each pick a trait and then randomly choose the third D: I'm gonna go with playful D: That's a good one there P: That's a good one to choose. D: Important one. What about you Phil? P: My choice is… D: uh huh P: I want my dog to be loyal and not like eat me if I faint. D: Yes. P: Let's say, some dogs will lie down and die with you, while some just might eat your face. D: And you want a loyal one that won't eat your face after you die. P: Okay, I'm gonna close my eyes and choose a random third trait, are you ready? P: Balalalalalalalala D: Ok, yeah, and what will that be… D: Click!
P: Jumpy, easily frightened. D: These dogs are easily frightened! B: Awwwwwwe! ;D D: So it's loyal playful, but also v(ery) scare D: v(ery) timid. meek boy. want to hide P: I think I made everybody super timid. P: Sure.
D: I can kind of relate to that. P: That's me if I was a dog D: liTRALLY. We've, we've actually just combined ourselves as a dog. P: Yeah. D: This is the Dog Dil. It's the Dil Dog. B: NO! No! D: no no no no
P: We're not calling it the Dil Dog. D: So when do we get around to naming the dog? P: Uh, I think you have to click on the P: HELLO, MY NAME IS [DOG] D: AHHHH! NO! No! No! (Dan has horrible flashbacks and screaming) D: When you least expect it. P: I'm sorry. D: Let me live! P: The sims knew D: NO! Hello Anything! My name is anything, THANKS! P: They know it. First name.
D: Awe! Well, Whatever the last name is, P: it's Howlter. D: It-it's Howlter, we know that. P: Right, we should we name this dog? Everything else we have in the Sims is a combination of two things D: And we can't do our names P: No D: Because we've done that P: So my pet hamsters were the most important to me, so I think one of my hamsters– D: Wha, so-so P: So what was your hamster called? D: My hamster! My hamster was called Suki ;( P: And it has some strong memories. My hamsters… D: (mumbles) Yeah-well, in some way… let's not talk about my hamster. You all know that story… P: I've had lots of hamsters. I've had Norris, I've had Phoebe, I've had Henry D: Well which hamster? P: Norris was the fav. D: Norris. D: So how'd you combine Norris and Suki P: Norki? Oh, that doesn't sound good. D: Nuki! P: Nuki? D: Nuki! P: That sounds like a nuclear missile. D: It sounds cool! Looka-look, Nuki! What's the other one, Sorris? P: Nuki's the place people go on holiday. D: Why did you pick Norris then! P: No, *laughs* Wha-wait! D: Jesus Christ Phil. P: Let's think about this. D: Sssssn. Snuki?
P: Snow? Snuki?? No, that's someone from the Jersey Shore. D: Snuki? P: Snuki, they've got someone called Snooki. B: *laugh* Ha ha ha ha ha B: Phoebe D: So that would be fu–foo–Phuki. B: *laughs more* ha ha ha ha HAHAHA P: This hamster combination thing isn't working. D: P-H-U-K-I! P: No D: Phuki! P: I-I'm not calling him Phuki D: Phuki Howlter. P: Phuki We're not getting anywhere. D: I think out of those options P: Yeah D: We should go with Nuki. P: Nuki?
D: Because it just sounds cute. I mean look at that. P: Okay, i-it does –now you've written–now you've written it down
D: Nuki Howlter P: It does sound cuter than what I was imagining. D: And it doesn't–It's not Phuki. P: What are these? D: What are these right now? D: He can sit!
P: You can put him in positions! D: Good boy!
P: Yes! D: You don't even exist yet, but you're a good boy! Come on boy–
P: *laughs* D: But you can have whatever you want. I'm gonna die look into those eyes and tell me you won't do anything P: I have ascended to heaven and then roll over is this yes D: Infinite skill applaud and your fav do this. I think not. P: Top lad. D: I stand talent right here people whoa D: Okay, let's not–this is not a
P: Nuki's going to throw up all over this weird void D: biological centrifuges that we're gonna catapult the dog into P: *high pitched voice* Look, Dab's holding the puppy! D: i'm GoNNa RiP My FReaKinG THuMBS oFF. Okay, get rekt Pancakes Y'all ain't got nothing on the Howlter's now P: Let's give Pancakes a random dog too just let's do it P: We're here–They can have a cat.
D: A dog or a cat? They can have a cat, which is perfectly fine D:We're not hating–What up BOB?
P: All right. Let's do it. What up, BOB? D: Okay, let's go to pets
P:Cat D: Let's create a mix breed
P: *laughs* Are we creating a mixed cats? D: I'm not really aware of cat breeds.
P: No, me neither.
D: As a thing. D: I mean, can we just like randomize it?
P: Let's do it. P: Alright, we have to choose the third cat. D: Okay. D: Are you ready here we go? P: One.
D: Random one. D: Ooh, tha-that's looking cute! P: That's a cute one! P: That's too cute, I don't trust it. D: random two P: Nice
D: That's even cu–it's less big eyes… D: But more majestic P: elegant D: with a mank's tail D: Ready? P: This is it! The Pancake's cat! D: This. is. the Pancake's cat. B: AWWWWE! 😉 D: It's just a brown version of the last one.
P: A cute brown– it's got little tiger stripes D: Tiger-esk stripes P: Harkening! Back to it's tiger times. P: I think it should have a raccoon voice. D: does that mean that one of the options for cat is racoon?! D: I'm mean, I would say…
P: I think we should. Previewing the cat breeds for if and when P: Dil gets a cat, D: we get a cat, okay. P: Yeah! Let's choose this. D: it's a free-spirited. D: aloof D: Gluttonous cat. P: That sounds like a pancake D: that sounds like every cat, P: let's just leave it D: Are you saying- The Pancakes are a very lovely family, P: They're pretty aloof… D: Eliza Pancakes D: Are they? P: Yeah, D: I feel like the Howlter's are aloof, gluttonous and… P: Probably D: What was that last one? D: Free-spirited. P: I think we should call it Pancake Pancakes (laughs) (continuous adorable laughing) D: I can't even type; P: Pancake Pancakes! D: It looks like a pancake. P: it does! D: There we go, D: Pancake Pancakes D: Awh they- they have little Evan holding it P: Sweet~ D: They've made great decisions P: Yeah D: With, like, who should hold their pets here D: Look at that perfect family, P: That's so perfect. D: I mean Dalien is hiding his true form there, but still P: Yeah D: Perfect family. P: I've exploded, let's play P: I don't even know what you can do with the dog D: I do- I have- I have no idea what to expect. P: in this game; I'm quite satisfied just by making dogs D: I'm SHOOK D: Where is it? P: Where is the hound? D: Where is Doge? P: Maybe it'll arrive D: Hello everybody, will it get just descended from heaven? P: Press play, see what happens D: Wait, it's here D & P: g a s p P: It's out on the street! D: Rescue the child! P: Rescue him D: ok get to know or offer friendship? P: Offer friendship D: Let's start with an offering of friendship P: Let's do it D: right next to the storm drain P: I'm a bit- DONT STEP ON THE DOG! D: My god, quickly D: Rescue the dog- I think dogs in this game might just sit on the porch; Dil is literally saying "Hey, how you doing" P: hello D: Okay, sure- OH MY GOD P: It's so small! D: IT'S SO TINY P: I didn't think it would be this small! D: I. Am. Shivering D: AWHHHH HES SCARED P: Awh D: Cause he's a scared little dog D: Yes, oh my god Dil P: it's ok D: offering the hand of love P: the dog whisperer D: gving him the big sniffs D: He just became friends with Nuki P: nice. D: (whisphers) Yes P: take him inside. D: Can you pick him up? P: Yeah, I think so D: Come on, come on- OH MY GOD DIL! P: Don't let him go- DON'T GO DOWN THE DRAIN D: DIL D: Quickly quickly come on! P: It better not be easy for these animals to die or I'll be very sad. D: Oh, yeah, I mean in this neighborhood. D&P: Oh my gosh/god D: Now go back down again. P: Yeah D: WEEEE D: And it's going in by itself, amazing P: Thank goodness for that. D: I'm very relieved. P: I love how it runs! (Dan laughs) D: Just bounding through- the house feels so alive! D: This is- a quite funny decision- D: they made is to make the pets uncontrollable. D: So it is literally just, like, this random thi- P: So we can't really do much with it; D: And look~ D: He's feeling shy B:Awh P: Dab, come treat the dog D: Dab knows how to make friends in an efficient way P: Definitely D: Here we go; with the bunny slippers, which must be very confusing for a brand new puppy- I don't know about you D: Hey! How ya doin P: Hello hound! D: Nice to meet ya pupperino- P: A little bone! D: Ah, he's got the bone! Bribery, look at this. P: HOM NOM NOM NOM D: Dab knows how to do it D: *incoherent squealing* little barks P: This is so cute P: Tabitha, D: It's Tabitha's turn D: Pet P: Pet D: -is a loyal dog that appreciates a good petting. P: That's my kinda dog D: Okay P: I want a dog that just wants to be loved all the time D: well Dalien, you've been replaced. P: Yeah D: You're no longer the hot new thing D: No one wants to love you P: Maybe Dalien will get jealous of the dog D: And zap it with a laser beam P: I wonder how many dogs you can have in the house; could we fill it with like a hundred dogs? D: Yeah, a hareem(?) of dogs? D: twelve THOUSAND D: Awh, oh my god, he's so smol P: *dog noises* D: A pat completely (pause) D: -envelops him. P: I didn't know he would be this smol, D: He liked it D: Big wags are happening right now. D: Apparently he can get obsessed with stuff D: an obsession… D: -begins with the fridge P: He's obsessed with the fridge! D: That is incredibly dangerous. P: Hello my new overlord D: Giver of life; D: Giver of meaning and purpose. P: I mean of all appliances, fridges- I can really relate to that what other more choices you can simstagram the pets we need to send I Have a new animal. Oh yes, yes So photogenic! This is gonna be an Instagram famous dog in no time Shh amazing icon truly and now He's got 24 Instagram followers. Literally probably more popular than Dil Let's be honest above the cherry blossom fail ones we can now add a proud dog OHHHHHHH AWWWWWWW We have a wall of photos. Now, let's take them over to just appreciate again How bad those cherries blossom selfies were. They were so terrible to set in the background? I mean they tried they tried the dog is now watching bath time Hello, it is a weird dogs actually enjoy Oh look at this the whole family in the bathroom together doing various things abit weird So is there anything we can buy for the dog like a dog bed or anything? Yeah, okay? See pet stuff now We're talking the bow-wow And Meow Chow pet food bowl like a good pun there we need to choose a color the most important or the modern No, bow wow meow chow are you sure or the pet mate programming pet feeder I feel like we're so bad at looking after ourselves and our Sims. We should probably get the automatic feeder Then the dog falls in love with the feeder instead of you, I mean The pet would know the reality of life then in that situation though, so we can get blue red pink and beige Pink! Pink, you reckon? Yea, I like it! Definitely! Very futuristic the dog's gonna get killed by it cos it's so long. There? Or like more by the door? More by the door. There! It's like we knew before we knew. It's perfect! And then what else is there a bed pet bed your pet deserves to have a good afternoon sleep Okay, like if I'm at dad. I'd want the dog sleep in my room. So it's probably down So we only need the small addition smallest, maybe in Damien's room because that look at everything that does have is going around it Yeah, whereas Delian that you know you could have a friend, so how's that that's nice. Oh my gosh Yes, I would watch a soap opera about daylian, and new keys adventures yeah now we're talking Buh, buh buh he was thinking about a ball easy little balls. Yeah, okay, I mean color doesn't already down there Yeah, it's a bird. I suppose in their Idol. I just want to buy all the toys come on and obstacle yeah Okay, small unimpressive Obstacle honestly we're gonna be watching this like Dan and Phil Oh, they're responsible with finances the small dog who amazing right now. Yes not into the barbecue. You know that would be Terrible bad, it's gonna go in the barbecue It's not gonna go into the barbecue Wow so you can literally build a whole obstacle course for your own crops Into the sim oh my gosh well, it'll get a giant curved tires too much there We go this would really complement the aesthetic of that We literally we literally can't even visit it to wait for the mansion anywhere in the house No Doc welcome mat, that says hey, we're a family that has a dog yeah now we're talking he really Died burn it don't calendar Such as days, I'm dan and Phil dog Berlin might go and it'll be next to the fridge It's meant to be I think a lot. This is been a vet clinic I mean we can just turn a house into a vet clinic doctor budget bandages mixes made a bloody Blob like you would go in the lab. I don't think we're not a vet Yet We're not that if I had a dog that small I'd be so scared of sitting on it by accident definitely I mean it's now you've made me very scared give ball to new kia. Go on Tabatha's is what's important? If that dog what it won? This is the content we need playing a game a bathroom catch What's in box just a cardboard box We've given it everything at once, but just one box Can tabatha even get two new keys attention it is played yes playful pet they love toys and want to play with a loving life Nibbling the ball. This is a good Sims to Graham. Oh, yes, okay. Oh oh and pet goat yes, ah Ah 25 followers Wow, we're really prioritizing the dogs social media brand right now aren't we dogs are really playing with the ball so much as just eating It but that's fine playing is eating You know who's playing eating his life right now gotta toughen to make it jump through a hoop wait a minute Dill is in the middle of What I still Think I'm talked to by aliens again Duck dude how did we not know he is not having another baby? I'm telling you that right now Wait a minute cause nuki has been active on Instagram Yeah I think positively pet products had sent him a small token smile God nice his first pet spa Anki Instagram my god He has a hundred and two this is this is gonna be the next video shit so believe dill got abducted we didn't notice That's so it looks. It says. He's like still in the process Oh Baby, we can't do it. Yeah, you have fun. Why speaking of alien agendas daily ins on the prowl oh He's going for the alcohol. Oh if he met the dog you exposed cocktail glasses. I think that's what's happening now Are you ready there? We go universe is colliding. Let me tell you about my terrible. Yeah, okay? Well no no Drako. No is a mistake. It's not only bad. The dog's tail is wagging nose. That's good It's like please help me I detect lies oh Look what did that mean? I'm having alien telepathic communication with the dog. I think they just had a calm I think that's what it means I love the dill getting abducted is just like yeah that happened anyway about the dog is more important. You can light it on fire Okay now, this is a thing let's bring it on. I hope you're ready I know you're a brand new life-form, but your moment has come away. Oh is he back for God's sake God what drama queen hello idelle how you doing, and why he's got a baby in him He's focused like this this guy's a scientist right now He's like Oh got to hang out with Damien's mom you liked it And it's all he's not even dazed anymore used to that probe in now With this eyes flaming whoo, I think that's a bit advanced for a puppy. It's like dog endgame. Yeah, let's douse fire But what we can do I think we can train the dog to do something It's flying okay Looks like Dell. I will protect you. Don't worry. I've got this covered I'm coming can he sniff the alien on him maybe Remember me I'm like the reason this is happening. It's not all about you and your Dog can you teach you a skill, let's see roll over dog Trained commands he'll I guess that would be quite useful if he heads towards the science lab follow the bunny slipper I mean a hole so we can trace. Yeah, I Was like if training a dog was that easy do any man he'll learn to heal come on heel good new key Heel, and it's running and what looks like a complete disregard for the rules I don't think that worked hippity hopping around do it do it come on come on No yeah, that sounds like my dog we're always there the dog has just done a big heal because he's having a slide Yeah, can we pick up the dog and just like deposit him? I don't know. I think we can click on the dog bed Maybe and say put dog in bed put dog in bed ask to lie down. Oh my god. They're so small and look D: Ok yeah, let's do this. So Dalien after, you know, his stepdad–oh, no real dad. Yes, Tabitha. I keep forgetting that. D: Yes, is, you know, having a good time, and here comes Nuki D/P:Oh! D: There was an attempt. P: Face-first into the floor. D: It's sort of chaos in the life of the Howlter family and I'm really not sure That a small puppy was gonna make that easier– Tabitha's done! She's like "I'm-I'm done with this". P: Is dog gonna get into bed? D: Look, there we go!
P: Yes! D: Aww! And is he gonna have a sleep? P: Cute! *long pause as Dan and Phil internally scream while dog makes cute howling noise* D: I'M GONNA PUNCH SOMETHING-OHMYGOD YES, GET COMFY P: Yess! D: Sleepy time P: Oh, being a dog must be so nice and relaxing D: Wait, where did he go? He's already- P: He left the bed. D: He's left the bed. D: Ohh! D/P: He's sleeping in their room! D: This is disgusting! P: I'm gonna die. D:I hATE this! P: We need to stop D: This has ruined my life. So this isn't even like- I know we've got the dog P: Yeah. D: I mean, we can train and play with it. P: But there's a whole new town to go
to. so I think in the next episode we can explore the town D: We can walk the dog! P: Take the dog for a walk. D: A family walk, more playing… P: Maybe meet Pancakes the Cat. D: Meet Pancakes Pancakes- D: Forget the Howlters. We've entered a whole new pet based arc P: Yeah. D: In the Dil Howlter story. P: Can't believe it. D: And I'm here for it, uh, my life has a new purpose: waiting for the next episode. D: And I'm the one that makes it. P: And if you, too, like dogs and Dan and Phil, you could get the Dan and Phil and dogs calendar P: Which has 12 months of puppers. P: 365 days on your wall. D: No Sheep-Corgi crossovers, D: But there is a Corgi, and — wait — P: Find the sheep. D: And the Sheep. It's like we birthed it P: Yeah, it's on, uh Make sure, you get one in time for Christmas! D: In time for January. P: 'Cause they might sell out. D: Y'all could be staring at that good boy- D: Not Phil, not talking about Phil. Forget us. P: Yeah. P: We're gonna head off into the wilderness now. D: I'm just gonna go read more about this Sims Pet Expansion, D: And how I can D: tREAT THIS DOG BECAUSE IT DESERVES THE BEST P: It deserves the world. You can give us a thumbs-up to welcome Nuki into the world P: Subscribe to our channels, I promise this *???* over there. D: Thumbs-up for the doggy future of this series P: Yeah, you can subscribe to this channel and come see us on tour, P:, D: Linkie in the descrippie, and we'll see you next time. P: Gooooodbyeee D: Bow wow P: Woof woof!

Decrypting social intercourse | David Bowers | TEDxAugusta

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David Bowers, a local entrepreneur with multi-cultural communications experience, has noticed through various inter-religious
mediations that, due to poor word choice and personal bias, people don’t receive the intended message.

David Bowers, owner of Coffee Geek (USA), is a small business advocate and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to Inter-religious and intercultural mediation around the world. In mediating various disagreements he has noticed that opposing sides often argue the same point, simply using different vocabulary.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

through my travels in my exposure to British English I've come across several English phrases that have caught me off guard for example my English friend in China laughter almost five minutes straight when I told them that I was free because the governor blew off our meeting when I could finally calm him down he explained to me in England blow-off means to pass gas you can understand how a mental image of a dignified Chinese governor kesling a meeting due to gas problems would be slightly humorous sure all right one morning while I was teaching higher level English to foreign students in Washington DC I asked her student why his girlfriend wasn't in the mourning period he explained to me well I knocked her up but she decided to stay in bed you knocked her up I said well yeah I woke her up and I guess she wasn't feeling well that's when I realized that his prior lessons in England had taught him that the phrase knocked up could also mean to wake up this rings us to our final British English phrase off-color understandably a few of these phrases can come across tad off color here in the US but just like off-color which only means up not feeling too well a these English phrases can get lost in translation even when you care you share a common language the objective of communication is a transmission of an intended message to an intended audience I firmly believe in most cases the onus of message interpretation falls on the transmitter of a message think on this in communication the only thing you have control over is how you convey a message through the analysis of subcultures I believe one can effectively decrypt evaluate and speak to the heart languages within one's target audience with the ultimate objective being comprehension and not just transmission a person's identity consists of multiple cultures often these cultures consists of one or two global such as Western Middle Eastern African one or two national like american german and chinese one or two regional like southern northern Midwestern and a myriad of subcultures such as blue collar white collar and even down to an individual's personality type these cultural identities can act as linguistic filters that alter how people receive your transmitted messages so what beverage do you think of when you hear the word cappuccino do you think of a robust strong dark coffee with small amount of frothy milk and a slightly bitter aftertaste served an eight ounce ceramic cup on a small saucer or do you think of a Styrofoam cup full of that stuff at the gas station cappuccino machine it tastes like a hot choc 'mill shake I'm from the west coast I serve coffee for a living when I began my business here in Augusta the first customers who asked for a cappuccino were quite surprised when they received a true Italian cappuccino I quickly discovered that there is a definition of cappuccino that is unique to the south realizing this I removed it from the menu and now always ask for a clarification if customer orders 1 by better understanding my local customer base I'm now able to market my products more effectively may be more familiar example for you would be if any of you have ordered tea outside of the south right sweet tea and iced tea are not the same in most of the u.s. ok now on a more serious note while traveling in the Middle East and my experiences with Arabs in the United States I've come across too profound critical misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims it might surprise you to know that many Muslims around the world believe that Christians have some similar beliefs to the ancient polytheistic Greek religions one day I was having a conversation with one of my Muslim friends who was surprised that I as a Christian did not believe that God came down on earth and had sexual relations with Mary in order to create Jesus in my experience Muslims they hear that Jesus is God's only begotten Son most of them do not have the biblical or even cultural background to interpret that phrase in any other way than how it appears my friend put it to me this way doubt that's David Arabic we as Muslims believe that a law was not born nor does he have children this belief that Christians have does not honor hola and it makes Jesus look like a Greek demigod this is why many of us view Christians as polytheists thankfully this friend had a good grasp on Western culture and was able to explain his perceptions to me but from this interaction and several others like it I've learned that if I desire to explain my beliefs about Jesus to a Muslim I need to start on common ground and use vocabulary that can be culturally understood like calling Jesus a prophet or describing Jesus as the image ambassador and perfect representative of God once Althea inter-religious exchange is established parties can then discuss topics that are more difficult but this type of misunderstanding isn't unique to just Christians and Muslims sadly I found that many people make little effort to adapt their intended messages to reach people of other cultures you cannot always avoid misunderstandings and sometimes despite your best efforts p we'll hear a message that you did not intend to present however by being intentional about the message that you transmit and aware of the heart languages within your target audience you can eliminate many obvious miscommunications and this necessitates taking into consideration the less obvious nuances which requires you to observe and strive to understand those around you again you only have control over the message that you transmit and think on this there are many times in life when you only have one chance to transmit a vital message correctly so shouldn't you take the time and make the effort to do it right

Human Genetic Engineering

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For Cas 100B

you are their creator you giveth them life and spill it genetic engineering is the process of cutting and altering genes in an organism's DNA and transferring them in order to bring out favorable changes the purpose of this science is to make an organism perform certain functions that it usually cannot perform genetic engineering has been around for thousands of years and originally was used by farmers who domesticated plants such as corn wheat and rice and selectively bred animals such as the mule in 1627 Francis Bacon predicted the future of genetic engineering in his book New Atlantis centuries later Gregor Mendel studied pea plant breeding and published his findings which led the way for the modern study of genetics today the entire human genome project is known and gene therapies have been successfully completed the genetic engineering field now includes genetic selection gene therapy stem cells and cloning we're only beginning to understand the information the first documented case of gene therapy occurred in 1990 on a young girl named Ashanti Ashanti had a very rare disease known as severe combined immune deficiency they left her with no immune system or way to fight infection in order to have a chance of survival with the disease the girl would have to live in a type of bubble that would completely deprive her of human interaction including with her family instead she was given somatic gene therapy and was able to enroll herself in school and even get vaccinations for diseases somatic engineering is the process of targeting genes and specific organs and tissues of the body without affecting genes in the sperm or egg somatic engineering can be used to correct genes with defects that caused lifelong and deadly diseases such as cystic fibrosis there is no cure for these diseases because they are embedded in a person's genome and there are no medicines available today that can alter the genetic information the only plausible way to eradicate these deadly diseases will be to use genetic engineering genetic engineering can also alter the sex of an embryo which would allow a couple to determine the gender of their child this could be beneficial to couples that know that they definitely want a son or a daughter most babies are accidents not me I was engineered born to save my sister's life you don't want to saddle children with false expectations the parents pick a kid to be smart the kid doesn't succeed now they're mad because they spent a lot of money to do this they don't get what they want we need more oversight of this industry and I think this is going to turn out to be one of the biggest issues in the next 10-15 years genetic alteration could lead to an impression that people are products meant to be designed perfected and controlled parents would choose to design their child to be talented or more skilled in a particular area like intelligence instead of accepting them for who they are this could lead to a deterioration in the quality of parenting if the child isn't interested in or doesn't succeed in the parents intended goal characteristics of every unborn child the belief is that if people do become genetically engineered anything they accomplish is due to their alteration not their hard work or talent the abilities and skills are no longer their own but rather a product of science and perfection built in already a child is an eating additional burdens and keep in mind this child is still you simply the best of you who's to say what's the better trait is it better to be redheaded than it is to be brown haired is it better to have freckles or not those sorts of things I think are very subjective and in some ways driven by our culture if everyone was engineered the human race would become more and more uniform during World War two Hitler attempted to remove certain traits from the gene pool to create what he thought would be a supreme race most would agree that this was unethical but with gene selection through science make it suddenly acceptable who's to say which traits are desirable and which traits are bad where parents try to cure things such as short stature by gene selection this is the disaster everyone warns about a new species set loose in the world we've documented the entire human genome but that doesn't mean we know everything about it some genes are responsible for multiple traits but if you select a gene without knowing the consequences in mice for example it's possible to increase memory by altering a gene it also makes them more sensitive to pain it's difficult to tell what all the side effects are without having done extensive research that can take decades and cost millions here is sizable 120 billion dollars to be exact and I can't afford for them to reconsider what you tell them is your business dr. Koster consumers would also play a factor in the ethics of genetic engineering since these treatments are expensive only the wealthy would be able to afford them the rich could afford to make their children more intelligent or more athletic while the poor are left with whatever nature gives them this would cause socio-economic differences that would lead to separate genetic classes clearly there are many factors to consider before genetic engineering becomes a commercialized process if certain people are allowed to get gene therapy what would the criteria be would it be okay for parents to select traits would insurance cover treatments if they are necessary for a normal life like in Ashanti's case whatever we decide scientists are already working on a future that may include genetically enhancing the human body in every way possible in a study done in 2004 scientists were able to change the diet of a select group of soldiers to provide them with a modified version of carotene a protein that allows you to see simply changing what they ate gave these soldiers infrared vision temporarily it's very possible to change the genetics in the eye to match these results so that people can see infrared even with a normal diet researchers are also working on figuring out what genes make a hawk size so powerful one day this gene can be transferred into humans along with other enhancements one of the most controversial areas a study pertained to the length of human life it's been shown that it's possible to increase the life of mice by 10 to 15 percent just by modifying certain genes because mice and human genomes are very similar it may be possible to increase the life of humans as well in a world where overpopulation and lack of resources is already becoming a real problem do we really need people to live longer however the future of genetic engineering is an all leek it's possible that we will be able to cure disorders caused by genetic mutations scientists believe they can induce a genetic change in cells where the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome is slowly removed from all of the cells in the body it may be even possible to cure Alzheimer's and other memory de Gration disorders genetically engineering humans could help eradicate many genetic diseases which would otherwise have no cure however if handled incorrectly genetic engineering could cause discrimination super diseases and possibly new species of humans genetic engineering is going to be a huge issue in the next 10 to 15 years and it's up to us to decide what is ethically right and know where to draw the line

ICAR-2019 UG, PG, PHD || SVBPUT agriculture university meerut, (U.P)…………..By Chiki's Biology

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A Guide to… NEW MODS! With a Gamechanger!! Farming Simulator 19, PS4, Assistance!

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A Guide to… NEW MODS! With a Gamechanger!! Farming Simulator 19, PS4. Assistance! Modhub. Gamechanger! What mods do we have? Which are new and which are ported over? What features do they have? How do they work? Find out with me… MrSealyp. GIANTS Software, Focus Home Interactive, Agrartechnik Nordeifel, Dorset & DD ModPassion.

welcome to another guide to new mods for farming simulator 19 with me mr. silly P okay so what do we have for you today well we have another smorgasbord of mods coming to us and some really really cool ones there's a game changer in here again I'd like all of them like like I usually do the mods are very very good today but there's one that stands out from the crowd so where shall we begin I'm going to start with the one in the middle here this is a wheel loader bail fork specifically for wheel loaders this is by Agra technic nord Ifill and this will use three slots if we have a look in store equipment and go across the wheel loader stuff we all know this stuff will load your equipment machinery and scroll across there we go so self make tools it's the bail for question one thousand five hundred which isn't particularly spensive we are getting quite a few of these now the larger pallet forks bail forks that will hold three four bails what I like about this one is I use slightly Co tech one with claws which is now the lizard one with claws and sometimes they can get a little bit glitchy what I like is the fact that you've got these spikes at the bottom there and there which will dig into pretty much all of this by all of the bails so that when you lean it back a little bit it holds them all really nicely in place it does exactly what it says on the tin is the bail fork but you know it was with the monster day and I say that's why I like that we've got the extra spikes in it which I think it's going to come in very very handy moving on from there we've got three sets of mods today from Dorset and Dorset's done quite a few mods or did quite a few mods in FS 17 really good high-quality stuff so we'll start off actually with this one here this is the caravan farmhouse by Dorset it will use two slots which is absolutely amazing and this is one if you sleep farm houses so if you're just starting out and you can't afford 180 grand for a farmhouse there now a few more mods rolling out which give you some different options it's very neat very tidy looks like the old sort of Caravan so you sustained as a kid with my family and to be fair when you set my children on holiday they're all a bit more grown-up now that you find on caravan parks and campsites all around the UK very nice indeed when we go up to it I think it's at this door it doesn't matter which one press l3 we're not tired at the moment but after 8 p.m. then you'll be able to set your time and sleep through the night I assume I'm not sure I'm test this yet but I assume the light comes on at a certain time at night generally speaking lights do on a lot of the mods as if there's no light switch for them what does it cost that's the question so we'll go and of looking play Sable's under farmhouse and it's 25,000 which is amazing it's another one of those ones I know the deckchairs were great because it 149 really cheap but it's not really a house is it it was a means to an end and it works really really well compared to 180 thousand for the in-game 125 grand is brilliant so when you starting out if you want to be able to sleep through and it gives you a little bit more kind of immersive gameplay it works really really well so that's the first of our mods from Dorset next up we've got wooden gates fences and stone walls which are kind of true I tried to Bob I've done a little bit landscaping just to tidy up so we've got a little parking area that kind of thing but the packs really really nice it will take a bit of practice to get used to how to place it and whatnot because obviously I didn't quite get that lined up there but it's a nice pack the textures are great and the detailing is brilliant on them I'd say this one overlapped a little bit so it takes a bit of fiddling around to get it just right but we've got there's a wide range of different gates available there's a range of different fence sections available and the same with the walls now each of these and this is the only slight downside to it each of these is five slots so every single one of these is five slots but once you've placed one of each of them the slot count then drops so what we'll have again a look in I think it's under decoration as far as I remember so scroll across so they get some and there we go so we've got left hand filled gate two hundred risen to bed right hand filled gate double filled gate for 350s the price hasn't gotten massively then you've got the curved left side curved heel left hand filled gate for 300 because that's one's a little bit more ornate a bit more fancy and then got the curved heel right hand and then you've got the curved heel double field gate which is the one I've got for 450 now as you look now the one that I've placed the double is saying – one on the slots because I placed one already the first almost five slots then everyone after that will only be one so the initial hits five it seems quite high but it depends what you're gonna be using then we move on to the actual fence section so we've got short wooden fence medium wooden fence large wooden fence extra large wooden fence so if you're gonna be making enclosures and bits around certain parts of fields whatever the ends a day it all adds to that ability to create your own farm and make it your own style your own what your own way you want to and that's again what's absolutely bring it with it then we've got a stone wall short a stone wall medium stone wall long and then we've got stone wall sixty six sixty degree curve and then 90 degree curve so you can kind of make up a whole wide range of you know various different warmed enclosures walled and fenced enclosures a mixture of whatever you want to do it's entirely up to you but it's a nice pack and again nice detailing on it you know it looks like a wooden fence the gates are brilliant just close that in the middle nice sound effect that goes over very cool I went for the double gate just because the thought that fancy but like a single one that's really cool as well the single one left-hand 'obviously looks like that the single one right hand obviously that's like the Hat with the post either end which is really really cool so that's the stone walls fences and gates pack also by Dorset very very nice indeed let's lose all around the back because we have a selection of sheds this is also by Dorset these are very very nice I like these a lot these are the wood frame open sheds with brick wall I know that sounds a little bit you know but that's exactly what they are wood framed open sheds with brick walls that's kind of what their each one of these is also five slots to place for the first one the detailing on these is phenomenal it's like the old red brick work you can see where like the mortars already kind of had it stay a little bit it looks very rustic and you know charming the brick pillars at the bottom there they're really nice I like the fact you've got a slightly higher but in the middle if you want to get some machinery through and I like the fact this one's drive through as well I think each of them might be as well there are three available these are also imply Sable's under sheds and which go across so we've got the lizard open shed one which is one we're looking at now then there's open shed two open shed three but price is again ten thousand twenty five and twenty not too bad at all and there's a certain charm to them I think as we start to get more mods onto the mod tub different sheds and people have been saying why are we getting more sheds why are we getting you know the point being that for certain maps that come out don't be certain shed you look at them yeah I could put that shed down but it doesn't quite fit the map it doesn't have that the right feel these have got a nice kind of I think these would go well on my well man a farm and with mercury farms just coming out those kind of things yeah in the day you can use whichever ones you want to below so these are five slots each initially but because I've placed one of each that's now saying one slot for each so what we'll do we'll go and like open shed to which is around the back just here much wider bit more space and we got ability for to drive through sections again which I like for larger vehicles lorries things we've articulated trailers all those awkward swivel axle at the front that's much much easier to be able to drive through I really like the look of him I think they're brilliant really nice there are lights underneath so again I think these will come on at a certain time at night because there are no light switches and none that I could find often if there are light switches there on the pillars somewhere but I think because they're rustic wooden sheds they're not gonna they're not supposed to have electricity and then move finally open shed 3 which is much much longer this way again with the ability to drive through and also if you want so you can drive through from the sides which everyone do but very very cool indeed which brings me on to the last of the monster no it seems to have become very very quickly but yeah the last of the monster day this is the a durante pack from DD mod passion now this pack was out on FS 17 originally and it's been ported over and it's got a lovely trick up its sleeve I'm saying that and looking at my sheet in front of me and not actually looking at the mods there are quite a few available in this pack which is absolutely brilliant the detailing on them is phenomenal it was on 17 and it is on here as well again you've got I think a lot of the models being able to use the new sort of texture system and you know that differentiation between rubber and metal and wood and you know it really does stand out especially when you get the light shining off bits of metal trim and you get that glitter or a glimmer and shine and you know but this is very very cool I do like this pack I liked it on there on 17 lots of great detail with like the mud flaps at the back that move when you drive and yeah very very cool so we'll have a looking store each one of these for the first one of each of these is 16 slots which is quite high but they are quite detailed and you know I suppose like any tip or trade or whatever they want but they do have pto x' as well I think the PTO Z to run the tip function because they think all of them lift up but anyway let's have a quick look in store this will be under trailers we're not all the Wonder trailers so that's the thing you've got three trailers one log trailer and to buy old trailers so you can look for them in those various different categories or you can just go across to the end one go to a Durante and/or Advent I'm not too sure it doesn't have an accent over the e does it so I know so we've got now this is the interesting one we've got 200 a with outsides 200 a for sides 200 a 3 we got the wood transporter then we've got a bio transporter for round bales which will hold 36 round bales and then we've got a bale transporter for 24 square bales very very cool I say each of these is 16 slots initially because I've got one of each the same one now the one that says without sides quite that has sides what it means is if we just come out very quickly again these things here like slatted sides that kind of slot into a frame you can see the frame here I suppose that's kind of the exposed frame on the wood one so you can slot the slot the side sections in so that would be one side section that will be the second side section and that's the third so when it says without sides that doesn't have that section of thing on it that's just a normal cart that one's got four side sections on and that one's got three side sections on so that's why it says it like that four sides and three sides that's what it means so this one the one without sides is a forty five thousand litre capacity you've got the ability on each of these to change from Mitchell into trailer borges those are the two options tire wise so at forty five thousand litre capacity for 35 grand that's pretty good price as well actually if we go into that one there again forty five thousand litres capacity but this is the weird thing with this one that's forty five thousand so it's 10 grand more but the same size the same capacity which is unusual then we've got the three sided one which is thirty five thousand litre capacity and that's 40 grand so again that's still more expensive than that for ten thousand less capacity I don't know that's just the way it is again with all of these you've got the option changing from Mitchell uns to trailer bulbs and then we've got the woods transporter for fifteen thousand this vehicle can transport tree logs as you might imagine and then we've got the two bale trailers one for round and one for square this is where things get interesting and I did say there was a game change of mod in here and this is one that quite a few people have waiting for and I've left the best till last not the others up but they're all fantastic but you'll understand why I've got the round one here and I've got the square one over at the store which I'll show you a minute this got round bales on at the moment and what I like about this one of the functions it's got is when you come to unload it's got a tip function so this whole section lifts up and the bails tip off the back which is great if you want to sell with them not so great if you want to store them that's the only thing if you want to store them neatly somewhere you're gonna have to unload them manually with some kind of bail fork now there is a minor problem with this only a minor one and I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages I found that when I put them onto the trailer and loaded them on and then strapped them down when I drove off up the road they were swinging off the back of the trailer for some reason it was very peculiar and the straps now don't seem to be on properly now there are a few different settings on this so that could be why so what I'm going to do is we wrote the store and I'll show you what I mean bear with me one second so we are here at the store what I'm going to do is very very quickly put on our help window because it'll be helpful to have it on and this is the square barrel version which will take 24 bails what I've done already they've taken the liberty of buying them and made them I've got 8 bails over to one side here so here we go if I press l1 it says operating position that's right ladies and gents we have an auto loading bay old trailer so it's now in its operating position by Drive past oh yes now I know for the realism fans you're not gonna like this I know a lot of people on PC use the auto load ones already because I have a lot of people comment on my videos saying why aren't you just using your tono trailers because some until now we haven't had them we've had the auto yoko-san Auto stack and the IRS's t1 27 for round bales now as you can imagine the versus one to seven round by all stacker which if I just have a quick look and I'll show you what I mean we go go into bales that is a mod as well but from Giants where are we by lean technology I've lost it I gotten past it already would be really blind bailing technology excuse me sorry I said the are Kusum one there is seventy thousand to buy and that will take 16 bells and that auto loads and that would lucky does in the real world it auto loads then we've got a mod from Giants which is the arcuti in T one to seven which does round bales down it is eight the square one does sixteen so you can see already the difference that's thirty nine thousand if we scroll back across to these the ads are anti ones they're ten thousand each ten thousand that's all and they auto load so the round one will do thirty six bales compared to eight for the SST one to seven and obviously this will do twenty four barrels rather than the 16 that the Archos in Auto stack does so if you don't mind suspending a little bit of realism they work really really well now the options we've got here and this isn't what I found when this originally came out I'm sorry if I'm rambling but I need to kind of show this is that it says unload bales now on some of the barrel trailers we've had before that were also load ones you could pick where you unloaded which meant you could unload them in a very nice neat stack well this actually means is it unloads onto the trailer at the moment these are kind of in limbo between the two I can drive around now with them on here no problem at all they don't kind of go in even not strapped down but why do i press em l1 and then triangle to unload bales and it says unload here when you unload here it just sits them down neatly onto the trailer bed so they're now starting the trailer bed if I do R one and it says fast and tension belts are three I faster the tension belts now the weird thing I found was and this did with this with the round bales at Bank members no dirt the square I hope not as I was driving I turned corners I know it's not doing the round bales seem to really shift around a lot they didn't come off the trailer but they were moving around what Square Bell seen absolutely fine so you can transport them to every go now obviously this is gonna work a lot better if you're selling buyers like I say they've been unloaded onto the trailer so they are now substantial bales they're not kind of in limbo by always between so the point about this now is if I'm do the fast undo the tension straps like so you can do those individually if you want to as you go along you can do the tension straps one at a time if you want to us and tied up to you it says so we come to unload them you can't actually unload them like to one side or the other or put them in a meet step what you can do when you get to the sale point if I do l1 r1 unload here the whole thing tips up biyo was do a bit of adults a bit of a jig and off they come find it not in the neatest way possible might little bit I'm not sure why those won't come off let's try that again that's really weird yeah so it's a bit unload bales unload here anyway so it tips up that's how you unload the bales off of this one so unfortunately if you are looking for that neat bail stack when you get to your farm that isn't so you can unload manually off the back of this without tipping it but if you are going to go to a sale point it's perfect you don't actually the sale points always have to unload like that often once you get to the sale point as long as you click download here and it settles them onto the trailer it will take them off the trailer no problem at all anyway but we do have auto loads trailers in game mill which i think is absolutely fantastic that's it actually what can do very quickly because I think they do unloads in different ways I think the to bail ones unload no I as far as I'm aware and I'm just what I'm gonna hook up this one a lot of people the first thing people ask is that's fantastic is the wood one in auto load let's just put that menu back on there having just turn you off I press l1 r1 there is no option there for operating position or anything like this this is just a normal bowel trailer wood trailer log trailer for unloading note this tips as well so you can tip in to sell points if you want to if you want to unload manually of course you can again one of the only minor downsides for me with these is because they're swivel front axles but I honestly think that the fact that these are or that you've got the two auto loads trailers on here for bails that far outweighs the fact that it's a swivel axle and it far outweighs the fact that it tips in a fairly unruly way this one and unload here opens up that way and then tips takes it while it's quite sloped it's a nice smooth action in the real world it wouldn't be belting along with a lunatic but I like it they're really nice mods very tidy very detailed very cool so there you go that's it for today that's all the mods that came out I know they came out yesterday and I'm posting this the day after it's very very busy yesterday with various things I hope you found this useful and informative in some way shape or form if you have give us a like if you don't subscribe yet please do if you want to leave a comment feel free and if you want to share this video then please be my guest whatever you should choose to do thanks for watching

Brown Hare

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The Brown Hare – A clip from the British Mammal Guide DVD
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brown hairs were introduced during the Iron Age and are now widespread throughout most of Britain but are almost absent from Northwest Scotland and a quite scarce in Island they favor grassland arable farmland hedgerows woodland at pasture brown hairs can be confused with rabbits but a larger longer legs and have long ears with black tips another confusion species is some mountain hair but the coach of the brown hair is redder than that of the mountain air and the larger was much longer ears their hind legs are long and powerful enabling them to run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour when threatened unlike rabbits brown hair spend all of their time above-ground sheltering during the day and small depressions which they scrape out of the soil these depressions are known as forms if threatened a brown hair will remain motionless pressing its ears flat along its back a hair will not move until the last minute just before it is discovered female brown hairs can have up to four litters a year young hairs are called leverets and are born with their eyes open brown hairs are most active at night but can be seen during dusk and dawn feed on grasses cereals and other arable crops they are mainly solitary but come together in small groups for courtship and receptive females can be seen chasing and boxing away advancing males during this time this strange behavior is where the expression mad March hares come from males that have already mated with a female will guard their females and occasionally box away other advancing males droppings are round and fibrous deposited in piles their hind feet can appear first if the hair has been running


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Andrew Taylor reveals his weight loss journey / transformation / tips in this interview (with before and after photos) where he explains how he slimmed down (lost 50 + kg) without starvation . Instead he followed John McDougall and ate the perfect food : potatoes (vegan / plant based lifestyle ) without starvation / counting calories . In this exclusive weight loss testimonial interview with the media and plant based news , he explains all the details and breaks his 1 year potato only diet on live tv ( Australia Sunrise )!!!!


Potatoes : the perfect food – John McDougall MD :

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This interview was filmed at the VegSource annual Healthy Lifestyle Expo event in LA in October 2016. Click here to download the complete set of talks / panels from the event:


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an Australian man who ate nothing but potatoes for an entire year has lost more than a hundred pounds subsisting solely on the root vegetable for every meal has led to a fifty-two kilogram weight loss I started out on 1st of January to do a whole year of eating nothing but potatoes and it's been incredible so far I've lost so far 50 kilos which is over 110 pounds beginning of last year I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety and that's totally changed as well I don't suffer without anymore my sleep is better my concentration is better my my alertness is better and my relationship with food has totally changed to the point where I don't rely on food at all for comfort and enjoyment and emotional support and things like that and I think if this has totally changed my life for the better and I couldn't be happier with it all Melbourne manager Taylor was battling a serious food addiction and decided enough was enough he decided to eat nothing but potatoes for all of 2016 andrew has kept to his word and the results have been pretty unbelievable andrew has lost more than 50 kilos has no food cravings now and even says the spunk diet the lead team of his depression this sum realization that I was a food addict and the decision to try to find a food that I could eat solely that happened in November I remember sitting on the couch thinking about and I picked up my laptop and search for the perfect food in Google and the first thing that came up was a MacDougall video this should surprise you I mean they've been populations of of tens of millions of people who had no choice but to live on all potato diets actually produced by veg sauce and we're at the veg still asam health expo so that was the first thing I found and that led me to do a lot of other research over a number of weeks but I'm yes since then I have spoken to him for email and I was on one of them at Google webinars I did that with him and we also appeared on the TV show the doctors we were on that together one man in burn Australia has decided to stick to this diet for an entire year when I started I thought I had no plans to publicize this or anything I've made a little youtube video that I thought no one would watch it was just dumb potato only day something that I just did so that I had a record of what I'd done over the year and um and that went viral and took off and went crazy around the world and and that was a really surprising thing too because I thought who cares about this what could be more boring than a guy that eats only potatoes and I don't know why pair so many people are interested in a fat bloke eating potatoes tell us again why you decided to week nothing but potatoes three years the first two weeks were hard no doubt about it and I yeah they were trying times and it was uh it was quite a lot of work on on the mental side of things that we sort of retraining my brain and teaching myself how to how to think about food and how to be mindful in making my food choices and yeah those first two weeks were really challenging and then but then since then it's it's really I've just got in a groove and hasn't been too hard at all it's just been smooth I wouldn't say smooth sailing but it's um I've been in a groove and I've just been following and it's um it's not been anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be I really thought when I started that I probably wouldn't be able to complete the year I thought it was too much to ask but it's just something I want to try and yeah it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be nothing but potatoes for a year has stuck to his bizarre diet despite eating nothing but spuds for the past three hundred and fifty four days Andrew Taylor doesn't feel famished and there's always gonna be one group that says it's all about this food group there's a way to do it know this is the way to do it would really person specific – I mean invite potatoes all day I would look like a potato it husbands in fact I've had quite a few like media experts commenting on all the deficiencies I'm gonna get and how I'm gonna you know shrivel up and die at some point in time and yeah that's I haven't that hasn't really bothered me that's been fun as well because I've been able to then make my replies to those those suppose it experts and I've enjoyed that side of things too so yeah I've had a little bit of you know hate from online keyboard warriors and that sort of thing that I'm not really bothered me it's been a really positive experience and also it's just as much as you want to do I didn't have done any sort of food restriction at all eat as much as I want whenever I want I think that's important because when you allow yourself to get hungry that's when you start making bad choices my mindset around food is just 180 degrees it's just totally turned around since the start of the year and I don't use food for comfort and emotional support enjoyment like I used to food fuel for me these days and I I rather living to eat I hate to live these days and foods just potatoes just I just feel they're just good quality fuel source through his spud Fit regime Andrew Taylor has lost weight and in the process gained worldwide attention 3 go-to meals are the mashed potato or back potatoes or boiled potatoes and with the mash I do use a little bit of soy milk because you need something to mash it with and and apart from that it's like today my breakfast was bagged potatoes with no condiments at all lunch was cold boiled potatoes with no condiments at all and dinner was actually had a little small bowl of potato soup as well as some sweet potato and no condiments at all that I would I do use a little bit of tomato sauce ketchup from time to time and a barbecue sauce or chili sauce but it's just very small amounts just enough to get a little bit of flavor I've had a few blood tests I've had I had a think I've had four now and they just keep getting better all the way through and I yeah my cholesterol is I think now and my blood pressure's dropped and that's perfect my blood Sugar's are good and I can't remember all the values off the top of my head but yeah everything is good and just getting better as we go so yeah I think people talk about a balanced diet and that I shouldn't be doing this because not a balanced and my thoughts on that of that um well first of all what is a balanced diet and I'm people want to talk about that we need to eat a balanced diet because that's what's going to give us a good balance of all the nutrients we need and the thing about potatoes is that I am getting a good balance of all the nutrients I need so if you look at it that way it really is a balanced diet from a nutritional perspective I'm eating a balanced diet because it's giving me everything I need you got a group of your friends there say hi to everyone for us um you've got a meal that's specially prepared for you what is it uh well we're about to find out so jess here is made me something else a surprise and here we go oh here we go take off that to watch you babe have you been hankering for anything Andrew sorry oh hang on here sorry drives me sorry I beg your pardon I've been hankering for anything in particular no no I don't really have any particular cravings I just I'm just happy to try something oh what a drew can you tell your friend dear who just served you that she's now at liberty to deliver the Gettysburg Address yeah go tell us what we've got Jess so I've created a special dish especially for today so what we've got for you is some burritos a cheer Cup but the special dish for you today is smoky turn food breakfast make looks good it looks like this and potatoes in there wing and when you need a break your fast today did you think she said god I can't where you get some tofu into me sorry I couldn't hear hear that so I'm just gonna hate though don't stopping you can't stop now he's been hankering for tofu I Andrew just quickly do you have to be careful about what you eat now to sort of ease your body back into other foodstuffs I mean could your damages help me to go two hours you're breaking up a little bit better no think you you're asking about our what I'm gonna wait enough yeah yeah I'm still gonna eat a lot of potatoes but I'll be eating other things to go with it but on what I'm doing is switching to a Whole Foods plant-based diet means I'm not going to be eating meat and cheese and cream and eggs and those sorts of things I'll just be sticking to a diet of whole unmodified plant foods and I'm sure that'll keep me fit and healthy forever well good on you well done it's rivet thanks Andrew thanks for joining us best of luck go well sir bye-bye yes and now empty thanks so much for having me in check out spud fit comm if you want to learn more unfit spud yeah this is something special thank you I call myself unfit online this is Ben so in last year 2016 is being all about spots I seen all that Peter thing so I'm going to work on getting properly it this year and we'll see what happens that that was the start of year that was right to there that was where my belt buckle was done up to right at the edge there and now it just hangs right down my leg

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro trailer

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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro/trailer.

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery is exactly what the title suggests. This two-part DVD series looks at the machinery on the Saunders family’s 300-acre traditional mixed farm in Norfolk. All of the work is carried out using a 14-strong fleet of sought-after classics which come together to form a fascinating and unique story as we follow the farm through the seasons.

John Deere is the favoured brand, represented by an 1140, 2040, 2130, 2040, 3140, 6400 and 6420S, and they’re joined by a couple of David Browns in the form of an 880 and 990. A couple of vintage tractors are also still used in anger, with an Allis Chalmers B and Fordson E27N Major each playing their part. Other machinery on the farm includes a John Deere 1075 combine, Whitlock 308 digger and Sanderson GX525 telehandler.

Crops grown include winter and spring barley, winter oats, potatoes and sugar beet. Beef cattle are also kept. Part one covers the first half of the year, with muck spreading, ploughing and other cultivations leading on to cereal drilling, sugar beet drilling, potato planting, fertiliser spreading, hoeing and spraying through to lifting the early potatoes and the winter barley harvest. Part two carries on the story with combining winter oats, stubble cultivations, spraying, harvesting potatoes and sugar beet and drilling winter cereals, plus ancillary activities such as ditch cleaning and workshop work. The programme concludes with preparations for next year’s spring sown crops.

Action packed, with tractors working hard and plenty of noise and smoke, this DVD is a must for any tractor enthusiast or lover of farm machinery.

For more info and to order your copy click here:

welcome to classic farming with classic machinery we're at play pit farm in central Norfolk which is farmed by Tony and Christine Saunders and their son Thomas all of the work on the 300-acre mixed farm is carried out using a 14 strong fleet of classics John Deere is the favored brand and they're also joined by a couple of David Brown's yeah welcome to gray pit farm nekton we're in mid Norfolk we found about 300 acres of land yeah we grow chubby for British sugar and quite a bit winter barley for the cattle Spring Valley for the cattle and oats which of the cattle as well everything we grow we put through the countin feed all the straw we grow as well we use for the cattle for litter and feeding we run a 300 head be fattening unit here we also have a small egg production unit which would run alongside Fowler originally bought a fortune a 20-17 pair of an engine one in 1948 he bought that new and we had that up till 1961 when we purchased a brand new 990 which was about old tractor and had that few years and then in 1968 we bought Dave around 1200 had a few problems with that so in the end we decided to have a John Day have a different make so we bought that 2130 which is here we've got that new in 1974 she been on the family scenes played a whole farm for 10 or 15 years and really and had any problems with it at all really yeah that's had a new clutch in it but that's about it most under what works done over 10,000 or name are then after that 1981 we bought the 24 we and then after that 1982 we bought the 3140 look those new then the Levin 40 came along they had done some bars that were ii am award and then the six 400 came along then in we bought that new in 1993 and then the 64 20 we bought that in 2007 in the meantime the teleportal was bought in 2001 before that secondhand and they've done a couple of thousand dollars when we water style of course is a gold digger Whitlock 308 we bought a secondhand in 1976 they had been with a builder in Scotland so they told us but knowing 90 that reports secondhand we bought in about 1960 that was the AIEE that was bought secondhand six hundred dollars when we bought that 1972 has a 1971 north alarm osmond so we get asked the question why do we keep all these old machines running and the simple fact is it's running costs we do 99% of all maintenance and repairs ourselves and even if you take the oldest John Deere along there the 21 30 what that tractor costs us in terms of repairs and maintenance in a year maybe two years would be less than one monthly payment on a new tractor and that can be said for pretty much every tractor along there even the David grounds as well as doing all the maintenance in our workshop here themselves we also like to do a lot of fabrication and modification to the existing machinery we've got and if we find it's a fall short of our expectations and we can see room for improvement we go ahead and do it even to the point of making new machines from the ground up as well as the members of the family myself and father in the month we have four employees on the farm to full-time to part-time but these two chaps who are mostly involved with machinery and field work Stewart and Matthew we've got a farm shop which we've had right 34 yes which we sell a true and bits and pieces and we've also got a campsite which we opened up by seven or eight years ago we also offer out outsourcing on engineering work their workshop space to help out local farmers and businesses despite many sought-after classics amongst the fleet all of the tractors have their part to play and our works hardware necessary to get the job done as we will see as we follow the farm free you you

How to plant #garlic (Complete Step-by-Step Guide) [Sean's Allotment Garden]

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welcome to amateur gardener for advice on growing your own food and flowers so to split it it's a case of just getting your hands in if you need to use something like a spoon of something just pop it in to get it together mount to try not to damage them so out of that one bulb I've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten useable cloves that's not bad now some people I know like to just buy garlic in the local shops and put that in the ground and then they complain every year that their garlic isn't that good I always find it's best to go to a specialist grower because I know that these are disease free and the things you buy in the shops you can't be certain that they have worked any disease so there are the cloves so let's go out into the garden I'm going to plant my garlic in this bed this is where I had the runner beans to give a good crop that's what I'm doing is I'm just going to add some more compost to the bed just to freshened up a bit just using multi-purpose compost in the compost I'm going to put some of this fertilizer which is been especially made for shallots onions and garlic I'm just going to put a handful I'm just sew it along the top there and then just work that in so in this section I'm going to put my early purple white and then next door I'll put the elephant garlic and it's really simple all you do is you just dig a hole whatever you do do not push them in because you will damage the underneath and that's where the roots are so dig a hole because I want the cloves to be about four centimeters below the soil and don't forget the pointy side faces upwards and then about six inches apart put the next one I'll give them a feed at the start of next year don't forget to put the label in as well otherwise you'll be thinking what are they so I'm not that difficult to do garlic but a lot of people do seem to have problems with trying to grow it and I to cover them over and pop a label in so I know where they're now I've got some spare I'm going to keep them and I'll put them into a pot now for the elephant garlic I'll put that yeah six inches apart as well now because these are bigger you have to make a bigger hole obviously go bit deeper and again pointy side facing upwards six inches again and there we have it the Dalek is sown for another year the horticultural channel down to earth practical advice for the amateur gardener wherever you are in the world

Dogs 101 – Great Pyrenees

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For more, visit | Elegant and eye-catching, the Great Pyrenees is a great guard dog.

this is the Great Pyrenees elegant and eye-catching they look like polar bears known as the Pyrenean mountain dog in Europe these majestic Giants were named for the mountainous region in southwestern France where they once had a very specific job they were used there as a sheep guarding dog instinctually nurturing towards small young or wounded animals these bundles of white fluff are nocturnal by Nature don't be surprised if they want to nap by day and guard their territory by night but guarding is not their only talent they also have the stamina to walk long distances in World War two these dogs were used to shuttle contraband goods through mountainous regions it's believed that this hardy breed originated in Central Asia and migrated to Europe 5,000 years ago by the 17th century these regal looking canines were guarding chateaus for French nobility in fact in 1675 king louis xiv proclaimed the great pyrenees the Royal dog of France today they still look like a million bucks their weather-resistant double coats come in one striking shade white sometimes they can have patches of brown or cream color their ears are v-shaped carried close to their heads and while most dogs have a single dewclaw on each of their front legs the great pyrenees is one of the few breeds with double dewclaws on its hind legs it was theorized that they were using those to climb the steep mountain sides to protect the herds the great pyrenees is not an apartment dog these natural guard dogs need regular exercise and a fenced-in yard to control their tendency to roam in the health department there like many giant breeds in that they're susceptible to cancer late in life especially bone cancer and with all that hair these dogs shed a lot when they shed in the fall in the spring they're gonna need to be brushed more if you're looking for a dog to do party tricks the Great Pyrenees is not for you independent and laid-back they can be difficult to train unless you start early but as a family companion you can count on these giant beauties to be loyal and protective they're very sweet-natured to sum up the great pyrenees needs a fenced-in yard and daily exercise they suffer from large breed health issues need weekly grooming and can be difficult to train but with children they are patient and affectionate

Fortune Dairy

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Fortune Dairy is a modern Dairy Farm focused on producing hygienic milk while maintaining the highest quality standards. The Milk production is fully automated, using a Milking parlor,a Pasteurization unit and an end to end cold chain for milk supply. Our milk is pure and fresh, because it comes from healthy buffaloes that are fed on nutritious feed. The milk is free of antibiotics, hormones, etc. The farm is located in Lemur Village, R.R District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Our goal is to become an organic farm, and supply quality milk in and around the city of Hyderabad.

How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

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New version of this old video:

This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

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this video is about the first building block of having a dog that is reliable off leash I'm talking about of course coming when called first of all I would introduce the key to teaching this reliably and effectively to any dog we have to ensure that every single time the dog comes to us it has a very pleasant consequence for them never ever call your dog for something that they're not going to enjoy for some dogs this might be getting their nails trimmed or going home from the park every dog is different but if you know your dog then you will know the things that they like and the things they don't like say the word come only before they get all the good things for example call your dog before going for a walk so they're calm good girl before they get to play with toys come and before dinner come the key is to protect your Kube if we say the word come without being in a position to enforce it and the dog chooses not to come then what we've actually taught the dog is that the word come means nothing never say the word come unless a you're sure that the dog is going to do it or be your able to enforce it with a long leash I want to show you an exercise that you can work on with your dog in a distracting setting to help teach them to come for this you're going to need a long line preferably 20 to 30 feet some treats that your dog really loves clicker or a strong verbal marker like yes and a lot of consistency remember to always practice on the long line until your dog is fully reliable reason why it is so important to keep your dog in a long leash is because there is no other way to set them up for success you to start off with the shorter distance at first if you have done your homework your dog should respond fairly easily okay come good girl very good okay you see what I did there as soon as she turned towards me I clicked to let her know that I liked what she just did and her reward is on its way if you're not using a clicker you can say a word like yes or simply start praising the dog avoid the common mistake of waiting until they're all the way in front of you to praise them if you've tried this and your dog is not responding to the word come it could be for a number of reasons maybe the food that we're using isn't high enough in value or they simply prefer to sniff at this point in time what you can do here is to use the long leash and give it a gentle tug to guide the dog towards you you don't want to yank or pull on the leash hard you just want to show them that this is what you expect them to do as you're doing this encourage your dog by talking to them in a happy tone of voice this is probably far more overlooked than anything else when teaching a dog to come get in the habit of releasing your dog every single time to go back to whatever they were doing oh snap we want to convey the message that just because they've been called doesn't mean the fun is over it just means that you have to come and then you can go back to whatever you were doing the idea is that eventually the release will become the real reward so you will no longer have to feed them treats every single time if your dog likes to fetch this would be a good time to throw a toy for them to go after so they have come yes go get it good job when you start to build on distance timing will have a big impact on how quick the dog responds notice how high time the clicks here say I come good girl Thalia come good today I come good job I think it's important to say that no amount of training will make the dog 100% reliable but you can get pretty close practice in different environments and always quit while you're ahead teaching something slowly always produces better results this is one of those things you really can't teach as a task or a chore you do have to be very patient and consistent but teaching a dog to do anything is about making it a fun and enjoyable experience

CHUCKLE brothers Part 1/4

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cleator moors own version of the chuckle brothers class act

emerald geen doen de vrouw samen een ring kindergarden have much en alle rode a5 rug hoe weet je wie er een superzwaar over hoe lang weet u we ook in klaar is maar wordt een beetje druk met het compleet nieuwe jobs werk [Muziek] de school is zo [Muziek] volgende boom pfizer even kleding we [Muziek] je moet toch iets van god [Muziek] maar hij zou zeggen model which they have hebben els glorias meeste mensen op straat besef en vooral cassy's of meest leven was compleet turns politiek er nu zo uit hij droeg jullie zo'n inzicht en die je dan in een militair rood en ideeën en wife and i hope you will like effe u bereikt langs een welkom je wel wil je die was fix jou yes dus je bent nooit mijn lijk maxi maxi zo'n jongen de schuld op je leven is een bitch i like ya voor oh mijn god nee eeuwenlang hadden en moeder of nee hoor wat rustiger [Applaus] hij kwam thuis slapen kent fokker dit steeds daden af u kunt staart af binnen vol haven althans het bureau graag jullie staan geef ons hart en ons doen tensie sessie beleggen foekje moslim dus mee en meisjes als er bestaan twee ze mijn boek ja mijn boom en adem uit voor mij is nooit hebben dus we willen sprong collistar ooit is er vroeger toen gaven de teef het zeven keer vorm slaap kuiperij het cbs plan het is een publiek stier waar je pom een brug is grens ja we naar kijken ook nog ongewis eigenlijk me zo boos [Muziek] zodat ik gehoord wordt wijzigingen hallo bouwen stedelijkheid wat aan

It's Time To Talk About That Spider-Man Scene In Avengers: Infinity War

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Once Spider-Man joined the MCU back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, it seemed like we’d entered a bold new era of cinematic web slinging. Actor Tom Holland is a young man, portraying a high-school aged Peter Parker still trying to figure out how to put the Man in Spider-Man. So in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War, everyone expected to see Spider-Man doing some pretty cool stuff, suiting up as the Iron Spider to take on Thanos and his gang of creeps. We should probably pause the video now to let you know that there are some Thanos-sized spoilers ahead. Still with us? Good…

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Every Marvel Movie Happening After Infinity War

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Once Spider-Man joined the MCU back in 2016's
Captain America: Civil War, it seemed like we'd entered a bold new era of cinematic web
slinging. Actor Tom Holland is a young man, portraying
a high-school aged Peter Parker still trying to figure out how to put the Man in Spider-Man. So in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War,
everyone expected to see Spider-Man doing some pretty cool stuff, suiting up as the
Iron Spider to take on Thanos and his gang of creeps. We should probably pause the video now to
let you know that there are some Thanos-sized spoilers ahead. Still with us? Good. Even though the credits have rolled and we've
all reserved our seats for Avengers 4 in 2019, we're still trying to process everything we
saw in Avengers: Infinity War. No one, seriously, no one expected to to leave
the theater bawling our eyes out at the tragic death of young Peter Parker, the amazingly
dead Spider-Man. Of course, he's not the only casualty of Thanos'
mad quest. The conclusion to Marvel Studios' record-setting
team-up movie might be the most despairing sequence ever filmed for a summer blockbuster,
as the movie ends with half the population of the entire universe being blinked out of
existence. Watching Earth's mightiest heroes and almost
all of the Guardians of the Galaxy being turned to ash and disappearing is a haunting thing
to experience. But the most affecting moment of the sequence
comes from Tom Holland's Spider-Man, who gets a horrifying moment to realize what's going
on before he collapses and fades away. He pleads for his life, and, in Tony Stark's
arms, he uses his last words to apologize to his surrogate father for not doing better. And before Stark can so much as tell him to
knock it off, he's gone. Seeing the teenage Spider-Man fade out of
existence is the moment that takes the movie's climax from sad to heart-wrenching, making
for a final reel that seems to be bringing many moviegoers to tears. Of course, once the lights came back on in
the theater, you probably started to realize that, well, as sad as it was to watch Spidey
go, he'll definitely be back. Here's why. A sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming was announced
in late 2016, and is set to begin shooting in July, 2018. So even if Peter's tragic death in Infinity
War made you cry into your popcorn, you can rest assured he'll be back in time to star
in his own follow-up. But if you really want to go deep on why you
haven't seen the last of movie Spidey, just look to the pages of Marvel comic books. In the first issue of Infinity Gauntlet, the
1991 six-issue series on which much of Infinity War is based, Spider-Man is one of the first
Marvel heroes to realize something seriously bad is going down. Joining up with the rest of the world's remaining
heroes and taking the fight to outer space, he stays in the game against Thanos for almost
the entire battle. That's a pretty big change from what we got
in the film, right? So why did Infinity War make that change,
and take out Spider-Man with Thanos' snap? Well, as strong as Spider-Man is, he's not
actually essential to winning the battle. In the comics, the endgame of the fight takes
place after the clock gets turned back 24 hours, landing Spider-Man back in New York
City. Afterwards, the final fight is led by Marvel's
most mystical members and its heaviest hitters, with Dr. Strange, Thor, Drax, Hulk, Thanos'
brother Starfox, and Adam Warlock teaming up with an epic alliance of Marvel's cosmic
entities to finish off the fight. Spidey's off to the side, doing whatever a
spider, uh, does. Let's just face it. There's not much Spider-Man can do in a battle
between gods, and erasing him from existence is a much more impactful way to end Infinity
War than just benching him in the fourth quarter, like in the comics. That's lame. This is drama. So dry your eyes, true believers. Avengers: Infinity War may be one of the most
audacious summer movies in recent memory, but nobody's crazy enough to really squash
Spider-Man. Not until he does this, at least… Yikes. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus, check out all this other cool stuff
we know you'll love too!

A Walk Around Tropica Aquarium Plants Greenhouse Production

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1-2 Grow Plants –

All our plants –

As you may know, Aquarium Gardens stock a wide and expanding range of Aquarium Plants. But do you know where they come from and how they are produced?

Recently we visited Tropica Aquarium Plants for a tour of their incredible aquatic plant nursery in Denmark. This is such an amazing place where many of our plants are produced on a HUGE scale.

Tropica’s facility and years of experience in producing aquatic plants mean they have some of the highest quality plants available on the market today.

Interesting Fact : As you can see, despite being Aquarium Plants, Tropica cultivate plants ABOVE water. Time spent out of water provides strength for life under water, and plants have improved adaptability. This is because most plants are amphibious plants (able to grow on land and under water) and will adapt more quickly and easily to conditions in an aquarium if they are cultivated above water.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk around Tropica’s greenhouses (sorry for the shaky footage, we didn’t have much time!).

WELL THIS IS DIFFERENT! | Oakfield Farm | Farming Simulator 19 Role Play – EP60

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There’s a strange red machine in the yard today! Not quite sure what it is, or where it came from. But it definitely isn’t a John Deere or a Fendt! With that said, we’ll stick it onto some kit and see how it performs out in the field.

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what is that peekaboo well good evening ladies gentleman welcome back a lot excuse me that's dusty welcome back along to up your farm and tonight we are we just took into another field here that's on the other side of the road we've got the wagon boat for this one because it would be tipping straight into there this is go at this wheat is going straight away hopefully to be made into flour where it will help you get there for eventually end up as bread on your shelves but let's watch this space about the fender on the header trailer for now that is as soon as I can I'm going to take that back down and yeah we're going to stick that onto the baler because they're all of our other machines are a little bit busy right now so we need to go and get a tractor out onto the onto the grain chaser we're going to use that it's not going to require a lot of work in here today but yeah that's what we're gonna do so Barry is on the combine now he looks like he's cracking on nicely he's flying in through here in all honesty really not taking there's a taking his time there but that new maxim header has proven to be fantastic for what we need now what we're gonna do is use a little bit of straw here it straws nice and dry so in theory that could almost baler today well likely it's not supposed to get too damp tonight though so we'll leave it on the ground well coming in will get that first thing in the mornin we have currently got young jack as well is out he's brought up the lorry built because the lawyers going to stay there for now he's left his beacons on he's gonna go and jump into a power shower as well and we're gonna get our lower the truck whoa what is that not green the tractor is not because I'm only joking folks this is a case Magnum now the reason we have this this is on demonstration I mentioned in passing one of the dealers miles down that picking up some grease into air filters of the day actually that I was looking together demonstration of a big John Deere out looking at that 8400 R which should be coming soon because of that he was very keen for me to have a plate with a case now the one problem is this is a 380 case Magnum as you can see Vitara tracks on the back but this machine in particular believe this has in the realms of our 420 horsepower or can have up to but yeah we're gonna give this a try brother for a few days I want to put across all different machines ready to see how it works and see how it functions but as you see in there it's looking pretty meaty right there so it's a nice looking size that's for sure got a lot of power and not quite as much power in the 1050 yes certainly more than the other machines on the yard but so it could definitely have a roll nice little sigh like this can I kind of equate this to being like a Power Rangers leg look at the size of that like joystick there but a nice cup nice visibility here lots to kind of like about this so we'll just see we're gonna loop into the field here how it works now what we're gonna be doing the field that we put the new lake into we're actually going to be coming into there very shortly with the cultivator in the back this to work that down before we put cover crop in so we'll probably do that with this machine tomorrow but I just wanted ideally if we did go for something like this it's got plenty of weight to it so it could handle the grain chaser very easy so I wanted to give that a go more than anything else just see how it would really handle it but you know so far I mean it looks I think it's gonna be fantastic it looks really really good that's for sure so yeah I mean let me know what you think down the comments below very interested as always it could be good but like I said I'm not really good usually a green fan really so I thought as you all know we've got John Diaz and cents on the up and avoid support but yeah I wouldn't be opposed to this that's the shirt but it's just something a little bit different I like the idea of the tracks in the back appealed to me I don't really know how that's gonna work for logistics and if it's if you try to you this is a road trucker it's pretty not to be very practical but hey that's something that we can try and consider moving forward and see where that goes really more than anything else yeah other than that you know we'll see we'll see how it goes I think it's got some strong strong potential that's the very minimum I will say yeah elsewhere everything else is going well that last yield came off quite well in the end actually got a really good kind of we eclipsed four and a half ton an acre which was phenomenal for that ground in places so average though across the whole field there was probably about 3.6 3.7 acres 3.7 ton an acre so I'm very happy with that know as you see Barry seems to be doing well over there we will let him come around once he's back around here then we're gonna have a bit of a play with the case and just see how it holds up so we'll catch you when Barry finishes up and so here he comes again it's been a little bit dusty once more but we're just gonna go and have a look into the future there's a few things we have a problem with in this field when it was growing and one that was weeds we have a lot of volunteer barley coming through we had a lot of wild oats coming through and also a lot of what looked like poppy coming through is well actually which was a little bit frustrating so you can see it was all sprayed off it isn't here to be dead at the moment it's going to pass through the pass through the back of the combine and we'll hopefully get all that out but from a straw perspective it's not gonna matter score get burnt up anyway but yeah that was something we had to Frank out on top of but what we're gonna do now we're gonna chase after combine there and we'll see see how we do oh they're already ready for me so it's a very nice smooth right that really track actually on this tract it doesn't make for a very comfortable ride I must admit so far there's very interesting note remind you that being said the 10:50 old 1046 we have is not the least uncomfortable either that's a very nice machine to be in all right come on all right so I think we're just going to knock this one out here whilst from the headlands that makes it a little bit easier I don't mind unloading and move there but Perry seems to want to kind of sit and wait there think he's even having a sandwich why not so we'll get this one owned loaded plenty of capacity in this chase a bit I think if memory serves there we can get in the region for two and a half three full tank loads not John Deere into here in one hit so we're never going to struggle for any space there at all there we go really no we're just going to spin it around there's no need to go and empty it now I'm gonna go and tip it into the trailer anyway I'll see how it handles see what it looks like really I want to drink it used to all these hydraulics as much as possible there seems like a very ergonomic layout actually I like having all the lights and all of the various different electronic switches on like this so that when they were the format of the tractor there I do really like that it makes for some easy use went through we go now this is a private routine of gates locked that answers not convey any cars coming up here which is good and now we can just kind of pull this off into position and see how this works here that perfect stuff so we'll always like to start and load and add the back I think we just need to bring down it's a little difficult to see here in this machine but what the bring down the auger over there to just be about doing us no than the wrong way and there you go you can see we're just gonna blow in there now that's perfect I'll quit just come out through the back window there but we are looking fantastic just like that we are done let's pull that pipe back in and around we go we're going to see where barriers against see what you're not going on but yeah we're looking good so far we've got a lot done as you look over the valley that you can see where we're heading next so you've got our our two grass aw3 grass fields down in front of you the one that we finished plowing up and then you've got to tie triangular fields and then look there's a above that on the fire hillside there's a block of wheat over there that's where we're gonna be heading to next folks after this and then that will pretty much be us done which would be great really really pleased felt like right so we've got a little bit of a contract work left to do still but none of our own after that stage which is three in use very very pleased no where is he peekaboo don't see him and well let's go find out there he is there's that massive big combine it you can't miss perfect stuff so what a beautiful evening let's just knock this off here so we're gonna keep this for a little while we're gonna keep it in various different tasks really just to see how it holds up and see what we can get what we can get stuck into really I think is the best way and then after that we're going to try the exact same with the 8,400 our John Deere see how that one goes I'm very much looking forward to that currently before we even jumped into either machines they're my kind of favorite my preferred favorite would have been the 8,400 now if we kept all of it the end aim would be we wouldn't we'd be replacing the vehicles who would likely be replacing the well I don't know would like we need to upgrade one them I think so that's another choice for after wait and see but yeah that's another decision for another time at the moment now we can just continue to use everything and see how they all come along combines going very well though it's running fantastically well with the new header on there and I'm very very much enjoying that one I don't think it's much of a dish decision now at the end of this harvest day we will be looking to acquire one for our own use and trading in that current heading because this is really really good a little problem with the header trailer at the moment and struggling to get the jack to move so it keeps clipping off the ground this this year Jack so that's something you think about but that's a very very minor issue I think so we'll have a look into that one oh you had a picked up there we go Barry that's Bella now this would you believe is actually small it's had her at fit if I put that do go 40 and 45 foot wide which is just incredible far too big for what we'd ever need of course it's gonna have a look under here as you can see we're sitting in the car pier with Barry as he is working along and such an even feed coming through your tractor the combines really pushing to not struggling saw that even feed really helps because it goes in evenly into the feeder house and then it can refresh through it at a constant rate which is just exactly what we're looking for but we're gonna jump out again because yeah we need to go and follow him around in our case and make sure that we're all good to go Pepin is stroking off this field as you can see which is good to see these bales here from these two fields are gonna be for our own cattle the rest of the straw that we make from the hillside that'll be going down to our new straw facility there and then hopefully some of the contract workers well we're gonna buy the straw off there as well so that's the land on the far side of the valley again but yeah we need our own straw here obviously as well so but kind of look after our Cutler our own times well missed them is put it all back in again who wants to stop okay Bobby's just getting used to how the combine works races only is first season doing a bit of combining I want to get him on the combine so it can allow me to kind of look into all of our other work at the moment really so that's the main aim there what we're going to do is with let me finish this field off and then he's got a little bit of experience under his belt we'll keep offering him a little bit more now and again because he does like it he does need to jump back onto the baler though pretty quickly so that might be short-lived okay and perfect beep of appreciation right there so what we're going to do now we're going to put this up on the side we're going to take down the fence doesn't need to be up here anymore we'll leave the head of trailer people take the fence down and connect up to the baler and get the whole separate to go I'm not attractive shopping today door shut that's better so this track they can easily pull the pull the baler so we'll stick it under there and we'll get a ready to go for tomorrow I should write a post which does light stuff as well but we'll leave it for now oh no here we go the 1046 is back in the yard now I finished up the plow in there early as you can see you got that fuel all squared away there there's a few little bits that looked like the mist here but they're actually where the telegraph poles are so definitely can't do anything about that and yeah that's ready to be broken down now like I say we're gonna try to get a cover crop in there I hope that were there's a very slight chance that we get a few drops of rain towards the end of this week so if I can get that cover crop in first then that'll really help any any moisture coming through there so that would be a good plan because we're really just to get that flying now swing this around yeah as the plow wall it's good to be happening as well that small field next the small grass field next to the we were in earlier today that is also going to be plowed over it goes so that's something I need to look into sooner rather than later as well because we want to start thinking turning our attention towards drilling very shortly with a hope to get it all done I know we're under old all of our winter crops certainly in by end of September any oil seed rape we're gonna put in which I'm still kinda baiting about how much we will actually put in there purely because it's well it's a bit of an issue really at the moment that crop it's it's not the best it's got a lot of awful lot of inputs that make a decent crop there at the moment there's a few yannick pesticides that we're not allowed to use anymore for flea beetle and others really starting to cause issues with with you they yield that you can expect and because of that and because of the initial input costs as well it's really not an attractive crop anymore and there's a break crop perhaps it's good because you can get some better yields on your wheat after it but I'm still not too sure about that I might look at other options one of which at the moment is that we have sugar beets still in the ground that we need to harvest that's going to be a job for the contractors because I don't have any valid equipment but that again is a very with the the kind of a change of approach into the cultivation I'm looking at it's it's a rough rough crop of sugar because there's a lot of compaction on the ground with those monstrous harvesters so that's something we have to think about once again but we will and we'll see how it goes but yeah that's just something we're gonna see how the sugar beet comes off this year and we can take it from there now we'll leave the combine in the pickup here because we're gonna fuel at the combine probably just leave it parked over here tonight and we will jump back on the into the red stallion here so we're gonna keep helping Barry out this evening it's a beautiful sunset well it's going to be a beautiful sunset by the looks of things and yeah all being well we'll get this field almost this fuels rattled out before the end of play today and then we can think about moving to combine facing in the morning over yonder so we will do exactly that and we'll come back to you later on so if you have enjoyed today's episode don't forget to hit that like button then smash that subscribe button to simulation for the nation and we will see you in the next one so until then have yourself a great day enjoy what you do it as always but most importantly happy farming

Class IX – history 'peasants & farmers' ~ Indian farmer and opium production. Short notes

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My third video of history study and last video of peasants and farmers notes. Topic is ‘The indian farmer and opium production’. Sub topics included :-
• A taste for tea : trade with china
• where did opium come from?
• How were unwilling cultivators made to produce opium?

Let's Play Farming Simulator 2015 | Coldborough Farm #27 – English Map

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Welcome back to Coldborough Farm – set in Herefordshire, England. In this Farming Simulator 2015 let’s play I aim to farm the entire map in the beautiful rolling countryside of Herefordshire.
I would like to thank BulletBill83 for allowing me to create this let’s play and everyone else involved with the creation of this map and models.


Map Design: BulletBill83

Map Objects:

FSUK Website Team
NI Modding
FMC Modding
Lord Williams (Wynnstay)

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Food Corporation of India – FCI Jobs 2016,Careers,Salary,Recruitment ,Eligibility

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Food Corporation of India – FCI – JOBS AND CAREERS.Go through the career opportunities of FCI, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job Opportunities,Eligibility and Salary details of FCI.
Food Corporation of India works towards for the effective price support operations which protects the interest of farmers. They take up responsibility is distributing food grains throughout the country and also assist in regulating market price so that food grains are provided to consumers at a reliable price. The Food Corporation of India has its district office at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu and headquarters at Chennai which operates under the food corporation act of 1964.
Many Indians have the expectation and dream to work in such a firm and hence the food corporation of India is a prestigious and demanded job for many. The food corporation of India offers job opportunities and fills a number of posts such as manager, management trainee, junior engineer, assistant grade, typist, medical officer and more. The eligibility criteria for each designation differs, applicants who apply for positions of general must possess a graduation degree or equivalent from recognized university. Applicants who desire to apply for accounts, depot, and movement should possess degree from recognized university.
Selection of candidates is achieved through written test and interview for food corporation India. There are four paper altogether where paper I is for AG general and depot, paper I and II for junior engineer (civil, mechanical, electrical), AG III (accounts and technical), paper III for typist (Hindi), paper III and IV for typist (Hindi). All the papers are conducted on the same day. The candidates should have a minimum age requirement of 27 years where age relaxation is allowed as per the rules. There is also meticulous process in the cut off where all aspects such as merit, quota and caste are taken into account.
Paper I will have 120 multiple choice questions which consists of general aptitude which include data analysis, reasoning, computer proficiency, English language, general intelligence, general awareness, numerical ability, current events, and data interpretation. This is for post code A, B, C, H, and I. Paper II will have 120 questions with 90 minute duration which would have multiple questions on civil, electrical, mechanical questions for candidates who apply for post code A, post code B (electrical), and C (mechanical) so that their post specific technical knowledge is tested. Post code G will have 120 multiple choice questions on general accounting and finance. Post code H will have 120 multiple choice questions on biological questions. Paper III will have 120 multiple choice questions from general awareness, general Hindi, general English, general computer knowledge and intelligence. Paper IV will have translation of 2 pages from Hindi to English and vice versa.
Many people write exams each year to get recruited in FCI but a few get recruited. Applicants can run through the tips and tricks for preparation from online site. There are number of sample papers which are to be solved to get aware of the exam pattern. There are many prescribed books from eminent authors which can help applicants in getting through the exam. Candidates can get to know about all latest news and job related syllabus from Visiting the site and getting updated with the latest government job offers can be the best choice to get prepared for the exam. is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India.
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hello all this is akansha from welcome to our video channel today I am going to talk to you about food Corporation of India food Corporation of India work towards the effective price support operations which protects the interest of farmers they take up responsibilities in distributing food grains throughout the country and also assist in regulating market price so that food grains are provided to consumers at a reliable price the Food Corporation of India has district at tangi food Tamil Nadu and headquarter at Chennai which operates under the food cooperation Act of 1964 many Indians have expectation and dreamed to work in such a form and hence the Food Corporation of India is prestigious and demanded job for many the food Corporation of India offers job opportunities and fills a number of posts such as manager management trainee junior engineer assistant great typist medical officer and more the eligibility criteria for each designation differs applicants who apply for position of a general must possess a graduation degree or equivalent from recognized University applicants who desire to apply for account Depot and movement should possess Beacom degree from recognized university selection of candidate is achieved through written test and interview for food corporation india there are four papers altogether where paper one is for a general and Depot paper one and two for junior engineer civil mechanical electrical AG three is for accounts and technical paper three is for typist that is Hindi paper three and four for typist again there is only Hindi all the papers are conducted on the same day the canid should have a minimum age requirement of 27 years where 8 relaxation is allowed as per the rules there is also meticulous process in the cutoff where all aspects such as merit quota and cars are taken into account paper one will have 120 multiplied choice question which consists of general aptitude and also include data analysis reasoning computer proficiency English language general intelligence general awareness numerical ability current event and data interpretation this is for postcode ABC H and I paper 2 will have 120 questions with 90 minutes duration which would have multiple questions on civil electrical mechanical questions for candidates who apply for postcode a postcode B that is electrical and C that is mechanical so that their post specific technical knowledge is tested now post code G will have 120 multiple questions on general accounting and Finance postcode H will have 120 multiple questions on biological questions paper 3 will have 120 multiple questions from general awareness general Hindi general English general computer knowledge and intelligence paper 4 will have translation of two pages prompt into English and vice versa many people write exams each year to get recruited in FCI but a few get recruited applicants can run through the tips and tricks for preparation from online site there are number of sample papers which are to be solved to get aware of the exam pattern there are many prescribed Brooks from eminent authors which can help applicants in getting through the exam candidates can get to know about all latest news and job related syllabus from visiting the site and getting updated with the latest government job offers can be the best choice to get prepared for the exam so stay connected with offficial site and reliable website like for up to date information about FCI jobs you

Caught on camera: Pregnant beggar with boy drives off in a Mercedes-Benz

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“Here they are counting money, laughing.”

SAN DIEGO – An outraged viewer contacted Team 10 after she watched a pregnant woman and a boy beg for money in a shopping center and then drive away in a Mercedes Benz.

Melissa Smith took pictures of the beggar, the boy and the Benz.

Smith said she saw the pregnant panhandler and the boy, who might have been the woman’s son, at Eastlake Village Center every weekend for two months. She said the woman’s husband or boyfriend would join them on the weekends.

Full story at ABC 10

a pregnant woman begging for money on the street with a young boy drove away in a Mercedes an outraged viewer contacted team 10 after snapping pictures of that scene team 10 troubleshooter Cristin severance joins us now with more Kristin yes so this 10 News viewer said she'd wondered the story behind this woman for two months then she said she saw her get into her Mercedes and drive away she wants you to know what happened in case you see the same woman asking for money right there on the corners Melissa Smith said she saw this pregnant panhandler and her son at this East Lake Plaza every weekend I felt bad I mean there's a pregnant lady with a little boy and is down on her luck the dad comes out on the weekends and stands with them she held a cardboard sign please help and plenty of people did lots of people give him the money Smith said she was getting gas when she saw the couple at the usual spot they were leaving and I noticed they went into a Mercedes Benz and I thought wow a Mercedes Benz she shook her head got in her car and drove away lo and behold they were in front of us and here they are County money laughing they're little boys not in a car seat or a seatbelt he's all the way in the front seats with them Smith watched him drive to another Plaza on Bonita Road she sits there with a sign he goes parks and Mercedes and they put up the sign in not less than five minutes here she is getting money from all these people she took pictures of the woman in little boy she said the woman saw her the next thing I know she picks up this big boulder about this big goes over a head so I don't know pregnant people can do that but it was pretty big overhead and coming at me with this rock another witness saw the whole thing and called 911 grabs her little boy and takes off through the middle of the parking lot police told Team 10 they did respond with the couple had left Smith gave team ten the license plate number two we ran the plates the car came back belonging to a woman her address was listed here at this apartment complex and Encinitas no answer I left my card and a note to call me we went in the evening and during the day a woman called me back but said she had just moved in the people living there had picked up and left Smith said she wants people to know about this couple before they find a new place to Panhandle with their son in tow I feel bad like don't give these people money they don't need it they're driving a Benz now we have been getting calls and tips about where this woman is we're checking out one of those tips right now and this story has really struck a chord online thousands of people have been sharing and commenting on our 10 News Facebook page homeless advocates say though you shouldn't give people money but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your donations go to the right people we have a list of suggestions from experts on 10 News com just go to the team 10 section and click on this story I'm content troubleshooter Cristin severance

LIVE: Lavrov and Chinese FM Wang Yi hold press conference in Sochi (ENG)

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi are holding a press conference in Sochi on Monday, May 13.

The leaders are expected to discuss the strengthening of bilateral ties, the current situation in Venezuela and Syria, as well as the preparation of President Xi Jingping’s visit to Russia.

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you you you rest rest why sure madam like a spider ladies and gentlemen we begin a joint press conference by foreign ministers of Russia and China good afternoon watching we have had a very useful discussion do we have interpretation can you hear me good afternoon once again we've had very good negotiations for additionally we held in a friendly this year we are marking the anniversary of our relationship we now have a record high areas of cooperation record treyton over $100 last year trees investment projects and pipelines worth 120 billion US dollars and this year finalizing major endeavor a year of regional cooperation satisfaction with our defense military cooperation join fight against extremism drug trafficking terrorism and other organized crime reaffirm that our relationship is on the rise we agreed go on as a pass for future contact center and future cooperation in terms of political context Xi Jinping said logistics issues and now being resolved this will mark a new chapter in our relationship another opportunity sidelines of multiple fora in the first half and in the full 2019 meeting of operation Ramsay International Affairs Russian shine committed to a multipolar more at beautiful world that relies on the principles in the UN Charter the architecture that was designed following World War two has been established straddling but we're currently seeing new attempts to undermine it and to substitute you in charter for with rules-based order again there's been attempts to bypass the WTO terms of trade we agreed to deepen cooperation multilateral fora particularly at the UN the Shanghai Cooperation Organization three g20 Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization partners russia india china and russia mongolia china formats the alignment the Eurasian Economic Union and belt one road we hope for integration of formats basically URIs a Shanghai Cooperation section ASEAN will help us to build a new major education partnership taking place counts and mutual interests we also discussed regional conflicts Venezuela crisis we both believe that it's the Venezuela nation that has to shape its future through comprehensive inclusive political process based on a constitution we see from hotheads talking about military solution this will exacerbate the situation creates a new conflict Korea Peninsula we agreed to maintain our shared efforts to establish peace and security in that part of Asia we're both committed to stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan minimizing the terrorist threat and other threats coming from Afghanistan we agreed to maintain certain facilitates a peace in this region contact grew between the China Cooperation Organization and Afghanistan and the Moscow format we're also work with the u.s. to bring about a peace deal we believe we both believe that serial Syria's territory integrity should be intact UN Security Council resolution 2254 a must be implemented there are still some terror groups militant groups out there in Syria they need to be eliminated Syria to be assisted in restoring its economy and the social sector the political process based on the outcome Alfa the Syria National Congress the constitutional committee has been established and it needs to implement the political segments of the UN Security Council resolution 2254 we have jzr change buttons on that economic sanctions against Syria very hard on the Syrian people will look to the comprehensive situation the comprehensive deal with Iran now that the US has pulled out Russia and China believe that these deal must be maintained and Iranian sanctions by Washington are illegitimate warned of aim is to ban will experts from the run we both believe that Iran is committed to to the comprehensive to you but expects the same from my European partners must also do their part of the deal overall negotiations have indicated both communities deepening our cooperation on a broad range of issues including in each national affairs and I'd like to thank my colleague once again for a very substantive very professional friendly discussion and give over the floor to him we didn't even question is a long-term solution sending chang-ho choo-choo cha-cha-cha cheapo Trinity Sansa yeehaw dissing founded when the question – action – chanted the nation to meet code parentage wooden position meaning tinkle hella high and momentum changing will show how to change the widget to challenge Alicia talk about grace jingo shishani city to Morgan's intenta Shinda litigation tradition delish upon way many Cinderella City shall we live in Russia Jung in the other or also change in Kosovo a sedan will ensure young champions of g-god she choose near the uncle considered junior pthe ho removal can see the fiber so true Janet with her cousin Tony Hawk wise teacher Shunji catch two more coins concussion agenda sheesh when Watson conned out senior night tumor consider children you shouldn't put on Joey Joe show me more cupola change me tradition Cinco the uncoded challenge impossible Josh she see me you know so she saw John Kotter reunion Adams you found your one shoe she couldn't even enjoy you put on the cymbal crash or you could change one week sentence Tori need 200g transactions as a picture put on the key we both believe that all international efforts in need to focus on establishing peace and security we need to move away from despotism hegemony and unilateralism such action research do not enjoy suppose me and a bohemian gee we've seen drastic changes the most fast-paced changes in the past 100 years we now have responsibility in our shoulders to share that responsibility with and guidance we're ready to promote we will focus on further global threats thank you news agency of China sanctions the situation the country's very critical what should Russia and China dude she resolves the crisis it's not Russia that should alone do something as for Russia Russia has caused live with water it has to do in line with the timeline there was established we have re-equipped some of the facilities to produce stabilized Turks three participants are doing what have subscribed to do lower semi rates commitment again has two teams of ceiling captures a cab these are voluntary commitments Pyrrha and Iran you can waive his commitments father participants will not comply with their commitments again their sanctions ports from Iran and disability if by partners to devise a mechanism to avoid your sanctions there is a mechanism but it's not enforced and European undone them at the counterparts told us that this mechanism by humanitarian goods this is not what Iran Iranian deal that was approved by the UN Security Council's guarantee will ensure that Iran will be able to buy oil to international markets without any barriers and take action to make sure that other members of the deal particular Europe in Congress have to do that part of the job I know that today foreign ministers of France Germany the UK Guinea are meeting in Brussels compare he's on its way there he canceled part of his trip to Russia he hoped that Europeans will stick towards the UN Security Council resolution says truly I know that they will be pressurized by Mike compared to otherwise certain about that but tomorrow buddy cancer will ask what perspective by the US now they're gonna get out of the crisis that was created through their even lighter action I hope there will be sincere discussion with my counterpart from the u.s. tomorrow Artie – Artie questions Lavrov the years President Donald Trump recently said possible between mosque in Washington nuclear arsenal and China coud later joining however China said it does not intend to take part in a trilateral disarmament deal does it mean there's a stalemate and what about the New START treaty will it be extended I always said the question to foreign minister of China what is your assessment on the Korean Peninsula how will China and Russia cooperate on this in terms of limiting strategic offensive indeed we did hear that mr. Trump is interested in China and join in China's joining in talks well we don't have any talks underway and as Trump said China is interested Chinese foreign ministry came out to the statements saying that there has been no such interest demonstrated by China well if there's any initiative in the in Washington they have to discuss it directly with China that's well the New START treaty President Putin made multiple statements on that we want to have another five-year extension expires in February 2021 we are ready to discuss this issue with our US counterparts and again we have a bilateral control mechanism of prosecutorial issues we can use that takun ism to resolve this issue any issue in terms of bringing down the arsenal of numbers and concerns because the US has announced plans to really quick strategic bombers submarine silos conventional type of weapons but the equipment has to be done in a way that the other party needs to make sure and verify that the US will not be able to reconvert it to reverse it decisions it's a professional question we are discussing it so far we have not been able to achieve an acceptable way to do it to verify that's everything has been done in accordance with the treaty Mike Pompeo is expected to come here tomorrow I feel this will be one of the central issues of for tomorrow's agenda we'll update you on the outcome of the talks in terms of nuclear disarmament Minister Lavrov has laid out the official position by China indeed China does not see any necessity and does not intend to join bilateral talks between Russia and the US on nuclear disarmament because we keep Speier in nuclear arsenal as a minimum level the necessary level to you maintain our defense we will not use a nuclear weapon and at our own initiative will not be the first to use it as for the agreement between Russia and the US on the nuclear arsenal again it's always been in the focus of the international community it's very important and again Russia and the US have a shared responsibility the maintaining peace we hope that the US will respond to Russia's concerns they need to strictly comply with the New START treaty they need to resume the INF treaty we believe this will meet the interest of the international community as for the Korean Peninsula we've been taking consistent action with Russia to maintain peace there's been a stalemate sir however there's a growing level of uncertainty on the peninsula North Korea he's committed to denuclearization its once dialogue to be used to resolve the situation so we're still on the political track still in political mode but what's the barrier there's no road map table Singapore declaration gives a promise on full of a full particular ization on a peace mechanism a new relationship between the u.s. and North Korea this is the right path Russia China is welcome to it as well as the international community but again these are two major goals resolving the nuclear issue bringing about a new mechanism so how can you coincide it how can you bring about both last year we had last century we had great hopes but the talks failed because we didn't have a roadmap so how can we go out of this stalemate we believe the only path forward is a real one is to set a comprehensive set of actions and then take actions simultaneously this is the main approach this is where Russia and China believing and this is some is is an approach that enjoys trust with international community for dignity ization living concerns establishing a financially sound Korean Peninsula is what Russia and China both hope for we are on the same page with China as I said in my introductory remarks we have very close coordination on the Korean issue we welcomed both Russia and China contacts between the u.s. and North Korea we tried to promote this dialogue in many ways based on the principles that my counterpart just mentioned stage by stage process open process reciprocal process denuclearization has to cover the entire Peninsula and not just its northern part we believe that both parties need to move along this several years ago together with my counterpart we signed a declaration during one of the summits which provided for such a roadmap that's he referred to and again since we don't have it since we've not been officially approved we have a stalemate and again the fact that we now seen contacts between the US and off Korea that relies on the roadmap that we drafted together with China confidence-building measures fairly direct contacts face to face con context and we hope dad's at certain point will have a comprehend deal on full denuclearization and the criminal building peace and security in Northeast Asia 100% guarantees to North Korea solid guarantees to North Korea that's what President Putin mentioned earlier including following the 25th April summit between President Putin and to Vostok it's hard to do that but that should be integral part of the future arrangement Russia and China are ready to take part in working out such a solution again it has to be a two-way street said they will ban nuclear tests they will no longer do any ballistic tests and they shut down one of the facilities in response US counterparts stopped saying which he exercises but just recently this was a major exercise and it caused a negative response by North Korea and just like China to try we've been trying to calm down the situation we need to displace to bring about conditions but we should accept a pool comprehensive arrangement and now the final question in Phoenix TV noon tomorrow just reaching two million companies you couldna assume a corner three to four cha-cha-cha so when she needed a father to me lianca tomorrow so we'll have a changing tion Tina Menke and the girl may walk over him from Loyola John tower Sochi the middle ha ha John so that means a cigarette lighter Rafa Rafa two inches away neat America treaty singers Rasheeda chunko who knows so homie what's the damn question you asked a very important question u.s. Chinese talks have a lot of progress however there are still difficult issues that need to be resolved under the circumstances it doesn't make sense it to accuse each other shift the blame to others we're trying to make things worse – using pressure will only undermine the situation and undermine each other's interests what are we doing right now is to maintain our interests and to maintain existing status quo and trade Russia's China is a major economy of the world and the impact of our future deal will not be would only be important for our two countries but also for the entire world Russia the China has been very open for trade I hope that the two countries will have enough wisdom to cope with pragmatic aspects of the talks any talks have to be a two-way street during negotiations with any partner China will defend its sovereignty interests of the Chinese nation and the dignity of its people these are the main principles that we rely on and we have relied on in the past and we rely in the future Russia China and the US are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council we are very important to world nations we've seen increase number of global threats we need to be constructive and tolerance we need to constructively cooperate with each other we need to resolve any concerns doubts and misunderstandings we need to ramp up cooperation we need to comply with international commitments in terms of peace and security we need to comply with our a historic mission for the benefit of our planet and in this case Russia the Russian Chinese cooperation see we're all modern a good example for the international community events based on mutual respect we are working on a new deal with the u.s. we want to make our world a safer place a more stable world to live and thank you just very briefly I would like to support so what my Chinese counterpart said on the importance of our nations to the future of the world this is not just iPhone words we need to take responsible action with rounded Lextran initially we need to make sure there is indivisible security equal for all the world nations and again China Russia and the US are very important nations and we need to maintain your relationship if that relationship serves the cause of peace in the world we have a trilateral contact on Afghanistan and I'm sure that certain situation in the Korean Peninsula on the Korean Peninsula which have been resolved to a much more successful if we have a trilateral dialogue on it's between Russia China and the US thank you the press conference is over

How to Grow Organic Pomegranates

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Grow this ancient super food. Pomegranates are a beautiful tree or grow them as a shrub or even as a hedge. Enjoy glossy green foliage, showy orange flowers, and of course the delicious fruit. These long-lived, drought tolerant trees are a beautiful addition to an edible landscape.

Browse Pomegranate Trees:

Hi I'm Tricia an organic gardener I grow
organically for a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding
experience. In english this is a pomegranate in Spanish it's called a granada and some people think that since its an ancient fruit the city of Granada in Spain may be
named after it. It's a super food thats rich in
antioxidants. Let's plant a pomegranate tree, I'll show you how. Pomegranate trees are very container
adaptable and there often used as landscape or patio trees
because of their dark green foliage and beautiful orange flowers. Many varieties of pomegranates are
hardy down to ten degrees fahrenheit and can be grown USDA zones 7b to
12. Pomegranates are most productive in
arid climates but they will grow in tropical and sub-topical climates like
Florida and Hawaii. Ideally you'll plant a pomegranate in heavy loamy soil. However, they'll tolerate anything from
sandy, all the way to clay. I'm planting mine in
a Peaceful Valley potting soil and I'm using a smart pot. Pomegranates need at least six hours of sunlight
a day. Find a nice sunny spot in your yard to plant your tree. These smart pots were originally designed for tree nurseries and they last about three to five years which is
perfect 'cause that's about how often you should repot your trees. Plant pomegranates in late winter or
early spring just slide them out of the sleeve and your going to want to wash off about the first inch of soil. This helps the roots get established. Plant the tree to about the same level it was
planted in the nursery. Water the tree right after planting and it should be happy in this pot for about three to five years after that I'll repot it. I'm going to train my pomegranate as a small tree. to train as a tree snip off any branches
that come off the tree lower than one foot. Scaffolding branches are the big main
branches of the tree like these. Ideally you want five to seven symmetrically
placed scaffolding branches. This will help your tree form a strong
compact structure. If your tree doesn't have these nice
scaffolding branches you want to do a heading cut at about two to two and
a half feet. Next winter i'm going to head back these
scaffolding branches by about three-fifths. If you live in the coldest of pomegranate
growing zones, zone 7b, you should probably train
it as a multi-trunk or shrub. That way if there is a very cold frost you
probably won't lose the whole tree. Pomegranates fruit on new wood so the
annual maintenance you should do is cutback any deadwood, or thin out the middle and cut the suckers. You also want to head them back lightly
just to encourage the new fruiting wood. Pomegranate trees are very drought
tolerant once they're established but you should still water them in the
summer every two to four weeks. That will help fruit production. Proper irrigation can also help prevent
the fruit from splitting in the fall. Fertilize with a balanced fruit tree fertilizer in February, May and September and give it about one ounce for every foot
of tree. You can juice them like an orange, or you can take the seeds out and
put them in salads or as a dessert topping, however you like them make sure you plant one and organic for life!

Black and Tan Coonhound | Dogs 101

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This breed holds the distinction as being America’s first First Dog.

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most US presidents have had dogs but the black-and-tan Coonhound holds the distinction for being America's first first dog they really are a true American brief in fact our founding father George Washington had black-and-tan Coon hounds with names like taster tipsy Tipler and drunkard they were popular with early settlers because of their abilities to track down varmints good on a cold scent so when the animals gone long gone before they'll pick up on the scent which is on cold originally trained to treat raccoons these dogs have been known to hunt down deer bear even mountain lions wow this true American dog was bred 300 years ago by combining the Talbott with the Bloodhound and the black and tan Fox hound creating a quick dog with an amazing sense of smell and the key to his success lies not a nose but in the ears big fluffy Pluto ish ears when they're running it flaps around it actually helps push the smell into the dog's nose as puppies the ears grow before the legs and not until they're three months old do they fully grow into them along with their ears the coonhounds ancestry created a beautiful coat that gives this breed its namesake the Virginia black and tan Fox hound is instrumental in the breed gives its color but the Black and Tans most distinctive characteristic might be those juicy jowls plenty of skin around their muzzle with these flapping lips you cannot look at a black and tan coon hound and not fall in love they're singing maybe music to some ears but they make for noisy neighbors so they're not good apartment dogs he's much better when he's on the trail when he's got a job to do although not hard to groom shedding is known to be a problem for owners of Black and Tans a pretty healthy breed they can have problems with their eyes and they're prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and when it comes to training you'll need a lot of patience because they're easily distracted by new and exciting scents and they make a great family pet so in general the black and tan coon hound is a noisy dog that prefers the outdoors it's generally healthy has few grooming needs they are agreeable dogs but can be difficult to train and they're good for active families come on gang

Previous Years Question Papers, Dharwad | Must Watch Before Your Practical Exam

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I listed all previous yr asked questions.
Just have a look
It gives you basic idia abt practical exam
Wish you gud luck

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Lake District – The Outlying Fells of Lakeland – The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe

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19th May 2017 and the team continue wandering over open moorland, this time it is The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe that gets our attention. We visit the Reservoir and Dam and encounter grouse shooting butts, animal traps, Red Deer, a waterfall, plus a few becks with a few Fell tops thrown in for good measure. Prepare for knowledge and some history lessons. The Fat Boys on Tour team visit Sleddale Pike, Great Saddle Crag and Ulthwaite Rigg to the sounds Sky Larks playing in the wind.

Music is provided by SkySurfer and ‘Here comes the Sun’ then 7and5 with ‘Icy Blue’ followed by an extract from a Snap! classic with ‘World in my Hands’. Lastly a track by Above and Beyond called ‘Peace of Mind’. Hope you enjoy this video and please Subscribe to our YouTube site

well Friday today they cut them more days together it's the start of our walk today she probably fishing woods today's walk starts from the wet sled or reservoir and den car park and after a short walk along a border way we ascend following poor Hague Gil and a wall that runs parallel once in the moorland the first items of interest on the numerous grouse bats and a shooting lodge called lunch house then after taking a look at the impressive pink granite boulder known as Grable we ascend to see little Pike over very rough ground we carry on to great saddle Craig before dropping to a lovely waterfall at a bend in this little back after a shorter centigram we make our way to earth wait rig after yet another dose of rough ground we pick up an excellent old pack horse track taking us to sled or halt for a quick look round we also admire a wonderful rebuilt pack horse bridge before we finally return to the car well the teams here full teams morning morning morning looks like Claire's but with Custer's or the biscuits for everyone so we'll be ready for same ladies in the middle smiling route card in hand we're young David this is tikka Steve he's always bouncing around his guide shows us that Wainwright was definitely not a fan of the dam and said it was just a drowned area with its sad relics and ruins he continues on by saying that the head of the valley remained unchanged however by the dam and that the hills were unaffected as they always have been lonely wild and desolate the perfect place for red grouse to breed and for shooting parties to wait for the glorious 12th of August so if you don't want to end up in the mouth of an English Pointer or a Golden Retriever and then dragged back to one of these grouse bucks and plucked I recommend you don't do this walk on that particular day because you might end up in this place warned in the guide that people over 75 years of age should be advised to regard it as unclimbed well we had to restrain young Dave because of course he wanted to take up that challenge and climb this giant boulder made of pink granite but failed dismally to stop young in trying to push it down the valley well this was the top of sledder pike and we checked and rechecked our GPS is an OS maps because it looked nothing like the diagram in the guide but we were happy we were there we soon got back to our game of dodging Nepal and guessing who's going to get the first bootful don't misunderstand me though though some of the going was difficult this is a great walk and we were loving it some people were loving it even more than the rest of us there's no getting away from the fact that this is miles and miles of open moorland Heather long grass bog eccentric but then suddenly you're greeted with just wonderful sights love to touch this through hours bog found this beautiful office Becky coming out and it looks like Stevie system I miss that steep you do again mate they're receptacles this soldiers a nice smile from anyways change there's nobody telling me up being grumpy as the crow and I think we're missing too and I've been building well obviously two things to clear up there one I am never grumpy and I've never ever told Chris Blake off on don't know where he gets that from this is all craft wait joy book Pete well I love them well we've got still coming in for stares as we step out there into this beautiful this time keep moving Skarmory to the diamonds in the mine it turns out but this was the best thing what a way to find such hard could bring you great peace sledder hall with soul by united utilities in 2009 to a conservation architect named tim ellis he had bold plans for renovation but to our knowledge though he still owns a property he has had great difficulty in obtaining the much-needed planning permission to get it to how it was in the film [Applause] we've got some gentle Walker's here coming through their poles good afternoon young man would you like to say something well the track that we run at the moment is actually an old medieval track way and who used by the pack horses gone back to early Bronze Age David was surprised to learn that most pack horses were Galloway's small stocky horses named after the Scottish district where they were first bred the use of pack horses can be traced back to than the oolitic period and in the 18th century Galloway's were bred in swell Dale to halt led or swell Dale runs broadly west to east from the Cumbria Yorkshire boundary to the market town of Richmond with the famous nine standards rigged cans at his head sadly the Galloway Pony is now an extinct horse breed so we see Galloway cows out in the fells and now we discover that Galloway ponies once trod the tracks we walk along there'll be no living with the old boy now [Applause] well look at this looks like a typical medieval packhorse bridge okay that's what a fantastic sir though Chris is quite correct in identifying this as a wonderful packhorse bridge it was in fact completely rebuilt by the manchester corporation in the late 60s when the dam was built they added new parapets and strengthing and was completed to replace an older one lower down the back that they thought would not withstand any flooding that may have be caused by the new dam I have to say I made a great job absolutely lovely I'll have to get Graham shoulders in there to rinse off his poor old cellmate that is absolutely stunning with the packhorse bridge in beautiful do this one on a clear day after it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks and you'll love it by the wind be on your back before your life comes through for you

Where's WANDA in Africa & Diaspora?

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Author Tambra Raye Stevenson discussed her “Where’s WANDA” book series and how the WANDA (Women Advancing Nutrition, Dietetics and Agriculture) character sparks the imagination of young girls to use food as a healing power in their families and communities.

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>> From the Library of
Congress in Washington DC. [ Silence ] >> Mary Jane Deeb: Good afternoon
ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the African Mid East Division. I am Mary Jane Deeb,
Chief of the division and I'm delighted to
see you all here. This is a very special
program we're bringing back to the library some
of the people we love. And Ms. Tambra Raye
Stevenson is one of the people who have done a great deal in her
life and has contributed in her work to a better understanding
of a region for which this division
is responsible for Africa. And she would share her thoughts
and her ideas with you in a moment. Before this, before
we get into the meat of the program I always do a
little commercial for this division and highlight the fact
that we are responsible for seventy eight countries
in the world. We're responsible for the whole
continent of Africa, sub-Saharan, North Africa and the Middle
East and the Hebraic world. So there are three sections, the
Hebraic section which connects from the whole world in Hebrew
and Yiddish like you know. The Near East section which extends
to another already the Arab world, Turkey and Iran but also
Central Asia and the Caucuses. And as I mentioned Africa
is the whole continent, we collect in the vernacular,
we serve people here in the reading room
and we do programs and conferences and exhibits. And concerts, sometimes we show
films as well and we invite scholars to come and share with them
the research and the work and the work they're doing. So that we are all kept up to date
with the developments in the region and that we help our patrons
also get a better understanding for the culture, for the
society, for the history. And today is a case in point so
Miss Stevenson will be talking about a very important aspect
of culture which is food. And food is not only to feed
the body, to keep us going but it has a great
many other implications and she will share with us. Our division is also made up
researchers of the specialists who help the researchers
and they are the ones who are responsible
for these programs. And so today Eve Ferguson
who is a reference librarian in the African section
has organised this program and will introduce the speaker. So Eve. [ Silence ] >> Eve Ferguson: Good afternoon. I'm glad to see you all
here today on what promise to be a really horribly rainy day,
but as my speaker who will come up has said when you're on a
mission the weather cooperates and obviously it did,
it stopped raining. So, what can I say about Tambra
Raye Stevenson that I'm not going to read right now except to say that she is perhaps the most
dynamic young woman I know. Always comes up with new
ideas, always doing something and when I saw little WANDA I
fell in love with little WANDA. She is a wonderfully cute
little character based on a wonderfully cute little girl. I'll let my speakers say more
about how little WANDA came about and I just love the mission and I
said, you know, this is something that we need to let
the world know about. Well, before I did a flyer or
anything she had tweeted it out to everybody and
it went all over and I understand we're
on Facebook live now. So, I love the way the younger
generation uses social media to get the word out, you don't
necessarily have to be here. Of course if you're not here
you're not going to get any of the light refreshments
that we're to serve later. So, that can't be Facebook
lived but everything else can and before I read my introduction I
just want to get everybody in here to wish Miss Tambra Raye
Stevenson a happy birthday. It's not today it was about a week
and a half ago but close enough. It's in the month of September and
so happy birthday Tambra, you know, I know that there are
great things ahead for you. Now I'll read her bio. Miss Stevenson is the 2014 National
Geographic travel of the year. An author of the forthcoming
Where's WANDA book series which creates the first girl
character exploring Africa through its foods and female
farmers to help heal her community. As founder and CEO of Women
Advancing Nutrition Dietetics in Agriculture because WANDA is
not just a name, it's an acronym. She supports equitable
opportunities for women and girls and to improve their communities
through food and nutrition. As founder of native soul
kitchen she educates, advocates and advocates for preserving
the health of Africa and beauty of African food through
lectures and workshops. And of course you can
learn more about WANDA at I am WANDA dot org
and native soul dot com. I know that upcoming WANDA
is got lots of exciting trips that she's going on and so
without any further I do I want to introduce my friend and I'll
repeat defender not offender because she defends the health of
the African diaspora community. So please welcome Tambra
Raye Stevenson. [ Audience Clapping ] >> Tambra Raye Stevenson: So
it's such a great pleasure to be back here at the African
and Middle Eastern reading room. I definitely see you all as
dear friends who enjoy good food and also history as I do. So, I want to start off with a small
video that I actually had prepared that kick started Where's WANDA
through a crowd funding campaign. Just to give you a quick
preview of how far we've come. [ Video and Music Playing ] So, is as what has been shared
since the last time I was here which is just two and
half years ago. I became National Geographic travel
year of sharing my personal story of really looking at
the health issues in the Afro-American community
and realizing what can we learn when we go back to what I
call the original soul food. African heritage foods and unlock
the secrets from those foods and that was my last presentation
back just two years ago in 2014 here at the Library of Congress. And so since then between
overcoming Ebola, Boko Haram, the presidential elections
in Nigeria I fairly made to track this summer to Nigeria which really prompted me creating
WANDA as a way to give back to the community in northern
Nigeria which is heavily impacted by malnutrition right now. And also recognizing that we have
shared commonalities in the struggle around good nutrition
in our communities. It's estimated that more than 3 billion people have low
quality diets that impacts eighteen of the sustainable development
goals listed by the United Nations. So, nutrition really is the heart
of our economy as well as the health of our community and so
since then having recognized that this double burden is not
simply just malnutrition in the form of what we perceive it to be. But it's also in the
form of obesity as well in many countries including
America to Africa and the Middle East are
facing this issue right now. And people are asking the question,
well, how do we make ag cool again? How do we inspire young people to go into this sector of
food security in ag? And so since then I had
an opportunity to go to the African Union Summit on food
security and ag in 2014 and wrestle with that question we had to
make a pledge how were we going to address youth unemployment. And I look within and
said, you know, with the issues going on between. As a child I did not
embrace my womanhood, I did not embrace my heritage, I
didn't really embrace my culture and I think that was
a survival technique. And I think over time having
gone on to become a mother, having gone on to realize that
yoga retreats helped as well that everything I needed was already
within me and so from there that's where I found the source of
inspiration of creating WANDA because of everything
led up to that point. So, one interesting stat that I
couldn't believe that NCD free which is an international NGO
shared that in 2015 more people die from heart disease,
diabetes which are known as non-communicable diseases than
HIV, TB and malaria combined. And these diseases
are all preventable, it's based off lifestyle, it's
based off developmental policies that create jobs in the
name of fast food chains across Sub-Saharan Africa and
Northern Africa and the Middle East. And how do we harness the potential
of the local foods, the local women and girls to be able to
provide a better viable option that improves the health and the economic outlook
for these communities. And so some of these diseases
I've already stated and the some of the risk factors I've mentioned
as well such as unhealthy diets, obesity as well as even gender
which we'll focus on now with WANDA. So, when you Google black women
in agriculture and when you're try to overcome stereotypes this is
the kind of images that pop up and I think when we think about
people who aspire to go into sports or music you have characters
that are portrayed in a really bright light, right? But when you Google things like agriculture you
don't see positive images and that really reminded
me why I choose not to go in this sector even though
I grew up in Oklahoma in a very agricultural state
cows across the street. Is that an ag town, Stillwater,
Oklahoma and surrounded by livestock and I wanted to get out of there
and I think a lot of people in the room whether here again
in America or Africa head for the city's thinking
life will be better for you. But ultimately it is the land
that is part of our survival and so it's taken time
for me to recognize that again everything being already
within me and looking at, well, how do we retell the story
through imagery, through narrative. And so I looked at these little
girls, the first is my daughter Ruby and how does my daughter's
generation have positive role models in images and narratives
that inspire them to want to be these food sheroes
in their community. And, you know, a lot goes to
dynamic women like Michelle Obama who has inspired a generation and
thinking about how do we continue to hold that torch up even after
she leaves the administration. And so the other two little girls
that I highlight is Hailey Thomas, who's a vegan chef, not even a
teen and then we had Michaela Omar who wrote this multimillion dollar
contract deal with Whole Foods, with her grandma's recipe in
selling sweet pea lemonade. Phenomenal little girls and this is
what we need for our communities, healthy food, entrepreneurs who are
looking within themselves and being that source of inspiration
for not only their generation but really adults as well. And so I took time to
put this collage together because I asked one
friend the question about, can we remember anyone before the
civil rights movement that was known as a food fighter, a female
food fighter for our community? I can only come up with anything and
so I realized it is only until now that we start identifying and
start collecting the history and documenting women
in food movements and how that's another form
of owning your feminine power and being able to turn that
narrative of back in the 60s with the whole liberation
in 70s that I was that kid who got a congressional
nomination for West Point. I wanted to hightail it
again out of Oklahoma and I did not see anything related
to gender being a positive thing. And so it has taken time to really,
in therapy, to really recognize that again we need new images
to inspire us to go blaze trails in a sector that has not
been in that positive light. Because home economics most times
we can acknowledge that we thought, you know, who wants to be
Susie homemaker, right? That's not a part of the
movement for liberation for women but I now being a mom
have realized that is where the power was,
is in the kitchen. And realizing that women
have provide the first foods for the babies, they are the first
in the markets selling the foods, working the farms in many
countries and just owning again that intersection of women,
food and power in a dynamic way that wasn't really told before. But something that we needed to
escape from but really that's where the power is again now. And so for me it's been how do we
share the story of these big WANDAs to inspire the little
WANDAs in our community? And so that meant coming
up with new imagery, the women you see here are part
of WANDA either as a volunteer or a board member representing
Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Eritrea, Jamaica, America and we need
to have again new imagery that inspires a new generation. And so that means also
providing mentorship and service learning
opportunities and being able to create a safe space for
women to be able to be that full that food sheroes that they want
to be that they never thought that they could exchange between
geographies, generations and sectors to really help be that source of
inspiration for their community. And so this is me and my
daughter, Ruby, and I truly believe in this idea that when
you empower women and girls you nourish the world. And the thing is for
us to own that power as women again becomes
really important a part of that inspiration. And this is my son, Elliot,
he didn't really feel that he had a role to play
in WANDA but I had and a lot of men were asking, where is MANDA? I was like what, MANDA,
what do you mean MANDA? I'm like there go, there they go, was like why can't you just
embrace WANDA and be there for us and so the reality is I knew
that that conversation will come, and I simply ask men,
do you have a mother? Do you have a daughter? Do you have a niece? Do you have a loved one who happens
to be female that you believe that, if given the opportunity, that
she could make a difference in her community? And when they begin
reflecting on that question and realize the hard labor
that the mothers have gone through as either single mothers
or had to be doing everything even if they did have a husband,
they realize like wow, yeah, my mom deserved to be more than what
she was in her life and I looked at my own mother doing
the same thing. They make sacrifices for us,
that's what they do and I think if we just realized that as men they
become gate openers of opportunities and little boys as the same way
I can count the number of stories of men who've have already
made a difference for WANDA. And so this is a space that, again,
we have half of the population in DC alone, alone in the world are
women and so there is a strong stack that if you want to overcome poverty in the world you empower the
women and the girls to do so. And so everyone has a
role in supporting WANDA. So, Dangote of Dangote Foundation
in Nigeria made a great quote about "I believe the single most important
intervention I can support is better nutrition in Nigeria" and that is
definitely the truth given the fact that it has some of the toughest
nutrition challenges right now facing the continent. And it becomes really a prized
opportunity to be that model for everyone else in the
continent and really the world. And so when we inspire
women and girls it means about having stakeholders, people
beyond just the gender sector or nutrition sector but law and
media and economics and investments. Everyone plays a role in creating
a new pipeline of opportunity and little WANDA really is just
that Smokey the Bear that champion, who is tooting the horn
along the way of making sure that everyone creates the village
that surrounds her and supports her in providing those opportunities. And so in doing so what we
do we educate, we advocate and we innovate meaning
that it is not simply enough to provide nutrition, education but
nutrition, education that speaks of their cultural food ways. And understanding that those food
ways have not been documented in a substantial way
on the continent; a lot of the nutrition
books are coming from America, from
India, from the UK. But again how are we documenting the
knowledge of the nutritional value of these foods and making sure that
not only are the future nutritionist on the continent is getting that
information but also those who serve after the immigrant community here
in the US and in Europe as well. And using technology
to fuel that scale and impact becomes really important. We were just at Microsoft
winner just this past weekend and using the artificial
intelligence and being able to create instant messaging for
people that ask questions related to food resources in
their community. It becomes a real key opportunity
to see the intersectionality of technologies to drive
the change that we need. And so in visiting Nigeria
and in sharing little WANDA, I went to a Steam International
in Abuja and the kids are awesome. Ramatu Saani is the
head schoolmaster there and the girls had phenomenal
questions from diabetes to gluten-free issues. And wondering can they tune
into little WANDA on Saturday as a cartoon and it just gave me
new ideas about what can we do in providing a creative educational
but entertaining narrative for them to use storytelling as a means
of educating them in a way that they really grasp
the information. It's not simply enough to spit out
a lecture but putting and packaging in a way that has a gender lens, a
cultural lens is really important and lies at the heart of how
we develop our programing for little WANDA and the
Where's WANDA series. And so in visiting one of
the parents who's a dietician at the local hospital in Abuja, she
shared how they're using local foods from cinnamon to garlic to turmeric
to cloves to tamarind as a means of providing a nutritional
prescriptions to their patients. And she was saying malnutrition in
the pediatric unit is not as high of an issue as diabetes
is rising there. And so that was very telling
about what needs to happen and shifting our focus in preparing for a healthier workforce
tackling NCDs. And so that means how are we
preparing the next leaders to be able to understand nutrition
whether they're in medicine or pharmacy or whether they
are community health workers. Everyone needs to be able to embrace
nutrition and little WANDA helps to champion that and make
that intersectionality to inspire the next generation. And systems changes is with
that from looking at it, from a healthcare lens we see farm
farmers rating incorporating their food products within the hospitals. We also see that with the cultural
lens of meeting to make sure that we have the cultural foods
available that it's not enough just to say that we have farmers' markets but how those farmers
markets providing foods that are culturally
relevant to that community. And everyone plays a role as I was
sharing in terms of stakeholders from those in government to
those who are family and friends and sharing resources
among ourselves. But most of all I find that
is the self-talk that we say to our ourselves of saying
that well am I able to be that food shero in my community? And what you say to yourself
matters in making that first step to creating the change
that you need. And so this is the dietician at the Abuja hospital
that I was referring to. A lot of the hospitals have
about three dieticians, they're busy round-the-clock, they
take calls even on their cell phones when they're even at
home and so a lot of the information is not documented
when they provide patient education. And so that's another opportunity of how do we start creating
nutritional educational materials that is culturally
relevant, that is factored in. There are local food
ways and also the fact that there is a nutrition transition
happening in the community with the new soft minerals
which we call soda here and the Indomie [phonetic] noodles
that we call Ramen noodles here. All of this is also
changing the food patterns and also the health
outcomes for the community that has to be factored in. And so I had the opportunity to
visit one of the IDP camps in Abuja and Moringa was growing in the camp. Many of the folks where coming from
the north where they were farmers but had to flee because
of Boko Haram. And so in providing again
educational materials that can benefit Africa and
the Diaspora our creative team out of Lagos help to create
these informatics materials such as Mama Moringa. I provided the content and they
provided the creative design about how do we start
talking about the local foods. We call them super foods here
once they come to America but these are readily
available, low-cost, health options available
already in these communities, but they simply may not
know the nutritional value of what they have already
within their own community. And so it becomes really important of how can we start providing
cultural-based nutrition information and a character that can help
provide that championship that these little foods
need, these local food needs. And so these are some of the women,
that Ramatu, our other board member with WANDA helps to
bring together the… It's a coalition of Muslim women who
assist with the IDP camp in Abuja and I had seen a child
eating dry Ramen noodles and it was pretty alarming
as a nutritionist to see that and I said we cannot leave
without providing a proper meal. And so we, you know,
took some of the funds from the crowd funding campaign
and provided a meal for everyone. And it was really beautiful down
to the jollof rice to the oranges, the bananas, the water with
chicken and vegetables in the meal. And you know it was a hot proper
meal that we also provided through a local caterer and so
to me compared to the Plumpy'Nuts that are provided to address
severe malnutrition I acknowledge that that is a different status. But if we can do things in a way
that helps build the local economy and also introduces the local
foods that is a win-win situation for everyone in my opinion. And so creating healthy
eaters is the other part that little WANDA champions. One of the professors
out of Nigeria said that the Nigeria soft drinks have
been shown to be high in sucrose, fructose which are much higher
than the brands in South Africa. And already in South Africa
more than seventy percent of the population is
either overweight or obese, and that's really problematic when
we think about the projected number of 42 million is to have
diabetes by 2030 on the continent. So, what is the intervention
that will happen? Who will be that food
shero in the community to help turn these numbers around,
that's the question that we ask. And again the Trojan horse is
in the name of job development, bringing fast food
into the countries. Case in point, when I was in South
Africa last year the local KFC was open for breakfast and they had
motorbikes to transport your food and they were open around-the-clock. We don't even have that here. So I was like oh my God
that's like a real issue and so I thought again how
do we compete again a David Goliath battle? And really little WANDA competing
in the David Goliath battle between these large multinationals
and…and how can they actually start directing resources in a way that supports the local food
economy in a meaningful way. And so again the education
in going to the camps, going to the universities and the
schools, meeting with the parents, doing teacher training workshops,
providing information on millet. We have here in Tiger nuts,
they were just very impressed and they were like the nutritional
value of their local foods to know that they can help tackle different
disease states and they're low cost and available on the street
easily just for a few Naira. I think that was very powerful
for them to able to recognize it. In millet, one of the, it's about
Nigeria's one of top producers of millet commonly found
in northern Nigeria where you can make the
Flo donono [phonetic] which is a milk millet
dish available either in the Ruger [assumed spelling]
which is the village or also through one of the well-known
chains Habib's yogurt. It's a very nutritious drink and
when we think about, you know, consuming this particular
product it actually has a lot of pre and probiotics. Tiger nut definitely has prebiotics
and so when we're thinking about the new frontiers such
as the microflora of the gut. Having foods that help
provide healthy bacteria in the gut becomes really important
and these two foods help to do that. And so in introducing the story,
I have a copy of one of the books that we had prepared in
Nigeria and I just want to share the opening letter that
we provide to the little WANDAs. We say the Where's WANDA series
is made especially for you, we need superfood sheroes who
will help our community heal with our heritage foods and
that's why little WANDA matters to find the healing and
beauty of African Foods to nourish our community. And through her travels in Africa, little WANDA meets female farmers
also known as big WANDAs who grow and share African heritage foods
to feed and heal her people in Africa and the Diaspora. And as part of the WANDAs wisdom, you realize that all we
need is already within us and we hope you'll enjoy
the story and share with your family and friends. And most of all being inspired
to celebrate your heritage and learn and prepare the foods. And so with every story we actually
highlight a real female farmer and a little girl and so we took
the journey to Kano Nigeria to meet with Salama Togarber who runs WFAN which is the Women Farmers
Advancement Network. She is by far a great example
of what a WANDA woman is. She runs a women's cooperative, they
make their own Made in Nigeria rice. They also produce groundnut
oil; they also produce kulikuli which is made of groundnut. Think about peanut butter cookies
before it had white sugar in it, that's what the kulikuli is. And so it was just fascinating
and phenomenal to be greeted by just a room, outdoor room full
of women bringing, who were happy to first be graduating
through a training program that WFAN was having. But also unveiling their new rice
product that they've been making for Nigeria, and so little WANDA who in this story I
highlight my daughter Ruby. Part of every story is about how
do we take a different woman story and turn it into a children's book,
and so this first story really is about my journey of finding my
heritage in Nigeria and being able to capture my story of my grandma
having diabetes and my curiosity as a kid wanting to know the
answer on how to help heal her. And my father who passed
coming to my dreams to tell me what the secret was which was everything I needed
was already within our heritage. And so I turned that into
a storybook and the idea is that every book hops to a different
country being either Kenya or Benin or South Africa and highlight who
are those champions on the ground? What are their local foods? And how can the help not
only their communities but really our communities
everywhere? And so in the first
opening we have little WANDA who she's always curious
wanting to know what's going on and so she eavesdrops because
that's what she does, nosy, and she wants to know what's grandma
or Nana and her mom talking about. And so in designing the
characters I went back and forth with the designer but I wanted
to have relatable characters that people can say, hey,
that looks like my Nana. And it was important for me that
little WANDA had a little Afro with the whole big care natural
hair movement and again realizing that that wasn't something that I easily would've
done back in Oklahoma. I would straighten my hair
the moment I got off the plane but embracing again all
that are ready have within. And so the pictures on the back
of her uncles who she later goes to visit and she overhears
her mom talking to Nana that she had just came
from the hospital and had learned that
she has diabetes. And so WANDA didn't know what to
do about this and so she thought about how did we get to this
place and she started to think because she's very cerebral. She was thinking about all of the
different foods Nana has been eating down to the soda and down to
the cakes and the pastries and it reminded my grandma. My grandma loves going to
Brahm's dairy store in Oklahoma and every time I knew she always has
some kind of sweet around the house and she was always
offering that to us as well. And at that time I didn't
have a clue about nutrition, I didn't even know it
was a field at the time and so I'm enjoying the
sweets just with my Nana because that's what we did together. Not realizing that, you
know, perhaps they contribute to her complications of
diabetes in her dying later and for me it was a moment
of being able to share that through the magic
apron that WANDA gets which is her great Nana's apron
that she finds in her trunk that this becomes her way to
travel and to be on a journey and explore how can I find
a cure for Nana's diabetes? And so the father actually
looks like my dad and I thought it was really
important to have the visuals that come to mind like Africa in the
backdrop versus the princess theme that the designer first
one is like, no. And I thought about how important
dreams are and how, you know. There is a beautiful story over at the American Indian
Museum called the Little Boy and Seven Grandfathers and the
power of dreams become opportunities of where you actually
find the answer, that's when spirit speaks to you. And so it was so important for
me to capture that in the story about the power of spirit as
another form of communication and as a way to unlock the answer. It wasn't something
that could happen in the daytime only unless
she's in a meditative state and so dreaming it's kind of
like that same meditative state that I was capturing through
the story with the communication that was happening between
her late father who died and talking to her in her dream. And so when she puts on her
apron she is able to travel to different countries and so
she travels to Northern Nigeria where she is greeted by two
gentlemen Ashru and Yussif who are real friends of mine who've
helped me to travel to Nigeria. And I asked them how do I get
the secret for Nana and we go on this journey exploring parts
of Africa, parts of Nigeria and they were like I know
who you need to meet, big WANDA who is also known as Mrs.
Garba who I later met this summer. And so through that conversation
of being with big WANDA, little WANDA learns about
different foods such as millets and in the book we actually have
characters for all the foods. So in this case, she needs
Mamadou Millet and she learns about the power of millet and
how to prepare the dish in order to feed that to her family. And it was so important that
the farmer looked as gorgeous as Mrs. Garba did when I met
her and contrast the imagery that I showed you when you Google. Because again, we want
to show empowering images of women embracing their foods
and becoming stewards of healing and health and unity
that our community needs. And so for me I would want
to be like a big WANDA like Mrs. Garba after meeting her. So, I just wanted to just end
and share how important it is that we have positive
narratives for our children. When I think about the
characters that we have now like Ronald McDonald who
promotes, yeah, another choice of foods I wanted little
WANDA to be in that dynamic of David and Goliath battle. You can give with this or
you can't give with that but little WANDA's where it's at. And it's really important
that we have characters that represent our children who are to be the future food
sheroes of our communities. And so I just want to thank
everyone who's come out for those who are interested in that Where's
WANDA book series we will be having those books available
online and also for November which is diabetes month is when we'll have another
book signing opportunity. So I just want to thank
the Library of Congress for having WANDA here today
and I'm open for any questions that you may have as well. [ Audience Clapping ] >> Eve Ferguson: So now you
all kind of see what I mean about being dynamic but I'm going
to jump in front of everybody and then we'll take couple of
questions to ask a question about I hear little WANDA is going
Sweden where she would be talking to the Somali community there
about some of the Somali things that make your some [inaudible]. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson:
So the beauty of WANDA, we're building this really
first-ever pan-African women's network from farm to fork so we
have WANDA board members in Sweden and in Ghana, here in
America and other countries. And so we were invited once
learning about WANDA to come there to recognize world childhood
obesity day is October 10th. And so it was an opportunity for
us to help facilitate a workshop on the migration and the
food environment and how does that impact childhood obesity. And so we will be at Upsala Health
Summit being able to share the story of WANDA and how do we connect
African Diasporan women in Europe to this movement and
become the champions that our communities
need there as well. >> Eve Ferguson: Okay, so
can we take some questions to the front, okay. Janet. >> Great. Personally I'll
just sail through all. Food is a global issue, on mind,
body, spirit, everything is related to what is within our bodies so I'm
really proud of what you're doing. I have worked in the health
food industry and very much want to support your cause as well. I work in media and I will
definitely be getting work out on this. >> Whatever I mention is my son, I'm so proud of him,
seventeen years old. He wants to go into
the food industry, he can't go [inaudible]
he is also concerned about nutrition and
I think he would be. He actually works at KFC currently,
he's probably not [inaudible]. He's also looking for
[inaudible] family business, an African food business. Regarding the multinational
business is likely KFC, I know they can vary their menu. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson: Yes. >> I think it's important to be
advocates and suggesting some meal, you know, selection [inaudible]. It's just, you know, for
[inaudible] that work you're doing. We got do in it another way or. Tambra Raye Stevenson: Yeah,
it definitely can happen in both directions, you know, having
worked for commerce department, recognizing that we want to support
local small businesses and I'm now on the DC food policy Council where
we're supporting local food economy. It's definitely coming
in at both angles on how do we support the small
businesses in the community that makes up majority of
the business in America and really across the world. And at the same time how do
multinationals do a better job of providing a range of healthier
options and many of them are having to do that just on
a competitive edge. We see what's happening
with McDonalds right now, many of their shops are being
closed and I formally worked there. That was my first job actually
in high school and so because of that I've been able to recognize
that we all have to play a role in supporting little WANDA. Because along her journey she
may get tired and she wants to grab something what are healthier
options for her along the way. And so that's everything for
big WANDA to big corporation. They all play a part in her
nutritional status for sure. >> Thank you so much. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson: Yes. >> Mary-Jane Deeb: [Inaudible]
want to learn the [inaudible]. I want to ask you about the
individual items; so for example, I could not pay what
farmers are doing nobody because for example here may not be so easily available
like say DC or Oklahoma. But they may have other
[inaudible] maybe, it could be [inaudible],
it could be [inaudible]. So are you suggesting that
certain foods be incorporated in a general diet or I think that locally grown foods [inaudible]
should be the dominant for any diet. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson:
So for instance millet, sorghum they actually are
being grown in the Midwest and there are more ethnic
crops like African Western, African vegetables being
grown locally as well. So part of it is, yes, number one
how do we cultivate those ethnic crops, USD runs the ethnic
crop block rate program and those foods are being grown
here locally in the DMV area. And at the same time those
foods are being exported out of the continent here as well
just packaged as superfoods and so for me the conversation
about ethnic foods. I think taking a visit to Ellis
Island is a very fascinating because it just shows how
foods it seemed very exotic at one point are so
normalized now on. And I think that's kind of
the frontier we're heading when it comes to African foods. It really is when we
think about just from the economic development lens, what is happening globally we've
gone from Latin America to Asia and so really Africa
now is the next frontier over the next 50 years
even documented by the World Economic Forum. So you're going to see
that that transition happen in more investments in
the gastronomic landscape of African foods and
that will be reflected in the speciality food
markets space. When I go on food show visits
and hopefully, you know, when I see these shows, you know, it's like Italy looks
like a food mafia. And hopefully over time Africa
is not the size of Gambian, in these food shows in
that it does explode and there are more local food
entrepreneurs in that space as well. >> Eve Ferguson: I
did want to just add that I actually met Tambra walking
across the field with a basket full of African vegetables
grown in the United States. And she gave me a couple and
said go home and try them like it was gardner [phonetic]. >> Tamba Raye Stevenson: Yes. >> Eve Ferguson: Gardner
[phonetic] and some little. >> Tamba Raye Stevenson: Cheap leaf. >> Eve Ferguson: Yeah and I
went home and cooked them all. They were delicious, you can get
millet and yes Whole Foods go to the bulk things, you can get your
own millet, I grew up eating millet in East Africa and I
like to eat it now. So you don't have to wait
for it to come and sell you, you just have to seek it out. And previously Tambra has given us
some information about the programs that seek to grow African
vegetables. I know they have amaranth; amaranth
is a grain I think they're trying to go grow teff in the
United States now too. >> Tamba Raye Stevenson: Yes,
so there's local farmers here and that's part of WANDA. We try to…I operate kind of
like a talent scout at this point. Identifying what WANDA women are out
there who are doing dynamic things that really most people
don't even know about. We have Gail Taylor who
has a CSA right here in DC, where she's growing ethnic crops. We have Yall Gidisi
[assumed spelling] who is growing ethnic crops and
they're expanding what the work that they're doing as well you. >> [Inaudible] production of
foods that someone wants to grow and grow here in the United
States and you also talk about Monsanto and [inaudible]. >> The GMO food? >> No, [inaudible] I'm not talking
[inaudible] the genetically modified food [inaudible]. >> You sure that. >> [Inaudible] and so they're
introducing other seeds from other parts of the world. Just be aware of that danger,
that, we could be [inaudible]. And there's some recent
[inaudible] plans to bring and destruct [inaudible] Monsanto. And they continue to
grow [inaudible] that their seeds [inaudible]. The argument that [inaudible]. So you have to be aware and
everyone has to be aware of that danger, the dangerous. >> Eve Ferguson: You know I want
to add one thing and that is that when you reference the
drug companies, the companies is like Pfizer and Lilly
are all over Madagascar in the rain forest taking the
natural medicines that you can find in the rainforest and pulling,
identifying their chemical compounds and creating the chemical compound. They are not only clearing out
the rain forest in Madagascar which is a problem for the people
who've lived there and depend on it, but they are creating
synthetic versions of what you can get naturally. So, people need to do their
research about what they are eating. Some people think tofu
food is great, tofu was genetically
modified and highly processed. You really have to do your
research on your food. I know, I see a big WANDA here,
there's a big WANDA back… How many big WANDAs are here? That's great. I'm going to call myself a big
WANDA now because I grow food in my backyard and I eat it. So last night I made something with
turmeric roots, ginger, lemongrass and the peppers out of mine and
tomatoes are out of my garden. Those are some of the things you
can do to know where your food comes from because you grow it. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson:
So I do want to give a shout out to Lolo [assumed
spelling] who is on our board. She's in the back from
Acts Accountability which has been behind the US
movement of bring back our girls and also Miss Africa USA,
Francis Aduko is here as well who also is a new founder of an
NGO empowering girls in Nigeria. And so I just want to
thank them for being there. >> Eve Ferguson: Can you stand up? >> Tambra Raye Stevenson: Yes. Can you please stand
to be acknowledged, so now [inaudible] is in the house. [ Audience Clapping ] And so we were all just last week at the United Nations General
Assembly meetings and so it's so important to have our generation
be a part of the leadership that our community needs
and being able to speak out and be a voice to the issues. Because when we look at the issue of
intersectionality of not just women in America but black
women, African women, the numbers change drastically
about health and economic outcomes. And so having the voice of
those women who are tend to be marginalized in the media and in these larger conversations
becomes really important. And for me even down to little
black girls having a voice as well becomes really
important of what are their needs and so that's why little
WANDA is so vitally important to give a positive image
for our girls to say, hey, I can be a change maker in my
community, food can be a healing and an empowering way to do so. And I'm going to do that with little
WANDA because I am little WANDA. So thank you so much and I hope that
you join us in the conference room for more conversations and snacks. >> Eve Ferguson: And healthy snacks. >> Tambra Raye Stevenson. Yes. >> Eve Ferguson: Healthy snacks. Thank you very much for coming. And you can just make your
way to the conference room. I will go round open up the side
door and enjoy some healthy snacks. >> This has been a presentation
of the Library of Congress. Visit us at LOC dot gov.

Sky Agriculture Introduces New Easy Drill

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Christophe de Carville with Sky Agriculture introduces the Easy Drill at Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

At the show, Sky Agriculture was showing a model of the seeding line.

Sky is dedicated to developing min-till and direct drilling equipment. Sky also showed off a full-sized display of their Maxi Drill.

we are here now in front of a model of our easy drill sitting line this is the direct drill it has a possibility of offering up to 250 kilos per disk so this is really its destination is really direct rolling the concept is what we call a tandem the sitting line will be resting on two points this rubber wheel in the front you will find here the depth adjustment system with blocks you'll be able to choose exactly which depth you want to achieve and the other contact point will be those press wheels in the back or tandem element will follow the soil whatever shape it has just resting on those two points and giving you the depth you've chose to those two discs each disk is equipped with a culture that will deliver the seed put it straight in the trench and in the back here you can see the second tube that will achieve the fertilizer fertilizer deposit or the second seed deposit because as you've seen in the hopper you have a wall which you can move to change the partition of your hopper with seed and ferd can be sixty to forty percent or a different type of setting where you will want have more seed and less product but really if you want to summarize this machine the right tooling machines to products to different doses to different locations and to different depth you can open and close any row you want it allows you lots of combinations lots of possibilities

9 NEW MODS FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! (and a hidden mod)

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9 New Mods Released For Farming Simulator 19 On PC, Xbox1, & PS4

Giants Mod Hub –
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#FarmingSimulator #NewMods #ConsoleMods

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Fans – 3x Cooler Master 200mm RGB, 1x 120mm

what's going on everybody DJ go him here welcome back to the channel I hope everybody's having a great day and if you're not sit down because you're about to have a great day we've got seven new mods for farming simulator 19 and all of these mods are for console but for PCs well but they're for console that is the most important part here we have the Brent Avalanche auger wagon we have the Amazon Pantera sprayer we have a vehicle shelter we have a bell fork we have the Fort Street III o3 mowing pack as you can see the classic mowers ring front of us we have a hayloft and we have a chrome rear wait unfortunately the rear wait does not make it possible to hook up any other trailers nonetheless we're gonna go through each one of these in detail let's take a look at them first up we have the Brent Avalanche 1596 now this is a bad boy right here it's got a 53,000 litre capacity let's jump down into auger wagons check it out right here BAM 53,000 litre capacity requires 300 horsepower you can get it in a standard wheels or you can get it in a crawler track Carl track is gonna cost you an extra eight grand this thing is cool is really cool it will hold wheat barley oats canola sunflower soybeans corn seeds and solid fertilizer very very cool so once you're in it take it along so we've got the John Deere 8400 are right here oh yeah I got some back boy right here so once you're full let's say we've got wheat which we do simply pull around to your semi truck without hitting much of anything like we are and pull right over and it will automatically dump into your cement truck very cool I like this this was one of my favorite auger wagons from farming simulator 17 and it is back in nineteen next up we have the Amazon Pantera 40502 you're gonna find this in sprayers crop protection BAM there it is you can do either herbicide or liquid fertilizer it's got 218 horsepower goes 31 miles an hour 30 to likely holds 4500 litres has a working speed of 9 miles an hour and he working width of 41 meters this is a house it is a true Hoffs bump-out we have our liquid fertilizer here on the ground we're gonna go ahead and load up with this we're gonna head into the field I'll show you how to use this if you're curious this is a four-wheel steering vehicle so do keep that in mind if you're wanting to get into tight places where you just can't get that hearty because it's only front-wheel drive well just got right here all we'll steering very cool sprayer is in the back let's let this unfold certainly an ordeal in it there we go so it's done we can raise and lower all we want and simply turn it on there you go now you've got a 41 meter sprayer going nine miles an hour not quite 15 it's still good nonetheless up next we have a vehicle shelter by grassland mods it's gonna cost you forty eight hundred dollars not too bad not too bad I mean it looks really good you've got the redzone there with the with the wood and the white here and the concrete the contrast on this is extraordinary I have to say that shout-out to the mater on this one the contrast in the look of this it's that red that just really makes it pop looks like it does have some lights I don't think we will be able come on let's see let's turn on our help window here it doesn't look like we're able to cut them all so I make the assumption that at night they turn on we will double-check that but nonetheless very very good-looking mod you're gonna find this in sheds and then you're gonna click over to the right all the way through these euro tunnels and they're right there $4,800 it's gonna cost you five bucks a day I am easy next mod we've got is a lizard Bell Forks as with this belfort from lizard you can transport round bells the bell fork is very cheap for purchase additional color configurations are available price four hundred dollars right here here it is this is by sway to roll modding apologize if I didn't say they completely right but very cool nonetheless so we've got our silage bill here we have our bell fork here what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn it on we can raise and lower this no fine controls back it up put it in when we're done set it down and pull away really really neat little guy right here super easy super cheap you were going to find this in baling technology you're gonna click over TC Bell fork four hundred bucks change the color the color is an extra two hundred dollars do keep that in mind so it's gonna cost you 600 bucks to get this thing with the repaint still nonetheless very cool mod works perfect next up we have the Fortran II 303 pack this pack includes a self-propelled mower as you've got the mower window ER and tedder which is super cool aha yaaaa so this is your self-propelled mower right here what we're gonna do is we're going to detach from the eo2 5 mower we're gonna grab a hold of this BAM fold it up bring it around and we're gonna see if we can get a little bit of mowing done here back this up so it looks absolutely perfect bring it down turn it on there you go there is your mower now we are gonna turn this on to see if we can change it up any let's see total map size I don't see anything about doing anything other than just a swath drop so you will be just swath dropping this but still nonetheless very very cool very very cool once you are done mowing whenever that may be you go ahead turn your mower off and you move it to the side because next we have this guy right here this is gonna be your Tedder let's take this bring it over see if there's any different controls that we're not used to yet lower it turn it on and roll up and what this is gonna do is this is going to plop out pay for us so yes this is a Tedder and kind of just shoots it out the side which is kind of interesting I've never seen one that shoots the hay out the side nonetheless still cool so cool I like it let's bring this here here is our third option this is your window or so once you have thrown the hay everywhere bring through here we're gonna come around backwards so we could put this back in the area where we mowed so you're gonna lower it and turn on your wind row you done fold uh-oh we need to unfold it first there we go now we can turn it on so this is not really picking up the whole swath I've tried to stay out of it I've tried to stay out it so it looks like you're gonna have to follow right on that edge if you want to get this up at all nonetheless still a good-looking bud still works great let's go jump in and check these out in let's go check these out at the store you're gonna go into mowers and you're gonna find your mower here you could change your rim color from white to kind of a baby green on this may be very very pale green or a very very vibrant and bright yellow configuration you go standard which is blue you go brown or green or you can go green with the white top so you don't have that brown icky looking tough that's what I've going with and I think it looks really really good next you're going to jump into mowers and you're gonna find your mower right here you can change your rim color to the same room colors and your main color to these same colors as before there you go very cheap fifteen grand for that next you're gonna go into Tedder's you're gonna find your fortress header in here twelve thousand dollars change up the color for free and last but not least jump into wind roars and you can find your winner over here same thing and this is going to cost you twelve thousand dollars as well once you've got your hate collected you're gonna need somewhere to put it right well we have a hayloft from in SMT and cartas modding come over here it's gonna give you the symbol BAM unload what's cool about this oh nothing that it holds two million five hundred thousand liters of hay or grass or hay or straw not grass no only straw or hay aka dry grass this is massive unfortunately you can't use it for anything I can't get in here like we could probably break in like this use an the no collision mod but I mean look it's a completely empty building and I can't open the doors we could use this for storage dear mater hey if you're watching this up in the doors just just let us in that's all just just let us in and it'd be cool because then it could be a shed and a hayloft oh that would be awesome we want that yes yes nonetheless this is wanted and needed let's take a look at this why is this important DJ we've already got one of these silos hayloft right here holds 250 thousand litres nine thousand dollars it holds straw and hay as well what's the dealio yo well this thing is a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so it's more but it holds ten times the amount for not dead dumb soap not even twice the price not even twice the price holds ten times email Paul you can place this guy down anywhere again there's no plumber here it will put down a kind of a dirt ground around it so do know that but nonetheless that is cool and then of course if you want to know how much you've got in storage it will tell you there you go forty-eight thousand liters out of five hundred thousand liters or you get it BAM that is cool I love it thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you this is a cool mod so we all like to put the nine meter header on the back or the front rather of our chrome big X five eighty however you get a lot of sag in the front a lot of droop see how much that makes that go down well there is a solution now introducing the chrome rear wait yes simply pick it up and it balances itself up and it looks good it it looks like it's supposed to be there only problem is there's like no hitch inside that makes it look great none the less it is still cool the mater has said that it is not completely done so we can probably look for some updates in the future piston looks good unfortunately this does not add the ability dad any extra trailers so if you're looking at this just for that one feature alone it doesn't have it so if again if the monitor is watching and giants let you and if you're able to if you can make this story we can put trailers on this this weight will become everyone's favorite mud and farming familiar 19 I guarantee it it is up Luca and gamer 82 5 0 30 to maybe 250 that's what that is it is very very cool it still works nonetheless and it looks good that is on the back of the 580 here it is on the 1180 it looks part of the thing it looks like it's supposed to be there like look look at it with it not on there it just doesn't look like it's supposed to be now but Brian sometimes it if God looks good we got lucky with the mods today Giants you did a good job today you did a good job we still don't have everything we want but we've got some really cool stuff I am digging it if you want this you're gonna go to weights and you're gonna go pretty much all the way to the right just like every time chrome back weight 1,800 kilograms that is a heavy heavy weight it's gonna cost you five hundred and fifty bucks there you go Giants has removed the hayloft from the mod hub completely it is just not there anymore I'm not sure why there's gotta be something wrong with it or the Mater has said hey um Paulette Paulette Paulette no something's going on I can't tell you what it is because I don't know I'm gonna try and dig a little bit see if I can do some research and find out what's going on but nonetheless the hayloft is not on mod hub right now at the time of according this was on here for consul but unfortunately like I said it is gone it has been removed if you were able to get it in the first of the 30 45 minutes that it was out that's awesome if not I to apologize I have this on PC and on PlayStation still so we're sort of school later just post as mod for you guys to send it if you've got PC I'm sure you'll be able to find this on a couple sites console players just hang tight I'm sure something was wrong they wouldn't just pull it for no reason so keep in mind we've got something's up with this so if you do have it play around with it see if you can break it see if you can find out exactly what's wrong with it or maybe they just didn't want to release it yet I couldn't tell you well guys that is gonna be it for today I hope you've enjoyed if you did please drop a like you don't please subscribe you have any questions about the mods that we have shown off today let me know down in the comments section I'll be happy to help you guys out with that being said I hope you have a great day enjoy these mods we'll see you later peace

Guy Singh-Watson – Could this be the future of farming?

Views:2635|Rating:5.00|View Time:4:19Minutes|Likes:68|Dislikes:0
Riverford founder and farmer, Guy Singh-Watson, talks permaculture, ecology and mixed cropping in his latest rant.

Could this be the future of farming?

modern agriculture certainly since the Second World War it's all been about controlling nature and you know actually replacing nature destroying it I would daresay and replacing it with a monoculture monocultures they're incredibly demanding they're unstable you need lots of agrochemicals you need lots of fuel to cultivate to maintain what is a very unstable state diversity is part of nature of me I mean the woods behind me you know they'll be like maybe several hundred species growing together the idea is to try and learn as much from the wood as possible to mimic the complexity of those systems but try and manage it so that it is more productive and the whole idea is to try and grow food with the minimum environmental impact I mean I want our farm to be productive and in terms of food but also leaves space for wildlife that will be aesthetically attractive they won't use chemicals and it will use the minimum of resources to produce the best quality food now that's quite quite an ambition isn't it so here we we've got cider apples growing with global artichokes in between the rows this sort of mixed cropping requires far less inputs you get more good pest predator relationships baby birds from the artichokes feeding on the aphids on the apple trees it's actually easier to control the weeds these artichokes cast a shade that we don't really have to do any weed control and we will grow a green manure around the apples which will die in the winter and it's about trying to really learn from nature and do things in intelligent way and accept that progress doesn't have to have come out of a kennel container if progress is much more about ecological understanding and using our knowledge wisely rather than being the kind of domineering thugs which I'm afraid to say is is what most agriculture is all about surely mixed cropping can't be as productive it's monocultures though well I've seen this sort of thing happening in Uganda and actually it's many many times more different conventional farming I think that you're in a low-wage economy it's much easier to do things by hand than it is here so to try and do it in this country really needs to mechanize things which is why they're laid out in rows rather than a kind of random mixture such as I saw in Uganda but actually there is the potential by using different parts of the environment actually to have a system which overall is much more productive some of the principles there in you know held up in permaculture we're trying to match the niche of different crops and different livestock and you know leave plenty of room for wildlife as well this could be the future of food and it's becoming so much more possible now because of GPS technology so you know you could set a robot or a tractor to drive down this road and program it ten years later to come back drive it in exactly the same place and weed around the trees if you want and I dare say by the time these apples are cropping you'll probably be able to get a robot to pick them as well and the technology is all getting much smaller and much more accessible so I think actually mixing up you know intelligent use of new technology with some of these ecological principles could open up a whole kind of new era for agriculture the biggest challenge is just trying to get it to work commercially I mean they're lots of hippies who love the idea and wherever but you know they're not very good actually making it work mostly I think that's where I come in you know I've spent 30 years of growing commercial vegetables commercially and you know constantly trying different systems and you know I find this the most exciting thing that I've done yet really farmers have absolutely got take back control of their industry for the last 50 or 60 years you know I feel we've been led by the nose by the agrochemical industry and you know agriculture has been about what they can make money selling us you know which agrochemical which new bare machinery and so on whereas you know actually this is all about knowledge it's all about the farmers knowledge and we need to get back to that learning to understand the ecology of our fields and woodlands is the key to moving forward in intelligent way it can be incredibly productive you know it can leave space for wildlife it won't pollute our rivers it is the way forward

Ch 6 Peasant and Farmers (History, CBSE, Grade 9) Chapter in Brief/ Summary in Hindi

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CBSE – Grade (Class) 9.
Subject – History.
Book – India and the Contemporary World.
Chapter 6 – Peasant and Farmers.
Series – Chapter in Brief / Summary in Hindi.

For other grade’s and subject’s study material, kindly visit and subscribe our channel “ASA Education”.


FASTEST way of *FARMING GOLD* | Fortnite Save the World Event Store

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Here I look at the fastest way to farm gold in Fortnite save the world. The Gold Farm is really limited in the game at the moment so this method will help you get more, plus a TON of additional resources like Hero XP, Schematic XP and Reperk!

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Fortnite STW is PVE (Player vs Environment) team based co-op game or multiplayer game that sees you lead survivor squads against invading husks. You need to try and gather, craft and collect legendary weapons as well as recruit legendary heroes and mythic heroes too. My videos often look at things like how to get more event gold, how to get the best weapons, and who is the best hero in the game. I often look at what does the most damage or has the highest damage in in the game.
You can pick up a legendary hero or mythic hero in the Epic Games Event Store or you may get lucky and find one in a Loot Llama opening.
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I love gold the look of it the taste of it the smell of it hey welcome back to the lisanna I'm a camel it's and this is for now save the world now what about all the cups today is invent gold and how the best way is to farm it because I've just been unready somebody asked me about how to farm gold and would you know these did this cord in general just said to the person you know go and check on reddit these loads of carriages lots of ways on there but the most common theme I'm seeing and this isn't everybody and some great guides and ready in fact some amazing guides on reddit but some of the guys are still saying to farm SSDs now SSDs is kind of a dead where to do it and I'll tell you for why because there's a lot of things in the event store that we want for gold at the minute you know we've got the copper red that's out the bleed storm and for so we've got Ragnarok you've got machinist Thor you've got harvester Sarah this tons of cool stuff and that's not as before we even get to the pure drops of rain dirt and all the other cool stuff that's in there if we go to the map and I have a quick look over here now if you've got to the SSDs and you go in this way it's a stone wood and what the common way is you've got two stone wood you got to this play with all this thing here you hit select and you go to custom put it to power level one two three and then you launch now there's some issues with this and the main issues being the first one is you probably you know you're unlikely to get into a storm shield eventually you might not land in one I tend to find personal for me about one in four I tend to find a storm shield now if you're the type of person who can drop into a mission and just leave then you know power to you that's great you can't just drop in but it's gonna take you a good five ten minutes to actually find the storm shield defense to actually do now once you've done that storm shield it's gonna take you another I would say about eight minutes to actually get that storm shield done so we call it in total about 20 minutes it's gonna take you and in that you'll probably get anywhere between eighty which I got and the last one that I did because I'm just tested it out this morning or up to how long you can get out I've seen people get 150 gold before by doing this way but there's a better way to do it if you actually just go to the area that you're actually in so for me is twine so if you got to twine peaks and look for an incoming there you might not always find one and that's fine if you don't so what there's no incumbents there at all that I can do so I got back drop down a level so we go to Cannavale a and then you go down to the highest area that you can find the haste area for me is down here down at the bottom in Calais and I just looked just look at the actual encampments and just see what they've got now this one locked now because it's got the purple around it that means it's a storm so what you actually look at is if it's in the storm like that and it's giving out gold as well that's the one you want to be doing so all you do pick the leaders that you want I mean personally I would go for the reclaimers probably best Oh flurry yes someone like that I'm just choosing back not because he's cool but all you do you just go into this and then you just run through the mission so I'm just gonna show you this now the good thing about doing it this way is what you're actually gonna get you're not just gonna get the gold and then a lot of trash with it cuz the way that you get the gold from doing the storm shields is you get mini llamas open up the mini llamas you might get a couple of thousand hero XP you know you might get you know a couple oh I don't know something else you know something that you don't really need a trap or something like that and then you'll get your gold on top as well pretty trash with these I'm gonna get pure drops of rain which you need gold which you need and a better amount it's not going to be a great amount but a decent amount of hero XP as well so let's just jump in and see how quick we can actually do this okay so with these missions you actually have 20 minutes in which to complete the mission and the good thing about that is you can't go over the time so where are you gonna take time looking for SSDs do you know going through menu screens going through the boring storm shield defense it's a low level they are really boring and I stopped borne if you're a new player as a new player is actually quite exciting but for you no solos higher up in level is really really boring to actually play through a low-level SSD so you don't have to go through that in this now what we're looking for is a beam of light in the sky there it is so we're gonna go that way it's devoid that's my ships we're trying to do this as quick as what we can alright so here we go so we've got another one then we're gonna smash you won't smashes love those guys alright here we go take him down now because we're actually fighting under the level that we're actually out we should be absolutely fine I say shit doesn't always work out that way you know we've failed these before we've failed them it doesn't matter when I its approval point you or not but one thing we are trying to just show as I said is the absolute efficiency of doing things this way she's so much faster there you go oh is the bad that god I thought it was my seismic shock okay so that's two done already now as I was trying to say you actually get 20 minutes to do this mission anyway so by the time you've looked for a group using the other method you know going through storm shields and not enjoying the mission and everything else you'll have already finished this one so what we're trying to do is actually be about I don't know the last the last one I got the last storm shield what I did this morning I got eighty gold so you know and then I got 1,250 hero XP as well thanks for that one okay I'm just gonna skip everything we're just gonna go through drop that just to take out whatever is chasing me and I want them incoming that's over their log so I'm just gonna run past everything how I draw the line as it matter it doesn't matter all right where is it there it is she's there already smash the charges can be stopped if you're quick enough which arm looks like I'm not gonna be by the shock tower so that's usually enough to put a smash you down usually unless you're reloading [Laughter] bouncing smashes alright okay Jesus concentrate lick concentrate always my thing I don't even think these are from being cut meant you know well not even helping right now let's go she's doing it look she's got it alright let's move in and smoothen such big chunks won't that skill it's something new what the new one which the other players using right now so lotto volatile lots of also is actually using the the new out wonder right now it's also got seismic shock great for incumbents some other good incumbent heroes master Grandia Ramirez Bradley's gone Sarah hotep anyone like that harvester Sarah you know all these people are absolutely great when it comes to her incumbents obviously the reclaimer and florid yes they're going to be number one okay so that's three encampments already so let's just keep on going let's keep that streak going like really keeps on saying yeah that aimed all right that in you can see I'm such a good PR player despite common opinion all right looks like we're good here so we want to just pass the five-minute mark on and we are bossing it right now our miss wimple this is not time ragnerok to swim three seconds on the tower it's up but I don't even think I need it he goes four out of the five I mean we're just rushing through this now which is granty most people understand that gold you know gold farming and encampments is definitely the way to go I don't know why you'd bring striker AC though striker air conditioning he's not really one for incumbents I mean it's always a good hero he's agreeing or in fact for farming but he's not the go-to hero for farming Jesus did that guy plays battle royale did you see how quickly put that up that was nuts key binds people key binds okay so now that we've got the main encampments what we've got now is super incumbents which of these now these will form loads and loads of missed monsters so look at that three you've got one blasters right there I don't swap you that as well you've got to take her over there as well right I might have been five Buster's so what you're actually going to be getting is lot danger in the mist down there 14 of 50 missed monsters now I normally find every two missions sometimes more it depends what error here in but every two missions you'll get that one filled eyes and that gives you a hundred Reaper as well so you're not going to get that Reaper or be able to complete that quest when you do it storm shield is even more just come up there I mean sometimes you can do it in one if you you know if you're looking but it really is the luck of the draw just depends so we've got 20 already but we've not done the bonus increments yeah and it's the bonus increments while all the missed monsters are but this group is absolutely fantastic so I've got a good group that's the good thing about this who've we got lots I can't even know what kind of pronounce that oh and I don't sit with me lots of art oh boy tow lots of art we've also got near new your FX and Hulu as well okay so we've got another bonus income and then all great fun and lots of missed monsters which is what what I've done alright we go take and that love the specter still it's still a beautiful weapon oh you're up okay I got you okay let's keep the energy up let's keep the energy up you all right not quite we're putting that down just yet till the next spawn comes in there it is I don't know why the seismic shock works on tape cause it doesn't make sense to me I wouldn't mind if that didn't work but hey it is what it is I ain't complaining all right I think that's another one don't over got another another bunch of spawns oh here they are alright be dudes got it go all right there with God you know what as well I know it's not clusters a top tier hero but Ragnarok so much fun there we go we got this and we're already 10 minutes in so far so when was you might take 20 minutes to complete a storm shield this is just so fast you've just got to make sure you're picking the right one it's got him have gold on it and he's better off if he's in a storm as well here we go I know what to do you're right you're right ray get off the hover boards a good start no you think alright life is good and look at all these miss monsters we've got 37 missed monsters down already so we could potentially get a hundred Reaper from this one I don't even know what I started off with all right let's go take her all right showers back up all right and because as well sometimes he's a lot more level than you you can do them a lot easier and you can just do them so fast too that was meant to be a shock tower all right I got him down you go guys down you go you know when you've got Outlanders doing encampments you just can't lose so fast there you go one more we've just hit the ten-minute mark so we're already 50% faster than doing stomp shields so this is a good thing so far all right I got this put the tower down it's nothing to really shoot although you got some missed monsters so I'm like 47 48 I need two missed monsters so in the next spawn our fill bulb so maybe you can't just do it every single mission maybe every mission at a certain level you can fill that up and get the repo that means if you do 10 missions you're going to get the reaper so I need one more missed monster to complete that one more missed monster give me one what and this tongues here there you go that's it and that's my missed monster slain mission done so I've actually got a hundred repack from this plus whatever gold it gives me and all I've got to really do is beat 80 gold no you're not pro clean not propane damnit get the reward get the reward times yes got it alright good so that's it that's how quick you can actually do it it's just so fast and so quick alright so the most important part now then is look at the rewards so let's have a look how much gold we actually got from that cuz that's what we're actually after and this is also a great way to farm Reaper do you know what every ten increments that you do you can make a Reaper you can repack the weapon I don't think there's any faster way to get it at the moment I know you can get a lot from doing the four player missions where you get the times four Reaper can do tend to go for them quite a lot but this is just a super efficient and fast way if you want to actually level up and get like you know if you're actually looking for schematic XP are you looking for hero XP then go and do the four player missions they're definitely the way forward so missions are in the storm certainly ones got times four on them if you can find any there that wants to go for however if you're looking for gold or if you're looking for pure drops of rain or if looking for anything else then this is definitely the way forward okay if you've got like three friends or anything like that it's always great to take them and with you so that you're all on the same page but look at that we've got six thousand two hundred and fifty kilo XP which is well worth it pure drops of rain always needs tons of those and we've got 92 gold which beats the eight T gold but we've got I'm reading this faster this didn't take 20 minutes at all we've got a 100 Reaper and we should get some more gold as well potentially another 100 gold so we nearly doubled the amount of gold in half the amount of time so those of you that are still doing storm shields at the moment install wood you know all I'm trying to say to you is don't do you know it's not the way to do it anymore what you can do now you get all the cool stuff from the event store just by doing it this way and you can build up the other night when I was looking to get the array so the Riskin came into the store didn't have any gold on me all the time you'll see a lot of youtubers doing that because we try and review all these things but if you look at the heroes that we've got you know I've done a review on Ragnarok thora I'm not the one of this sledgehammer just yet because he's an urban assault but I've reviewed a lot of these weapons and a lot of these things already and the main thing is I need a ton of gold to do that so what I did the other night is I just I had some gold already but I just found them incumbents for a little while I think it took about an hour and a half two hours and I just bombed those encampments and then I bought the wraith what's bed and then just leveled it up the next morning by doing the four player missions it's so so simple and just a good way to do it's just the most efficient way to actually do it but that's all we've got time for guys let me know down below in the comments let me know which one you actually do when you're farming for gold so just to point there Juno do you do encampments or do you do storm shields so SSD or incumbents I just want to know what kind of the ratio of what you guys are actually doing and who's doing more but I tend to find the encampments and just saw so much faster if you are doing storm shields or you do it you know you don't agree with the video you think that the storm shields are faster then let me know the details as to why because I would absolutely love to know but a massive massive thanks for watching guys if you're not part of the littler army already make sure you hit that subscribe button and I will catch you on the next video take care now

Maasai Life Through A Child's Eyes

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Subscribe here: 8-year-old Naresiah takes you on a journey showing what life is like as a Maasai girl in Kimana, Kenya and the struggles she faces. Learn how Operation Blessing is helping Maasai tribe with life changing programs

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What Happens to a Body During Cremation?

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What goes on inside that cremation machine?

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Mortician: Caitlin Doughty
Writing & Research: Louise Hung
Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair


“The Degree of Destruction of Human Bodies in Relation to the Duration of the Fire”. Michael Bohnert, Thomas Rost, Stefan Pollack. Forensic Science International. 1998.

“Burning Out: What Really Happens Inside a Crematorium”

“How Cremation Works”

hello darlings today we're returning to where my career began really which is describing every visceral McCobb detail of the cremation if you've never seen one of my videos before and just googled his cremation right for me hi hello welcome don't worry I'm actually pretty good at this this video is the first and what I hope is a series about what happens to an average everyday corpse both procedurally and scientifically in different post-mortem scenarios let us begin most crematories will require that a person be cremated in some kind of container you may have your eye on that $5000 lacquer mahogany kylie jenner berber casket but while that style may work for burial it's not a good match for the cremation machine cremation specific caskets are typically pine plywood or most commonly a cardboard alternative container which will burn up real nice before a body goes into the cremation machine jewelry is usually taken off and medical devices like pacemakers prosthetics or silicon implants are removed from the body why because pacemaker batteries can explode and prosthetic and breast implants melt into a sticky goo that some poor Crematory worker has to scrape up I think that my what happens to breast implants during the cremation video is still my most popular video because the internet after all the exploding and melting goodies have been removed from a corpse a metal tag a lot like a dog tag will be put in with the corpse and stay with it from start to finish so the remains can always be identifiable this is how we know we're giving you grandma's remains not Bob's remains who is Bob you don't know him which is exactly the point now we commence the cremation cremation of a body takes place in the first of two chambers the primary chamber where the body goes can reach temperatures of 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 900 degrees Celsius in this brick and cement lined mini inferno the soft tissues of the body incinerate and vaporize reducing to chunks of brittle bone and some ash this takes one to two hours but what happens during that one to two hours behind that big metal door every 10 minutes or so in the machine the body undergoes some pretty intense changes on its way to complete cremation would you like to know what they are gather round the children or dodo this is actually pretty intense about 10 minutes in exposed to the flame the muscles skin organs and fat begin to char sizzle and shrink fun fact if the corpse is incinerated before its muscle tissue has decomposed too much its limbs may contract hands in a fist arms bent head tilted like a boxer but it doesn't sit straight up myth at the 20-minute mark most of the soft tissue has burned off of the face and skull save for the cheeks ribs are beginning to show and in the thoracic and abdominal region Jets of liquid may spray from tears in the body cavity this is the liquids in the body aggressively evaporating and the abdominal organs dehydrate and shrink after 30 minutes the calvaria or skullcap is beginning to come apart from the rest of the skull boiling liquid pours from the fractures and the facial bones have almost no tissue left on that the bones of the chest are mostly exposed with the ribs bending inward and outward the organs of the abdomen continue to shrink and the arms and legs are mostly free of soft tissue if not completely consumed by the flames at the 40-minute mark the calvaria has completely come off now exposing a blackened brain and the bones of the face have mostly disintegrated the ribs entirely exposed twist and bend severely abdominal organs like the spleen look like blackened sponges and the lower parts of the arms are all but gone at 50 minutes what remains of the internal abdominal organs are shriveled and looks spongy the thighs are nothing but stumps and the arms are mostly gone the spinal column is more or less on its own now and is coming apart at the 60 minute mark and beyond if the torso hasn't already broken apart it probably does that now the skull is nothing but bone fragments the internal organs are nothing but ash and the pelvis is consumed by flames while all that tissue and bone is being burnt in the primary chamber the gases and particulate created by the cremation go into a secondary chamber where they are subjected to temperatures of around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit this second chamber is to reduce smoke odor and emissions before they're released into the atmosphere after the body has finished burning the cremated remains are allowed to cool before they are swept by a Crematory operator into what looks like a large cookie tray at this point the remains are nothing but three to five pounds of fragile organic bone fragments and some ash a powerful magnet is run over the bones and ash to pick up any metal that made it through the cremation and then the cremated remains are ground into the powdery substance we recognize cremated remains in what's called a cremulator from there the cremated remains are placed in a container or urn for the cremated individuals friends or family to pick up and do with as they wish and that's more or less how it's done from cold corpse too hot bones those are the basics of cremation what kind of body dispositions scenario situation would you like to know about this video was made with generous donations from death enthusiasts just like you patrons like Murray and moss Felicia Kemp Philip and Betsy Alison Myles Natalie Cooper ed remain thumbs head

A revolution in gluten free bread = the ultimate sourdough loaf

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A 100% gluten free sourdough loaf that looks, tastes and even smells exactly like its wheat based counterparts. No eggs, soya, nuts, dairy or gluten means it’s perfect for everyone! This is a revolutionary loaf and now available to buy directly from me at my Leeds farmers markets (Currently Kirsktall Deli Market), by collection in Leeds or by mail order anywhere in the UK by emailing [email protected] . Visit my website for more gluten free recipes and to find out about my courses.

this is my newest creation my sourdough gluten-free loaf now most people don't quite understand why it is as amazing as I say it is so I thought I'd do a little video just to show you this is what it looks like on the outside it's absolutely gorgeous but the thing that's remarkable about it is how it looks tastes and feels exactly like it's wheat based counterpart if I show you the bread it's really really flexible I can bend it like that without snapping anywhere I can flap it about as I would if I was putting together a sandwich or buttering my slice of bread and it doesn't snap it's got a fantastic moist crumb that's not really really dense like the usual butan free breads it's got a chewy crust that is something I missed so much through my years of not being able to eat wheat and the best part about it is that it stays fresh for ages this is a slice that I cut off the bread yesterday it's been sat in a bag separately but in a bag for a day and you can see that it's not dried out it's not gone hard it's not gone crusty and weird it's still exactly the same as it was when I first sliced it and the thing that's the most amazing about it is that this isn't a loaf I'm plates yesterday or even the day before this is a loaf that's three days old now and it's still just as incredible as on the day I made it and that's why I think that might be looking free bread is quite revolutionary

Formation of a Pearl | Secret Life of Pearls

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Australia’s South Sea Pearl Oyster produces the most valuable pearls on Earth.
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Formation of a Pearl | Secret Life of Pearls

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few places on earth remain as untouched as Australia's Northwest this coastline is one of the last pristine places remaining on our planet between Broome and Darwin the coast is as wild today as it was when Europeans settled the continent over 200 years ago thousands of miles of uninhabited wilderness where the ocean teams with life some we know and others whose secrets are hidden in the deep like this creature Australia's South Sea pearl oyster also known as the silver lipped oyster although it's not much to look at on the outside on the inside it has the ability to produce one of the most valuable gems known to mankind any mollusk that produces a shell can produce a pearl that includes abalone marine snails clams mussels and oysters the South Sea pearl oyster that lives here produces the cream of the crop it's a solitary creature that can grow to around one foot living for up to forty years as a result the pearls it creates are the largest most lustrous along in recent years a single Australian South Sea pearl was sold for over 1.5 million dollars the notion that a pearl always forms when a grain of sand enters the creature is a myth another possibility is that some tiny organism invades the creature and disrupts the cells in the mantle then something miraculous happens the oyster begins to secrete a smooth crystalline substance known as nacre nacre or mother of pearl is made of the same material that forms the inside of the shell this combination of calcium carbonate and protein is both lighter and stronger than concrete it takes several years for thousands of layers of nacre to build up and create a smooth iridescent gem but it's a rare event a pearl of value is found in less than 1 in 10,000 wild pearl oysters

Eccles College: Foundation Dept. End of Year Celebrations 2015 (Extended Version)

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Here is the extended version of the photo slideshow from the End of Year Celebrations.


Take That – Greatest Day
Pharrell Williams – Happy (from Despicable Me 2)
Shalamar – Night to Remember

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एन 0 टी 0 टी 0 (N.T.T. 1 & 2 years course) क्या है ? ….. जानें इधर। ……

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N.T.T. stands for Nursery Teacher’s Training having duration 1 & 2 years.
want to know more about the N.T.T. course and its affiliation (Franchise process) … see the full video …
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Introducing the 504 and 604 Pro Balers | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

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Get pro silage baling performance with the next generation 504 Pro baler. It’s built to handle the demands of heavy, wet material and produce high quality bales in a variety of materials. For operators who want pro performance for frequent silage baling — the 504 Pro baler sets the standard.

Farming Simulator 17 – Gameplay #2 : Tending to Animals

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Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17! Immerse yourself in a huge open world loaded with a harvest of new content. Explore farming possibilities over hundreds of acres of land, including a detailed new North American environment. Drive over 250 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers, including new brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Valtra or Massey Ferguson.
Harvest many types of crops, including for the first time sunflowers and soy beans. Take care of your livestock – cows, sheep, chicken and now pigs – take part in forestry, and sell your products to expand your farm! Transport your goods with trucks and trailers, or load and drive trains to reach your destination. Grow your farm online with other players, and download community created mods for an ever-expanding Farming Simulator experience!
Farming Simulator 17 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

West Highland Way – DVD trail guide video

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Thinking of doing the WEST HIGHLAND WAY in 2018? Lots of trail info at ~ David and Debra Rixon have produced this spectacular 2-hour Scottish DVD: ALONG THE WEST HIGHLAND WAY available from
You’ll find out exactly what its like! In this official and definitive film they meet rangers, musicians, historians, and local folk on their 95-mile journey, and walk every step of the way. Makes a great preview if you are considering hiking this classic trail …and a great souvenir if you’ve been! Recorded in May during exceptional weather. Superb scenery – Music by Barnaby Smith.

Remember, will send to USA and worldwide… no problem! You also might like A CLASSIC TOUR OF SCOTLAND a motoring and walking journey

Others in the series: Footloose in Italy, Italian Lakes, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Ireland, Dubrovnik, Tallinn, Rocamadour, Bavaria, London, Holland, Keukenhof Gardens, Madeira, Italian Lakes, Austrian Tyrol, A Classic Tour of Scotland. Produced by David & Debra Rixon

you the west highland way was founded in 1980 and is one of the most beautiful and most challenging walks in the British Isles it stretches for 95 miles from the suburbs of Scotland's largest city it skirts Scotland's largest law passed the head of Glencoe to the foot of Scotland's largest mountain open landscape but really beautiful in its own right that freedom that sense of isolation and that's what people like and when they're walking the West silent way and when you have done that and you've got wet and eaten alive by mages come back and do it again because it won't be the same again this film chronicles our journey recorded in exceptionally dry weather in May in five parts we've read a lot about it we think we're prepared and it's time to do it a distinctive feature about the west island way is the fact that it links historical roots into a seamless fascinating and enjoyable long distance trail Smail is most important holy lovely sweet smile and can really smell the alcohol that has been chasers you well they say the weather can change in minutes and certainly as we've had all sorts this is the oak tree in the first stop after our stretch from Lowell guy we're going to opti for volume so we're doing it over at four days we're about a third of the way along our journey now and this is where Loch Lomond gets quite a bit narrower this is Foxtrot once a phone today good near an sbox a natural blue tit had taken here from the goat and had laned its nest with there they got here more here so very expensive nest actually but oh it was lovely in warm and the cold spring morning you could put your hand over the eggs and fuel the heat coming off it yeah you John been an Irish and lover of animals you thought I'll take a sweet out and give it to the pony well the pony looked at the back and he looked at what was in it and he saw this your part isn't he he saw the meat and he thought wait a minute that is look at it earlier Polly started get a camera while the horse is in the bag John's tying together is stuffy and Earth is just laughing he said I just stood there laughing the famous in has welcomed the Great and the good through its doors as a photo pair so a journey of people who walk in Westphalen ways and so on it's from one of these natural stopping places you would come to just as it was for the Drover's I'll be back Oh was hundreds of years ago Oh you can see three mark mails are we sort of thing anything us must be I beg please but when yet I Hrithik just a small please a relatively important part of our history taking place there you walk past it next time you're up stop and huddle together feel it that mosquitoes a day like this I'd be crazy to sit in an office so framel guy behind Loch Lomond inversely green-lighted tandem in foreign we're here not that much better to put will in there in a way it's easier than you expect because it's wild and beautiful but there is almost always a pub at the end of the day waving at food and a drink and more than not there's a pub halfway for lunch as well if you want finally we are rewarded with views of magnificent been nervous I think the restaurant way school because just after Loch Lomond then have few mountains up and then to get a Highland in this is the best part of the whole trip our luggage has been carried faithfully from hotel to guesthouse all of our journey along the west island way as we leave kinloch leavin we caught up with Robert who runs a baggage transport service with his wife Audrey we do about sometimes 350 miles of the e at the wash but I've seen me do 450 miles that was an absolute epic but that was because it was so busy there was no accommodation in all the normal little toes of people were stealing miles away we are walking 54 miles of the west and we in under 24 hours excellent that's the challenge unless the team briefed who is very tall shoulders back yes video yes you things haven't changed a great deal 250 years ago confession constructed these slips they realize then they would need to maintain them for example if you were working on us forward to preparedness we would try and rebuild it reinstate it in the fashion that it was originally done we're nearly there it's nearly 95 miles we asked the forest but quite Whitten head of the ground well look for Windham so uplifting the end of the West Thailand way the 95 my and it's been more like an odyssey you

Peasants and Farmers | 9th Std | History | CBSE Board | Home Revise

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In the previous two chapters you read about pastures and forests, and about those who depended on these resources. You learnt about shifting cultivators, pastoral groups and tribals. You saw how access to forests and pastures was regulated by modern governments, and how these restrictions and controls affected the lives of those who used these resources.

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peasants and farmers in the previous two chapters you read about pastures and forests and about those who depended on these resources you learned about shifting cultivators pastoral groups and tribals you saw how access to forests and pastures was regulated by modern governments and how these restrictions and controls affected the lives of those who use their resources I hope you remember all of that in this chapter you will read about peasants and farmers with a special focus on three different countries you will find out about the small Cottagers in England the wheat farmers of the USA and the opium producers of Bengal you will see what happens to different rural groups with the coming of modern agriculture what happens when different regions of the world are integrated with a capitalist world market by comparing the histories of different places you will see how these histories are different even though some of the processes are similar so let us begin a journey with England where the agricultural revolution first occurred you