Nigel Farage: An Uplifting Message – Brexit Party Rally for Democracy, Bolton, 20.05.2019

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Tory MP says deal with DUP is good for Northern Ireland and UK – Daily Mail

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The DUP will be back for more cash from the Tories and the £1billion price paid to get them to prop up Theresa May is just a downpayment, it has been claimed. Nick Macpherson, a former permanent secretary at the Treasury, warned the party founded by Ian Paisley would demand more cash ‘again and again’. The ‘confidence and supply’ deal, which will see the 10 DUP MPs back Mrs May on crucial legislation, was agreed yesterday (pictured) after weeks of wrangling. But it will reviewed in two years time and then at the end of each parliamentary session – likely two more full reviews of the deal. In addition, a Tory-DUP committee will negotiate week by week on measures not included in the agreement.

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Ken Starr Exposes the Left's Legal Breakdowns

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Ken Starr exposes the left’s legal failures as they try to take down President Trump. The former independent counsel also promotes his memoir of the Clinton …

'Boris will stand up to EU' Steven Edginton BBC Radio Kent

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Listen to me on BBC Radio Kent debating Brexit and who should be the next Prime Minister.

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but Stephen Stephen Edgington on the line now I'm Steve the director of politics UMobile Stephen time to change the Prime Minister it certainly is correct you know it's politician UK YouTube channel by the way yes I'm saying trying to finance the right now yep and who do you see is the best person to take everything well I think the only person that I've working at the moment it's obviously Boris Johnson I think he's got the support of a lot of sort of conservative base and I think that he's got support of a lot of the country the extent mile I think he talks you know proper sense common sense politics and it's what the people of this country need we need someone who's actually speaking up for them rather than sort of remain as we've run the country for the last sort of forty three years well maybe speaking of for you but I'm not sure that he speaks out for the entire country well I've gone around the country and I've spoken to people as part my job and 60-million paper ridiculous well I think go to evidence shows to me that a lot of people around the country really support that his sort of straight talking politics and I think that he's right to do that I'm glad that he speaks his mind and he doesn't really care about the consequences of people in Westminster and sort of BBC presenters who might get very very angry with them you know what he said it's all upset about what he said but he just go straight to public and says what they think so I think that's a brilliant thing and when asked one of the key words that people associate with Boris Johnson is the word buffoon I think it's got the country to be a buffoon is it well I think that's the precision of a large number of the public I'm sure it is and I'm sure a lot of the public think that jeremy corbyn's an anti-semite and a large number the public think that reason is absolutely useless I mean that that's just part of the course of being in politics I think when you have these images of you know Boris taunting it's obviously got this sort of feeling like image that's fine and he's also a very great politician I mean to see some of his statements in the columns it made some absolutely brilliant speech is very very statement statesman like man and I think he could be a great Prime Minister he didn't exactly cover himself in glory as foreign secretary did he I think he did I think you need qualified that one well okay he's certainly not popular with the EU I think that's a good thing personally on the European Union obviously very very happy with threesome a being Prime Minister a lot about the negotiations I think we should have someone standing up for Britain and not continually giving concessions for the European Union I think it's great they don't like him fine but have finally someone who would stand up for our country but the point there being them if they don't like him and they see Theresa May as their best option they're gonna make her we'll check his proposal certain aspects of it certainly they'll view it perhaps more palatable more generously than they might otherwise if they see her as their best option so getting that sort of breaks it that suits them I mean I think this is a good consequence of what's going on to be honest I'm glad that the EU are finally saying look we're happy to have a proper negotiation with the UK and if that means that because they're so terrified of forests on to becoming Prime Minister and they're happy finally talk to us about having a proper trade deal they're not fond of me Stephen let's talk briefly about the timing of this do you think that this is appropriate timing for people to be talking about a potential change of conservative leadership I think it should have happened months ago I think we've got a you know you've got to get on with it if we're going to have a change the leader we've got to do it now and we don't do it now and we've got a split with Teresa maybe because there really isn't enough time logistical e to change the brakes that deal what's going on obviously be got checkers it's going to take a while to replace three scenarios we do it for a leadership challenge you know that could take weeks months in terms of you know the actual process and then that leaves almost no time to negotiate a new breakfast deal so we would be crashing out then which I don't think would be a disaster however I think that we are running out time and I'm not happy with breakfast well we had to emps to a breakfast in the ERG for example they have done as disastrous job in terms of organization I think they've got a lot of egos and I'm really disappointed in that because they could have got with a threesome a a long time ago or at least you know all go to checkers a long time ago but they keep on waiting awaiting waiting and the longer they wait the more likely it is that we're going to get a worse deal with the European Union Stephen do you think that that handling breaks it is something of a poisoned chalice no I don't I think that the fact that we are being handled so the people handling breck say and the UK government are so anti-black said they despise it you know all the civil servant none of them voted brexit we've got to remain a cabinet we've got a remain of Prime Minister and when you have people who do not believe and the main policy in this country of course they're going to make a bad job of it of course they're not going to believe in it now that means they can't deliver it properly if it's British people with what people voted for so I think both sides had huge failures and a British politician you know at least I believe totally failed – you know install the proper Prime Minister and a proper plan for leaving the EU on a Canada style free trade deal and remain is on the other side had perfectly failed to institute something to respect the result the fact of course is that however brexit pans out whatever the result of it is it will never be universally popular will it do you accept that I mean the referendum itself okay yes the levers one but it was close and there's certainly a division in within the House of Commons within the country so whatever happens it will never be universally popular will it my point being is if you are looking to change the Prime Minister are you not better to leave Theresa May where she is and let her drink from that poisoned chalice and then replace it with somebody to deal with the consequences who can then be more of a hero I think it's I think it's time to replace her now though that's a problem because we have a checkers agreement which in my opinion does not respect the result it means that we have to carry on taking laws from the European Union we will be a rule taker rather than a rule maker and I think the checkers is it's basically a disaster this country leave us as a vassal state and essentially we would not be in the European you know or outside the European Union we'd be between so I think there's time to get rid through saying now you know all this stuff you're right you're right in the sense that all this bad stuff through your checkers is on her and as soon as we get rid of her and instigate someone who really believes in it then yes fine the country was doing a better and we'll have a lot better prospects of winning a next general election for the Conservatives but I think it's conjugate of her now while she's going through this checkers proposal I think is total disaster for the UK and if she doesn't replace the checkers proposals and yeah she has to go do you think Stephen that looking at it Michel Barnier said earlier this week that November as a possible date time for a deal was still doable as long as certain prerequisites were met do you think if we change the Prime Minister if we change the the current policy that's on the table we could possibly hold ourselves back in terms of getting a better deal for brexit come March next year I think that there is very possible to get a Canada style free trade deal with the European Union which is what they had on the table a few months ago with Donald Tusk this is what happened to the ERG meeting today look we could have a proper breakfast we could have a counter style free trade deal that would be comprehensive it wouldn't be crashing out the European Union on No Deal it wouldn't be staying in certain parts of the European Union like checkers and it will be the perfect option for the UK so I think there is time to do that still and Theresa may really needs for scrap checkers now and bringing the Canada style free trade deal like Greg Spears have been saying from all along we've talked about the possibility of Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party does have a history of maybe electing as its new leader not the most obvious or the the the most obvious candidate so do you really think if there were to be a challenge to Teresa Mays leadership it would be Boris Johnson who ultimately would replace it or there are other people you think might be in contention I remember for a very long time George Osborne was meant to be the next prime minister yeah and I think you're totally right I think that they probably won't be Boris Johnson if you look at the history of conservative party leadership elections there's very much a strong chance for a charismatic young probably Tory MP who was the breakfast here I'm really pleased in the cause you could come out of nowhere and he could storm the party and it you could become Prime Minister I simply have no idea but yeah you're right from history's perspective I don't think Boris Johnson is going to be Prime Minister if we look at previous conservative election right no I hear what you say Stephen thanks for joining us really do appreciate it as Steven Eddington director of politics

Every single Remainer should Vote Labour 🌹✊ Every single Leaver should Vote Labour 🌹✊ Help Unite

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Every single Remainer should Vote Labour ✊ Every single Leaver should Vote Labour ✊ Help Unite the Country bring down the Tories and Another World is …

Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

Brexit could have been easy: Iain Duncan Smith dismantled by Pascal Lamy

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Politics Live 29 April 2019

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquent at times alright we're going to welcome on Pascal Lamy he is former director-general of the World Trade Organization and former EU trade commissioner welcome to the program you're giving a speech tonight about brexit I think you also giving a speech about climate change and the current situation on brexit now you said this morning on the BBC on the Today program that we made the wrong choice in negotiating withdraw agreement first and then the rest what did you mean well I'm trying to understand why both UK and the EU bit more UK than the EU in this mess it is a mess my conclusion my own interrogation that it was always to be a mess but some thought it wouldn't be some for breakfast would be sort of short surgical deep blog operation that was not to be done has always been and we should have understood that on both sides by the way better at the beginning a long painful on scrambling process right well that was I agree with salami I think the important point was the biggest mistake was made was right at the beginning when the EU and the UK agreed to put the withdrawal process first and separate that out from any kind of future relationship I don't and I spent weekend half ago I spent two hours with mr. Barney and his team talking about how you can unscramble this separately and I made a proposal the point is did you think first of all but did you think it was going to be simple surgical and easy I never said it was going to be simple I don't think it ever was going to be simple but the key question was it could have been a lot easier and I think the main point is that the two elements of those elements together first of all what dictates the way you leave and your future relationship are inextricably linked because often the future relationship dictates what kind of process of departure you have and therefore whether there's issues around money there all day at the same time but to separate them has been an unmitigated disaster because it's meant we never get to the future relationship or let's remember that this very specific interpretation of article 50 was not the EU interpretation it was the British Prime Minister was under formidable pressure from registers who said Bridget is Bridget we have to do it now we have to do it now and in order to do it now let's stop the process negotiate with Robert agreement and then we will see now the we will see is now taking revenge the reason why the thing doesn't work politically in the UK it's not a new problem I mean there's reality there's never been a negotiation between EU and UK the fundamental problem is whether UK can agree with UK on what bracelet is about ie ie how much of regulatory divergence do the British people want in do they want a big divergence do they want a small divergence if it's a big divergence you exit a lot politically and economically and this has a big cost if you exit a little this is a little political but at a much lower cost and this trade-off between how much you exert politically and how much we get economically is not available for the moment because it wasn't really search that was to be determined later all right so later is taking revenge do you agree well I actually is one of those that said we should have settled where we were going to be as the number one priority what we want and this is the point I just made earlier because we haven't sat down and agreed what the future relationship is going to be which by the way dictates what those relationships are across the board with its customs union or whatever then it's been the wrong way around now I have to say quite categorically the problem isn't just I've never been able to agree here the truth is part that is true isn't Parliament itself is not in agreement really the British public because the Parliament is being elected mostly full of people like Vince who just don't want to leave anyway and the reality has been there for a process of blocking this so you know with respect to salami here domestically the public said they wanted to leave and we should have delivered the leave by now on the 29th of March not that has been the disaster I agree I agree that the public decided they wanted to leave with absolutely no clue of what the implications of that would be economically they will hold again and again with salami by the chancellor everybody else it'll be a disaster if you go it'll be economic suicide that jobs will be lost they were old all of that they still voted to leave the idea that somehow they had no idea what was going they didn't believe that and they voted to leave so let's get on with it look look I was the chief of staff in 1985 when we met with Margaret Thatcher and I was there and had a discussion with her whether moving the direction of the internal market was the right thing to do and she said yes of course because integrating markets reducing obstacle to trade removing border is a great thing for us all which it was now if she was right and I think the Tories roughly believe she was right unless I don't understand properly British politics moving the other around is at a cost if moving the single market if integrating these economies if removing the borders were so beneficial going the other way around has a cost how much of a cost how much of a loss depends on how much UK dance to deviate from EU regulation and back to this problem and I agree with you that's the big issue but there's no compromise today and the fact that we've left the future open allows the sort of paranoia on both sides brexit jurors believe they will be cheated and we may not believe they will be cheated that's that's I think well I actually I think it comes down to one element all of these are the debate about what the future relationship should be but the truth is you could get this deal through if the EU and the UK were prepared to agree to the alternative arrangements on the Irish border which allowed you to have no fixed border and the process now these have been worked through they've been proposed but the government's never put them to them I spent at two hours yovanna the other day talking to others they all know that this is where it's going to have to be because the existing backstop does not work in practice it was plucked from Turkey and it does not work all right so the reality is doing that we'll get this agreement through and the rest is then down to about a year an hour's worth of serious negotiation about whether we want a trade deal which with respect I was director German of the World Trade Organization for eight years of my life which has something to do about custom procedures and this notion that exiting the internal market implies no border iron is pie in the sky there's no way you can exit the internal market without a border by the way that is not when did we when did we have the internal market when we removed the borders yeah yeah but we didn't remember how to remove the border when we were outside of the Schengen Agreement and the point it's also worth remembering is that the existing borders you take something like Rotterdam which does all the ex non EU trade coming in including SPS food markets etc they inspect less than 2% and they don't do it at the border they do it well back from the fix port I'm sorry I was over there I went through it with them the reality is technology now means the idea of barriers and voices is gone a total confusion and by the way which also exists on the neighbor side between the internal market and the customs union the customs union Israel tariffs goods the internal market is about regulations now if you want to divert which is what you want to do which is rather than in the end I think I think not much of that will happen in my own view but I may be wrong if you walk to diverge you have to accept that there will be a border because we you have to control things which abide to different regulatory requirement of course but you'd work on the principle of two things first is equivalence the second take for example the agreement and no it's not but you here is respects ample take what New Zealand does with the EU the using is not a member of the EU's not a member of the single market its foodstuffs are not inspected here because why they trust and agree that in New Zealand the inspections that bring their standards right are at the same level all better than that of the eve and they agree that that is done at the point of departure they are not done at the border so the idea of this being a border point really incorrect no no it's not completely incorrect I'm sorry I agree that if you want try to flow as nicely as possible many of customs procedures have to be moved upstream but you still need a border to check that this is the case the border is not a notional process that is about equivalence and agreement not specific border I mean I agree with is that equivalence is not a magic one you only accept equivalence if you trust and if your collective preferences are harmonized I agreed that for instance on beer there is nothing that really says how you produce beer in the opinion so there's been a written bedroom and in Bavaria and then Scotland and if good if beer is good for Scotland is good for Bavaria now that is okay it's not going to be okay that GMO food or about coronate poetry I'm sorry about that we will not accept GMO food if you want to accept if you want to accept if I don't know whether or not but if you want to accept chlorinated poultry or GMO food there will be a bother and cost because the UK says they won't erect a border and doesn't want a hard border the EU has pretty well said the same the World Trade Organization won't be putting up a border will it the border is something you need to protect your consumer your citizens from risk of imports that do not fit with your regulatory purposes take the example our environment for instance we have a relatively high per Environment Protection standards in the opinion if the UK exit and wants to move down there will be controls at the border but environmental goods or even it's not done at the border anything like that is done at the point of departure and the point of a right can I just say it is a very instructive conversation actually so I didn't interrupt but you know mr. Lumm is a public servant right who has headed the World Trade Organization for 8 years actually understands trade law and trade procedures which is why all this simplistic one can't get away with is just trying to say well it's all the fault of Parliament and people like me I'd be I'm completely open and honest about the Liberal Democrats opposition to brexit from day one we're not to simply sitting in any way whatever that what's what mr. Lama has brought out with crystal clarity is that we're not dealing with you know BEC suppress it isn't a minor issue you know you're in know you're out we've got a whole range of Rex adoptions that is the single point that is why Parliament is paralyzed because the brexit is cannot agree amongst them what form of brexit they want that's what we're having these elections that's where in a complete bind all right well let's um let's sort of move further if you like into the elections that are coming up local and European elections is this is it trade that's talked about on the doorsteps with brexit did you notice in all your discussions that you've had with local constituents that this argument that Ian Duncan Smith and Pascale and me are having was that something that people knew about no right we did to two big kind of in-depth features at the weekend about particularly at local elections and the first one was speaking to people in the parts of Greater Manchester that virtually nobody votes up to kind of 80 to 83 percent of people what was really noticeable I think you can sometimes overstate how much local elections were proxy for the national picture this time though it was quite striking that people were talking about brexit on the doorstep they were or certainly in leave areas anyway people are talking about brexit and when we asked people why they weren't voting whereas in previous years they might have just said oh you know there's no point I don't like politicians this time it was I voted in 2016 you know nothing has happened I'm not going to vote again and we had a lot of people saying we're never going to vote again I think you're absolutely right I think the big issue is the distrust in politicians it's that a thing of but I haven't seen anything happen and the problem is locally you have that issue of the pothole that wasn't dealt with or that other problem that you've spotted and you've seen and it's still a problem so you get that general distrust of well nothing happens at a council level nothing's happening at a national level does anyone really listen to me and does anyone really care what I think and I think the stairs he feeds into that as well because councils have been underfunded now for the best well at least have had their budgets reduced over the course of nearly a decade so councils are themselves less able to do the things that they used to be able to do so you know say you vote for a counselor in the council against it and they probably less likely to be able to fix whatever the thing was that you were annoyed about in the first place than they would have been ten years ago and then that's compounded by what's going on in Westminster do you think bricks it's going to happen that's got me I mean I probably changed my mind 24 times in the last hour referendum to place where are you today I'm my my heart is of course not with Bridget but I have to work with my expertise and my godson I think the likelihood Nonnberg zit is no but higher than it was a year ago and a year ago it was higher than the day after the referendum and I think the reason for that is that sort of the reality the problem of out scrambling is slowly back elating whereas a huge simplification and I think Vince Cable was right this what is either in or out people are starting to realize it's more complex than that now of course it leads to a lot of absurdity the fact that UK who voted to leave in June 2016 is now having to vote to elect European parliamentarians a month from now because this is the law and it's the law that UK people as long as you can have the right to vote on it obviously is frankly speaking this is absurd and this notion I must notion that these people will be legitimately elected members even Thomas we vote in a new commission and then they just make absolutely that I'm going to attend thank you very much for coming in

Trump Doesn't Endorse Boris Johnson. FAKE NEWS!

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God has showed me how there is fake news, I believe.

Look at the original video clip. Donald Trump’s face shows a reluctance to get into British politics.

In the original video clip news outlets are not showing, (they only show the audio – why is that, do you think?! Huh?!) it shows a very grimaced face for a long time. He kindly answers in a charming way about Boris Johnson, but he doesn’t want to get into it!

Trump explains that, as well as journalists asking, others are asking him for endorsements. (Meaning politicians, I expect).


PCP e CDS trocam acusações em debate sobre estatuto dos deputados

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– aliexpress compre pelo meu link, e eu vou fazer o upload de novas vídeo Durante o debate sobre o estatuto dos deputados e de titulares …

BBC News Brexit Debate 17 May 2019 with Sonia Sodha

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BBC News Brexit Debate 17 May 2019 with Sonia Sodha (Chief Leader Writer, The Observer) and Dia Chakravarty (Brexit Editor, The Daily Telegraph) to …

Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed

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Channel 4 News investigation reveals how millionaire Arron Banks spent approximately £450000 on Nigel Farage to fund lavish lifestyle the year following the …

Vox pop on having to vote in European Parliament elections (18Apr19)

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The people of Ramsgate are interviewed on their thoughts on Brexit being delayed, so ahving to fight the European Parliament elections in May 2019. recorded …

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt quits as Sinn Fein close gap on DUP in Stormont poll – Daily Mail

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UUP leader Mike Nesbitt quit after failing to make any ground in an election he predicted would deliver big gains.

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VOA News for Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

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VOA News for Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 Thanks to This is VOA news. I’m Liz Parker. There is unease on Capitol Hill in Washington on …

Jacob Rees-Mogg (02 March, 2017)

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James talks Trump, Brexit and small government with conservatarian hero Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

welcome to telling pool of podcast here is the podcast host James Delhi poll welcome my friend to deling poll the shape I mean James Delingpole brought to you by Breitbart I know I keep saying how excited I am about my special guest each week but this is possibly the most exciting guest ever and I can tell this by the number of requests I've had to have him on the program everyone wants this person Jacob Riis morg what is your secret I didn't think I've got an in particular secret but thank you for that very flattering introduction I bought to say for the benefit of American listeners is that Jacob is possibly the sexiest thing from a right-wing perspective in British politics he's immensely sound politically he's one of the very few people in British politics who has not virtue signaled by trying to show how much he dislikes Donald Trump but can I ask you first of all about Donald Trump what what's your view well I don't dislike Donald Trump and I think I understand why voters in the United States wanted to have somebody with business experience who wasn't part of the Washington establishment and I think the figures show that 94% of people in DC voted against Trump and I think that tells you all you need to know that people with their snouts in the trough didn't want to have somebody who's going to take the trough away how would you make the case for Trotman at the moment people like you and me are very lonely figures particularly in in Britain where everyone wants the show in the old days you used to show how good you were by hating the Daily Mail and showing how much you cared about poverty and so on but now all you have to do is say how much you deplore Donald Trump is what I like the Daily Mail I think the Daily Mail has a better insight into the feelings of the British electorate than almost any politicians I'm fan of the Daily Mail and I think you alleviate poverty by trickle-down economics and by having everybody get richer rather than by trying to cut down the tall poppies I accept what you say about mr. Trump he is not popular in the United Kingdom and he has said some things that make it difficult to defend him particularly the bit that was Sarkissian recorded when he was on a bus about 10 or 15 years ago but he is democratically elected he has a mandate he wants to cut taxes and he's also willing to say things that are important even if they upset the powerful and I think that's quite healthy for democracy yeah I'm very optimistic about about trumpet the the previous guest on the show was Ted Malick who is the perspective possible ambassador to thee to the EU and he sees Trump and brexit as part of a revolutionary movement where an old order is being overthrown and replaced by a new one can you see any sense in that I'm an admirer of mr. Maddox I think he's a very interesting and forthright think he's somebody I would like to meet I'm rather envious that you have met him and I have not is it the overthrowing of an old order or is it of an the restoration of one that that is to say the American political system has tended to quite like outsiders as president that Ronald Reagan is an example but says Jimmy Carter I'm Jimmy Carter is elected partly to change from the inside and nature that they felt they'd had with Nixon and so on so I think Trump is within a strain of American political history and the abnormality was having endless Clinton's and bushes and career politicians who didn't have a natural affinity with their Heartland voters and with brexit the really exciting thing about breaks it is that we are removing a carbuncle from the British constitution it's being cut off and if you look at what's happening constitutionally we are going back to the status quo ante which as a Tory is something I always dream about doing and for once it's happening yeah tell me something Jacob um my my son happens to go to this same school that you attended and one of the very disappointing things I noticed was that something like 35% of the school boys at Eton were for brexit and everyone else was was four remain now I would have thought that that the sort of the upper classes would be would be all for something which established Britain's sovereignty and which sort of did all sort of things that I suppose according to noblesse oblige the upper classes are supposed to care about why were they why were they instead voting to entrench the entrench the hegemony of this European socialist super state few people are more conservative than Italians there is a statue of Our Lady but Eton that was going to be destroyed by their counter clasts during the Reformation which is there because the boys at Eton stopped it being destroyed they didn't like this type of iconoclasm and I think the same is true now that actually people that Eaton are used to the European Union they don't like change they're not old enough to have remembered a time at which the UK gummed itself and therefore the non radical position to take is to support the existing structures the strange thing is that you and I though products of the same illustrious educational it's not me David I've never until I pass into a cycle of remains for but it is a wonderful education establishment but it's a rather odd that have become anti the new establishment should have been Italians cuz eatin is normally very establishment place I think a lot of people if they had to define the establishment would simply point a finger at Jacob Riis morgue in his stripy shirts with his impeccable diction and his his career in in finance and then in Parliament and they say well how can you be how can you be talking about overthrowing the establishment when you're citing that the kind of toughs like Jacob Riis morgue can you talk a bit about what what the establish what the establishments are that the old one versus the new one the establishment to which I unquestionably belong and can't pretend otherwise has long since not been the establishment that has counted in the United Kingdom it is the establishment of gentlemen's clubs it is the establishment of tradition it is the establishment of the British constitution and believing that is a perfect and beautiful system but that faded out of the foreground probably in the 1950s and since then we've had a different establishment and the one that is to the fore now is very much a metropolitan elite left-wing politically correct establishment that has a certain set of views that if you challenge you're considered to be a Philistine and that's not the establishment to which I belong no one that my voters in North East Somerset like or feel comfortable with it's a very Islington or Hampstead establishment you say the decline of the old establishment began in the nineteen fifties there's probably gone by the 1950s written and that Milan / Alec douglas-home in the last burst of the old establishment but that from then on British politics has been very different how we've been ruled to be very different and of course that ties in with our joining the European Union which constitutionally is so different and so undemocratic and the key about the new establishment is that they don't actually like Democrat forms of government they like government being done by their own clever kind in international bodies where the domestic political debate can be overruled who do we who do we blame I mean I like I like blaming occasionally um for this new establishment because I would have thought a Tony Blair but but obviously it goes back for I mean Ted Heath is it perhaps or Judith is certainly involved in this so to some extent is Harold Macmillan because he was very keen on moving in this european direction though he didn't succeed in getting there though Macmillan had other virtues but but Ted Heath and Tony Blair and a generation of politicians who basically thought their job was to manage decline yes Amaury Thatcher is the shining exception to this she didn't believe in managing decline and she thought that actually you could change things you could do things better and if you look at our post 1980s economic performance thanks to her we are transformed because she's not willing to lie down and accept defeat and I think there was a very defeatist trend which felt Britain couldn't do it so it better ask international bodies to do it for us so given given your background given that so many of your kind fell in with the with the new establishment or at least some paid lip service to its to its alleged virtues how did you remain immune to all this well you mentioned your American listeners and it may be that I'm a quarter American my father's mother was American and perhaps that means I'm not quite as purely establishment as I appear to be mm-hmm your father's politics William Ray smog he was a distinguished Times editor columnist I think were they as what I call sound as yours oh my father was the epitome of sound yes he was he had extremely sound and much better thought-out views than I've got right because sometimes of course the Sun reacts against the father not not in this case clearly no no definitely not but my father was a wonderful man with very interesting views he recognized as I'm sure you do that as a journalist you always need to be open to change your mind that your job as journalists is have something interesting to say and sometimes you have to write it for a deadline that doesn't give you full time to find out every last detail that you need and therefore sometimes you decide a month later or five years later that it's wrong and so he was always willing to change his mind but he had a very clear set of principles he believed in individual freedom he believed essentially in a small state he believed strongly in democracy in the freedom of the press and he believed in the British constitution I always find it very easy to know what I think because I go back to first principles but I'm not altogether sure exactly what I mean by first principles can you can you tell me what I mean by foot what first principles are exactly that's a very good philosophical question I think we all have underlying beliefs that we have either grown up with or developed that inform our political opinions there's a very interesting book called the righteous mind which was published a few years ago that explains why some people go left-wing and some people go right-wing and it's it's well worth reading it's very well-written very easy to read and fascinating about what leads people in certain directions so that might be a better answer to your first principles that's that's interesting I read this fascinating theory the other day which is that left wing the left wing mind is less evolved it still imagines that we're out in the sort of hunter-gatherer communities where if you kill a mammoth there really are only certain pieces of mammoths to go round that the mouth is not expanding as it as it is in a growing economy you see any any virtually in that theory I think it's virtuous from a right-wing point of view because it makes the left sound less intelligent but I think it's probably unfair okay we'll say what's your theory on briefly on on why it is that some people adopt left-wing delusions I think it's basically religious I think that the right-wing recognized that man is fallen and that the left think that man is perfectible and that if you take essentially a Christian view of humanity then man can only be perfected in the next world not in this and so as a conservative you just have to get on with it you do your best to make things work if you're on the left and the left is increasingly atheist which is interesting you think that this world is all there is and you've got to create your New Jerusalem now and that if you tell people how to live their lives then you will make the lives of the majority of people better and that is a price worth paying because that's all there is so I think it's basically a religious divide and I think you see it's already gives such a long answer in in the Reformation that by accident Catholicism ends up with essentially a conservative view and Calvinism essentially goes from left-wing view but at the same time I mean I I look back at our history and deplore the fact that so much of our medieval art for example was was destroyed in the in the Reformation and we definitely lost something as English people British people in that in that period and yeah at the same time had it not been for that Protestant streak we'd probably have never had an empire would we it's always very hard to argue account factual's but we know what we lost we lost works of great beauty and we lost the support for the poor that there was from the great monasteries and of course education so education and charitable welfare are much reduced in in the 16th century you got a period from the dissolution of the monasteries really through to the halt or coming in which is 1601 a very very little provision it's one of the great tragedies of the Reformation and of course the destruction of the monasteries themselves of the buildings of the central desecration of cathedrals the as you say the destruction of beauty the beauty of holiness is lost so can you imagine imagine a fantasy Britain in which the the Reformation that never happened what does it like it's very ok because you then make your very good point that would there have been a British Empire did we need the singeing of the king of Spain's beard and things like that did we need Elizabeth the first privateers are going around trying to steal the Spanish gold to give us the impetus to create the Empire and then if you take that away do we find that many of the great things we achieve subsequently didn't happen he's very hard to get back in history in Reverse individual things without expecting everything else to change you're listening to the telling poll podcast with me James deling poll with my incredibly UBA UBA special guest Jacob Riis mock I don't know that I'm over I think I'm your black taxi special guest if I may put it that way Breitbart news daily with Alex Marlow let's get Bo Dietl in on the conversation know who's coming into our country have white America freedom American you wanna be part of us welcome aboard if you want to come to America disrupt the freedom and a great country that we have Bart news daily weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. East on SiriusXM Patriot 125 this is deling pull up right Bart comm podcast here once again is James Deli bull welcome back a friend to deling poll the podcast brought to you by me your friend James sterling poll and by Breitbart and podcast one with my incredibly special guest not a new podcast but just a an ordinary black cab but still rather wonderful guest jacob jacob riis mark um jacob just remind me what you read at you you were oxford yeah I was Oxford Trinity and I read history I'm so glad you read history and not not PPE is it just me or is PPP PPE like the mark of the beast everyone has read it seems to it seems to be a rollin in some way got a lot of friends who read was so the later ye and it seems to be a subject that trains people for public life though I have a bias in favor of history though secretly my bias is in favor of classics that all the cleverest people are classicists Boris I Boris yeah yeah III think a to one in classics is worth a first class in PP so you think many of yourself for not having oh I wish I'd been clever enough yeah yeah I see where you're coming from there I think my problem with PP e which for benefit of Americans is politics philosophy and economics is that it seems to encourage a view of the world which doesn't require any kind of moral core it's just about expediency I mean I'm sure I'm sure Bismarck would have enjoyed reading PP a for example there's no such an interesting extraordinary figure isn't it's hard to know what he would have been droid other than his champagne his cigars and his grasp on power I suppose it's always difficult if you do three subjects each one of which you could do for the whole three years your at university and say you never tably do in a smashing where you don't get a full understanding or full exposure to any of philosophy economics and what is teaching politics there isn't one of the problems with contemporary politics is that it's full of careerists who've gone to work for owned conservative part of it they've started out like Dave Cameron did they go and work for conservative central office and they kept very sort of non jobs always with a view for a view to getting a job as a as an MP and climbing up the greasy pole you're one of the very rare exceptions that you have a private income which i think is a very very good thing because it makes you beholden to no man you're at you're in the Roman tradition aren't you you've made your money and now you're coming to your public service without fear or favor I'm beholden to my voters of course who give me the opportunity to do it I'd be slightly careful about this blanket criticism of career politicians because who would you say is our greatest prime minister well what recently mom no no no in the whole history of prime ministers Oh Churchill and Thatcher Arathorn and what about Pitt the Younger um absolutely career politician comes Prime Minister whatever he is at 23 or 24 purely on the say-so of the king and is a magnificent Prime Minister without whom we'd all be speaking French and we have the Napoleonic Code for our law and the common law would have been lost and say there is a place for professional politicians and an important one and people who devote their whole career to politics and understand how the systems work and how to get things done on the other hand I think you need some balance you don't want every backbench MP to be a professional politician because that changes the ability of the Commons to hold the executive to account how would you solve the problem that inevitably if you're going to attract reasonably talented people to politics you've got to pay them you've got it they've got they've got to make some money some how do you think do you think we should be paying them more so that they're less they're less inclined to angle for four jobs after they leave by by creating legislation which essentially but I mean one of my big objections for example to the whole Tony Blair era was that it was a lawyer acqua see wasn't it that mean they they actually changed the law in order to benefit human rights lawyers the benefit all their mates that can't have been right oh they're human rights law changes were bad constitutionally and don't actually protect human rights in the way you and I might think of them they protect a specified list of behaviors but they end up intimate undermining free speech so we sacrificed ancient rights this country had enjoyed for hundreds of years for a specified list of Tony Blair rights I didn't think that was a good approach and I think creation of the Supreme Court and abolition of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords was a great mistake from which we're still suffering the consequences and upsets our whole balance of Constitution I think there is something grubby about politicians appearing off they've left office to use their time in office to make money but I don't think there are any easy solutions to that I think that how much you paid MPs his human nature always wants to earn more money and therefore you would find that people who appeared to be very well-off then wanted to earn even more and I don't think it's unreasonable that politicians make some sacrifices to be in politics so I wouldn't be an advocate of changing the pay structures particularly I think you have to rely on people's own moral code what they feel is right and something's easy that David Cameron writing his memoirs is a perfectly proper thing to do and I hope he makes a great deal of money from it I think advising a company that you did formal dealings with in your office a few months after you leave office raises interesting questions I'm looking for example at the entire green green sector you look at the people who were ministers for environment or climate change Owen Paterson being a very honorable exception but I mean one could name names of people who've gone straight out of government working for renewable energy companies and and I mean well one of my bettin wires at the moment is this some Swansea Bay barrier which is which is a complete white elephant scheme being endorsed by various government ex-ministers one fortunately I think the government has more sense than to listen to the endorsement I hope that's right certainly what I've read I think you're absolutely right I think the green knob is very powerful and very rich and very aggressive and uses all its power to push forward the economic interests of those who associated with it who have done extraordinarily well I mean there's very large amounts of money in being a green panjandrum yeah yeah okay I I had to I had to debate these people occasionally I mean I debated Greg Barker now Lord Barker I could name a few more and the thing that really struck me these are really really really low-grade people low-grade internet intellects they have no ideological core I wondered why they were even in the Conservative Party you must have met a few of those those types it well I don't want to have a go at individual if you've made it and I don't know northark well at all I met him but I don't know him well I think there has been a feeling that if you don't accept their orthodoxy or if you look for other solutions even if you do accept their orthodoxy and I'm a great admirer of Lord Ridley of Matt Ridley and I'm sure you we think there's a very wise person and he doesn't deny what they're saying he doesn't deny the sands he just says that human engine we'll find much better answers than as all going back to living in caves and I think his approach is so completely rational say then science will be what the science is but we mustn't as politicians decree that people standard of living must be lowered to meet something that is a theory rather than a fact and I think he's got it right now there something has been worrying me I I've been reading in the papers that you are considering going for the job of Speaker of the House should old old John Bercow retire and I worry that I think you'd be a brilliant speaker although I think you'd be breaking the recent tradition that we tend to choose very low-grade characters that might be rather sad but given that you are one of the very very few independent minded conservative MPs and you're not going to suck up to tourism a you're going to hold it to account where she strays from the conservative path for example isn't it rather taking out one of our own side if you were to take this suddenly neutral role which I'm sure you would do very very fairly well thank you on all cards it's made flattering question I think I've ever been asked the answer is that if the speakership came up tomorrow I would not stand for it I think John Burkett has done a really important job of speaker in promoting the House of Commons against the executive and that the Commons is better able to hold the executive to account now than it was before he became Speaker and that has been his great success I would and then the speaker is the most wonderful job anybody who loves the Constitution would see its attractions but I think the successor to John Bercow needs to be somebody less imbued in the immediate political controversy that is to say I've been very involved with the brexit campaign and the speaker needs to be somebody who the next speaker who soothes ruffled feathers rather than somebody who was busy ruffling as many feathers as possible and I wouldn't want to be out of the political debate before brexit is settled since you bring up brexit and we can't we can't avoid that fantastic subject because it's so much fun it's like sort of um having a bath in asses milk and wha being fed foie gras isn't it really um I believe that Cleopatra um it's so fantastic I've just I've just come over all all all strange actually I was thinking the other day about the political divide that exists in this country and I always used to be puzzled in the old days when I looked at some people who voted labor and some people who voted conservative and some people who voted Lib Dem or whatever green if they were mad but often people the way people voted didn't necessarily speak for their for their genuine worldview that sometimes I would I would meet conservatives or alleged conservatives who were actually were pretty unsound and actually pretty ghastly politically and I'd and I'd meet sort of the earth labor types who actually with whom I I had more in common politically an ideology than some conservatives in Frank field I suppose Kate how it would be good examples from the House of Commons but it seems to me that with brexit with the with that whole EU referendum campaign suddenly the enemy was clear in view that plane in in in view III have so much in common with people who voted brexit and I feel so little kinship with people voted remain is that is that fair well I think there are two categories of people who voted remained there are those who didn't particularly mind one way or another and who absolutely accepted the result and believe in democracy and want us to get on with it and most of my friends are in that category of those who voted for a main and probably more of my friends voted for a main than voted Lee but there is a die-hard core of remain as who simply can't accept the result and whether they're conservative or neighbor as you say green it's very hard to understand that point of view the rejection of democracy that I find so peculiar particularly amongst politicians whose whole trade is based on accepting democracy and the right of the people to choose and they then start saying that the British people are stupid and that they weren't probably informed and that they weren't competent to make the decision and this is such rubbish it's so wrong it denies almost any election result if they couldn't cope with brexit which was actually a pretty simple decision on earth can they cope with the general election when you've got to read hundreds of pages of manna-fest days and all of that but democracy is not an exam where people have to be qualified and have to show that they've thought carefully about it it works because of the wisdom of crowds and lots of people who believed in the wisdom of crowds until they lost suddenly only believe in the wisdom of themselves do you think part of the bitterness actually not just with the remain the remain as the the bitter ramona's but also with with with the clinton priority we're disappointed not have Edward Clinton isn't it partly that these are people who were not used to losing up to a point Lord copper I mean Hillary Clinton always loses yes but she invariably and that's why great relief about the American system that she kept on being defeated it's really my business of Americans vote for and poor old ed miliband always loses and he's very upset about it all I suppose they won for a long time between 97 and 2010 that type of approach won and it the basically flabby prairie European approach was in charge and the Conservatives when we got in 2010 decided not really do anything about it just to go along with the basic view and I supposed to that extent you're right that they were accustomed having their own way and have suddenly found they don't anymore I suppose what I mean is is that I I got sick and tired of reading learning editorials often by Danny Finkelstein in The Times telling me that elections are won in the center ground and this seem to be very much the philosophy of the Conservative Party under David Cameron that you don't rock the boat you don't you you triangulate I mean he described himself as the heir to Blair didn't he so you don't advance any policies which might strike the electorate has been too conservative and that seemed to work for a long time and it was it was a case where didn't really matter whether you voted Tony Blair or David Cameron you got the same old muddled Center yes I think there was a fundamental misunderstanding of what happened in 97 and 1 and a 5 that the lone party of course wins from the center ground because the left is not going to work and the British people know that the British people never vote for the hard left except possibly in 1945 and it's always been rejected because it fails but because the Conservatives have become unpopular and lost elections they suddenly thought that being conservative was unpopular and it isn't because being conservative works conservative policies work and if you put the arguments for conservatism and then govern successfully on a conservative basis you can keep on winning elections as Margaret Thatcher did and therefore the idea that you needed to go to the center ground is true for the left but it's wrong for the right it's ultimately a belief in the failure of your political principles that you say well we must be in government we don't need to do anything government we just need to be there and then it'll be a bit better than the other traps being there that seems to be very gloomy prescription for government what you want to be saying is they're amazing things we can do to change the country for the better this is our argument this is how we'll do it this is how it's been done before and then people will vote for you and then after five years when suddenly they find that their lives are getting better that the country is getting richer they'll go back in again and this is exactly what happened with Margaret Thatcher and indeed Ronald Reagan so again counterfactuals here can you imagine a parallel universe in which the Conservative Party was not taken over by the the Cameroon's I think things happen at a particular time I think David Cameron would have maximized the conservative vote in earlier elections but that by 2010 we didn't win the election because we didn't make the case as to why we were really different from Gordon Brown and had we been led by Michael Howard in 2010 rather than 2005 we'd probably have got a majority in 2010 because we would have been putting forward a really exciting program for fundamental reform and had David Cameron led in 2005 he'd probably have got a few more votes but then Michael had because he would have seen been seen as closer to the middle and a bit safer and less right-wing have the last few years not been a periods of seething fury for you I mean I know you you you you never never showed yourself to be ruffled by anything but but for example stuff like the the harrying of our of our troops with the Al Schweddy pink you know the the ramps they offer any inquiry where this human rights lawyer Phil Phil shiner was able to pursue people who'd who'd volunteered for their country and risk their lives how could this happen under a conservative administration well well we accepted the basic parameters of the 13 years of labour administration the Labour Party 97 to 2010 was very clever because they changed the basis of the contest they didn't just introduce new laws that you could then repeal but they changed things constitutionally they changed the way people were appointed to things they changed the whole basis for the functioning of country which meant it's taken a very long time to weed them out because they became self appointing look at the way people appointed to quangos they're appointed to crane goes by people who are point to quangos who are themselves broadly left-wing people and so they appoint their own type yes when the Conservatives ever ever ride this and make a ministerial decision to appoint somebody half sensible it's a great scandal and not fairly done and all of this I've noticed that that even after the Conservatives came to power we've seen the quangos carrying on being handed over to sort of new labor apparatchiks and and same with Oxford Oxford colleges and Cambridge colleges they named me name me one hour warden or her head head of a colleges who's a sound Tory well I don't know the heads of college was well enough to know whether any of them are sound we can always list I'm sure I assume the Dean of Christchurch must be no actually even the house is not sound and I and I I speak as a house man I Christchurch was mister College which which counseled a meeting a debate about feminism because because of allegedly undergraduates Health and Safety might be jeopardized it's all going to pop Jacob ever everything is going wrong I'm we can just talk about this more in the final session you're listening to me your friend James Stirling poem on the Davenport podcast talking to the heroic an incredible and magnificent Jacob Riis morgue check out the official Breitbart store today stored at is the home with a brand new official Breitbart store head there now for products for men and women as well as collectibles like the limited time only retro 2016 presidential coffee mug or a Breitbart Border Patrol couch store dot has these items and many more so get you a year now at store this is telling poll a bright podcast here once again is James Delacroix welcome back to the Delacorte podcast brought to you by me James Dell upon your lovely lovely friend and by Breitbart with our incredibly special guest jacob riis well Jacob I think we ought to lay to rest some of the rumors about you some of them are true and some of them are not true no one of this one war one of the ones were just true I gather was it you went campaigning with your nanny yes of course I did that's what else nanny is a member of the family actually she's being a member of family longer than I have she's worked for my parents now for me for 51 years brought up me and my four siblings and is now looking after my five about to be six children and gang campaigning with her was the same as getting campaigning my mother my father and other members of my family I'm very proud of Nana she's been a very important part of the respawn family for decades that does sound like exactly like Brideshead Revisited because none is known is it a marvelous figure in that too isn't she I think the British nanny is generally a marvelous figure and I think it's actually a wonderful thing to do to devote your life to looking after children and to do it with care and deep affection by the way I know that this is Ashley's is going to completely ruin my train of thought I was dying to ask you this is that you say the kind of things which if I were to say them everyone would hate me but somehow when you open your mouth when you're on question time everyone just goes on it's lovely Jacob Riis more what what how do you do it bastard I don't know I try to answer questions as directly as I can and if you ask me about nanny I'll tell you about Narnia I've got very little to hide right yes you don't so there's no action involved at all no this is what I am and not everybody likes it inevitably and some people do but that's true of all politics normal politicians right but you say that do you get um hatred in your direction oh my office get some funny letters yes but we throw them in the bin right Oh actually I got one really angry letter ever breaks it very angry bad-tempered letter which typically was from a clergyman I want to say funny some of my nastiest letters that I've had in my course of life is a climate change denier sacrificing babies to to Satan they come from Methodists Methodists in North East Somerset because I think they're wonderful the local Methodists and they're very good people also they're seeing much better than the Catholic now I agree I'm own or in favor of Methodist buddy just so yes just it's it's weird I don't get rude letters from North East Somerset Methodists but then it has to be said that in North East Somerset they're only good kind and wise people the second myth I wanted to lay to rest or maybe it discover his true did you pay for your own Eton school fees no I didn't know where this comes from it's one of those things that cropped up fairly recently somebody asked me if that was true but now obviously not my father paid my education all the way through isn't that a sign of how things were that you could you could put it put your children through eatin on the honor journalists salary I think even fees even then not easy to have right I mean I think you know he evens always been quite expensive right right but you did have a very early interest in in in stock market okay so did that come from it came about by chance really and discussions with my father and so he helped me get involved and interested and once I'd made one investment my interest grew and as with anything you do should spend more time on it you become better at it and then it became my profession once I left University uuuuu run a successful investment company is that right I set up in 2007 some second management and I remain chairman of it I wouldn't necessarily say I run it anymore and if if if I were to have a son and I watched him to go into your line of work you've got a son who is I believe a genius what color of the Eton College Chronicles he had a very distinguished thing to be indeed but doesn't that point worrying you towards my profession rather than towards a more lucrative profession I mean it isn't or am i sending him up the wrong track because am i right in thinking that possibly due to disintermediation or something complex in the future that finance is not going to be the area to make your money in it depends on the individual bear in mind PG woodhouse started work for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation he didn't last there very long and made a beam or two as a writer so it did does depend on individual aptitude are you a value investor yes in principle right so what's this what's what's the secret of that what's the secret of that my business invests exclusively in emerging markets and value investing is simply not paying too much of equities that you buy so looking at Book value looking at dividend yields looking at p/e multiples and trying to buy those companies that have some growth within them you're not trying to buy dyeing companies but that you're not overpaying for not going for the fast growth companies because the grace that they have is fundamentally unfor castable if you look at the pig's ear the Bank of England has made of forecasting the UK economy over brexit that shouldn't miss price to anybody forecasts in all financial sectors are always wrong if they're right it's by chance rather than by foresight and so I've always found it easier to looking at what you know what you can be certain about rather than on guessing what may happen how many widgets may be sold in the next year whereas you can broadly assume they might carry on selling as many widgets as they saw in the previous year so you don't look at the big geopolitical picture like say Russia might be a good bet um post Trump or that Brazil might be not so bad now that they've got less of a lunatic in charge than they had before do you not consider this that's a sort of overlay you need to look at that a bit because you can sometimes make terrible mistakes you don't want to invest in a country where you think the president might pinch or investments if he doesn't like the area you've invested in or in a country that may impose capital controls or something of that kind so you want some political overlay but it's not the essence to my mind of the investment decision you obviously know because you've done quite well out of out of finance you probably know more about economics than all the experts who warned us that brexit was going to be a disaster how do you account for the vast number of apparently learn at voices telling us that LexA was going to be a disaster because they were all using the same models and they were all therefore coming to the same conclusions there's very good speech by Andy Haldane who's the chief economist of the Bank of England from November explaining why economists are getting it wrong and why they got even more wrong in 2008 they used the same basic modeling techniques and then just tweak them and therefore it's very hard for them to find inflection points and they tend to consult with each other and if they're all pointing in one direction that's where all forecasts go and if you're an economist and the consensus forecast is that GDP growth will be after brexit minus half a percent and you say it'll be minus three quarters of a percent and everyone's wrong and it's plus three percent you don't get fired you keep your job as everyone that's wrong if on the other hand everyone saying minus half percent and you say plus three percent and you're wrong you get fired because you're so far away from the a flock and so everyone sensibly has a career in mind they want to carry on earning their living and they're gonna be careful not to go too far from where the group is but what does that say about the whole profession of that economics not much it's not a science it is an art it's like our enjoyable counterfactuals on history what might have happened if why our necks had occurred and the bat is useful by the sounds of it and about is useful is interesting but so much of the economic data that we get are essentially guesses that if you take our immigration figures they're completely made up that the ONS stops a few people in Heathrow and says why have you come in and then they extrapolate that to say it was three hundred and twenty seven thousand and fifteen people they have they're not accurate within fifty thousand and yet they give us a figure that is to the nearest person it's all GDP figures are estimates our trade figures on invisible trade the trade body writes round to a few businesses and says have you sold anything ever sees this year I have this once at my previous fund management business I got a letter saying under the 1947 trade statistics Act I was obliged to say how much trade we done with Bermuda or whatever it was and I'd usually filled it in and sent it back I was never asked again so we hear these figures and we take them as absolutes but they're not they are best estimates they do a lot of work in getting them and they're not frivolous and silly people but they are used to an accuracy that they simply don't deserve but isn't it interesting just how much the the liberal left through their toy toys out of the pram over goes we've had enough of experts I mean it became the single most evil thing that Gove had ever said as far as a lot of our media were concerned he should have created cicero who said there's nothing so absurd but some philosopher hasn't said it and there is a great history in recognizing that people who think they know everything don't and use it politically to stick with ancient rome the augurs in ancient rome had enormous power because they could say the birds are flying in the wrong direction therefore today is not an auspicious day for making a policy decision and that allowed them to block policy decisions that they didn't like and I think the economists were behaving like the augers of ancient Rome their forecasts were dependent on what they wanted not on what they really knew to be happening I'll bet you're the person to tell me about one of my particular bug bug bears which is QE I think that QE is an abomination I think it's a it's a terrible creator of of inequality and injustice would you share that beautiful I think QE was necessary in the circumstances of 2008 I think at that point it was important to stop the economy declining into a deflationary spiral as you've seen in the 1930s and so I think at that point it was an a risky policy but in the right direction I think the failure has been I think they're slightly tentative leaks I think there are risks to withdrawing from QE I think the Bank of England has been very slow in normalizing and we are now nine years old and that the normalization process should have began a few years ago and I think we are not risk of inflation not from Rex it not from the decline in the pond but from a buildup of global inflationary forces and that the Bank of England is rather behind on dealing with this I sensed not much love lost between you and Mark Carney when you grilled him in a few Commons committees these things are never personal I he's a highly intelligent interesting man I think if you were to again interview him you'd find it a fascinating conversation but I think he behaved as gracefully as governor of the Bank of England I think he decided use his position politically to back the government's economic policy when he's given independence to be separate from the government and I think he failed in that and I think he damaged the reputation of the Bank of England and the standing of the governor which i think is quite serious because actually I want the Bank of England to be held in high esteem one for our Americans before we go off and have lunch and relax Obama I I get the impression from some of your recent remarks that you weren't really a great admirer of the Obama administration and his legacy no I wasn't in the bar of mr. Obama and I think his legacy in the Middle East has been little short of catastrophic the failures of policy following the Arab Spring the knee-jerk reaction to what was going on the abandonment of long-standing allies Israel for example oh well Israel at the end but Mubarak earlier on I mean all that went on in Egypt was completely ridiculous that his policy essentially allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to come in at which point they had to be got rid of and so you end up with Mubarak mark 2 having had a lot of instability to get there really unwise bad policy but Syria a vacuum was created by his dithering and vacillation his painting of red lines which he then had to tippex out which has led to Putin who I think is a very dangerous figure becoming the most powerful force in the Syrian conflict but I also think that the idea that both Americans and UK government had was that you could differentiate Islamic terrorists from good ones and bad ones did nothing but help Isis so I think his foreign policy was a real failure and I suppose it's not for me to comment on US domestic policy so I might leave it at that right well since you bring up Isis what what's what what what is your preferred solution to that that whole Middle East and problem I think the position the British government is now moving to that are lesser evil than Isis ya know do you were you saying up that that before about asset I raise it for my local paper some time ago so I'm not sure that this is read much outside lengthy some said it seems to me this has been obvious for some time but I don't claim to be an expert in that field I wouldn't put myself forward as a as a great expert on the Middle East I think the issues are very complicated nevertheless I would I would signal to the listener that this is yet another example of your immense courage and superb Ness in that I've heard very very few MPs come out and say look Assad is actually the least worst option and also I think you're the only MP I've ever heard talk about Mubarak in that way I mean I remember at the time looking at the Arab Spring I mean even even mates like Douglas Murray were exalting in the Arab Spring hang on a second it's actually quite sensible to have a an authoritarian okayish guy like Mubarak rather than some unpredictable it's the mystery I think you and I recognized this is not a perfect world and we are not going to create one by overthrowing regimes of which we probably know too little and that there is a big virtue in stability and that the instability we caused was bad for Egypt about for the general Egyptian population but also bad for the long term Western foreign policy because if you are an authoritarian ruler of a broadly friendly country at the moment and you have a choice of being broadly friendly with us or broadly friendly with the Russians we do friendly did you befriend well you preferred the Russians because you know in the end the West will throw you over for a good headline in the New York Times and that doesn't seem to me to be in our long-term interest I think the Mubarak one was probably the most avoidable mistake because he was the least bad man yes we talk for hours but instead we are going to go off and have lunch at bruton's which i think is great idea Jacob we smoked thank you very much you listening to me your very good friend James DeLeon poll on the deling poll podcast brought to you by Breitbart at Jacob what's that say one more thing one final thing no apparently apparently listening to a podcast is a really intimate experience and previously I address them to my friends plural and actually people listening on their own hang on a second he's got more than one friend I feel very jealous and upset people listening to the show in their cars while they're being massaged by their personal masseur in their private jets that's the kind of people I attract on this show they're very wise intelligent and they love me and III and I feel that I feel the love back towards them so thank you for carrying that on up okay baby I mean James bust it

Quase 3 mil funcionários da rádio e TV da Grécia foram despedidos

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compre pelo meu link, e eu vou fazer o upload de novas vídeo Quase 3 mil funcionários da rádio e TV da Grécia foram despedidos
Em junho de 2013, foram despedidos 2.656 jornalistas e técnicos da rádio e televisão na Grécia. Mais de 300 estão juntos há mais de um ano a emitir rádio e TV pela Internet. Um grito de revolta contra o desemprego e o esquecimento com a ajuda de Luís de Camões. .

mudam-se os tempos mudam-se as vontades muda-se oceano muda se a confiança todo mundo é composto de mudança o homem que escolheu o camões para falar da mudança é apenas um dos dois mil seiscentos e cinquenta e seis funcionários da rádio e televisão públicas da grécia foram todos despedidos a humane maio tiveram subsídio de desemprego durante seis meses aidan em disquete animou a minha of day we work danny manning foi um show agora quase 300 desses desempregados estão juntos continuam a fazer rádio e televisão por conta própria da janela olha um dia e noite para o edifício onde trabalhavam lante também réus que estão à espera da mudança de pasta em diante diz o be a 7 ou é foi o freguês dezoito dos quase 3000 despedidos morreram no último ano e meio o caso mais grave foi um suicídio o hino ao respeito o uac em bangui wide de rápidos aqui faz jornais foi rápido a mulher se cada dia a outra mudança fase demonstrou espanto que não se muda como um sonho a mais de 10 que que ninguém recebe um cêntimo trabalho é voluntário a luta é apenas para manter a dignidade e manter a ocupação o tempo está quase a chegar ao fim não há uma segunda oportunidade o evolta 1

Europe's Reaction to the U.K.'s 'Brexit' Vote

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The historic vote to break away from the European Union has plunged the U.K. into political uncertainty. Dipti Kapadia looks at how Europe’s political leaders …

Greta climate change activist – Arron Banks Just hateful

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Banks tries to get more exposure for himself by suggesting to Greta that fatal accidents happen at sea

[Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] banks on Greta Thornburg first of all fantastic person Greta I've posted about a lot you're amazing and Greta is 16 years old yes sailing in that yacht across perilous oceans to bring to the UN an important message on climate change 16 years old my sons are in their twenties you're 16 my niece is just turned 15 coming up to 16 wonderful person Greta I wish you every good luck I wish you every success I am totally behind you I completely support you now Erin bang is really a man on whom I think it would be fair to expend as few words as I expend on Katie Hopkins whom it was my I don't know I'd like to say kind of misfortune to me but I do think actually meeting Erin's double Gama adoptable kappa doppelganger I'll just get the German right doppelganger gang a Katie Hopkins in Great Yarmouth was kind of an experience yeah kind of an experience I think I'd like to meet Aaron in person as well Aaron to say that unfortunately freak accidents happen at sea it's not very scary easy Aaron come on saying that was sixteen-year-old girl who's gonna get onto a yacht and have a crew with her and appropriate safety equipment and navigation and actually be on a mission yes Aaron I do say on a mission not just a cause of hate is your mission Katie seems to be a mission all about hate yeah hey can be a mission objective yes your mission today Aaron should you decide to accept it is to tweet something hateful this tweet will self-destruct in ten seconds sorry about the Mission Impossible thing I've been watching things about it on the Science Channel and tapes that go at the end I've got some Drive about my ages in the old fashioned technology I love watching thumbs up to you and your channel as well Mike but Aaron why did you say it well you wanted to see all the lefties jumping up and down look Aaron I'm jumping up and down on the left me Aaron I'm jumping up and down see that I'm jumping up and down Oh Oh having Faye's like jump up and down I think I might just turn around spin around like a lefty snowflake spinning around like a lefty snowflake well Aaron I've given you two for the price of one I've given you a lefty jumping up and down now by the way hitching up the trousers give me a lefty jumping up and down and I've given you a spinning lefty snowflake so you tweeted to a 16 year old girl but freak accidents happen in the Atlantic or whatever is going if it's Andrew don't yawn you really hear little bit sad aren't you we know at the end of all that you just did eat – um just to get a response just to provoke a response from all those lefties and greenies or whatever that are using using grete Thornburg you thought that was a great way to get a response to provoke me to date did you go oh well brexit ER in chief as well being nasty yeah always gets a response doesn't it look you had your response from me for being nasty yeah you've had it all right you're gonna get lots more responses yeah are you gonna be happy all the response is gonna make you happy Aaron more than making you happy though Aaron are they gonna make you famous they're gonna make you famous on the Aaron the responses are one thing but becoming famous is another and like Katie you want to become famous and paid for being a hateful right-wing nasty little bigot yeah that's what you want to be because hey motivates doesn't it yeah you all know that everybody knows don't they Aaron the best way to whip up a crowd and to get them following you towards no deal Briggs act towards right-wing society towards tickle the migrants out drown and shoot them from gum boats build walls let them die while swimming across trade on their dead make high wait and Westminster of the bodies of dead migrants you know don't you pairen love to hate and that's why you get so much support they love to hate they also as we know from history love to hate groups that you and your right-wing cronies can come across let's hate migrant shall we let's hate Muslims shall we let's hate non-white people shall we let's hate Council house tenants let's hate people who don't earn enough let's hate sick people let's hate disabled people let's hate anyone different from us hate motivates Hitler you knew it you know it Boris knows it Batson knew it the latest the leader of youth hip brainer he knows it as well people love to hate let me tell you saying ham Aaron let me tell you something not everyone hates better world is possible a better world is on the way every human being with the love of humanity in their soul with the love of the hen next-door neighbor not just their kin the planet everybody the species on this planet the good earth which can as Chaplin say produce enough for us all yeah most people have not been perverted by hate they have been perverted by hate not at all those are the people who love and grow and extend a hand of welcome and friendship and assistance and aid because that is in them that is who they are that is the greatness of humanity that is our beauty that is our spirit and that will sweep you away Aaron and it will sweep away Bojo and it will sweep away brainer and it will sweep away your hate how far is in the ascendant greater our star is in the ascendant it is in the ascendant for all of humanity it is in the ascendant for you look up slightly better for appraising Chaplin but look up Greta look ah we shall overcome love will win Greta we will make the change god bless you take care folks and harun you are a nasty little man and personally I think you're funny you

BREXIT FURY: Nigel Farage's Brexit Party makes debut in quizzing Welsh first minister – 21 May 2019

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Today Mark Reckless of the Brexit Party has made his first appearance at Questions to the First Minister as leader of the new group in Wales. “Do you respect the …

FB Паштет-Пюре из цукини либо кабачков

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DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

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Speaking in Downing Street, DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party has been in discussions over “how we can support a minority Conservative government in Parliament” and have reached an agreement.

The parties “will deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s interest”, she says, “strengthening and enhancing our precious Union”.

She confirms there will be “no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment” and the parties are also committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence.

There will be further financial support for Northern Ireland of £1bn over the next two years to “boost the economy and invest in new infrastructure”, Mrs Foster adds.

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Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at 'KAMIKAZE' Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED

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Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at ‘KAMIKAZE’ Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED Brexit latest: A furious Cabinet row erupted yesterday …

BREXIT CHAOS: Speaker Bercow admits EU law still OVERRULES British Parliament, BUMMER for Brexiteers

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House of Commons Speaker John Bercow admitted European law “trumps” UK national law, in response to Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey’s question on whether EU …

Trumps Endorsement Of Boris Johnson Is All About Israel – Third Ruling State Forming

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Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom,
Trump spoke to British newspaper before he visits the UK on Monday, expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, in his bid to replace Theresa May, Trump said: “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent.”
Trump will meet his mother, the Queen of England on his visit, we all know the ruling families from the West are all related, but what’s shocking now is, they are showing their true face. And how keeping the power within the family, means everything.
Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics, because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in. And Boris Johnson is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite, that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem on the planet.
Trump’s endorsement has not been warmly welcomed. Mel Stride, the newly appointed Commons leader, said that while Trump was entitled to his opinion, he would not be picking the next prime minister of the UK, and put his own weight behind Michael Gove.
Back in January, I called for the resignation of Prime Minister Teresa May, of course, she probably doesn’t watch my videos, however, it’s becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what’s going to happen next, through political analysis of course!

The United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards. This has been down on purpose. And its very hard to play well when one side has all the advantages

May’s resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the EU that was acceptable to a parliamentary majority. Britain was meant to leave the EU on March 29th , it’s now been delayed to October 31 –

Brits are critically divided over Brexit. It is fair to say that most don’t fully grasp what Brexit is anymore. Brits were deliberately not informed of the political discussion over Brexit and what it would mean for the future. Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth, they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and media. Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interests that is at the core of the Brexit debate. It’s not about making Britain great again, it’s about making ISRAEL greater.. and that’s what it seems to be about!

Once Britain is out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, however, instead of focusing on European States, Israeli trade was the focus? I wonder why? Britain under Theresa May has been reduced into a colony of Israel’s. Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of their Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interests of another state. And this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson. Because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain. Afterall, Trump has done everything that benefits Israel, from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to giving Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel! All this is not a coincidence.

Look at the far right in the country, who have hijacked the Brexit campaign, who is their inspiration right now? Is it not Netanyahu and Israel?

It’s time for British people to decide whether they want to remain being a colony of Israel, or bring change to the country, one that brings benefit to British people first.

Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom Trump spoke to British newspapers before his visit to the UK on Monday he expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson in his bid to replace Teresa May Trump said I think Boris Johnson would do a great job I think he would be excellent Trump would meet his mother the Queen of England on his visit we all know the ruling families from the West are all related but what's shocking right now is they are showing their true face and how keeping the power within the family means everything nigel Faraj is a friend of mine Boris is a friend of mine they're two very good guys very interesting people Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in and Boris is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem Trump's endorsement has not been warmly welcomed mel's tried the newly appointed Commons leader said the president the United States of course is entitled to his opinion but is not the case of him picking the next prime minister of our country that process as you know will be one involving the parliamentary party and then the membership itself back in January our call to the resignation of British prime minister Theresa May of course she probably doesn't watch my videos however it's becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what's going to happen next for a political analysis of course ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few but for everyone and to honor the result of the EU referendum back in 2016 we gave the British people a choice against all predictions the British people voted to leave the European Union I feel a certain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide I have done my best to do that I negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors that protects jobs our security and our union I have done everything I can to convince MPs to back that deal sadly I have not been able to do so I tried three times I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort the United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards this has been done on purpose and it's very hard to play well when one side has all advantages May's resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the European Union Britain was meant to leave EU on March 29th it's now delayed to October the 31st just saying what we're doing now is not right and we need to go back to the people is due again my beloved we've got even the ones who voted to leave this is this what we've got now is not what they voted for either it's the far right of those people who are getting what they want a few people Brits are critically divided over brexit it's fair to say that most don't really grasp what brexit is anymore Brits were deliberately not informed of political discussions of the brexit and what it would mean for the future Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and the media Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interest that is at the core of the brexit debate it's not about making Britain great again it's about making Israel greater and that's what it seems to be about once Britain is out of the European Union Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state however instead of focusing on European states Israeli trade was the focus I wonder why Britain on to tourism a has been reduced into a colony of Israel Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of our Tory MPs are members of the conservative Friends of Israel which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interest of another state and this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain after all Trump has done everything that benefits Israel from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to given Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel all this is not a coincidence look at the far-right in the country who have hijacked the brexit campaign who's their inspiration right now is it not Nessun yeah who in Israel it's time for British people to decide whether they want to remain a colony of Israel or bring change to the country one that brings benefit to Britain and British people

80 more migrants rescued as Richard Gere shines light on their plight

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More than 80 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Saturday, Aug. 10, as Hollywood star Richard Gere highlighted the plight of those stranded after boarding a charity ship. The migrants, mainly Sudanese men and adolescents, were picked up by the Ocean Viking ship from a rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya, according to Doctors without Borders (MSF), which operates the vessel along with the French charity SOS Mediterranee. The rescue operation comes as a dispute escalates over who will take in migrants rescued by another charity ship, with mild Mediterranean weather increasing the number of people trying to make their way to Europe from Africa. Malta said Saturday it would take in 39 migrants picked up by the Open Arms ship in the country’s rescue zone the day before, but refused entry to 121 others who have been on board the ship for nine days. However Spanish charity Proactiva, which operates the ship, rejected the offer, insisting Malta also take the 121 migrants, including 30 children. Proactiva founder Oscar Camps said the decision not to take in all the migrants “caused a serious security problem on board” the Open Arms. “The anxiety levels of these people is unbearable,” he tweeted. Malta said the 121 migrants “were intercepted in an area where Malta is neither responsible nor the competent coordinating authority.” ‘Closer to breaking point’ American movie star Gere boarded the Open Arms on Friday, Aug. 9, aiming to keep a spotlight on the situation for migrants as they wait for European nations to agree to take them in. “Most people refer to them as migrants, but for me, they are refugees that are running from a fire,” Gere told a press conference on the Italian island of Lampedusa on Saturday. Gere said he spoke to almost everyone on board and “there are 121 stories.” “These are extraordinary people, they are so strong, they lived such horrors, they were living in hell… torture, rapes imprisonment,” he said. Gere said he did not care about politics, that the point was to help people in distress. “I am coming from a place with a very bizarre political situation, with a president who is putting an enormous amount of energy into dehumanizing people. “We have our problems of refugees who come from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, from Mexico. It is very similar to what is going on here. “It has to stop everywhere on the planet now,” Gere said, who helped bring water and food to the migrants. He said they “appeared to be in OK shape,” but warned, “They are getting closer and closer to breaking point.” Italy refuses migrants The Ocean Viking rescued 85 people including four children on Friday, so the latest group means a total of around 170 are now on board, all from sub-Saharan Africa.
The Ocean Viking is registered in Norway, and Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini sent a warning to Oslo this week. “Italy is not legally bound, nor disposed to take in clandestine, unidentified migrants from onboard the Ocean Viking,” wrote Salvini, who has taken a hard line against migrants and this week sparked a political crisis by pulling his support from Italy’s governing coalition. Salvini has said the same about the Open Arms migrants. He also said he hopes Gere “gets a bit of a suntan” and that he should take the migrants to Ibiza, a Spanish resort island. Norway’s minister of justice and immigration, Joran Kallmyr, said on television that the migrants should be “transported back to Africa, either to Tunisia or Libya.” “They should not be sent to Europe because then this action will be an extension of the refugee route instead of a rescue operation.” European parliament speaker David Sassoli wrote to European Union (EU) Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday, Aug. 8, urging immediate aide for the migrants and a quick deal between the member states to take them in. However, a commission spokesperson admitted Friday that no mediation effort was underway in Brussels to allow the Open Arms group to disembark on dry land in Europe. France announced on July 22 that 14 EU states had agreed on a “solidarity mechanism” to share out migrants saved in the Mediterranean, so long as they were allowed to disembark in Italy.


dating more migrants rescued as Richard fear sons live on their flights more than 80 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Saturday August 10 and communist car racers fear highlight is the slide of those stranded after boarding a parody says the migrants mainly see beneath men and adolescents were seized up by the ocean Viking ships from the rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya according to Doctors Without Borders MSF which operates the vessel along with the French carry the SOS message erased the rescue operation comes as a dispute escalates over who will cave in migrants rescued by another 36 with miles- Iranian weather increasing the number of people trying to make their lazy years from Africa small example Saturday it was taken 39 migrants picked up by the open lung space in the countries rescued them the day before plus review century to 121 others through the skin on both assist for nine days however that is carried equal sizes which are great specific recessive II offers in system long haul so paper 121 migrants including 30 children the sky the founder also and said the decision not to pay the roles in migrants cross a serious security problem on board the eyes and arms the anxiety levels of these people is embarrassed smalls of over 120 women my friends were intercepted in an area where small things neither responsible nor the companies coordinating Authority closer to breaking points American movie stars here for 2 zeros in arms on Friday August 9 gaining the FIFA spotlight on the situation for migrants and say wait for European nations to agree to take them days most people refer to the Nightline bro but for me they are refugees that are running from the fire from the fear for the press conference on this Italian island of lamb to do sit on Saturday fierce Becky spoke to almost everyone on board and there are 121 stories these are extraordinary people they are so strong they recess forward they were living in health torture grace imprisonment he said she said she did not care about politics that the point was to help people in distress I am coming from the place with a very bizarre political situation where the president who is putting an enormous amount of energy into the humanizing people we have our problems of the refugees who come from Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua from Mexico it is very similar to what is going on here it has to stop everywhere on the slam is now fear fest who helps bring water and food to the migrants he said they appeared to be an ocean state but warm they are getting closer and closer to breaking points even we refuse these migrants the ocean Viking rescued 85 people including four children on Friday so the latest spruce means a symbol of around 170 are now on board all from the scattering Africa's the ocean Viking is registered in Norway and designers are rising dear Minister mark a local TV sent a warning to Oslo this week Italy is not the easily found nor disclosed to baked eggs when dusty unidentified migrants from onboard the ocean Viking rose all be nice to have faith in the hard line against migrants and this week sparked the political crisis by filling risk reports from Italy suffer Nicola listen Paul Dini have said the same about the open arms migrants he also says he hosts to get rid of the sun-times and anticipation Muslims to advisors of standard reports iron norway's Minister of Justice and immigration Joran comer said on television that the migrants could be found for tea back to Africa be vertically for Lydia's bases not defense the European detection will be an extension of directing the rate instead of the rescue operations european parliament speaker David sat on row two European Union EU Commission President jean-claude Juncker on Thursday August 8 serving a navy of eight for the migrants and the Swiss field between the Member States to take them big however Commission spokesperson admitted Friday that no mediation effort was underway in Brussels to allow the open arms breeze to the PMBOK on dry land in Europe France announced on July 22nd at 14:00 EU states had agreed on the Solidarity mechanism to spare out migrant states in this method Iranian so long as they were allowed to defend bark in Italy thank you for watching please subscribe

UK kicks off European elections despite Brexit turmoil | DW News

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Polls for European parliamentary elections have opened across the United Kingdom – despite more than half of voters saying they wanted to leave the European …

Hammond to Attack No-Deal Brexit 'Hijack'!

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The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight, where he is expected to say that supporters of a no-deal Brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result.


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Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a no deal Brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in The Brewery in London.

In his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO Brexit was the only ‘truly legitimate Brexit’.

He will also say that unless the Brexit issue is resolved soon, the country could end up with a new PM leading the country towards a what Hammond calls a damaging no deal exit for ‘ideological’ reasons.

He will also say that “all the preparation in the world” will not avoid the consequences of a no deal Brexit.

As I outlined in a video yesterday, the majority of Tory MPs are Remainers and they will love this rhetoric.

Hammond is doing his best to get a Remainer, probably him, into Number Ten.

Moving on. After telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday’s EU elections, arch Tory Remainer Lord Heseltine, has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC.

Now a few thoughts on British Steel. Much is being made of the Brexit angle and some make it look like Brexit uncertainty has caused all the company’s woes.

The Company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls ‘Brexit related issues’.

Crucially 4,000 jobs jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk.

I have to say that I’m no commodities expert but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information.

Now, the connection with Brexit uncertainty is that, last year, the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of Brexit. This led to British Steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government.

There is a bit of a glut on the world’s steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that:

“Should these projects be realised, global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4-5 percent between 2019 and 2021, in the absence of closures.”

Then there’s the raw materials involved.

The UK imports the coal and the iron ore that is used to produce steel.

The price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44% since the end of 2018 and, according to the Financial Review, prices could stay elevated well into next year.

And some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil when a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding a mine.

This, says Patrick Commins of Financial review:

“…ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from seaborne iron ore supply, or about 6 per cent of the total market. Unsurprisingly, prices for the bulk commodity jumped from about $US75 a tonne to above $US90.”

But, overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices, high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced, coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed.

As I said I’m no expert and I don’t know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening, but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events. And the Brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission.

The end result could be that British Steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours, which will hit workers and their families the hardest.





FT: British Steel collapse fears spark scrutiny of owners Greybull

hello there the Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight where he is expected to say that supporters of a No Deal brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a No Deal brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in the brewery in London in his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO brexit was the only truly legitimate brexit he will also say that unless the brexit issue is resolved soon the UK could end up with a new PM leading the country towards what Hammond calls a damaging No Deal exit for ideological reasons he will also say that all the preparations in the world will not avoid the consequences of a No Deal brexit according to reports he will say on the populist right there are those who now claim that the only outcome that counts as a truly legitimate brexit is to leave with No Deal let me remind them the 2016 leave campaign was clear that we would leave with a deal so to advocate for No Deal is to hijack the result of the referendum and in doing so knowingly to inflict damage on our economy and our living standards as I outlined in a video yesterday the majority of Tory MPs are remainders and they will love this rhetoric Hammond is doing his best to get a remain err probably him in to number 10 and we all know in which direction he would take the country don't we moving on after telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday's EU elections arch Tory remainer Lord Hesseltine has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC and a Tory party spokesperson said as a result the Chief Whip the House of Lords has informed Lord Heseltine that he will have the conservative whip suspended this will be reviewed if he is willing to support conservative candidates at future elections but according to Jonathan is a be writing in the brexit central Lord Heseltine has not been thrown out of the party despite earlier warnings that such action was incompatible with Tory party membership they do need to keep every member they can don't they now a few thoughts on British steel much is being made of the brexit angle and some make it look like brexit uncertainty has caused all the company's woes the company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls brexit related issues crucially 4,000 jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk but this whole brexit bit did not totally stack up with me so I did a bit of research I have to say that I know commodities experts but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information now the connection with brexit uncertainty is that last year the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of brexit this led to British steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government but the FT says that some are questioning the need for that emergency loan as a huge investment package had already been put together for British steel by its investors and the FT also says that British steel pushed ahead with investing 40 million pounds in the French steel producer asked eval at the same time as begging for a UK government bailout however there are also other factors at play here there is a bit of a glut on the world steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that should these projects be realised global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4 to 5 five percent between 2019 and 2021 in the absence of closures then there's the raw materials involved the UK imports the coal and of the iron ore that is used to produce steel the price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44 percent since the end of 2018 and according to the Financial Review prices could stay elevated well into next year and some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil where a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding an iron ore mine this says Patrick Cummins of the Financial Review ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from Seabourn iron ore supply or about six percent of the total market unsurprisingly prices for the bulk commodity jumped above that seventy five US dollars a ton to above ninety dollars but to offset some of this is the level of sterling and on this the House of Commons library briefing paper on the UK steel industry says a lower pound makes steel made in the UK cheaper to foreign buyers potentially boosting demand for UK steel however a lower pound makes imports more expensive meaning imported coal and iron ore used in the production process in some of Tatas UK operations will cost more the higher cost of imports will also make imported steel more expensive to UK buyers potentially lowering demand for foreign made steel and increasing demand for steel made in the UK but overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed as I said I'm no expert and I don't know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events and the brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission the result could be the British steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours which will hit workers and their families the hardest anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching you

Trudeau's apology tour never addresses his own mistakes | David Menzies

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David Menzies of reports: SNC-Lavalin is still ongoing, numerous Liberal Party MPs are resigning, the Mark Norman fiasco …

The Nigel Farage Show: 7th March 2019 – LBC

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Nigel Farage takes your calls live on LBC and you can watch it here.

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leading Britain's conversation the Nigel Farage show mr. Nigel Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well of course it's brexit less than a week ago until the big crucial vote and lots of implications if the vote goes through if it's no deal or even of course if it's delay including what might happen to the United Kingdom in the European elections on May the 23rd and I've got some news on that I'm gonna share with you over the course of the next hour but to begin huge pressure being placed on Euroskeptic conservative MPs particularly those who were part of the ERG group and joining me to talk about this and talk about the pressure is Mark Francois he's the Conservative MP for alien Wickford he's a vice-chair of the European research group and I think fair to say he's become the pit bull terrier of the conservative Euroskeptics mark good evenings in it I'm well now earlier on today Philip Hammond your colleague and the esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer that was all but was on with Nick Ferrari and this was the message he was directing at you we're looking for a good deal a good outcome of from this week's negotiation with the European Union that we'll be able to put to Parliament on Tuesday and I think my colleagues need to think very very hard about the alternatives now we're just a couple of weeks away from the deadline and the choice is between the prime minister's deal or taking a step into the unknown with probably an extension of time and then a process of trying to find a new way forward and nobody can be certain where that will lead us so there you go mark Francois it's very clear unless you support this wonderful deal but the government's put together look there could be a delay to article 50 and it's all going to be your fault well Nigel and it's an honor to be called a pitbull by you you know the greatest shrinking violets in history absolutely say look I am with regardless of the Chancellor's comment I know Philip Hammond very well I worked for him for two years as a minister at the Ministry of Defence I mean as we all know he brightens up every cabinet meeting with his optimistic view of the world and in particular sense of humor but we is world-famous slightly in terms of you know trying to bully me or my colleagues in the ERG it's a total waste of time the reason we have held out so staunchly against the withdrawal agreement is because we've read it and as I know you know it means we don't leave the EU it leaves us hanging half in and half out we pay thirty nine billion pounds to the EU for absolutely nothing in return in many areas of our law is still subject to the ultimate authority of the European Court of Justice that I think all the Joint Committee which means that unelected civil servants could effectively make law and then there's of course the notorious backstop so you know we understand all this and I'm terribly sorry Chancellor but despite your innate charm I fear we're not going to roll over just because Easter at mark Easter the remain there isn't it well of course he's a remainer and often people in Parliament privately with Treasury as remain central yeah so of course these though of course he's the remainer he's always been a remainer he's part of an ax faction in the cabinet that have never wanted us to leave the European Union and has done everything they possibly can to frustrate well that may be that may well be true mark but there's now pressure coming on the ERG group from those that you were considered to be your friends you see today's Spectator magazine which has been pretty strongly in favor of brexit throughout and they say today if the Attorney General Jeffrey Cox is able to agree an assurance on the backstop everyone can move on and we can vote for the deal so even those in the press that are supposed to support people like you and I and now saying basically with a little tweak to the backstop you're simply gonna have to swallow it well we are all waiting in keen anticipation for what is in Fox's copies as you in the media have nicknamed it yeah and we want to see what if anything he brings back from the negotiations now it would appear that yesterday they pretty much hit a brick wall and got nowhere but there may be further discussions over the weekend we're due to vote on all of this on Tuesday so one of the problems is we're running out of time for the House of Commons to consider you know the detail of whatever he brings back because the withdrawal agreement is a draft international treaty if we were you know like the UN Charter in a way if we were to assent to this and then ratify we'd be bound by it forever in international eyes so many MPs feel so passion no getting out of it getting out of it would be hard and I absolutely accept that you know I really really do but are you let me ask you this because this is the key if you vote against this deal there is a chance it may not be a big one but as a chance we'll head towards a WTO exit which a brexit which you wouldn't be worried about but are you prepared to take the risk mark Francois a voting against this deal if it could lead to an extension to article 50 well if if you if there is an extension to article 50 which I think many people in Britain will be pretty angry about because they're expecting us after two and a half years module to leave on the 29th of March as agreed two years ago when we activated article 50 and a lot of them would say you know how much more bloomin time kinis if they were to ask the House of Commons to extend article 50 I'm not certain that would go through because I how long do you want to extend it for quite a rail about that and B for what purpose do you want to extend it if it's merely to kick the can down the road because the government is still so hopelessly divided it can't decide what to do I don't think Parliament would be impressed by that and I'm very confident you may be right you may know the reason I'm 21 I mean would are you prepared are you prepared to take the risk is what I'm asking you and the would be just would you work fine okay I've got it mark so you're not gonna be bad you are voting against this withdrawal agreement next Tuesday period because you know we're waiting to see what the Attorney General comes back with and we'll look at the detail of that but if it is some kind of weak wishy-washy stuff that isn't really firmly legally binding then in effect there's no real difference between that and what the House of Commons voted down by Soompi 230 votes first time around I mean in simple terms if you ask the same question you're likely to get pretty much the same okay thank you mark Francois well that was mark Francois and he is a vice-chair of the European research group but unless Jeffrey Cox comes back with some fundamentally radical legal change he's made it pretty clear he's voting against despite what's being said now but The Spectator magazine despite what's being said by Chancellor Philip Hammond on LBC this morning let me ask you folks do you think MPs who are you're a skeptic and a post of a deal should take that risk and if you're saying if you say look I'm a brexit here this deal so often it's worth the risk although three four five six oh six oh nine seven three or maybe you think nope let's take what we've got otherwise we might get no breaks it at all text two eight four eight five Oh and do you think actually by opposing this deal and with time running out we could actually by default just leave on WTO terms please tweet using the hashtag farad and LBC at LBC trittye says I'm confused I thought you said that was drawl that was in law where we leave on March the 29th with a deal if not with No Deal how come this no longer seems the case Trini it is the case if above all of these parliamentary votes if the Prime Minister were to choose despite Parliament let's say for argument's sake voting to extend voting to rule out No Deal next week she could ignore Parliament she could stick with the withdrawal Act which is law the problem is she's pretty much said already she'll do what Parliament tells her even though there's no need Jamie in Exeter is a new caller Jamie you heard mark Francois from the ERG group do you think he's right to still vote against this patrol agreement I'm wearing almost sort of two hats one as an individual and a die-hard leaver it would be more than happy to walk away today on WC terms however by upper hat somebody in business only the property industry is concerned particularly concerned with you know the chance however people saw the chance maybe of even an exception which you know kicking the can down the road that phrase but it's be used or a referendum or a course no brexit at all and as much as it pains me to say there I feel as if I have been grounded out to a point where if it was a case of taking mrs. Mays deal to guarantee leaving on the 29th of March which is ultimately what I fell oh levers want compared to the risk of all of the other things extension etc then I do you feel as if we should take the deal but is on the table not the kid is a good deal I certainly don't think that at all but in order to okay so you avoid the controversy you see the deals the least worst option Jamie thank you for your call that's Jamie's point of view he thinks that's the least worst option I have to say personally I think WTO terms is by far the least worst option Jillian from Darlington says I reject the deal I'd like to see a general election well I'm not sure that's coming anytime soon maybe I'm wrong let's go to the Netherlands and speak to Frank Frank good evening pleasure speak to you again you know we took out to this I think it's going to probably go to an extension because I can't see the other deals going through whether that's or the best time I'm really not too sure that I'm totally opposed to the idea of a second referendum I think that that would be just creating more and more complications as time goes on but the Euroskeptic MPs are in a bit of a sumo grip aren't they with regard they have pranked frankly they face a huge dilemma and if this deal does go through the House of Commons it will then have to receive final ratification in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and you know I will have to say I would have the same dilemma but Frank be clear a mark Francois made a point there that I think is key you know we're leaving one treaty for another international treaty at least the one we're leaving had article 50 the new one doesn't even give us unless there's a fundamental change soon doesn't even give us an exit mechanism that Frank is why I in the final analysis will vote against 27 are the members that have to sort of agree to it as well I mean this is really an elongated process as far as I can see I can't see any easy solution and maybe in the end WTO rules might come into play it's hard to really say really knowing what's going to happen well Parliament Frank you know two and a half years they've had to do this they're looking at best incompetent but I think many would say that's a generous way of putting it thank you very much for your call you're listening to the Roger Ferris show here on LBC it's quarter past six and time for the news headlines will Lisa receives a teenage boy has died after being stabbed in West London this afternoon police have also confirmed a 37 year old man knifed in the Soho area over the weekend died last night they were companions secretary amber rod says she's mortified by clumsy language she used in an interview to describe Labour's Diane APIs the high street fashion chain LK Bennett has collapsed into administration putting around 500 jobs at risk at 41 branches LBC weather rain and winds clearing most parts of the country to leave a dry and clear nice a low of minus two LBC Travel I'm Dave golf is 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failure they'd been they're also very scared I think the conservative and labour part is what those elections might do to their vote but because the new European Parliament doesn't take its seats until the 2nd of July they think if the extension just goes up to them it'll be ok we can somehow avoid the European elections well a piece of news fresh out of Brussels today and there was a meeting of the Affco committee that's the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and the chair tenuta Huebner she's an MEP from Poland and a Christian Democrat this is what she said at the end of their meeting we have a legal obligation to have elections in the UK at the end of May if the UK is a member at that date otherwise the UK would be challenged in the courts a delay to the end of June would therefore require elections even if the UK left before July the second so that's what we're being told today for the first time from Brussels any extension any extension beyond May the 23rd means the United Kingdom has to contest those European elections maybe to help concentrate the minds of some of our MPs in Westminster jean-jacques says to me I'm a business manager and negotiate multi-million pound deals with grocery retailers selling organic produce my experience says the longer a deal takes to sign the less likely it is to happen let's take the deal on the table and move on voted leave Rule Britannia well jean-jacques if we could move on it would be great but my concern only that none of MUC Francois earlier is will leave in name only but being capable of moving on because all we've done or we've done is to give away a lot of money to potentially tie ourselves into the customs union forever and in return they don't have to give us anything back at all we're not able in any way to move on unless they now allow us they will be in charge Cristina in Reigate rather more reflects the way I feel about this she says I can't tell you how angry I am how dare they say that unless MPs vote for that awful deal we will get a watered-down brexit should the winning side end up as losers Cristina I do agree with you let's get a new port and speak to Stephen a new call a good evening Stephen hello so what do you think the ERG group and others should do is it worth the risk of extension or do we just take the deal on the table Stephen no we didn't take a bad deal we'll be stuck in Europe for every day as you suggest my thought is that if Parliament is going to reject the both of the people and it's going to say well we're staying in Europe whether it's in name or whether still people through side doors have speaks who's may still then that's Parliament's view but if Parliament is going to reject her deal that's one thing next option for them is to accept No Deal or otherwise to reject the result of referendum I suspect would get into the general election territory and I'm probably not averse to that as to where we are now because Parliament's let us down and the reason I was calling was to get across to my idea yeah aren't you probably many others have had perhaps but anyways this brexit party all these party I refer to it as a leave part because I think leave is what we voted for is easier for everyone to record to understand and commit to a leave party on the ballot paper the local candidates is identified as leave conservatives brackets or leave labor because in brackets yeah all under the same umbrella it's all promoted by the leave party but then the voter at the ballot box can know that they're voting for a leave candidate someone who's not going to ignore their referendum vote and they're but they're not then voting for a single-issue party which thing was a problem for lost people with you Kip and they'll also be considered as I don't want to leave candidates I don't know what the politics are because there's no way I'm going to support someone who's going to put as Jeremy Corbyn in power but the problem Stephen isn't the problem here that the Conservative Party would stand and say we are the leave party wouldn't that just confuse things but well it up for the electorate actually to believe them there is potential for confusion but I think it's a question for the leave behind well to explain explain themselves and then yes well the voter says I shall not good about that Conservative Party and they might actually vote in the local area they might vote because some lose conservative and they know was properly supporting that especially probably supported and promoted begs it but not someone who's supported may still and supported but stay the action was possibly to avoid it but Stephen if we had a snap general election you know how can a brand new party logistically get itself into the field put outs it probably need 500 and something candidates it's a heck of a task isn't it the short space of time well shorter space of time is going to be alright and and and and the answer you will know better means the answer about whether that's possible but I mean Sugarman and Israel they are now trying to do themselves and I think that's last assassin will see example they've mainly because they will be seen as pretty much a single issue because no one knows what they know knows what they do stand for apart from so Steven you are an ailing basically reject the deal whatever the risks of whatever the future is yeah yeah well the deal isn't leaving so we don't take it alright okay thank you very much indeed she as well in says the word role agreement is so bad that it's better to remain well I'm not going to agree with that comment although there are some I have to say there are some quite high-profile supporters of brexit who have made a similar comment Pauline just says no deal Irene says no deal that's the real deal Trish no deal is better than a bad deal Pat we all want no deal Diana says no extension just leave what I have noticed is that the leave side of this argument is now very unified behind just leave on a WTO deal let's go to the art of wider speak to Ruth who's a new caller Ruth there are some that think better to take what's on offer than risk goodness knows what in the future and I'm with the majority of your callers and and with you in saying this the deal so-called withdrawal agreement is so awful that it must be rejected the MPs must hold their nerve or nerve and vote it down again more thoroughly if they possibly can and then we will take what see what comes up but I'm not in favor of any extension to the article 50 yeah I would just love to come to the end of this month with nothing agreed nothing going on and hello we have a party on well I'm absolutely all for that – but do you think there's pressure coming we saw it today from the Chancellor of the Exchequer on with Nick Ferrari this morning pressure even coming from The Spectator magazine which has been very much in favor of brexit do you think see I'm asking this question Ruth because I remember back at the time of the Maastricht Treaty that in the end job major made it a motion of confidence and they all said we're gonna put party before country do you think the pressure is going to grind these people down or do you think they'll stand firm no one does know what no one does Ruth but it's a difficult one isn't it because yeah and I can see conversations like well of course old boy you know if you go against the government it might be difficult to get Reis elected next time around you can see the pressures that are getting that are going to get put on people and you've got no fear Ruth of a node of a WTO No Deal brexit mmm you've got you've got no fear at all no I have been a member of you kit for a long time okay and I'm sorry they got my name a little wrong it screws right well they do make mistakes know what Rose you're clearly a committed breakfast here your mind is made up and I do agree with your points I thank you for your call and sorrowing cardiff says Nigel I would love it if all the remainders and stirrers in this negotiation end up with a no deal to dad if old because of their behavior I did think more recently that maybe accept the deal you know what Nigel I prefer another vote and stick it to them with all barrels and again I mean I'm hearing that from levers as well and remain as so far you're very quiet in this debate Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three well what are two people in the House of Commons do they be meeting up with French politicians I'm gonna give you my view on that but for now you're listening to the Roger Farah show here at LBCC at 6:30 and time for the news Willie Sarah sees met police have confirmed a teenage boy stabbed in West London this afternoon has now died in hospital he's the fifth person to be killed in a stabbing attack in the capital in the past week a 37 year old man stabbed in Soho at the weekend has also died in hospital they were convention secretary amber rod says she's mortified at her clumsy language in an interview she described shadow home secretary Diana pert as colored and has now apologized miss Albert's called the comments outdated and offensive to men aged 18 and 25 have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a man in Oxford the 22 year old victim was hit by a car and stabbed several times a week ago he died in hospital last night LBC weather rain and winds clearing most parts of the country to leave a dry and clear night along with a sharp frost a low of minus two Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7:00 lbc as the politicians keep talking teenagers and others keep dying that is the reality elaine Donilon who's from operations shut down which is a group of parents and social workers trying to stop knife crime we've had summit we've had shiny reports we've had strategies you can pull them out of you in it it's not you know Nick Ferrari at breakfast with zero get your business digital ready with Xero accounting software LBC you're on a roll and light keeps rolling with 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as tragic as that but I think deeply dishonest it's Dominic grieve MP who today has been holding meetings in his office in Parliament with Natali's Louise er the French Europe Minister and other senior French politicians he's been joined by other MPs and they are discussing extending article 50 the French government pushing for this to be done for 21 months so we have Dominic grieve a Member of Parliament colluding with a foreign government to go against the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our country to undermine him his hope government and to try to do all he can to stop brexit from happening on the 29th of March and I think Dominic grieve is the Lord Halifax of today Halifax being a cabinet minister in 1940 who urged doing a deal with a very unsavory foreign power I'm not impressed at all it isn't just incompetence that the public will view our politicians and charge them with it is actually ranked dishonesty and willfully wanting to overturn this result but those in the ERG group who will tell you all they're doing is sticking to what they said in the referendum sticking to what was in the conservative manifesto in that June general election in 2017 they are now under pressure is it really worth them voting against a new treaty that they hate and risking extension or should they just take the deal that's on the table we're going to ask Michael in his things in a new caller what he makes of that good evening Michael I think Nigel I don't think well I think they cook in extension to article 50 but I think what needs to happen first I think on Monday that they I definitely think the ERG needs to dig the years in you but I think they also need the backup of the DUP now this is a terrible deal for the United Kingdom but it's also a terrible deal for Northern Ireland now if I feel is Arlene Foster and take a please mobs went it through the mail on Monday and said right we're not gonna vote for this day and this deal is you're going to get through but if if it doesn't get through and you don't take us on to WTO we work out the government if you don't go we work out the government and if we collapse the government and the whole talk tour it might be out of government no with that's where they could say or we don't have an extension as long as you commit to lead leave into resigning somebody else has a leadership election and somebody well it's control yes Michael done nothing but lie she screamed she's the worst prime minister of all time I think Michael I agree with you and what what let me tell you that you're onto something there because what is happening is people are being told support this deal and in return they're saying we will support the deal if you promise your resign would that be a good enough reason to vote for this deal no I don't think no definitely not we should never they should not fall for this deal it's the worst deal in history they should tell her that they're not gonna vote the deal is a deal that you were sold on Tuesday anyway so then either you go straight onto an old deal which is what what you said from the start and what was on our manifesto or we'll bring the government down I won't need have to be a new leader and then they will have to do an extension but it will start from the start and it will start with a new leader of the conservative parties and I'm pretty damn sure that if breakfast here was faulted in after trees in May the Tory Tories would win in a landslide anyway well they might do because Labor's in terrible trouble but I'm not sure I'm just not sure Michael thank you for your call for your passion and someone there who really has got a downer on the prime minister have to say I don't disagree just in reading says at least Dominic Greene grief has a plan Nigel unlike you lot before the referendum well there was a plan just in leave no Till's we weren't asking people to vote for deals we weren't giving the multiple choice we were simply saying do you want to be an independent country or don't you that is what brexit is all about on Twitter the EU are our neighbors our partners our friends stop talking about them like they're the enemy well bones hi I'm sorry Dominic grieve today was working with a foreign government to undermine his government who funnily enough he was elected on their manifesto and to overturn the greatest democratic exercise in the country it's not the French politicians that are the enemy now I agree with that but it is Dominic grieve in my opinion Nigel it's a pure case of risk management there are risks to leaving on WTO terms risks to extension there's a clear risk to cancelling brexit but by far the greatest and potentially longest term risk lies firmly within the capitulation that is the withdrawal agreement let's put on our big-boy pants and let's go WTO says Lee from Bournemouth and Lee that's an argument that Chris Evans the editor of The Daily Telegraph was making today he was saying look at all the options you know in front of us actually leaving on WS here terms is the least risky and I think right now that is right despite the hysteria that we get about all these businesses that are leaving Britain and I'll talk a bit more about that as the evening goes on and ruin Guildford another new caller good evening Android good evening Nigel welcome nice talking to you and thank you for everything you're doing to keep this brexit going and what I wanted to say Nigel was that I believe they should risk having article 50 extended so there is a deal down yeah and risk having it extended because what people still constantly seem to forget is that there are always two sides to these agreements it's not only what Parliament decides it is what the European Council the European Commission and the European Parliament will agree to and I believe that even if we subsequently vote to extend article 50 it will probably get turned down by Europe because they will only want to do it if we have a good and valid reason that we can persuade them I don't know Andrew I've heard that argument that I'll put this to you her going missus may going on March the 21st to the European summit of all the European leaders and saying please please we don't actually want to leave on March the 29th we want to extend for whether it's three months or a year or whatever she asks for and it would have to be a year in in reality they that Andrew could present that right across Europe particularly ahead of the European elections where many of the insurgent parties are doing well as look the Brits tried to do it they failed you know stop fighting the project and get with it do you see what I mean they use it they try to use it as a PR victory I'm sure they would try to do that but do you really think that they're gonna want the Brits sticking in for another round of European election you may be talking to the right man about that Andrew I lost out the other week he was incredibly aggressive he's the European Parliament chief negotiator and he said very loudly in the coffee-room you know I don't want Britain to leave I really don't want to leave but at the same time I don't want Faraj back that was his carpet so yeah I can see besides the argument and rebut but don't you think that missus may asking for an extension having told the House of Commons over a hundred times we're leaving on the 29th of March would look like a total failure well she would and I think the problem is you can only be successful in negotiations if you take the initiative retain the initiative and only let go of the initiative on your own terms and what this government has done right from the start they've given the initiative to the EU negotiators they've played into their hands all the way along and the only way we can actually get the initiatives back now is to go out on a no deal basis I agree with Andrew I agree with you thank you for your thoughtful call now this business of who are the enemies and who are the friends Lynne sums it up beautifully on Facebook she says the EU are certainly not my friend Europeans are I'm with you Lynne I love Europe I hate the European Union's quite clear you're listening to be large of our show it's 6:45 and time for the news headlines with Lisa Aziz a teenage boy has died after being stabbed in West London this afternoon police have also confirmed a 37 year old man knifed in the Soho area over the weekend died last night the Work and Pensions Secretary amber rod says she's mortified by clumsy language she used in an interview to describe Labour's Diana birds the high street fashion chain LK Bennett has collapsed into administration this afternoon putting around five hundred jobs at risk at 41 stalls LBC weather rain and winds clearing most parts of the country to leave a dry and clear night along with a sharp frost a low of minus two LBC Travel I'm Dave Goff they're accusing the m25 anti-clockwise two lanes are closed because the cars broken down from Junction 25 or Enfield two Junction 24 four Potters Bar it's a very snotty m23 northbound after a van broke down in the roadworks earlier on from Junction 9 forgot to pack airports who the m25 in good Mays that aren't delays the high road is blocked in both directions at Kingswood road because of a police investigation on the trains at least and Virgin Trains west coast and northwestern services are moving because of an investigation Greater Anglia they're running replacing buses from Cambridge to Liverpool Street because of overhead line problems and London Overground has to bid the lights from Stratford to Richmond and Clapham Junction because of overhead line problems earlier coming up at 7 on LBC iandale government gaffs Cox's cog piece and the global awards with reports from Elvis's very own Matt Stadlen we've got it all tonight and the news hour starts in 10 the endale on LBC life is full of so many things happy things sad things and surprising things you've got commuting things typing things 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super stores without choice under van Z stock just winners from the m25 all those receive a comprehensive one hundred and twelve point three delivery inspection we patrol ever wide today from just ninety million pounds a month by wise drive wise van Weiss point your next fan at van wash leading Britain's conversation LBC van Nigel Farrar show Alan says to me by text Nigel are you happy to see car workers lose their jobs how do you sleep at night Nigel Alan you might have noticed falling demand from China for motorcars diesel engines which our government encouraged suddenly demand has collapsed for them and the free trade deal with Japan is sending manufacturing back there as well the car industry has a lot of problems but of course people try and blame every bad news story on brexit well how about this Alan when it comes to cars so announced this week mercedes-benz that's right the German company mercedes-benz are just about to build and then open this summer their biggest car dealership in the whole of Europe it's a ten and a half acre site it'll bring 55 new jobs it's got a bistro it's even got a computer room where you can go in and design your own car with the coloured seats or whatever extras you want on it and it's being built in Stockport Greater Manchester and you know something Alan European investment into the United Kingdom is currently running at double what it was before the referendum now you won't hear that on the BBC you won't hear that from those who just want to give us bad bad news there is actually a lot of very good news out there too and some response to my comments about Dominic Greve phrase says what grievers done is brilliant hope it's warts brexit present I mean are we to just disregard elections and referendums and try and have them overturn because I wonder what sort of country we'd be now I'm gonna go speak to Ian who is the second new caller from Newport in one evening something must be happening down there Ian good evening good evening thanks for taking my call not a bit so you know put yourself in the position of Jacob and the other DRG people you know is it really worth the risk or do you just take what's on the table no no I've got a question for you Nigel nobody's answered it Yeah right if the maze deal is voted down as it probably will yeah WTO is going to struggle to get through Parliament whatever what happens if they vote against article 50 being extended what happens then well okay Ian whatever happens and this everyone's got to get this into their heads whatever votes we get or combination of votes we get next week in Parliament there is on the statute book the EU withdrawal Act something but David Davis thank goodness piloted through Parliament if Mrs May keeps that legislation in place and refuses to change it we will leave the European Union in at 11:00 p.m. on March the 29th on WTO terms and I think the good news about that is a lot of planning maybe not all but a lot of planning has been done over the last couple of months I guarantee it's gonna happen but it might happen yeah and Ian I can't read this Prime Minister that maybe maybe she realizes that if she doesn't get in if we don't leave on that day yeah her legacy will be disastrous maybe that's her last ditch position none of us even actually know all I would say is that you know her behavior today doesn't suggest that's the case but we'll say no less well it's a strong word but it's tough to disagree with it Ian thank you I'm back to New York to speak to Oliver we've spoken before good evening Oliver hello Nigel and I understand from Nick's leg that you have a tendency to be a bit of a fan justice Oliver you that there'll be people driving their cars at the moment wondering what he meant and I want to explain I would have explained quickly that in the debate hosted by LBC and Nick Ferrari when I talked about a European army Clegg said I was a dangerous Fanta cyst to even suggest it right I thought I better explain that on it otherwise people might think very odd things allow me to indulge in a little fantasy of mine Nigel okay one that would allow Theresa made to become the queen of brexit to unite the Conservative Party and go some ways uniting the country she stands on there on the steps of Downing Street and says the sadly the Attorney General has come back with nothing she has known she knows the country knows very well that Theresa May has tried her hardest being a remainer but she has tried it all she can she's yes any general has come back with nothing and effectively the EU was trying to divide up our country was he with the backstop as she's already said she is she's no Prime Minister will allow that so she is therefore committing the UK to leaving on wco terms everything goes a little further and announces that John Redwoods will be Chancellor yeah we have checked a brief loggers as chief statues of the Treasury and yeah yeah Oliver last night when I was asleep I was thinking those things I even dreamt that she contacted Geneva so that we could trigger article 24 of the GATT treaty and of course if we did that the European Union would be forced to match us Oliver I was really excited that I won't then I woke up then I woke up Oliver and I mean I tell you what in percentage terms what percentage would you give that I might give it 15 to 20 but you know you know from a strategic point of view I think actually the country at large would actually be behind her if she could if she did in a convincing way she could actually she could actually pull it off and certainly maybe not the parliamentary conservative party but the rest of the conservative party grassroots would be fully behind her oh they would and Oliver there'd be millions of labour voters to who'd say do you know what it won't work on this whatever else we think of her on this she's done the right thing Thank You Darren in Woking time running out please make your point is it worth the risk of people to reject this deal if it stops treason by getting a deal through there nothing an extension would be desirable really under that nigel very good question for you can de you extend article 50 and change our ability to revoke article 50 without losing any of our current rights no because they can't change the treaties you know the treaties I know that the treaties of what they are now there are some loose interpretation sometimes in Brussels of those treaties no it's pretty clear we have to ask for an extension 27 other members have to agree Darren I thank you and I'm asked here Nigel if grieve is talking to the French why can't the ERG speak to the Italians to vote against an extension well III think if we do go to the European summit on the night of the 21st of March and I'll be there in Brussels you know and broadcasting here on LBC there will be attempts I think by some British Euroskeptics to get other European governments to veto it will see a long way to go before we get to that a pretty dramatic week in British politics coming up next week I'm going to be back with you on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. at 10 o'clock tonight is Thom Swarbrick but up next its Ian Dale thanks Nigel so which Tory cabinet minister has reason

Does This UKIP Rant Represent Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E94)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E94). Analysis of this week’s European Union address.
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On The Trews well good morning I want a privilege to address the three great presidents of the European Union on behalf of my group and on behalf of Hugh Kipp which topped the poll in the United Kingdom so imagine my surprise honest 27th of May as I headed to the conference of presidents meeting in Brussels where the leaders were the European groups sat in a room but I wasn't sure you know would they be nice to me would they be nasty to me will they accept that something fundamental has changed although it was business as usual but if in a stick today if I will pick it out and coming from the UK we didn't even realise that these elections were seen to be significant as far as the next Commission president was concerned the Tories didn't have a horse in the race the British Labour Party had disowned Martin Schulz we were pretty unaware of what was going on a victory for democracy I'm not sure the loser she's like he's flipping over kind of Pancakes he's become the president of the European Parliament now shouts he then ran into the new golden rule of EU politics which is when mrs. Merkel speaks the other heads of state obey and the support for us simply melted away you would have thought when in a hole stop digging but no Dave kept on digging away waited that mine immersing this in the mirror inputs Chaz's on there a better team but no Dave kept on digging away it's a bit more like the intergalactic committees that you see in the modern less enjoyable Star Wars films isn't it our Parliament in England another green lever and dark wood I can't handle that so this is a little bit more likes of a a conference room a service station hotel in South mins and welcome to the swallow Hotel Nigel Farage's in there where he's gonna be Mike simple Oh artichokes I must say as the final vote approached it began to feel a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest it doesn't really matter how good the British entry is such as the dislike of our country around much of Europe but we'll always lose if you want to win Eurovision stuff it's a racist anyway I have to won Eurovision this year I wonder what the prospects are now for renegotiation he's wanking in his pocket number 11 came through life gasps ooh in the last boat which all these younger the drunker Widow he's a smoker my god been that all for Younker the drunker i think he is a smoker he's like a bad old Emma nip we've got a referendum coming up at some points in the not-too-distant future in Britain there is one thing that would convince the British voters to vote to remain part of a European Union and that is a fundamental treaty change that says we no longer have to accept untrammeled access to countless millions of people from across the whole of Europe we need and the British people demands 80% of them want us to get back control of our borders so we can choose who can the Brittain see that thing where he goes 80% of people want control over the borders do you think I think that's just because that arguments stoked up the whole time I don't think that that means that people are all the time wandering around bloody and bruised buddy-buddy that's constantly pushed message that coca-cola's a really popular drink because it's so damn delicious just because that missus he's out there coca-cola coca-cola and immigrant any criminal or an immigrant did not get enough of the message of its corporations and big banks that causing you to be poor it's affecting your life you can argue about the degree of impact that immigration has on an individual's life our affects the job market our affects the economy was true though is it don't affect the economy as much as corporations and the financial sector behaving inappropriately and sequestering off the dollar for themselves the whole time so like if you spit like if you'd like like you would lift in a ten and every five minutes I shave immigrants and more specifically some on shouting immigrants it's just like that isn't it really it was just in your consciousness like a like a bad jingle that's what he's like and he's like a bad jingle their logo looks like a cheap supermarket in there rhetorics like a bad jingle and for the rest of the EU I suspect the next five years will bring endless misery for the southern Mediterranean eurozone countries that perhaps is reflected by the number of Italians we now have in our group and what have we seen in the last 48 hours we've seen naked militarism with the EU flag being virtually goose-step round the yard is that his first speech and I think they came from Europe you come from Europe Roger it's just the name of the big planet ellipse we've seen the European anthem actually I'll tell you this we know the Euroskeptics are the progressives these two gentlemen had nothing to say today it was the usual dirge like dull looking back to the model invented fifty years ago we're the ones that democracy we're the ones that want nation state will ones that will a global future for our country's flat behind he looks really embarrassed not to be trapped inside this museum thank you like he's like but pitch their party what are you doing here what are you doing here you so fast what are you doing here what I heard is the speech of the leader of the Opposition into the House of Commons if you want to wear that kind of speech get elected there a lot of these color where they make phones now Sally Portman in 99 on a night bus just to be able to boast as a British citizen who wants to get out of the European Union picking up at the parlor you screamed like I've been flagged a bit racist you don't really feel like a Flags gone a bit racist that one is a little bit of a racist black you sound like somebody from the old communist era saying that if anybody else if anybody else has a different point of view clearly they're mentally ill or there is something wrong with them what you're gonna have to get used to all of you is the idea that across the political spectrum there are now more Euroskeptics in this Parliament than they've ever been you know when you got a school trip and I go right why on this school trip you're represented in our school so don't do anything in passing minutes of Nick's hammock from the museum shop lots of pencils or some rubbers or something like that was set off a fire extinguisher now do you embarrass the school I never understood that at all I've just seen Hydra Faraj familiar pollen now know why don't mix that from the museum shop window or a school trip because now Nigel Farage country and I'll tell you this mr. Lambert's don't worry too much about my presence because within the next five years I won't be here why he's not something like a living puppet like Jim Henson with temporarily racist heard this you keep creature hello don't like that but I vote for her because but how he feels about European politics I feel a lot of people feel about the politics in general and it won't complete the evolution of parity or power shared equally among people muga and run our own I've said too much some trolls

2019 DUP Party Election Broadcast – European Election.

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Party Election Broadcast for the Democratic Unionist Party candidate Diane Dodds in the 2019 European Election.
Reject the Backstop
Defend the Union
Deliver Brexit.

I almost three years ago the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union since then some have tried to ignore the will of the people and called for another referendum it's time they respected the people and implemented the will of the people whether you voted leave or remain this election is about sending a message to London and Brussels that the will of the British people must be respected it's time to tell them again help us defend the Union and deliver brexit die on dogs has firmly established as the voice for Northern Ireland and Brussels she has been a voice for farmers and fishermen spoken up on issues such as the persecution of Christians and human trafficking Diane has delivered for community organizations and sporting clubs from every corner of Northern Ireland to ensure that they got the best day from Brussels in addition she has been instrumental in linking victims here with the innocent victims of terrorism from across Europe ever since Diane has been a local councillor here in the Shankill Road she has been a great friend in the circle in the center not only just at election time but all year round any time that we've needed help she's always been there Diana's been a great ambassador for cochlear Emin Centre for a number of years in fact our centre manager is currently in Rasmus project which I am initiated a number of years ago from Lauren Dallas on escape from Newton arts Nibelungs dan has held advice clinics and seminars to help rural dwellers older people and businesses secure new funding DUP MPs have stood strong for Northern Ireland in Parliament and this election can help to strengthen our hand we want a sensible deal as we prepare to leave the EU but we say no to trade barriers within the United Kingdom it is in no one's interest that we are separated from our biggest market in Great Britain and are excluded from future UK trade deals Northern Ireland needs a voice that can work with others to achieve the best outcome for everyone to deliver for Northern Ireland it must be a voice working alongside our government in London and our executive in Belfast at this election vote for the strongest the most experienced unionist voice in Europe vote to send a clear message to London and Brussels on the 23rd of may vote Diane Dodds 1 help us to defend the union and deliver breakfast you

An Unfinished Project: EU Enlargement in the Balkans

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A film by the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Emily Hruban

It’s been over a decade since the EU almost doubled in size, adding 10 central and eastern European countries between 2004 and 2007. And it’s been six years since Croatia became the newest member state. But now, another wave of EU enlargement seems like a longshot, with several Balkan countries in different stages of the accession process but going nowhere fast.

What are people in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina saying about EU accession? And how does it affect how they view issues like unemployment, migration, corruption, and political division in their countries? Watch now as we go inside these countries and hear first-hand what’s at stake.

[Applause] [Applause] across the Western Balkans the frustration is palpable people want more more accountability from their governments more security more opportunities install a free democracy personality his country once why do you want to join the European Union because it's the only way that we can integrate with whole Europe and live without border and live in the free world yeah that's why I'm here held together for nearly four decades by the dictator Tito with the slogan Brotherhood and unity Yugoslavia dissolved in the 1990s in a series of wars that killed tens of thousands and left millions displaced internationally brokered peace deals ended the wars in Slovenia Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina ana NATO bombing campaign halted fighting in Kosovo the socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was no more and the region broke into seven new countries each grappling with the legacy of war since then these countries have taken different paths pulled by ties to both east and west crowds for the most part are definitely more aligned with Croatia and European Union everything that is west Serbs are more more aligned with Serbia and Russia Bosniaks are most mostly aligned with Turkey and the Muslim world world and it's all wait I mean it's okay but the problem there is that when they're not using any of those influences or any of those Khan contacts diplomatic contacts and so so on so forth for the collective good for the greater good the region is at a crossroads Croatia joined the European Union in 2013 and now its neighbors in the region are trying to follow suit we traveled to the Balkans to Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to understand what the future of the European Union might look like in the region for many the EU goes beyond having a seat at the table in Brussels in Strasbourg it's an opportunity for economic growth security and for meaningful and important reform at home she posted a sophisticate Boston and she witnessed a know destroy his voice constant Douglas Mortimer blizzards you me routine coach does not is Mei Villopoto Shana veterans like nozzle village returned home to bleak economic prospects and an unemployment rate that has rarely dipped below 25 percent in the year since many faced serious physical and mental health issues like PTSD me mama Saturn otoko here sister Buddhist Eugenia she's posted with us to Virginia vote research ethics Laura equates universally avocados you know it means bra the government disperses financial support for veterans through a network of independently organized associations which village claims are rife with corruption he and his fellow veterans are protesting the corruption in a makeshift camp they built in the center of Sarajevo much it was about sex is good enough our last New Year's really Lazarus he did say problema honest Onaga Malawi Christa party taco estimate oxen awkward party not you know wastage goodness no not so 9 were talk was the understand amongst to us well browse to our t-mobile stood orders of the Selena mr. dodo make a pan-seared on a killer today Igor generic Bosnia's foreign minister acknowledges that the problem of corruption is serious people here hate it that they see that not everybody is treated the same by the institutions by the judiciary system that there is no real rule of law that institutions are not strong that you have to find some back alley ways to get to anything you need today to all the group theorem Romania still to revoke with the regulator not she understand whether a certain tone opposed to it Madonna rava so we would have a bit no be like a beautiful whoever obscure moon in the top post name across the country in Republic of Srpska Bosnia Serb entity the death of 21 year old David Durkee Javitch in March of 2018 has intensified concern about rule of law the situation in which young man was obviously murder and just just shortly to introduce you to this issue that March last year after this young man was found dead in a couple of hours we had a press conference by the police of Republica Srpska in which they said basically that this young man was drunk that he was under narcotics that he robbed a house nearby and after that kill himself which is crazy David's family has been actively advocating for truth and justice for over a year I don't trust my police and that's sad part like I think that is the saddest part ever that we I actually as citizen of serve public I can't trust my police that I will be safe in my city why many believes that David's murderers may have had connections high up in Republic of Srpska government and police do not have a single clue on what happened and there is a very strong perception that part of institutions not whole institutions but some of people in the key institutions were doing their best not to resolve this case and when you have this then you can feel you can understand why people feel that there is no justice not only for David but for everybody here citizens started gathering for weekly demonstrations asking for answers and justice for young David the protests grew with tens of thousands participated the police attempted to suppress the movement sometimes violent well in the beginning they just let us be there and gather and everything but every time we have some new proof that they're hiding murder it was a really big pressure from them to us they're arresting with no reason you can go and just stand over there right now five of you and police will gather around you and say oh you you are not allowed to stay to stay here more than 10 minutes why why I'm not allowed this is my city I'm this is free country [Applause] the problem extends beyond david story as furs are zero and zero to the questions how many indictments for corruption did you have and how many verdicts how many processes that are finished and i think we need political will we need more pressure I'm speaking about positive pressure not negative positive pressure from public from your international representatives here positive pressure on our judicial system to be more more efficient on this for slack cooker hood such a student and talented musician in Sarajevo the legacy of socialist Yugoslavia often puts the region's difficult economic situation in a frustrating perspective a lot of people here mmm like the generation of my parents they are there used to like the fact okay when you finish your education you will be given a job because it's in a socialist country it's not the case anymore we are living in a you know democracy and that's also a question mark there but job is not current guaranteed so-called you go nostalgia can make today's economic challenges all the more painful my generation was thought that there were it was better here before the war and I've grown up in a country surrounded by people who were mostly telling me it was better before I was born and it's kind of depressing and imagine how how it affects the next generation Bosnia's youth unemployment rate of 55 percent has caused many young people to leave in search of better prospects in the European Union MIDI ha are no studies economics at the University of Sarajevo oh if we would join European Union I think that would had a great impact because we wouldn't you know have to think of living the country we would have created opportunities in terms of I don't know in terms of trade in terms in terms of February because joining the European Union brings the mobility labor and in also the people mobility people honestly just want to live their lives they want to work they want to work jobs they were educated for and the main reason why so many young people are leaving Bosnia right now is because everything that is going on politically and economically is pretty much destroying chances of employment people are not leaving because life here is bad in any way they're leaving because there is no work support for EU accession however goes far beyond the economic people think that job by joining EU we will stop the wars in this country because here you don't have a single generation in last I don't know how many years that have not been fighting at least one war so as one young man told me two years ago I will never forget that if you membership will bring us hundred of years in front of us without a single bullet fired we don't need another benefit it's enough EU accession is often seen as closely tied with NATO membership several is Bosnia's neighbors from Montenegro to North Macedonia EU NATO accession as a stepping stone on the path to EU membership together proponents argue membership in these institutions will preserve the peace in the Western Balkans and beyond however the debate is complicated by the region's wartime history so I mean Mueller's camus they all rose kuehni will not talk to Sonakshi to inertia political put Irina actually public ourselves got protein who was kanata well compare of Madrid here is always a cannot talk that you understand mo good to go but you only say you understand unnecessary to go but started college in a that she only great to you that's a no-go area alone oppressor vegetable destined at the Burberry like in Bosnia Serb majority Republican Scott NATO is a controversial topic in Serbia as well it is based in the real unfortunately not quite a pleasant memory from the NATO intervention not making any comments on whether it was needed or not but the truth is that country was seriously devastated during that period and there were certain casualties even those in the capital many of them really being being everything else but not the military targets Serbian proponents of EU accession are working to untangle the two processes of euro-atlantic integration in order to ensure stability in the region of course security is also a major concern for the European Union this is perhaps most palpable in Serbia given its historic ties to Russia journalist Maria ristic leads the Belgrade Bureau and vulcan inside an independent news outlet now it's more a strategic question and a question of foreign policy because if you don't get Serbia into the EU then knowing Serbian close ties with Russia you will basically get like an island that is not stable and can really affect the neighboring countries Susanna Krupa Shh served as Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister before taking the helm at the European movement Serbia a non-profit founded in 1993 to promote Serbia's accession process there is no vacuum in international relations if you are idle uninterested there always somebody who is more interested and who will jump and fill the gap we'll have one country which is in the middle and the biggest one who still didn't decide whether it's pro-eu or not pro-eu and knowing what happened in Ukraine and in general Russian tendencies in the Middle East I think for EU this is a question of security of the European Union project so I think that citizens perceived an EU as a institution that always demanded something from Serbia and it was never happy with what Serbia basically delivered in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Republic of Srpska ethnic Serbs feel a similar connection to the Russian Federation Sir John Mazel Itza a member of Republika Srpska National Assembly explains the relationship we have never been in war with Russia and that Russian supported our risings during the turkish era that the Russia supported Serbia in first world war that Russia also supported and deliberated Yugoslavia Slava from Germans in the Second World War and that both the people are also those that they share same Christianity the connection however goes beyond their historical bond Russia is a guaranteed interests of the Serbs will not be violated in the Bosnian Saguna and Russia officially supports the territorial integrity of the boss the governor president Putin's never raised any issue neither that Bosnia Saguna should split or nor to be centralized in Bosnia's majority Bosnia and Croat Federation however some like professor Goran kabocha which view Russian influence as cause for concern everybody knows who are the Americas but Russian didn't come here that publicly they came on the back door whispering to these politicians promising things promising this gas pipelines through Boston are so Covina Republika Srpska and then they started coming here more more professional scale those from their Secret Intelligence Service actually those guys who know how to stabilize one can destabilize our country and they are doing it now so they will do everything to stop Bosnia from joining it European Union and NATO foreign minister chanak however cautions against hand-wringing about Russian influence we have made our choices and it is European Union so I think the trying to try to do to make it as some kind of a – – most observable you know that we are also working with China the United States with Turkey we have made our decisions we have done it unanimously although three constitutional people Republican serfs Confederation as both entities so everybody parties in power and parties in opposition everybody supports bosnia-herzegovina in you so this is our main our main course and parallel we we do want to develop the relations with others as well with almost 2,000 miles of shared borders the Western Balkans are a key route for migrants from the Middle East to the EU making the region strategically important for the Union although Croatia is now part of the EU it is not yet a part of the Schengen area Slovenia has even erected miles of barbed wire fencing along its internal EU border with Croatia placing extra pressure on the Croatians to secure the border Sonora Ximena svenska granite erupts Colonia nosotros comemos Schengen o re Pina emotions K standard Samira's are porous muqaddas small do franco prosperous to set each a standardised as a teacher technically Oprah me honesty borough a political slogan iike the migration situation has been a litmus test for those hoping to join the European Union I think the migrants crisis especially the one from 2014-2015 helped European Union understand that it cannot resolve problems on the continent without non-eu countries on European continent and that it's very important to have us inside as soon as possible of course in the small town of B hatch and Bosnia's border with Croatia hundreds wait hoping to cross into neighboring Croatia and on to Slovenia the European Union has provided over 31 million euros in aid in the region since 2015 still disorganization and limited resources have led to serious problems for the migrants and refugees so Boutros adesh ah de mas una – Treme Granato velco Claude issue Holly Mira Naomi ho capito said which is where who Thomas rumored to trapeze it comes to Cabo queasy Aras okay pala rust-oleum scale Audie Church dollarsí paulie trhe bros pasta / – Reba chase lead say Bob regional yet on is attribute HKDL is the poverty austell is luxury less than politics although Serbia's response has been more organized in Bosnians the situation is far from perfect soffit Rizal bigovich is a translator at the Kenyatta camp a few miles outside of Belgrade they're not perfect conditions they are far from perfect I really and we as a government we we agree but this is the best what we can afford currently they are forced to live here two years an extra so if we look from that point of view nothing is okay but if you see from from the another side that they are running from some bond attacks they are running because they are in live danger my name is Vinod I'm from Iraq so what do you want to be when you grow up with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are placed in a difficult position wanting you membership but being forced to serve as a buffer to the Union without having a seat at the table to establish a common solution the Western Europe should resolve crises in the Middle East so unless you do it you will always have people willing or in North Africa you will always have people willing willing to come so fences and Asylum centers they don't resolve the issue but I guess nobody is willing to resolve the core core problems just to deal with consequences and migrants are consequences of wars fights poverty some argue that those in power are hesitant to undertake the necessary reforms to join the union lest they lose some of their own power that's the thing we were told almost 20 years that's our main goal to join European Union our petitions are just talking they say it will be next year next year next year but European Union is not coming here when immunocal billion is not at least a little is a lot read it with an assist to read it some other go Stalin lost even to the Sony Chuckie plushie talk nursing Nikko get the instruct it was a certain machine Dean stone it would be a funky so it was easy kudos eliminated wasted valina European Union is a very slow Union they able to discuss everything I understand the reason they are not accepting us a lot of referee forms to do but we are not interested in doing that so fast because many of our politicians are interested in European Union if there is the only guarantee from their politicians from a side of European Union petitions that they won't be prosecuted for the crimes they allegedly did some Bosnians argue that the EU is only dangling the possibility of membership in order to accomplish its own agenda in the region problem is the European Union they don't want in this moment Bosnia in this is situational what you have in this moment I think that European Union has to make some efforts to take both well according to the Dayton Accords and Dayton peace agreements was setting it ain't no higher in the United States with help of the American government and American presidents into 1995 these waters are gonna consist of two entities negotiators divided the country into these two parts or entities roughly along ethnic lines with Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic car Lots mainly in the Federation and Orthodox Serbs mainly in Republic of Srpska the role of head of state was divided into three positions by the Constitution in order to include one bosniak one car lot and one serve known collectively as the presidency we do have situation in which for the three member presidency people can be candidates only if they belong to one of three ethnic groups presidencies consistent of the one a Serb Croat and Bosnia member and that sadek Dara Salish who is aroma and occupancy who is a Jew they appealed and that the this constitution is discriminatory say ditch and fin see brought their case to the European Court of Human Rights and in 2009 the court ruled that the men's in eligibility to run in these elections violated the European Convention on Human Rights a decade later however minorities are still ineligible to be candidates for the presidency minority groups still organize actively fighting for their rights and holding on to their cultures like this Slovenian singing group the accession process could be the one opportunity the country has to make serious structural changes to its government but it could also disrupt a delicate balance in a region that is still recovering from more oh well we have one issue that differs us from our neighbors and other accession countries and that is coastal issues Kosovo declared independence from Serbia over a decade ago although much of the international community acknowledges Kosovo as an independent country Serbia and its key allies like Russia and China as well as EU members like Spain and Greece do not the EU is placing pressure on Belgrade and Pristina to normalize relations before they enter the union problem between Serbia and Kosovo we all know is not is not a new one but if I would alone be myself making comparisons compared to real life it would be like a lousy marriage that was ended in not quite well manner where both sides believe they were right and whichever side you listen you'll have a sympathy some see the Kosovo issue as a distraction from other serious reforms that are needed this is the issue that has hijacked our integration process to the EU and that all other parts of the integration process are mm put on side until we resolve the coastal issues so as one of the biggest or the biggest political issue that we need to resolve before we move forward in in the accession process despite the emotions complicating the issue many see it as the only way for Serbia and Kosovo to move forward on their own path – EU accession people are getting realistic that it is in our best interest to resolve it not only because of the you but because you cannot live forever in a frozen conflict or in a status quo with your former southern province now we have a new proposal coming from both Serbia and Kosovo it's that the Kosovo should be divided among ethnic lines the proposed land swap would involve redrawing Serbia's southern border with Kosovo to include area that is majority ethnic Serb well parts of Serbia that are predominantly ethnic albanian would become part of Kosovo in the meantime many Serbians are fed up with the long and complicated process oh well the percentage of people who support Serbia's accession to the EU has been declining of course you cannot keep the moment to me if you don't see the real progress we are faced with the process of as they call it in to you enlargement fatigue and we call it here accession fatigue so when these two processes meet which is the case here in Serbia you have the result that we are in a slow-motion some argue that the political will may not be there on the European side as well the EU has a lot of toolbox this is just the question whether it wants to use it or not the U is also not United that's also one of the issues you will have some countries of the EU who will say for us coercive is important but it's also important to have rule of law other countries will say look we can I don't know look on the other side because Serbia is doing a great thing and wants to resolve Costabile issue so it's really also depending on what he wants and whether EU wants Serbia as if members stay expect that we being part of this big family will have more input and income of the European economy and that will raise our living standards for our citizens which is very important for us so we also what is very important for us fulfilling the European standards it's not only important for the European Union it's also important for our citizens so much unions that can be able to grow school new a brewski standard which some people can you model import a lot this is very important to have this all standards and decisions implemented because it protects these are very good resolutions that protect our citizens very important our citizens also raise these issues they want to know what they are buying in your store they want to have air less polluted and we truly believe that many European values standards regulations are in favour of citizens Serbia has a chance to become normal modern European country so that is our only chance to progress it's not only about the money it's about creating a democratic sustainable system we need to see the reforms done we need to see better lives that's what people expect better life that's the EU for the people I have no idea and honestly I don't think anyone has any idea what joining the EU would mean for Bosnia you always hear people talking about joining the European Union be it politicians journalists anyone on the street and they're really talking about it but I most of them most of them don't really know what they're talking about joining European Union has become like the thing we are all waiting for like it's gonna happen and it's gonna solve everything and the truth is I think completely opposite I think everything needs to be solved before you joining the European Union at its heart EU accession in the Western Balkans is an opportunity for these countries to change not for Europe but for themselves and for their citizens [Applause] you

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – April 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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While the World Meteorological Organization keeps pushing the global warming swindle, claiming that 2018 was the warmest year on record, and the MET office claiming that April 22 was the hottest Easter Monday ever, reality hits hard with record cold temperatures and snowfall around the world… well into spring.

As the solar minimum intensifies, temperatures plummet. Unusually cold April temperatures affected more than 100 million people just in the US as the planting season took a serious hit around the world. The result is that farmers are going bankrupt in the US while in North Korea and China food production is suffering massive loses.

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany were also hit by unseasonable snowfalls, meanwhile French vineyards froze, compromising this year’s wine production. Africa was also hit by unusually low temperatures with Algeria and Morocco covered in snow this month. In the Southern Hemisphere, Western Australia had the coldest April day ever due to a huge antarctic front. The cold also interfered with wheat production in the country, with harvests hitting a 11 year low.

Record rain and floods in the Middle East not only promoted desert blooms at a very odd time of the year, but also wreaked havoc on the human population with thousands displaced in Iran and Afghanistan.

Two mayor earthquakes hit this April, a 6.3 M in the Philippines that left eight people dead, and a 6.1 M in Taiwan that left 17 people injured.

Windstorms have also been intensifying in unusual places as the jet streams continues its chaotic meandering, both China and Pakistan suffered the consequences this month.

All that, and more, in this month’s SOTT Earth Changes Summary…

SOTT Zusammenfassung Erdveränderungen – April 2019 Toter Pottwal wird an Küste von Connemara, Irland, gespült – Bisher der 3. in diesem Jahr – 01. April Außerordentlicher Sturm in Nepal tötet 27, verletzt Hunderte – 01. April Höchst ungewöhnlicher Frühjahrs-Schneefall trifft Tabuk, Saudi-Arabien – 01. April Außergewöhnlich gewaltige Wasserhose vor Penang, Malaysia – 50 Häuser beschädigt – 01. April Tödliche Blitzfluten schlagen erneut in Afghanistan und im Iran zu – Mehr als 80 Tote seit Mitte März – 01. bis 05. April Lake Eyre in Australien verwandelt sich von einer ausgetrockneten Einöde zu einer florierenden Wasserstraße – 02. April Seltener April-Schneefall in Charlotte, South Carolina – Zweites Mal seit mehr als 100 Jahren – 03. April Frühjahrs-Schneefall in den Bezirken York, Chester und Lancaster in South Carolina – 02. April Riesige Wasserhose nahe Touristen-Hotspot auf den Kanarischen Inseln gesichtet – 03. April Hunderte melden Feuerball am Tag über dem Südosten der USA – 04. April Heftiger April-Schneefall erhöht Lawinen-Risiko in der Schweiz – 04. bis 05. April Frühlings-Schneefall gefährdet neugeborene Lämmer über das Vereinigte Königreich hinweg – 04. bis 05. April Hagelsturm verwüstet ausgedehnte Anbauflächen in Tangail, Bangladesch – 05. April Nationaler Notstand ausgerufen, als Tausende vor Wildfeuern in Südkorea fliehen – 05. April Frühlings-Schneefall macht Gebirgsstraßen in Portugal dicht – 05. April Frühjahrs-Schnee trifft den fernen Süden Spaniens – 07. April Wildfeuer, die von einem Blitz ausgelöst wurden, töten 30 in China – 06. April Feuerball über Sibirien – 06. April Seltener Schneefall in Algerien – 06. April Extremer Hagel in Grapeland, Texas – 07. April Menschen in Flut eingeschlossen, als Sturzregen Kreta trifft – 07. April Heftiger Regen richtet Chaos in Rio de Janeiro an – Mindestens 10 Tote – 08. April Feuerball am Himmel von Puerto Rico gefilmt – 09. April Gewaltiger Staubsturm fegt durch den nordindischen Bundesstaat Rajasthan – 09. April Frühlings-Blizzard fegt über Großteil des Mittleren Westens der USA – 11. April Unerwarteter Schneefall in Marokko – 10. April Blitzflut hinterlässt 4 Vermisste und 7 Tote in Shenzhen, China – 11. April Seltsame Klänge am Himmel über Bristol, Vereinigtes Königreich – 11. April Feuerball über Austin, Texas – 12. April Feuerball über Grande do Sul, Brasilien – 12. April Leuchtendes Feuerball-Ereignis über Avila, Spanien – 12. April Brauner Schnee fällt in den mittleren USA – 12. April Hagel, Starkregen und Blitzfluten treffen Vereinigte Arabische Emirate – 13. April Seltener Schneefall in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Deutschland – 13. April Heftiger Hagelsturm in Caxis do Sul, Brasilien – 13. April Heftiger Regen und Hagelsturm treffen San Antonio (Texas) – 13. April Spektakuläre Wasserhose vor Marina di Mancaversa, Süditalien – 13. April Ungewöhnlicher Aprilil-Schneefall trifft nördliche und südliche Teile der Niederlande – 13. April Bis zu 50 cm an Neuschnee innerhalb von 24 Stunden in den Alpen Österreichs, Italiens und der Schweiz gemeldet – 14. April Schneefall im Frühjahr bedeckt Nord- und Mittelitalien – 14. April Spektakuläre Wasserhosen vor Syros, Griechenland – 14. April Mindestens 6 Tote in heftigen Unwettern im Süden der USA – 14. April Mindestens 31 Tote, als Sturzregen und Windsturm in Pakistan zuschlagen … mal wieder – 15. April Eindrucksvolle Hagel-Aufhäufungen in Süditalien – 15. April Überschwemmungen lösen größtes Desaster aus, das den Iran seit 15 Jahren treffen wird – 15. April Unglaubliche Aufnahme eines Blitzes, der sich am Himmel über Starkville (Mississippi) entlang bewegt – 15. April Riesiger Tornado in Izmir, Türkei – 15. April Ein weißer Mantel bedeckt Athen, als es von einem seltenen Hagelsturm getroffen wird – 15. April Ein sehr heller Meteoroit, der in der Atmosphäre verbrennt, wird mehr als 1000 km über dem Osten der Vereinigten Staaten gesehen – 16. April Iran wird mit der schlimmsten Heuschrecken-Plage seit 40 Jahren konfrontiert – 16. April Heftiger Hagelsturm in Palaiokátouno, Griechenland – 17. April Reinigungsarbeiten beginnen nach heftigem Ausbruch eines Unwetters im Süden der USA – 17. bis 20. April Heftiger Hagelsturm in Sevilla, Spanien – 18. April Hagel-Aufhäufungen und Verkehrsprobleme auf der Autobahn von Limassol, Zypern – 18. April Erdbeben der Stärke 6,1 trifft Taiwan – 18. April Wildfeuer breiten sich von Russland und der Mongolei auf die nordchinesische Grassteppe aus – 19. April Tornado-Warnung ausgegeben, als weitere tödliche Stürme durch den Süden der USA fegen – 19. April Unwetter bewegt sich gegen den Nordosten der USA – 20. April Frühlingsschnee in Tounfit, Marokko – 20. Aprilil Von Anchorage bis Fairbanks richtet Aprilil-Schnee Chaos auf Straßen in Alaska an – 20. April Hunderte verlieren ihre Häuser, als riesige Wildfeuer Russlands Trans-Baikal-Region verwüsten – 20. April Schnee fällt in den Stirling Ranges im Westen Australiens seit 49 Jahren erstmalig im Aprilil – 20. April Gipfelankunft der Königsetappe der Tour of Turkey auf Grund von schwerem Aprilil-Schneefall verkürzt – 20. April Erdrutsch auf Grund schweren Niederschlags tötet 28 im Südwesten Kolumbiens – 21. April Schnee blockiert Straßen und schädigt Ernten über den Libanon hinweg – 21. April 2 Tote und 1.800 Evakuierte nach Überschwemmungen in der Provinz Chaco, Argentinien – Beinahe 30 cm Regen innerhalb weniger Stunden – 22. April Mindestens 11 Tote, als starkes Oberflächen-Erdbeben der Störke 6,3 Luzon auf den Philippinen trifft – 22. April Schnee trifft Südafrika, als Temperaturen abstürzen – 22. April Tödliche Überschwemmungen und Erdrutsche treffen Südafrika, 23 cm Regen innerhalb von 24 Stunden – Todesrate erreicht 60 – 23. April 5 Tote, 9 Verletzte, nachdem Bus von einem Erdrutsch in Kaschmir getroffen wird – 24. April Bilder von seltenen und unglaublichen Red Sprites über den Mittleren USA eingefangen – 24. April Später schwerer Schneefall in den Alpen und den Pyrenäen – 60 cm innerhalb von 24 Stunden – 24. April Heftiger Wind und Hagel beuteln Studenten in der Provinz Zhejiang, China – 24. April Spätsaisonale Schneefall-Rekorde fallen in fernen Winkeln der USA, als der Winter seinen letzten Atemzug macht – 25. April Stürme in Texas bringen tödliche Blitzfluten – 25. April Ost-Kanada kämpft mit historischem Hochwasser – 26. April "Beispiellose Überschwemmungen" in Mosambik – 26. April Unaufhörlicher Regen bringt eine Überschwemmung nach Indonesien – mindestens 29 Tote – 27 April Brasilien: Feuerball gesichtet, als er über den Himmel von Rio de Janeiro streift – 27. April Ungewöhnlicher Frühjahrs-Sturm bedeckt Chicago mit Schnee – 5 cm fielen erstmalig seit mehr als einem Jahrhundert – 27. April Wochenend-Schneesturm schließt Autobahnen in Alberta und Saskatchewan – Verwehungen von mehr als 60 cm – 27. April Wintersturm "Xyler" bringt Schnee zu den Ebenen, dem Mittleren Westen, den Großen Seen und dem Inneren Nordosten am letzten Aprililwochenende – 27. April Riesiger Erdfall schluckte Feld eines Bauern in Indonesien – 2. Mal in diesem Jahr – 28. April Heftiger Hagelsturm zerstört Ernten in Pokhara, Nepal – 29. April Epischer Tornado in Rumänien hebt Bus in die Luft – 30. April Schneesturm in der Frühlingssaison lädt schweren Schnee über den Rocky Mountains ab – 64 cm in Montana – 30. April Wenn Ihnen dieses Video gefällt, teilen Sie es bitte! Senden Sie Ihre Fotos und Videos an [email protected] Erwägen Sie eine Spende, um den Leuchtturm weiter scheinen zu lassen Die Welt für Menschen, die denken