Be Ebarat-e- Digar: Cheryl Benard

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“Cheryl Benard, writer and Women’s Right activist recently wrote an article in which she criticised Afghan feminists for not being as active for their rights as they …

Better Regulation principles: at the heart of the EU’s decision-making process

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On 15 April 2019, the European Commission took stock of the measures introduced under the Juncker Commission to deliver better results for EU citizens and …

How to Show Sheep

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Get tips on how to show sheep, including how to dress in the show ring, how to set the feet, and the importance of eye contact when showing your lambs. Part of the Honor® Show Chow® The Winning Matrix video series.

in addition to how the Lambs look we also want to make sure the exhibitors dress the part it's important that you realize that you're going to be showing to a 30 40 50 year-old individual it's going to be judging that class and that's how you're trying to appeal to so you want to dress professionally you want to dress like a professional stock person these two kids are both doing a good job of that we've got clean jeans on they got sturdy shoes on we don't want to see any flip-flops in the show ring you can get away with that at home not but we don't want you to wear that in the show ring notice that they also have a clean start shirt on that buttoned up all the way long sleeves are appropriate for some occasions short sleeves are okay if it's really hot but you want to have your shirt tucked in girls keep your hair up out of your face like what hers is you don't want when you're out there showing the Sheep it's very distracting when you're having to mess with your hair all the time you need to be focused on your sheep so have your hair pulled back and fixed so it'll stay there guys as much as we like to wear ball caps at home you can't wear one in the show ring right so we want to make sure you got your hair looking good no ball cap on again you want to dress like a Stockman because you're trying to impress this document want to cover a couple the final finer points in a little more detail when they hope when you hold the head you notice you're holding it under the chin you know not grabbing the ears they're not a handle you can hold the skin under the chin if you need to so you can keep that neck up and perpendicular to the back notice you can use these muscles in their neck for bracing thumbs behind the ears keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back and the nose slightly above level now we want to go and see how we set the front feet when you set the front feet you hold the sheep with your left hand reach down and grab the right front foot on the judging side above the knee setting it squarely on the front corner switch hands hold the sheep with your right hand reach down and set the left front leg squarely on the corner toes pointed forward when we set the back legs I'm going to set the one on the show side first grabbing them below the hock setting them slightly off the end of the hip grab the right leg below the hock again slightly off the edge of the hip just about shoulder width apart again if you get them set too wide then they look too shallow here now there are some regional differences in how and how we show some of these animals but most of the country now we're showing standing up like the kids were doing earlier like what I'm doing now but more and more there are several places where we like to the sheep down again that'll be some regional differences where you keep the neck up and perpendicular to the back same goal as when we were standing up bracing them and driving them no slightly above level and then keeping the top up so whether you show up or down is going to be determined one by which way the Sheep looks it's best to buy who your judges and where your showing so no your judge know what the rules are and what's acceptable in your area in order to make that sheep look its best one of the common problems that we see is that the exhibitors don't allow the judge access to the to view the front end of the Sheep there are several ways you can accomplish that task and still maintain control of your sheep and still have them look its best the first way is to simply step away still maintaining the brace using your fingers keeping the head at the proper angle the other way to do it is to turn this way again keeping that neck up and perpendicular to the back no slightly above level allowing the judge access to see the full view of the front end of the sheep one of the other things we want to focus on is eye contact it's important to know where that judge is in the show ring all the time you've got two eyes keep one on your sheep and one on the judge as a judge it makes me a little bit uncomfortable when someone's giving me a dirty stare the whole time it's okay to smile at them you got one eye on the judge one eye on the sheep so you can make sure that sheep looks the best you can it can the whole time but you know where the judge is in the ring

The Iraqi Orphan – BBC News

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For a short time in the early 1990s, Amar Kanim was famous.
His scarred face and desperate story featured on newspaper front pages around the world. He was introduced to diplomats and ambassadors. He even attended a session of the United Nations.
He was known as the little boy who had lost everything in a napalm attack. He came to personify the suffering of the Iraqi people at the hands of their own president.

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Amar was brought to the UK from Iraq three decades ago, an orphaned child with terrible burns from a napalm attack by Saddam Hussein’s forces. His cause was taken up by an MP and his treatment and recovery in hospital were followed closely by the world’s media. When the spotlight faded he settled into a quiet life without his family in Devon, but then years later receives a mysterious message from a stranger, saying his mother is looking for him. Jon Kay follows Amar’s journey for Panorama as he returns to Iraq for the first time in 30 years. Is it a case of mistaken identity – or can they find Amar’s family?

The Bridges That Built London (History Of London Documentary) Timeline

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Millions of Londoners cross these bridges every week. Most of them hardly give it a second thought. But bridges are much more than merely a means of …

Patents and Indian Patent Laws – Intellectual property rights IPR & their significance

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[Applause] hello and welcome to study IQ in this session let us see what is a patent and what is the Indian baton low so paitent and Indian baton low pay dent and Indian patent low first let us see what is a patent when we talk about baton three important things have to be noted so the first thing is that patron is an intellectual property right given for inventions inventions that is the first thing to be noted so it is given for inventions the second thing to be noted is that patent is for a particular period of time that this baton is for 20 years so granting of patent is for 20 years so there is a time period for the granting of patent so after this 20 years that is this 20 years is known as the protective period of the patent so after this protective period the baton becomes a off patent so after 20 years the patron becomes off patent the word off patent or off patent means that anybody can use this patented product after a period of 20 years so after the 20 years or after the 20 years of the protective period the baton is open to the general public anybody can use this patent anybody can use this technology or the invention to make the production or make the produce so after 20 years the paetynn becomes off patent and it is open to the general public for production the third thing to be noted is that according to the TRIPS Agreement every member country has to shift from process patent to product patent so from process painted the every member country has to shift from process patent to product patent that is product patent before we discuss about product phaeton and process page and let us see what is the history of patent in India history of patent law in India history of patent law in India the first patent law in the country was passed in the year 1911 in the year 1911 the fur paetynn lowers past in our country and it was passed by the British government so the British government British government the British government passed the patent law in India in the year 1911 like all of the laws passed by the British government this slowed the baton Louis also aimed at maximizing the profit of the British companies so the aim was to maximize maximize the profit of the profit of British companies companies the aim of the slovers to maximize the profit of the British companies so with this path and the British companies charge higher prices for their products the British companies charged charged higher prices higher prices for their products and this higher prices helped them to earn maximum profit for those firms an important thing to be noted under the British patent law is that it was a product peasant not the process patent it was a product patent not a process patent so this is very important it was a product phaeton you will understand why this is important when we discuss about product patent and process patent so the British passed the first patent law in the country in the year 1911 and this was a product stated the aim of this Louis to maximize the profit of the British companies by charging higher prices for their commodities in the year of 1970 the Indian Patent Act was passed in the year 1970 the Indian Patent Act Indian Patent Act was passed this is very very important you must clearly understand what does the Indian Patent Act this is very important so let us see what is the Indian Patent Act under the Indian baton that the government allowed for process patent also along with product patents so along with along with product patent process patent was also allowed process patent verse also allowed and this process patent was allowed especially in the and pharmaceutical sector allowed especially in food and pharmaceutical sector from silicon sector and this allowed the pharmaceutical companies to produce the drugs at a cheaper price so this allowed the pharmaceutical companies to produce their drugs a cheaper price so the drugs were produced at cheaper price if you notice we will see that from the UM 1970 that is the year when we passed the Indian Patent Act from the Year 1970 to the next 20 years that is the patent is for 20 years for the next 20 years we have seen we have seen a tremendous improvement in the production of drugs especially general drugs in the country so for the 20 years we will see a tremendous improvement in the production of generic drugs in the country let us see how it this has happened as we have discussed Payton is for a period of 20 years so after 20 years the Payton becomes off patent so after 20 years it becomes off patent it means that anybody can use the technology or the invention to make their produce so after 20 years it becomes off patent suppose a particular drug was paid ended and after 20 years what will happen it becomes off patent so after 20 years anybody can produce the drug so this will be known as generic drug under general blood the composition will be the same the product will be the same the drug was the same anybody can produce it under different names so it becomes a general drug so this is how India captured the world market of pharmaceuticals so India became one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals and drugs in the world with this introduction of process patent we were able to sell our drug set cheaper rate so we were we we were able to export the drugs even to us cheaper drugs quality was good so this increased the production of drugs in India and we became one of the largest producers of drugs in the world in short we can say that the in reduction of process patenting was the reason for the growth the pharmaceutical industry in the country again in the year 1995 India join the trade organization so India joined WTO in the year 1995 what was the impact for the Indian intellectual property rights while joining the WTO let us see so under the WTO the member countries had to comply with the TRIPS Agreement the TRIPS Agreement voltage trips trips means trade related intellectual property rights good sis trade related related intellectual intellectual property rights property rights it is a multilateral agreement of the World Trade Organization in relation to the IPR or intellectual property rights so it is a multilateral agreement of WTO relating to the intellectual property rights so under the trips agreement or the trade related intellectual property rights agreement of the WTO every member country had to shift from process patent to product feted so under trips every member country every member country had to shift from process patent process patent to product patent the obligation was that every member country has to shift from the process patent to product patent but for different member countries different time period was given in order to comply with this agreement the developed countries developed countries had to comply with it within a period of one year so for the developed countries the time was one year for the developing countries like India the time was five years so within five years they have to comply with this agreement also unclose was given that in case of any emergency the developing countries can extend this time period of five years to another five years that is extension of five more years well granted five more years so the developing countries can extend this for another five years that is five plus five in total ten years and for the least developed countries or the LDCs the time period given was eleven years so they have to comply with it within a period of lavinius what was the implication of this trips agreement for India we said that under the Indian baton that we allowed process patenting along with product fattening especially in the drugs and food sector so what was the implication when we had to comply with the trips agreement within a period of ten year we were compelled to move back to the product page ending so within ten years India has to adopt product patenting product patenting in order to comply with this in the year 2005 we amended the Indian Patent Act in the year 2005 we amended the patent law amended paetynn low by lamenting the patent law the government had to ensure the interest of various stakeholders so parallel laws were also made some parallel laws were made in order to protect the interest of various stakeholders for example that price control order was passed drug price control order so under the drug price control order the prices of the essential drugs will not come under any law or conduct so under the drug price control order prices of drugs prices of essential drugs essential drugs will not come under any contract or low while complying with the TRIPS Agreement the most important thing the government had in mind was to control the prices so the government could not afford an increase in the prices of the drugs in order to keep the prices of the drugs under control we introduced section 3 D of IPR intellectual property rights section 3 D of the IPR it is very very important and you should clearly know what is a section 3 D of the idea let us see what is a section 3 D of the intellectual property rights the aim of any pharmaceutical company or any MNC would be to maximize their profit so aim of MNC or a pharmaceutical company would be to maximize profit profit maximization so what does generally do after the 20 years that is after 20 years this 20 years is the protective period for the patent after 20 years patron becomes off patent so after a patron becomes off patent worthless in menses or the pharmaceutical companies will do is they will appoint them they will appoint the research team appoint a research team so after this 20 years they will appoint a research team and this research team will come up with a conclusion that the efficiency of the drugs has gone down with this 20 years so 20 years before the particular drug was given the patent so the research team will come with a conclusion that now it has been 20 years and the efficiency of the drugs has come down so conclusion efficiency has come down and this research team will makes likely some differences in the patented product and they come up with new drug so they will come up with new drug and with this new drug they will apply for patent so with this new drug they will apply for a new patent a playful new patent and if the Patent Office grants them the patent they can use this drug for another 20 years so another 20 years they will have the monopoly so if agent is granted for the new drug with slight differences from the previously painted product another 20 years this company will have monopoly over the drug and this resulted in evergreening of patient evergreening of patent this term evergreening of patent is very important and you must understand what is evergreening of patent this process will continue what is evergreening of patent it means that when a patented product becomes of patent that is after 20 years the MN sees will appoint a research team and this research team will come up with the conclusion that the efficiency of the particular product or the drug has come down and they will make some slight differences in that drug and with the new drug they will apply for new patent but actually in fact the drug is the same there is only a slight difference and with this slight difference if the company or the pharmaceutical company or the MNC manages to get the patent they will have the monopoly for another 20 years for the same drug and this process is known as evergreening of patent section 3d of the intellectual property rights we're introduced in order to prevent the evergreening of patent so the purpose of section 3d of intellectual property rights is to prevent evergreening of patent evergreening of patent you must clearly understand what is evergreening of patent this is very very important term now let us see what is the section 3d of the intellectual property rights 3d of IPR the section 3 D of the IPR says that there should be an enhanced efficiency in order to get paid and for an already-existing done here you must clearly not down the world enhanced efficiency so the 3d section 3d of IPR says that an enhance the efficiency is required for getting a patent for an already existing done what is the section 3 D of the IPR section 3 D of the IPR the section 3 D of the IPR says that there must be an enhanced efficiency in order to occur patent for an already existing done so the word enhanced efficiency is very very important here the section says that there should be an enhanced efficiency so enhanced efficiency is required for acquiring patent for an already existing drug enhanced efficiency is required for acquiring patent for an already existing drug here you must clearly understand what is enhance efficiency this close is very important so in the definition itself they have given enhanced efficiency is required for acquiring patent of an already existing drug but the patent office has not given a clear definition of what does enhance the efficiency so but the patient office did not give a correct or proper definition for what does enhance the efficiency no clear definition was given by given by the patent office regarding enhanced efficiency the definition for the term enhanced efficiency became clear with the Novartis case so let us see what was the no artist case no artists case now artists is a multinational company dealing with pharmaceuticals so no artist is an MNC dealing with the pharmaceuticals and they applied for a patent for their drug Gleevec the drugs name is devack but the patent office take the application saying that there was no enhanced efficiency in the drug so the Patent Office rejected the application of the Novartis company saying that there was no enhanced efficiency the company approached the supreme court and in the landmark judgement the Supreme Court said that enhance the efficiency means therapeutic efficiency enhanced efficiency means telepathic efficiency the Supreme Court also said that minor improvement cannot be considered as therapeutic enhancement so minor improvement cannot be considered as therapeutic efficiency and therefore the supreme court also rejected the application of the Novartis company the Supreme Court also rejected the application of the Novartis company saying that there is no enhanced efficiency in their drug Gleevec and with this Supreme Court judgment the drug giver does not have patent in India there is no patent for the drug Gleevec in India so you must understand that the Supreme Court has given clear definition for what is enhanced efficiency so according to the Supreme Court judgment enhance the efficiency means there must be therapeutic efficiency and minor improvement in the drug cannot be considered as therapeutic efficiency and therefore the Supreme Court has rejected application of the Novartis company for the drug Gleevec the u.s. is against the section 3 D of our patron act that is the u.s. is against the section 3 of the intellectual property rights so section 3 D u.s. is against why US is against it because many of the multinational pharmaceutical companies in India are from the US and from the Western European countries so so with the addition of the section 3 D into the intellectual property rights it is difficult for a company to get paid and further already existing gun it has to prove enhanced efficiency in order get phaeton for an existing drug so now it is difficult for the u.s. multinational companies to get the patent for the already existing drug and this has lowered the profits and their business interests so us is against this and us says that India is very poor in intellectual property rights and us also says that India does not follow the TRIPS Agreement in its true spirit this is because of the section 3 D of the intellectual property rights and this has led to many debates us cannot actually go to the World Trade Organization for this section 3 D because it is under the trips but instead of going to the World Trade Organization what US has done this the US has added India into the priority watchlist so India has been put into the priority watchlist by the US so in days into the priority watchlist in the US so India is into the priority watchlist the next step us would take is an international sanction section 3 D of the intellectual property rights is important for us from the Indian context is that it has prevented evergreening of patent in India so section 3 D of the IPR has prevented evergreening of patent prevented evergreening of patent by following this Indian model many other developing countries has also adopted this section 3d India was the first country to adopt section 3 D but following India's path many developing countries has now adopted section 3 D India was the first country country to adopt this section 3d 3d following India many countries many developing countries has adopted this example is Brazil and this has created problem for us so many other developing countries also adopting this section 3d into the intellectual property rights has created a big issue for the u.s. now the u.s. multinational companies cannot go to these countries and then easily get a patent it has to prove enhance the agency for acquiring patent for an already existing that so this has created issues for us now let us see what are the advantages of the section 3d and what are the disadvantages of this section advantages the most important advantage is that the drugs became affordable drugs became affordable so and hence the efficiency has to be proved in order to gain a patent in the country so if a company fails to prove their enhanced efficiency they will not be granted patent so after this twenty years the product becomes off patent and any number of companies can produce the particular drug and this will increase the competition and the prices will come down and when the prices comes down it becomes affordable for many people that's so that was the most important advantage of addition of the section 3d of the intellectual property rights drugs became affordable because the prices has come down with the increased competition now anybody can produce the particular drug and it has improved the competition in the market the supply has increased therefore the prices has come down the second advantage is that now we are capable of producing even for other countries so producing for other countries when a patent becomes off patent we can produce it anybody can produce it and this surplus of production has led to the export of pharmaceutical products and drugs to other countries this has not only created a strong pharmaceutical sector in the country but it has also helped India to produce drugs for poor countries like Africa the third advantage is that India has set a model for other developing countries in order to adopt this close as we have already discussed the Brazil example so other countries also adopted this model from the Indian model so now the multinational companies cannot go to those other countries who have adopted this close so this countries also will be protected from the evergreening of patents now let us see what are the disadvantages of this section 3d of the IP are disadvantages the first disadvantage for India was that the US has put us in the priority watch list priority watch list and another thing we must not here is that India has very rarely used this section 3d of the idea so in 2017 18 19 days period many of our patents will become off patent so many patents will become off patent and we must watch what will happen in India during these periods here you must note one thing India has allowed 100 percentage FDI in pharmaceuticals so 100 percentage of FDA is allowed in pharmaceuticals and then in this period that is seventeen eighty ninety two thousand seventeen eighty ninety many of our patents will become off patent and we should carefully see what will happen because we have a lot of 100 percent FBI in the pharmaceutical sector many immense ease would come to India and apply for patent so let this closely watch what is going to happen in this period [Applause]

DIL GETS A DOG – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #46

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P: Woof-Woof, Meow-meow, Dan and Phil Games… P: *laughs* Cats or dogs. D: Okay, Firstly.. P: Whichever one you identify with D: Meow isn't valid and anyone who does should leave P: It is! I just said hello in dog. I bet loads of dogs watching this perked up They were like, "What's going on? What's this video? :D" D: "Friend in the screen! Must scratch!" D & P: Hi!
D: And welcome to the only video We care about this year, in which the brand new Sims expansion, The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, has come out. P: I'm… I'm so excited for this video I've been waiting for so long for this expansion to come out! (bangs table)
D: This is what I've been living for to be honest. So… P: The day is finally here. D: I hope you're ready because Dil Howlter is getting a pet! P: But first, not dog related, but very exciting is
D: So much less important but still we should probably mention it. P: We are doing a new stage show!! D: Yeaahh
P: Called, Interactive Introverts (that graphic design) D: Dan and Phil are going on a World tour in 2018. P: Right to your town
D: We made a whole video about it which we'll link down in the description. which you can watch. We made a whole website! #spon P: Yesss…
D: If you want to see what cities we're going to on this tour, when and get tickets to it– Just go to that website. P: Come see us in real life
D: And you'll have some fun, I promise. P: Yeah. Our seal of approval. *laughter, is that, is that* D: You'll have… you'll have fun…
P: We promise you'll have fun! P: Anyway,
D: Anyway P: Dogs. Cats. D: Let's go D: Ohhh, myy guuud P: I love that the example picture is very ill dogs. :/ D: Yeah, well, look, apart —
P: It's a strange choice. D: It's not just you can get pets. You can become a vet. P: Oh, that's part of it…
D: So that's why there's a very dribbly bulldog right there-
P: Wonder what's wrong with it D: There's many a frolicking cats. All the dogs in this, look sad. P: Yeah
D: WATZ YO GAME– P: Why are they sad we need to look after them.
D: –Maxis. We're on to you. P: This dog is obviously owned by someone that's got a slime channel and he's eaten all the slime. D: Exactly.
P: Probably an ASMR slime channel, look at his face. D: –Which is why it's so unethical.
P: Look at his face. P: He's heard those tones.
D: He's not happy.
P: No. P: So to make a pet we have to add it to the family–
D: LiTRALLY P: –like a new family member.
D: It's it's as valid in the Sims universe as another human P: Yeah
D: So, as you can see in this *high pitch* tiny little corner down here. We have blue Dalien, Tabitha, Dil, and Dab. P: The head of the house hold. D: And now we're doing plus dog. So, harkening back P: Harkening D: To creating Dil Howlter. We are about to create a dog. Are you ready for this? P: Yeah, let's do it. D: Let, let's use the opportunity to change Dil
P: No! D: Cah(?) Can we see–preview his elderly mode? –No, not going there yet P: I'm, I'm not ready for that. So, D: Okay, so, the plus symbol.
P: Play with genetics? No..
D: That's just not good, An occult sim. I feel like Tabitha in many ways is already an occult sim. P: Let's leave that for now.
D: Definite closet vampire.
P: Click the paw D: Add pet
P: *gasps*
D: Add dog, add cat, make a mix breed. P: What, between a dog and a cat? D: Of a dog and a cat? What are they on about?
P: I am so confused. D: Oh, I think that's not like of a dog and a cat.
It's you can-
P: You can choose D: –You can make a specific crossbreed of a dog breed.
P: Ohh, should we do that? (dramatic zoom) P: That sounds fun D: Let's see what they can- let's go back there right now.
P: Wait, we need to decide between dog and cat. D: Do we? Oh, yeah (!)
P: We, we do. I've been on Team Dog But I mean we do need to decide.
D: Nobody wants Dil to get a cat.
P: Okay, let's get the dog. D: Maybe we can like the Simpsons, and it'll just be like a side character that's there Like the cat in Simpsons, it will never have its own episode. It'll just be there.
P: Oh, it's just always there. P: Right, create a child. D: Okay P: Dog
D: So, it's a dog. and one half of the dog parent– P: Is… D: Will be… This! This good girl right here!
P: WHA! Let's just have that one. D: How you doing? Hello, look at that fluffy tail!
P: It's so cute! Sorry. Concentrate, um Okay.
P: Right, Let's choose the parent for one. D: Choose breed. Okay, so.
P: So the first breed D: Alright, let's do them all. B: Yess. D: Beautiful
P: Majestic
D: Long, majestic Afghan. There this is wonderful. P: Yeah
D: Here we have the Airedale Terrier. P: Dan, I think there's like a million dogs. I don't think we can react to every single one. D: Lets just react to every dog breed! IT'S THE ONLY CONTENT THAT MATTERS! Okay, so you can have an Akita. Nice. Good–
P: *gasp* Strong snow dog
D: Good boy hello there, Alaskan Malamute D: Hi, they've liTRALLY made every kind of freaking–
P: They've made so many– *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* D: Sorry, I–I cannot get it together look at this mountain dog P: Ooohh
D: Save me. P: It's got two different color eyes. D: Rescue me with Heterochromia
P: Yeah D: Oh, okay, here First contender: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
P: Amazing D: Which is a very – fluffy kind of Corgi
P: Very cute P: I'm loving it. D: Oh, my family dog was half Collie.. P: It's Lassie D: It was half Collie, Half sheepdog. P: This one looks hard to look after it looks like it's–
D: It's very energetic P: It's very energetic.
D: Probably not good for Dil I mean you should probably just make it half Dalmatian because I mean like, Why not. P: Just straight away, 'cause then what happens? D: 'Cause that will just make it fun, won't it? P: A Dingo
D: An actual Dingo P: That's going to be a wild dog D: See, we saw some Dingos irl in Australia (when we were on tour. #spon) And they were very Shibesk. I thought
P: They were very Shib-esk I feel like something migratoraly over generations like the Shiba inus and the dingos kind of in the oceanic-Asian area P/D: Something happened P: I just had a thought. Why are we even looking at all these dog breeds? because you want a Shibe
I want a Corgi why don't we just smash them together? D: Because there's plenty D: of valid good boys! P: FOX! Like– D: Wait a minute
P: Is that an actual fox? D: I–I was just. Ok firstly, that Frenchie looks like a cat. It's very disturbing *exaggerated zoom* THAT'S A FOX! And this is a very fluffy beautiful fox. P: It's a fox has been well fed, unlike the London foxes that have killed seven people D: *laughs* D: And ate 800 pigeons This is like Mufasa as a fox. I'm just saying that right now
P: I love the fox Maybe we could mix the fox with something? D: no phil D: Kermit detected. Hello, how you doing YES!! Welsh Corgi Pembroke edition
P: this is the one D: that's the classic Corg experience if you wanted it D: Or a Pomeranian
P: I love a good Pomeranian D: Or the Teddy Bear cut Pomeranian – SQUEEE! D: Let's just infinitely generate P: Cuteness overload D: different versions of these Pomeranians. P: Yeah, let's just keep doing that. P: They look like little Gremlins. D: This is too much. D: Oh my god!
P: Woah! That is a well groomed D: I gonna, I'm gonna go ahead and say don't style it.
P: Samoyed D: Yes! There we go. Much more natural.
P: That's better. P: Hound of the night.
D: Fluff lad – Found. P: FLUFF BOI! D: Look. At. That. (here come the memes) wow majectic beautiful much sims poise grace very grace curled tail D: stale memeage D: Good specimen
P: AWW! Amazing, okay P: Okay, and then the other parent is… D: Going to be the shiiiiiibe!
P: The sheeeeeb! D: Obviously, you know, in real life adopt pets P: yeah! D: of any breed. P: We're technically adopting this one. D: We are out of the ether of the video game universe P: definitely not genetically modifying it in a lab. D: My family adopted our dog, P: aww! D: and it was the perfect dog, so you never know. Anyway, onto our cybernetic P: *laughs* D: Dimensional dog. Okay, let's see what it looks like, three two one (puppy barks) P: OHHH! It's so cute! It's got the best features of both! D: I WaNT To DeSTRoY MySeLF! P: It's a SHIBA CORGU! D: It's a– *laughs* D: Ha ha! If there is a name, that is absolutely, not it. P: Yes! D: Wow P: Amazing! D: this is incredible P: very expressive eyes. D: Ticc (?) D: So what are we controlling here? D: This is the, the voice.
P: It's the tone– it's the voice, so it's either sweet dog or, D: Okay, so what's the most high pitch dog? (dog barks at normal pitch) D: Oh, so that's the normal one, and then. (dog barks at high pitch) P: Oh! It's breaking the sound barrier. (oh Phil, smh)
D: That's weird, okay. W-What's our dog? D: Just like a good– a good middle ground.
P: Just like a mid–middle ground. P: Definitely not the fox voice. D: Why is there a fox symbol?! P: You've heard a fox mating, Dan, you don't want it to sound like that. Wake up in the morning and… *emulates Fox sound* P: A relationship, everyone owns the dog, yeah. D: Everyone is an equal owner. P: What kind of traits have we got? D: Okay, so. W-what kind of dog do we want this dog to be? P: Not aggressive. D: Okay– *laughs* aggressive?? P: Right. We'll each pick a trait and then randomly choose the third D: I'm gonna go with playful D: That's a good one there P: That's a good one to choose. D: Important one. What about you Phil? P: My choice is… D: uh huh P: I want my dog to be loyal and not like eat me if I faint. D: Yes. P: Let's say, some dogs will lie down and die with you, while some just might eat your face. D: And you want a loyal one that won't eat your face after you die. P: Okay, I'm gonna close my eyes and choose a random third trait, are you ready? P: Balalalalalalalala D: Ok, yeah, and what will that be… D: Click!
P: Jumpy, easily frightened. D: These dogs are easily frightened! B: Awwwwwwe! ;D D: So it's loyal playful, but also v(ery) scare D: v(ery) timid. meek boy. want to hide P: I think I made everybody super timid. P: Sure.
D: I can kind of relate to that. P: That's me if I was a dog D: liTRALLY. We've, we've actually just combined ourselves as a dog. P: Yeah. D: This is the Dog Dil. It's the Dil Dog. B: NO! No! D: no no no no
P: We're not calling it the Dil Dog. D: So when do we get around to naming the dog? P: Uh, I think you have to click on the P: HELLO, MY NAME IS [DOG] D: AHHHH! NO! No! No! (Dan has horrible flashbacks and screaming) D: When you least expect it. P: I'm sorry. D: Let me live! P: The sims knew D: NO! Hello Anything! My name is anything, THANKS! P: They know it. First name.
D: Awe! Well, Whatever the last name is, P: it's Howlter. D: It-it's Howlter, we know that. P: Right, we should we name this dog? Everything else we have in the Sims is a combination of two things D: And we can't do our names P: No D: Because we've done that P: So my pet hamsters were the most important to me, so I think one of my hamsters– D: Wha, so-so P: So what was your hamster called? D: My hamster! My hamster was called Suki ;( P: And it has some strong memories. My hamsters… D: (mumbles) Yeah-well, in some way… let's not talk about my hamster. You all know that story… P: I've had lots of hamsters. I've had Norris, I've had Phoebe, I've had Henry D: Well which hamster? P: Norris was the fav. D: Norris. D: So how'd you combine Norris and Suki P: Norki? Oh, that doesn't sound good. D: Nuki! P: Nuki? D: Nuki! P: That sounds like a nuclear missile. D: It sounds cool! Looka-look, Nuki! What's the other one, Sorris? P: Nuki's the place people go on holiday. D: Why did you pick Norris then! P: No, *laughs* Wha-wait! D: Jesus Christ Phil. P: Let's think about this. D: Sssssn. Snuki?
P: Snow? Snuki?? No, that's someone from the Jersey Shore. D: Snuki? P: Snuki, they've got someone called Snooki. B: *laugh* Ha ha ha ha ha B: Phoebe D: So that would be fu–foo–Phuki. B: *laughs more* ha ha ha ha HAHAHA P: This hamster combination thing isn't working. D: P-H-U-K-I! P: No D: Phuki! P: I-I'm not calling him Phuki D: Phuki Howlter. P: Phuki We're not getting anywhere. D: I think out of those options P: Yeah D: We should go with Nuki. P: Nuki?
D: Because it just sounds cute. I mean look at that. P: Okay, i-it does –now you've written–now you've written it down
D: Nuki Howlter P: It does sound cuter than what I was imagining. D: And it doesn't–It's not Phuki. P: What are these? D: What are these right now? D: He can sit!
P: You can put him in positions! D: Good boy!
P: Yes! D: You don't even exist yet, but you're a good boy! Come on boy–
P: *laughs* D: But you can have whatever you want. I'm gonna die look into those eyes and tell me you won't do anything P: I have ascended to heaven and then roll over is this yes D: Infinite skill applaud and your fav do this. I think not. P: Top lad. D: I stand talent right here people whoa D: Okay, let's not–this is not a
P: Nuki's going to throw up all over this weird void D: biological centrifuges that we're gonna catapult the dog into P: *high pitched voice* Look, Dab's holding the puppy! D: i'm GoNNa RiP My FReaKinG THuMBS oFF. Okay, get rekt Pancakes Y'all ain't got nothing on the Howlter's now P: Let's give Pancakes a random dog too just let's do it P: We're here–They can have a cat.
D: A dog or a cat? They can have a cat, which is perfectly fine D:We're not hating–What up BOB?
P: All right. Let's do it. What up, BOB? D: Okay, let's go to pets
P:Cat D: Let's create a mix breed
P: *laughs* Are we creating a mixed cats? D: I'm not really aware of cat breeds.
P: No, me neither.
D: As a thing. D: I mean, can we just like randomize it?
P: Let's do it. P: Alright, we have to choose the third cat. D: Okay. D: Are you ready here we go? P: One.
D: Random one. D: Ooh, tha-that's looking cute! P: That's a cute one! P: That's too cute, I don't trust it. D: random two P: Nice
D: That's even cu–it's less big eyes… D: But more majestic P: elegant D: with a mank's tail D: Ready? P: This is it! The Pancake's cat! D: This. is. the Pancake's cat. B: AWWWWE! 😉 D: It's just a brown version of the last one.
P: A cute brown– it's got little tiger stripes D: Tiger-esk stripes P: Harkening! Back to it's tiger times. P: I think it should have a raccoon voice. D: does that mean that one of the options for cat is racoon?! D: I'm mean, I would say…
P: I think we should. Previewing the cat breeds for if and when P: Dil gets a cat, D: we get a cat, okay. P: Yeah! Let's choose this. D: it's a free-spirited. D: aloof D: Gluttonous cat. P: That sounds like a pancake D: that sounds like every cat, P: let's just leave it D: Are you saying- The Pancakes are a very lovely family, P: They're pretty aloof… D: Eliza Pancakes D: Are they? P: Yeah, D: I feel like the Howlter's are aloof, gluttonous and… P: Probably D: What was that last one? D: Free-spirited. P: I think we should call it Pancake Pancakes (laughs) (continuous adorable laughing) D: I can't even type; P: Pancake Pancakes! D: It looks like a pancake. P: it does! D: There we go, D: Pancake Pancakes D: Awh they- they have little Evan holding it P: Sweet~ D: They've made great decisions P: Yeah D: With, like, who should hold their pets here D: Look at that perfect family, P: That's so perfect. D: I mean Dalien is hiding his true form there, but still P: Yeah D: Perfect family. P: I've exploded, let's play P: I don't even know what you can do with the dog D: I do- I have- I have no idea what to expect. P: in this game; I'm quite satisfied just by making dogs D: I'm SHOOK D: Where is it? P: Where is the hound? D: Where is Doge? P: Maybe it'll arrive D: Hello everybody, will it get just descended from heaven? P: Press play, see what happens D: Wait, it's here D & P: g a s p P: It's out on the street! D: Rescue the child! P: Rescue him D: ok get to know or offer friendship? P: Offer friendship D: Let's start with an offering of friendship P: Let's do it D: right next to the storm drain P: I'm a bit- DONT STEP ON THE DOG! D: My god, quickly D: Rescue the dog- I think dogs in this game might just sit on the porch; Dil is literally saying "Hey, how you doing" P: hello D: Okay, sure- OH MY GOD P: It's so small! D: IT'S SO TINY P: I didn't think it would be this small! D: I. Am. Shivering D: AWHHHH HES SCARED P: Awh D: Cause he's a scared little dog D: Yes, oh my god Dil P: it's ok D: offering the hand of love P: the dog whisperer D: gving him the big sniffs D: He just became friends with Nuki P: nice. D: (whisphers) Yes P: take him inside. D: Can you pick him up? P: Yeah, I think so D: Come on, come on- OH MY GOD DIL! P: Don't let him go- DON'T GO DOWN THE DRAIN D: DIL D: Quickly quickly come on! P: It better not be easy for these animals to die or I'll be very sad. D: Oh, yeah, I mean in this neighborhood. D&P: Oh my gosh/god D: Now go back down again. P: Yeah D: WEEEE D: And it's going in by itself, amazing P: Thank goodness for that. D: I'm very relieved. P: I love how it runs! (Dan laughs) D: Just bounding through- the house feels so alive! D: This is- a quite funny decision- D: they made is to make the pets uncontrollable. D: So it is literally just, like, this random thi- P: So we can't really do much with it; D: And look~ D: He's feeling shy B:Awh P: Dab, come treat the dog D: Dab knows how to make friends in an efficient way P: Definitely D: Here we go; with the bunny slippers, which must be very confusing for a brand new puppy- I don't know about you D: Hey! How ya doin P: Hello hound! D: Nice to meet ya pupperino- P: A little bone! D: Ah, he's got the bone! Bribery, look at this. P: HOM NOM NOM NOM D: Dab knows how to do it D: *incoherent squealing* little barks P: This is so cute P: Tabitha, D: It's Tabitha's turn D: Pet P: Pet D: -is a loyal dog that appreciates a good petting. P: That's my kinda dog D: Okay P: I want a dog that just wants to be loved all the time D: well Dalien, you've been replaced. P: Yeah D: You're no longer the hot new thing D: No one wants to love you P: Maybe Dalien will get jealous of the dog D: And zap it with a laser beam P: I wonder how many dogs you can have in the house; could we fill it with like a hundred dogs? D: Yeah, a hareem(?) of dogs? D: twelve THOUSAND D: Awh, oh my god, he's so smol P: *dog noises* D: A pat completely (pause) D: -envelops him. P: I didn't know he would be this smol, D: He liked it D: Big wags are happening right now. D: Apparently he can get obsessed with stuff D: an obsession… D: -begins with the fridge P: He's obsessed with the fridge! D: That is incredibly dangerous. P: Hello my new overlord D: Giver of life; D: Giver of meaning and purpose. P: I mean of all appliances, fridges- I can really relate to that what other more choices you can simstagram the pets we need to send I Have a new animal. Oh yes, yes So photogenic! This is gonna be an Instagram famous dog in no time Shh amazing icon truly and now He's got 24 Instagram followers. Literally probably more popular than Dil Let's be honest above the cherry blossom fail ones we can now add a proud dog OHHHHHHH AWWWWWWW We have a wall of photos. Now, let's take them over to just appreciate again How bad those cherries blossom selfies were. They were so terrible to set in the background? I mean they tried they tried the dog is now watching bath time Hello, it is a weird dogs actually enjoy Oh look at this the whole family in the bathroom together doing various things abit weird So is there anything we can buy for the dog like a dog bed or anything? Yeah, okay? See pet stuff now We're talking the bow-wow And Meow Chow pet food bowl like a good pun there we need to choose a color the most important or the modern No, bow wow meow chow are you sure or the pet mate programming pet feeder I feel like we're so bad at looking after ourselves and our Sims. We should probably get the automatic feeder Then the dog falls in love with the feeder instead of you, I mean The pet would know the reality of life then in that situation though, so we can get blue red pink and beige Pink! Pink, you reckon? Yea, I like it! Definitely! Very futuristic the dog's gonna get killed by it cos it's so long. There? Or like more by the door? More by the door. There! It's like we knew before we knew. It's perfect! And then what else is there a bed pet bed your pet deserves to have a good afternoon sleep Okay, like if I'm at dad. I'd want the dog sleep in my room. So it's probably down So we only need the small addition smallest, maybe in Damien's room because that look at everything that does have is going around it Yeah, whereas Delian that you know you could have a friend, so how's that that's nice. Oh my gosh Yes, I would watch a soap opera about daylian, and new keys adventures yeah now we're talking Buh, buh buh he was thinking about a ball easy little balls. Yeah, okay, I mean color doesn't already down there Yeah, it's a bird. I suppose in their Idol. I just want to buy all the toys come on and obstacle yeah Okay, small unimpressive Obstacle honestly we're gonna be watching this like Dan and Phil Oh, they're responsible with finances the small dog who amazing right now. Yes not into the barbecue. You know that would be Terrible bad, it's gonna go in the barbecue It's not gonna go into the barbecue Wow so you can literally build a whole obstacle course for your own crops Into the sim oh my gosh well, it'll get a giant curved tires too much there We go this would really complement the aesthetic of that We literally we literally can't even visit it to wait for the mansion anywhere in the house No Doc welcome mat, that says hey, we're a family that has a dog yeah now we're talking he really Died burn it don't calendar Such as days, I'm dan and Phil dog Berlin might go and it'll be next to the fridge It's meant to be I think a lot. This is been a vet clinic I mean we can just turn a house into a vet clinic doctor budget bandages mixes made a bloody Blob like you would go in the lab. I don't think we're not a vet Yet We're not that if I had a dog that small I'd be so scared of sitting on it by accident definitely I mean it's now you've made me very scared give ball to new kia. Go on Tabatha's is what's important? If that dog what it won? This is the content we need playing a game a bathroom catch What's in box just a cardboard box We've given it everything at once, but just one box Can tabatha even get two new keys attention it is played yes playful pet they love toys and want to play with a loving life Nibbling the ball. This is a good Sims to Graham. Oh, yes, okay. Oh oh and pet goat yes, ah Ah 25 followers Wow, we're really prioritizing the dogs social media brand right now aren't we dogs are really playing with the ball so much as just eating It but that's fine playing is eating You know who's playing eating his life right now gotta toughen to make it jump through a hoop wait a minute Dill is in the middle of What I still Think I'm talked to by aliens again Duck dude how did we not know he is not having another baby? I'm telling you that right now Wait a minute cause nuki has been active on Instagram Yeah I think positively pet products had sent him a small token smile God nice his first pet spa Anki Instagram my god He has a hundred and two this is this is gonna be the next video shit so believe dill got abducted we didn't notice That's so it looks. It says. He's like still in the process Oh Baby, we can't do it. Yeah, you have fun. Why speaking of alien agendas daily ins on the prowl oh He's going for the alcohol. Oh if he met the dog you exposed cocktail glasses. I think that's what's happening now Are you ready there? We go universe is colliding. Let me tell you about my terrible. Yeah, okay? Well no no Drako. No is a mistake. It's not only bad. The dog's tail is wagging nose. That's good It's like please help me I detect lies oh Look what did that mean? I'm having alien telepathic communication with the dog. I think they just had a calm I think that's what it means I love the dill getting abducted is just like yeah that happened anyway about the dog is more important. You can light it on fire Okay now, this is a thing let's bring it on. I hope you're ready I know you're a brand new life-form, but your moment has come away. Oh is he back for God's sake God what drama queen hello idelle how you doing, and why he's got a baby in him He's focused like this this guy's a scientist right now He's like Oh got to hang out with Damien's mom you liked it And it's all he's not even dazed anymore used to that probe in now With this eyes flaming whoo, I think that's a bit advanced for a puppy. It's like dog endgame. Yeah, let's douse fire But what we can do I think we can train the dog to do something It's flying okay Looks like Dell. I will protect you. Don't worry. I've got this covered I'm coming can he sniff the alien on him maybe Remember me I'm like the reason this is happening. It's not all about you and your Dog can you teach you a skill, let's see roll over dog Trained commands he'll I guess that would be quite useful if he heads towards the science lab follow the bunny slipper I mean a hole so we can trace. Yeah, I Was like if training a dog was that easy do any man he'll learn to heal come on heel good new key Heel, and it's running and what looks like a complete disregard for the rules I don't think that worked hippity hopping around do it do it come on come on No yeah, that sounds like my dog we're always there the dog has just done a big heal because he's having a slide Yeah, can we pick up the dog and just like deposit him? I don't know. I think we can click on the dog bed Maybe and say put dog in bed put dog in bed ask to lie down. Oh my god. They're so small and look D: Ok yeah, let's do this. So Dalien after, you know, his stepdad–oh, no real dad. Yes, Tabitha. I keep forgetting that. D: Yes, is, you know, having a good time, and here comes Nuki D/P:Oh! D: There was an attempt. P: Face-first into the floor. D: It's sort of chaos in the life of the Howlter family and I'm really not sure That a small puppy was gonna make that easier– Tabitha's done! She's like "I'm-I'm done with this". P: Is dog gonna get into bed? D: Look, there we go!
P: Yes! D: Aww! And is he gonna have a sleep? P: Cute! *long pause as Dan and Phil internally scream while dog makes cute howling noise* D: I'M GONNA PUNCH SOMETHING-OHMYGOD YES, GET COMFY P: Yess! D: Sleepy time P: Oh, being a dog must be so nice and relaxing D: Wait, where did he go? He's already- P: He left the bed. D: He's left the bed. D: Ohh! D/P: He's sleeping in their room! D: This is disgusting! P: I'm gonna die. D:I hATE this! P: We need to stop D: This has ruined my life. So this isn't even like- I know we've got the dog P: Yeah. D: I mean, we can train and play with it. P: But there's a whole new town to go
to. so I think in the next episode we can explore the town D: We can walk the dog! P: Take the dog for a walk. D: A family walk, more playing… P: Maybe meet Pancakes the Cat. D: Meet Pancakes Pancakes- D: Forget the Howlters. We've entered a whole new pet based arc P: Yeah. D: In the Dil Howlter story. P: Can't believe it. D: And I'm here for it, uh, my life has a new purpose: waiting for the next episode. D: And I'm the one that makes it. P: And if you, too, like dogs and Dan and Phil, you could get the Dan and Phil and dogs calendar P: Which has 12 months of puppers. P: 365 days on your wall. D: No Sheep-Corgi crossovers, D: But there is a Corgi, and — wait — P: Find the sheep. D: And the Sheep. It's like we birthed it P: Yeah, it's on, uh Make sure, you get one in time for Christmas! D: In time for January. P: 'Cause they might sell out. D: Y'all could be staring at that good boy- D: Not Phil, not talking about Phil. Forget us. P: Yeah. P: We're gonna head off into the wilderness now. D: I'm just gonna go read more about this Sims Pet Expansion, D: And how I can D: tREAT THIS DOG BECAUSE IT DESERVES THE BEST P: It deserves the world. You can give us a thumbs-up to welcome Nuki into the world P: Subscribe to our channels, I promise this *???* over there. D: Thumbs-up for the doggy future of this series P: Yeah, you can subscribe to this channel and come see us on tour, P:, D: Linkie in the descrippie, and we'll see you next time. P: Gooooodbyeee D: Bow wow P: Woof woof!

Climate change: could Britain be zero-carbon?

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It’s an issue on which a 92-year-old David Attenborough and 16-year-old Greta Thunberg agree. (Subscribe:

An issue with existential consequences – both for the future of life on Earth and the future of our lifestyles.

Now, the UK’s climate change committee wants us to achieve a zero carbon target by 2050, with all the sweeping sacrifices that entails. Others want us to do it much sooner. But even if the UK achieves it, what about China and the USA, the world’s biggest polluters?


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the UK government must act now to halt global warming putting into law a new 2015 Net Zero emissions target that's the message from the committee for climate change which urged number tend to bring in legislation by the autumn and insured tougher policies are in place for all parts of British life we've done the work we've seen the science we know that we can achieve Net Zero by 2050 all we need is the government to say yes now urgently why not be more ambitious well very simply because the facts are you can't do it we can go to Net Zero by 2050 and when we've done it we in Britain will no longer be contributing to global warming while extinction rebellion may claim it doesn't go far enough most climate scientists say this is a big step forward this report is a big deal the government specifically asked for advice on is it possible technically and economically to get to Net Zero and this report unequivocally says yes it is which is not something that anyone could really have said 10 years ago but getting to zero carbon involves massive changes across the country the firmest policy demand is to bring forward the electrification of cars from 2040 to 2030 by next year government will need to present a clear home heating plan to end the use of gas boilers in the UK consumers meanwhile we'll have to eat 20% less steak lamb and dairy and with aviation targets also capped it could be much harder for another runway to be built at Heathrow on top of all of this the report outlines plans to plant 3 billion new trees and the cost of all of these changes up to 43 billion pounds a year we need to do a lot of the things that we intend to do more quickly why on earth are we building houses today which aren't ready for the climate change that's happening leave alone playing its part in stopping more climate change and cars car as well the government's got an aim of becoming all-electric by 2040 that's far too late it ought to be by 2030 and that's because Road Transport is the single biggest cause of co2 emissions in the UK but switching to electric faces a lot of practical problems Frederik de valois says it's been an uphill battle to roll out the required charging infrastructure so it's been really challenging actually because we started with a target of 6000 charge points within the m25 in London we had a committed budget of hundred million pounds and we are in 2019 on we have only 1,000 chart points in the ground and it's not just charging points that are falling short less than 1% of cars sold in Britain are pure electric vehicles and many have waiting times of more than six months the report also sets its sights on home heating and house builders in 2015 George Osborne dropped a ten-year plan to have Newbill zero-emissions home a u-turn that has left a bitter taste for many campaigners I think it was actually one of the most disastrous decisions certainly in the environmental area because let's face it those new homes are going to last a century people will be paying more on the fuel bills and emitting more it was a terrible decision and it led to a lot of industry skepticism about government holding by what it says it's going to do and then there's Heathrow so far the airport industry has claimed expansion here can be done within existing targets but the committee has warned that aviation can't wriggle out of its fair share of carbon cuts and while today's report makes big demands for all sectors of the economy it's the government who faced the biggest calls for action if it doesn't act then the world will know that it hasn't taken all the evidence it has refused the remarkable opportunity that it now has and if it doesn't it would have failed absolutely helliya Brahimi reporting work with me now a Ferrari yameen lawyer who helped negotiate the Paris climate agreement and has taken part in the extinction rebellion protests here in London and Bob Ward who's from the Grantham climate research institute at the London School of Economics welcome to you both Tirana let me start with you I mean I think personally 2050 sounds like a very ambitious target for the laundry list that the government has come up with you don't think that soon enough do you it isn't unfortunately I wish I could join in the congratulations and at the moment it's not commensurate with science the budgets and the assumptions that are based on essentially throw small island states and least developing countries under the bus so which target egg would you like to see I think it has to be much sooner we'll get to the back way it has to be somewhere in the next 10 years in the next 10 years in the next 10 years you want 23 million households to stop using gas boilers because if we legislate and have an emergency efficiency act yes we can it's gonna be very costly and some people I'll be able to afford it because we need to allocate the funding in the next CSR to do that Bob or is it realistic by 2030 to have that kind of change well the the 2025 target extinction rebellion have been arguing for it's just not feasible and the analysis published today proves that let me tell you why it's dangerous to go for that is it those 23 million households if you rip out their central heating now you don't have a plan for giving the meeting you're going to expose lots of people who are vulnerable to the cold to the possibility of dying next winter so if you introduce plans that you can't deliver on you will disrupt and damage lives and livelihoods you will also create opposition to any further changes so the 2050 target is consistent with those eyes is consistent with the IPCC's report which showed that if you want to reach one and a half degrees with our minimum overshoot you need the world to be at 70% you need the world to be at net zero emissions by 2070 at the latest Iran some of these fees feasibility isn't a fact it's a set of assumptions that's driven by political will so it's up to us to decide whether we want an emergency energy efficiency act to take up all of the wind winds that you know people like Bob have been pointing out which have not happened it is up to us to decide to allocate the relevant spending from the Treasury to these actions we can organize that we're not saying that people should be without heating in homes we're saying people should be absolutely climate action is an issue of social justice but we haven't treated it as well you know this government hasn't been able to organize brexit now what you are asking for whether it's 2030 or whether it's 2050 is a fundamental revolution of the way that we live our lives can a democracy even organize something like that Bob well we're gonna have to because the consequences of not doing it are going to be truly terrible the science is very clear about this that we are going to face a world which is just going to be very difficult for us to live in and our children our grandchildren so we have no choice but it we have to go down a path that we know that we can deliver on a fire is quite right greater urgency greater determination from policy makers at the moment we're not even on target to meet the carbon budget for the late 2020s and early 2030 that were under a week in a minute so we had people we had dinner London is getting very upset not all of them but some of them were the fact that you know you block dinner at 5:00 you know important parts of London and the traffic came to a standstill how would you get people to make the sacrifices they need to make to meet those targets yeah in a democracy the demands of extension rebellion are to set up a national with perhaps city wide and authority wide citizens assemblies we absolutely agreed that this has to be done with people not against the will of the people and citizens assemblies are the true way in which people can be brought on board people understand what to do in an emergency and what's been missing is governments and citizens working hand-in-hand what we've relied on and I think Bob can agree with me here is a set of voluntary approaches essentially Mark Carney as much penetration beyond and what does he propose is a set of voluntary codes for banks to report financial risk but okay but you're honestly you're asking for a political revolution before you have the climate revolution and you're not going to get that political revolution well I think Michael goes in the meeting that extinction rebellion had with him was very interested in the idea of citizens assemblies we've left citizens behind in so many parts of our decision-making that's why we actually were in a brexit crisis we also had discussions that exceeding billion with the Sadiq Khan he also expressed interest in the concept of assistance assembly maybe with London maybe as part of a National Assembly and I think we've got to look very carefully at how citizens are being left behind and assumptions being made about what they will or will not do okay we we don't need a citizen's assembly we know what most of those policies are we do get on and do it energy efficiency is a no-brainer we shouldn't be having the worst we know how to change it get on the politicians and get them to do it it's not about technical analysis Bob's done so many of them and that's alright we didn't have other people with us gotta break it up but it is important Bob Ward for Ronnie I mean thank you very much indeed thanks Matt well environmental protesters have been targeting one firm at the center of Rao's over fracking INEOS whose founder so Jim Ratcliffe claims the country is being deprived of cheap energy the chemical producer is now bankrolling the Tour de France winning cycling squad formerly known as Team Sky the newly renamed team INEOS were booed by protesters at the start at the Tour de York ship from Yorkshire Yorkshire here's our chief correspondent Alex Thompson and they're off Doncaster today for la dipper v TDY 130 riders 19 countries 384 miles over four days in God's own County but in the town's Market Square protesters had gathered early incensed that the plastics oil and fracking giant INEOS should sponsor a cycle team in the very county it wants to open up to fracking among them three borough councillors boycotting invitations to pre-race hospitality to protest instead it's about going to renewable energy and if the adds an inkling of cents that would go into that and they'd start making a profit from it straight away into wind farms into solar energy we're in the midst of the climate crisis you know there is absolute consensus that that's the case and the last thing we should be doing is starting a new fossil fuel industry donkus the council passed the motion we're opposed to fracking in Doncaster with anywhere within our land and that has cross-party support it was unanimous in the gallery not every Yorkshire man or woman feels that way of course and order some of their MPs even in areas which face potential fracking we've got 23 million homes in the UK connected to the gas supply for heating and cooking so all need in any scenario any energy scenario we'll need gas for some decades to come a key question will we import half our gas today do you want to import more and more gas as we will be doing or do want to produce it from our own natural resources protesters gathered in Doncaster this morning were having none of that the presentation therefore of the in yours team was always going to be a mixed affair [Applause] frak off INEOS the repeated shout is he bothered the new sponsor in yours boss Britain's wealthiest man personal net worth more than 13 billion dollars currently reported as moving to Monaco no sir Jim Ratliff is not polit I wouldn't want to get involved in ooh who's difficult dangerous they've been fracking conventional wells for 60 or 70 years all the wells in the North Sea the frack domain everybody there's nothing all we do is pump water down and it just loosens her off of it that's all so you know I think it's a great shame that the north of England were an important part of the economy is manufacturing is being deprived of cheap energy the potential fracking map of England it's banned in Scotland shows large areas of Yorkshire could be fracked in your says it would even frack under the North York Moors National Park if it could Friends of the earth have now issued an open letter to the team in your cycling boss so Dave Brailsford saying INEOS are using cycling to greenwash its image Brailsford well he's attracted his share of controversy in sport down the years rap lives angered environmental groups for years both men are simply shrugging it off and the cycling well today the tour stage entered countryside potentially earmarked for fracking further protests are expected over the next three days Alex Thompson Channel 4 News in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl Discovery Channel (2004)

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The explosion at Chernobyl was ten times worse than that at Hiroshima and was due to a combination of human error and imperfect technology. Using a real-time split-screen format reminiscent of the hit series, 24, this programme examines the 60 critical minutes leading up to the explosion at the power station on 26th April 1986.
Each minute unfolds narrating the events from the perspectives of key characters involved including Chernobyl’s deputy chief engineer and his staff in the control room as well as innocent bystanders, the wife of one of Chernobyl’s workers and two fishermen working in Chernobyl’s warm waste waters.
With an extraordinary combination of drama and state of the art CGI graphics, Disaster at Chernobyl climaxes with the reconstructon of the final seconds leading to the disaster, the explosion itself and its terrifying aftermath.

Narrated by: David Morrissey
Producer: Tom Lasica
Director: Renny Bartlett
Executive Producers: Dan Korn & Andre Barro
Producer: Simon Berthon
Executive Producers for Discovery Networks Europa:
Bettina Hatami & Susie Worster
2004 Discovery Communications, LLC.

at 23 minutes past 1:00 on the morning of April the 26th 1986 the world was seconds away from its worst ever nuclear accident reactor number four the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the Soviet Union exploded five minutes later a phone call recorded at the time is the first alert of a tragedy in the making by morning the physical devastation was revealed but much worse was to come the disaster Chernobyl brought death and disease they brought the very idea of nuclear power it's question and within the Soviet Union the trauma of Chernobyl was so great that many see it as the first step in the breakup of the communist regime this film tells the story minute by minute second-by-second of the one hour countdown to tragedy it's seen through the eyes of the key actors in the drama the workers who were accidentally led to their deaths and the innocent bystanders who looked on based on documented evidence and eyewitness reports it has been filmed on location inside the surviving areas of the Chernobyl nuclear power station the control room at Chernobyl reactor number 4 it is here that all the key decisions in the coming hour will be taken the future of the reactor in the world beyond is in the hands of three men at only 26 Leonid Topton off is senior control engineer his job is to control the enormous power in the reactor sym natsot Alexander akimov is the shift Foreman the captain of the ship stops Yahweh's beliefs older than another mind them but tonight he is outranked deputy chief engineer Anatoly Dyatlov who's in charge Detlef is one of the Soviet Union's nuclear engineers he's also a hard man operating in a harsh system there is a further vital character the newly commissioned reactor number four itself one of the communist regimes proudest technological achievements tonight the control room is preparing for a safety test on the reactor watching this rubella pass to do something about a stolen vehicle chef that is scary without emotion is the other but a fateful argument is brewing between the two senior engineers and the at love about the level of power at which it is safe to begin the test stop nice would use needles nervous continues normally since of mcgovern this invisible cover is your sister new magnet I are about that since you up in my reunion euros 50 megawatt Chernobyl is harboring two deadly secret the first is a potentially fatal flaw in the reactors design which the engineers are unaware of the floor that makes it highly unstable when run at low power the second secret concerns the man in charge Anatoly Dyatlov zone history is scarred by the very technology he is seeking to dominate tonight the ATLA and the reactor will face each other in a battle of strength that will destroy them both 31 minutes past midnight the argument over the power level at which the safety tests on Chernobyl reactor number four can begin throws ever more serious motion is what they teach in twister regime stillness this is again a tacit armada why if you can detect negligee the test has been demanded by Russia's atomic energy authorities and stems from the Cold War fear of being attacked that still grips the Soviet Union a few years before the Israeli Air Force bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor built by the Russian since then Soviet scientists have demanded tests on their reactors to see what would happen if they came on the enemy attack and their power supply was knocked out but deputy chief engineer Anatoly Dyatlov is deliberately ignoring top-level advice on how the tests should be done the guidelines state that the reactors power should be between seven hundred and a thousand megawatts when the test begins Dyatlov wants to do the test at only 200 megawatts to preserve the cooling water that stops the reactor overheating he believes there is little risk unfortunately that night it was not a single man in the control room but he saw as his equal there really wasn't anyone there who was a stronger character was professionally qualified whose opinion you yeah trainee abided Sasha by oh it's soluti the Maquis are aboard Oh the outlaw is not in fact an unreasonable man rather he's a creature of the communist system that has raised and promoted him he was born a fisherman's son in Siberia and ran away from home at the age of fourteen he's overcome these on promising beginning mr. rise through the ranks as an engineer he is a party man who tries to follow the rulebook but he's aware that in the nuclear industry the rulebook in reality often don't match to get things done shortcuts an improvisation or sometimes the only answer wining the power down has led to it dropping too fast one mile away from Chernobyl is the DOMA to town of Pripyat everyone who lives here works at the power station though they don't know it all these people's destinies will be dictated by the events unfolding in control room number four among them soundly asleep is Nikolay foaming the chief engineer of Shinobu who left the order for the safety test to be carried out a few hundred yards away Natasha yoschenko was being kept awake by her two-year-old son to carry from her window Natasha can see the lights of the nuclear power station where her husband engineer Sasha yoschenko is working a routine night shift as he passes through the kilometer-long Turbine Hall such as thinking not of work but of the upcoming May Day holidays there was something about that night something unusual for some reason I got all dressed up the weather was remarkable very warm of a spring I went off to work in a terrific mood but my wife said that all night our son Khalil was crying she didn't sleep a wink deucey deucey my leg because it was it others are also among them two fishermen one Misha noble maintenance man casting for fish attracted by the power plants warm waste waters 24 minutes to 1 a new problem disturbs the concentration of the increasingly Force operators senior unit control engineer Boris tally-hawk controls the flow of water through the reactor he's also used to our arms like this raucous a Tony bobbins press for the water levels in the separated ramus it was always difficult to control them at low power operator is now about them above all the operators knew about it so I didn't feel afraid 22 minutes to 1 the reactor has ground to a complete halt the at love makes a fateful decision you filthy dog but I forgive I would slit like anybody she's guilty you gone to raise power after cold 30 the shift actually had to pull all the control rods out of the reactors it but it looked almost this was like cooking a gun control rods of the accelerator and the brakes of the nuclear reactor below the 50 foot reactor lid are 1661 uranium filled fuel rods which descend into the reactors core the splitting of the uranium atoms releases enormous heat from the fuel rods which turns water into steam the steam drives the giant turbine which generates electricity to control this power 211 boron control rods are spread throughout the reactors core if they're raised power accelerates if they're taken out altogether the engineers lose their ability to apply the brakes that is exactly what the active tells his mentor Spanish nozzle monado's nastanovich learn Anatole step on that absolutely yes the military will additionally to project a reactor and impose latest novel Sabatini was more the crisp Italian apology is a technology of the quail is Patania moulded provisional sevawwyeah a TBS kazoo yesterday new cultures killing numerous Kohanga pre Kazan Yama goose by the tibia that they have hajima still be upon you partial one hello premium earlier not you mr. engineer the men's revolt has failed try Gerber Nakhimov power up the reactor within five minutes they've got power rising the at love has what he wants the star system Ichabod but the village I have Romanian pillow I am ready Musti the control room staff have every reason to fall in line to be a nuclear engineer as a prestigious and well-paid job they and their families live in the company town of prypiat the shops are well starve there's a new school in the museum nobody wanted to lose the job because losing the job would mean losing the flat in Pripyat under them and going elsewhere to some probably some ghastly outpost in Siberia the fear of getting sacked was the reason why they didn't speak out more effectively when they realized that they were doing something that could be very dangerous 8 Minister 1 another alarm what about menisci no one outside the control room knows about the argument going on there for workers like Sachi of chenko it's just another ordinary night this was not guilty' a silver thing ever there were no specific assignments for the shift I'd already done one shift and we all thought the reactor had been shut down I thought the test had been done on the earlier shifts outside the plant the night is still three minutes past one after the failed revolt the control room is now calm too the man have got the reactors power to the level deputy chief engineer Dyatlov wants it for the test mr. punch mr. overscan emotions – mr. McGovern chief usher the unites button Nepali government a national scrutiny Yaman judoka promotion a stiff somesort in government the statute provided is Patania very poor elimination stiff twisting Raghava the approach you was dynasty at the worship as per Iranian Revolution the beautifulness the existing plumbing of an engineer yay me all knowledge is neat parametric religion is Pattani Yaya societies Catan in the Pump Room mechanic villarica denture is visited by his friend foreman Valeri pareve chanko condemned choked has less than 20 minutes to live Emira spoke appointed him – Gabriel – Apollo rare chariot sir fresh air must be next on purpose anchors rounds is Sasha give chenko in the Mayton an innocent request will lead them back to the pumpkin near the reactors core the water shortage continues to set off alarms but still none of these engineers believes a serious accident is possible for the top man Nicolai foeman it's simply inconceivable fermion had done a correspondence course of nuclear engineering but he wasn't an expert in the field at all he had risen mainly because of his standing as a party secretary unlike that of who was aware that there were dangers in these reactors fermion believed everything he'd read and so when the issue of safety arose he'd say well the charges of an accident a completely remote about as remote as you were being hit by a meteorite even the safety conscious Alexander Achenbach who does understand the technology has officially estimated the chances of an accident at Chernobyl as one in ten million per year but Akimov and his colleagues do not know the reactor as well as they think they are the victims of years of coverup and negligence a rabbit shimmy booty mr. loveliness he had neither his public advocate celibate program in other countries from the 1960s the expansion of nuclear power has been a key target of the communist regime nothing has been allowed to get in the way not even the KGB these recently released KGB documents show the authorities ignored repeated warnings between 1979 and 86 the Chernobyl had serious design flaws Chernobyl's director victor bocharov and his senior managers rushed to get reactor number 4 open early so that they and their party bosses could win substantial bonuses safety came second Makana for director of hope our station complex was always at his wits end to meet deadlines to build these reactors for example the roof of the reactors was meant to have been built with fireproof materials but these type of materials didn't exist the roof had to be put on so he used combustible materials accidents were common and hushed up the very tests being done on this night should have been carried out before reactor number four was even opened now Archie Noble all these chickens are coming home to roost something deadly serious is happening in the reactors core that no one in the control room is aware of the few boron control rods still in the reactor are only partially inserted at the top so power is building into a hot spot at the bottom of the core where the sensors don't always detect it the reactor is now an invisible ticking time bomb twelve minutes past 1:00 the growing pressure inside to Nobles reactor number four is matched by the pressure within the man controlling the night's events deputy chief engineer Anatoly Dyatlov the add loft remains determined to push through the safety test despite the opposition in the control room one reason maybe power station politics the outlaw is in trouble with the local Communist Party for being rude to his workers his boss Nikolai foeman is due for promotion a successful test could help the outlaw get foeman's job and remove him from the engineers on the shop floor but Dyatlov also holds a darker more personal secret back in the 1960s he'd worked in Siberia installing nuclear reactors into submarines for the ethnicity away still alleged or there was a nuclear accident the investigation found that it happened as a result of dyatlov's actions though it was not shown to be his foot no seconds which he possessed like jagger Dyatlov was exposed to 200 rm3 lifetime's worth of radiation soon after the Siberian accident the ad loss son died of leukemia the most common disease children get from exposure to radiation it is said the tragedy changed made him more driven more willful tonight his will is set against the very nuclear power that may have taken his child 117 am less than six minutes to the start of the safety test the outlaw is confident the support that you provide but the hot spot continues to build unseen at the bottom of the core should remain on TV oh Jenny latest religious outside the control in life and gossip carry on as normal most women do not America's not a bitch terrible maybe an electrostatic effect is the patient's costo probability acronym doc suppose the Queen's tonic is true Moshe was not a neuticle Katerina Heidi stop restage party to the machine that will change the tone I gotta another aesthetic as the water see Beauty coma resistance now persecuted last me that noise chessboard oh it's real you lose the Queen Mother's da musica para pachenko through to the control room will lead and pass the reactor no usually the Vania the secretory most nights no respect zbyshek official parameter is Patania to begin Erica – your name answer shifting breath just get a big last possibility public last night Lamia pakka Appa Yakka throw the sheet Valley 0 – awesome you cheat where is your neck muscles Ruggiano secretion in Russian there's one example that you know must be back the test will shut off the power to the massive turbine and let it Coast backup diesel generators will take over but there's a 40 second gap before they kick in question is how effectively the slowing turbine will keep the water pumps going until the diesel generators take over without that water the reactor could boil dry like an immense kettle but to Dyatlov who continue to have no idea of the hot spot that has already built up the risk remains purely theoretical the power to the turbine is turned off over the next minute a terrifying chain of parallel events will unfold as the turbine winds down the pumps push less water through the reactors tall more and more steam is generated from less and less water steam pressure builds of the cause of visible hot spots with every passing second as the steam pressure rises it spreads to the pump paraffin chenko answers the huge reactor hall directly above the reactors lid to see something never witnessed before steam pressure inside the core is lifting the 350 kilo caps – the fuel runs out of their sockets princess audiences get your horses laughter sherry she still move our universe usually moistness here pressing the emergency a said five button automatically lowers the boron control rods to reduce power but it has an unforeseen and fatal effect the boron rods were in fact tipped with graphite and that short moment when they are first inserted into the reactor the graphite in fact leads to a surge in the power not a reduction from when the a said five button was pushed until the explosion the power increased hundreds of times then you mean Jana do this you like lettuce for you your phone's to let you cry they're two minutes 11 seconds new security was washed now we're in motion is to be whistled it's at its middle the disaster is now seconds away steam pressure the reactors hot spot can't be contained fifty control and fuel rod shafts are torn apart power rockets turning the whole reactor into a volcanic steam pressure cooker but you must be other scary scary scary opossum alternatives here let's begin the booth as the Bureau sorry were you after the first explosion I thought the problem was a hydraulic blast in the deaerators that he opened it red I wanted to try to switch the setting to compensate but then the second explosion happened seconds after the first blast we heard the second a massive explosion I didn't know what it was we only felt the blast wave it smashed my door with the 500 ton safety cap blown up and her being sucked in below the reactor becomes a giant blow torch blasting 50 tons of nuclear fuel into the atmosphere ten times Hiroshima 700 tons of radioactive graphite are blown around the plant clouds of dust are sucked into the control room accompanied by a strange smell gases released from the core leave a metallic taste like ozone after a thunderstorm it is in fact the stench of death the dust is the cloak of the invisible killer of radiation the control room operators are far enough away from the reactors core to survive the explosion but somewhere which they have not many will face days weeks even years of agony as radiation burns them to death from the inside what struck me was what had happened to my wall its cast concrete a metre thick I saw it in the corner of my room bending as if it was made of rubber like this it got dark immediately the lights went out steam wrapped around everything dust steam darkness and a horrible hissing noise Cinderella post I thought it could be an earthquake or maybe war the reactor was the last thing on my mind but the bhumata detailed that was my operator Victor dr. ankles I only recognized him by his voice his face was burnt all covered in blood just below that Victor was still in shock he said to me that he had been near the pumps together with or Sinofsky the second pump operator and that he stayed there and I should help them when I reached him he was shivering you know when a man isn't shocked he just indicated with his hands and said but what did I find it ruins that's all I saw if he had been there he would have been buried under the pillars there's so much in place of the ceiling that was only sky a sky full of stars at 3:00 a.m. I was vomiting violently it was the first sign of radiation sickness at six o'clock I couldn't even get to the first-aid post by myself they helped me there put me in an ambulance and took me to the medical station Sachi you've chenko will survive others are dying the radioactivity pours out of the reactor to be blown across Bella Russia towards the heart of Europe the real nightmare is still to come by the morning of April the 26th the KGB was filming the devastated scene of the worst nuclear accidents in history whoever shot this declassified KGB footage absorbed a massive dose of radiation the next day the people of Pripyat were officially told the worst Bishop's they were short yodel the following night I was taken to Moscow by plane only five people survived from those who were on board then my family was evacuated with the entire city it would take a full week for all 135,000 people to be evacuated the radiation count was so high the flashes from it burns straight on to this film 30 kilometer zone of exclusion was declared the zone frozen in time like a modern Pompeii over 600,000 Soviet men and women were brought in to contain the radioactivity they worked in hellish often chaotic conditions with extraordinary bravery in order to safeguard the rest of the world many of them had no protective clothing whatsoever everything they touched burned with radioactivity the poisonous cloud spread beyond borders across much of the northern hemisphere washed into the earth by the rain the radioactive dust lives on in plants animals and human beings within the Soviet Union in the changing times of a new openness the political effect was profound she was major nidal Donna's questionable dad over here much obviously Adam named electrolysis I think it both a symbolic in a very real way Chernobyl was the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union I think in a symbolic way the sort of meltdown the explosion was caused by all the inherent contradictions in Soviet system and therefore it's it's a very good paradigm if you like a symbol of what was to happen Ginobili ëthe toll though horrifying has turned out to be smaller than many first feared the scientific consensus is that it will cause some 10,000 cancers in Russia and 25,000 worldwide over a 70-year period as yet the only proven rise in disease is in thyroid cancers in children motherfu you it is an individual human lives that the cost is most visibly the fisherman spent the night watching the fireman fight the radioactive flavors until they started to feel ill within hours their skin went black a nuclear tan that foreshadowed the deaths 30 workers including fire crew on the site died from acute radiation poisoning the learn academic Ock was vaporized in the explosions while at his post in the Pump Room Allari para ver junco died six weeks later of radiation burns suffered trying to find his friend cadet Chuck Alexander akimov died 15 days after the explosion from radiation poisoning as long as he could speak he said I did everything right I don't understand why it happened leonid topped enough died three days after akimov he too protested his innocence to the grave saying he'd done everything he could the chief engineer of Chernobyl Nikolai foeman was sentenced to 10 years hard labor but was soon released due to a mental breakdown he's now set to drift in and out of lucidity miraculously Sasha Savchenko survived as did his wife Natasha and their son Carole but that night lives on in his memory and in his body I had 15 skin graft operations in the first year the burns didn't show themselves at once they appeared after I got to the hospital in Moscow they ripened when I was in the recovery unit my skin was all black when they pulled back the sheets my skin peeled off like Xerox powder I have to be careful now for instance I can drive a car but I can't do repairs I can't touch petrol or oil the wounds won't heal the blood won't congeal properly there are other things but you get used to them all you just live with it Anatoly Dyatlov received a massive 390 REM of radiation but even this five lifetime's worth of radiation didn't kill him he lived on until 1995 when he died of a heart attack di Clough served four years of his 10 year sentence and in a remarkable interview given shortly before he died he argued that in the battle between himself and the reactor only one side could be blamed did he act Bruno you wouldn't him quick splat that's the reactor shouldn't have been in operation for he went digital data may be the real blame lies with the Atomic Energy Authority is stinky at them not having the correct documentation when where it was needed made the explosion of the reactor in the reactor March straight to its gamesswag I'm sure

The Moggcast: Episode Twelve

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Might the Tories split? “I think this is up to the Prime Minister,” Jacob Rees-Mogg explains. Why it was improper to bypass Davis’ White Paper. And apologies to Popes Urban IV and Urban VI.

the mocha cast a fortnightly conversation with Jacob Riis MOG about the topics of the day welcome to another edition of the mock cast this is Paul Goodman editor of conservative home in conversation with Jacob Riis MOG Jacob I'm fighting myself ourselves in the position of the Red Queen wasn't as you know Alice in Wonderland who had to run to standstill because but the time our listeners hear this mock cast tomorrow morning I dare say more people will have resigned Scott man resigned as a PPS this morning I wanted to ask you these resignations are they being coordinated not by me and not as far as I know I think what is happening is that people have been reflecting on the white paper on the checkers deal and they've been speaking to their constituents I was campaigning on Saturday morning in the couch on High Street and everybody who came up to me was against the checkers deal some of them were against leaving the European Union altogether two of them actually and everyone else felt it wasn't delivering what had been voted for even if they had voted remain in the referendum they be come back to that I wrote I just wanted to stick with the resignations for a moment not coordinated by you and as far as you know not coordinated at all but they are coming out as a remarkably steady and spaced rate yes indeed but they're not coordinated by me and nobody said that he or she is coordinating them to me so if they are coordinated I don't know who is doing it all the customs bill amendments which again will have been tabled and debated and voted on by the time our listeners hear this mock cast could you just give a description because people will be listening to this tomorrow morning and catching up with the news could you explain what you're trying to do yes well the four amendments to some extent helped government policy two of them are completely in line with government policy that is to say the one that says that nor none and mustn't be in a different customs union from the rest of Great Britain that it must be part of a single United Kingdom whole that his government policy and it's just a suggestion that this should be in clear legislation rather than a government promise the next one that his government policy is on v80 and the v80 arrangements with the European Union a very particular and that that should not be replicated once we've left that again is government policy the third is not strictly government policy but is in line with what the government has done before in terms of Henry the eighth clauses so that should the government wish to remain in a customs union it would have to legislate for it with primary legislation in new Act of Parliament rather than using secondary means the fourth is not government policy but probably ought to be it's a demand for reciprocity so it says if we're collecting the –use taxes then EU Member States must collect our taxes when Goods enter the European Union and the reason for that is it will be very difficult to run an independent trade policy if any goods that come to us via the EU with a lot of goods coming into a spa the Low Countries particularly would be subject to any new tax and not a UK tax to make it very difficult to apply anti-dumping duties should we wish to do that and so this is to ask that what's good for the source for the goose is sauce for the gander would you have tabled these amendments were it not for the white paper the white paper has been very significant in the decision to table amendments because the real difficulty with checkers in the white paper is not so much the policy though I don't think the policy is a good policy but that it's moved so far away from what we were told would happen before and it's the issue of is it better to have things in legislation run simply rely on earlier speeches and so on because things have changed so much as you said a moment ago that these amendments are either in line with government policy or the government could adopt them but just to be clear doesn't sound to me as though you would have tabled them were it not for the white paper bill seeking a degree of surety that you weren't seeking before that is correct and let's therefore discuss the white paper the reaction to it can I just pick you up on something you said because I've seen your colleague Paul Masterson has tweeted that his association membership over the weekend has gone up now I'm sure that I mean we know from conservative home that lots of people are very angry and disappointed about this proposal because we're getting the emails that were intended to sit before CC HQ and which come through to us but could it be that party members are less angry about this than we think because a lot depends on the local MP so if the local MP is strongly opposed to the proposals in the background to them he or she tends to pick up the noise of opposition whereas and I've spoken to one or two who support the government wholeheartedly and support the white paper they claim they've had very little knocking on their door at all and there is always in any anecdotal evidence a confirmation of one's bias to some extent because people are on balance more likely to come up to you and say I agree with you completely than not I find it very interesting talking to some of my remain supporting fellow MPs who have been absolutely astonished by the reception they've got from their associations letters coming in from people that they respect and whose views they value saying that this is not what we voted for so I think it's wider than just leave em he's getting a leave reaction and what I was doing on Saturday morning wasn't speaking only to conservative members it was going up and down the high street with anybody coming up to me who wanted to talk to me and that probably gets you a wider feeling than exclusively talking to one's own membership what do you think of what we read by the way about conservative MPs such as Andrea Jenkins being threatened with having campaigning resources and money withheld from them well this is a confusion between where authority lies but in the Conservative Party that Dana's give money to central office and the whips run Parliament the whips do not run central office funding and these two it's very important that they're kept separate because I think Dana's would be pretty unhappy many of whom are quite Euroskeptic if they thought that there was an effort to penalize euro skeptic MPs the party chairman was reported in one instance to expect into a back bencher not the whips I'd seen it as coming from the whips I think the party chairman is ill-advised to do that because many of the donors are backers of leaving the European Union and I think any MP threatened with that would find that they would get more than enough from direct contributions I don't think it's a I think it's a proper threat to make and I don't think it's an effective threat to make I'm going to move to this question now it was among the ones I'd planned to us last but we seem to be here anyway could the Conservative Party split I think this is up to the Prime Minister you see I think the Prime Minister had a United Party on the mansion house speech and she then said on the mild program that whether you wouldn't accept it and if I couldn't do that whereas it actually then looks as if she's been planning this common for which read European rule above quite a long time and that is where the split chemistry had a United Party in March on the basis of the mansion house and then as then decided to give in to the EU and this is very unfortunate and it would be very very damaging for the Conservative Party if this unsatisfactory deal were pushed through against the wishes not just of leave supporting MPs but also leave sporting members and leave supporting voters or on the back of labour party votes what's your sage sauce is that she the Prime Minister could if she mishandles this split the Conservative Party yes I think that's right I've kept on saying this this is not a new thing for me to say the Prime Minister has a choice she can either do a u-turn and go back to the mansion house settlement or she can get it through potentially on Labour Party vaids which is very divisive split East in the event of this split she would be and the parallel is in some degrees misleadingly it may be useful she'd be in the position of the pea lights in the 1840s wouldn't she she'd own because if the leadership would own the party the resources the name the money the constitution you'd have to go off elsewhere would you know that's clearly not right and it's not what happened in the 1840s is it isn't it no the pea lights continued being pea lights the protectionists had to go off on no they remained today remain the Conservative Party and Peel remained within the Conservative Party he didn't leave the consumption ah but some of the others did so Gladstone did eventually go over to the launch of quite a time but the you have a period of confusion essentially and you have blocks in Parliament with no one overall party getting a clear majority and that getting governments that are supported by the Whigs and the pier lights and so on so it's it's not as simple as one side ends the party everybody to some extent remains within the party in that period if I'm embrace the one constant was the protectionist of the pea lights would not together after the split yes they wouldn't that's right they wouldn't work together though there are periodic efforts to try and bring them together and periodic discussions of collisions Derby at one point even offers parmistan a post so they try and create quite widespread collisions I don't think one can make precise parallels with the 1840s particularly since now this is the age of mass elections you didn't have mass elections in the 1840s so the inference is you'd have whoever the equivalent of the pea lights is you know let us call the further the may height conservatives standing in constituencies against the protectionists toward israelian conservatives in this case the resmoke conservative now I think this is going too far I don't think this is going to happen I actually don't think there will be this split because I think is more likely the policy change is when you've got a position where neither Peter Mandelson nor Ian Duncan Smith supports the policy it seems quite difficult to get it through now of course Mandelson is doing this for what we would call his own reasons is he not and the phrase he used I think yesterday I saw was the worst of all worlds coincidentally this phrase is also used by Justine greening this morning who's come out in favour for a second referendum seems to be the case doesn't it that what you might call the ultra Mainers believe not without reason that the Prime Minister is weak and whereas you see a way to a different form of leave a pure form of brexit you might call it they draw from the same facts another possibility namely stopping brexit altogether that's what's going on isn't it I think stopping democracy altogether would be a better way of putting it and that that will not work we are fundamentally democratic country and so many people who voted remain according to opinion polls and people at one meets even though they would have preferred us to stay in the European Union recognise and feel strongly that a democratic vote should be followed and so I think this idea that brexit can be stopped and reversed there is a mistake and is a risky mistake I think it would cause great discontent discontent in the electorate you would vote against the white paper proposals were they to represent a deal would you not yes and if that happened and were the deal to be voted down what do you think would happen in Parliament then it depends on the government the government controls the parliamentary timetable and the legislation is in place for us to leave without a deal there is no mechanism for Parliament to introduce legislation and have the time for it unless it is backed by the government it's possible for Parliament to change standing orders to do this but that's a very complex process and the government would have to provide time for that anyway and it would require a lot of contingent votes which then only happen with the program without a program motion which can only be provided by the government say the parliamentary formalities mean that a government that wanted having lost this deal to proceed with no deal would be able to do so you're convinced that's the most likely outcome I think from talking to you about the savory period of time was other people drawing it may not be an exact parallel but they would cite the Norway debate which was your debate on the German I would say well if the Commons decides it wants something badly enough that will happen so what could happen is not No Deal but the postponement or even the cancellation of brexit there's very little evidence that the commons wants that enough there are people who don't want to leave but how many of them really want to kick the electorate in the teeth I would suggest not enough to make that feasible and yes of course you're right that the government only exists with the confidence of the House of Commons but I don't think any Conservative MPs can't vote against the and innovative confidence I mean I suppose we could look ahead and speculate about what would happen if there is a deal if it's voted down whether you have no deal or the EEA or the postponement of brett's it but we've probably explored that enough to give listeners an idea of how complex this is so let's return to what we know and have in front of us namely the white paper is very interested in what you said about it a few moments ago that you thought it was bad but this wasn't your prime objection to it your prime objection to it was that the government had effectively conceded a whole was a massive ground without really saying so and without really making it clear why it's done that and without making it clear when it did it yes I agree with all those points I think it is peculiar that dexia was charged with drawing up a white paper at the same point without David Davis is not in Ch Downing Street was drawing up a completely separate paper 120 page paper for the cabinet now that doesn't happen in a couple of days there must have been some long-standing aim to get this common rule book idea and for common little book read European Union's rule book idea into play without telling the cabinet minister in charge of the negotiations this is a most unusual approach to cabinet government can I explain the sequence as I understand you sure we can try and work through it together and I say this in the light of conservative home last week having published the home of Dexys white paper in 23 installments so we've had a chance to have a look at it in the mansion-house speech back in March the Prime Minister clearly nailed her colours to the flag of mutual recognition so we wouldn't have ongoing harmonization we'd have mutual recognition and this was consistent with everything that had happened before there'd been a whole discussion at checkers in January or February I think about the form that mutual recognition might take so at some point between march and the emergence of this white paper something changed somewhere but we don't really know when all I know is that the DEXA ministers were aware near the end of the process that as it were they're in one room writing their own white paper all he rob ins his next-door writing his own but this happened very late in the day when do you think the Prime Minister changed her mind well you don't even know that the mansion-house speech was precisely the view of the prime minister at that time that is on mr. Mars show yesterday morning Monday of Sunday morning the Prime Minister when asked when this plan had first been thought about wouldn't give any indication of when it had been and it seemed to have been some time ago March is not that long ago it's very troubling and I think the Prime Minister ought to be clear about this and should tell the electorate what the process was what led to this and why was dexia not told when that was the department's job we're getting into very difficult territory here but in essence you're suggesting that the Prime Minister might not have been being straight when she delivered the mansion-house speech and she might already have had an alternative model now David Davis in his resignation letter and this has been rather missed by most of the media basically said in terms the Prime Minister had not been upfront with him in everything that she did so I'm coming back to where you began this section of the conversation we have a question of trust here and it doesn't seem to me that you now entirely trust the PM there is an issue of trust now there is of course a difference between saying something that is untrue directly and not saying something that if known would be useful for people to know that two are different categories in terms of trust but there's an old joke in the city that when somebody says to you his word is as good as his bond take his bond just in case and that seems to me to be a sensible way to behave which is why I put down amendments to the legislation just thinking about it isn't the Prime Minister entitled if she so wishes to have her ministers doing one thing and be drawing up another proposal in private with her advisers we have cabinet government in this country and what is done ought to be agreed by the cabinet or Tripura and the policy of the cabinet collective responsibility does not mean everybody gets their orders from the Prime Minister that the line about juvey Wellington's first cabinet and he comes out afterwards is a most difficult thing I give all this lot their orders and then they want to sit around discussing them that's not how cabinet government works it is a collegiate position which everybody then has to defend the Prime Minister appoints ministers to certain roles they have the seals of office from the Queen to carry out those roles the Prime Minister doesn't have the specific authority to carry out those roles the Prime Minister has a different role which is to chair the cabinet to set overall policy and to appoint the ministers in the first place if she doesn't think the minister is doing the right thing then the Prime Minister should appoint a new minister not do it behind the minister's back in Downing Street it's also questionable taxpayers money oh you know we're all taxpayers and our money was being spent doing two contradictory things half of that money was therefore being wasted you think it's not a good use of taxpayers money in effect to have what Steve Baker called a Potemkin department that is a very good way of putting it and it's not good constitutional practice for the prime minister not to have confidence in her own ministers to allow them to get on with the job they're appointed to do do you have confidence in the Prime Minister I have confidence in the Prime Minister and do not seek a vote of no-confidence in are not written one of the letters and I would always support the government in the terms of the fixed term Parliament act I would always support a conservative government let's just qualify just in case in ten years time we have some government digs oh yes yes can we just roll events forward a little again in this way that we have a sort of pattern of concession in these talks Downing Street would say and I think quite rightly there being concessions from the EU too but now we have a very major change of direction from mutual recognition to ongoing harmonization this isn't the government's final position is it this is merely an opening bid there were briefings to members of parliament on behalf of by the prime minister's advisers and this question was put very directly is this the final offer and the answer was no they don't like to portray it as an opening offer but it was cleared it was not a final offer and therefore you would expect that the EU would come back with some demands of its own well you would indeed because in some ways I think it's unfair to call this a soft brexit proposal it's some really a bit of this and a bit of that proposal in the sense of that the ease down to come back on free movement and say look you can't possibly try to have access to one part of the four freedoms without access to all of them they're bound to come back on services for exactly the same reason and they're bound to come back on the court therefore it's possible to imagine isn't it that the Prime Minister in a few months finds herself saying about the present position what she said on Sunday about mutual recognition she might find as I say it wasn't negotiable in which case further concessions would be proposed isn't that the power the regrettable problem became clear in the interview with Prime Minister with mr. Mara when she made that point about how people voted with their heart and basically her job was to get on deliver it with her head and this had come up similarly similar words in the briefing from her advisors and the problem with that is that it means that the government at its highest level does not believe in brexit see people like me who campaigned for brexit think it is this wonderful opportunity that its heart and head together it's constitutionally right it's economically advantageous it will create a real opportunity of this country to be a global nation rather than tied into the failing European economic model but Prime Minister thinks that leaving is costly and therefore of course she's not arguing for the best brexit because she wants to be protected in this failing fortress Europe and that is at the heart of the weakness of the negotiating position the primacy is scarcely surviving the publication of these proposals she wouldn't survive further concessions would you well I suppose the hope from unity of the conservative party point of view and the interest of the country point of view is that European Union turns around and says we are not accepting these we want more and the Prime Minister recognising the political reality says okay then it's got to be a completely different deal basically a free trade deal on a Canada basis and you put up a board in Ireland if you feel like it I just note in passing that Downing Street is no longer stressing no deal is better than a bad deal again look at the interview with mr. Mar and the Prime Minister seem to think that any deal was better than a bad deal but also there's a very interesting important song that said that Gavin bar wall had said Ireland isn't that important and the Prime Minister always wanted a soft brexit now that's fine that's not a dishonorable position but the Prime Minister should have said so from the outset and then we would have known where we stood she should have said so to the voters say to people who say to you you were being purest and doctrinaire about all this that you could bring down the Prime Minister in effect you might even bring down the government and we will have mr. Corbin I've said very clearly that I will not fight against a Conservative government under the fixed term Parliament's act facial confidence which is the only way of bringing government down and getting to mr. Corbin I would dispute that I've been doctrinaire I have been willing to accept any number of compromises that I'm not enthusiastic about so giving the EU 39 billion pounds which it's more than I think we need to pay them accepting a transition period which is not an implementation period the Prime Minister initially called for and the two are different accepting that we might belong to certain agencies accepting the very widespread compromises under the mansion-house speech which weren't her pure in every form brexit were compromised that brought everybody together the point at which people like me have dug our heels in is when we become simply a rule taker in perpetuity for our goods and Agri foods severely limiting our ability to do trade deals with the rest of the world and de facto subject to the European Court of Justice on that point Donald Trump was telling the full Candide unvarnished truth first time round that his interview with the son wasn't he under the terms of this proposal the government white paper any trade deal with America would be off whatever he said in a press conference at checkers afterwards what he said in the press conference at checkers if you look at it carefully confirmed what he said in the interview with Tom Newton down at the Sun he said you do whatever deal he want that's up to you I just want to deal that's good for trade there was a conditional so he showed his good manners at checkers by not being unhelpful directly in front of his hostess but he didn't actually change his position do you think we should sue the you know I think we should be much tougher in the negotiations and it's quite tempting isn't it to say look we've put in whatever it is half a trillion pounds since membership and we're not gonna give you any money we'd like some money back instead of course you Shapiro Busters always be with you in negotiations you should do two things one is you should be generous on issues that are going to be settled in one direction anyway where we should have been over people from EU Member States living in this country and the other is on the things that matter to you should be as hard as nails we've been hard on the issues a day matter at which we're going to give away anyway and soft on the ones that really do we've had the whole negotiation upside down not necessarily endorsement of the proposal that we should see the EU but leaving that aside for what's your view of Trump I'm fascinated by him as a political phenomenon I'm impressed by the things that he manages to get done in a way that most politicians wouldn't dare that they are much more cautious they're much more likely to follow the norms whereas he throws the norms up in the air and sees where they fall but he's done something remarkable in terms of his meeting with Kim jong-un and potentially begun to unlock a very long running problem that nobody else managed to do anything about his Iran policy may turn out to be rather more successful and people initially thought so I think he is an underrated politician because people don't realize about the way in which he needs to appeal to his electoral base and remarkably he delivers on his promises he's done things that previous Republican leaders had promised and didn't do and he's got in he's done them and I think either you shouldn't promise things to voters or you should do them and to that degree I think he is proving rather more successful than many people anticipated yes I met him six months ago or so very interesting man to speak to very well-informed obviously was very close to Donald Trump I've only met him once so I don't know him that well but he is very very well-informed and with very strong views some people would say call a spade a spade Valon flirts with and helps to drive the alt-right and trump's attitude to putin is a danger to the west I'm very suspicious of Putin I think we should treat Putin extraordinarily carefully and we should remember that he has invaded countries or participated invasions of independent sovereign nations and he's murdered people in the United Kingdom I mean this is really serious he is not a friend of ours and when you stop with the devil you should use a long spoon save Trump's attitude to Putin does he worry you at all I want to see what happens I I think it's interesting that people have assumed that because there are certain similarities between Trump and Putin in terms of their big personalities that they might get on it could be precisely the reverse they could find that they're actually quite competitive with each other and that the relationship isn't as smooth as people fear I am nonetheless concerned about what may happen between Don Trump and Vladimir Putin I think one should watch it with great caution and see what happens and what about famine the alt-right LBC producer I think quoted Bevin yesterday is saying that Tommy Robinson is a hero well I think that's simply wrong on Tommy Robinson that I think our contempt of court laws are very sensible protection of the right to a fair trial and that freedom of speech is crucial but say is the right to a fair trial and standing outside a courthouse shouting abuse at somebody whose trial is underway has been illegal in this country since time immemorial this is not a new piece of law it's not a restraint of free speech it is the ordinary desire to ensure that people have a fair trial in the United States of course it's different in the United States the First Amendment protects free speech even when people are being prosecuted but juries are sequestered in high-profile cases for much longer than they are in this country very different sort of person Boris Johnson what do you think the future holds for him oh I think Boris Johnson is a very important political figure very powerful charismatic figure popular appeals broadly across the country I'm a great admirer of Boris Johnson's what do you hope he does now I mean after all he is the the leaf politician with arguably you're somewhere in the queue yourself Jacob is arguably got the biggest projection he was the star force of the vote leave campaign what did he do now and we suggested on Khan home this morning he should go out and take the case for leave the case against a second referendum if you like take it out and go campaigning around the country well I was good out I certainly think those of us who want to leave the European Union needs to be more campaigning essentially we won the referendum and then stopped campaigning whereas the other side lost the referendum and started campaigning they didn't try very hard other than trying to scare us witless during the campaign itself so I read your piece this morning I liked the reference to Lord George Banting most interesting figure to two backed Israeli he sold all his horses one of which then went on to win the Derby which he was understandably miffed about because it was his great life's ambition anyway slightly beside the point he didn't die he died quite young he died died quite young yes and Disraeli didn't with a majority I think and no 1874 it's quids it's yeah it's 28 years out of office I don't see that happening to the Conservatives I think we're more likely as I said earlier to reverse the policy than to split the party and the great thing to remember is that pierre was right about the corn laws and the Prime Minister currently is wrong about not leaving the European Union de facto so yes I think some more campaigning its excellency lt's writing for The Telegraph again that's a wonderful platform for him and I think he with somebody who will help ensure breaks it is delivered well Jacob I think we have one more mod cast before the end of term goodness knows what condition will find everything even when we have it it's been a pleasure speaking to you as usual and well there is one important thing I hike a correction from my last podcast I said the last paper to be elected from outside the College of Cardinals was urban the fourth and I checked it afterwards I'm sorry to say it was an urban the sixth I got my eyes and the bees the wrong way around so can I apologize to listeners to the mall car no one's intervened on you in the Commons to make the point no but I holds a journalist chasing you to correct the record which is surprising of course we know how much attention journalist pay to detail on which point thank you very much for paying to do record and for speaking to us I've enjoyed this conversation very much and look forward to speaking with you again in a fortnight thank you very much the Hmong cast a fortnightly conversation with Jacob Riis MOG about the topics of the day

Decrypting social intercourse | David Bowers | TEDxAugusta

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David Bowers, a local entrepreneur with multi-cultural communications experience, has noticed through various inter-religious
mediations that, due to poor word choice and personal bias, people don’t receive the intended message.

David Bowers, owner of Coffee Geek (USA), is a small business advocate and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to Inter-religious and intercultural mediation around the world. In mediating various disagreements he has noticed that opposing sides often argue the same point, simply using different vocabulary.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

through my travels in my exposure to British English I've come across several English phrases that have caught me off guard for example my English friend in China laughter almost five minutes straight when I told them that I was free because the governor blew off our meeting when I could finally calm him down he explained to me in England blow-off means to pass gas you can understand how a mental image of a dignified Chinese governor kesling a meeting due to gas problems would be slightly humorous sure all right one morning while I was teaching higher level English to foreign students in Washington DC I asked her student why his girlfriend wasn't in the mourning period he explained to me well I knocked her up but she decided to stay in bed you knocked her up I said well yeah I woke her up and I guess she wasn't feeling well that's when I realized that his prior lessons in England had taught him that the phrase knocked up could also mean to wake up this rings us to our final British English phrase off-color understandably a few of these phrases can come across tad off color here in the US but just like off-color which only means up not feeling too well a these English phrases can get lost in translation even when you care you share a common language the objective of communication is a transmission of an intended message to an intended audience I firmly believe in most cases the onus of message interpretation falls on the transmitter of a message think on this in communication the only thing you have control over is how you convey a message through the analysis of subcultures I believe one can effectively decrypt evaluate and speak to the heart languages within one's target audience with the ultimate objective being comprehension and not just transmission a person's identity consists of multiple cultures often these cultures consists of one or two global such as Western Middle Eastern African one or two national like american german and chinese one or two regional like southern northern Midwestern and a myriad of subcultures such as blue collar white collar and even down to an individual's personality type these cultural identities can act as linguistic filters that alter how people receive your transmitted messages so what beverage do you think of when you hear the word cappuccino do you think of a robust strong dark coffee with small amount of frothy milk and a slightly bitter aftertaste served an eight ounce ceramic cup on a small saucer or do you think of a Styrofoam cup full of that stuff at the gas station cappuccino machine it tastes like a hot choc 'mill shake I'm from the west coast I serve coffee for a living when I began my business here in Augusta the first customers who asked for a cappuccino were quite surprised when they received a true Italian cappuccino I quickly discovered that there is a definition of cappuccino that is unique to the south realizing this I removed it from the menu and now always ask for a clarification if customer orders 1 by better understanding my local customer base I'm now able to market my products more effectively may be more familiar example for you would be if any of you have ordered tea outside of the south right sweet tea and iced tea are not the same in most of the u.s. ok now on a more serious note while traveling in the Middle East and my experiences with Arabs in the United States I've come across too profound critical misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims it might surprise you to know that many Muslims around the world believe that Christians have some similar beliefs to the ancient polytheistic Greek religions one day I was having a conversation with one of my Muslim friends who was surprised that I as a Christian did not believe that God came down on earth and had sexual relations with Mary in order to create Jesus in my experience Muslims they hear that Jesus is God's only begotten Son most of them do not have the biblical or even cultural background to interpret that phrase in any other way than how it appears my friend put it to me this way doubt that's David Arabic we as Muslims believe that a law was not born nor does he have children this belief that Christians have does not honor hola and it makes Jesus look like a Greek demigod this is why many of us view Christians as polytheists thankfully this friend had a good grasp on Western culture and was able to explain his perceptions to me but from this interaction and several others like it I've learned that if I desire to explain my beliefs about Jesus to a Muslim I need to start on common ground and use vocabulary that can be culturally understood like calling Jesus a prophet or describing Jesus as the image ambassador and perfect representative of God once Althea inter-religious exchange is established parties can then discuss topics that are more difficult but this type of misunderstanding isn't unique to just Christians and Muslims sadly I found that many people make little effort to adapt their intended messages to reach people of other cultures you cannot always avoid misunderstandings and sometimes despite your best efforts p we'll hear a message that you did not intend to present however by being intentional about the message that you transmit and aware of the heart languages within your target audience you can eliminate many obvious miscommunications and this necessitates taking into consideration the less obvious nuances which requires you to observe and strive to understand those around you again you only have control over the message that you transmit and think on this there are many times in life when you only have one chance to transmit a vital message correctly so shouldn't you take the time and make the effort to do it right

neighborsgo says goodbye to Diane Hartley

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Staff and friends tell the publisher of neighborsgo that she’ll be missed.

the best reducer together at the last minute very little resources what to go to this page and to go on take a look at charts all aspects of Diane no yeah draper Draper my B&N in the queen bee yeah that's right she was our queen bee right these are on the pl to the softball leader in our leader in the office we really well can I can't even put into words what she means to us Tripoli the dynamic quality and the style which we machine and cross and I do want to say that when I told a few people the reaction when I am of leaving the reaction with the same I would take a bullet for Tommy coming said that you know I'm a little bit more deliver another body for a second you know what I would take a bullet for not know I wanted to present this to her and thank you for leadership and the great support and the great friendship that you provided me personally and to the group we would not be here you guys gotta see this they probably spent like how long it's amazing no they're enormously talented yeah and and so thank you very much and thanks everybody for coming and enjoy a great view of Dallas is when we've never places and thank you for coming I appreciate everything look look at d-bags thank you

Syria crisis: How war has affected lives of children?। BBC Duniya with Sarika (BBC Hindi)

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सीरिया में ख़ात्मे के कगार पर युद्ध लेकिन लड़ाई की भेंट चढ़ गई कई बच्चों की ज़िंदगी. एक धमाके में अपने परिवार को खोने वाले दो बच्चों की दास्तां. लड़ाई में कइयों का भविष्य तबाह, अब तक पांच लाख लोगों की मौत. कहानी उस लड़की की जिसे उसके परिवार ने ही वेश्यावृत्ति में धकेला, परंपराओं को तोड़कर ज़िंदगी के मज़े लेना चाहती हैं चीन की महिलाएं, एक महिला ने शुरू की डाइटिंग के ख़िलाफ़ मुहिम. ये सब देखिए बीबीसी दुनिया में.

UKIP interview Remainer at so called People's Vote demonstration, Shire Hall, Gloucester

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Martin Macrae of UKIP Gloucester interviews a representative from the demonstration in support of the LibDem Gloucestershire County Council motion calling for a 2nd EU Referendum ( the so called People’s Vote). See also: Nick Clegg quote before result of EU Referendum.

Paddy Ashdown quote before result of EU Referendum.

[Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] divided the country absolutely divided the country families are divided by this yes right when it went to the referendum no one was told about anything it was just I mean you're all right I think people are pretty slow today are now they are now when I tell you if we're going to try and place trust in someone like Donald Trump who's put sanctions on their neighbor Canada and has no qualms about put sanctions anywhere at all and you're expecting this country to do trade deals all throughout the globe with these people and Europe can give us a good spanking for this who is paying for it and for what paying for all these trade deals and everything it's a tax payer in this country trade dealers are not to tax I don't tax you you're not taxed me all I'm gonna say is the chickens will come home to roost which will mean we are going to be a lot worse off I agree we will have there will be a financial cost of course it will be but the problem will be what you say longer-term we live now in the present right okay in the longer term petitions can you absolutely guarantee that will be the case in the longer term can you actually guarantee the difference we will find where we were absolutely fine why why what why upset the applecart why was fine where we were we were Europe was and you you mean yes yes

Human Genetic Engineering

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For Cas 100B

you are their creator you giveth them life and spill it genetic engineering is the process of cutting and altering genes in an organism's DNA and transferring them in order to bring out favorable changes the purpose of this science is to make an organism perform certain functions that it usually cannot perform genetic engineering has been around for thousands of years and originally was used by farmers who domesticated plants such as corn wheat and rice and selectively bred animals such as the mule in 1627 Francis Bacon predicted the future of genetic engineering in his book New Atlantis centuries later Gregor Mendel studied pea plant breeding and published his findings which led the way for the modern study of genetics today the entire human genome project is known and gene therapies have been successfully completed the genetic engineering field now includes genetic selection gene therapy stem cells and cloning we're only beginning to understand the information the first documented case of gene therapy occurred in 1990 on a young girl named Ashanti Ashanti had a very rare disease known as severe combined immune deficiency they left her with no immune system or way to fight infection in order to have a chance of survival with the disease the girl would have to live in a type of bubble that would completely deprive her of human interaction including with her family instead she was given somatic gene therapy and was able to enroll herself in school and even get vaccinations for diseases somatic engineering is the process of targeting genes and specific organs and tissues of the body without affecting genes in the sperm or egg somatic engineering can be used to correct genes with defects that caused lifelong and deadly diseases such as cystic fibrosis there is no cure for these diseases because they are embedded in a person's genome and there are no medicines available today that can alter the genetic information the only plausible way to eradicate these deadly diseases will be to use genetic engineering genetic engineering can also alter the sex of an embryo which would allow a couple to determine the gender of their child this could be beneficial to couples that know that they definitely want a son or a daughter most babies are accidents not me I was engineered born to save my sister's life you don't want to saddle children with false expectations the parents pick a kid to be smart the kid doesn't succeed now they're mad because they spent a lot of money to do this they don't get what they want we need more oversight of this industry and I think this is going to turn out to be one of the biggest issues in the next 10-15 years genetic alteration could lead to an impression that people are products meant to be designed perfected and controlled parents would choose to design their child to be talented or more skilled in a particular area like intelligence instead of accepting them for who they are this could lead to a deterioration in the quality of parenting if the child isn't interested in or doesn't succeed in the parents intended goal characteristics of every unborn child the belief is that if people do become genetically engineered anything they accomplish is due to their alteration not their hard work or talent the abilities and skills are no longer their own but rather a product of science and perfection built in already a child is an eating additional burdens and keep in mind this child is still you simply the best of you who's to say what's the better trait is it better to be redheaded than it is to be brown haired is it better to have freckles or not those sorts of things I think are very subjective and in some ways driven by our culture if everyone was engineered the human race would become more and more uniform during World War two Hitler attempted to remove certain traits from the gene pool to create what he thought would be a supreme race most would agree that this was unethical but with gene selection through science make it suddenly acceptable who's to say which traits are desirable and which traits are bad where parents try to cure things such as short stature by gene selection this is the disaster everyone warns about a new species set loose in the world we've documented the entire human genome but that doesn't mean we know everything about it some genes are responsible for multiple traits but if you select a gene without knowing the consequences in mice for example it's possible to increase memory by altering a gene it also makes them more sensitive to pain it's difficult to tell what all the side effects are without having done extensive research that can take decades and cost millions here is sizable 120 billion dollars to be exact and I can't afford for them to reconsider what you tell them is your business dr. Koster consumers would also play a factor in the ethics of genetic engineering since these treatments are expensive only the wealthy would be able to afford them the rich could afford to make their children more intelligent or more athletic while the poor are left with whatever nature gives them this would cause socio-economic differences that would lead to separate genetic classes clearly there are many factors to consider before genetic engineering becomes a commercialized process if certain people are allowed to get gene therapy what would the criteria be would it be okay for parents to select traits would insurance cover treatments if they are necessary for a normal life like in Ashanti's case whatever we decide scientists are already working on a future that may include genetically enhancing the human body in every way possible in a study done in 2004 scientists were able to change the diet of a select group of soldiers to provide them with a modified version of carotene a protein that allows you to see simply changing what they ate gave these soldiers infrared vision temporarily it's very possible to change the genetics in the eye to match these results so that people can see infrared even with a normal diet researchers are also working on figuring out what genes make a hawk size so powerful one day this gene can be transferred into humans along with other enhancements one of the most controversial areas a study pertained to the length of human life it's been shown that it's possible to increase the life of mice by 10 to 15 percent just by modifying certain genes because mice and human genomes are very similar it may be possible to increase the life of humans as well in a world where overpopulation and lack of resources is already becoming a real problem do we really need people to live longer however the future of genetic engineering is an all leek it's possible that we will be able to cure disorders caused by genetic mutations scientists believe they can induce a genetic change in cells where the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome is slowly removed from all of the cells in the body it may be even possible to cure Alzheimer's and other memory de Gration disorders genetically engineering humans could help eradicate many genetic diseases which would otherwise have no cure however if handled incorrectly genetic engineering could cause discrimination super diseases and possibly new species of humans genetic engineering is going to be a huge issue in the next 10 to 15 years and it's up to us to decide what is ethically right and know where to draw the line

Alan Partridge takes to the streets! – Comic Relief 2019

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Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge takes to the streets of Norwich to drum up some fundraising fun for Comic Relief. He’s joined by his trusty sidekick, Simon Denton (Tim Key).

The biggest night of live comedy and entertainment kicks off in spectacular style as a host of famous faces bring you exclusive sketches, live performances, music and stunning surprises, all in aid of Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day 2019 | BBC

#RedNoseDay #ComicRelief #RND2019


it's time to cross over to Alan Partridge.
Good luck everybody. Hopefully see you on the other side. Yeah, I know, I know that,
but they… But they say "reasonable expenses", those are the words. And they might say, "Hang
on, Alan, I think you're mugging us off here." I say, "Really? I regard that as reasonable
expenses." What are they going to say? Apologies, we're clearly having some technical difficulties
there, we'll try to get back over to Alan shortly. Alan? So I claim £430 first class
return peak travel ticket, get a mate to give us a lift, 30 quid to him, new pair of shoes,
400 to me. As if I'm going to catch the train. You know? Could you send us a receipt for
the train? Yeah… Clearly Alan is still having a few technical issues but he'll be back after
the news to take fundraising to another level. Time for something very special. Earlier we
had a few technical difficulties but fingers crossed he can hear us now and he is aware
he is on the television. We give you north Norfolk's finest fundraiser, Alan Partridge.
Make sure you pay up. That's exactly the kind of mischief, officially sanctioned mischief
we are getting up to today, getting a grandma to dress up as Elvis, or me saying I'm Alan
Partridge backwards. I am Alan Partridge but I'm not backwards! I begged to differ! I'm
just saying I don't have special needs. Half of everything you raise goes to Comic Relief.
It does indeed and the other half goes to a similar local charity. Co-founded by me.
Called Laugh Help. The conservation of roundabouts with flowerbeds on. Remember the Laugh Help
A pledge, none of our money goes abroad. There we are. Some pledges, Pamela pledged £50
if you wore clown shoes for the whole day. So when are you going to put them on? I do
though, somehow. There was £74 pledged by the kids of Saint David's School in Stafford
if you would drink a raw egg but as you have said. I don't drink raw eggs any more. You
don't drink eggs any more. I just don't. We have had an interesting one from the manager
of Richer Sounds in Norwich. I know him. £5,000 if you can organise an impromptu conga. Let's
do it! I would like to form a conger if you could all get in line. Not side by side. That's
like a Jewish wedding. Cancan at a Jewish wedding. Stand in line and gently clasp the
hips of the person in front of you. What are you doing, you dirty get! Everyone coming
together like David Cameron's Big Society. I don't know if you remember it about eight
years ago… I think we'd better hand back to the studio. We are not handing back. We
are not going to hand back. Just… Just, it's all right. Where is everyone? There is
a shop here that we could try. Do you mind if we film for Comic Relief? They do mind.
You! You! You! Is that a pepper spray? Hey, what are you doing? You could have been an
attacker. You didn't bother to ask. You are quite threatening. I tapped you on the shoulder.
Was that threatening? Come on, this whole gender thing has been going on for two years,
people have been pussyfooting around it, let's have this conversation right here right now.
Started in the corridors of the BBC and they can rip up the carpet and it might as well
be wall-to-wall egg shells. Stick your head above the parapet and you are likely to be
hit by an arrow or a stick that chooses to identify as an arrow. Sorry I took your pepper
spray, which is made from real peppers. I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. I'm sorry,
mate! Where was I? Conger! Let's go! I forgot they closed it down, a dog choked to death
on some condoms, I think he thought they were bacon rashers. It's a pity because it would
have been a good short cut. I think there is a youth club around here. No, it is a scout
hut. Alan Partridge, scout patrol leader, 68-70, north Norfolk. Can we talk to some
of the Scouts, we need to do a conga for Richer Sounds. We are only filming from the waist
down. That's even worse! Please, I beg of you. I will have to ask somebody. Hi, Val.
What's wrong with your eyes? I ran into some bins and… Pepper spray. Great, Scouts, how
many have we got? Six, seven, eight, we've got enough! We have 15 congees, we now have
a conga quorum. Lift your knees! We have 15 congees. Where are they? Why have they gone?
I knew this would happen. They probably conged off to chicken cottage. Maybe Richer Sounds
will still give us the money. They have said they won't. Back to whoever is doing it this
year. I hate Comic Relief.

'Back to the 1980s': BBC Sunday Politics' verdict on Corbyn's policy initiatives

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The Sunday Politics 17 January 2015

order order who are an incorrigible delinquents at times maybe yourself man personally let's talk about Jeremy Corbyn he gave a wide-ranging interview on the marshal a little earlier here on BBC one let's just listen to what the Labour leader had to say my question with respect was about sympathy action and whether you would remove that less empathy action is legal in most other countries and I think it should also be legal here but remember this no you would really although story nobody willingness of course nobody willingly goes on strike they go on strike as an ultimate weapon the number of strikes is actually very small it's an ultimate weapon that is used but anyone who goes on strike is making an enormous sacrifice they don't get paid they they suffer a great deal and as a result of it and so let's look at the causes of people being upset rather than the EMM symptoms well nikka an action policy packed interview this morning with Andrew Marr on the Falklands on Islamic State on secondary strike action and even on the idea that maybe we could keep Trident but just not put any missile warheads on the missiles yes I felt all nostalgic I was back to a teenager in the 1980s I remember these arguments in the early 1980s Michael foot put them in that manifesto for the 1983 general election now the point it was very less on the Falklands er he was very robust on the Falkland Islands absolutely he said he knew more about fascism than depth and DL who had told him not to side with Margaret Thatcher absolutely right I mean the point for Jeremy Corbyn is that he has a mandate from the Labour Party to put forward these arguments he had a 60% vote it is very clear what Jeremy Corbyn thinks about nuclear weapons he's been a member of CND since 1966 so he has a mandate the challenge for Jeremy Corbyn is to put forward these ideas in a way that appeals beyond those new members of the Labour Party to the electorate as a whole who have concerns about security of the nation for example he's talking about possibly having the successor submarines in the Trident system without nuclear weapons people look at that and say what's that about actually that's the Japanese system they talk about how in Japan there they have what is known as the bomb in the basement they're a non declared nucleus state but they could sort of arm themselves it with nuclear weapons within minutes if they needed to so that's what he's talking about sounds good in the Labor Party but he needs to sell that to the countries oh ah it's clear that a lot of what mr. carbon says has the support of the grassroots particularly the new ones that are joined the Labour Party it's equally clear that a lot of this does not have the support of the parliamentary Labour Party that's the the constant problem that has yet to be squared and I can't see a way that it will be squared and I don't think many of the Labour MPs can either I mean carbons problem and in a way it's an admirable one is that he's determined not to resign from things that he said in the past so for example on the Falklands he is being entirely consistent with what he was saying in interviews back in 2013 when he didn't actually matter and how he is now repeating those views the problem is that now Corbin does matter and actually we look at the Falklands the last time there was a vote of Falkland Islanders only three individuals voted to change the system of administration so he is way out of step with people living there on that one as well mr corbyn sets out his left-wing stall on these issues that's what he thinks and bit by big he's taking his time he's doing it as cutely he is taking the labour party in his direction that was part of the purpose I would suggest of this morning's interview yeah nobody can question his right and his political mandate to say what he says the question for me is how low is the labor vote floor now because if you go into a general election with a leader who says something like let's have the return of secondary picketing and that's not the most cockamamie idea in the manifesto he's also talking about renewing the Vanguard subs without having warheads on them I think you flirted with the idea of a so-called reasonable accommodation with the up with Buenos Aires over the Falklands if you go into an election on that ticket knowing that you have a white working-class base which is already flirting with you Kip how low can labour sink and for a long time I've believed as Isabel just said that no they can't get rid of him technically and constitutionally it's impossible but maybe politics is like water and it is finds a way to go around obstacles kind of these ideas of turn out to be very with the voters I think they'll turn out to be very popular with the the labor membership but every general election since 1983 would suggest to us over the last three decades that these ideas are outside the mainstream Jeremy Corbyn says no there is a new world out there I sort of tapped into that during my campaign thousands of people packing out those meetings well let's see you know we've got this electoral test in May let's see how these ideas go down outside the Labour Party we will indeed and we'll come back to that and more Oh Oh

Donald Tusk: "Special Place in Hell" for Brexiteers Without a Plan

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European Union President Donald Tusk took a swipe at U.K. politicians who campaigned for Brexit without an idea of how to make it happen “safely.”

A day before Prime Minister Theresa May — who is trying to chart a course that satisfies pro-Brexit hardliners in her party — is due in Brussels for talks, Tusk slammed those who made campaign promises that made the divorce seem easy.

“I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely,” he said at a press conference in Brussels with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. #Brexit

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I strongly believe that the common solution is possible and I will do everything in my power to find it a sense of responsibility also tells us to prepare for a possible fiasco by the way I've been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted bracket without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely

ICAR-2019 UG, PG, PHD || SVBPUT agriculture university meerut, (U.P)…………..By Chiki's Biology

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Crazy Australian Kid With Scottish Accent Wrestles Croc On ANN News

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Insane Kid Wrestles Kid

hello folks I'm Jack and today we're going to be all going over a crazy story so there's something called the Great Barrier Reef and it's dying I'm going to pass you over to William Cooper with Oliver he's a fisherman and yeah let's see what's up tell guys I'm William out in the middle of the ocean in this crazy storm with Oliver what are you experiencing about this sad sad moment well you know I feed my family right below us this thing is dying and we're doing it just just knowing that makes me terribly sad and when we're we're making it going we're killing it with all of our pollution and I'll climate change and I mean we're doing things like but it's not enough we need to do more what do you think about the poaching well it makes me mad because you know I feed my family with with this fishing rod right here this is how I get my food I come out here every day and right and I fish and I get myself I get my food for my family and stay in the limit I mean I do what I do when I need to do I sometimes go to the limits but that's about it [Applause] what are you scared of [Applause] how would that all of them oh you know we got the croc we were wrestling we brought it back the show we killed that we got the croc the Australian croc back to you jack Thank You William now there are reasons of stuff is happening okay it's all the pollution and climate changing but the distal hope today okay we the government has enforced we're poaching rules also remember cleanup day yes coming up i'm a fourth and don't forget about that and yes thank you it's a cross [Applause]

¿Qué es el Brexit? o Por qué Inglaterra decidió dejar la Unión Europea

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Freddy Vega te explica qué pasó el 23 de Junio en el Reino Unido, donde tras un plebiscito vinculante, la isla británica optó por renunciar a su membresía en la Unión Europea.

¿Por qué David Cameron es el responsable que Inglaterra haya terminado fuera de la UE? ¿Qué es y qué rol juega en la salida “UKIP”? ¿El británico, tiene o no razones reales para votar por “irse”? ¿Qué va a pasar con los inmigrantes que llegaron a tierras británicas… y con los ingleses/galeses/irlandeses que hoy viven (y viajan) en la zona de la Unión Europea? Todas esas dudas y otras más, te las explicamos, para que entiendas el conflicto internacional que de una u otra manera afectará a todo el planeta… Incluso a tu país.

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y ahora ustedes ya saben que brasil es el término que usan para hablar de como inglaterra sale de la unión europea más de 1.400.000 personas votaron por que se salieran versus los que querían que se quedara lo más impactante es que el 72% de la población de inglaterra salió a votar por ende este voto es claramente democrático y es un reflejo de lo que la población británica realmente piensa o lo es el arquitecto de todo este cambio y de la salida inglaterra en europea es nigel farage de un movimiento político llamado un kit que es básicamente un montón de personas que dicen que todos los problemas de inglaterra están fundamentados en la unión europea y tenemos que salirnos ya es un movimiento nacionalista muy similar a otros movimientos nacionalistas ultra patrióticos como por ejemplo el de un candidato por allá en estados unidos que tiene pelo falso que probablemente es alimentado de bebés rubios que son extraídos para instalarse los en su cabeza uno de los factores esgrimidos para salirse del en europea es que inglaterra le da más dinero la unión europea para ser parte de la europea un país tiene que darle dinero a la unión y a cambio la unión te da leyes migratorias más fáciles comercio tratados entre otras cosas ellos dicen que inglaterra da mucho más dinero del que recibe a pesar de que realmente teniendo en mente que inglaterra es un país que importa demasiado y exporta servicios les estaba yendo de hecho bastante bien otra de la razón es que dicen que los ingleses no se sienten en control de las leyes al ser parte de la europea la unión europea establece ciertas leyes de hecho parte de la campaña para salirse en europea mencionaba como la unión europea tienen leyes para la curvatura de las bananas y también tiene leyes para las almohadas a pesar de que la gran mayoría de esta campaña era demagogia falsa hay muchos de estas leyes que no existen o que no aplican como la gente creen que aplican sí que hay muchas leyes y mucha burocracia en la europea pero nunca al nivel que estaba haciendo mostrado por un kit y por todas las personas que querían salirse de la cnea europea el tercer componente es falta de representación porque la mayoría de las leyes que se ejecutan en la unión europea son votadas en bruselas por los representantes del parlamento de la unión entonces los londinenses bueno no los tandilenses los británicos sentían que no tenían control sobre ellos en democrática real sobre lo que estaba pasando a pesar de que realmente existe un parlamento en la unión europea y a pesar de que inglaterra tenía un deal mucho mejor que el resto en europea no tenían que tener el euro podían mantener la libra esterlina ellos tienen un veto sobre qué leyes aceptar y qué leyes no las únicas leyes que realmente tienen que compartir son aquellas que tenían que ver con bordes migratorios y con importación exportación de servicios cuando el consumidor final fuera parte de la unión y luego está el componente más real inmigración muchos ingleses sobre todo de zonas pobres o que no estaban tan conectadas con los centros financieros de poder como londres se sentían abandonados y sentían que la inmigración estaba haciendo que se volvieran irrelevantes que el mundo y el gobierno los olvidará y básicamente querían volver a sentir ese sentimiento de acción de patriótico de ser británico de ser inglés pero al final del día esto tiene que ver con lo de siempre los inmigrantes me causan cosas y no los quiero acá porque se van a robar mi trabajo y al termino todo este cuento david cameron el primer ministro de la unión europea dijo como parte de su programa de elección yo en algún punto voy aceptar un referendo para que decidan si quedarnos o no dentro de la europea esta es la verdadera razón por la que existe el referendo del brasil esta persona decidió vamos a aceptar un referendo porque porque él creía que era imposible que la gente votará por irse entonces simplemente uso esto como una apuesta política para callar a la gente de ukic y a todas las personas anti europeas que querían que inglaterra estuviera completamente independiente o aislada como se podría decir de otra manera el hizo una apuesta y perdió y hoy renunció como primer ministro en la campaña hubo cosas muy locas una de ellas es que estaban mencionando que la unión perdón que inglaterra ofrece 350 millones de libras esterlinas a la semana a la unión europea que podrían estar invirtiendo en salud en el sistema nacional de salud muy bueno que tienen los ingleses llamados en age es la campaña llegó a puntos tan absurdos que tenían buses que mencionan un mensaje como este le enviamos al en europe a 350 millones de libras esterlinas a la semana démosle ese dinero al sistema nacional de salud mejor y suena bien verdad pero que no funciona si no funciona así porque el dinero que se le da a la unión europea se regresa a través de más labor calificada con los inmigrantes y con la gente que podría vivir en cualquier lugar desde europa si inglaterra con todo el sistema financiero que estaba ultra conectado con el resto de europa y con ciertas prebendas de exportación e importación la gran mayoría de europa obtenía servicios financieros de inglaterra y la gran mayoría la facturación de europa se vendía inglaterra de hecho inglaterra obtenía mucho mucho dinero por cada euro que invertir en una europea recibían 1.5 euros de regreso todos los expertos financieros toda la gente que entendía cómo funciona la economía lo estaba diciendo el problema es que muchas personas que estaban centrados en el mensaje nacionalista no querían escuchar a expertos no querían escuchar a personas porque simplemente no confiaban en ellos a pesar de que la economía no funciona por algo que alguien decida en un cuarto oscuro si no es simplemente una representación matemática de la estructura social del mundo llegó a tal punto que uno de los políticos a favor de salir se empezó a decir en inglaterra estamos cansados de que los expertos nos digan que hacer piense en un minuto en esa frase eso es como estar enfermo de cáncer y decir yo estoy cansado de que los médicos me atiendan a partir de ahora me voy a entregar güey hay gente que de hecho hace esto en un punto de la campaña se puso tan agresivo que una representante política a favor de la unión europea fue asesinada por una persona que mientras le disparaba decía que una inglaterra sola unida debía permanecer es una persona del movimiento ultranacionalista británico a ese punto en un país donde este tipo de violencia armada no pasaba en décadas todo el problema es realmente inmigrantes muchas personas en particular en twitter van a decir cosas que literal son hablan de no es kilómetro pero tiene muchas leyes es que bruselas es que él la austeridad pero el verdadero problema son los inmigrantes quieren saber por qué cuando se le preguntaba a las personas por qué quieren irse a la europea los que querían quedarse mencionaban que inglaterra tienen una posición de poder económico que querían mantener y que le generaba prosperidad todo el mundo y era lo que efectivamente estaba pasando una mejor economía genera mejores empleos genera mejores oportunidades los que querían irse todos mencionan lo mismo no quiero más inmigrantes yo quiero que solamente ingleses tengan empleos en inglaterra yo creo que solamente ingleses tengan lugares en inglaterra yo quiero que solamente ingleses usen el sistema de salud de inglaterra el problema es migración no es ningún otro el problema es este efecto xenofóbico de echarle la culpa a la gente nueva de cosas que nosotros estamos haciendo mal al revisar cuáles son los problemas que la gente le importaban tanto los que se quieren ir como los que se quieren quedar ustedes notan una polarización impresionante las personas que se querían quedar en la unión europea hablaban de lo positivo que es la multiculturalidad la igualdad el feminismo aceptar las diferencias sociales y culturales de otros mientras que los que quieren quedarse como un país único y salir de él no les gusta el multiculturalismo no les gusta la igualdad no les gusta el feminismo no les gustan todas estas cosas progresivas y de igualdad que han empujado tanto una mejor sociedad para nosotros querían una inglaterra única para un inglés único los inmigrantes casi en todos los casos son una fuerza para el bien si muchas noticias salen hablando de como inmigrante x matas tal persona o no sé qué y casi siempre las noticias más fuertes hablan de cómo es un inmigrante el que comete un crimen gigante lo que hemos visto en europa etcétera pero la realidad que la inmensa mayoría los inmigrantes son una fuerza para el bien en los casos de eeuu los inmigrantes ilegales tienden a tomar trabajos que los locales y cual no iban a tomar y en el caso de europa y en lugares como silicon valley las fuerzas de emprendimiento más grandes tienden a venir de inmigrantes en silicon valley el efecto es más fuerte el 50% las compañías de silicon valley son fundadas por inmigrantes y esto se ve tanto en las empresas chiquitas como en la billion dollar companies los inmigrantes siempre son una fuerza para el bien pero generan un efecto irracional del cual políticos demagogos se aprovechan de una manera muy fuerte y en particular el efecto más grande y el más fácil de mencionar y el más difícil de contraatacar es ese sentimiento de que llega a gente de afuera que se roban nuestros empleos porque todavía tenemos este concepto de que las paredes de las murallas medievales siguen aplicando y que una persona que viene de otro país es completamente diferente y ustedes pueden pensar en este instante pero freddy yo soy de latinoamérica de españa no sé que a mí no me importa tanto esto esto es un problema de estos blanquitos para allá de inglaterra de eeuu pero piensa en un minuto en el racismo que nosotros vivimos en latinoamérica como un ejemplo en argentina siempre consideran que las fruterías las controlan bolivianos y que la carne la venden uruguayos esto me lo han dicho argentinos todo el tiempo cada vez que voy igualmente cuando voy a madrid todo el tiempo la gente dice uy si esos chinos que controlan las fruterías y así siempre hay un efecto como de que hay otro país que es como raro y en ocasiones es un chiste y eso no está mal pero muchas veces se vuelve un sentimiento nacional en contra y eso pasa piensen por ejemplo ahora colombia y méxico son los mejores amigos jamás pero hace muy pocos años méxico le pedía visa para poder ir y bien sentimiento que los colombianos estaban arruinando todo a medida que fue cambiando ambos países nos hicimos más ricos porque somos más amigos pero cuando este sentimiento en contra los inmigrantes ocurre todo va a peor ustedes qué opinan de otras nacionalidades de los colombianos de los peruanos de los bolivianos de los uruguayos de los mexicanos de los españoles en fin se fueron de la umh europea y qué pasó que tuvo colapso se fue la libra esterlina al carajo colapsó el dólar australiano colar el dólar de nueva zelanda con tuvo solamente japón resurgió y esto tampoco es positivo porque japón es una economía que depende de su capacidad de vender sus productos al resto del mundo entonces con esta revalorización todo se siente más caro y van a tener que vender menos lo más triste de todo es que si ustedes ven quién votó porque es muy claro que entre menos educación tenían las personas más querían ser una sola patria entre más educación tenían las personas más querían estar conectados con el resto del mundo y ser parte una organización como la unión europea' el efecto es sinceramente brutal nunca había existido en la historia de la esterlina moderna una caída tan impresionante y una volatilidad del mercado de esta manera y quiero que entiendan que a pesar de que algunos ganan y otros pierden la realidad es que cuando la economía sufre un efecto volátil completamente impredecible todos a nivel económico entramos en riesgo todos a nivel económico perdemos confianza y queremos ahorrar más y gastar menos y eso hace que la economía se estanque este es un gráfico desde 1970 hasta el día de hoy de cómo se ha movido la libra esterlina en un tiempo la libra esterlina era considerada la moneda sobre la cual nosotros podríamos guardar las reservas de la economía del mundo y ahora estamos viviendo una volatilidad que nunca se había vivido esto es efecto de una decisión de una serie de políticos que por manipular personas o por apostar de la manera incorrecta van a afectar las vidas de muchos imaginen una persona que tiene que pagar su hipoteca y que tenía un trabajo en españa o en francia pero vive en inglaterra y ahora de repente perdió el 10% del valor del dinero que tenía y no solamente pasa con inglaterra el euro también está cayendo es un efecto si nos caemos con ustedes nos caemos todos si el euro cae el dólar cae y la libra esterlina cae y de repente toda la economía entra en pánico y no quieren gastar recuerden recesión menos empleos menos trabajo menos distribución de la riqueza y lo vimos incluso en nuestras propias regiones el peso mexicano que igual iba con una tendencia a la alza todo este tiempo por múltiples razones internas gracias a lo que pasó con inglaterra está empezando a hacer aún más caótico y es probable que en cualquier momento digamos una nueva realidad donde el billete de 20 pesos es el billete de un dólar curiosamente el oro es la única moneda que está creciendo las empresas que hacen minería de oro empezaron a subir porque el oro al ser un metal físico tiende a mantener su valor de una mejor manera mucho más que las monedas porque las monedas dependen de la confianza que tengamos en nuestros gobiernos y quien confía en un gobierno cuyo primer ministro apostó por tratar de demostrarle que él era mejor y perdió y quien confía en un gobierno que logró manipular a sus habitantes para votar en contra de sí mismos de su prosperidad y de su futuro por eso tanta gente quiere invertir en oro ahora y este otro gráfico triste e impacto esta es la gente que votó por irse versus la gente que votó por quedarse las personas que quieren quedarse en la unión europea' tienden a ser jóvenes las personas que quieren ser otra vez independientes y una sola inglaterra tienden a ser viejos y esto casi siempre tiende a tener dos razones una la nostalgia es muy poderosa a nosotros se nos olvida que el pasado era muy malo y solamente nos acordamos de las cosas nostálgicas mucha gente quiere volver a vivir el imperio lo grande que era cuando las realidades que ahora están mejor que nunca y por supuesto muchas de estas personas no tienen por qué vivir con las consecuencias de su decisión la mayoría de estas personas que votaron por irse les quedan 20 años de esperanza de vida suena cruel lo es pero es mucho más cruel en mi opinión personas que van a tener que vivir 40 60 años y sus hijos en un entorno donde la economía está un poco peor debido a decisiones irresponsables irresponsables suena como una palabra dura verdad está bien tengamos una palabra un poco más suave poco informadas como sé que son poco informadas porque google tal cual como ustedes ven acá demostró que la búsqueda más fuerte después del voto para salir de la unión europea es es la unión europea mucha gente en inglaterra ni siquiera entendía el concepto de un europea solamente entendían la demagogia de sí más control sur inglaterra unidad ser menos inmigrantes y lo más curioso los inmigrantes que son refugiados no dependen para nada la unión europea es algo que tiene que ver con las naciones unidas que es un organismo completamente diferente del que inglaterra no sólo no se ha salido sino que por dios no se va a salir eso sí que sería estúpido aunque estoy seguro que ahora cualquier cosa puede pasar así que toda la demagogia de inmigrantes de etcétera es mentira los inmigrantes refugiados de los cuales la gente le tiene tanto miedo no los para salirse en una europea eso es una resolución de las naciones unidas- de cómo tratar refugiados básicamente es inglaterra dándose una zancadilla y culpando la europea por lo que pasó al punto que esta mañana la bbc de londres entrevistado a una persona que votó por salirse y la persona decía yo estoy impactado yo voté por salirme porque pues odio la unión europea pero yo sabía que tenemos que quedarnos y que no sabía que mi voto contaba persona se da cuenta en tiempo real que sus decisiones tienen consecuencias y se impacta por ello y entré en pánico y algo que son adorables te está ignorando es el amor y lo digo muy en serio esto es la unión europea' una de las grandes ventajas de la unión europea y de europa en sí era el libre movimiento de las personas una persona en españa podría elegir vivir en inglaterra y trabajar en españa una persona en francia podría elegir trabajar en francia vivir en inglaterra una persona en inglaterra puede elegir ir a suecia todos los fines de semana sin ningún tipo de emigración sin ningún tipo de plan sin ningún tipo de nada y esto creó una unión personal increíble en las últimas décadas esto creó relaciones interpersonales internacionales esto creo que hay muchas parejas que viven entre alemania e inglaterra entre el norte de irlanda e italia esto es muy real hay muchas familias que van a ser destruidas o cuyas vidas van a ser afectadas por estas decisiones porque en el instante en el que inglaterra decide salirse de la unión europea inmediatamente hay que renegociar todos estos accesos libres y esto afecta a millones de familias que tenían todo un plan de vida que ahora acaba de ser destruido muchos hablan en chiste de que ahora van a poder hacer menos vacaciones que el ebro que tal pero esto verdaderamente afecta a todo cuando ustedes crean un mundo sin barreras efectivamente esas barreras se eliminan y efectivamente la gente crea relaciones personales y cuando un grupo de políticos apoyado por un montón de personas que no tienen el conocimiento de lo que están votando y que votan sin control por algo cuyas consecuencias no son claramente entendidas y les mienten de una manera sistémica por 20 años los medios deciden romper esos lazos vamos a ver un efecto muy muy duro en la vida personal de las personas llega a tal punto que uno de los más grandes megaproyectos que últimamente ha hecho europa es cavar un túnel subterráneo que va de londres a parís hay un tren donde ustedes se montan en parís y salen a londres que va por debajo del mar es un proyecto increíble y era completamente fácil de usar que me montaba en el tren yo salí a londres cero problemas y ahora vamos a tener que vivir ese proyecto con puntos de migración tan difíciles como migrar de méxico eeuu legalmente todo el tiempo entre londres y france entre francia y londres y si ustedes creen que pasar de 0 segundos a 2 de migración por persona no afecta la economía piensan de nuevo que ha pasado históricamente cada vez que un país levanta paredes y hace que la migración sea más difícil como spoiler a leer siempre va para peor y las consecuencias son aún más fuertes porque este es el mapa de la gente que votó por irse y por quedarse amarillo es quedarse azul decir se nota en algo muy claro es escocia irlanda gales los que quieren quedarse en una europea y es inglaterra profunda los que quieren irse land europea hace muy poco tiempo escocia hizo un referendo para ver si se iban de la unión porque irlanda se fue a un país irlanda y un pedacito irlanda del norte se quedó en el reino unido puede que ahora después de él preside escocia tenga todas las razones no ahora pero en unos dos años en cinco años en diez años tenga todas las razones para irse imaginen el efecto que se va a causar en el resto de europa inglaterra vota por salirse de la unión europea escocia vota por salirse al reino unido- el reino unido se rompe el norte de irlanda se una irlanda y hay muchos movimientos separatistas en europa grecia siente que toda la culpa de todo lo que está pasando la tiene europea italia está pasando por un momento muy extraño y también sienten que no tienen por qué estar ahí francia y alemania tienen movimientos internos donde sienten que ellos mantienen al resto de la unión cataluña quiere separarse de españa entre muchos otros al punto de que ya mismo el primer efecto que tiene que inglaterra se salga el en europea es que diplomáticamente españa ha empezado a hablar con inglaterra para decirles oigan qué tal si nos devuelven gibraltar o si tenemos como un tema y combinado generalmente que ya han habido problemas españa le quitó la electricidad gibraltar por un tiempo no sabemos qué va a pasar lo que sí pasó sin duda es que la economía de inglaterra está sufriendo de una manera casi irreversible y por muchos años le va a doler mucho a los británicos la decisión hoy mismo francia se puso por encima de inglaterra como economía poderosa del mundo esto nunca había pasado mucho tiempo en inglaterra siempre en esta rueda de francia yo creo que si esto no le duele incluso los británicos que dicen la patria primero no sé que debería haber hoy se acuerdan de la campaña donde ellos decían que esos 350 millones de libras esterlinas que le mandaban a la semana a la unión europea metérselos al sistema nacional de salud pues resulta que ahora este pedazo de un perdón este pedazo de humano está diciendo ahora que ganaron el break we know eso decirlo fue un error yo creo que no deberíamos hacerlo yo creo que nos equivocamos diciendo esto yo creo que ustedes pueden odiarla en europea la europea tiene cosas muy extrañas lo admito eurovisión ustedes pueden no ser tan fans de la burocracia que en bruselas ustedes pueden no estar de acuerdo con la austeridad y otras cosas pero algo maravilloso de la umh europea es tratar de recordar la historia por toda la historia moderna europa ha estado tratando de matarse a sí misma en este gráfico lo negro es guerra y lo blanco espacio europa todo el tiempo ha tratado de matarse al punto de que europa inició dos guerras mundiales donde industrial hizo la muerte la unión europea ha sido la época de mayor prosperidad y paz de la región por lo menos eso podemos decir de nueva europea por lo menos eso podemos admitir incluso si no admitimos el resto esto es algo muy importante y aunque no creo que inmediatamente cosas como el break causan problemas de guerra así que van a tener un efecto brutal en el resto del mundo turquía se quiere ir de la umh europea ya en este mismo instante y está en francia gente que no le gusta el cambio para nada y que aman la estabilidad están empezando a hablar de qué va a pasar evitar este tipo de cosas en nuestros países es muy fácil lo primero es recordar que esto es culpa de la gente joven que no vota la inmensa mayoría de ustedes son jóvenes estoy seguro que hay muy pocos de ustedes mayores de 45 años si los hay mándame un tweet a fred jr o un snap no ustedes no pueden ser snapshot no olviden lo que un tweet freddy er efe rdr la barbilla de ustedes que me ven son jóvenes salgan y voten yo escucho todo el tiempo hoy escribo tu lo importó recuerdan el británico ahí arriba que decía yo no sabía que el voto iba a tener efecto no sean ese británico no sean idiotas voten salgan a votar aunque sea aburrido aunque parezca que no tenga sentido voten porque cuando ustedes no votan ustedes están siendo representados por la gente que sí que tiene tiempo para votar y odio por ustedes toda la generación de mayores de edad que odia el cambio y segundo para esa generación que por cierto no todos los mayores odian el cambio algunos incidentalmente votan y nos joden a nosotros los que tenemos que heredar el mundo aprendan entiendan de esto no me crean a mí el 100% y no le creen al 100% este vídeo que yo acabo de publicar vayan investiguen cada uno de los hechos de los que yo les hable y creen su propia opinión aprendan y luego eduquen así como lo están haciendo y ahora mismo con mucha paciencia por lo que yo puedo hacer chistes en este vídeo porque sé que la inmensa mayoría de estas personas no ven el vídeo ustedes van a tener a sus padres a sus abuelos a ese tío racista que todos tenemos o tierras y está en ocasiones tú sabes de quién estoy hablando siéntense en esa reunión familiar y tengan la paciencia de decirle tía resulta que los inmigrantes no están tan mal resulta que si perdiste tu empleo es porque eres realmente mala en lo que haces y alguien mejor lo es no tiene nada que ver con el gobierno resulta que esta persona por quién votas te es un idiota y no tiene los mejores intereses ni los estudios ni los míos en su mente resulta que hay otras opciones resulta que un mundo global interconectado es mucho más interesante que aislarnos y ser ultra nacional y resulta que el patriotismo es una enfermedad que se cura viajando y tú puedes hacer lo mejor por mí así como yo lo hice y mira lo que pasó en inglaterra inglaterra votó por el ultranacionalismo y tanque o su economía la lección más grande que nos debe quedar es que es completamente posible que un país entero vote en contra de sus mejores intereses cuando grupos demagogos lo afectan una de las enfermedades más grandes contra la que tenemos que pelear con efectos como él preside es el antiintelectualismo es rechazar a la gente con educación y rechazar sus opiniones en cambio de patriotismo a cambio de nacionalismo a cambio de irracionalidades pero esto no se soluciona peleando una elección grande que nos debe quedar es que hay un pueblo entero hay personas millones de personas que les importa un carajo perder el 10% de su economía perder el 18% del valor de sus ahorros con tal de tener la razón y de demostrarle a alguien que hacen lo que quieren entonces no podemos ganar simplemente diciéndoles roger es idiota sino aprendiendo y educando la educación al final del día es el componente más importante y más poderoso que hace que cosas como estas no nos pasen sean ustedes parte de eso y obviamente nosotros en platja nuestro objetivo es cambiar la educación hacer la educación online primero y que incluso a través de la educación tecnológica este tipo de cosas no pasen y si ustedes vienen un país que está al borde de estas cosas bienvenidos a los países donde el plan si está estaremos felices de ayudarles contratarlos y distribuirlos por el resto del mundo no existe tal cosa como ser legal a una patria existe tal cosa como ser leal a la humanidad a todo el mundo a tratar de romper los bordes y crear un mundo más pacífico mucho más cool y donde estemos centrados en innovación y en no matarnos ojalá evitemos guerras con esto y ojalá break no se vuelva la puerta para desarmar la unión que hemos logrado gracias a cosas como internet no olvides darle la aig a este vídeo si te gustó incluso si no te gustó y tenemos muchos más vídeos mira tenemos más para ti en este canal quieres saber más de esto no solamente está este suscríbete a nuestro canal quiere ser la primera persona en enterarte cuando flash y público nuevo contenido suscríbete ya mismo aprende programación marketing diseño negocios online ya crea el futuro de internet

A Guide to… NEW MODS! With a Gamechanger!! Farming Simulator 19, PS4, Assistance!

Views:25132|Rating:4.90|View Time:22:16Minutes|Likes:680|Dislikes:14
A Guide to… NEW MODS! With a Gamechanger!! Farming Simulator 19, PS4. Assistance! Modhub. Gamechanger! What mods do we have? Which are new and which are ported over? What features do they have? How do they work? Find out with me… MrSealyp. GIANTS Software, Focus Home Interactive, Agrartechnik Nordeifel, Dorset & DD ModPassion.

welcome to another guide to new mods for farming simulator 19 with me mr. silly P okay so what do we have for you today well we have another smorgasbord of mods coming to us and some really really cool ones there's a game changer in here again I'd like all of them like like I usually do the mods are very very good today but there's one that stands out from the crowd so where shall we begin I'm going to start with the one in the middle here this is a wheel loader bail fork specifically for wheel loaders this is by Agra technic nord Ifill and this will use three slots if we have a look in store equipment and go across the wheel loader stuff we all know this stuff will load your equipment machinery and scroll across there we go so self make tools it's the bail for question one thousand five hundred which isn't particularly spensive we are getting quite a few of these now the larger pallet forks bail forks that will hold three four bails what I like about this one is I use slightly Co tech one with claws which is now the lizard one with claws and sometimes they can get a little bit glitchy what I like is the fact that you've got these spikes at the bottom there and there which will dig into pretty much all of this by all of the bails so that when you lean it back a little bit it holds them all really nicely in place it does exactly what it says on the tin is the bail fork but you know it was with the monster day and I say that's why I like that we've got the extra spikes in it which I think it's going to come in very very handy moving on from there we've got three sets of mods today from Dorset and Dorset's done quite a few mods or did quite a few mods in FS 17 really good high-quality stuff so we'll start off actually with this one here this is the caravan farmhouse by Dorset it will use two slots which is absolutely amazing and this is one if you sleep farm houses so if you're just starting out and you can't afford 180 grand for a farmhouse there now a few more mods rolling out which give you some different options it's very neat very tidy looks like the old sort of Caravan so you sustained as a kid with my family and to be fair when you set my children on holiday they're all a bit more grown-up now that you find on caravan parks and campsites all around the UK very nice indeed when we go up to it I think it's at this door it doesn't matter which one press l3 we're not tired at the moment but after 8 p.m. then you'll be able to set your time and sleep through the night I assume I'm not sure I'm test this yet but I assume the light comes on at a certain time at night generally speaking lights do on a lot of the mods as if there's no light switch for them what does it cost that's the question so we'll go and of looking play Sable's under farmhouse and it's 25,000 which is amazing it's another one of those ones I know the deckchairs were great because it 149 really cheap but it's not really a house is it it was a means to an end and it works really really well compared to 180 thousand for the in-game 125 grand is brilliant so when you starting out if you want to be able to sleep through and it gives you a little bit more kind of immersive gameplay it works really really well so that's the first of our mods from Dorset next up we've got wooden gates fences and stone walls which are kind of true I tried to Bob I've done a little bit landscaping just to tidy up so we've got a little parking area that kind of thing but the packs really really nice it will take a bit of practice to get used to how to place it and whatnot because obviously I didn't quite get that lined up there but it's a nice pack the textures are great and the detailing is brilliant on them I'd say this one overlapped a little bit so it takes a bit of fiddling around to get it just right but we've got there's a wide range of different gates available there's a range of different fence sections available and the same with the walls now each of these and this is the only slight downside to it each of these is five slots so every single one of these is five slots but once you've placed one of each of them the slot count then drops so what we'll have again a look in I think it's under decoration as far as I remember so scroll across so they get some and there we go so we've got left hand filled gate two hundred risen to bed right hand filled gate double filled gate for 350s the price hasn't gotten massively then you've got the curved left side curved heel left hand filled gate for 300 because that's one's a little bit more ornate a bit more fancy and then got the curved heel right hand and then you've got the curved heel double field gate which is the one I've got for 450 now as you look now the one that I've placed the double is saying – one on the slots because I placed one already the first almost five slots then everyone after that will only be one so the initial hits five it seems quite high but it depends what you're gonna be using then we move on to the actual fence section so we've got short wooden fence medium wooden fence large wooden fence extra large wooden fence so if you're gonna be making enclosures and bits around certain parts of fields whatever the ends a day it all adds to that ability to create your own farm and make it your own style your own what your own way you want to and that's again what's absolutely bring it with it then we've got a stone wall short a stone wall medium stone wall long and then we've got stone wall sixty six sixty degree curve and then 90 degree curve so you can kind of make up a whole wide range of you know various different warmed enclosures walled and fenced enclosures a mixture of whatever you want to do it's entirely up to you but it's a nice pack and again nice detailing on it you know it looks like a wooden fence the gates are brilliant just close that in the middle nice sound effect that goes over very cool I went for the double gate just because the thought that fancy but like a single one that's really cool as well the single one left-hand 'obviously looks like that the single one right hand obviously that's like the Hat with the post either end which is really really cool so that's the stone walls fences and gates pack also by Dorset very very nice indeed let's lose all around the back because we have a selection of sheds this is also by Dorset these are very very nice I like these a lot these are the wood frame open sheds with brick wall I know that sounds a little bit you know but that's exactly what they are wood framed open sheds with brick walls that's kind of what their each one of these is also five slots to place for the first one the detailing on these is phenomenal it's like the old red brick work you can see where like the mortars already kind of had it stay a little bit it looks very rustic and you know charming the brick pillars at the bottom there they're really nice I like the fact you've got a slightly higher but in the middle if you want to get some machinery through and I like the fact this one's drive through as well I think each of them might be as well there are three available these are also imply Sable's under sheds and which go across so we've got the lizard open shed one which is one we're looking at now then there's open shed two open shed three but price is again ten thousand twenty five and twenty not too bad at all and there's a certain charm to them I think as we start to get more mods onto the mod tub different sheds and people have been saying why are we getting more sheds why are we getting you know the point being that for certain maps that come out don't be certain shed you look at them yeah I could put that shed down but it doesn't quite fit the map it doesn't have that the right feel these have got a nice kind of I think these would go well on my well man a farm and with mercury farms just coming out those kind of things yeah in the day you can use whichever ones you want to below so these are five slots each initially but because I've placed one of each that's now saying one slot for each so what we'll do we'll go and like open shed to which is around the back just here much wider bit more space and we got ability for to drive through sections again which I like for larger vehicles lorries things we've articulated trailers all those awkward swivel axle at the front that's much much easier to be able to drive through I really like the look of him I think they're brilliant really nice there are lights underneath so again I think these will come on at a certain time at night because there are no light switches and none that I could find often if there are light switches there on the pillars somewhere but I think because they're rustic wooden sheds they're not gonna they're not supposed to have electricity and then move finally open shed 3 which is much much longer this way again with the ability to drive through and also if you want so you can drive through from the sides which everyone do but very very cool indeed which brings me on to the last of the monster no it seems to have become very very quickly but yeah the last of the monster day this is the a durante pack from DD mod passion now this pack was out on FS 17 originally and it's been ported over and it's got a lovely trick up its sleeve I'm saying that and looking at my sheet in front of me and not actually looking at the mods there are quite a few available in this pack which is absolutely brilliant the detailing on them is phenomenal it was on 17 and it is on here as well again you've got I think a lot of the models being able to use the new sort of texture system and you know that differentiation between rubber and metal and wood and you know it really does stand out especially when you get the light shining off bits of metal trim and you get that glitter or a glimmer and shine and you know but this is very very cool I do like this pack I liked it on there on 17 lots of great detail with like the mud flaps at the back that move when you drive and yeah very very cool so we'll have a looking store each one of these for the first one of each of these is 16 slots which is quite high but they are quite detailed and you know I suppose like any tip or trade or whatever they want but they do have pto x' as well I think the PTO Z to run the tip function because they think all of them lift up but anyway let's have a quick look in store this will be under trailers we're not all the Wonder trailers so that's the thing you've got three trailers one log trailer and to buy old trailers so you can look for them in those various different categories or you can just go across to the end one go to a Durante and/or Advent I'm not too sure it doesn't have an accent over the e does it so I know so we've got now this is the interesting one we've got 200 a with outsides 200 a for sides 200 a 3 we got the wood transporter then we've got a bio transporter for round bales which will hold 36 round bales and then we've got a bale transporter for 24 square bales very very cool I say each of these is 16 slots initially because I've got one of each the same one now the one that says without sides quite that has sides what it means is if we just come out very quickly again these things here like slatted sides that kind of slot into a frame you can see the frame here I suppose that's kind of the exposed frame on the wood one so you can slot the slot the side sections in so that would be one side section that will be the second side section and that's the third so when it says without sides that doesn't have that section of thing on it that's just a normal cart that one's got four side sections on and that one's got three side sections on so that's why it says it like that four sides and three sides that's what it means so this one the one without sides is a forty five thousand litre capacity you've got the ability on each of these to change from Mitchell into trailer borges those are the two options tire wise so at forty five thousand litre capacity for 35 grand that's pretty good price as well actually if we go into that one there again forty five thousand litres capacity but this is the weird thing with this one that's forty five thousand so it's 10 grand more but the same size the same capacity which is unusual then we've got the three sided one which is thirty five thousand litre capacity and that's 40 grand so again that's still more expensive than that for ten thousand less capacity I don't know that's just the way it is again with all of these you've got the option changing from Mitchell uns to trailer bulbs and then we've got the woods transporter for fifteen thousand this vehicle can transport tree logs as you might imagine and then we've got the two bale trailers one for round and one for square this is where things get interesting and I did say there was a game change of mod in here and this is one that quite a few people have waiting for and I've left the best till last not the others up but they're all fantastic but you'll understand why I've got the round one here and I've got the square one over at the store which I'll show you a minute this got round bales on at the moment and what I like about this one of the functions it's got is when you come to unload it's got a tip function so this whole section lifts up and the bails tip off the back which is great if you want to sell with them not so great if you want to store them that's the only thing if you want to store them neatly somewhere you're gonna have to unload them manually with some kind of bail fork now there is a minor problem with this only a minor one and I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages I found that when I put them onto the trailer and loaded them on and then strapped them down when I drove off up the road they were swinging off the back of the trailer for some reason it was very peculiar and the straps now don't seem to be on properly now there are a few different settings on this so that could be why so what I'm going to do is we wrote the store and I'll show you what I mean bear with me one second so we are here at the store what I'm going to do is very very quickly put on our help window because it'll be helpful to have it on and this is the square barrel version which will take 24 bails what I've done already they've taken the liberty of buying them and made them I've got 8 bails over to one side here so here we go if I press l1 it says operating position that's right ladies and gents we have an auto loading bay old trailer so it's now in its operating position by Drive past oh yes now I know for the realism fans you're not gonna like this I know a lot of people on PC use the auto load ones already because I have a lot of people comment on my videos saying why aren't you just using your tono trailers because some until now we haven't had them we've had the auto yoko-san Auto stack and the IRS's t1 27 for round bales now as you can imagine the versus one to seven round by all stacker which if I just have a quick look and I'll show you what I mean we go go into bales that is a mod as well but from Giants where are we by lean technology I've lost it I gotten past it already would be really blind bailing technology excuse me sorry I said the are Kusum one there is seventy thousand to buy and that will take 16 bells and that auto loads and that would lucky does in the real world it auto loads then we've got a mod from Giants which is the arcuti in T one to seven which does round bales down it is eight the square one does sixteen so you can see already the difference that's thirty nine thousand if we scroll back across to these the ads are anti ones they're ten thousand each ten thousand that's all and they auto load so the round one will do thirty six bales compared to eight for the SST one to seven and obviously this will do twenty four barrels rather than the 16 that the Archos in Auto stack does so if you don't mind suspending a little bit of realism they work really really well now the options we've got here and this isn't what I found when this originally came out I'm sorry if I'm rambling but I need to kind of show this is that it says unload bales now on some of the barrel trailers we've had before that were also load ones you could pick where you unloaded which meant you could unload them in a very nice neat stack well this actually means is it unloads onto the trailer at the moment these are kind of in limbo between the two I can drive around now with them on here no problem at all they don't kind of go in even not strapped down but why do i press em l1 and then triangle to unload bales and it says unload here when you unload here it just sits them down neatly onto the trailer bed so they're now starting the trailer bed if I do R one and it says fast and tension belts are three I faster the tension belts now the weird thing I found was and this did with this with the round bales at Bank members no dirt the square I hope not as I was driving I turned corners I know it's not doing the round bales seem to really shift around a lot they didn't come off the trailer but they were moving around what Square Bell seen absolutely fine so you can transport them to every go now obviously this is gonna work a lot better if you're selling buyers like I say they've been unloaded onto the trailer so they are now substantial bales they're not kind of in limbo by always between so the point about this now is if I'm do the fast undo the tension straps like so you can do those individually if you want to as you go along you can do the tension straps one at a time if you want to us and tied up to you it says so we come to unload them you can't actually unload them like to one side or the other or put them in a meet step what you can do when you get to the sale point if I do l1 r1 unload here the whole thing tips up biyo was do a bit of adults a bit of a jig and off they come find it not in the neatest way possible might little bit I'm not sure why those won't come off let's try that again that's really weird yeah so it's a bit unload bales unload here anyway so it tips up that's how you unload the bales off of this one so unfortunately if you are looking for that neat bail stack when you get to your farm that isn't so you can unload manually off the back of this without tipping it but if you are going to go to a sale point it's perfect you don't actually the sale points always have to unload like that often once you get to the sale point as long as you click download here and it settles them onto the trailer it will take them off the trailer no problem at all anyway but we do have auto loads trailers in game mill which i think is absolutely fantastic that's it actually what can do very quickly because I think they do unloads in different ways I think the to bail ones unload no I as far as I'm aware and I'm just what I'm gonna hook up this one a lot of people the first thing people ask is that's fantastic is the wood one in auto load let's just put that menu back on there having just turn you off I press l1 r1 there is no option there for operating position or anything like this this is just a normal bowel trailer wood trailer log trailer for unloading note this tips as well so you can tip in to sell points if you want to if you want to unload manually of course you can again one of the only minor downsides for me with these is because they're swivel front axles but I honestly think that the fact that these are or that you've got the two auto loads trailers on here for bails that far outweighs the fact that it's a swivel axle and it far outweighs the fact that it tips in a fairly unruly way this one and unload here opens up that way and then tips takes it while it's quite sloped it's a nice smooth action in the real world it wouldn't be belting along with a lunatic but I like it they're really nice mods very tidy very detailed very cool so there you go that's it for today that's all the mods that came out I know they came out yesterday and I'm posting this the day after it's very very busy yesterday with various things I hope you found this useful and informative in some way shape or form if you have give us a like if you don't subscribe yet please do if you want to leave a comment feel free and if you want to share this video then please be my guest whatever you should choose to do thanks for watching


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Everton Under-23s made it a league and cup double! With the PL2 title in the bag, the Blues faced Newcastle at Goodison with the Premier League Cup on the line and lifted the trophy thanks to captain Morgan Feeney’s winner!

all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] bigger news might be on the cold [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah oh shoot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] be brightened to win Premier League – and a great chance to do a double on me now good would that be for these young men you know age I mean look it's it's Lots you know the achievement of the century in terms of right you know big big cups and what-have-you like that and but these boys hopefully will go on to experience things like that in the future but you can only be playing and observe wants to do a double would be a little special night for all nobody's ever done the Premier League so and family cook double so everything can create a little bit of history under the first football club things underway Angelo my fellow sons one four four throws around be or windsors first header of the evening but it goes out for the goal kick it was nice for a centerfold early ones the first tie but isn't it yeah exactly the straight a very good intent put the ball in the box test their Center hogs out trays are won it comfortably so hopefully that'll help giving confidence for the rest of the evening long both fall down a lot left hand side it's blocked oh right more than freely and hello pixel epic gives an early church of the ball inside the first minute to jail Virginia who finds Brendon Galloway who that's the ball do the work then follow that a Polish left-hand side but can't find that in the Evans and you Castle can get away with Matthew launched at sanjaya yes possessor there's Josh Portland man who stole cinched feed from really to title to support towards solar we can hand him down by the corner flag needs a bit of help gets it from miss Angelo mark hello has a funeral and again girl on stuff and does so faster sailor somebody leaving score de Ville 23s rolls it wide said about me Evan sticks help cross into the penalty area not the worst cross in the world but start with finding across the United Murph they don't the delights are at the early tempo down and here could send Pope folks wide many density Evans and Josh Bowl are getting on the ball as well I like the fact that they're playing on opposite side so Anthony's a predominantly right footed player but even cut back and whipped dangerous crossing noonas weed as he just did there and Josh you had such a good good game against riot and we're at the score deal important goal for us we know on his day is a very talented player as well so I think looking at it phrase around it looks nice and sharp in the first few minutes before we say of foraging the way four possessions have to weigh by Owen Bailey and more than Feeny brings it under control and uses the bill nicely Galloway and so so he has to go back Leavitt will start again at the end when sweeps it wide towards a barrel it wasn't the best connection friend Denis ethereal and you can stir had possession again they follow the good season Newcastle they've reached the Premier League Cup final that involved in a playoff for promotion to the twenty lead to top flight they play Southampton as the date has yet to be confirmed so Newcastle are clearly under-23 team on the rise and I spoke to David on the rift in the dressing room before the game and he said these are a good team yeah he said that to me I'll sat down and had a couple with the boys just before just before they went out and he said exactly the same thing they're well organized and you know there's no way on the planet we can take this lightly itself a long ball towards Josh Thole only gets a little upset lien gypsy puts a challenging to flow in for peloton over on the far side it's notching then we should have these these schemings but the Chairman's here it's a microwave the Chairman's come up mr. machineries up I just saw Marco Marco silver and Marcel brands are also here as well so that's a nice nice nice for the players to know that the managers here watching it the Chairman went into the dressing room Diddley beforehand in there had rode with the Bruce which is good rousing speech for Demong Shore feeling to attainment now what's been seeing let's see the bear early those in this community crop farm the first time the tough years have been in the family clip flying up and then you look at this tab there's 11 o'clock 11 men including the goal keeper obviously the new boss behind a more it's gonna it could be a very very tested evening for us the Center for youth chairman throwing on this I didn't have to be aware but yeah you can see what their game plan is Newcastle they're going to try and deep dig deep they're gonna sit deep and try and hit us on the counter-attack and they're gonna just try and frustrate us I think for sale December really deep which foot some dime or Caleb except he put a skill by Sunday late his rabbits slice it into the channel that's a great early point into the penalty area that apologize Virginia never say about cross time there's a decent crossing on the left-hand side there from Liam Gibson but jail was equal to it nice and comfortable handling he's been excellently season as well Virginia good prospect for us in the gold keeping Department size as well as we're big lad always helps if you're a if you're a good size of your one be a goalkeeper in your are live from British and Park on the official Everton YouTube channel tonight [Applause] you see it now with Dennis doing in in the middle of the park plenty of time plenty of space on the pillar but Newcastle camped with eleven men literally within a yard radius just go by Jeff bowler I brings the ball infielders rather so it's going to need a little bit of individual brilliance I suppose down this that's where the code I think it could do tonight the Puri you're not solely because of what I've said about new Carson their approach this this at very very deep they're working hard as soon as we really hope they're working hard to get every single man behind the ball and right now this is when they go to break long stuff herim barely Newcastle United captain you lose a Spartan fellow again the reward of attrition I think this one there certainly patience is going to be the key worm Sanjaya back to Beverly Cass again another birth comes through load up by Charmin that I could challenge by in the Fangio mark fellow for the very good strikers on but it was actually done through Carson it's owned by German which strong shell is Brian the Franz you know mark hello that the impression is gonna be a set-piece or a counselor sack don't you that's gonna run lock the key yes it's 50/50 this game at the moment isn't it though I mean they're both sides have started okay plenty of possession but not too many chances to talk about for from wirelessly over everybody camber solace under get there no he can't long stuff deli slicer play behind Luis trypsin chased down woopsy makes a living a hash of the clearance so he did I mean he'd actually done the hard work let the food run across him he went to play at backward he's right for a sadly they've got in the way and these kicks it out for a corner so time to concentrate first called evening from Newcastle I think that would be logged corner kick for the derbies have your body bar just there at back for hours and he comes the core it's low it's not the best event or fact enough scrambles to behind the line and it's another corner and there's rights outside for Newcastle just a chance to see the replay there on what's the showed up paying off Brendan are the way that might have actually come off the Newcastle man but the respective because the referees given a corner for them again and it comes Behrman Galilei doesn't stand on ceremony anywhere litter and such Baylor wins at least inhabit chases down the second board it's forward by Jonas Terry NC time for anonymously to find Dennis adenine a lot of the pursuit demonstrators that the middle of the park again the Newcastle overly interested in precedent most they're quite happy fruits are after Paul and they'll see as it has upset on numerous occasions already quite happy to put all men behind the pool sip tea and and frustrate us more than anything headed by the shall assemble picked up by Josh Baylor is this the moments of brilliance moving waiting for no long stuff is there and again just too many black and white shirts endorsing the Newcastle approach didn't have a an illustrious plunderer shall we say that at least fellow Queen of the South there's been coaching at Newcastle United in some way shape or form since you 16 years of age [Applause] coaching loser well organized yeah it's very very much so exactly what David and Ross said to the pair of us they're a nice side they they do the basics right they're not going to come here and lay down or be overall they haven't shown that that's all in this opening you know 10 minutes or so [Applause] heads up a crossed over for Gerald Virginia there's more color razor on B peels off except it's well defended by Cass it's well defended but mark Ellen's got to be a bit bigger with the board edit button Trey zombie is peeled off the defender there on the shoulder is 30 yards of space for that food to be played over the top in sir and Mark Heller was just a bit short with his past so sharpen up on our pass in a little bit 11 when it's gone I could have some pork family cuts while alive on the Evan YouTube channel could put a score by Jamie steadies doesn't get the church it needed its back into the penalty area and it's clear by Ryan Ashley and a super bullet flow by Jen you steady on this lady's impressed me in this opening 11 or so minutes Darren he's been there he's been their best attacking player really James Terry to right back getting forward there took a magnificent ball into the box I think it was Luke Charmin was it there a new gesture failed with the header ticket mmm some kind of purchase on it but it was a hair's breadth away from him another New Castle corner this time from the left hand side it's the penetrative coast and then we'll get to touch on it great save by child Virginia it's aware and scramble and it ends up in your arms which I'll show that you can put the bones I'll say you're gonna be a difficult one it was Rica Shay around the box I mean a good pool in from the from the left hand side right footed in swing in there and I mean talk about putting your body on the line Morgan Feeney does terrifically well to throw his body onto the ground and just about saw it out and unfortunately for us the ricochet fell into the hands of jail Virginia the second time around and we cleared the danger but anyway some worrying signs there you can clip some of the first have it on the right hand side in front of the family enclosure you can't see on camera is that there's a really healthy crowd behind us in the football and say yep yep it's always nice other first midweek crowds to spook the young players Evans and their target at bio steady just guides a fat – Nathan Parker the Newcastle United cleric you put his Owen barely the captain these very much they're more than feely Owen Bailey he's an old-fashioned type centre-half he's a Newcastle United fan and he's been with the clips and she was 7 years of age so it's just the identical opposites of them Phoenix there's nothing wrong with the old no-nonsense the end up we've got one in our first team at the moment in kazoom of Maine outstandingly well alongside Michael clean and there's no frills with Claire oh yeah I mean into the defenders are there to stop goals and so put their bodies on the line and why I'd be like that and the lights are Morgan Feeney and Owen Bailey do that for their clubs to enjoy defend and don't worry they enjoy being a leader as well there's a good lad as well Morgan I like him a lot of time for it yet there was very respectful of the X players is Lee Morgan well he's never told me so he knows his history so he knows you've kept us in the premium a new start and Sharpie put put him in the back of a car and threatened we're actually the century ago he's been tortured snot all week without you know know what he's like is his eyes roll on everything you don't want to see any more days at Goodison Park like that one trust me no Nassau a little dang lucky there Morgan Feeny's fighting to run the Fraser home be and it was a decent very just probably a couple of yards just too long the good news is that was more Fraser Wembley right through the middle of an air defense then having the opportunity to maybe have just latched on to it if the pool as I say it just been a little bit shorter interception by London Galloway they read the situation there very well Brendan good good experience play he's very experienced at this level as well Brendan Callaway so he should we shouldn't have any concerns about anything out here on the field you should be out of deal with everything that comes his way most experienced player on the perches they kept Newcastle go cut the players a revert have a taste of that the first team that moats and Dali in the middle of the part number 18 you Castle is a full international football he's got two cups for Liberia sake black Pike masala sambar picked up by Jeff bola they were fierce aren't the evidence for the first time there's only about six or seven you can sleep late with you and Evan of the goal but they get back into position very very quickly and we organized themselves as Brendan Gallery bucket goes to mark hello Morgan Feeney yeah that would be the one thing I would be looking at now cut when we when we get the ball when we win the ball back and can we just do things that are a little bit quicker because we've just allowed Newcastle dare to mmm alder man back we've just got to do it a little bit we're moving the ball and our movements better be a little sharper if we're going to unlock these stubborn resistance that Newcastle was showing because that was about the first time we only had seven or eight players in front of us exactly and the others oh look mr. bailiff set an ambitious black/white Calandra flick that's right Nathanial my fellow 17 minutes on the clock sweeps it why – exactly Evans weapons can't control it in its how to play the aquarium for you castor we're going to say the patience was the name of the game diamond concern Lee is yeah ice a little bit cat-and-mouse out there at the moment seventeen and a half me it's gone and I mean the best chance of the games for into Newcastle we've just got just up up the tempo in terms of a run we go forward move that ball quicker as I say make sure our movements good help players on the pool just that little bit more with a movement here's long stuff so Calum rabbits one of the players who has played first in football it's a cool ball into the penalty area good positioning watch out for to you better than that what's so Nathan market there's a confident young man who was charging after the keeper there Nathan Harker and the fairness to the young man very very well took a little bit of a risk I always look a million dollars when they come on checking the biographies that leaves you in place with Newcastle United in the office yesterday Mason half of the goalkeeper is colorblind and he plays the put the flag up but doesn't actually played in the game for sure for tonight did you know now centre forward on the day was Derek Taylor we were playing West Brom so we will red and white stripes play the blue and white stripes yet to come off because he couldn't handle it it's Dennis adenine she found zero marquetta Gibson Galloway dr. Gibson which bowl up there with bravely gets the touch on it doesn't think he did for the throne but the linesman and the referee both in agreement that it was a New Castle throwing it's not the best 20 minutes of football I've ever seen them no it doesn't know sometimes you do so much it was so exactly the same thing not many Cup finals are particularly great games all right nobody wants to be the first player to make a mistake if it needs a goal another corner yes all right no they haven't been about three or four more than four weeks subscription mr. Spencer has been a little bit one-dimensional for my line in at the moment is that there's plenty of space and like I say Newcastle but dropping off and it just will allow in the back for and the two boys image fields I have to pull and we were trying to hit diagonals and it's it's too obvious yeah we've got to get the ball on the floor we've got to get it moving and we've got to move it sharper and move those defenders and midfield players a Newcastle around a bit more it's too comfortable for them at the moment thank those robbers for just about the first time money runs into it and we exist yet to the Pelletier brings it in fear as he overrun it just manages to insane possession one point you thought you'd overrun it but he come turns and comes back on his right foot into that far corner but Parker managed to get down to it certainly our best moment of the game liveliest moment it came from Josh Pollard a man who had such a big impact in the Brighton game a couple of weeks ago I'm smart so far the people got as the piano fingers international to tell and what's to nobody in particular just like mr. C was sauce the issue a little bit now if I will attempt on goal just keep them on the back foot a little bit more out in the Evans we've drifted in feeling better I think he thought Josh bowler was gonna be alongside in overlapping but he was nowhere to be seen Josh I think he was still getting his breath back from that run he did but just a few minutes ago but I'm going to see that as well Anthony Evans just not being not not standing out here or elif's on the left side he's just drifting in there just trying to get in that pocket of space between the Newcastle back foreign and midfield players and he's succeeded a couple of times in this house newscast again by Louis Gibson to reach this self-regulate farm level really groups will Sheffield United Blackburn and don't cast it when the group came through to the last 16 to be Sunderland burn world is in the quarter-final and Swansea City Saturday in the semi-final at the Liberty Stadium Fraser jambe and the solace and boots on the mark at the Liberty Stadium did you cover that game though I certainly did I traveled out to Swansea after the barely game a little to mention that sold out we didn't actually got driven through the night it's always working of an influence on this family cup final now is total birth forward an awful long way something really good area throwing on the far side there just by underneath the main stand but he's certainly our livewire at the moment Josh bowler he's he's the go-to man I think at the moment it's Angelo mark hello to that's the only I don't really like about the performance so far a Janus Terry who's been very very good for Newcastle right Lang but squealed like a baby when any having slightly caught in there you don't like to hear that do you and you know sixty or seventy yards away from it we kick for Newcastle this is Jonathan just come into the technique where we're over on the far side there with David Unsworth maybe they're thinking of maybe a possible tactical change and see if we can change the course of the game a little bit that said Josh boulders at his best two moments over there in the last five minutes so maybe we'll stick with it stick with the formation the golden by the way cutting a little bit of a knot so gives it away but the frontal Omar color was very well positioned to hopefuls lays on one occasion Nathan blue head he's on the bench slow rate goes this season once he falls Alex Danny and oncology are only five substitutes in the friendly problem good idea from Dennis adina-in but all the hits trying to get try to play the pole just behind the Newcastle back for for just Boulder to run onto but these Paul was all over hit there you've got a feel for a young Nathan broad ed as well I think it's a bit of a knocking draining and they they just didn't want to risk him so he could use that to take a place on the bench and if we need him he could always come on but I don't think the thought process was that he could maybe to get the 90 minutes under he felt can't absolutely provided us with the highlights of the season so far my scored a brace at Anfield and can you lead to Merseyside derby victory against Liverpool show me study – Callum Roberts those Gibson's that it's how these up before toffee get back to jail Virginia more good for you neither skip up and look to get his hands on the fun little trophy so nice little trophy is relevant in the reception area before the game this evening I'd love to see him lifting that a lot tonight at Goodison Park to go alongside shot on him ghost of drol on its wall smothered by Nathan Hart certainly this last five or six minutes we've just asked one or two questions of the New Castle defense now and Anthony Evans he's getting some jury coming in from the left-hand side and just getting as I said getting in those little pockets of space he's done it a few times and it's worked Josh boulders getting some joy on the right-hand side as well so all of a sudden maybe we just find in our feet with for the half-hour mark coming up hold on baileywick so much sundar take long stuff Lewis Cass is stearic chips at all until another time I only tries to peel off the iron Gundam Galloway to the ground safely through to jail Virginia we've had 28 morally uneventful minutes in this Premier League Cup final all the tents it's all a little bit organized kgs a good word to use Louis gifts up against his brother tonight so unique calendar add the phrase of Hornby to chase like honestly I know all about it but it drives me insane that ball was played five minutes ago but wait till Frazer makes a challenger and then puts these flanges good for a cup that's crazy and say this all behaves in fairness it is the rule that said the officials should they should get together shouldn't they and say to the powers to beat this is just ludicrous it's wasting everybody's time there's Galloway it's nice to take the poor with them and that that was a life decision to be honest Tom Alan Roberts inside the penalty area then you go finished at the inland rivers as well to trouble at Newcastle win the Cup again and just momentarily it's Everton that's on the back force and Newcastle in possession they grab us those two long stuff Sun Valley thinks about playing that wife and plays a short for a lot of the space here it's pulled low low wide by Tom Allen those strangers are scoring against their wit's in the start of last season they scored the winning goal for the under-18s can you cast it against Everton but on that occasion he was well well why'd he was but he wasn't closed down quickly from I like you know there's an opportunity from there about 25 yards out and we seem to make take an eternity to decide to close him down which is half an hour Leighton Park has been tested with a couple of efforts your picture gel Virginia largely unsettled apart from a few catches from decent deliveries from the right areas finding from the corner didn't we as well that was a heart-stopping moment but we escaped that other than that there's probably three three decent moments in the first are from an attacking sense from both sides new Charmin there were some take the food clip quickly trying to keep the ball moving just you can see the two banks are falling for us can't your chips midget isn't it yeah they're well organized they won't drill they're everything that they tune can they keep it on for 90 minutes that will be the question from Newcastle can we keep that discipline can we keep that effort level up for 90 minutes maybe a massive taking any opportunities that we get as well as net califor to be boastful in front of goal [Applause] or will Bailey kellen twice morning sleep the sugar over to much of the world so at Luke Jarrow schism over the line and it's a throw-in for securities Gibson three click for the trophies what 1zb thinking after the first half-hour great shake it probably isn't surprised about the way the games gone I don't think anything that Newcastle have done we will have surprised in I think you'll just become getting to the players at halftime and you're saying as I said before look we know what they're going to do with it there no gonna put the defense we've just got to be a little bit quicker in our thinking moving the ball sharply Galloway takes a challenge you did quite well the defender there to just hold him up but we've managed to get ourselves a throw on but it's just that little bean injection of life and pace in the game because what more I think we require there's more than Feeny that right – exactly Adams headed away by starey notice today Leland gives a straight Bassett Lewis Katz has long stuff unified sailor as far as Markel oh it's a hazardous picked up by some guy he uses the ball rather finds Jamie steady looking effective little bit forward towards Tom Allen you can't control it and it's a throw-in for Everton oops geordie Boyd of course from Clarence his boyhood club John government or from Newcastle United and if they're well as a Premier Li to second division side to reach this far in the tournament of Newcastle United they were grouped with Leeds United Southampton and lots County before progressing through to the reading in the last 16 Derby County in the quarters in the semi-final heads for solace Sam be forced to off the course are quite Lewis Cass needs a bit of support here it doesn't get it but winds are throwing off journalists ready yeah many others they just let the bull run for his feet and then played the put fool down the line to be Silas sample we got onto it but you didn't really have too many options not too many people out there in the blue shirt look it's a help it Dennis Cedeno Feeney to form beacon Galloway tree only three plays on the other side with first team experience says that the Evans who's been alone a platformer sees bugs well defended by early encryption and it's half to safety Dennison a terrific absolutely Hague is a space now here Brendon Galloway on this left-hand side right down in front of us moves a little quicker just bollocks and Paul in inches away and a village raised the ball was out a player that was drift out the only think he did think that Baron because otherwise he heads that in the back of an area should be hiding the ball in the net weight over his right for us from Josh Nora few years against most time Markel Irwin's Achilles addition : again relative we re at just poetess don't indicate which has got a fight touching it it's space difficult to say from the view I had frozen OB was deceived in some way shape or form Fraser's got to be thinking that you know as a centre-forward you've got to be thinking to Kieffer's missing it which staying in Eddie anything his trash bowler he has got some worried wins he'll ever corner she's got a bit between his teeth of me yeah I managed to see just before the game is where such as such in my saloon you know fit more like just like the end against Bryant and yep they said yep but you certainly bees bees bees been our best player job yet it's like the only likely spark got the oven six corner decent why nicely can't get there and the fan jelenia Kelly pick it up for a button such as it back to of Dennis Cedeno and we go back again to Brendan Galloway Denis at dinner and again on the halfway line for tours with Angelo marquel oh nice to thread it through the spaces in red Galloway so Nutella my spell violence phrase it only turns ago we should moment yeah connector again answer the inside just turns and sees phrase only is just couple of yards just off he sent a half there he plays it into him and phrases got no other thought to get a shot off goes for the curler in the top corner great strike on it but just unfortunately a couple yards too high better from our stoked oh and Bailey thirty-eight minutes just on the clock seven minutes plus any other time to go on a confident they'll be any other science' be honest we've had no injuries no substitutions because inside the penalty area with Charmin which and again bite mark hello cross-terms info Gibson into the penalty area it's over everybody today Fonzworth would have been livid Lewis Gibson's are lucky man there he he made the interception but it was only because he slipped on the floor and just managed to stick his leg out and make the interception initially then the ball was played it came into the referee and as you sit down and put us back on the back foot pole drop the bill I'll explain throwing for Everton on the right-hand side has more color Phoenix retainer it once again Newcastle have every single player being on the ball good ball buy out the Evans Josh bowler shoot sugar but most marketers we know that will locate inside a 20 year old was terrific strike from Josh bola keeper could only parry at this time and praise a horn beep rap should have scored but another would savor the goalkeepers legs he wasn't so mode over on the far side the linesman at flag Fraser offside we're asking questions yeah knocking on the door as they say well and watch to Bailey blown stuff with shallots mobile singing great challenge now the twenty three four five against four Dennis Edina the clients Fraser home be Kosovo inside the penalty area saying could you've used me it's a pleasure don't be late go to faraway grave it wasn't too far away I mean I liked his single-minded dispraise a long way I mean he's a centre forward and he wants to score goals so he's gonna have a shot if he says the whites are the post I don't particularly have a problem with that unless somebody's in the glare in the better position which Dennis adina-in wasn't someone you know I've got no qualms of what Fraser did there but as you sit down now getting to pushing towards the end of this first half we are starting to ask a few more questions few more attempts on goal and looking far bigger threat than the earth in the first half an hour well you saw earlier didn't hear that can they keep this organized can they keep this rigidity for 90 minutes and it's it's less the impossible to do isn't it I mean the walkway I mean he's a big pitch is a big night for them to play at Goodison Park as well his new pants are on the chat themselves that those kids who stand strong know when they look at a suit Park four minutes to go in the first half of the Premier League Cup final extra time and penalties drained of its level we won't be extra time ampere just go to paintings so you can cast a lot that's the last hour embarrassed I mentioned after the Premier League was a few officials here tonight you ball please the problem when the stands are empty once the ball goes into the stand the poor little dildos again there's no one to get it back in federal do know where it is inside you have a penalty area now charmant that's us Terry Tom Allen decent fallen again he reaches Gibson but it's cleared by enough Angelo Mark Kelly only as far as telling less local boys English do you Castle sighs if this man in the ball calendar what's his plan of when he's been degree 2 since he was 10 years of age soccer math city of course good secession from every gallery where you go was plays in the field towards Dennis Athena they didn't give a penny with much of a chance you know I didn't garlic takes on the fantail Omar Keller brings the ball in feel it's a good interception and that's got a footwork by Dennis at the inlet and he's strong enough that's enough soup power away at the ball touches it right to Josh Barry once again they double up on Josh Barry to once again he brings the ball infield fired over the crash bar from no more than three yards out it's a glaring miss by Frazer jambe Annie knows it you know what it looks a horrible miss but I tell you what it's not as easy as you think coming Josh barro is the danger man there's no doubt about it and as you say down there doubling up on him but still josh has got the beating of the pair of him he cuts in on his left foot and he rips it to water fire post and it just bounces just in front of Frazer it bounces and yes he should have scored but it looks it looks easier than it actually usually as absolutely no shame in the system of six yards we've mentioned Wimbledon let's talk about the trip I'm talking of a lightly assistance it just couldn't get that right I'll touch on it just to kill it and control it get off damn the hostile missiles gonna come just too too soon for us isn't it we've just think it'll be good for the lads confidence as well to know that slowly but surely we're wearing this Newcastle ride down and I think that'll be on Z's messages sir damn rock you know rotate the first half-hour we've sort of eased into it a little bit as soon as you've raised the tempo a little bit moved it around a little bit quicker you started to causing some problems it's a piece of board while masters better watch this and does watch it and deal with it very effectively picked up by the Danes around forever some jock Bowl that he's enjoy himself tonight willing with some garlic ball nearly got stuck under his feet fell into heaven but once again Josh's got a 60 70 yards of the PA son very well again just gets as high up the pitch the sangar is a good play you know at this level you can seize he's a very very athletic player in the middle of a part for them very very strong Galloway a little bit not being newcastle united storage all eyes now are arm been and speedy on the far side and there you go no other time at all half time it's the only and what sort of probably shaded it and we should be ahead yeah we probably should just about be a pretty good chance for young phrase are there right at the end but disappointment the onion bag he's got another 45 minutes to do that and hopefully witness this from your leap up it's the probability Cup final Accord of some part we're live on the Everton YouTube channel with me darling little sand grains tears alongside me it's been a war of attrition entertainers here also play center Abbot's a mil United nil [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but welcome back to go to some Park for the start of the second half and crane what squats a change in this second half the thing for Everson to break through but I think we do know I just don't think it's a case of changing too much so we've got it obviously push a little bit for that goal make sure that we don't concede at the other end I think we've just got to be sensible in the way that we're playing and why have you but I think you just got to be a little bit a bit sharper in our movement need to do a little bit quicker bit more bit their pace them about us see we show towards the end of that second our first half that we can show these Newcastle boys that we're a good sign that we can possibly cool some trouble [Applause] I come here here the default a unique [Applause] [Applause] we're underway for the second half here at Goodison Park it's goalless don't forget extra time and penalties could be looming if we are level at ninety minutes but gray I think we saw enough in the first half to think that this came here for Everton I don't doubt that for one minute as I said it was always going to be a case of Newcastle coming here and setting their stall out and being very very hard to break down which they did predominantly in that first half an hour of the first half as I said in that last fifteen minutes so all of a sudden we started to create some opportunities phrase Hornby especially a couple of efforts that tracks you should have put one of them certainly in the back of the net maybe we should have been going into our time one they lot but you know as the game goes on it gets harder and harder to maintain the level of work but Newcastle are putting into this game so hopefully we can break them down the sooner the better because you but nil-nil it's still nervy you know there's all still that opportunity for them to break forward and catch us on the counter-attack so we've got to be clever we've got to be sensible in our thinking Morgan Feeney just has possession at the back for Everton and failed to Dennis at the interval now it's with Lois Gibson again then the Galloway on my left-hand side note makes this market gets into the penalty area good defending really good defending by must be long started ever so well to just possess [Applause] grunting Galloway and for Newcastle then dorsal will probably have seven or less the same as David longer other arts are really diamonds just keep it going keep the shape keep organized they either either just said to them like in the main you've you've worked hard you've done well you kept your shape you've been disciplined you know just make sure that when I've certainly have a word with Josh bowler and make sure you're out to him as quickly as you can just watch Anthony Evans just go spinning from that left-hand side and just just keep your concentration levels that's gonna be the key for Newcastle to Lewis Cass good interception by Anthony Evans cool early fall as well Sawa some dope in a chase with Jane you study and study with my party our store gets there first Tony fine stretch up we're throwing for Everton there certainly is a feature of world for Silas and boot cut the top cut the times in that first I'll feed with you he made some decent runs I'd like to see him make a few more runs down the channels and you know he's got good pace and he's got good movement and he's got desire just nice to see it just you can give you if you can midfield players and your fullbacks a bit of an option there's a chance they're suppose to be the go with early efforts on goal flee a half minutes into the second half yeah when's Apple in the middle of midfield there and drives forward he's good 25 yards out his Denis it's a decent strike but it's not on target sales over two goalkeepers bar [Applause] rostrums Lewis Gibson sizes up well he has a scored yet this season Dennis the trader in self enrollment the true central midfield players by and large if in nathangie omar callow and tennessee deen religion he got three goes between or I'm sure David onto it would like a few more goals from his midfield players its Newcastle on the offensive at the moment but force in by Brendan Galloway here is a diamond he looks to the sky in frustration because there was plenty of space on this right-hand side for him to exploit yeah you're right there and there was plenty of space it was a good early ball into him from Dennis etherion as well and he would about the opportunity to go it is fall back as you say clip cheese here [Applause] what's notes with Matthew long stuff from the company's turn to sit in and defend modern Feeny buys the dummy and only wallet shoots for goal and is off target and sure we'll see the ball have broke them in from the side because it would take the little ball boy the best part of the rest of the night to find out where that one's nestling reminds me a preseason that all those years ago up and to run up the terraces and whatever yes there's now on row 24 we still know where they are finding it keep going son Annelle mere foodlab he's got it in the Premier League Cup final but Goodison Park where will the opening come from they made that face before in the front you know mark a low but sir nobody further forward for Newcastle United so the majority boy little skip she picks it up but only finds his brother on this near side who plans to Heather enter touch and abia throwing for habitant Morgan feeling no finish talking a little bit there she's the hold in his chest there is no work in the chest he's a tough cookie Morgan but maybe he's just taking the one to the ribs a zombie edge of the penalty area too mashaallah Samba touches the way through but then the kit man saved my life this evening because I totally forgot my jacket as you doing when it's freezing yes this was I was drafting this morning as well today he's just got away with me there's just boa good footwork again by just bullet that's in the pants here just equation really going to touch on it look the most likely all night he slipped as well this or he gets it just gets his piano fingers on that hides he onto the post but it was a good save from the goalkeeper a good shot here was had he not slipped and if that's the contact with the back of the net he's been the main man tonight for us.just bowler again the corner kick the left-hand side Anthony Evans is swinging in Bell on loan at Blackpool this season then it goes to still have you been headed away at the near post and hello Harlem Roberts it would be a free kick for Everton nice and Mellaart alert there mark hello as the ball was headed out II made sure he was first there got his body in front of kalyn roberts assumes the brought himself a free kick as well attention even Z's standing over Anthony shoots shoots and shapes to ping the ball into the penalty area more than Fenian Lewis Gibson the soldiered falls from the bucket Evans curls it in headed away by Gibson Josh berry on the edge of the penalty area flying out for the volley which don't use right folks crosses into the penalty area over there relative Lewis Gibson shoots to go it's the first defendant chance from the air it's been a good start to the second half for us the opening eight minutes of this second half has pretty much been on blue and we are certainly asking the question now of this new castle de fat Fort Morgan Feeny and Lewis crimson have stayed forward forever since Evans this time it's the deep and against lefty it's cleared by motion garlic and that child Virginia's off his line quickly we've got Abu Sitta laser safety and that Josh bowler keeps hold of it eventually rose it's a new password good well they're just everywhere he did okay skip just dump that delayed edge is gonna be a changer for Newcastle about Charmian is officer Elias Sorenson is all interesting character Elias Sorenson 19 years of age is a Danish under-21 international he was playing first division football and Dermott when he was 16 is that well gave the season on loan at pool so Elias Thompson and Anthony Evans who look know each other really well having both being this season [Applause] don't say Josh bola lift it over some galley who stood first in cantilevers volleys of backwards to them fell on rocks heads it away but scrappy that could have some part of the Premier League Cup final well what more scrappy was our previous caller they're down and see Evans which in the goalkeeper made an absolute catch of it unfortunately his defender saved his plushies there because Morgan feely was ready to just head the ball into an empty net Hezbollah Samba which first touched by the solace and holes of the attentions [Applause] luis class once a free picker he's not going to get one to baby bailey on to Pell and Watts we await the first goal we await the first moments of inspiration here at Goodison Park to provide the breakthrough in the Premier League Cup final it's the sixth playing of this competition which was designed just to add a bit of a competitive edge to under-23 football webbing the world teams were the first winners since then Southampton rush town Swansea and last season Aston Villa I went the family couple the trophies the 2019 winners doing so become the first team to do the Premier League to title Premier League Cup winners in the same season we certainly hope so there's an expectant crowd behind myself and Graham Stewart in the aqua bullen's you haven't had a great deal to cheer them on a chilly grouse and park night let's hope that the best is yet to come some dog it's great for people to join you steady on the right hand side out the Evans death back to check the cost comes in from the right side side headed away pack Y&R sleek – at the end of an open only had a tooth Liam Gibson Gibson turns cleverly away from the tangelo Mark Kelly exchanges passes with the check to choose a large 7 so you do well to keep silent young Ryan Dan were broken into the side here right back he predominantly likes to play as a center half when I'm seen him for the under-18s but he does does the right back job very well and he ties in nicely there to get me completely clear in header good positioning to drop Goodison Park it is not a warm spring evening that's for sure Virginia just about clears the halfway line with his kit bounces over everybody's gallery heads it away at the Evans wins each other's rate slightly hello back to Ryan Oxley it's Fuli to Gibson right Evans people to just go nice first touch by Bailey and he's kissed conscriptions kpop I could simply explode on the references should be but I don't think the referees gonna bother arm there's nothing too much in it he's done the right thing you tried to play advantage the referee and in winning we're clearly we didn't have it he's brought it back and we're gonna get the free-kick so no Marcel brands of Marco silver here tonight playing they looked elephant impressed with her job Paula I think they will I think he's been the he's been a standout performer for us so far in this game he's the one who might looks like he might have the answer might hold the key to unlock endless New Castle defense have the evidence takes this free-kick it's a dish magnificent pool into the box room Anthony Evans first and foremost Nathan Harker a corner five minutes ago and he's again at the free-kick a Morgan field he's just taking advantage of that and heads the ball into the empty net terrific goal for us just what the Blues required and hopefully now we can keep on and win this game comfortably well it's a terrific fall into the box Anthony Evans from the right hand side great delivery let's get a chance to see here again I mean the goalkeeper or these I don't even know what the goalkeeper else doing it I mean he's got it it's right in the middle of the goal for the goalkeeper he's got to come and clean absolutely everything out one of the greatest goalkeepers we've ever seen in the world Neville Southall would have just taken everybody out the way their defenders strikers referee yes but Everton lead final of the man we'll be lifting the trophy a lot then half an hour result is the man who has his third goal of the season and gives Everton a priceless lead in the Premier League Cup final and we may see a different game now diamond Lou Carson look enough to change their their thinking because they've been rock solid and they've they defended a robbery but now have they got enough in their locker maybe though maybe they look to try and keep it tight for another 10 or 15 minutes and then really go for it towards the last 15 minutes of the game but that's a dangerous point I've had injury for Cullen Roberts so we'll have a break in play I know Burton lead and it all stemmed from the danger man again just over on this near side when he was pulled back by Liam Gibson yeah free credit where it's due to the referees they take a little bit as flattened the referees done they in the modern day game but that was excellent refereeing who tried to play the advantage when we did you but it became apparent Josh bowler was not going to have any advantage he did the right thing and pulled a free kick back terrific as a sacred grateful great delivery it's all in the delivery commune if the goalkeeper was certainly culpable wasn't he he was he won't look back on that with any fondness he many cover decent stops in a face-off as well I didn't really see it coming because he's he looked pretty good for a staff Nathan Parker obviously if you're a goalkeeper last line of defense if you do make his mistake normally it ends up with the ball in the back ear net and he's paid the price Everton won you can see tonight's meal will not let Ellen Bailey take a quick free-kick [Applause] less than half an hour to go 28 minutes away from a league and cup double for David and Ruth and there's everything side there's long stuffs Liam Gibson and space on this left-hand side things across when Gibson waits and waits than half follies it back into the penalty area headed away by Calloway picked up quite long stuff again wide open park themselves there's long stuff most ungodly he controls a Gibson but again wisely reads the situation he deals with the situation competently we're moving by Elias Sorenson lays it off too long stuff thinks about the shop goes for the shop good luck by Lewis Gibson there's Louis comes back to long stuff seen plenty the ball is Matthew long stuff in this second period and the Z just his sense train with just a wee bit more urgency now about Newcastle it has to be it has to be you only get one chance in the cup final don't you so you might as well push the bodies forward take the odd chance they've got to do it what we now need to do is make sure that we remain nice and solid and then hit them on the counter-attack I've seen it so many times that first goal in any game or football important nice put it stiffly on that left hand side but just unfortunate to run out of time and space [Applause] I think stomachs are I think there might be a little bit of an issue here for Brendon Galloway he was on the pitch a minute ago I'm wondering whether east these cutters I think himself is leaking here and unless we sent him off to to get cleaned up we've been parsley the kept man he's got the replacement shirt there's Longstaff the Newcastle Everton mom totally down to ten minutes on that sir now that we left where the space is the Evans chamber the ball reaches kalyn roberts and he's away from Evans into the penalty that comes Jeff which India gets a handsome rich Gibson no it's cleared away it's just st. Gauri on the edge of the penalty area Angelo gets a 14 and this is where there was too much in that he's point the founder sang Gary grateful cook work on the right hand side there from kalyn roberts and he whips in a really dangerous boy Ryan Leslie again as I mentioned before his experience of playing as a center have stand him in good stead there because he took up a great position him eventually cleared the ball but it was a dangerous moment for us it's good in fairness to Newcastle it's been a good boost oh yeah it had to be and it has been now then free-kick on the left-hand side when it comes from Roberts take advantage and Fraser home he can launch a counter-attack it's a good run by Fraser handi eventually he's pleading to the ball but he's done his job got the ball away from the danger zone just give us that chance to just regroup Brendan Galloway allowed back onto the pitch so he's settled back into his left-wing position and he's now wearing number 18 jersey there's number three shirt must be blood splattered I never fully understood why they changed this shared gray when you consider the boxes carry-on covered and globey pretty everything Denis Eady know enter from Newcastle in when she alluded to they look at different position now his right hand side Josh : Newcastle have got man back bola well she was right foot then his left foot thinks it to the back stick up ghost Fraser albeit a good headed clearance so that is a food kid injury so he's probably going to stop the play yeah I think it was just an honest challenge between two players fray frays a handi at the fire poles going up for it Jamie's steroid is it Jamie steadies gone down he's okay though he's back up I just think it both a challenge that both players had to go for so look there's nothing wrong with out what so ever on phrase it wrong again just that fall that Denny Sudheer in just how it played into Josh more reach it just didn't have that things it to it if it's got the zip to it josh is in a fantastic position bearing down on go we just sort of have to wait a little bit for a position wasn't it here – Owen Bailey Everton one you kept them there 67 and a half minutes on the clock in the Premier League Cup final we're homing in on a league and cup double it's never been done before they say it's all about development and this hasn't been the best of games but part of the development grant Shaw is learning how to win four four matches game management it is yeah I don't think there's any doubt about that it can't do you any harm whatsoever if you keep winning games of foot forward sometimes you have to dig deep and look faced with different situation on the air it was a huge kick from jail Virginia though it's actually gone to his episode number on one bounce lately it's not garlic angelo my phone he's ashamed because he lost control and Newcastle all of a sudden shaking their fleet clicks a lot quicker he's all tonight by the way he's off side of the linesman's five yards behind them Jamie starey the Evans stop some of his trucks for the Newcastle winner corner the eagle eyes of Stuart best for the offside midfielders we but also spotted the fact that the linesman was failing miserably to be part would play it's called a cake for Newcastle trailing by goal turn it into four corner and to your bike Brendan Galloway who's number 18 shows if you've just joined us because it renders researches labelled it plays the Hornby's high bond is unnecessary because the offside flag is up over on the far side the trophies are leading by a goal to nil at orison Park in the Premier League gusano some dates always their desires always good it's just been a bit of a struggle for him in terms of getting on the ball but this probably the sort of game that Nathan brought had come change while rockin chairs can extend the lead what is it's good shot of fresh pair of legs to come on there's only 20 minutes to go now it's a big 20 minutes in the season swansea the semi-final on saturday as we've had enough which was a shame because he wanted to play in Swansea being a proud Welsh boy himself in the cellar Sambo dejected as he made his way off it's a difficult night for the forward players sorry no one wants to come off especially in the Cup final but now it's said that you've got to look at the bigger picture I'm sure Posada will [Applause] you castle how possession oh and Bailey to some garlic and the pressure from razor horn beep Watts to Gibson put salt on bipolar drips and drops would ensure to st. Guardian gets it back again Tom Allen there's long stuff football by some garlic feature of all Gibson people it's the penalty added as well we're going to get in each other's way there and thankfully jail Virginia did what he should have done in full control challenged by some garlic calorie braved my color is the replay gray on the yeah I mean odd I don't think there was anything there's no amazed afoul rond represent it's a foul I don't think sangar II had any intent to hurt mark hello there chew on this lads going for the same ball ironically it's a motion and daddy who's come off worse and to the Evans he's down as his down as well if you've got a cramp he hasn't played for a while there's gonna be another substitution to see some movement on the bench what he folds looks like he's about to come on I'm sound of your picture just look at the goal again gray up terrific delivery and whipped him with his out swinging ball with the right foot goalkeeper makes an absolute hash of it more than Phoenix's thank you very much yep one nil they always say an assistant at cut final forever soon not many people can say that very telling nope ever no never off he goes well I've seen this Yannick saw a play and he's not bad right if it's the same Yannick story that I said that I saw you playing for please new caps the under-18 zone yeah we'll be yeah he's only 18 years of age he was born in Senegal actually Yonex or a buddies he's eligible to play for Switzerland these babe youth international football for Switzerland and actually played last season for young boys second stream well the quam memory serves me right he's a livewire he's not some good pace I think he's our left footed boy one cleaners by jail Virginia of course plays a home to good header so it's picked up on the far side by Jamie steady infield too long stuff sleds it fall towards the annex alright this Gibson is penalized holding it's a free kick for the Jordi's and they've got just over a quarter of an hour to rescue something to try and force the family Cup final is Webster time they've still got a game to play new cast and they play a one-off promotion playoff game against the Southampton for the rights to join Everton in the top division at feminity to next season we've done it's always just get the ball in on the snare side and then touched into the advertising hoardings these destructive foot stop right there beneath there that isn't good does it just say there's forces let's come right through the advertising board and it just mines I think to squeeze it out with the heads okay Newcastle United photographer and he's okay why honestly take this throw the puck bye babe my assumption prompted that swept wide by Dennis adenine into Hudson fold she folds they go straight to jail your steady most just look so just Yonex all right he's away from Galloway Galileo satellites if it's inside the penalty area long stuff curls and it's headed away by Gibson and was it kept in by jail virginity no it wasn't lively enough their unit or a he was lively it was great sir great dummy and he just got cutting shelter he played he actually played to fool him with his right foot and he think it was Longstaff who intercepted it but if he'd let it go that kid was coming running rushing in there I'm quite sure it was but he was coming running in and you double just had a shock first time cornichons and headed into the air by Brandon Galloway and headed away by Nathan broad this time on the Newcastle left nor as you'd expect Newcastle are trying to get back into this game and they're asking us one or two questions we just got in what we've just got to relax and when we get that phone keeping which seem to be giving the ball away very very quickly we're going along quick you know an awful lot now stuff head of the robots Fraser handed volley clear bye it's a little early for me anywhere will do game but inside different penalty area dedicated five and what you should bear Darren it's way too soon to be though going down the road of what anywhere will do we've got to keep the ball in child Virginia has just given it away right on cue he sliced his goal kick out of his hands and Newcastle can come again I'm ashamed for this game tonight is that Newcastle they look decent team when they play football whether they spent so much time with two banks of forges trying to keep us out now they've got their closer play it would have been a much better final yeah James telly can feel to it Ganic soit I still think for better way by louis gibson his nathan board had his first opportunity to run up the Newcastle defensive stratified long stuff and launch that takes it off him come again and everything hanging on here why not that left outside totally unnecessary from Brendan is you know the most experienced player on the pitch he should know that he was actually going nowhere he was facing the placing that away from play and actually look staring the corner flag down he didn't really have to make the challenge Brendan's be silly following me free kick for Newcastle United on the right hand side must be long staff will take it when CMM forwards for Newcastle plenty of em back for Everton long stuff it's over everybody can smell their near side turn off policy position here at Goodison Park Ryan lastly thinks it's all towards home because really just over one of defense and he runs into Jewish deli steady car people and it's a thrower on this deal dissent spoken survived when barely the captain goes across as well to have a word and there's no hard even abused final and it's not going your way you gonna be frustrated I like the referee I think he's done all right it would be so easy for him to just get his card out and by the letter of the law yes he should or I just think he's sensible referee and it's but not being a dirty game is the late replacements is rogue you know the referee was in the queue to be fourth official today salmon mother but the original battery had to pull out and the sour mother get promoted to the middle I think he's done the rights I think he's I think you've refereed the game in a really sensible mature manner will I receive on the full family list so with for Everton on this near side Josh Bolten down round the corner luck keeps it in the three hereit's comes off Josh bola unfortunately showing for Newcastle ten minutes to go a last row of the dice by Newcastle under 23 coach Ben door solid places right along yellow is on the new castle 19 years of age sound rushed somewhere from West Ham United all three substitutions used for new casting Nathan broadhead and mutton folds on for absent one more goal kills this game does look great no yeah I mean with the clock running down if we're only should get that second goer and make it a whole lot more comfortable for everybody here at Goodison Park then esteem me why – Matty falls development for was it phased a bread the Galileo misplaced to jail Virginia long ball for by the keeper that goes days upon be and he's the plays are only which one is a TV sets the referee I put a chunk Matthew Longstaff gets the ball back again infield to Poland Bailey movers Gibson – Morgan Feeney more Matheny will be more desperate than anybody to keep Newcastle out because he would love score the winning goal in a Cup final for his beloved Everton his long stuff again is that means the kogda turns the wheels when you cast in that midfield earlier long stuff it's alright robots casting fields a lot of stuff again James Terry ships for looking for Karen Roberts dips and goes across to challenge and Gibson Tazewell in certainly no urgency for the Toffees now no no no I mean like you said it's game management time now it's just like run the clock down don't do anything Daffy concentrate keep the balls best we possibly can seven and a half minutes away from seem looking over at the fourth official to see how long he'll put a lad on I think there might be a few minutes added on des in this alphabet of you yeah injuries haven't we here long stuff cobalt parfois lead into touch it's a it's a little clap of course Longfellow watched over that was four feet a lot of rockets never mind to clap it's Angelo mark alo turned into trouble that no one Bailey puts a group all gigantic sorry backs along stuff in the middle of a park there's Bailey again edging further forty Newcastle United captain and sends a half Roberts so long stuff to tour a book Gibson just pushes him out the way and then cuts the ball down the left hand channel it's picked up by Lewis Cass Trust goes home though he's put a shift in big Fraser doesn't it be a yes he's worried she's socks off he'll be disappointed he maybe didn't score in the first half but he can't fault his work slices the clearance it is fortunate to reach gutsy fold picked up by Brendan Galloway make challenge on friend think dollar a week ends up on a heap on the floor I mean if we're gonna be critical we haven't kept the ball well enough so go off we've got we you know we've doubt the turnover of possession has been has been poor from us keep giving the ball away needlessly we've probably gone a little fraction too long too soon just when you need players on the pitch things it's just calm everything down and say listen let's get two or three passes you play the football that we know we can bola like a low-down sedan room but quiet heart for Dennis adenine I think he ever mentioned in my great deal I mean as I say not I mean it we haven't you know we got really controlled the game know sighs flips it forward moving fairly winds the header long start touch the button Bailey with Lewis Katz Newcastle have got to throw men forward and these opposing five minutes if they also rescue this family League Cup final end of his first appearance in the Premier League Cup final more convenient just polar both wanted a free-kick but I don't think it was a free-kick I think Josh bowlers worked really really hard to get himself back in a defensive position and just tried to see the fall out sort of stumble then tried to get a free kick out of it but I think the referee was probably correct and we've just got a concentrate now or five minutes left for an hour five minutes left heathered by William Gibson over the truss ball these boys have just gotta hang on that little bit longer now four minutes and whatever the fourth official adds on and we are picking up another piece of silverware goal kick gel Virginia to take it get right up the field dr. Ola nice first touch from josh brolin say $2 right hands shall dip stands a lot of all the types of workers waiting for which is the Fangio Martellus awesome by Bailey there comes Longfellow for Newcastle United touches of wine – yeah Natori the Waco janitorial this left hand side riots they started for them when possession by Gnostic most of the questions are and you'd expect them to this is the really the last row at a dice for them now what's your launch time finds Lewis Cass three minutes plus added time to go Jamie's steady for the Jordy the clip for Burrell intercepted by Galloway only four facts or design goal wins are throwing and that will do no rush to retrieve that ball just pull up in the pick of the bunch tonight claim I think overall yeah connect the two two centers well all the back forward defended quite well I think young why that's these done very very well as musician in Japan excellent to see Morgan Feeney and Lewis Gibson are defended solidly as well but certainly in the game that it again that hasn't really put too much you know in the way of going forward there's three picked for Newcastle 23 24 yards out there real danger now put its off is it's Dennis the Dean really gets frustrated and just tumbles over yellow city challenge really few complaints Roberts for the right foot wrong stuff when it looks like more but she's favorite well it's scored for the first team already this season is takes the free that's certainly a nervy moment for us there kalyn roberts steps up gets it well over the wall but is also well over the bar as well no time for it to dip down from trouble jail Virginia in the Everton goal and the clock keeps ticking one minute but moratorium we're close these tips but still gets a good contract on plays at home baguettes the heads with my pajamas your heads that Pelin drops doesn't want to stop play or so keep things moving long stuff tried to butcher long yellow on this left-hand side to see what's on right hand side can't keep in yes he can mushy long stuff gets back and spot Cola chips over his own feet still manages to eat there's brought but that's a nice broke they pick out a blue shirt no we are maxi crosses blocky better than that muscle but well he is but he's also you know what are you you know uses novel whether we're in a tree virtually on ninety minutes and I'm sure on Z would have been go to some Park the toppings are back close to a league and cup double Super Bowl played by Josh ball and that right on cue after you pick analysis here are really six as I said from an attacking sense it's probably not been the greatest spectacle you've ever seen but on either side quite clearly he's been the very moment you know the most threatening from that from any from either side as work weights being good as well just still by most people all boys just keep the ball you have to we count like a matador is the interesting about the two you passed the divan down towards and back to Ryan our sleep Brian lastik trotters into the box Fraser who on beheads it back Nathan good headstart Goepper you cancel will patch the ball forward as quickly as they possibly can Jamie's theory has it for the visitors the infield it comes to Elias shadowcery I've been able to influence the game as much as the Newcastle approach Vento it's not I'm sure would have hoped Owen Bailey – staring Ronaldo sideslip back to Bailey now it was long stuff we've had a minute and a bit of the for added Gibson pains it towards the back stick it's over broader it's inside the Everton penalty area such password Alan Roberts but he runs into Nathan watches it and heads it away welcome Newcastle again Gibson but there are some lacrosse headed away by the brother Luis and his father's Bailey hints of the dangers and headed away deep shoulder other tools Jenna subpoenaed cuts in the thunderdome all Kelo his online that sent to your grave Stewart take the tools the corner flag he's a strong boy plays in a field to my fellow boxy tennis again and again in translation those boxy Calloway his patient as the replay guard while my first initial reaction was it so far there's the shock tokido shop in the pocket now this new place in a referee's and what a good game is open is equipped with made a dreadful decision towards the end of the game Frasor 45 yards and over on the far side juniper also picture had his head in his hands and we got three minutes and 10 seconds of the other goes chips are it's ops Oh Josh because she probably won't his long stuff violence these girl win it goes really great header now here's Josh bowler nice first object sucks better standard to safety 20 seconds to go 20 seconds away from becoming the first team to do the family too what's that young man really really nice laughing I'm glad it seemed that scored the winner in a couple of whores I'm moving to go up and pick up a second piece week we'll have the presentation for you just education presentation terrific should be very proud of themselves I'm sure Davey will be please so Pierre one slight mistake Pierre free at the end which other in the main week I'm forgiving you on the fact that in us as well so you know they show me a tape duct tape on the clock crowd and ultimately the album you got picking up the trophy but they certainly haven't let anybody at Newcastle foot the drop down what's a nice touch as well mister machinery and built-in lights have come down and they're just behind the hold room there to be a part of it all Chairman's really really proud of it's great to see the chairman and share you know majority shareholder machinery down and supporting them as a set of players as well I think that's important for us Virginia is Muhsin foals came on as a substitute tonight Lewis Gibson hood Nathan broad that had such a fabulous season so was Ryan actually plenty to come from him Jolla much Brendan Galloway as well who got the unfamiliar number 18 shirts on Alex Denny we didn't get on tonight the Fangio mark a loafer was unfairly cautioned we thought of them young Kyle John as well and there's a burly space for everybody to make their way onto the podium it's good to see the lads in the coast as well who didn't get a kick tonight but had each ours leaves and a nothing on sale up yeah I mean I think that's half the success the fact that there's a there's a real good camaraderie between the players there where they you know adverse fortune of playing and representing Everton Football Club tonight or having been part of a squad through the course of the season and that's vitally important that you've you've got a good team spirit there they've got Benny just creeping close towards the cup ready to get his hands on it there we go a great reception for mr. Machin Phil McGraw one all they go lovely moments the champagne flowing a wicked waste of champagne who's gonna be brave enough to spray the twenty-eight so well thank you very much indeed ladies former cop Kassel United mail

The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix)

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Nick Clegg hopes that his heartfelt new single will make things good again with voters. Nick Clegg sings sorry the autotune remix

By Alex Ross and James Herring

Boris Johnson "we just need to clear away the dead bodies to create a resort in Libya" Tories laugh

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Brown Hare

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The Brown Hare – A clip from the British Mammal Guide DVD
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brown hairs were introduced during the Iron Age and are now widespread throughout most of Britain but are almost absent from Northwest Scotland and a quite scarce in Island they favor grassland arable farmland hedgerows woodland at pasture brown hairs can be confused with rabbits but a larger longer legs and have long ears with black tips another confusion species is some mountain hair but the coach of the brown hair is redder than that of the mountain air and the larger was much longer ears their hind legs are long and powerful enabling them to run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour when threatened unlike rabbits brown hair spend all of their time above-ground sheltering during the day and small depressions which they scrape out of the soil these depressions are known as forms if threatened a brown hair will remain motionless pressing its ears flat along its back a hair will not move until the last minute just before it is discovered female brown hairs can have up to four litters a year young hairs are called leverets and are born with their eyes open brown hairs are most active at night but can be seen during dusk and dawn feed on grasses cereals and other arable crops they are mainly solitary but come together in small groups for courtship and receptive females can be seen chasing and boxing away advancing males during this time this strange behavior is where the expression mad March hares come from males that have already mated with a female will guard their females and occasionally box away other advancing males droppings are round and fibrous deposited in piles their hind feet can appear first if the hair has been running

✅ Breaking News – Millwall players hit by missiles during Championship defeat by Leeds

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✅ Breaking News – Millwall players hit by missiles during Championship defeat by Leeds
#Millwall, #players, #hit, #missiles, #crushing, #Championship, #defeat, #promotion, #chasers, #Leeds
Millwall players were pelted with missiles after they went ahead for a second time at Elland Road — in an incident that could mean punishment for Leeds.Defender Jake Cooper appeared to be struck by an object during celebrations in front of the South Stand after Ben Marshall converted a 55th-minute penalty.Stewards removed objects from the pitch, including a bottle, and Millwall manager Neil Harris said: ‘I saw the missiles. Nobody at either club would condone fans throwing stuff on the pitch.’ Share this article Share Ben Thompson gave Millwall the lead after 10 minutes before Patrick Bamford had his penalty saved by Lions goalkeeper David Martin, but Pablo Hernandez levelled the score before half-time. Ben Marshall restored the Lions’s advantage from the penalty spot, but Luke Ayling’s header restored parity before  Hernandez stabbed in with seven minutes to go. Crowd trouble has marred a number of Championship games this season and the FA started an investigation after a Birmingham fan attacked Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish earlier this month. Share this article Share

Millwall players were pelted with missiles after they went ahead for a second time at Elland Road — in an incident that could mean punishment for Leeds Defender Jake Cooper appeared to be struck by an object during celebrations in front of the South Stand after Ben Marshall converted a 55th-minute penalty Stewards removed objects from the pitch, including a bottle, and Millwall manager Neil Harris said: ‘I saw the missiles Nobody at either club would condone fans throwing stuff on the pitch.’ Share this article Share Ben Thompson gave Millwall the lead after 10 minutes before Patrick Bamford had his penalty saved by Lions goalkeeper David Martin, but Pablo Hernandez levelled the score before half-time  Ben Marshall restored the Lions's advantage from the penalty spot, but Luke Ayling's header restored parity before  Hernandez stabbed in with seven minutes to go  Crowd trouble has marred a number of Championship games this season and the FA started an investigation after a Birmingham fan attacked Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish earlier this month Share this article Share

By branding the BBC as 'the enemy' Brexit leader Nigel Farage is playing to his base

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage became exasperated when he appeared on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, accusing him and the BBC of being in ‘denial’ about the state of British politics.
Did he dodge genuinely probing questions from a seasoned journalist, or is the BBC out of touch with Farage’s followers who on the whole are supportive of they way Farage responded?

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Andrew Taylor reveals his weight loss journey / transformation / tips in this interview (with before and after photos) where he explains how he slimmed down (lost 50 + kg) without starvation . Instead he followed John McDougall and ate the perfect food : potatoes (vegan / plant based lifestyle ) without starvation / counting calories . In this exclusive weight loss testimonial interview with the media and plant based news , he explains all the details and breaks his 1 year potato only diet on live tv ( Australia Sunrise )!!!!


Potatoes : the perfect food – John McDougall MD :

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This interview was filmed at the VegSource annual Healthy Lifestyle Expo event in LA in October 2016. Click here to download the complete set of talks / panels from the event:


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an Australian man who ate nothing but potatoes for an entire year has lost more than a hundred pounds subsisting solely on the root vegetable for every meal has led to a fifty-two kilogram weight loss I started out on 1st of January to do a whole year of eating nothing but potatoes and it's been incredible so far I've lost so far 50 kilos which is over 110 pounds beginning of last year I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety and that's totally changed as well I don't suffer without anymore my sleep is better my concentration is better my my alertness is better and my relationship with food has totally changed to the point where I don't rely on food at all for comfort and enjoyment and emotional support and things like that and I think if this has totally changed my life for the better and I couldn't be happier with it all Melbourne manager Taylor was battling a serious food addiction and decided enough was enough he decided to eat nothing but potatoes for all of 2016 andrew has kept to his word and the results have been pretty unbelievable andrew has lost more than 50 kilos has no food cravings now and even says the spunk diet the lead team of his depression this sum realization that I was a food addict and the decision to try to find a food that I could eat solely that happened in November I remember sitting on the couch thinking about and I picked up my laptop and search for the perfect food in Google and the first thing that came up was a MacDougall video this should surprise you I mean they've been populations of of tens of millions of people who had no choice but to live on all potato diets actually produced by veg sauce and we're at the veg still asam health expo so that was the first thing I found and that led me to do a lot of other research over a number of weeks but I'm yes since then I have spoken to him for email and I was on one of them at Google webinars I did that with him and we also appeared on the TV show the doctors we were on that together one man in burn Australia has decided to stick to this diet for an entire year when I started I thought I had no plans to publicize this or anything I've made a little youtube video that I thought no one would watch it was just dumb potato only day something that I just did so that I had a record of what I'd done over the year and um and that went viral and took off and went crazy around the world and and that was a really surprising thing too because I thought who cares about this what could be more boring than a guy that eats only potatoes and I don't know why pair so many people are interested in a fat bloke eating potatoes tell us again why you decided to week nothing but potatoes three years the first two weeks were hard no doubt about it and I yeah they were trying times and it was uh it was quite a lot of work on on the mental side of things that we sort of retraining my brain and teaching myself how to how to think about food and how to be mindful in making my food choices and yeah those first two weeks were really challenging and then but then since then it's it's really I've just got in a groove and hasn't been too hard at all it's just been smooth I wouldn't say smooth sailing but it's um I've been in a groove and I've just been following and it's um it's not been anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be I really thought when I started that I probably wouldn't be able to complete the year I thought it was too much to ask but it's just something I want to try and yeah it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be nothing but potatoes for a year has stuck to his bizarre diet despite eating nothing but spuds for the past three hundred and fifty four days Andrew Taylor doesn't feel famished and there's always gonna be one group that says it's all about this food group there's a way to do it know this is the way to do it would really person specific – I mean invite potatoes all day I would look like a potato it husbands in fact I've had quite a few like media experts commenting on all the deficiencies I'm gonna get and how I'm gonna you know shrivel up and die at some point in time and yeah that's I haven't that hasn't really bothered me that's been fun as well because I've been able to then make my replies to those those suppose it experts and I've enjoyed that side of things too so yeah I've had a little bit of you know hate from online keyboard warriors and that sort of thing that I'm not really bothered me it's been a really positive experience and also it's just as much as you want to do I didn't have done any sort of food restriction at all eat as much as I want whenever I want I think that's important because when you allow yourself to get hungry that's when you start making bad choices my mindset around food is just 180 degrees it's just totally turned around since the start of the year and I don't use food for comfort and emotional support enjoyment like I used to food fuel for me these days and I I rather living to eat I hate to live these days and foods just potatoes just I just feel they're just good quality fuel source through his spud Fit regime Andrew Taylor has lost weight and in the process gained worldwide attention 3 go-to meals are the mashed potato or back potatoes or boiled potatoes and with the mash I do use a little bit of soy milk because you need something to mash it with and and apart from that it's like today my breakfast was bagged potatoes with no condiments at all lunch was cold boiled potatoes with no condiments at all and dinner was actually had a little small bowl of potato soup as well as some sweet potato and no condiments at all that I would I do use a little bit of tomato sauce ketchup from time to time and a barbecue sauce or chili sauce but it's just very small amounts just enough to get a little bit of flavor I've had a few blood tests I've had I had a think I've had four now and they just keep getting better all the way through and I yeah my cholesterol is I think now and my blood pressure's dropped and that's perfect my blood Sugar's are good and I can't remember all the values off the top of my head but yeah everything is good and just getting better as we go so yeah I think people talk about a balanced diet and that I shouldn't be doing this because not a balanced and my thoughts on that of that um well first of all what is a balanced diet and I'm people want to talk about that we need to eat a balanced diet because that's what's going to give us a good balance of all the nutrients we need and the thing about potatoes is that I am getting a good balance of all the nutrients I need so if you look at it that way it really is a balanced diet from a nutritional perspective I'm eating a balanced diet because it's giving me everything I need you got a group of your friends there say hi to everyone for us um you've got a meal that's specially prepared for you what is it uh well we're about to find out so jess here is made me something else a surprise and here we go oh here we go take off that to watch you babe have you been hankering for anything Andrew sorry oh hang on here sorry drives me sorry I beg your pardon I've been hankering for anything in particular no no I don't really have any particular cravings I just I'm just happy to try something oh what a drew can you tell your friend dear who just served you that she's now at liberty to deliver the Gettysburg Address yeah go tell us what we've got Jess so I've created a special dish especially for today so what we've got for you is some burritos a cheer Cup but the special dish for you today is smoky turn food breakfast make looks good it looks like this and potatoes in there wing and when you need a break your fast today did you think she said god I can't where you get some tofu into me sorry I couldn't hear hear that so I'm just gonna hate though don't stopping you can't stop now he's been hankering for tofu I Andrew just quickly do you have to be careful about what you eat now to sort of ease your body back into other foodstuffs I mean could your damages help me to go two hours you're breaking up a little bit better no think you you're asking about our what I'm gonna wait enough yeah yeah I'm still gonna eat a lot of potatoes but I'll be eating other things to go with it but on what I'm doing is switching to a Whole Foods plant-based diet means I'm not going to be eating meat and cheese and cream and eggs and those sorts of things I'll just be sticking to a diet of whole unmodified plant foods and I'm sure that'll keep me fit and healthy forever well good on you well done it's rivet thanks Andrew thanks for joining us best of luck go well sir bye-bye yes and now empty thanks so much for having me in check out spud fit comm if you want to learn more unfit spud yeah this is something special thank you I call myself unfit online this is Ben so in last year 2016 is being all about spots I seen all that Peter thing so I'm going to work on getting properly it this year and we'll see what happens that that was the start of year that was right to there that was where my belt buckle was done up to right at the edge there and now it just hangs right down my leg

LFC commentators crazy reactions to the Reds' dramatic win | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

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Watch as LFCTV commentator Steve Hunter and Liverpool Legend John Aldridge go wild in the gantry as they live every moment of the Reds’ dramatic victory over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final at Anfield.

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مساء الخير جميعًا .إنه لسرور دائما أن نكون في الأنفيلد نحن نأمل بمعجزة أخرى كما حدث في إسطنبول شاكيري في منطقة لعب الفريق، يمررها الى ماتيب فيرجل فان دايك يرجع من جديدٍ الآن، كان ممكن أن يبقى بالأمام تغيير اللعب للجهة الاخرى إلى ماني .خطأ في حافة المنطقة، ماني، هندرسون في الصندوق! تم التصدي لها، أوريجي! ألدو: نعم ! ديفوك أوريجي ,هل تصدق ذلك؟ ألكساندر أرنولد يتفوق على ألبا في الجانب الأيمن فقط ماني في الصندوق، عرضية ترنت وينالدوم ! الاثنين معا : نعم ! جيني وينالدوم يسجل ! أسسيت (مساعدة) أخرى من ترينت أليكساندر أرنولد الانفيلد ينفجر، 2-0! شاكيري في الجهة الاخرى من القائم، ليفربول يتقدم. ألدو: يوجد لاعبين في الصندوق . إنه يحتاج إلى تمريرة جيدة. ميلنر من اليسار ، كرة عكسية جميلة شاكيري في اليسار ، عرضية رائعة ..وينالدوم ! لقد سجل ! رائع ! أجل ! هيا بنا! هذا لا يصدق. هذا جنون! أنفيلد، هل سمعت ضوضاءً مثل هذه في حياتك ! مرةً أخرى الى ألكساندر ارنولد في الأمام مُقابل سيرجيو روبرتو مازال ألكساندر أرنولد ألدو : أحسنت صنعًا، بنيّ. لقد أحسنَ صنعًا، ترنت، ركنية. ١٢ دقيقة بقيت للوقت الإضافي ركنية تُنفذ بسرعة، أوريجي ! الاثنين معاً : نعم ! لقد أُعطي الهدف ( أيّ من حكم المباراة ) لا يصدق ! ديفوك أوريجي، يا إلاهي! هو-هو-هو!، أجل! هذا غير اعتيادي الليلة الماضية جميعنا كنا نشعر بالإحباط، ألم نكن؟ لنكن صريحين. لكن، حسنًا، استمع إلى هذا، أنا لا أحتاج للكلمات لكي أُعبّر عما يعني هذا إنها موسيقى لأذني، ستيف ميلنر يحاول الحصول على ركنية، ميلنر دُفِعَ على الأرض. أجل ! لقد فعلناها! ليفربول في نهائي دوري الأبطال في مدريد. إنها أعظم ريمونتادا ( عوده بالنتيجة ) في كل الأوقات في الأنفيلد. لقد قلنا نحن نحتاج إلى ما حدث في إسطنبول، لقد فعلناها!، يورجن دخل الى أرضية الملعب الجميع على أرضية الملعب، مشهد من الفرحة والسصعادة والبهجة، ميسي،سواريز،كوتينهو، رائع، واحده من أعظم ليالينا على الإطلاق. إن لم تكن الأعظم في الأنفيلد ليفربول فعلها، نحن في النهائي، ليفربول ٤-٠برشلونة 🎵 لن تسير وحدك أبداً 🎵 🎵 ولن تسير بمفردك أبدا 🎵 لن تسير أبدًا …🎵 بمفردك 🎵 أمضي قدمًا 🎵 أمضي قدمًا 🎵 بأمل 🎵 في قلبك 🎵 🎵 ولن تسير بمفردك أبدًا 🎵

Dr Shashi Tharoor's powerful answer to Sky News interviewer about how much India did for the British

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Shashi Tharoor was once again on a UK television channel and spoke about how Britain does not really owe us money, but a moral responsibility to say sorry.

Lee from the Raj when you can talk about the trickle down and the repatriation funds to the UK but too many people live really right they were beneficiaries of that there were vast sums that were sent here Colin to the UK not not not not a trickle vast sums in the billions in today's money perhaps more some of calculus even higher sums but I'm not here to talk money because I think what's far more important is the moral case I think what really matters is for Britain to look within and to recognize as something to be apologetic about Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada apologised last year on the centenary of an incident in which a ship laden with Indian refugees fleeing the British was turned away from Vancouver Vancouver port and pretty much everybody on board came to a grisly end either on the high seas or subsequently at British hands and Trudeau even though the Canadians didn't actually kill anybody themselves and even though that was also a hundred years ago did apologize to my mind I think just just taking collective responsibility is a moral step that the British have simply not contemplated after 200 years of profiting from their empire and I think it's I think it's sad we just celebrated the centenary or commemorated the centenary of the first world war in these last few years it's still going on really till 2018 do you know that an a million Indians fought under arms for the British side you know it was largely Indian soldiers that stopped the German advance at Ypres or the beginning of the war do you know that India supplied pack animals food clothing rations even rail lines ripped out of the ground in India and sent off to aid the war effort and that the total contribution of Indians in in cash and kind is estimated in today's money in about 80 billion pounds sterling I'm quite sure you don't know that because the British don't tell you that it's a great triumph of British arms but India has been forgotten I drove past a statue in London two animals that participated in the war there is no statue to the Indians who have done this for Britain I think at some point the British really ought to look back at their 200 years not through the rose-tinted spectacles with which you see these gauzy romanticized television soap operas oh man India but look back at the reality not just the financial reality the reality in terms of human lives that were affected and trying formed because of the colonial enterprise and then decide if there is something worth apologizing for I believe there is Shashi Tharoor is author of inglorious empire what the British did to India Shashi very good to talk to you thanks a lot thank you god

Highlights of BBC's EU Great Debate – BBC News

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The EU referendum took centre stage at Wembley Arena as the two sides traded blows before an audience of 6,000 people for the BBC’s Grand Debate. Both campaigns had three representatives each on their respective panels, including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson for Remain and former Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson for Leave.

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Islamic State’s ‘Most Wanted’
World In Pictures
Big Hitters
Just Good News

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro trailer

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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery DVDs intro/trailer.

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery is exactly what the title suggests. This two-part DVD series looks at the machinery on the Saunders family’s 300-acre traditional mixed farm in Norfolk. All of the work is carried out using a 14-strong fleet of sought-after classics which come together to form a fascinating and unique story as we follow the farm through the seasons.

John Deere is the favoured brand, represented by an 1140, 2040, 2130, 2040, 3140, 6400 and 6420S, and they’re joined by a couple of David Browns in the form of an 880 and 990. A couple of vintage tractors are also still used in anger, with an Allis Chalmers B and Fordson E27N Major each playing their part. Other machinery on the farm includes a John Deere 1075 combine, Whitlock 308 digger and Sanderson GX525 telehandler.

Crops grown include winter and spring barley, winter oats, potatoes and sugar beet. Beef cattle are also kept. Part one covers the first half of the year, with muck spreading, ploughing and other cultivations leading on to cereal drilling, sugar beet drilling, potato planting, fertiliser spreading, hoeing and spraying through to lifting the early potatoes and the winter barley harvest. Part two carries on the story with combining winter oats, stubble cultivations, spraying, harvesting potatoes and sugar beet and drilling winter cereals, plus ancillary activities such as ditch cleaning and workshop work. The programme concludes with preparations for next year’s spring sown crops.

Action packed, with tractors working hard and plenty of noise and smoke, this DVD is a must for any tractor enthusiast or lover of farm machinery.

For more info and to order your copy click here:

welcome to classic farming with classic machinery we're at play pit farm in central Norfolk which is farmed by Tony and Christine Saunders and their son Thomas all of the work on the 300-acre mixed farm is carried out using a 14 strong fleet of classics John Deere is the favored brand and they're also joined by a couple of David Brown's yeah welcome to gray pit farm nekton we're in mid Norfolk we found about 300 acres of land yeah we grow chubby for British sugar and quite a bit winter barley for the cattle Spring Valley for the cattle and oats which of the cattle as well everything we grow we put through the countin feed all the straw we grow as well we use for the cattle for litter and feeding we run a 300 head be fattening unit here we also have a small egg production unit which would run alongside Fowler originally bought a fortune a 20-17 pair of an engine one in 1948 he bought that new and we had that up till 1961 when we purchased a brand new 990 which was about old tractor and had that few years and then in 1968 we bought Dave around 1200 had a few problems with that so in the end we decided to have a John Day have a different make so we bought that 2130 which is here we've got that new in 1974 she been on the family scenes played a whole farm for 10 or 15 years and really and had any problems with it at all really yeah that's had a new clutch in it but that's about it most under what works done over 10,000 or name are then after that 1981 we bought the 24 we and then after that 1982 we bought the 3140 look those new then the Levin 40 came along they had done some bars that were ii am award and then the six 400 came along then in we bought that new in 1993 and then the 64 20 we bought that in 2007 in the meantime the teleportal was bought in 2001 before that secondhand and they've done a couple of thousand dollars when we water style of course is a gold digger Whitlock 308 we bought a secondhand in 1976 they had been with a builder in Scotland so they told us but knowing 90 that reports secondhand we bought in about 1960 that was the AIEE that was bought secondhand six hundred dollars when we bought that 1972 has a 1971 north alarm osmond so we get asked the question why do we keep all these old machines running and the simple fact is it's running costs we do 99% of all maintenance and repairs ourselves and even if you take the oldest John Deere along there the 21 30 what that tractor costs us in terms of repairs and maintenance in a year maybe two years would be less than one monthly payment on a new tractor and that can be said for pretty much every tractor along there even the David grounds as well as doing all the maintenance in our workshop here themselves we also like to do a lot of fabrication and modification to the existing machinery we've got and if we find it's a fall short of our expectations and we can see room for improvement we go ahead and do it even to the point of making new machines from the ground up as well as the members of the family myself and father in the month we have four employees on the farm to full-time to part-time but these two chaps who are mostly involved with machinery and field work Stewart and Matthew we've got a farm shop which we've had right 34 yes which we sell a true and bits and pieces and we've also got a campsite which we opened up by seven or eight years ago we also offer out outsourcing on engineering work their workshop space to help out local farmers and businesses despite many sought-after classics amongst the fleet all of the tractors have their part to play and our works hardware necessary to get the job done as we will see as we follow the farm free you you

KXLY Channel 4 with Herrick

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youtube music videos
HERRICK perform “Walk A Mile” Live from the new highly acclaimed album NEW DANCE
Watch youtube Video Live Interview on Channel 4 News Herrick herrick band Herricklive News channel 4 country music groups bands Donna Herrick Kerry Herrick Phil Potor, Jeff Rogers, Michael Bonagura funny cat dog concert disney new discovery youtube “channel icon” history interview footage exclusive interviews

Brexit: Endgame – The Hidden Money, with Stephen Fry

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How will wealthy Brexiteers profit from Brexit? The surprising truth about the world’s most secretive tax network for the wealthy.

Plus, we hand the Brexit Party a rather unfortunate award.

Voiced by Stephen Fry.

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The Financial Secrecy Index ranks jurisdictions according to their secrecy and the scale of their offshore financial activities. A politically neutral ranking, it is a tool for understanding global financial secrecy, tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, and illicit financial flows or capital flight.

Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

Brexit part 1 is here:

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why are some wealthy brexit ears so keen on a new deal breakfast I would they profit from an event that economists agree would make the country poorer the truth is obscured by a myth about the EU either you want to live in must your macarons Europe with a United States of Europe with a European army with all power vested in the center in Brussels or you believe in being an independent self-governing nation state that is the European debate in a sentence this is in fact the problem with the whole European debate Britain can't take back control from the EU because we never lost it 99% of UK public expenditure is determined by the UK government which shapes all major political policy from education to marriage divorce and the NHS the exception is immigration but the UK controls the vast majority of immigration which is from outside the EU immigrants from within the EU are the most valuable for the UK economy paying for more hospital and school places than they use so it's unlikely that the government will rush to reduce numbers Theresa May was Home Secretary for all those years why did she do nothing about it if this was the burning issue and the reason why I think she didn't do anything it's because our social services depend upon the skills of the doctors and the nurses in the health service and the government didn't want to be put in a position where is obviously controlling these numbers creating shortages here lengthening the queues EU countries don't give up their independence or sovereignty the Netherlands and Portugal legalized cannabis Germany's purity law means beer can only contain hops malt and water and mowing the lawn on a Sunday could land you a fine of 50,000 euros its ADIZ no less Italian France is known as French Britain is wonderfully endearingly britain at its best for me at least it means britain had the control over its laws that meant i was able to marry the man I loved and wanted to spend my life with four years again at its worst Britain alone in the EU also had enough control to decide to institute a preposterous and unworkable porn ban in which we're supposed to give out online our credit card and passport numbers to prove our age the small blobs is one of the worst ideas ever invented at the moment unless your Facebook or Google it's actually pretty hard to match up someone's real identity to their online behavior unless that is you make people log in to your site with their real name real email address and real credit card details which is exactly what this legislation will force people to do and this database it would be gigantic despite the absolute truth that anything anything online can be hacked but the illusion of britain losing control resonated with those feeling trapped at the wrong end of inequality and let's make sure that June the 24th Independence Day this obscured a true attempt to take control financial control for the wealthy far from interfering in national politics the EU works on projects that require cooperation like improving air quality cutting international core costs and reducing tax evasion new EU laws make it very difficult to dodge tax by moving profits to low tax countries and a new general anti-abuse rule covers national tax loopholes leading brexit ears have suggested that post brexit london could follow the example of singapore the financial secrecy index which tracks tax havens and capital flight ranks singapore fifth in the world with a secrecy score of 67 Nigel Farage may like the sound of this as it's more secretive than the Isle of Man a tax haven where he was found to have set up a trust fund Jacob Riis mogs investment company is managed via subsidiaries in the tax havens of the Cayman Islands and coincidentally Singapore this is all legal and an established part of Britain's tax network for the wealthy the financial secrecy index states that if Britain's Network were assessed together it would be the single most financially secretive place in the world suddenly BRICS it's a field for the wealthy makes more sense particularly an Odile brexit which would mean no requirement to abide by strict new financial regulations MP Owen Peterson said if we are to thrive our post brexit model should exactly be Singapore low tax low spend low regulation Trump's tax policy provides a glimpse of the potential impact a large corporation tax cut led to a steep drop in tax receipts and ballooning national debt and the impact of financial secrecy on schools and hospitals is felt all over the world African countries have lost over 1 trillion dollars in capital flight dwarfing their combined external debt so Africa is in fact a major net creditor to the world but its assets are in the hands of a wealthy elite protected by offshore secrecy while debts are shouldered by normal Africans brexit threatens to undo EU progress Sajid Javid a contender to replace teresa may who has worked as a banker in Singapore has spoken about using tax cuts and deregulation to transform the post brexit UK economy the NHS may also be trans in the true attempt to take control by corporations the initiative for free trade launched at the Foreign Office by Boris Johnson and Liam Fox thinks American healthcare companies should be allowed to run NHS hospitals after brexit the IFT aims to quotes we capture the moral case for open commerce in other words take back control for corporates environmentalists describe its plans as a low standards free-for-all as a doctor I do get worried about how polluted the air is around us especially for children stood in front of the the school we saw that the and the two levels we're measuring actually became higher and we don't have high pollution events certainly working in a knee we've definitely seen a rise of cases of children with wheezy problems so loads of things that the EU is banned because they could be harmful to are helpful to the environment a totally fair game in the u.s. from the chemicals in your cosmetics to the pesticides sprayed on the crops that you eat so as trade talks with the UK begin the u.s. is going to want to wrangle it so that we have a system that's welcoming to us exports from fluorinated chicken to veggies sprayed with v harming pesticides there are also of course simpler political motivations Nigel Farage has run for MP seven times as the leader of you Kip he found a following and has focused on brexit ever since the illusion of losing control is very effective but it's not Britain that needs to take back control it the British company I suppose it's a paradox really many people saw it as if you like something of a rejection of a way things have been done yes big business your campaign actually did come personally against big business and perhaps our feeling by the public these people have been getting away with murder I mean basically they don't seem to pay any tax they sort of run around the world doing doing what they want there's some the irony that post brexit we would become a tax haven for big companies is that is that what the public had intended when they made that vote it's a very good point but I think there's a distinction to be made um the there's a there's a sort of corporatist Davos man approach rigging the rules of the market in favor of incumbents and the already wealthy and there's a slightly different approach in fact I would argue a radically different approach which is we're in favor of free markets not big business we're in favor of competition with insurgents the big guy seeing the taxes of internationally mobile come they're gonna be internationally mobile in order to induce them to come here to pay the reduce tax rates that's is that what people who thought they were getting with a vote on the deal there would be a genuine opportunity to boost NHS funding and hit certain wealthy elites where it hurts now what would you call a new myth-busting campaign to take back control from tax dodging corporations and lying politicians how about take back control around the world manipulative misinformation threatens our health our schools and hospitals and the environment join us to truly take back control our first brexit award goes to the party that grew from a mountain of brexit which we have debunked in detail nigel farage says he will announce his policies after the election but there's plenty to go on we may have made one of the biggest stupidest collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming I think we're gonna have to move to an insurance-based system for health care Faraj campaigned for a deal with the EU actually know what Norway Norway Norway can afford to give people money it's rich it's successful Norway Norway Norway Norway they're rich they top the world's happen its index they're allowed to catch their own fish but now he wants a very different no deal brexit he's treating the EU elections like a referendum on Europe so let's have a proper one an informed vote asking who's ready taking control

How to plant #garlic (Complete Step-by-Step Guide) [Sean's Allotment Garden]

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welcome to amateur gardener for advice on growing your own food and flowers so to split it it's a case of just getting your hands in if you need to use something like a spoon of something just pop it in to get it together mount to try not to damage them so out of that one bulb I've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten useable cloves that's not bad now some people I know like to just buy garlic in the local shops and put that in the ground and then they complain every year that their garlic isn't that good I always find it's best to go to a specialist grower because I know that these are disease free and the things you buy in the shops you can't be certain that they have worked any disease so there are the cloves so let's go out into the garden I'm going to plant my garlic in this bed this is where I had the runner beans to give a good crop that's what I'm doing is I'm just going to add some more compost to the bed just to freshened up a bit just using multi-purpose compost in the compost I'm going to put some of this fertilizer which is been especially made for shallots onions and garlic I'm just going to put a handful I'm just sew it along the top there and then just work that in so in this section I'm going to put my early purple white and then next door I'll put the elephant garlic and it's really simple all you do is you just dig a hole whatever you do do not push them in because you will damage the underneath and that's where the roots are so dig a hole because I want the cloves to be about four centimeters below the soil and don't forget the pointy side faces upwards and then about six inches apart put the next one I'll give them a feed at the start of next year don't forget to put the label in as well otherwise you'll be thinking what are they so I'm not that difficult to do garlic but a lot of people do seem to have problems with trying to grow it and I to cover them over and pop a label in so I know where they're now I've got some spare I'm going to keep them and I'll put them into a pot now for the elephant garlic I'll put that yeah six inches apart as well now because these are bigger you have to make a bigger hole obviously go bit deeper and again pointy side facing upwards six inches again and there we have it the Dalek is sown for another year the horticultural channel down to earth practical advice for the amateur gardener wherever you are in the world

Dogs 101 – Great Pyrenees

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For more, visit | Elegant and eye-catching, the Great Pyrenees is a great guard dog.

this is the Great Pyrenees elegant and eye-catching they look like polar bears known as the Pyrenean mountain dog in Europe these majestic Giants were named for the mountainous region in southwestern France where they once had a very specific job they were used there as a sheep guarding dog instinctually nurturing towards small young or wounded animals these bundles of white fluff are nocturnal by Nature don't be surprised if they want to nap by day and guard their territory by night but guarding is not their only talent they also have the stamina to walk long distances in World War two these dogs were used to shuttle contraband goods through mountainous regions it's believed that this hardy breed originated in Central Asia and migrated to Europe 5,000 years ago by the 17th century these regal looking canines were guarding chateaus for French nobility in fact in 1675 king louis xiv proclaimed the great pyrenees the Royal dog of France today they still look like a million bucks their weather-resistant double coats come in one striking shade white sometimes they can have patches of brown or cream color their ears are v-shaped carried close to their heads and while most dogs have a single dewclaw on each of their front legs the great pyrenees is one of the few breeds with double dewclaws on its hind legs it was theorized that they were using those to climb the steep mountain sides to protect the herds the great pyrenees is not an apartment dog these natural guard dogs need regular exercise and a fenced-in yard to control their tendency to roam in the health department there like many giant breeds in that they're susceptible to cancer late in life especially bone cancer and with all that hair these dogs shed a lot when they shed in the fall in the spring they're gonna need to be brushed more if you're looking for a dog to do party tricks the Great Pyrenees is not for you independent and laid-back they can be difficult to train unless you start early but as a family companion you can count on these giant beauties to be loyal and protective they're very sweet-natured to sum up the great pyrenees needs a fenced-in yard and daily exercise they suffer from large breed health issues need weekly grooming and can be difficult to train but with children they are patient and affectionate

Fortune Dairy

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Fortune Dairy is a modern Dairy Farm focused on producing hygienic milk while maintaining the highest quality standards. The Milk production is fully automated, using a Milking parlor,a Pasteurization unit and an end to end cold chain for milk supply. Our milk is pure and fresh, because it comes from healthy buffaloes that are fed on nutritious feed. The milk is free of antibiotics, hormones, etc. The farm is located in Lemur Village, R.R District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Our goal is to become an organic farm, and supply quality milk in and around the city of Hyderabad.

How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

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New version of this old video:

This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started.

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this video is about the first building block of having a dog that is reliable off leash I'm talking about of course coming when called first of all I would introduce the key to teaching this reliably and effectively to any dog we have to ensure that every single time the dog comes to us it has a very pleasant consequence for them never ever call your dog for something that they're not going to enjoy for some dogs this might be getting their nails trimmed or going home from the park every dog is different but if you know your dog then you will know the things that they like and the things they don't like say the word come only before they get all the good things for example call your dog before going for a walk so they're calm good girl before they get to play with toys come and before dinner come the key is to protect your Kube if we say the word come without being in a position to enforce it and the dog chooses not to come then what we've actually taught the dog is that the word come means nothing never say the word come unless a you're sure that the dog is going to do it or be your able to enforce it with a long leash I want to show you an exercise that you can work on with your dog in a distracting setting to help teach them to come for this you're going to need a long line preferably 20 to 30 feet some treats that your dog really loves clicker or a strong verbal marker like yes and a lot of consistency remember to always practice on the long line until your dog is fully reliable reason why it is so important to keep your dog in a long leash is because there is no other way to set them up for success you to start off with the shorter distance at first if you have done your homework your dog should respond fairly easily okay come good girl very good okay you see what I did there as soon as she turned towards me I clicked to let her know that I liked what she just did and her reward is on its way if you're not using a clicker you can say a word like yes or simply start praising the dog avoid the common mistake of waiting until they're all the way in front of you to praise them if you've tried this and your dog is not responding to the word come it could be for a number of reasons maybe the food that we're using isn't high enough in value or they simply prefer to sniff at this point in time what you can do here is to use the long leash and give it a gentle tug to guide the dog towards you you don't want to yank or pull on the leash hard you just want to show them that this is what you expect them to do as you're doing this encourage your dog by talking to them in a happy tone of voice this is probably far more overlooked than anything else when teaching a dog to come get in the habit of releasing your dog every single time to go back to whatever they were doing oh snap we want to convey the message that just because they've been called doesn't mean the fun is over it just means that you have to come and then you can go back to whatever you were doing the idea is that eventually the release will become the real reward so you will no longer have to feed them treats every single time if your dog likes to fetch this would be a good time to throw a toy for them to go after so they have come yes go get it good job when you start to build on distance timing will have a big impact on how quick the dog responds notice how high time the clicks here say I come good girl Thalia come good today I come good job I think it's important to say that no amount of training will make the dog 100% reliable but you can get pretty close practice in different environments and always quit while you're ahead teaching something slowly always produces better results this is one of those things you really can't teach as a task or a chore you do have to be very patient and consistent but teaching a dog to do anything is about making it a fun and enjoyable experience

CHUCKLE brothers Part 1/4

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cleator moors own version of the chuckle brothers class act

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