Discussing apprentices and apprenticeships on BBC London news

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Jackie Bedford, CEO of Step Ahead Recruitment and Tolu Salako an apprentice with Kings College NHS trust discussing apprenticeships, university and A-level results on BBC London news. An apprenticeship instead of University? What are the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

well university isn't the only option after a-levels many are opting for an apprenticeship like Telugu Sulaco who's on a scheme at King's College Hospital also joining me is Jackie Bedford from step ahead who find people apprenticeships to start with you why did you actually opt for an apprenticeship rather than going to university I didn't really think University was for me per se I'm quite a practical person so with the apprenticeship you get them but practical and also the knowledge base as well you actually got very good grades at a-level so didn't you I mean in the past a lot of people have sort of seen apprenticeships Jackie as something that people who can't attain those grades to go to university yes I think that is the case actually Louisa that regrettably people do sometimes see apprenticeships as being the second class option or or perhaps something they can fall back on if they're not able to go to university and in fact this isn't the case and as you've heard from talu she did get very good grades had the option to go to university but in fact chose an apprenticeship because she felt she was better suited to that and told you it didn't have anything to do with the cost of going to university it was purely you thought it would be better for you what have you benefited I've been many skills I'm basically uncle skills practical skills so it's helped me also learn more about myself as in I know more about the working worlds as in if you go to university you get the knowledge base we don't really get the practical experience and working within the NHS you don't really missed out on the whole social life of university not at all as in we are able to meet many people and still socialise as well so it's perfectly fun Jackie there has been criticism in the past of apprenticeships where businesses use it as cheap labor what would you say to that I think it has been the case perhaps in the past I think it's very much less the case now and certainly a step ahead our experience as a recruitment company and an apprenticeship training provider is that employers are preferring to take on people that they can train so those people can serve their businesses with the necessary experience of the business and this is often not the case for graduates and in fact one of the things that that that we as a company feel quite sad is that we have evidence that one of the problems here is that people are not well-educated about apprenticeships and and in fact step ahead did commissioner poll with you Goff which told us that two-thirds of young people aged 18 to 24 said that they had not been given full information or indeed any information about paid apprenticeships being a career option whilst they were at school and and going on from that in fact 80% of people told us that apprenticeships could well be a preferable option if they knew about them so this seems to be one of the problems apprenticeships are very much misunderstood and we'd like to see that change okay well Jackie Bedford and to leave I wish you all the best of luck in the future thank you both for coming in thank you

NBC News Miradry for Sweating in Metro Detroit, Michigan

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Metro Detroit, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn reveals the newest and most effective treatment for excessive underarm sweating – hyperhidrosis – today, the Miradry system. It’s non-surgical and permanent. Call (248) 273-7700 for a complimentary consultation on Miradry.

it's summer and a certain amount of sweating is normal but for some people it is a big problem out of nowhere is like my other body parts aren't sweating but just problem with our armpit sweat they say never let him see you sweat sometimes it's impossible and the results can be embarrassing in fact it can ruin a lot of clothing yeah our doctor Frank McGeorge is here this evening with a brand new treatment that permanently eliminates sweaty armpits and apparently has some other sun benefits dr. McGeorge that's right it does you know in recent years many people plagued with excessive underarm sweat have turned to Botox injections to relieve the problem unfortunately these are expensive and they're just temporary but now there's a much better solution Kelly Kersey of Dearborn has had a real problem with sweaty armpits for a long time as long as I can remember and I think when I was in junior high when starting to become more self conscious of it and trying to alter my clothes and what I would wear depending on if I thought I was gonna have an issue with armpit and it seriously affected some big moments in her life my wedding of the dress you know it wasn't just choose the wedding dress I won I wanted to make sure I chose one that wouldn't leave a lining or a stain so no chiffon or silk I had a heavy beading on that area dr. Anthony Yoona Troy plastic surgeon says it's a common problem about 1 in 5 Americans suffer from excessive underarm sweat and we typically define this as people who are sweating even if the room is cool it can be in a freezing cold air-conditioned room and I can still have a problem enter a procedure called miraDry it really is the only thing out of its kind the miraDry device uses microwaves and these microwaves will actually bypass the skin leaving the skin intact and will destroy the sweat glands below it the procedure is done in the office and starts out with tiny injections of numbing medication once the armpit is numb the miraDry device is used the handpiece suctions up a patch of skin to treat one area at a time let me know if you feel anything ok so it enters a period where it heats up the sweat glands to destroy them and then it cools afterwards now this should be pretty numb so you may feel a little bit of pulling but hopefully you won't feel any actual pain because it treats the tissue under the skin it has a bonus effect it also destroys the hair follicles so no more hairy armpits either because these sweat glands are destroyed and they don't regrow we have every reason to believe that this is as permanent as permanent can be I'm really looking forward to being able to wear whatever I want because clothes are a big deal to me we usually recommend two treatments spaced three months apart for maximal results that being said the vast majority of people will get a nice change in just one treatment the biggest risks include bruising and temporary discomfort and swelling the major downside the cost it's not covered by insurance and runs from 2,500 to 3,000 dollars for two treatments but for people who've suffered from excess sweat for years it may be money well spent Kelly says she's looking forward to the change in her life if you're not embarrassing feeling self-conscious you're not gonna be able to be yourself now Kelly reports after one treatment she has stopped sweating from her under and she would do it again although she did mention you shouldn't plan on doing anything strenuous for a couple days after the procedure because there is some soreness now you can learn much more about miraDry at clickondetroit.com slash health we're a drive but for now just under arms because people have sweating issues all over or can well that's exactly right right now it's really just limited to the armpits maybe one day there will be a smaller application for the hands or somewhere else on the body but right now it is just the armpits but it's pretty cool technology some folks oh yeah absolutely it's very annoying at worst thanks doc

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong | Amy Morin | TEDxOcala

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Everyone has the ability to build mental strength, but most people don’t know how.
We spend a lot of time talking about physical strength and physical health, but much less time on mental strength and mental health.
We can choose to perform exercises that will help us learn to regulate our thoughts, manage our emotions, and behave productively despite our circumstances – the 3 basic factors of mental strength. No matter what your goals are, building mental strength is the key to reaching your greatest potential.

Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Since 2002, she has been counseling children, teens, and adults. She also works as an adjunct psychology instructor.
Amy’s expertise in mental strength has attracted international attention. Her bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, is being translated into more than 20 languages.
Amy’s advice has been featured by a number of media outlets, including: Time, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Success, Glamour, Oprah.com, TheBlaze TV, and Fox News. She has also been a guest on dozens of radio shows.
She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She serves as About.com’s Parenting Teens Expert and Discipline Expert.
As a frequent keynote speaker, Amy loves to share the latest research on resilience and the best strategies for overcoming adversity and building mental muscle.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Translator: Armando Qosja
Reviewer: Helena Bedalli Kam nje shoqe ne Facebook,
jeta e te ciles duket perfekte. Ajo jeton ne nje shtepi te bukur. Dhe ka nje karriere mjaft te sukseshme. Dhe ajo dhe familja e saj shkojne sebashku ne te gjithe ato adventura
interesante fundajvave Dhe betohem qe marrin nje fotograf profesional bashke me to. (Te qeshura) sepse pavaresisht
ku shkojne apo cfare bejne, e gjithe familja thjesht duket e bukur. Dhe gjithmone poston se sa e bekuar eshte, dhe sa mirenjohese eshte per jeten qe ka. Une marr ndjesine qe ajo nuk i thote keto vetem per hir te Facebook-ut
por i ka me te vertete. Sa nga ju keni nje shoqe te tille? Dhe sa nga ju pak a shume nuk ju pelqen
ai person ndonjehere? (Te qeshura) Te gjithe e bejme kete, apo jo? Eshte veshtire te mos e besh. Por menyra e te menduarit
na kushton ne dicka. Dhe per kete dua te ju flas sot – eshte cfare zakonet tona te keqija
na kushtojne ne. Ndoshta levizni faqen e Facebook-ut dhe mendoni, "E cfare neqoftese
i rrotulloj syte? Eshte vetem pese sekonda. Si mund te lendoj dicka e tille?" Kerkuesit kane gjetur se te kesh zili miqte e tu ne Facebook, te con ne depresion. Ajo eshte vetem nje nga kurthet
qe mendjet tone mund te na vejne. Jeni ankuar ndonjehere per shefin tuaj? ose keni pare jetet e miqeve tuaj
dhe keni menduar, "Pse kane kaq shume fat"? Nuk mund te ndaloni
se menduari ashtu,apo jo? Menyra e te menduarit
duket e vogel ne ate moment. Ne fakt,mund te ju bej ju te ndiheni
mire ne moment. Por ajo menyre mendimi esht duke konsumuar
fuqine tuaj mendore. Ka tre lloje besimesh destruktive qe na bejne ne te ndihemi me pak efektive, dhe na vjedhin fuqine tone mendore. E para eshte besimet jo te shendetshme
per veten tone. Ne kemi te tendencen te ndjehemi keq
per veten tone. Dhe pse eshte OK te merzitemi
kur dicka e keqe ndodh, Keqardhja per veten shkon larg. Eshte kur fillon te terheqesh fatin e keq. Kur mendon gjera si, "Pse keto gjera gjithmone me ndodhin mua?" "Nuk duhet te merrem me ate." Ajo menyre e te menduarit
ju mban te ngecur, ju mban te fokusuar tek problemi, ju mban larg gjetjes se zgjidhjes. Dhe atehere kur nuk mund
te krijoni nje zgjidhje, gjithmone mund te beni nje hap per te
permiresuar jeten tuaj ose dikujt tjeter. Por ju nuk mund ta beni ate kur jeni te zene
duke ju ardhur keq per veten. Lloji i dyte i besimit destruktiv
eshte ajo cfare ju frenon eshte besimet e pashendetshme
rreth te tjereve. Ne mendojme se njerzit e tjere
mund te na kontrollojne, dhe dhurojme shume nga energjia jone. Por si te rritur qe jetojme
ne nje vend te lire, Ka disa gjera ne jete qe mund te beni. Keshtu qe kur thoni,
"Kam per te punuar vete," dorezoni energjine tuaj. Po, ndoshta do te kete pasoje
neqoftese nuk punoni vone, por perseri eshte nje zgjedhje. Ose kur thoni, "Vjehra ime me cmend," ju dorezoni energjine tuaj. Ajo ndoshta nuk eshte personi
me i mire ne bote, por e keni ne dore vete
se si do ti pergjigjeni asaj, sepse ti je ne kontroll. Lloji i trete eshte besimi
i pa shendetshem qe ju frenon eshte besimet e pa shendetshme per boten. Ne kemi tendencen te mendojme
se bota na ka borxh dicka. Ne mendojme, "Neqoftese punoj fort, atehere meritoj sukses." Por te presesh suksesin te vije tek ti, si ndonje cmim i ardhur nga qielli do te coj vetem ne zhgenjim. Por e di qe eshte e veshtire te largosh
zakonet e keqija mendore. Eshte e veshtire te heqesh dore
nga ato besime te pashendetshme qe i kemi pasur me vete per shume gjate. Por nuk mund ta perballoni ti largoni. Sepse heret apo vone,
do te vije nje kohe ne jeten tuaj ku do te nevojisni te mblidhni
te gjithe fuqine mendore qe keni. Kur isha 23 vjec, mendoja se dija cdo gje per jeten. U diplomova dhe mora punen time te pare si terapiste. U martova. Dhe madje bleva nje shtepi. Dhe mendoja se, "Do te jete shume mire!" "Pata nje fillim pabesueshmerisht
te sukseshem." Cfare mund te shkonte keq? Ajo ndryshoi cdo gje per nje dite kur mora nje telefonate nga motra ime. Me tha qe mami nuk po reagonte dhe e kishin derguar ne spital. Burri im, Linkolni dhe une hipem ne makine
dhe shkuam ne spital Nuk mund ta imagjinonim
cfare mund te kishte shkuar keq. Mami im ishte vetem 51 vjec. Nuk kishte pasur ndonje histori
problemesh shendetesore. Kur arritem ne spital, doktoret me shpjeguan
se kishte patur nje aneurizem ne tru. Dhe brenda 24 oreve, mamaja ime, qe zgjohej ne mengjes dhe thoshte,
"Eshte e mrekullueshme te jesh gjalle," nderroi jete. Lajmi ishte shkaterrues per mua. Une dhe Mami kishim qene shume te ngushta. Si nje terapist, ne nje nivel intelektual e dija
qe do te perjetoja hidherim. Por te diturit dhe te berit
jane dy gjera shume te ndryshme. Mu desh shume kohe te ndihesha
sikur po sherohesha, dhe ne pervjetorin e trete
te vdekjes se mamase sime, disa miq na telefonuan, dhe ftuan Linkolnin dhe mua
ne nje ndeshje basketbolli. Koincidentalisht, ndeshja po luhej ne ne njejtin stadium kur
kisha pare mamin heren e fundit, nje nate para se te nderronte jete. Nuk kisha qene atje qe atehere. Madje nuk isha e sigurte
neqoftese doja te kthehesha. Por Linkolni dhe une folem per te,
dhe ne fund thame "Ndoshta ajo do te ishte nje menyre e mire
per te nderuar kujtimin e saj". Keshtu qe shkuam ne loje. Dhe ne fakt kaluam nje kohe
shume te mire me miqte tane. Rruges per ne shtepi ate nate, folem se sa bukur ishte qe me ne fund te mundeshim
te riktheheshim ne ate vend, dhe kujtonim mamin me nje buzeqeshje, sesa nje nder ato ndjenjat e trishtimit. Por pasi arritem ne shtepi,
Linkolni me tha qe nuk ndihej mire. Disa minuta me vone, i ra te fiket. Duhet te telefonoja ambulancen. Familja e tij me takoi tek dhoma e urgjences. Pritem aty, na u duk sikur
kishte kaluar shume kohe, derisa doktori doli nga dhoma. Por ne vend qe te na merrte
te shihnin Linkolnin, na coi ne nje dhome private, dhe na uli, dhe na shpejgoi se Linkolni, qe ishte personi me aventurier
qe kisha njohur ndonjehere, ishte larguar nga kjo bote. Nuk e dinim ne ate kohe,
por ai kishte kaluar nje atak ne zemer. Ishte vetem 26 vjec. Nuk kishte pasur nje histori
te problemeve te zemres. Keshtu tani une isha nje e ve 26 vjecare dhe pa mama. dhe thoja, "Si do te ja dal mbane kesaj?" Dhe te pershkruaj ate si nje periudhe
te dhimbshme te jetes sime, duket si nje eufemizem. Dhe ishte ne ate kohe kur kuptova se kur je vertet
duke kaluar kohera te veshtira, zakonet e mira nuk jane te majftueshme. Mjafton vetem nje ose dy zakone te vogla, te te ndalin. Une punoja aq fort sa mundesha, jo vetem te krijoja zakone te mira ne jete, por te shpetoja nga zakonet e vogla, pavaresisht sa te vogla mund te dukeshin. Pergjate te gjithe kesaj, E hoqa mundesine e shpreses
se jeta do te permiresohej. Dhe me kalimin e kohes u permiresua. Disa vite me vone, takova Stivin. Dhe u dashuruam. Dhe une u rimartova. Shitem shtepine ku Linkolni
dhe une kishim jetuar, dhe bleme nje shtepi te re
ne nje zone te re, dhe une gjeta nje pune te re. Por sapo mora ndjesine e clirimit, nga ai fillim i ri qe kisha pasur, morem lajmin se babai i stivit
kishte kancer te pa kurueshem. Dhe une fillova te mendoja, "Pse keto gjera duhet te ndodhin
vazhdimisht"? "Pse duhet te humbas te gjithe
te dashurit e mit?" "Kjo nuk eshte e drejte." Por neqoftese kisha mesuar dicka, ishte se ajo menyre e te menduarit
po me ndalonte. E dija qe do me nevojitej aq shume fuqi mendore sa te mblidhja, te perballesha me nje humbje tjeter. Keshtu, u ula dhe shkruajta nje liste te gjitha gjerave menderisht te forta
qe njerzit nuk bejne. Dhe e lexova ate liste. Ishte nje rikujtim i te gjitha
atyre zakoneve te keqija qe kisha bere ne nje kohe ose ne nje tjeter,
qe do te me mbanin te ndrydhur. Dhe vazhdova ta lexoj ate liste here pas here, dhe vertet e doja, me nevojitej. Sepse brenda disa javeve
pasi e kisha shkruar, Babai i Stivit kishte nderruar jete. Eksperienca ime me tregoi
se sekreti i te qenurit i forte menderisht, ishte te hiqje dora nga zakonet e keqija. Fuqia mendore eshte si ajo fizike. Neqoftese doje te ishte i forte fizikisht, duhet te shkoje ne palester
dhe te ngrije pesha. Por neqoftese vertet
doje te shikoje rezultate, duhet gjithashtu te hiqje dore
nga ushqimi i pashendetshem. Fuqia mendore eshte njesoj. Neqoftese do te jesh i forte menderisht. te duhen zakone te mira,
si praktikim i mirenohjes. Por gjithashtu duhet te heqesh
zakonet e keqija, si te urresh suksesin e dikujt tjeter. Pavaresisht sa shpesh ajo ndodh, do te frenoj. Pra, si te trajnojme trurin
te mendoje ndryshe? Si ti dorezosh ato zakone
te keqija mendore qe i ke pasur me vete? Fillon me nderrimin e atyre besimeve
te pa shendetshme qe fola, me ato te shendetshme. Per shembull, besimet e pa shendetshme
per vetet tona zakonisht vijne sepse nuk jemi rehat
me ndjenjat tona. Te ndihesh i trishtuar, i lenduar,
i inatosur ose i frikesuar, ato gjera jane te pa rehatshme. Keshtu ne shkojme larg
te shmangim diskomfortin, Perpiqemi ti shpetojme duke bere gjera te tilla
si te ndjehemi keq per veten. Dhe pse ajo eshte
nje shmangie e perkohshme, thjesht zgjat dhimbjen. E vetmja menyre te kalojme
emocionet e parehatshme, e vetmja menyre per tu marre me te,
eshte ti perjetoni ato. Ta lini veten te ndihet keq,
dhe me pas te ecni perpara. Te rrisni vetebesimin ne aftesine tuaj eshte te merreni me diskomfortin. Besimet e pa shendetshme
per te tjeret vijne sepse ne e krahasojme veten me te tjeret. Ne mendojme se ato jane
ose mbi ose poshte nesh. Ose mendojme se ato mund te kontrollojne
si ne ndihemi. Ose qe ne mund to kontrollojme si ato sillen. Ose fajesojme ato qe na frenojne. Por ne te vertete,
jane zgjedhjet tona qe e bejne ate. Duhet te pranoni se ti je personi i vetes, dhe te tjeret jane te ndare nga ti. I vetmi person qe duhet ta krahasosh veten, eshte personi qe ishe dje. Dhe besimet e pashendetshme ne bote vijne sepse thelle ne duam
qe bota te jete e drejte. Duam te mendojme se neqoftese
bejme vepra te mira, gjera te mira do te na ndodhin. Ose nese kemi kaluar kohe te veshtira, do te marrim nje lloj cmimi. Por ne fund duhet te pranosh
se jeta nuk eshte e drejte. Dhe ajo mund te jete cliruese. Po, do te thote qe jo domosdoshmerisht
do te vlersohesh per miresine tende, por gjithashtu do te thote se
pavarsisht sa ke vuajtur, nuk je denuar te vazhdosh te vuash. Bota nuk funksionon ne ate menyre. Bota eshte ashtu sic ti e ben. Por normalisht,
para se te ndryshosh boten tende, duhet te besosh se mund ta ndryshosh. Njehere punoja me nje burre
qe ishte diabetik per vite. Doktori i tij e dergoi ne terapi sepse kishte disa zakone te keqija mendore qe kishin filluar te ndikonin
ne shendetin e tij fizik. Mamaja e tij kishte vdekur nga komplikacione
diabeti ne nje moshe te re, keshtu ai besonte se ishte i denuar, dhe kishte hequr dore te menaxhonte
nivelin e tij te sheqerit ne gjak. Ne fakt, sheqeri i tij ne gjak ishte rritur
shume koherat e fundit, dhe kishte filluar te ndikonte
ne shikimin e tij. Pasi ja moren patenten. Dhe bota e tij po tkurrej. Kur erdhi ne zyren time, ishte e qarte qe ai i dinte te gjithe gjerat qe mund te bente
per te kontrolluar sheqerin ne gjak. Ai thjesht nuk mendoi se do ja vlente. Por me kalimin e kohes,
ai pranoi te bente nje ndryshim te vogel. Ai tha, "Do te heq zakonin tim te pirit
dy litra pepsi ne dite, dhe do ta ndryshoj me Diet Pepsi. Dhe ai nuk mund ta besonte sa shpejt
numrat filluan te permiresohen. Dhe pse ai vinte cdo jave te me kujtonte sa e tmerrshme
ishte shija e Diet Pepsi, ai vazhdoi me te. Dhe sapo filloi te shikoje pak permiresim, ai tha, "Mire,ndoshta mund te shoh
disa nga zakonet e mia te tjera." Ai tha, "Mund te nderroj
tasin e akullores se nates per nje vakt me me pak sheqer." Dhe nje dite ishte ne nje dyqan
me produkte te dores se dyte me disa miq, dhe gjeti nje biciklete te vjeter
per stervitje. E bleu per disa dollare, u kthye ne shtepi
dhe e vendosi perpara televizorit. Filloi te pedaloje teksa shikonte cdo nate
disa nga programet e tij te preferuara. Dhe jo vetem qe humbi peshe, por nje dite,
vuri re qe mund te shihte televizor me qarte se disa kohe me pare. Dhe papritur i ndodhi, qe demi qe kishte ne sy
nuk ishte i perhershem. Keshtu qe vendosi
nje mision te ri per veten – te marri patenten perseri. Dhe nga ajo dite, ishte plot energji. Para kohes sone bashke, vinte cdo jave te me thoshte,
"Ok,cfare do bejme kete jave?" Sepse me ne fund e besoi
qe mund ta ndryshonte boten e tij. Dhe qe kishte fuqi mendore
per ta ndryshuar. Dhe qe mund te hiqte dore
nga zakonet e keqija mendore. Dhe e gjitha filloi me nje hap te vogel. Keshtu qe ju ftoj te konsideroni cfare zakonesh te keqija ju ndalojne? Cfar zakonesh te pa shendetshme ju frenojne te jesh as i forte
menderisht sa mundesh? Dhe cfare hapi te vogel
mund te marresh sot? Ketu, Tani. Ju falemnderit. (Duartrokitje)

The Nigel Farage Show – 12th June 2019 – LBC

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As Tory leadership hopefuls use Brexit as a bargaining chip in the battle to become Prime Minister, Nigel Farage takes your calls.

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seven cents into Euro twelve the weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight but persistent rain will slowly spread further across the far north a low of 8 tomorrow more than drew downpours for most of the UK with a high of 18 degrees from Global's newsroom for LBC I'm Lisa Aziz from global leader in Britain's conversation the Nigel Farage Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well he's been in hiding for a long time many say behind his newspaper column not taking questions from journalists avoiding difficult questions but at last boris has been spotted it was the big Boris Johnson launched this morning and of course we all know his lifelong ambition to become prime minister could very soon become a reality well helping us through how that launch went and more importantly what the reaction to it has been inside the corridors of power is Thea washer bird lBCC's political editor Theo my first impression was compared to the other launches actually the way it was branded with back Boris the stage set it did look I thought quite professional it did look professional Nigel good evening good evening Boris Johnson has the momentum in this campaign he had n peas from every part of the Conservative Party former chairman Grant Shapps was there the brexit Minister James cleverly was there Peter bone arch bricks a toe within the party he was there and there were more than 50 60 Conservative MPs who were there putting their face out to support Boris Johnson publicly and that's important for Boris to show that he can build the widest possible coalition of conservative MPs to take on his rivals but also this was a pitch Nigel about well firstly yourself but also jeremy corbyn that he is the man Boris Johnson is the man and to take on Jeremy Corbyn at the ballot box in a general election because even though the attempts by conservative remain MPs to block or No Deal brexit tonight failed in the House of Commons there is a feeling that there is this cohort I shall put it of Conservative MPs who will do anything don't let grieve said it publicly and to start such a prime minister taking the country out of the European Union October 31st without a deal mr. grieve even said that he would be willing to vote against the government in a confidence motion and so Boris was well the central plank of his speech was that he is the man to take the fight to Jeremy Corbyn in a general election and win only by preparing and raising awareness of what No Deal might entail that we would ensure that we do not resort to that option because they don't want no deal any more than I do and we will simply not get a result if we give the impression that we want to go on kicking the can down the road with yet more delay delay means defeat delay means Corbin kick the can again and we kick the bucket no Nigel it is in in conservative leadership history the front-runner always falters and ends up losing to one of the outsiders and that's what Boris Johnson's team really fears in this contest that there is a slip-up and this was his first and probably only public appearance before journalists and the television cameras ahead of the second round in this contest when he goes before we presume he goes before the Conservative Party membership so this was an obstacle that had to be navigated rather than our opportunity to sell a particular vision to the country he was about making sure that he stayed on script stayed on message that there were no gaffes or errors that could blight his campaign there was however one bull we'll call it an incident when Sky's political editor Beth Rigby questioned him about his previous comments when it came to saying that Muslim women who wore the veil were like letterboxes you brought shame on your party when you described veiled Muslim women as letter boxes and bank robbers people who have worked closely with you do not think you're fit to be Prime Minister well Beth I'm delighted that many my former colleagues sir seemed to dissent from from from that you nonetheless I want to make it I want to make your general points you've asked a fair question better than a good question I want to make and I want to make a general point about about the way I do things in the way and the language I use because of course occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used or indeed as a result of the way that phrase has been wrenched out of context and interpreted by those who wish for reasons of their own to caricature plaster coming off the ceiling that is how Boris Johnson dismissed any claims of his previous controversies yeah and didn't he also use the word veiled at some point again yes he did he did and you're quite right to pick up on that an accusation that he was using incendiary language during this journalist launched Boris Johnson know and his team will be happy tonight they got through it and more importantly for him they the the vote the attempt to prevent future prime minister and it may well be him from provoking Parliament to stop a No Deal brexit on October the 31st failed by 11 votes interestingly that failed not because of the Jeremy Corbyn couldn't win the support of conservative MPs but because his own MPs in leave constituencies either abstained or voted against the Labour motion Jeremy Corbyn could at the end of it be heard goading conservative MPs on the Treasury bench saying that they won't be laughing in September yeah what it could mean by that I think Jeremy Corbyn means he might have gotten what the month wrong as well it's October but he would mean that if there is a No Deal brexit then and the hole then it would be the consequences of a No Deal brexit would be so catastrophic that the government would fall or he could have meant that and I'd point you to again – Dominic Greaves comments that conservative MPs and there were 30 who voted against the government in in this in this particular vote could vote with the labor with labor to bring down the government in a motion of no confidence and that would that would obviously have will it would cause a general election no what absolutely Theo thank you very much indeed so there we are you know a very disciplined speech by Boris Johnson which you read out word for word then we got two questions and all sorts of things started to happen and we saw the more usual bumbling Boris I mean when I was London mayor we did well when we had targets we did 10 times the number of things we promised we do I mean we said we built a hundred thousand houses have we built well we bought a hundred thousand houses just Boris off the leash you know it was very very normal and so I want to ask you does he look like a prime minister in waiting and that I think really is the question tonight let's go down to Portsmouth speak to Chris who's a new caller good evening Chris good evening pleasure to speak to you pleasure to speak to you so what did you make of Boris today them well I just thought how how are things in myself what points can I actually remember from that speech and it was just so forgettable and like you said I loved when you said there that I was thinking as soon as it came to the questions and yes you know he went a little bit typical Boris didn't he yes it was slightly all over the shop wasn't it really a leader in waiting I think not I don't think any of them any good well Chris Chris okay fine but I mean you know did he look more like a leader in waiting than the others I guess that's the question really well I think I mean I up til now like Jeremy hardened everything he comes out with I'm been able to span but I actually thought watching him the other day he looked a little bit more serious and at least when the question was going around he did seem to you know go out a little bit more seriously and you know the game hit the nail on the head a bit or Boris it easy you just can't trust him you can't ask him a square question and him answer this seems to be mm but you say once you thoughtfully yeah yeah okay doesn't look like a prime minister today okay no crisps very straightforward and thank you let's go to theis Hurst and speak to Donna good evening to you hello they did a wonderful job in the European elections well thank you I said I would really would like and Andrea led some or Boris I know Boris is a bit bumptious but he is the only one I think that is feared by the EU and the rest of the raggle taggle lot of the candidates they're all criticizing Boris and I think Boris has been quite coming this time because he hasn't opposed the candidates and come out with that but all I want to ask you Nigel if you've got all remaineth in the labour party the Leblon lib dems the conservative remains then you've got the labour the Lib Dems House of Lords and health of Commons led by that twerk out will we ever get out I don't think we will know well well I got my view is with the current makeup of Parliament it is very very difficult to see that we're going to get out on anything that resembles a genuine brexit I agree with you and that is why I think at some point we need a general election to change the makeup of Parliament I mean I really really do I was I have to say though on Boris you know when it came to leaving on WTO terms he talked about it as be in a very reluctant way you know that clearly it wasn't his first choice but he basically says Donna that we must do better than the current agreement and that means what Boris is saying is he's going to come back to Brussels where I am right now go into the building behind me those of you watching on Facebook live can see and try and negotiate a better deal when Monsieur Barnea has no interest in doing it and I you know my feeling Donna is that probably of the ten we've seen launched so far he did look the best despite the bumbling but at the end he did look the best my concern is you know that he says when he becomes Prime Minister we're leaving on the 31st of October and like you I'm not sure Parliament will let him and the question Donna is would he have the guts to stand up before Parliament lose a motion of confidence and go to the country and general election yes but I don't think we'd win it then I'd you're a tall order well I don't know I don't know I think if you look at the Petera by-election which took place last Thursday you will see that parties who were implacably opposed to EU membership or at least on the face of it said they were opposed to EU membership and respecting the referendum result got well over 50% of the vote and the Labour Party you want it got 31 percent of the vote so I don't know Donna I think there is still a majority out there in the country for brexit but unless he was prepared to take that risk then I'm not sure it could really happen and you know he was asked in that in that press conference would he resign as Prime Minister if we didn't leave on the 31st of October and of course he didn't answer it Donna thank you for your call and thank you for pointing out the Parliament actually is the problem no in a minute I'm gonna talk about comedian Joe brand and some comments she made earlier on today and ask you whether you think it was humor or incitement but for now it's 6:15 and it's time for news headlines released the rosies all 10 candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver pranks it while from Tirana Boris Johnson's insisting he's not aiming for No Deal Labor's lost a motion in Parliament that could have stopped the next prime minister carrying out a No Deal brexit so Phillip greens Arcadia group has been saved from administration of landlords voted to approve restructuring plans that still leave a thousand jobs at risk LBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing through tonight persistent rain though spreading further across the north a low of 8 degrees LBC travel 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heresy had on the panel comedian Joe brand and here was her take on politics in the UK today certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore and they're very very easy to hate and I'm kind of thinking why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid that's just me and I'm not going to do it it's purely a fantasy but I think milkshakes are pathetic sorry well I think we know fairly clearly who Joe Brown was aiming that comment at people that are easy to hate don't throw milkshakes over them throw battery acid now to her defense Lee Hurst said comedy is subjective yeah I get that it is subjective but please what do you think do you think that's comedy you think that's reasonable or do you think in the current climate all that is doing is inciting hate because I tell you what a lot of people by Jo Brand think the referendum was all a terrible mistake and that they have a view that is morally superior to everybody else's and therefore it seems anything can be used in defense of their argument frankly I think this sort of behavior is completely and utterly disgusting and can you imagine could you imagine you know if I was to tell a story like that about somebody on the other side about a Nana Subaru or someone like that I mean I reckon the police would knock on my door within ten minutes I think it's appalling but please tell me what you think text 2 8 4 8 5 vote wheat using the hashtag farad and LBC @ OBC keen to hear what your reactions are now back to Boris did he look like a prime minister in waiting I'm getting slow to speak to basil who's a new caller good evening basil because that is what the people are giving you as an honor for the contribution you have made to the Wow basil that's very sweet of you but given the current political setup is extremely unlikely now moving on to Boris Johnson how did his performance look to you today people are trying to make out of him what he is talking about is what more of the people warned in UK which is to leave EU I totally kind of support what he's trying to do that yeah I mean look but basil I would give him seven out of ten for today's performance I thought it was slick the stage set looked good the rest have looked pretty amateurish other than Rory Stewart whose tent was really rather magnificent I thought the speech was disciplined of well written but I take marks off in Basel because when it came to leaving the EU at whilst he said we would he wasn't really going tough was he on leaving with no deal on the 31st of October that is true but on the contrary what I'm thinking is if the people on the other side of the table that you guys really don't like bar is to be on this side of the table I believe that is our best chance to actually get a good deal if at all we weren't going to negotiate something and even if we can't let us come out of WTO terms and policy saying let us prepare for that rather than just doing the lip service yeah okay basel let me ask you finally do you think if it came to it do you think the Boris Johnson would would be prepared to risk a general election by saying we have no choice now but to leave on WTO rules okay okay basil thank you for that and you know basil pretty fulsome praise there now Darren says Nigel I would like to take the legal route against Joe brand her comments are outrageous so Ellis says Joe Brown was inciting violence Danny Baker good point this Danny Baker was sacked for his tweet hers are much worse she needs sacking but will the BBC do it our white I think so no let's get a stoke-on-trent and speak to Sam a new caller good evening Sam even now as a great speech yet good speak to you so what did you what did you make a bow Joe today did he look like the next prime minister I like you because basically he was on the leave side but I do fear that he's a bit depressed to strive to be Prime Minister well overtake him and your mandarins are still there but I also fear as well that that they're not tell you bit against the economy is gonna clash and they're going to blame black sea's I mean you know you worked a necessity you've got 11 million and negatively yielding sovereign debt you've got Germany sliding into recession paying negative debt and I'm just worried I just want to here are the remaining this talk about the positive EU the fact that Mario Draghi a month ago so he can go back to quantitative easing it's insane well the fact that yeah Sam the fact that the ECB are gonna go back to that policy is not a sign strange yeah but it's not it's not amazing it's not a sign of strength is a sign of weakness and yeah and I'm worried like you that there is an economic downturn just around the corner I mean the stock markets have risen for ten years on a row and these things cannot go on forever but Sam let me make this point to you brexit Britain will do better than the eurozone if we have a big downturn so it's all relative it's all relative yeah just worried about the remain because they keep pushing this economic message and I know you know about this stuff and I think you need push it a little bit more I know that people don't really understand and the work I say about to really educate yourself in the financial aspect of it but we need to get out because there is a massive global slowdown coming down alright they did you say yeah you've got well this is it flexibility adaptability on the world stage I think's a huge advantage to being stuck in a big block that moves very very slowly and over regulates everything ultimately Sam do you think Boris Johnson if he gets this business top job as prime minister do you think he's got the guts when October the 31st is looming to make sure we leave I think it's the key but if these these spineless Tories go back on the promises that you're there and if you don't tell comrade Corbin the lunatik McDonald waiting in the wings if they do the dirty and the general actually score the one the Black Sea party to be there to either you know when or be kingmakers whatever because otherwise may wops never got this going to enter violence I'm afraid well let's we're not gonna let it get there so you make sure you stop that we gotta win we're gonna win Sam we're gonna win we're gonna get brexit I know it's it's taking a long time but we're going to get there in the end Sam I think very much DD feel call I get it evylyn in Tewkesbury another new corner good evening evening good evening good evening yes I'd like to comment on Baris I listened to him talk just to comment it's not looks anymore really we're looking for integrity I think the electorate are looking for integrity and it seems like our MPs are like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof they jump around a lot so it's getting more and more difficult for us I would have prefered led them because I find she's got integrity but I did think Boris did well in his talk yes and I think for the country everybody's looking for our own governance we do not want to be a fascist state so those are some of my thoughts no okay now look this term this term vassal state evylyn this was a term that Boris used if that Boris went further in his Daily Telegraph column because he described mrs. Mae's new treaty with mr. Barnea he described it as a suicide vest in democratic terms around Britain it would lead to vassalage we'd virtually become a slave state and twice in the House of Commons he voted against it but on the third occasion he voted for it can we really trust him I don't think we it's very difficult to trust any of them and that's why your party really peaked and spiked and I went from conservative and I voted for you I don't know what's going to happen next but if they happen if we do go to an election I'm just hoping that the brexit party will just surge even more well yeah I mean even you know it's pretty clear isn't it that actually the result of the brexit party in the European elections has massively helped Boris Johnson's chances of becoming leader it's toughened up the rhetoric that he's using the question is the question is given that given that he let us down with that third vote not so long ago has he got has he got the guts it's hard to know it's really hard to know and whatever happens if he flunks all of this well the the Conservative Party are really worried about their own demise and yep absolutely evening thank you for your call thank you for your thoughts in deep your kind words it is now 6:30 here on the larger parish show and it's time for the news release or Aziz all ten candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Home Secretary Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver brexit while frontrunner Boris Johnson's insisted he's not aiming for No Deal departure from the EU MPs opposed to a No Deal brexit have failed in their latest attempt to seize control of parliamentary business aimed at stopping the next prime minister from taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal the Commons voted by 309 to 298 to defeat a cross-party motion which would have given labor control of the House on June the 25th so Philipp greens RK Viet retail Empire has just scraped through plans to close some stores and cut rents after a key vote received the backing of landlords the group which owns brands including Topshop and Burton says its company voluntary arrangements had all been voted through at a meeting of creditors it means around a thousand jobs are at risk as 23 sites definitely shut OBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight leaving clearer periods persistent rain those spreading further northwards a low of 8 degrees Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7 lbc the idea to keep schools open late to try and cut crime blue sea power Labour MP there's gonna be a cost for this of course to roll this out across large parts the country would be in the billions I'm sure where do we find that that's not actual job had been an insight into how some of those panels of MPs work I've got an idea for X that's a brilliant idea notice how there we had a funder Nick Ferrari at breakfast with zero get your business digital ruddy with zero accounting software LBC gasps an ocean 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it's against someone like you and that is pretty much the measure I think of most of the messages that are coming in you know Bob says I used to like Joe brand until she made the throw acid comment you know she should be sacked yeah yeah the J Brand comment was bad but the audience laughing was just awful I find that a hundred percent obscene it reflects the low life of politics law and the bias of the BBC says I'm very strong out there but back to Boris you know Boris Johnson who we want to like woman of us Wanda like and who talks a big game but then often does things that are completely the opposite to what he said because he did on the third attempt vote for mrs. Mays treaty can we actually trust him iliza it Walton stone let me ask you does he look like the next PM absolutely not Nigel no I listen to him today I heard him say what you said budging it all we just did what every other politician does and when it comes to it when it comes to the crunch I do not believe Boris Johnson will go through with it I think he will listen to everybody else and viruses about boys and he doesn't care about anybody else do you think despite that you may well win this contest yeah absolutely because the membership the grassroots love forest and it's a personality but the one thing you can never claim to talk about or any other look at any of the other candidate is democracy you own that Nigel you own that and that's why the brexit party is so successful you've got a vision you're you're a man of the people for the people talking to the people involving the people and nobody else in politics today can do what you do and say what you say but Boris Eliezer Boris could hijack all of that and make it his own couldn't leave if he if he had the courage to use all making no choice you listen to it today they're all doing it so Judith with it you know they're all taking your big screens oh yeah I know I think they've got launch videos now and all the things they've never had before I know I noticed that I noticed that plagiarized everything you are and why because I know you're a winner and I really really hope that everybody that supports affected party will not abandon you we'll go through with you and stay with you that a long haul well allies are many well but it all depends so much depends in fact the future of all our political parties in my opinion depends on whether we leave properly of the 31st of October and it may well be that that big decision is in Boris Johnson's hands has he got the guts Eliezer thank you very much for your kind words Leslie says Joe brand is disgusting and typical of the BBC left-wing bias and they want more pensioners to pay the licence fee disgraceful Leslie I have to say that I think rather than making people pay more license fees we should be seeing over the next few years a gradual phasing out of the BBC licence fee it is completely out of date not fit the purpose in the modern world that's how I feel about it Mike from Canary Wharf is a new corner hi Mike I know thanks for taking my call no not one little bit I think I think Moore's is probably the Conservatives best bet at this point in time they need a personality and it's like yours one that can maybe pull in the the grassroots people whether I trust him or not I can't say but you know I think having him as an unknown quantity probably the best bet at this point in time he lamented about his third vote in favour you have a treaty but at least there were two other votes prior to that where he was a instead so at least we know that hang on Mike that's not good enough is it you know you you you write columns of a telegraph you say that the whole thing is like a suicide vest it's vassalage we're gonna become a slave state and then you vote against all of that you vote for it that's pretty inexcusable isn't it well politics is about moving the ball forward in the game you know and so you figure well I'm gonna get stonewalled I'm gonna try to just at least play along to try to get things moving and hopefully we can negotiate I think he must have just sort of said look I'm outvoted on this I'm gonna sort of join up I know it's not the right thing to do but no he's not going to do and it said he won when he gets over here it meets Monsieur Barney he's in for a shock because these people these people are not for budging well that much is true and you're proof of that but the I watch you on YouTube often in the in the Commons there and there in the parliament and you're the only one that moves the ball forward I think and I thought we would run or I wish there would be at least Jacob I could I could see Jacob is Prime Minister well not at the moment not at the moment he's not one of the 10 Mike I did but I do get your point that he may well be their best bet you know he managed to become mayor of London and hold that position he is well known he is popular in sections of the country I think you know your point about him being the best bet many would agree with I think the worry is would he deliver Mike I thank you very much indeed for your call I'm going to John in horik who's a new caller good evening to you hello Neil hi I am well and I you know I did quite like the stage set I did think Boris looked very professional during the speech and stuck to the script it's just and I think in some ways John he did a little bit more he did look a bit more like a prime minister today it's just what he did in my opinion he seems to be the best out of a bad bunch and when compared to the rest and my reason for that is it does have the patter of the humour and he can keep a code but whether I trust them or not is debatable after many things that you've already said tonight yeah there was one there was one part of that speech that clearly was written by him when he talked about the Union and he talked about England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and he called it the awesome for sir but I could see that wasn't a speech writer that was he does he does have rather like Churchill did he does have an incredibly colorful turn of phrase yes it's just the courage bit John the war is made well the thing is Nigel my problem is if we can't have you in there it's he the next best thing well there are ten people who can possibly be the next but what about lead some I mean what about what about Donna who didn't know Dominic robbed no chance said I mean at the end of the day were cut to the chase honest is gonna win the race so he is gonna in my opinion of course he's going to be the next month no I vote we Tory all my life yeah no Briggs at a party remember I I bought it for you and the EU and I will continue to do so and I'm just concerned what is the best thing it is because everybody keeps seeing or you bought the you bought the Sybil that in your wind-up the carbon carbon is the last thing the one well the Boris did trying to use that argument today but actually the truth of it was in Peterborough last week that if those conservatives hadn't continued to vote conservative who trailed a hundred its third if they'd actually voted for the euro skeptic brexit party candidate labor would have been beaten so actually you're right this argument that the brexit party will split the Tory vote and let Corbin in in many constituencies yeah actually the argument Johnnie many ways could be the other way around John I'm gonna let you go I'm gonna move on to David and evesham another new caller hi David good evening knowledge or pleasure to speak to you Goodspeed you I believe Boris will become Prime Minister of the country yes and I believe you'll only be able to take us so far I'm a big fan of yours I'm now a Bridget party member and I think there in the due course it will be a new government and I hope you're part of it we need to take England as far away from Europe as possible because they are never going to give us a deal note that we fight everything to stop us you know yam is very Farkas who of course was briefly the finance minister in Greece said at the start if you try negotiate with his people you will get nowhere boy wasn't he right he really was David I think I've lost you loads more comments coming in Toni saying Joe's comments are disgraceful and a dangerous attempt at humor Chris has just a mansion how the victims of such a crime would feel after hearing such a comment she should apologize to you personally you're listening to the Nigel Farage show here on LBC it's 6:45 and time for news headlines will Lisa Rosie's Alton candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver pranks it while frontrunner Boris Johnson has insisted he's not aiming for a No Deal departure from the EU Labor's lost a motion in Parliament that could have stopped the next prime minister carrying out a No Deal brexit Sir Philip greens Arcadia group has been saved from administration after landlords voted to approve restructuring plans that still leave a thousand jobs at risk LBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight persistent rain though spreading further across Scotland and Northern Ireland a low of 8 degrees lbc travel I'm J Louise night and the weather really affecting things on roads surface sprays causing long queues on the anti-clockwise m25 all from opening turd for to the dark for tunnels the a2 is queuing out of town from the Sun in the sand down to bean there's also an accent in those queues now at the Black Prince interchange flooding is causing queues into town on the 820 from the m22 critters corner and then also found m1 snow from five ways corner at Junction 2 up to an earlier accent at briquettes wood at Junction 6 lots going on the trains Thameslink aren't running from Orpingtons pets wood that's caused by flooding which is also causing delays over an hour on South Eastern through the area Greater Anglia and Stan's that Express have a reduced service to and from Liverpool Street southern remains suspended from Birkbeck to Beckenham Junction and London Overground can't run from South act to Richmond this is LBC OBC has been working with the getting to teaching campaign to look at how a career in teaching can shape lives beyond the classroom there is this fantastic moment when they're struggling they're struggling they're struggling and then suddenly there's light goes on and you can see and they suddenly get it whatever it was and it's incredibly rewarding and it's incredibly fulfilling go to LBC / UK for more information on a career in teaching to hear the full discussion and for a chance to win an iPad air and Apple watch with LDC high quality affordable kitchens designed in your own home that's room sense virtually remove sense book your free room sense home design visit and will measure up show you samples create a stunning kitchen design and give you a quote all before you leave to get a prize you can't afford that book today at rune cents da koat UK bangers and mash showers and power ballot tea and toast some things just belong together and if you own a small business your double act is work you and life you so it's Starling Bank we mix pleasure with business to manage your banking from one beautifully simple ad with no monthly fees instant spending notifications and 24/7 support apply in minutes today and say hello to the ultimate work life bank balance just search for Starling bank the bank that works like you eligibility criteria applies when you buy the award-winning alfa romeo giulia or the stell vo performance SUV you can pretend it's for the five-year warranty the three years free 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cautious adventurous or somewhere in between and start your wealth of bioethical icer today easing for more information download the app or visit wealth of my calm with investing capital is at risk and you could get back less than you put in there's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen zoom lets you connect and do business across town or around the world zoom ties together all of your communication needs into one easy platform for video conferencing phone calls group chat webinars and your conference rooms connect easily from anywhere your mobile phone your laptop or conference room soon is how business gets done get your free account at zoom calm today meet happy with zoom coming up at 7:00 on LBC iandale tonight at 9:00 it's the fifth in our series of Tory leadership interviews tonight with Matt Hancock the health secretary he'll be here to take your calls at at eight would be asking what you think about Boris Johnson's campaign iandale on LBC this is LBC live from brussels van nigel farage show all oh three four five six zero six zero nine seven three taxed eight four eight five Oh tweet LBC using the hashtag Faraj on LBC so Boris Johnson launched today and introducing him interestingly was the brexit ear Attorney General Jeffrey Cox who I think is one of the few parliamentarians who's emerged from the last couple of years with his reputation better that it was before uncocks talks about these being extraordinary times needing a big personality needing a change from the managerial approach to leadership he then went on to say the real reason he's backing Boris Johnson we need a leader who can unify the conservative family and out campaign and outfight jeremy corbyn the nigel farage at any time and in any corner of our country well it said I think was a quite a bit of venom there really so it's pretty clear to me that they do absolutely see me as the enemy which is why I think they're ramping up the rhetoric on leaving on the 31st of October the question is do they really mean it does he look like a prime minister you're J Brand comments still coming in and says Joe Brown used to be a nurse thank goodness she's left let's go to David and Shirley a new caller good evening David hi Nigel first of all Boris Johnson being introduced onto stage by a Cox well I think that says it all go on you go yeah from his perspective he's not the man for the job I think today I not the displeasure of listening to the halt of his rhetoric people fold and his performance he waffled never once answered any of the six cleared questions Wow you didn't even it answered the question for me done Nigel it answered the question that told me he's not the man for the job he rambles he goes down called his sights when he's answered a question and then reminds himself what the question was but then still didn't answer it he uses your Valatie when it's not pertinent it's for me and you know what Nigel I'm not a fan of yours but you know I'm not in love with you as much that's fine that's fine freeze lBCC's here for free speech they do you know be happy with that right so but I do think at least I think that you stick to your guns I'll give you that I do like some of the things that within your politics but that's just personal for me look at the ten of them the only one in my opinion that's managed as performance that sounds like a nun that means it was Rory Stewart but I think he's too inexperienced I don't think I needed Turner right for the job right now I think it's David I have to say that the one thing Rory Stewart has done is to outperform an out campaign everybody to make yourself to make himself accessible to the public whether it's visiting various places standing at speakers corner you know getting engaged yeah and I do get your criticism you know Boris pre-arranged there'd be six questions right just six questions and the journalists that we're gonna ask them were lined up and then he just didn't answer them did he he just did not answer them he danced around it and it's as if he was scared of something David thank you for your comments off to Belfast to speak to out on the new caller hi Alan hey Joe it's going all right and it's been quite a good David Boris I think overall but but does he does he to you does he look like a prime minister well he can to make on that nature and that is number one you asked me about Boris Johnson yeah when the 31st of October approaches it's quite late at the minute but the pressure is gonna be build and they don't we call that point I'm not convinced that he will have the state to stand up and actually deliver a new day breaks it on the 31st of October because you're gonna have to see a stirring members of his own party plus the authorization and nega Ivan a total agreement with yourself then force the thing about it is the numbers in Parliament suggest to me that they're gonna have to change the numbers and Westminister and do anything I think it has actually that that is recognizable as branches long hard to be delivered after a general election Alan do you know what I came to that view firmly a couple of months ago I just don't see I do not see this Parliament delivering a brexit hence once again today Alan shenanigans in Parliament every attempt being made to make sure that we do not leave with a clean break brexit and I a lanai I'm absolutely with you I think it will need a general election but it's gonna need somebody very bold and brave to call the bluff of Parliament to have that election and the question is is Boris the man that would do that you'll need two people I think at the minute who seemed the Carla Steele they actually not only take it to you the Conservative Party but then kick that over to a general action our estimate they on Dominic Rob whether they have the support on the ground as another same bars might have the support on the grain I don't think it has the backbone or the steel because he has members of his own party the reading the tender lanes like that it's not even looking between the lane to the common they're prepared to towards their own product what Dominic Greaves had this very thing today no Alan I share the analysis thank you very much indeed tom says to me he says Nigel you know why are you against Boris I mean surely he's on the same side and will deliver what you want I'm not anti Boris I'm Pro Boris I'm really pleased that he decided to get involved in the referendum campaign on the leave side because I wasn't sure that he would and I'm I'm very pleased that he's saying we will leave on the 31st of October in fact a week ago he sounded very tough on this in any in his columns today he sounded a bit softer and here's the point would you tell everybody that the new European treat is a catastrophe you vote against it twice and then in the name of party unity you vote for something you've said would be a disaster on the third time well don't then say oh it's okay you can all go home Nigel and everybody because Boris will be p.m. and evil deliver break set of the 31st of October I had Theresa may say that 108 times we leave on March the 29th frankly my belief is I don't trust any of them I won't believe it until it's actually happen that is my view Edward from Farnborough is another new caller good evening Edward good mor good evening Nigel yes I think Nigel is Nigel Boris Boris module you would make a good Prime Minister in my opinion but Boris actually I think would as well simply because I think he's come more sensible recently and that's just observed I don't know how much he means it because he's really playing the one nation card at the moment I under the unity card to try and win the MP support and the undecided Tory members but I'm not sure I don't plan the electorate considering like you say about the suicide vests Khan makes well I mean there are three electorates here Edward there's the Tory MPs who whittle this down for the last two there's a hundred and twenty four thousand conservative members who choose just them point one eight percent of the electorate in the country and they will choose of course who the next leader of the party and Prime Minister is and then he at some point has to win a general elections and the three big audience is there then he at some point or important audiences I should say that he has to appeal to and you're right he's gone for this sort of one nation Tory approach lots of people in the room from differing wings of the party but when it comes to it the party is still very split isn't it yes well the parliamentary party is and in my observation that I am a Tory party member is actually the grass roots are very United they want to see a and a brexit get done I don't not made Rex that they feel quite strongly that I know dear there's no problem yeah and that we can do it but and that's why a lot of this the Vittori votes went to the brexit party you well yeah because I mean the kick yeah many people out there feel that no deals the best deal Edward finally before I let you go if he's in the last two will you be voting for Boris Johnson yes I would if only if the other candidate was which you won't be would be Dominic rather probably think about him as well okay okay I doubt it too thank you very much indeed thank you everybody I'll be back tomorrow at six at 10:00 tonight is Tom Swarbrick but up next is Ian Dale well Nigel about three calls vinegar you made a comment about Joe brands stamen where she was making or trying to make a joke saying why bother with a milkshake when you get some battery acid the texts and tweets apparently went mad so we're going to do that as a phone and I just thought you'd like to know so you can listen in thank you here thank you right so that'll be at eight I want to know whether you think what the line is between comedy and incitement to violence and if Danny Baker tweets about a monkey and

Silverlands Manor – The Actors Orphanage (Abandoned)

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Silverlands is a large country house in Chertsey, Surrey, R. Porter, Esq. a local brewer, first purchased the land in 1805 from Fan Grove estate and built the original mansion, an estate has existed here under the name of ‘Silverlond’ since at least 1420 according to town records. First owned by Vice-Admiral the Rt. Honourable Sir Henry Hotham KCB GCMG (born 19 February 1777 – died 19 April 1833) He joined the Navy in 1790 (aged 13), a hero of the Napoleonic wars(1803-1815) in the early 19th Century. Silverlands was used as the Hotham family home until approximately 1887. Another notable owner was the (MP)
Frederick Alers Hankey (born 29 March 1833 – died 15 February 1892) who was an English banker and Conservative politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1885 to 1892. He also played first class cricket for Marylebone Cricket Club in 1852 and 1853. In 1885 Hankey was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Chertsey. In 1887 he acquired the Silverlands estate.
The Actors’ Orphanage was started in 1896 by Kittie Carson at Croydon and was established as the Actors’ Orphanage Fund in 1912. In 1915 the Orphanage moved to Langley Hall at Langley (was in Buckinghamshire – now in Berkshire). The orphanage was both a home and a school to approximately 60 children.
The home and school was moved to Silverlands at Chertsey, Surrey in 1938 where it remained until 1940. In September 1940 the Orphanage was evacuated to the USA where the children were housed in New York City at the Edwin Gould Foundation.
After the war ended the Fund established a home (once again at Silverlands, Chertsey). This arrangement ended in 1958 and the Actors’ Orphanage ceased to exist.
Over the years many from the theatrical profession have given time and money to the running of the orphanage including some who became presidents of the orphanage among whom are Sir Gerald du Maurier, Noël Coward, Laurence Olivier and the last president Lord Attenborough.
It’s recent history is more controversial, after having served as an orphanage and a nurses training college for much of the latter 20th Century, in 2001 plans were made to relocate patients from Wolvercote Clinic for convicted paedophiles.
With 23 schools located within 2.5 miles of the Silverlands estate, one primary school just 5 minutes down the road, this caused a local outrage, on Oct 26th of that year the first of many candlelight vigils were held outside Silverlands by protestors, these were repeated weekly between 17:00 and 19:00 for several months. During these events the buildings went under intense refurbishment and maintenance, the ultimate bill for this and the required security arrangements almost hit £5’000’000. After a lot of debating and protests on 4th July, 2002, it was confirmed by the Home Office Minister that Silverlands will not become the home of the Wolvercote paedophile clinic.
The Security arrangements in place today I imagine might remain from that time period (2002), As well as the irregular patrols which after my explore (by luck) i only just missed meeting one guard with his van parked at the end of the drive on my way back from the tip across the road. Had i triggered this visit i wonder?
I had read that it is surrounded by jagged metal topped fencing with cameras around the gate & driveway area, the building itself has a fair amount of cameras, PIR sensors & loudspeakers located at strategic points. Knowing all this & after reading reports of the Securities quick call-out response times from those that got busted, i was half expecting to get caught also. So after making my entry i remembered some advice i had read, that would give me the most time possible inside before being asked to leave & so i made my way up the internal stairwell to the roof, then i began my top down explore. As i thought time was probably going to be short inside i began working my way quickly downwards. Having seen many many photo’s of the building before my visit, it was really quite sad to see it’s current condition for myself, the interior in places is not looking so great anymore, mostly damage from water leaking through the roof & many of the more ornate & beautiful rooms on the ground floor have collapsing ceilings & damaged floors, surprisingly the electricity still works throughout the building however, my apologies for a few blurred photo’s & the lack of video footage.

Music credits:
“Long Note Two” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Anglia News ITV Fixers & Delia Smith Interview

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ITV Anglia News 4/12/09

ITV Fixers

Delia Smith

now coming up in a couple minutes time we're gonna have Delia Smith telling us exactly what she's gonna be having for her Christmas lunch but first all this week we've seen inspiring stories about young people doing great things as I TV fixes that's our new campaign which helps 16 to 25 s do something they care about that benefits others here's a reminder what it's all about and how fixes are making a difference I TV fixes is a chance for young people to look at issues they feel strongly about something that they think needs changing and try and fix that problem we just had a group of people in today who were so excited they came here thinking that they were just going to be shooting on a little hands he can and using themselves as actors whereas in fact we sort of pride ourselves and doing really top quality professional films will get professional actors in we're using big expensive equipment and making sure that they get in the absolute best effect they can possibly get our ITV fixes projects is to produce a film on road safety my brother Steven was into bikes a lot and he had a motorcycle himself and not long ago he was involved in a motorcycle accident of a car and he died on the road he was 18 we're hoping to raise awareness by getting our ITV fix video into schools and colleges and ourselves going along and presenting that to try and add a personal touch strip we're there to offer advice support and the expertise that we've got within our team as well whether it's through a website or an event that we're organizing or a music video or documentary there are all sorts of different things that we can do and then we help them to develop that and get things moving my ITV fixes project is setting up a dance group for teenagers it's a way to sort of them one boost their confidence and to help them to lose weight without getting in trouble with diets or starving themselves or anything like that this type of clubs and like dance clubs are a good way to like support girls that are really conscious about the way they are I think the session went really really well it really does sort of is my confidence knowing that I can finally help people I think it makes an enormous amount of difference to young people's lives we're listening to them and also we're giving them a voice and a opportunity to put something right I think young people need better press and this is what I TV fixes does is was the point of ITV fix it is to show that young people are doing amazing stuff and really contributing towards our society my ITV fixes project is called artful lodgers and it to give young people in Cambridge and opportunity to express themselves on their high street there's shops are empty because of the unfortunate financial situation at the moment it's been a great advantage to the property agents because it makes their city streets look lively look vibrant and it really helps the community because we're showing what our local area has to offer I think it's girls I think I've always been god I think people are gonna stop a note quite pleased myself actor and if you want to find out more about the ITV fixers project all you want to become an ITV fix yourself here at the details yes a further information visit ITV fixes calm or call oh one double 2 36 triple 515 this is a non premium rate call and your network operator rates will apply from a bt landline calls from other networks may be higher and from mobiles will be considerably more please seek the bill payer's permission before you phone lines clothes on the thirty-first of december 2010 at five o'clock calls made after the closing time won't be answered but may still be charged I really is 2010 as well and we'll have more updates from ITV fixes in the new year now her return to our screens has brought rave reviews with many hailing her as the original and best of the celebrity cooks Delia's Christmas recipes will be baked boiled and roasted across the country over the next few weeks as the nation goes cooking crazy I caught up with Delia this afternoon she got ready to find the winner of the Aviva cook athan in Norwich I began by asking her what she'd been up to during her TV break I had a five year break then I did a project called how to choose a cooking that was two years ago which was trying to help people who you know haven't got the time to do the whole scratch cooking and that was good fun and then this one I wanted to do Christmas again or rather my publishers did because the other book and the other series were 19 years ago so it was a long long time and I think my motivation was there's lots of young people lots of people have to do Christmas for the first time and I wanted to try and kind of entice them back to do home you know take no away from the ready-made stuff and get them to really you know have a go themselves that's the cookery stuff I mean we know you've been busy obviously with Norwich Football Club we're going to come up into that in a few minutes time but also over the over the summer as well you had a particular performed at Buckingham Palace tell us about that well um that was you know a great honor obviously and my mother came with me my husband and Melanie who works with me and we all had a really good day and we were taking to the house of lords for lunch by Lord more Winnie who's the chairman of football league so we just have a thoroughly really good day and you dedicated it to home cooks all over Britain I gather yes cuz I actually Michael I said to Michael you know I don't really deserve this because you know I've enjoyed my work you know I've had ample reward for it and I don't think I really deserve it and Michael said well think think of it as a tribute to people who cook at home to home cooks and then that sort of made me you know really understand it better what about norwich city football club at the moment it's taken a lot of your time over the last few years this season things beginning to go go right for you yes we we have had three horrible years and it's been very very hard and it is just absolutely lovely now to go and see the team playing well and winning and it's heady stuff we're absolutely loving it Michael and I every minute but at the moment the top line the headline is at norwich city football club okay morrissey football clubs okay yes thank goodness well Ferengi of you is certainly as we approach Christmas now it's a question I'm sure you're asked almost every year without fail what's life like in the Delia Smith house of them Christmas Day and what's served for lunch well it's the traditional lunch we know we do turkey and we do Christmas pudding but i reckon in our house it's the same in it as everybody else's house it's a wonderful time you know and I've been out on the road I've been signing books meeting people doing phonons and the whole sort of lovely kind of builds up of you know I'm going there my mother's doing it my husband's doing this and we're all meeting and traveling and it's just a wonderful thing that that one day in the calendar you know we're all celebrating and I think that's very healthy and very good Delia thank you very much d for your time thank you oh it sounds like a lovely Christmas Day around her house doesn't it really did she give you any food to bring back for us no tips whatsoever unfortunate better no lovely lady now here's what to expect on the National use in just a couple of minutes seeing Delia on the program tonight has inspired me to try and make a Christmas really hasn't has it i'll give the gate well done you bring in the leftovers good girl right coming up next is the eye to be at national news and the england draw till tomorrow have a lovely weekend goodbye hi

Nothing to Declare Uk S03E02 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

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Nothing to Declare Uk S03E02| Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

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Nothing to Declare Uk S02E01 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

Nothing to Declare Uk S02E02 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

in our ports and in our airports the UK Border Agency is fighting a constant battle against smugglers coming up a grandmother loses her cool after a suspect package is found in a laptop officers in Birmingham stub out a couple's plan to make a quick buck you wear the cigarette restrictions from crank area I can tell by the face and high traces of cocaine of founding Gatwick the minute that you mention the drugs he was not happy at all a gap with airports a flight has just arrived maanteeeca suitcases from the flights are unloaded and checked by sniffer dogs before passengers collect them in the terminal one female passenger from the flight has raised suspicion after passing through immigration she was seen changing her clothes in the toilets so UK Border Agency officer George has stopped her for questioning she actually changed outfits from when I saw it down by immigration when she was getting her passport swiped when talking to her in the channels she actually said dates because she had a long journey and she had some sake closer to need to change out as a suspicious activity normally people would just wait George carries out a routine search of the woman's bags when she went upstairs I noticed that she had a carry-on hold which sometimes they can actually sneak trucks through the holes the hole doll and its contents are taken away to be x-rayed officers will be looking for any hidden concealment George continues his search of the woman's suitcase the whole doll gets the all clear but the woman's laptop looks decidedly suspicious with concerns there may be drugs hidden in the laptop it's taken away to a workshop to be properly assessed hey what happened yeah we've got clear image and it it may seem brutal but the only way to find out if it does contain anything illegal is to break it open it looks like their hunch was right officers discover a package they suspect to be drugs stuffed inside the laptop a simple test will be able to confirm their suspicions at Birmingham Airport it's the start of a busy evening shift a flight has just come in from Gran Canaria an officer Mike the scanning suitcases for excessive quantities of cigarettes offensive weapons passengers arriving back from Gran Canaria have a strict allowance of just 200 cigarettes I'm gonna look it up in the environment having found a large quantity of cigarettes on the x-ray Mike will be keen to ask the owner of the suitcases a few questions a man in shorts and a blue jumper collects one of the bags from the luggage carousel and as he proceeds through them nothing to declare Channel Mike steps in to intercept him for a second to come over to the bench for we covered a passport this shopping anything else not chopping them anywhere else no just for the family holidays it yeah yeah okay who does it books in who actually did the booking all right so you see that you were traveling with these people yeah well no now this say if you travel with anyone else you said no that's not a problem okay yeah you know what you can't bring in drugs guns knives weapons it's obscene – yeah you wear the cigarette restrictions from Gran Canaria I can tell by the face okay not sure okay you know how many you're like to have no 201 sleeve one packet gone bust the man confesses to being way over his allowance fair enough appreciate your honesty my first time you've done it first time or not but it's going to be an expensive lesson with three suitcases stuffed to the brim the man could feasibly be arrested back at Gatwick officers are about to run tests on a package they suspect to be cocaine found in a woman's laptop we've pulled a package out from behind the screen all he's doing now splitting it take a spoon Chronicle which we can test on this cocaine reagent here so which gives the indications what type of drug is the reagent will turn blue if the substance is cocaine it is there with a positive identification for cocaine the news is now broken to the woman we have found a substance so time is 21 penis do you not have to say we don't have to say anything but it may harm your defense do not mention when questioned something you later as she's led off a further questioning officers take this opportunity to use the cocaine as a training aid for sniffer dogs we try to educate the dogs in life we wore from live concealment because we can't replicate that they've spent a lot of effort to sulphide that concern it's not laptop we just can't do that with our training samples the other dogs they learn new coats just shot right up with the game now well and truly up the woman's attitude begins to change she may be laughing now but all that a waiter is an empty cell officers stay with a woman while her belongings had checked in and she's informed of her rights meanwhile George inspects the cocaine concealment further there's a lot of work which has gone into this this would be actually considered the deep concealment for a rudimentary way of trying to do supposed disguise at from an x-ray was by covering it in foil obviously it hasn't worked as the woman is checked into her cell she starts to vent her frustration you need anything else she's getting a bit upset now when she was stopped even when the whole first computer was being actuated of it she was quite calm but everyone's different everyone reacts in different ways so there there is no way you can swallow drugs but who is it they come in all shapes and sizes one thing left to find out is the weight of the drugs 530 grams so depending on its purity it could actually be quite substantial with an estimated value of twenty five thousand pounds it's been a very successful day for the officers less so for the woman who will have plenty of time to contemplate her actions back at Birmingham officers are counting the massive haul of cigarettes a man has brought back from gran canaria he did realize there is a limit when you'd actually become an arrest on offense and you're good to be close it depends on the value the man's friend who booked the tickets is also carrying three suitcases full of cigarettes it's now a question of what penalty with the man's friend also carrying a further thirty six thousand and the total haul is just under the amount where they would have been arrested that one is a warning there no obviously you know you sell very close to the wind this time and there is no other sanctions you appends no fire there's no anything else Reserve – say it again because next time it might be more serious okay yeah it's a lucky escape for the two men who's audacious attempt at smuggling cheap cigarettes would have netted them a profit of over two thousand pounds each quite happy – system checks on the the people involved in both parties and myself and my colleague were happy that they were first-time offenders from a customer's point of view needs to say that that will be the records will be maintained on them and should they try and make another attempt more punitive action may well be taken coming up a woman in Gatwick struggles to explain a high drug hit coming from a suitcase coming up one man gets a bit economical with the truth in Birmingham you've never been arrested Yeah right well rapist – definitely so at Gatwick Airport a plane has just come in from Kingston Jamaica unknown source area for illegal drugs as the last of the passengers pass through the customs channels officers stop a woman who's just arrived home in the UK after a routine baggage search and an ion scan swap tests of her suitcase traces have been found for cocaine despite the woman's protest the suitcases taken away for further tests done a nice game of the bag she's adamant she hasn't come in to wear near drugs she's adamant there's nothing in there but sir I've got to find out why I've got a reading for 2.55 what do you do for a living what is your partner do well I'm getting on it still getting readings for cocaine so you said you're traveling with your partner I need to have a chat with him as well to see if we can see if we can find out why we are getting readings the woman starts to become agitated with the suggestion that she's been involved with cocaine I'm not saying you've got it all I'm saying is well I haven't found any so that's that's good but I still need to find out why I am getting these readings it might be that your boyfriend will be able to throw some light on it I don't know until I spoken to at the moment until I've spoken to him I can't say what's going to happen whilst waiting for the woman's boyfriend to arrive from immigration officers become intrigued by some prescription drugs in the woman's hand luggage with questions to be answered the woman's Rastafarians boyfriend is horid through immigration but he too is less than happy of the suggestion he's been involved with cocaine you don't know that you might you might you can pick up traces of drugs from anywhere you can pick them up from training you can pick them up from airline seats you can pick them up from being in night clubs pubs and any workshop no but this is what I'm saying this is you can pick traces of drugs oh okay and that can then contaminate the contents of your suitcase so what we need to do is we need to make sure with neither passenger offering an explanation further searches will be conducted to get to the bottom of the cocaine traces it's the middle of the day at Birmingham Airport a flight is due to depart to Dubai and officers are using sniffer dogs to detect passengers carrying any quantities of cash well under the proceeds of Crime Act 2002 anybody who is carrying more than a thousand pounds we're entitled to ask them about origins of the money and what they intend to do with it okay so you carry cash today yeah we're trying to intercept criminal money going out before it commits a crime before they go out to buy drugs before they go out to buy cigarettes so we didn't hit them in the pocket and where it is none of us like losing our money yeah if passengers can't provide evidence where the cash has come from or what it's going to be used for officers have the power to seize the money and investigate the individual further a man waiting to board the flight to Dubai has been pulled over for questioning he lives and works in the UK and claimed he was carrying just one thousand pounds on further questioning he revealed he's actually carrying four thousand pounds including the money belongs to you yes we'll give you by a quick check okay yeah if you have any more money with the flight about to board officers we'll have just minutes to decide what to do with the man and his cash short coat yes anyone in the coats it's very important you tell us about all I said to you can you tell me all the money then you the members with more money in this bag know you've remembered you have more money in the core do you have any more cash on you anywhere and your wallet you have your National Insurance card yes the man's dishonesty is ringing alarm bells have you picked your type suit on and last year yes did you pick your tux no no law says he's gonna fight have you ever been arrested by the police or customs after confessing to not having completed a tax return officers will conduct background checks on the passenger for further information can you take your money bill off to snow son and just show me all the money to send them money built you have yes with the threat of losing his money the passenger is starting to get upset with the interrogation reluctantly he shows the contents of his money belt the money here is not bankrupt suck so is this money you've taken from your shop yes yeah as the last passengers board the flight the suspected tax evader looks unlikely to be leaving the country with this cash in Gatwick the raster passenger is being decidedly candid so as a rest of NGO use cannabis yeah you miss we're gonna have no Nader but it is sort of find traces of cannabis car some more cannabis but you see where you do your where you say that you're a reggae are just okay so where you do that there could be people there who smoke yeah do you see what I'm saying yeah so you could have picked up traces of drugs from there you wouldn't know that you state officer hazel takes the man's suitcase to the x-ray but her colleague Sam think she might have worked out what's causing the high traces of cocaine we just have to check your partner but what I think is happening is because of the drugs you're taking it's reacting for the cocaine test that's probably all it is yeah but that's what it is I think that's what it is because you've got really strong medication and I think that's where it is because you're taking it when you sweat it goes into the into your pores and where then it goes onto your clothing then you're putting the clothing in your suitcase and that's what's contaminated hazal search of the man's suitcase comes back clear as well despite the questioning the couple are happy to accept that it's been a necessary interrogation by the officers sorry for delaying okay it was fine because I sprang him out the queue and he was absolutely fine he was charming chatty and the minute that you mention drugs cocaine specifically he was not happy at all he's a Rastafarian and to my understanding they use cannabis don't have much to do with cocaine but he got quite cross up here but then he called me princess so I figured it wasn't too bad nobody ever calls me princess they felt better when I stood up and keeps the medication in Birmingham officers have just minutes to decide what to do with the man carrying over 4,000 pounds in cash having lied about the amount of money he was carrying background checks have been conducted which if brought up more lies do you know what being arrested as not as well you've never been arrested well record should definitely suck no record talk sweetly good sister that's the airport Israel you said you'd never been a troubled customer the PNC he's got a Czech squid bank for been giving cigarettes into Birmingham Airport and 1,400 that was last year despite his previous offences today the main concern is the four thousand pounds in cash which may be illegal income having failed to pay any taxes for the previous two years officers decide to seize the money if they suspect him of tax evasion money you need to make a decision on whether you're going to travel or whether you're going to stay here to answer further questions in relation to the money and miss your flock that's your decision you're free to go but the money's not free to go you understand you can unless your flight and Steve to speak with us and you won't be flying today or you know flat or or you can go in the flight know what your money will be staying here and we'll go before the magistrate in 40 hours so you have to make the decisions up do you want to fly what you want to stay reluctantly he hands over all of his cash his case will go to court and he'll have the chance to appeal the seizure when he returns to the UK that's the reasons why the money's been taken from me okay thank you with just seconds to spare the man and his wife catch their flight – their cash if you own the last check about what my own taxes had paid what benefits has been claiming he would have been on the flight with that money because we did the check we found out he hadn't paid his taxes which therefore is a good approach to decline so therefore each money's gone the woman caught smuggling 25,000 pounds worth of cocaine in her laptop was found guilty and sentenced to five and a half years in prison

Thailand: Explosion rocks central Bangkok – BBC News

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There has been a large explosion close to a shrine in the centre of the Thai capital, Bangkok. Local TV has initially reported five dead and 20 injured and quoted police as saying it was caused by a bomb. The BBC’s Jonathan Head, who is at the scene, says there is a huge amount of chaos with body parts scattered everywhere and a crater that does indicate a bomb attack. If this is confirmed, he says, it would be rare for the capital

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this is just author Luciana very well-known shrine right in the center of Bangkok next to a five-star hotel very well-known the most massive explosion went off about half an hour ago we're surrounded by bodies pieces of bodies there's blood everywhere it's an appalling theme it former certainly fit that we think it's a bomb looking as a crater and smell of smoke and and learning and just these everywhere these around us these bodies and injured people it's a dreadful death we'll see you know nobody really can understand what it is or why it happened it's completely unexpected this is a very very popular shrine it's always crowded with people coming to wish her good fortune and place of a fortune that's close to where the forum was so people around the shrine were hit by the full force of the blast around me now we can see paramedics and police trying to take the injured away but there are a lot of people can't be helped now there are burnt motorbikes house on the main road as well as fires have been put out now all the flame so this is an extraordinary scene in an area which is very very popular with tourists as well massive destruction and massive amounts of human damage we think at least 12 people are dead judging by the ones we've seen it may well be higher than that it sounds absolutely horrific presumably the roads have been all closed off around that area are there enough emergency services at the scene helping what a lot of ambulances have come here there are a lot of paramedics is a bit chaotic you know there but they are trying to treat the wounded frankly you know I'm looking at one woman in front of me now she hasn't moved I don't know if she's alive or dead next to her is somebody who is been treated that he's done a horrific injury on his leg you know I think for a lot of these people it's possibly going to be too late if people got here pretty quickly it's a very busy intersection this there isn't any traffic now I must thank you once that bang went off people ran away from it and it's a lot the roads pretty effectively what we simply don't know is what caused it it seems very likely it was a bomb if so large bombs like this are very rare in the in entire release but part of Thailand was unheard of in Bangkok and so it's a very unprecedented situation but as you can imagine a huge amount of chaos around me at the moment a lot of distress a lot of people in pain just chaos how do you even begin Jonathan to speculate if it was a bomb what group could be responsible not really I mean we've had problem and insurgency in the south of Thailand which has used massive bombs like this at times but they have never operated outside the detail provinces they've never launched an attack in Bangkok or in any other tourist target so it will be completely out of character if that's where it originated we it does seem to me looking at the crater and where it is it does seem as though it was a bomb but as the motives I'm sure people will be a rise of speculation that it may be connected in some way to Thailand political situation I simply couldn't guess at this stage

'Ball of pure white light' thought to be a UFO spotted over Leeds

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According to Iain Boyd, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, the Pentagon’s sudden interest has little do do with aliens.

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Brendan O'Neill vs Dalia Gebrial

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Shelagh Fogarty hosted a discussion on LBC between Brendan O’Neill (Editor of Spiked Online) and Dalia Gebrial (Articles Editor of Novara Media) following David Lammy’s comments on the Marr show during which he basically likened Brexiters to Nazis.

Brendan gave Dalia a bit of a drubbing.

So much so she reverted to type and spoke of her browness and also spoke disparagingly of white people.

It’s a funny old world.

and as much as it's a comment on what David Lammy said and whether he should or should not have said it I want our conversation this hour also to be about how we between us between ourselves talk about politics here to help us kick it off is Brendan O'Neill editor of spiked and in the studio with me Dalia Gabriel editor at navara Media good afternoon to you both Brendan first of all you tell me what you made of the comments yesterday and the previous ones in the speech because there was they were different in tone yes I don't think there's any such thing as too far I think people should be free to say whatever they want including David Lammy and there should be no suggestion whatsoever of censorship or censure or any other kind of punishment for what he said however I do think he sounds shrill irrational historically illiterate and deeply prejudiced in what he's been saying in recent months about Brett Z supporters and brexit voters and this is the great irony of remainer Zoar Ramona's like David Lammy they pose as people who are opposed to prejudiced but they have unleashed into the world some incredibly ugly prejudices about ordinary voters about Brett Z supporters and about the population at large I mean it's very poisonous and very device I'll come back to some of the detail behind some of those claims you just made there once we've heard from Dalia Dalia Gabriel editor at navara media David lamby's comments both yesterday and in that original speech where he compared at the ERG to and always ideology as he could have called it to Nazi ideology yeah I think this comes probably as a bit of a shock but I actually think that David Lammy is making a very astute point and I actually think it's very sobering fascism the far-right it doesn't start with Nazi salutes it doesn't start with people marching down the streets in black shirts it starts with the kind of language that we have seen flourish through the leave campaign and also through the right-wing media in decades leading up which the UN actually picked out the right-wing British media as being particularly dehumanizing in the way it talks about immigration fascism starts with the demonization of already vulnerable groups of ethnic minorities of racial minorities and it's about basically making those people into enemies of the nation and it starts with that language and if it's allowed to continue it can justify all the kinds of violence against them and of course that has always existed this is a question to both of you that has always existed to one degree or another in our politics let's say in the last 50 70 years you say what that it is becoming obviously more intense more dangerous and that David Lammy and others are right to call it what they say it is yeah and I think that Brendon is being very disingenuous when he is saying that David Lammy is is talking about all the voters he isn't he's making a very specific point about people with power with political cultural social powers were talking media Baron Zemo and Brendon that's completely and utterly untrue and if you look at the comments that Lanny first made straight after the referendum he said that the referendum had unleashed the wisdom he puts quite scare quotes around the word wisdom off the plebiscite and he said that wisdom turns out to be one of resentment and Prejudice that is reminiscent off the 1930s so from the very GetGo DH a few days after the referendum he was comparing ordinary people to Nazis and we've seen this again and again and it's such a terrible state of affairs where for what for one of the first times in living a second when he said that immediately after the vote resentment anger did he say then anything about Nazis he said it was a resentment and Prejudice reminiscent of the 1930s everyone knows what that means right that means 1930s Europe that means tonight that means the Nazis well what we are actually took on that but you know we have a situation hold on let me finish my comment let me finish we have a situation where ordinary people for the first time in living memory have asserted their democratic rights and have demanded some more democratic control and we have leftists calling them fascists it's such an incredible betrayal of ordinary people's right to have some democratic determinism over their own affairs I think it's really repulsive and that's where the real prejudice is coming just before we come back to Dahlia in what sense were his comments yesterday and in that original speech historically inaccurate as you described them Brendon because I think to compare the contemporary political situation as tense and difficult as it is to the horrors of the 1930s is historically illiterate and even worse than that it fuels its own form of prejudice because one of the key drivers behind anti-semitism off the kind that we see in the Corbin movement for example is Holocaust relativism this idea that the Holocaust period wasn't as bad as the Jews say and I think anything which which waters found the uniqueness of what happened in the 1930s is an incredibly dangerous game to play so I'm worried about David Langley's use of Holocaust relativism to win political points Darley oh come in I think that this is a completely shameful link that is being made by Brendan right now this is not something that David Lammy is just saying this is what people historians of the Holocaust and historians of fascism are saying about this current moment it starts with language it starts with whipping people up into a racist frenzy and it can end in a very toxic place and can't have we forgotten that he was assassinated for showing humanity towards refugees have we forgotten that five mosques were attacked in the immediate aftermath of Christchurch is that David Lammy sport is that Corbin's fault or is it the fault of politicians that have aroused the kind of language to justice friends and combative humanize Muslims in particular okay again this is a friend this is just naked elitism this idea that the vote the massive vote for breaks it was an act of racist frenzy is just something but only someone who is utterly disconnected from ordinary people could possibly hold a view like that because if you actually went outside of your navara and made your bubble and talk to ordinary people possibly even some working-class people you would find that the reason people voted for Brett see it was on the basis of democracy the number one reason was that they believed British laws should be made by Democratic British institutions faster than one reason people gave for voting for break sir there's a latest view that they're all whipped up into a racist frenzy is that's exactly what I'm talking about it's ugly spiteful view of voters as not even waiting it's real snobbery what I'm arguing is that the lead campaign was able to get millions of people to co-sign a racist narrative and quite ordinary person I don't speak as a brown person in this country who knows what it is like to step out of the house after the Christchurch shootings after hearing that swastikas are being spray-painted on walls and mosques are being attacked I will take no lessons from you on how seriously we should be treating racist language considering murderer Andres Brevik a product of multiculturalism I'm sorry but the existence of people of color in this country does not justify because people can't hear it go on Brendan I said that the politics of identity is an incredibly divisive phenomenon which intensifies racial thinking and I think that's the cause of so much of the violence that we see today but okay if we plain the identity part let me say that as the working-class son of Irish immigrants I am sick and tired of the media class of which you seem to be a representative looking down upon ordinary voters as this mob who can be so easily whipped into a prejudiced frenzy by demagogues and that's exactly you have just exposed precisely the prejudices I'm talking about because we are now talking about ordinary people we are not talking about people with power so stop behind ink hiding behind the pseudo Marxist front you are talking about ordinary people and you think they are so dumb and so suggestible can have a prejudice that they can begin to a frenzy by demagogues that's what this is about and and we focused in our conversation here a lot on breaks it for obvious reasons because that that's where David Lammy started but what I want to do and perhaps Tyler I'll start with you on this it would be a mistake for any of us to presume that the extreme politics such as we might describe it exists only on the right it clearly exists on the left as well but I have found strange around an individual like Jacob Riis mark for example when he says that he does not believe abortion is ethically defensible when he and others say that same-sex marriage for those who believe marriage is a religious sacrament is not the same as marriage as they understand it would you my view when when people say that and they get attacked as intolerant bigots for saying it is that the intolerant bigot is the person attacking them because those are two examples where a person's religious faith the person's conscience a person's understanding of history are really brought to bear when they answer those questions I've seen deep intolerance on the left towards comments like that from Jacob Riis mark and others I'm just using him as a notable example do you accept there's intolerance on the left in in in perhaps social issues for example well I think that in the examples that you mentioned free speech is a two-way street Jacob Riis mark has the right to argue for he was called a monster when he did and he was routinely called a monster when he said those things well I think because the issues that he's talking about have really real impacts on people's lives you know it's about whether or not people whether or not you know people who are gay are able to adopt or whether or not people who are gay are able to have their marriage recognized yes I accept that and they're complex they're protected by state laws but he has every right to say what he believes doesn't even have been called a monster yeah absolutely but I think that in terms of and especially when we come back to this idea of the ordinary person I think the problem here is that there isn't one single ordinary person we've some for some reason pitting the working class against people of color and that is something that we are trying to break through in the session completely untrue a third of ethnic minority voters voted for breaks it they get completely airbrushed out of this discussion by the elitists working quite the working classes as I know from my personal experience growing up includes people of all colors and all faiths and all Creed's everyone knows this and working-class people and so Brendon about dahlias upbringing I don't know anything about dahlias upbringing a lot less long not as long as you have I'm talking about elitist attitudes I don't really mind where people come from or what their background is I'm talking about elitist attitudes and in my view if you look at history if you look at the arguments that were made against the Chartists who argued for working Crossroads all the arguments that were made against the suffragettes they were always the ordinary voters are untrustworthy because they are suggestive all and can be won over by demagogues when those arguments come back as they now do even if they are under the cover of leftist radicalism they have to be called out because once the argument was constantly made against suffrage for the working classes and for women and that's the elitism when talking let me get a final thought from you Dalia because I began my Brendon I do believe that brexit was a brick in the established in the walk in the window of the establishment and that is a concept that word means different things for different people doesn't quite it's a consequence in my view of growing inequality of policies like austerity that were passed by Westminster primarily but the problem with the leave campaign and I say this is someone who is very euro skeptical I'm not a Ramona as Brendan would call me I'm highly you're a sceptical and I would have voted leave under different terms the problem with the leave campaign is that it took those economic concerns of ordinary people and it made people blame their labor their brown or black neighbor or the refugee rather than the very elites that the politics of the leave campaign which was by the way run by very wealthy white men that actually is sustaining the very system that makes people more unequal to leave it there thank you very much indeed to both of you for a really interesting discussion to Dalia Gabrielle editor at Navarre immediate and to Brendon O'Neill editor of spiked your calling in your droves already talked to in a moment 120

Washington DC Statehood: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Washington DC experiences taxation without representation. It’s also missing from rhyming state songs. John Oliver and a group of singing children fix one of these problems.

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America land of the free home of the brave inventor of Chinese food now as you know America is made up of 50 states as a child you may have been forced to learn to sing them in order that is impressive especially especially because that is a difficult song the British version is a little simpler it goes like this England Scotland Northern Ireland Wales and now this song is done I will say the song used to be a lot longer but but of course 50/50 States does not quite tell the whole American story you might remember earlier this year we talked about US territories like Puerto Rico and Guam but there is one other u.s. population which suffers a lack of representation in DC and that's DC itself if you've ever visited you probably noticed that license plates a taxation without representation and that's for a pretty good reason Washington DC isn't like your typical city in America Congress has the final say over its budget and laws and DC does not have full representation on the hill the Chinese pandas at the National Zoo have as much right to representation in the US Congress as any resident in the District of Columbia okay okay but to be fair that is probably for the best we we don't need those pandas participating in representative democracy we need them and we need them to they're in danger the voting rights of mahjongg and Chan Chan can wait right now it's a clock you weird pile chromatic raccoons on steroids take a trip to pound town pronto look you can you can understand why many people in DC are angry because think about it they pay federal taxes and fight in wars and yet have no member of Congress who's able to vote on their behalf even though their population is larger than Vermont and Wyoming and their gross domestic product is higher than that of 16 states and if you think it well isn't this just how countries treat their capital cities it actually isn't we're the only democracy in the world that does this in fact when the Dalai Lama came to visit he wondered why a small pocket of people living in the world's champion of democracy lacked full voting rights calling it quite strange quite strange and it is not good when a guy from Tibet says wow this situation is really undemocratic someone should do something about it does Richard Gere know about this someone should tell him now to be fair DC does have a member of Congress eleanor holmes norton but there are some strict limits on her powers I vote in committee but I cannot do that which every American would believe is emblematic of citizenship and that is vote on the House floor vote on whether your taxes go up or go down vote on whether you go to war or not can't do that so she basically has pretend power like a child watching Dora the Explorer oh yeah Dora took her map out of her backpack because you told her to just just keep believing that your tiny idiots grow up and for more than two decades she's introduced bill after bill to grant DC IVA statehood or a vote in Congress and by the way you do not want to interrupt her while she's arguing for it someone tried eight years ago and it did not work out too well for me you know Graham not during my time to you you would have had your say and your say has been that you think that the people who live in your capital are not entitled to a vote in their house shame on you mr. Smith goes to Washington except she was already in Washington and doesn't have the power to do anything at this point it might be helpful to just take a moment and explain how DC got into this mess back in the late 1700s there was no permanent US Capitol it was just wherever Congress met meaning it was in eight different cities but after Congress was mobbed by veterans demanding back pain the Pennsylvania mutiny of 1793 they decided they needed an enclave under their own control so they added a clause to the Constitution which said that Congress shall have the power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over a federal district which is pretty significant power as far as documents demanding control go it's right up there with the one Christian gray asked Anastasia Steele to sign in 50 shades of grey before he pinched her butts or whatever I haven't seen it for obvious reasons Jamie Dornan was and remains hashtag not my Christian but dc-dc went under federal control in 1801 and it wasn't until the 1960s the DC's then three quarters of a million citizens mostly African African American were given even the most basic electoral rights until 1964 residents could not even vote in presidential elections it took a constitutional amendment to bestow that right a few years later Congress granted limited home rule allowing DC voters to elect a mayor and city council but required all legislation including the city's budget be subject to congressional approval and with that level of restriction the mayor of DC gets to run the city the way a student council president gets to run her high school oh sure Kelsey pick the theme for prom but will control the budget and Eyes Wide Shut is not an acceptable theme we are not having a repeat of last year it was a mess and it was surprisingly boring now to be fair to be fair here Congress very rarely rejects DC's decisions outright which sounds good unfortunately instead they attach so-called riders to DC's appropriations bills stripping out funding for things that they don't like and given that DC is a fairly liberal and diverse City and Congress is frequently neither of those things over the years Congress has repeatedly stepped in whenever DC is about to do something that they might disapprove of for example just last November 70% of Washingtonians voted to legalize possession of marijuana and DC's residents were pretty excited about that this string is a string called mrs. buttersworth it is illegal what you're doing right now very much it won't be illegal tomorrow correct that is correct what is that like to come out of the shadows of the work it's literally for me literally coming out of the closet I can literally take my butt at long last my tents can come out of its profits and the hydroponic plant inside it can proudly say I'm here my side effects include drowsiness the desire to make cloth out of bugles on your fingertips and fear get used to it get to it because I'm here and I look good ok but then Republicans in Congress stepped in and passed a rider forbidding DC from using their funds to enact that law and if you're wondering how that squares with the conservative ethos of limited government and states rights well here is how one of those congressmen justified it well Washington DC is a lot of state and Washington DC has a lot to offer but you know free rein on marijuana use I just don't buy that I just don't think that's that's the way they should operate so states rights yes but Washington DC is not a state you know you have a weak argument when you're clinging to the precise wording you used hey I said I wouldn't any other women this is my squash mate Gary having sex with women no but Gary is not a woman you stay here Gary let her leave now now DC managed to find a loophole that let them in acts that marijuana law anyway but other laws have not been so lucky for nearly a decade Congress successfully blocked DC from using its own tax dollars to fund a needle exchange program to battle the HIV epidemic and one of the men responsible for that Georgia Representative Bob Barr explained why I would also remind our colleagues of a very basic principle if you give people the means to do something and encourage them to do it well for heaven's sake no surprise they will do it okay that is just ridiculous because providing clean needles to drug users is not the same as putting out a bowl of chips and a party no one sees a needle exchange and thinks well I had no intention of ever taking heroin but seeing as you've offered you know what don't mind if I do how I don't want to be rude but but it's a little hard to hear him object to DC funding needle exchanges when you hear a little fact later mentioned by one of his colleagues I trust that mr. mr. Barr is aware that Georgia has a needle exchange program yes Georgia had a needle exchange program too and what's the representative bar think that theirs was for injecting peach cobbler intravenously oh I couldn't eat another bite but I sure as ain't done yet let me ride the peach show let me ride the peach there were consequences to that rider in the nine years that DC was denied its needle exchanges more than 1,500 injection drug users were diagnosed with HIV in the district and interestingly since DC finally funded their needle exchanges in 2008 HIV diagnosis linked to injecting drugs went down by 87 percent because of course they did needle exchanges are always preferable to the alternative try think of needles as bridesmaid dresses anyone who tells you you can reuse them does not have your best interests at heart just eat the $200 and throw it away Cheryl she screwed you she screwed all the girls it seems that Congress just forces riders on DC whenever they disapprove of how they're spending their own money they are treating more than 600,000 people right now like children and in case you think I'm exaggerating listen to Florida Congressman John mica explain why DC should not get full control over their budget well when my kids were young teenagers they always wanted the budget autonomy – so you believe district leaders or children is that what you're saying they're not ready no but they have matured we just don't want regression no no I'm not saying they're children I'm just saying they can't be trusted with money until they learn some responsibility and until then we should give them an allowance you know now that I'm hearing I am calling them children that is that is absolutely what I'm doing but the award for the most depressingly cynical thing that has ever been said about DC actually goes to our current president who in 2011 avoided a government shutdown by striking a deal with John Boehner that included prohibiting DC from spending its own money on abortions for low-income women saying and I quote John I will give you DC abortion are not happy about it and the only time trading away DC abortion would be acceptable is if DC abortion is a rare 1950s comic book and you're getting Marvel's the amazing mammogram in return that is it otherwise that's not great look the people of DC clearly deserve a greater voice in their own affairs and they've actually come tantalizingly close to getting a voting representative in Congress in 2009 a bill to give DC a volt was introduced in the Senate and the Senate did the most dickish thing imaginable passing it but with a little addition well you know they passed a major hurdle today getting this DC voting rights bill through the Senate but not without a highly controversial amendment attached to it this amendment would repeal all of DC's gun control laws oh she's not kidding that amendment would have repealed their ban on semi-automatic weapons removes criminal penalties for unregistered firearms and even altered their ability to enact future gun control legislation it was the kind of amendment NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre dreams about as he sleeps in his bullet filled bathtub I presume as a result of that amendment the bill was dropped and DC has not been close to getting a vote since and the problem is even if they eventually get one Congress could still add riders to mess with DC's laws and that's why many Washingtonians want full statehood but that's probably a long shot because last year Congress held its first hearing on DC statehood in 21 years and the turnout was not encouraging the sad thing was only two members two senators of that committee actually showed up to listen to testimony today that's pathetic yeah it was only two turned up that's not just a pathetic attendance for a hearing on Capitol Hill that would be pathetic for a one-year-olds birthday party really Mikey just your mom and dad you haven't made any other friends in an entire year put yourself out there my kid the world is waiting for you my kid and look whether the fix is a vote or statehood something has to happen the problem is inertia is a really powerful force and opponents might say well we can't grant a DC statehood we'd have to change the Constitution but we could do that the whole point of amendments is to fix things that no longer make any sense it's happened 27 times and Counting others will say well hold on we have to change the flag but we could do that we're sure it would look slightly different but we've been using a 51 star flag for this whole segment and none of you are noticed and yes yes it would probably screw up the songs that we learned as children but we could change those too in fact until DC situation is fixed we've taken the liberty of adding an amendment to that song would you like to hear it boys and girls how're you doing Donna sing a song about the 50 states the inequities inherent in living in our nation's capital kids now specific about the problem it's horrifying but it's true the solution you're totally convinced that there should be just 50 states you

Scotland News Report Macbeth Layer B

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Here is a news report for Scotland during the reign of Macbeth.

hello ladies and welcome to back bath news today we'll be reporting the news in Scotland at the moment King Duncan our former King has been killed as you well know from the previous reports so let's have a look at how our new king is doing King Macbeth there have been some interesting rumours regarding Macbeth including him killing multiple people such as our previous King King Duncan oh what a morally granted man he was and Banquo apparently he was a former comrade of Macbeth so I don't know why he would ever do something like that Lady Macbeth Macbeth wife seems to be part of this in some way as well even people calling her the source of the morally wrong acts and Macbeth in the first place on another note Macduff found Banquo's body which led us his people to suspect Macbeth in the first place as his murderer because who else would want to kill a man such as him other events taking place include Lady Macbeth slowly going insane and muttering phrases such as it won't wash off which might refer to her previous actions causing great consequences today which has in turn led to the thought of Lady Macbeth having to do with this murder ordeal in the first place Lady Macbeth seems to not be able to be treated by the doctor as well with him saying that a divine power must help her now is there's nothing he can do for her also Mac Duff's family seems to have been murdered by Macbeth which leads us to our next news the Norwegian army is seeing Macbeth as a threat now I'm calling him a tyrant based on this evidence of murder so they finally decided to launch an attack on Macbeth involving their army and of a plan as well our sources suggest they are going to hide their numbers with branches for Birnam forest what an interesting attack that will be we'll make sure to tune in to tomorrow's news and see what happens to our King Macbeth when he gets bombarded with this sneak attack also make sure to check back on how our Lady Macbeth is doing and which evidence suggests she might be so beyond insane that she could kill herself have a nice day all of you Watchers of our regular news out there

NBN News Newcastle

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Joinery Skillaroo, Mitchell Edwards is interviewed. With only 60 days to go until the WorldSkills International Competition in Calgary Canada, Mitchell describes his training in the lead up to taking on the world.

a talented young cabinet maker from Lake Macquarie is off to match his skills with the best in the world Mitchell Edwards finished his joinery apprenticeship last year and has now won through to the final of world skills competition to be held in Canada in September while his day job making kitchen pays the bills it's his passion for in Turkish timber work that will be put to the test there's no room for step up when you get the edge of that sort of higher because we've got three orange M&E in a lot of other countries that are really good

Geo News Special – Electioneering In Leeds On A Day Before UE Polls

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Geo News Special – Electioneering In Leeds On A Day Before UE Polls

Corner meetings were held in Leeds by different British political parties to garner suppport just a day ahead of May 23 elections for the European parliament. The Brexit Party is also getting popularity among the local people. The EU election was the main topic in a meeting of the Labour Party’s councilors as well. They called upon the people to vote in the polls so that the far right parties marked with Islamophobia are not successful.


Manchester United vs Burnley LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM NEWS!

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We’re LIVE from Old Trafford from 2pm GMT with Manchester United vs Burnley Premier League team news reaction! Who do you want to start? COMMENT BELOW!

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hi guys welcome to full-time Devils hope you guys have all had a great Christmas and I hope you're all doing well it's Boxing Day we're here at old trafford we're inside hotel football so thank you very much to hold our football for having us inside today out of the cold inside how're you doing you're doing good I'm trying to get the team News up at the moment so as soon as I do have that for you I'll let you know what the team is if you have it and get it in the comments and I can read it out for you as well and I'll keep trying to get them out for you in the meantime keep your comments coming in are you looking forward to the game are you nervous about this game Burnley held us to a nil nil draw here last season tumhe and was an absolute fire wasn't he and we've got to make sure he's not playing today I think it'll be Nick Pope and goal for them as Tom heon's injured but what we need to make sure we're at it today we need to make sure we're up for it there'll be a lot of Manchester United fans coming here today a little bit disappointed at the simple fact that United haven't been able to keep up the chase going with a win at Leicester we didn't do that as Latin Ibrahimovic starts and that is you heard me Alex so get thinking about your prediction is that an ibrahimovic starts David the hair in go young at right-back jones Rojo sure at left-back now this is what I wanted midweek when I was thinking about a team I was thinking no Valencia so put young there and then put Luke Shore in that left and that's what we've gone with today Chris Smalling out of the team now I know I was giving him criticism for missing that header but he's got a groin injury so not surprised he's at its roll Jones together again at the heart of the defense in the midfield we got mattock and Padma then we've got matter as Latin Rushford and Rommel ooh Lukaku that is the team news for manchester night the haeryung Jones Rojo Shaw Matich Pogba matter matter in great form the other day Ibrahim ovitch looks like you might be in the number 10 position Rochefort and Romelu Lukaku on the bench Romero blend Lindelof Tuan's a bee ander Herrera mycket Aryan and Hesse a ling gardenia that's the team what you think in steep good to see Lucho back in a mixer I was expecting this midweek where we could have put Ashley hung on the other side a diamond at a dreadful game that day so yeah and young on the right hand side we can actually cross a ball first time rather than checking back I like that I think this might end up looking a little for fall to me Shawn we have the ball ibrahim that's been back in the starting eleven is pretty gangster I like how they're gonna line up my question mark is your mataron Rochefort's ability to deliver balls into the box or what could be two big strikers because really that's a massive asset that we should be utilizing in faith with Rose a little unfair a lot of criticism that rush would receiving he made a schoolboy error the guys basically about 18 month battle being at school so like I think it's fair enough if he learns from and he doesn't make them mistakes again sound but he's a young player and he's a young player that doesn't really have a lot of leaders on the pitch that can tell him the correct things to do and the correct time to do I think that's what you missed like the experience of someone like a gigs or even a Rooney to be your saw not seen it and been there seen it done it in all these sort of situations but it's a good team it's a it's a team that's clearly gonna go for it I'm interested to see how Luke sure does glad to see to unsavoury no no Marshall on the bench glad to see to anze be back in the bench because I think with all the problems that we've had at Center off the fact that he's not even been thought of he's a little bit worrying because the guys absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to see him playing for United regularly do you think it's an accumulation of fixtures the reason Marshall has been left out freshen it up on the bench and then bring him back in and the weekend their game Southampton I can only guess and I would guess yes you know we've got a lot of players that play in similar sort of positions we've seen mica Tyrion in the world of us a little bit recently as last times obviously only just come back into the fold for for starting and being on the bench so yeah I think these probably know people would be overreacting and he's not someone's writing an article right now at a metro or goal or somewhere saying that we're going to sell him because he wasn't playing today that's just the way football is isn't it but I said I think this is a team so bitter about not getting that job at gold Steve definitely always wanted to be a tea boy at goal that was my lifelong dream week 2008 enjoy yellow Jones and Rojo probably forced because the small Inns injury and also to unsay be on the bench prolly also forced because a small is injury but I think there's an opportunity there for someone to stand up to be the second choice striker sent thereafter because once Bay's fit he's number one and there's no arguments about that whatsoever Bay is number one any some people say marina always dumb I don't know where all this coming from but I've seen a few comments now now why do you think that is the Marcial thing getting people emotional again I don't know I see a lot of garbage written by a lot of over reactionary people to be honest if you think about it is philosophically I see people say Marino's not being backed furillo right I see me people say menials not been backs right is it true for the matter right marina has probably been backed second best in the world in the history of football right he should not backed as much as I gave an unlimited budget he'd been planning for the guy coming for like six years so I can live with that right I think we've got the resources and I think we've got the ability to be able to to do what Joe's a marina or needs to be done it but it needs one thing that I don't think our fan base has gotten at least patience it takes time I don't think the world's got patience at this moment I think everything everyone just wants a vacation society don't worry and I think sometimes you know these are old phrasing the good things come to those who wait Walton time well 20 years ago mate Manchester City was winning the third division and we was winning a trouble twenty years ago Manchester City fans literally couldn't have imagined beaten was in a derby let alone winning a title and finishing above United right ten years ago they was losing at Middlesbrough eight one that is the level at Manchester City are we're not the level that they were we are I didn't see that all right I got it we're not we're not as far away a city was 10 and 20 years ago we're second to them that's the thing nobody's talking about what the rest of the league is doing and they're saying how bad Manchester United is well if Manchester United of this bud and the rest of the league is that far behind Manchester United then maybe it's not that impressive that's it you're beating everyone because everybody's people just need to get a little bit of perspective someone just asked in the comments do I think like what was the question the team moves for you guys that have just joined us Tabitha haeryung Jones row whole sure Matt each pod by the captain again captain Piper again mater Ibrahimovic Rochefort Lukaku what were you just saying before we got rudely interrupted someone asks a question can as Latin and Lukaku work together and I think yeah because I think at times you'll see Zlatan mooching to the number 9 spot I think for a lot of it you'll sit off and they'll play ball and he's got a good football brain and he's got a good bit of orchestration he's a lead and Lukaku create you mentions that and pulling into the number nine Lukaku the other day create two or three opportunities one for Rushford one for lingard and he was generally his all-round play was pretty good another thing that went under the radar because of the disappointment of the last-minute draw and but that could happen a lot over the last six weeks we've been honest with ourselves that's what we've seen quite a lot of over the last month for now for two months that is all round gamers massively improved and something that I was sort of noticing and discussing with people online there seems like I was better for his last year because Latin scored more goals that's such insula finking what Lukaku was brought to Manchester United his overall gameplay evidenced by the fact that you see in the bars that it plays but also by the fact that the goals are being spread around the team more this year last year that sound finished on its lot I'm finished on 28 goals the nearest goalscorer to him was on 11 goals this year you've got Lukaku on 15 but you've got players on 10 9 8 goals because the rest of the team is being brought in and the movement of Lukaku up from just these movement alone is leaving gaps what were people to run into and take advantage of let alone his ability to make and create chances himself so I think that yes he's gone through a little bit of a dip goal scoring and hurricane today scoring goals us put even more pressure on people and if Lukaku doesn't score today you know that's your people right he's a fraud and this that new ver but his overall gameplay is absolutely great and I'm really happy with his contribution and I'm yeah I think he's gonna finish the season on 25 to 30 goals which is a phenomenal return gaved the haeryung Jones Rahul sure Matich the park better captain matter ibrahimovic Rushford and Romelu Lukaku on the bench we've got Sergio Romero Linda Linda laughed when they be and a Herrera Mecca Tyrion and Jesse lingard know Antony Marcy ow Victor's just said Marcia will be replacing Rochefort yeah he's not gonna be doing that today because he's not on the bench who's not in the eleven he's not going to be playing today yeah Lacock who's passing was minute in the last game I agree with that as well Jacob Marcel is apparently injured says Sebastian Jordan because Rochefort is a quality player yeah all this pressure on Marcus Radford is ridiculous to me the boys going from his first real dip in form in his first since his first 18 months at the club is it been more than 18 months it's been in the first 24 months maybe max rush yeah a team in February it's gonna be two years so for a player that said his first two years I've been broken unto the ceiling and this is his first first dip in form real peeping form because not so long ago I thought you think we did a well it's been lacking confidence it's been months since rush redundant good game ones last semi good game I was like Moscow 50 December next question yeah but is it going up work people are caught talking about his attitude everything I don't get it Marcus Russia's attitude he's a man that literally is the epitome of spirit and attitude I don't get it I think people just need to vent sometimes and I think they need to be more considerate and think about what they're actually saying sometimes because people do vent and so our autumn nonsense whoever heard of an inconsistent 19 year old no I mean 1919 I'll tell you what we've got their mother we've got another we've got the other whiz kid united whiz kid about its man like Alex Alex first of all Merry Christmas mate you have a good one we've got a little something for you as well that will give you later so we're not going to embarrass you one yeah we don't do none of that we know your girlfriends are all watching and all that Alex what's your score prediction for today three one you think Burnley are gonna score your night they're gonna score free whose score him first it's Latin you're happy that is back you went to Madrid nice media thankfully you're back though now cuz you are our good luck charm yeah so we win in today tell him come on you night I'll see you in a bit yeah right yeah from Alex you know it is same free one I'm gonna go with out free well I think we'll score free I don't think they'll score disturb you got a prediction did you give it a car member I'm all over the place in mayor I want to say one nil cos Burnley literally only involved in one Mills pretty much I think – no I don't think they've got really a lot of goals in that we should be worried about we need we bought pouring forward but Sean Beck's a hell of a manager you know people people need be patient because Burnley can probably keep us nil-nil at halftime not get on the team's back support or Akash see what any man that eats razor blades I ain't gonna mess with really razor blades Shaw died she's running around a hotel football apparently yeah Steve you feeling happy I'm always up to me no matter much where ask where else would you want to be on Boxing Day then I'm gonna beer and watching United what what better fingers than my own off this morning uh today having guys that is the team news live stream thanks to Steve and thanks to Alex you can subscribe to ball for their YouTube channels on youtube if you just search their name see Alison and Alex kneeled and ie I'll be make sure you do that log up after the game Alex feel as well and Steve will have a fan come on full-time devils so thanks for joining us I'm going free Neil alex is going free one Steve's going to know I'm out of my Cola we're out of here Rebs north

Man arrested over Birmingham mosque attack

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Man arrested over Birmingham mosque attack as it is revealed it was not a hate crime.

an attack at a mosque in Birmingham in which three men and a police officer was stabbed was not a hate crime says the local MP it's thought the incident which happened around 11:00 p.m. last night started after one worshipper turned on the others a male police constable was injured when he arrived at the scene he fired a taser which hit the knife man but it had no effect police say a 32 year old suspect has been taken to a secure mental health facility but QC and the police have pulled together really quickly since incident last night and what's already clear is that this was not a hate crime this was a tragic sad an isolated incident and what's really important now is that people stay very hot calm we pray for those who have been hurt and run around their families and we let justice now take its course

Under the Hood: Monza & the Sinister Split Bumper | Street Outlaws

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Monza’s an OG 405 racer, but that doesn’t mean his car stays the same. Find out what modifications he’s made in the off season to take his street car to the next …

Nigel Farage: An Uplifting Message – Brexit Party Rally for Democracy, Bolton, 20.05.2019

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www.thebrexitparty.org | @BrexitParty_UK • Brexit Party Rally, Bolton, 20.05.2019 • Speakers in order of appearance: – Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, …

BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Armchair tourism (19th February 2014)

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Watch our weekly news video. This week’s video is: Armchair tourism: How to visit the Taj Mahal – without going to India. Take a closer look with Video Words in …

Fed up Fox anchors DESTROY Trump’s sanctuary city threat

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BREAKING: Fox News hosts Shep Smith and Chris Wallace just destroyed Trump’s threat to dump undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities.

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Shep Smith: The fact is, no Democrat – not
one in Congress or otherwise – has called for open borders. And as far as sanctuary cities go, there are
actually 5 sanctuary states. California, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island
and Vermont, are all sanctuary states. And on top of that there are 127 sanctuary
cities. But the law is clear: you can’t do this. Is this a talking point for the day? Is this an effort to change the news cycle
or change the narrative? Or what is this? Do we know? Chris Wallace: Well, we don’t know. I have a suspicious, which I’ll give you
in a second. But let’s go back. Remember, this is a story that was broken
last night by The Washington Post. In fact, we didn’t know it until last night,
that twice, once last November, once in February during the whole shutdown crisis, that the
White House suggested to ICE, to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “hey, let’s take
some of those migrants at the border, people that are in detention and have to leave, let’s
put them in busses. Think about this. Put them on busses and put them in sanctuary
cities. All the way up the coast of California to
San Francisco. Dump them on the streets. Take them all the way into the northeast,
as you pointed out, to Rhode Island or Connecticut and dump them on the street.” And twice, ICE said you can’t do it. One, we don’t have the funding to do it. Two, we don’t have the busses to do it. Three, there’s liability, what if there’s
an accident? What if someone gets sick or hurt? All kinds of reasons why they couldn’t do
it. And the White House came back last night and
said, “Look, this was an idea that was floated and was rejected.” And that was the end of it. They also flatly denied that there was an
effort of political retaliation here. Now, suddenly, quite a surprise to I think
everybody, the president this afternoon comes out with a tweet and says, “No this isn’t
over. I’m seriously considering it.” And you saw him say in that press availability
just now, “I am seriously considering this. They want open borders, they want people there,
we’ll give them people.” Which sort of sounds like political retaliation. Here’s my guess – and it is only a guess. Take it for what it’s worth. This will never happen. This is the president saying, “We’re not
going to cower and try to pretend we didn’t really do this. I’m going to double down and suggest it. My base will like it.” That was Fox News’ Shep Smith and Chris
Wallace dumping cold water on Trump’s threat to send undocumented immigrants in sanctuary
cities. Trump: I call them illegals. They came across the border illegally. We’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas
and let that particular area take care of it, whether it’s a state or whatever it
might be. California certainly is always saying, “oh
we want more people.” And they want more people in their sanctuary
cities. Well, we’ll give them more people. We’ll give them a lot. We can give them an unlimited supply. Because while Trump’s threats are as subtle
as a heart attack, Shep and Chris Wallace clearly have his number. And that is that this whole manufactured crisis
is a) a talking point to drum up support from his shrinking, extremist base, b) the legal
liability equivalent of putting a trampoline in the middle of an elementary school gymnasium,
setting it on fire and then calling the kids over and c) disingenuous. Nothing will ever amount from this. And Trump knows that—and that makes it so
much worse, because it’s not even a serious policy proposal; it’s meant SOLELY to exploit
undocumented immigrants as pawns, as political props, and nothing more. To him, they’re not humans, they’re chess
pieces. And to him, they always have been. He has never viewed immigrants as people,
from referring to them as animals on numerous occasions—
Trump: We have people coming into the country – trying to come in – we’re stopping
a lot of them. But we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people
are. These aren’t people. They’re animals. to predicating his presidential campaign on
banning them from the country— Trump: We will build a great wall across the
southern border. Anyone who illegally crosses the border will
be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which
they came. to using DACA recipients as a bargaining chip
to end the government shut down he created, putting 800,000 federal employees out of work. And while Trump tries as hard as he can to
dehumanize these immigrants, these people who come here to escape gang violence and
economic strife, the people who clean our houses and cook our food and mow our lawns
and farm our crops, his attacks fell flat, as mayors from cities around the country called
his bluff and offered to welcome immigrants into their cities. Like Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who said,
“The city would be prepared to welcome these immigrants just as we have embraced our immigrant
communities for decades. This White House plan demonstrates the utter
contempt that the Trump Administration has for basic human dignity.” But even if America’s sanctuary city’s
mayors didn’t call his bluff, it wouldn’t matter. The White House has no legal authority to
bus immigrants long distances. Even Homeland Security officials sought legal
advice and found that the plan wasn’t in accordance with federal law. Basically, if someone is seeking asylum in
the United States, the government can detain them for a certain amount of time until their
hearing with an immigration judge. And once they exceed the amount of time that
they can detain them, if they haven’t had their hearing yet, they have to release them. But keep in mind two things: First, if anyone
has any record of violence or criminal activity, they aren’t released. And second, while Trump claims that once immigrants
are released, they never come back for their hearings, that’s not true. Data shows that the large majority, about
75%, DO come back for their hearings. And that number used to be higher before the
Trump administration ended an Obama-era program that matched asylum-seekers with case managers
who encouraged compliance with court-ordered obligations. That program’s participants had a 100% attendance
record at their hearings. In other words, Trump broke it and then complained
that it was broken. And that shouldn’t surprise anyone, because
the fact is that Trump is not looking for any type of solution here. He’s not interested in keeping Americans
safe or seeking comprehensive immigration reform or finding a pathway to citizenship. He’s only interested in using immigrants
as pawns to further stoke division. Except now, no one is falling for it.

The Future Is Flavor: Dan Barber x sweetgreen x row 7 seed co.

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100000 seeds. 6 farms. 1 quest to reimagine flavor. This season, sweetgreen joined friend and collaborator, Blue Hill Chef and star of Netflix’s Chef’s Table Dan …

Tory MP says deal with DUP is good for Northern Ireland and UK – Daily Mail

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The DUP will be back for more cash from the Tories and the £1billion price paid to get them to prop up Theresa May is just a downpayment, it has been claimed. Nick Macpherson, a former permanent secretary at the Treasury, warned the party founded by Ian Paisley would demand more cash ‘again and again’. The ‘confidence and supply’ deal, which will see the 10 DUP MPs back Mrs May on crucial legislation, was agreed yesterday (pictured) after weeks of wrangling. But it will reviewed in two years time and then at the end of each parliamentary session – likely two more full reviews of the deal. In addition, a Tory-DUP committee will negotiate week by week on measures not included in the agreement.

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బుగ్గన దెబ్బకి నోరు వెళ్లబెట్టిన లోకేష్ | Buggana Superb Reply To Nara Lokesh | Daily Politics

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బుగ్గన దెబ్బకి నోరు వెళ్లబెట్టిన లోకేష్ | Buggana Superb Reply To Nara Lokesh In Council | Daily Politics

#Naralokesh #Bugganarajendraprasad #APAssembly #dailypolitics

UH OH! When the Judges buzz TOO EARLY! | Britain's Got Talent

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See more from Britain’s Got Talent at Don’t buzz too soon! Here are some of the best acts with a little surprise up their sleeves, that left the …

The Nigel Farage Show: 9th June 2019 – LBC

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The Nigel Farage Show returns at 10am, and you can watch it here live. Make sure you never miss a single word of our world-leading discussion by subscribing …

Ken Starr Exposes the Left's Legal Breakdowns

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Ken Starr exposes the left’s legal failures as they try to take down President Trump. The former independent counsel also promotes his memoir of the Clinton …

South Africa begins seizing land from white farmers

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‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ exclusive: South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has just begun the process of seizing land from his own citizens, without …

BREAKING NEWS: Botswana court stops Police from shutting down Prophet Bushiri’s ECG church

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BREAKING NEWS: Botswana court stops Police from shutting down Prophet Bushiri’s ECG church
GABORONE-(MaraviPost)-The High Court in Gaborone, Botswana on Wednesday ordered the police not to close down the Enlightening Christian Gathering (ECG) church branches in that country, unless there is expressed authority from the minister.

This means that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG churches in Botswana are free to operate as before the ban that was imported last week.

The development comes a week after international media, the BBC and the local The Citizen news reports features the ban of the ECG.

Meanwhile, The Voice Newspaper reports that the ECG church members lauded their God for the victory against the hand of the devil.

Belle Ken Magama wrote; “We are serving the living God. He will never forsaken nor put us to shame. This is the year of Angel Gabriel. We are untouchable…..eeeeeee power!”

“If you touch me by mistake, you die by correction. Touch not the anointed,” Olennetse Terry France added in as quoted by Botswana’s The Voice Newspaper.

Malawi-born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, apart from Botswana, has churches in Ghana, South Africa, USA and Malawi, claims to have cured people of HIV and brought people back from the dead, South Africa’s Mail & Guardian reports.

Prophet Bushiri predicted the UK would split, “states” would fight and it would descend into “chaos.” the Maravi Post highlighted in a report last year.

Maravi Post nominated Prophet Bushiri the oaoer’s 2017 Person of the year.

Prophet Bushiri, who has more than 2.3 million likes on Facebook and filled Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium on New Year’s Eve with 100,000 people. This past week the ECG Pretoria recorded 70,000 worshipers and 20,000 giving their lives to Jesus.

breaking news botswana court stops police from shutting down profit Boucherie zcg church Gaborone a Mara V post the High Court in Gaborone a Botswana on Wednesday ordered the police not to close down the enlightening Christian gathering ECG Church branches in that country unless there is expressed authority from the minister this means that prophet Shepherd Boucherie zcg churches in Botswana are free to operate as before the band that was imported last week the development comes a week after international media the BBC and the local the citizen news reports features the ban of the ECG meanwhile The Voice newspaper reports that the ECG church members lauded their God for the victory against the hand of the devil Belkin Megami wrote we are serving the Living God he will never forsake and nor put us to shame this is the year of angel Gabriel we are untouchable ee-ee-ee-ee power you touch me by mistake you die by correction touch not the anointed Oh Linette see Terry France added in as quoted by Botswana's The Voice newspaper Malawi born prophet shepherd Boucherie apart from Botswana has churches in Ghana South Africa USA and Malawi claims to have cured people of HIV and brought people back from the dead South Africa's Mail and Guardian reports prophet Boucherie predicted the UK would split states would fight and it would descend into chaos the Mara V Post highlighted in a report last year Mara V Post nominated prophet Boucherie the OAS 2017 Person of the Year prophet Boucherie who has more than 2.3 million likes on Facebook and filled Johannesburg's FNB Stadium on New Year's Eve with 100,000 people this past week the ECG Pretoria recorded 70,000 worshipers and 20,000 giving their lives to Jesus

'Boris will stand up to EU' Steven Edginton BBC Radio Kent

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Listen to me on BBC Radio Kent debating Brexit and who should be the next Prime Minister.

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but Stephen Stephen Edgington on the line now I'm Steve the director of politics UMobile Stephen time to change the Prime Minister it certainly is correct you know it's politician UK YouTube channel by the way yes I'm saying trying to finance the right now yep and who do you see is the best person to take everything well I think the only person that I've working at the moment it's obviously Boris Johnson I think he's got the support of a lot of sort of conservative base and I think that he's got support of a lot of the country the extent mile I think he talks you know proper sense common sense politics and it's what the people of this country need we need someone who's actually speaking up for them rather than sort of remain as we've run the country for the last sort of forty three years well maybe speaking of for you but I'm not sure that he speaks out for the entire country well I've gone around the country and I've spoken to people as part my job and 60-million paper ridiculous well I think go to evidence shows to me that a lot of people around the country really support that his sort of straight talking politics and I think that he's right to do that I'm glad that he speaks his mind and he doesn't really care about the consequences of people in Westminster and sort of BBC presenters who might get very very angry with them you know what he said it's all upset about what he said but he just go straight to public and says what they think so I think that's a brilliant thing and when asked one of the key words that people associate with Boris Johnson is the word buffoon I think it's got the country to be a buffoon is it well I think that's the precision of a large number of the public I'm sure it is and I'm sure a lot of the public think that jeremy corbyn's an anti-semite and a large number the public think that reason is absolutely useless I mean that that's just part of the course of being in politics I think when you have these images of you know Boris taunting it's obviously got this sort of feeling like image that's fine and he's also a very great politician I mean to see some of his statements in the columns it made some absolutely brilliant speech is very very statement statesman like man and I think he could be a great Prime Minister he didn't exactly cover himself in glory as foreign secretary did he I think he did I think you need qualified that one well okay he's certainly not popular with the EU I think that's a good thing personally on the European Union obviously very very happy with threesome a being Prime Minister a lot about the negotiations I think we should have someone standing up for Britain and not continually giving concessions for the European Union I think it's great they don't like him fine but have finally someone who would stand up for our country but the point there being them if they don't like him and they see Theresa May as their best option they're gonna make her we'll check his proposal certain aspects of it certainly they'll view it perhaps more palatable more generously than they might otherwise if they see her as their best option so getting that sort of breaks it that suits them I mean I think this is a good consequence of what's going on to be honest I'm glad that the EU are finally saying look we're happy to have a proper negotiation with the UK and if that means that because they're so terrified of forests on to becoming Prime Minister and they're happy finally talk to us about having a proper trade deal they're not fond of me Stephen let's talk briefly about the timing of this do you think that this is appropriate timing for people to be talking about a potential change of conservative leadership I think it should have happened months ago I think we've got a you know you've got to get on with it if we're going to have a change the leader we've got to do it now and we don't do it now and we've got a split with Teresa maybe because there really isn't enough time logistical e to change the brakes that deal what's going on obviously be got checkers it's going to take a while to replace three scenarios we do it for a leadership challenge you know that could take weeks months in terms of you know the actual process and then that leaves almost no time to negotiate a new breakfast deal so we would be crashing out then which I don't think would be a disaster however I think that we are running out time and I'm not happy with breakfast well we had to emps to a breakfast in the ERG for example they have done as disastrous job in terms of organization I think they've got a lot of egos and I'm really disappointed in that because they could have got with a threesome a a long time ago or at least you know all go to checkers a long time ago but they keep on waiting awaiting waiting and the longer they wait the more likely it is that we're going to get a worse deal with the European Union Stephen do you think that that handling breaks it is something of a poisoned chalice no I don't I think that the fact that we are being handled so the people handling breck say and the UK government are so anti-black said they despise it you know all the civil servant none of them voted brexit we've got to remain a cabinet we've got a remain of Prime Minister and when you have people who do not believe and the main policy in this country of course they're going to make a bad job of it of course they're not going to believe in it now that means they can't deliver it properly if it's British people with what people voted for so I think both sides had huge failures and a British politician you know at least I believe totally failed – you know install the proper Prime Minister and a proper plan for leaving the EU on a Canada style free trade deal and remain is on the other side had perfectly failed to institute something to respect the result the fact of course is that however brexit pans out whatever the result of it is it will never be universally popular will it do you accept that I mean the referendum itself okay yes the levers one but it was close and there's certainly a division in within the House of Commons within the country so whatever happens it will never be universally popular will it my point being is if you are looking to change the Prime Minister are you not better to leave Theresa May where she is and let her drink from that poisoned chalice and then replace it with somebody to deal with the consequences who can then be more of a hero I think it's I think it's time to replace her now though that's a problem because we have a checkers agreement which in my opinion does not respect the result it means that we have to carry on taking laws from the European Union we will be a rule taker rather than a rule maker and I think the checkers is it's basically a disaster this country leave us as a vassal state and essentially we would not be in the European you know or outside the European Union we'd be between so I think there's time to get rid through saying now you know all this stuff you're right you're right in the sense that all this bad stuff through your checkers is on her and as soon as we get rid of her and instigate someone who really believes in it then yes fine the country was doing a better and we'll have a lot better prospects of winning a next general election for the Conservatives but I think it's conjugate of her now while she's going through this checkers proposal I think is total disaster for the UK and if she doesn't replace the checkers proposals and yeah she has to go do you think Stephen that looking at it Michel Barnier said earlier this week that November as a possible date time for a deal was still doable as long as certain prerequisites were met do you think if we change the Prime Minister if we change the the current policy that's on the table we could possibly hold ourselves back in terms of getting a better deal for brexit come March next year I think that there is very possible to get a Canada style free trade deal with the European Union which is what they had on the table a few months ago with Donald Tusk this is what happened to the ERG meeting today look we could have a proper breakfast we could have a counter style free trade deal that would be comprehensive it wouldn't be crashing out the European Union on No Deal it wouldn't be staying in certain parts of the European Union like checkers and it will be the perfect option for the UK so I think there is time to do that still and Theresa may really needs for scrap checkers now and bringing the Canada style free trade deal like Greg Spears have been saying from all along we've talked about the possibility of Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party does have a history of maybe electing as its new leader not the most obvious or the the the most obvious candidate so do you really think if there were to be a challenge to Teresa Mays leadership it would be Boris Johnson who ultimately would replace it or there are other people you think might be in contention I remember for a very long time George Osborne was meant to be the next prime minister yeah and I think you're totally right I think that they probably won't be Boris Johnson if you look at the history of conservative party leadership elections there's very much a strong chance for a charismatic young probably Tory MP who was the breakfast here I'm really pleased in the cause you could come out of nowhere and he could storm the party and it you could become Prime Minister I simply have no idea but yeah you're right from history's perspective I don't think Boris Johnson is going to be Prime Minister if we look at previous conservative election right no I hear what you say Stephen thanks for joining us really do appreciate it as Steven Eddington director of politics

David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher from Shameless) Interview On Sky News

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David Threlfall/Frank Gallagher talks to Sky News’ Colin Brazier on Sunday 26th April 2009. He speaks about saving children, bumming horses and the meaning of love… and that isn’t me trying to be funny, he actually does talk about these things! Take a look…

in the sender's had third party but now I had a powerful once it's a whole team parties to tackle global policy David is here to explain what he means by the very nice David Moore I'm Colin watch.watch mighty tea party like it okay the basic it up their numbers at the same children for few years and it this this this column we can eat starts today people are getting together and throwing tea parties it's sort of like um just you know there's a sort of it you just do what you want to do I think people in the water doing scuba Tea Party think that things perform to raise money to keep awareness of the situations around the world for children or suffering as history our government the British government in terms of child poverty set this deadline is horizon 2020 yes for any child book yes it's all those aspirations it's a bit possibly I mean but how you know I know they've tried to set metrics for it but we're not in tried together always um yes I'm kind of funny they missed it in my view that's that's my own person I'm not speaking necessarily on a percentage of them but I mean they set to Harvick by 20 2015 and 2015 and I don't end it completely by 2020 and they're not they're not going to meet it seems a bit crazy to me that we've been bailing out banks I'm not bailing out a children really which is the future that's what that's what my concern is my my interest when when I was first asked by Save the Children was free health care and when they asked me is that you want to do something that might be in Britain's worst ad so within a week or so I was in Ethiopia so I was able to see on the ground and it's quite it's quite I'm sure you've been out in those places so um you know it's quite harrowing any white so it's quite a leveler to see there there's a snap now I mean that was a lot that was doll with kids were often and they had to find ways of making making making a living it is it is that's all it's something about that old cliche I'm not one of those sort of celebrity acted I'm just an actor and who plays a little bit lucky with a show but if it heightens a situation like this not singing it it's a bit like if I could take everybody out there and witness it you just go you know what people would just get it like that and it's I'm sure yourself you've been out in these places there's just something visceral about it but really I don't have to show my WTOP oh is it muscle is offensive on my desperate and when you hear politicians as we've heard this morning talking about how we need to be thrifty talking about austerity you know austerity for us means we don't get a summer holiday austerity nuclear fuel means that one no meals has gone somewhere else absolutely I mean I again various various children I talked to and they're very extended family were looking after them have to make the decision stay away early you're either yet people I mean coming on and trotting out figures but actually it's absolute truths they have to make a decision whether to go at our breakfast for three days and pay the ninety pence it cost to go to health center one of the ones I went till is a basically given during in Ethiopia to walk Save the Children set up health center they have outposts which are about 20 kilometres away the two supposed to serve say an area of 45,000 people which when I was there and my son was about two or three years ago was with dealing with people who were walking 20 30 kilometers open the open open that the amount of people who would be were being seen seen by people followed by safer children as well as one of the government's to about hundred and forty five so that they learn there overcome with with people coming in and of course children on the five do not you know that statistically do not make it because if they don't get help my you see my interest is free free free health care I know Gordon brothers but it's not into this some years ago but I'm not I'm not quite seeing that there's any that there's any action for us at the moment I think he's got the desire but I think it's it's it's like love it's a you've got you've got to is that as bad action that's about them saying it on them on there don't believe when I said that come on zombie show sorry you saw a moment before – with that somebody else a government and I might have you think you is man front right yeah yeah bukkake play yeah shameless her had a name people I put my famous prettiest time that's all no you know it things common gardening I've been acting for nearly 30 years which seems to be it's probably one of the remembered big tip for surviving the recession is to steal everything yes but interestingly impressively only the best birth was occurring I'll go I know something big or not you're going to do or indeed through the backdoor but um yes I mean that's just I suppose it's it's part part pretty good part and based on facts loss what we do on the show and we get the newspapers everyday and some of his main watch sky and just to stick is the old cliche well you can't like this stuff you know the man who was one of my favorites was was a man who was always had it for molesting a horse not a pensioner you know you just think well if we had written that it is the hope is you say I can't do that it's generally a lot of any moral inequity that you identified it's always happened but I just wonder where you stand on those questions of the big questions of social mobility memo to work with George Osborne about whether they should we text breaks for marriage I mean there are people who say all know we've got mminton be there to indulge in social engineering but you know you look at these big cancer states where yeah become old framework although there isn't 123 you kind of wonder where the state does need to start saying people look we're not stigmatizing certain ways of life but we are saying look you know manage has brilliant outcomes for health education all kinds of stuff we want to encourage you to take a view on that yeah and that marries you certainly need you in an upper I don't know i'm not i'm not sure but what I do know about those essays and what the show has been accused of in the past patronizing and I actually was born in areas similar to I mean I didn't grow up upon these on the state but I knew them growing up there and the people in the middle of all that problem and recession before the recession and celebrated mass there's a celebrated the word shameless is about being shamelessly celebrating what most people have despite you know I mean I know that your purse friend of Mines brother described his visit to Manchester I see that been looking after me very well I see poor as Church mice but with hearts of gold but I mean if there is an element of that you know they will they will give but at the same time they will um if it's there to be lifted they labelled that they'll have to lift it because um if I was a probably in the same situation because what help are they getting and if they can get happy we can get some some tax break from being married that way people could say well that would leave something like Frank Gallagher to married falsely for the wrong reasons you have money variances and the palaces you know we are married for them exactly on that note same if they throw eggs if you want to log on to the website said to children dot org you're going to be helping a lot of people you know five pounds into a ketone married America shouldn't organ the UNH – you can follow follow follow makes it really really will help folks if you can if you can do it Maddox reminds a very powerful that this is something live on Sky News comp get all the gossip I mean our cyst on this weekend partner comes in tomorrow faltering phone blog

Factory Farming of Chickens in India

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India is rapidly embracing Western methods of industrial animal agriculture. To date it has the world’s largest dairy herd, is the world’s third largest producer of eggs, and is the sixth largest producer of poultry meat. The expansion of India’s animal products sector is already having global impacts, including on the crucial challenge of climate change. Vast amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere when land is cleared to grow feed crops, on which fossil-fuel based fertilizers and pesticides are used. The animals themselves are large emitters of greenhouse gases, and India’s cattle herd is the largest global livestock source of methane; a greenhouse gas 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. As India produces more and more animal products, the long term viability of such actions is an open question, particularly as climate change gathers pace.

as populations throughout the world to become more affluent we consume greater numbers of animal products the globalization of Western systems of intensive livestock production is spurring on this trend increasing the availability of cheap meat this phenomenon can be seen in India with a spread of industrial livestock facilities particularly in the poultry sector is eroding the country's two thousand-year-old culture of vegetarianism in do now is among the top five producers of meat chickens in the world and produce 2.25 million metric tons of poultry meat in 2009 demand from India's growing middle class is fueling the growth of packaged and frozen chicken meat nutria chicken is one such brand that is targeting wealthier consumers in the nation's capital of Delhi and is available in Walmart and local reliance chain stores the chickens live out their short lives roughly 40 days and sheds where they are housed by the thousand they are then transported to nutritious processing plant where workers slaughter and process the birds many of the workers are migrant laborers from Nepal who live on-site and return home once a year on the processing floor over half the plants workers are women from nearby areas a handful of corporate entities control India's burgeoning poultry sector and as in factory farms across the world corporations work to replace indigenous breeds with international hybrids three multinational companies currently own 90% of the breeds used in India's poultry industry according to humane society international India has more than 200 million egg-laying hens the vast majority of whom spend their lives confined to battery cages it is estimated that by the end of 2009 India will have produced 47 point four billion eggs their battery cage facilities throughout the country Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Punjab and Haryana being the hot spots of egg production these facilities range in size from ten to 150,000 birds life of the battery farms follows a strict timeline the hens arrived in the facilities as day-old chicks and start producing eggs when they are about six months old they continuously produce eggs until they are 18 months old at which point they are typically slaughtered and sold the conditions in these battery cage facilities are distressing it is not uncommon for the birds who are agitated and tightly confined to be covered in sores from rubbing against the cages day after day the workers in the facilities do not typically wear masks to protect them from the ammonia dust feathers and other particulate in the air and many of them manage the facilities and sandals or barefoot the intensive farming of India's broiler and battery cage chickens is no small feat the process requires major inputs of grain electricity and water and produce a significant amounts of poultry waste soy and corn are poultry feed staples and come largely from the big agricultural states of Bihar Rajasthan with our pradesh and hamas shale pradesh the country's largest feed mill is located in Haryana and packages 10,000 tonnes of grain each month India's booming poultry feed industry in the high global commodity price of soy are attracting more and more of India's farmers to soy farming as of last year farmers planted soy and 9 million hectares of India's agricultural land automation and refrigeration associated with industrial livestock processing requires more electricity than traditional slaughtering methods water is another important input and it is not uncommon for plants to use as much as 80 to 90 thousand liters of water per day for scalding de-feather and freezing the birds this allocation of resources raises important issues of acquittee particularly in light of the severe droughts that plagued India this past summer the some modern slaughterhouses in India do have their own wastewater treatment plans and the farms themselves water and waste runoff often collect on site leading to problems surface and groundwater contamination while it is common for local farmers to visit the sites to pick up poultry manure to use as fertilizer this process is rarely regimented as a result the manure accumulates outside of the facilities and can be carried away with rainwater runoff polluting neighboring fields and waterways

Vision of Asia – Community News | May 20th

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ITV Gold is the longest running South Asian TV station in the U.S. and is part of the largest Indian American media house, Parikh Worldwide Media. Subscribe to …

President Emmanuel Macron pledges Notre-Dame will be rebuilt within five years | ITV News

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French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged his government will start efforts to rebuild the iconic Notre-Dame – and it will be completed within five years.

Every single Remainer should Vote Labour 🌹✊ Every single Leaver should Vote Labour 🌹✊ Help Unite

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Every single Remainer should Vote Labour ✊ Every single Leaver should Vote Labour ✊ Help Unite the Country bring down the Tories and Another World is …

Maruti omni van | leather dashboard, grill paint and seatcovers | #vinaykapoor

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hey there guys, video is about customized maruti omni van About Me: Hi, I’m Vinay Kapoor and I’m based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, currently working with an …

Navarro files her nails during border wall debate

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Conservative political commentators Steve Cortes and Ana Navarro debate immigration and President Trump’s proposal for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Sports General Knowledge in kannada , Questions & Answers, Quiz Games kannada,

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Hello Guys!!! Boost your General Knowledge with these Sports Questions & ನಿಮ್ಮ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳಿ Indian Economy question and …

Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …


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Petrol bombs thrown at Albania PM's office – BBC News

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Thousands of Albanians have been protesting against Prime Minister Edi Rama, with some throwing petrol bombs at his office.

For the last three months, there have been anti-government demonstrations in Albania. Mr Rama faces allegations of electoral fraud and corruption.

Opposition leader Lulzim Basha urged crowds to continue protests until Mr Rama steps down from power.

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