Bugging out: America's first edible cricket farm

Bugging out: America's first edible cricket farm

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Is it a fad, or is it the future? Rachel Crane visits Big Cricket Farms, the nation’s first edible cricket farm to find out what everyone’s bugging out about.

34 thoughts on “Bugging out: America's first edible cricket farm”

  1. I've only tried freeze-dried insects. It tasted nice, but the texture was dry and boring, so now I'm breeding my own superworms and mealworms. Currently looking into starting a cricket farm as well.

  2. Motherfuckers !!!!!! Non vegetarian food should only be reduced to chicken, fish, beacon, beef. THATS IT !!! Anything edible beyond that should be illegal. Fuck this shit !!!!!

  3. I ate grasshopper/cricket once, tasted like chicken and the chitin leaves an after-popcorn effect (stays stuck in the part between the gums and the teeth).

    But dehydrated ones don’t have that problem.

    Since then, I’m addict to them.

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