Brexit on the BRINK: Conservative leadership battle risks EU exit – ‘It’s so precarious’

Brexit on the BRINK: Conservative leadership battle risks EU exit - ‘It’s so precarious’

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brexit hangs by a thread unless the future of Teresa maze resolved Labour's John McDonnell has claimed the shadow Chancellor says the battle among conservatives attempting to become the new prime minster could completely derail vital talks between the parties over brexit he argues that if someone new comes into the top post any promises that have been made during the talks in recent weeks could be written off in recent days speculation around a leadership contest has been rife among conservative supporters and politicians mrs. may controversially turn to labour in a bid to gain their support for her brexit deal which has been roundly rejected three times by parliament the Tories are deeply divided over her handling of the EU negotiations according to the Daily Mirror mr. MacDonald said the problem they have is that literally in front of us they will fall out so the exercise here is holding themselves together and that is proving impossible the administration is falling apart he added it's so precarious we're dealing with an institution that might not be there in three weeks we're in a position now where we're asking how can we trust them to deliver not just in the short term in the medium term as well mr. MacDonald says there has been no new progress between labour and the Conservatives during their discussions he claims the talks have in fact gone backwards leading to more humiliation for an already battered mrs. may the latest revelation comes as brexit party leader Nigel Farage ramps up more support for his newly formed party during a booming rally in Durham Mr Faraj took swipe after swipe again mr. May whose party is hemorrhaging supporters who flocked to the brexit party due to mrs. Mays handling of the UK's departure of the bloc taking the stage he blasted mrs. May as a dishonest duplicitous and utterly useless prime minister before taking aim at the withdrawal agreement she failed on three occasions to scrape through Parliament in a series of embarrassing meaningful votes Mr Farage called her agreement a surrender document of a nation that has been defeated in war

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