4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!!! The 2020 Bassmaster Classic will be held in Birmingham AL”

  1. Also….the controversy about MLF anglers not going to the Classic, was NOT about fishing it, but being there with their sponsors to promote their products. That was MLF (Boyd's) original stance, but the sponsors pushed back hard to MLF about it, so they decided to allow the anglers to attend …..now we will need to keep any eye out, to see if MLF schedules an event on top of the Classic! I think it will be disastrous for MLF if they do ….keep watch!

  2. Ott fishing the Classic will not happen, and has nothing to do with Boyd ….per BASS rules, the classic winner needs to fish in all of the Elite events in the same year, to be eligible to fish the classic. Ott , as well as a lot of others, had already missed the first two events. They all knew going in, that this was their last chance to fish a Bassmaster Classic, without qualifying thru the opens, and being able to fish the Elite Series again ….it's been that way for years.

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