1. That explains the very red sunset in the East on Sunday 29th !! Later that night at around 11pm there was a orange/red glowing cloud over in the East also. Forgot to check webcams for the area as camera phone did not do it justice, it was very weird, I assumed Military and told we have one of DARPAS Aurora planes in the UK right now and that cause the glowing pulsing cloud. I'm in central belt just East of Glasgow. December the 4th looks interesting. Constant chemtrails being laid, it is horrible. I knew it was completely wrong the sunset colour in the East, could see sunset in the West but no red sunset colour!!

  2. Congratulation you are doing an excellent work, it is impressive how you being expending your time to show the true about our universe…….as personal opinion don't take notice about people bad behaviour on the comments, you are right on the reply to them. but don't take notice just ignore them……all the best…

  3. Igor do you know whats speed its travelling (nibiru is Catalina us 10 right?) And the orbit ?If you do know then you know when it will near earth? 2018 early?

  4. Did this cause 5.7 earthquake near North pole today🤔.great video and another lesson learned😉. Today our Sun was eclipsed by 2 black objects. Check out my YouTube video off today 😘thanks for your precious time🤗😍

  5. hi Igor. You are not alone on your date of Dec 4, that something big will happen! Check out the video " Will Kilonova ESO Detected Hit Earth or is this Nibiru? Dave Dobbs also nails it in this video, plus there are awesome photos of flybys in it. check it out!! and thanks for all your hard work!

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