Border Security: Canada's Front Line

Border Security: Canada's Front Line

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Officer Danielle and Officer Matt are two of the featured CBSA officers featured in the gripping new National Geographic Channel documentary series “Border Security: Canada’s Front Line”. In the series, you get a behind the scenes look at the methods and officers that keep the borders secure.

when we first met our next guest today of course we started blabbing about our own interesting experiences when crossing international boundaries oh I'm sure everybody has one there's a brand new show called border security that you can check out we are joined now by Officer Danielle and officer Matt and we have to explains we thought there was gonna be a drug dog here to sniff the premises but where is Nova Nova is in the truck right alright just having a little rest a little a little break time no break okay well who wants to tackle Matt the the question of what border security is actually all about I mean this is an amazing show to me yeah it's a great opportunity to showcase what we do at the Canada Border Services Agency and show the important work that we do to help ensure public safety here in Canada and it's so interesting to me when I was watching the show is fascinating you feel that stress when people are getting pulled aside and then I thought from a TV perspective these people said it was okay to use their images did that surprise you that people were so willing to be filmed as they were being suspected and sometimes charged with crimes definitely it was it was surprising that people willingly consented to being filmed and being part of the show I might have cocaine on me absolutely also in that I just need a quick break so tell us Daniel let's start with you and where you work for border security we did mention the drug dogs so take us to your your day at the office well I'm based out of the airport Vancouver International Airport and myself and my k-9 partner novo we work in all areas of the airport so that's travelers cargo aircraft search we do pretty much everything at the airport and you know every day is different and there's always something new and and is Nova specifically trained for drugs or are there explosives or these drugs and Firearms really interesting so she can be both okay we're gonna clip with Nova right now Danielle maybe you can explain what we're about to see sure well basically a traveler coming in from Vegas I believe was I have yeah was of interest to to know us so basically the clip just shows a little bit of what we do on a day-to-day ly basis alright here is the scene from border security at the airport a traveler returning from Las Vegas gets an unexpected welcome from a CBS a drug detecting dog aye sir check your passport and your declaration card there and with good reason I do smoke weed okay do you have any with you today how often do you use I probably smoke like twice a week anything else that you ever precised marijuana you regularly use anything else ah when I was a kid yeah okay try already much everything everything and have you ever been checked by customs on any of your travels besides yeah they went through our cards and they found like traces of cocaine and it had been we were like we lived in Fernie man we lived in Fernie man yeah it's a-okay our viewers in Fernie what's up uh but this are you surprised sometimes what what people will tell you because I was asking off air I mean how much information do you have at your disposal about possible run-ins that they've had with border security before quite often when working the dog it's basically I'm not looking at who I'm running the dog just leads me to whoever is there and whoever she smells and then you start talking and things come out yeah people are funny the dog is a tool so you know the next step is to talk to the people to find out what what the real story is and let's talk to you Matt I learned about your department by watching the show's episode because I had never heard of inland enforcement tell us about what you do I work at a downtown Vancouver with our inline enforcement section so we were responsible for enforcing the immigration refugee protection act away from the borders inland I mean most people don't understand that the CBSA has an important role to play in public safety away from the borders yeah in the communities and it's these people that that have gotten into Canada through illegal methods if it's not getting false ID whatever it is but somehow they've ended up here yeah a little bit of everything a large majority of the people we deal with don't actually cross the border like you and I do they they come through right nation II can they walk across the gene you have to deport them when you catch them or they get in some circumstances it hence what kind of section of the Immigration Act they violated we focus our enforcement efforts towards people who are involved in organized crime or have you been convicted of serious criminal offenses here or in other countries and how closely are you working with police forces and things like that because obviously you guys would have to use a lot of investigative techniques to actually track down one of these people yeah we work really closely with municipal police agencies federal police agencies here in Canada and also in the United States so what's it like for you when you're out there because in the episode that we saw which is airing this week on the next episode there's people with cameras in the car with you while you're pursuing yeah it took a bit of getting used to the film crew was excellent too just sitting in the background and allowing us do we do to do what we do what made you guys agree I mean I think everybody when they hear reality show these days thinks of honey booboo or Jersey Shore when some of you guys in a very serious business I mean we've got guns and drug dogs what made you say Porter security honey boo boo edition what's in your go-go juice okay what would you see yeah I think it was it wasn't it's not necessarily a reality show it's more of a documentary um and it was basically done in a way to depict what we do on a day-to-day basis nothing scripted it's all real life your job I mean you know our first instinct to both of you was to talk about our experiences as confessional what you actually do is really misunderstood I think for for a lot of people so that's got to be kind of neat that that people are really seeing what you guys actually do on it I think so there's so many different aspects to the job so the show has done a great job of depicting Matt and Matt are you learning stuff or did you have a pretty good handle because did you start on inland enforcement or well I started working in the borders of the ports of entry and after about three years of transfer torreón land sections that was probably one of the big reasons for me to say yes to was just to educate the public that we have this inland section and have an important role to play as a law enforcement agency away from the borders and was that your decision to get into this aspect with the Canadian yes securities yeah and Daniel how about you what made you get into this and what a business and why yeah I your crazy dog person you did I am a crazy dog person for sure but definitely I saw it as a great opportunity to highlight not only being a border service officer but also the dog program itself and how the dogs are used at all different ports of entry Marine Airport and Nova is very much a part of your life as well I mean you and OVA work together but you also live together which sorry but it's funny right I think people sometimes assume when they see the dogs at the airport they live in a kennel or or someone takes care of them but she is part of your life yeah she's my partner so I spend more time with her than pretty much anyone else my husband and she's just a regular dog at home yep yeah a leash she just hangs out when she's not working she's she's just a regular you have to command her to do her job like dude does a dog like that know the difference or does she go go into that mode if she were to see something you're walking around the city Street if she were to see something suspicious is it innate inverted just do that definitely the dogs that we use with CBSA are high drive dogs so their job they're basically genetically programmed to do their job which for us is to search out things well fascinating stuff both of you thank you so we're gonna sneak some stuff through the board about that more on the way let's talk about that on the break for our livestream audience you can enjoy it make sure that you check out border security Canada's front line it airs a Thursday nights on national Geographics absolutely fascinating stuff check out your local listings to find out where you can watch it near you we'll have more of the rush when we return stick around we'll be right back you you

34 thoughts on “Border Security: Canada's Front Line”

  1. These border clerks supposedly protect the border but in the event of an invasion they would run away in terror and hide. Even in the case of mass migration of people from the middle east and India these migrants are not likely screened and inspected by border clerks.

  2. I love hearing all the negativity about the CBSA, because I damn well know almost all these butt heart individuals got pulled into secondary.listen up! Either you were pulled into secondary because you were a random or you were pulled in because of suspicion (which are indicators) so you people complaining, shut the hell up. If u were only pulled in for random, you were just randomly picked if not them many u should act better driving into primary inspection.

  3. I live in the real world and Canadian guards don't protect me. Most of them I suggest , would not be employable in the private sector. Not great looking women either for the most part either.

  4. 'Officers' ah please-security guards with degrees in criminology or some half baked skills
    if' dedicationg their lifes to protection' -then do it for 1/2 the pay and fund your own pension
    -at least comforting to know their chances of finding a job after leaving all this 'protection' stuff is limited lol-no film about  woman asked  if she is menstruating?

  5. I get frustrated watching the show. 'We found something prohibited, you wont be charged but we will fine you $500 to get your vehicle back', What a scam. Am sure the border guards use professional courtesy when they see a fellow officer come back to Canada. I got fined $250 a few years back when I visited a friend in the US, bought 1 box of diapers when we were there. It was less than 12 hours and I did not think to declare diapers, they actually seized my vehicle. Cost me almost $500 when all was said and done.

  6. The more I watch this show the more I get annoyed seeing how a lot of our tax money is severely wasted. Yes, we need our borders to be strict to keep Canada a nice country, but too much money is wasted. So a guy who came from Thailand into our Canadian airport has child pornography on his laptop. So we arrest him and put him in our prison to waste our hard earned tax money! This guy should be deported back to Thailand and be convicted in his own country. If they don't convict him, it's not our problem! I am very sure our RCMP and the CBSA officers are able to make arrangements with the Thailand police about this guy's criminal actions and have him convicted in his own country. Read about a 31 year old Texas man who came to Canada to have sex with another 14 year old boy in March 2005. The legal age in Alberta, at that time, was 14 and not 16. The legal age in his own state is 17 so that was why he came to Canada. Since we couldn't charge him they search his computer and saw child pornography. So before he was deported, our police informed the Texas police what they found and Texas police searched his home and found more pornography. When he landed in Texas, he was immediately arrested and charged. In November 2007 he was sentenced for 17 years in Texas prison. It was one year later Alberta changed the legal age from 14 to 16. So why are our CBSA in BC wasting our taxes on this guy and I'm sure 1000's other foreign criminals? Maybe our criminals who are convicted of murder can spend their full 25 years in prison if we didn't fill up our prisons with so many foreign criminals!! Seriously!

  7. Border Security: Canada's Front line, is one of my favorite and most interesting documentary series. Officer Danielle must be very proud to be the partner of NOVA I guess. Serving the nation in a place like this, is not a small task. In that essence I think we need more sniffing dogs be employed in every and all the Canadian Airports, border crossings, etc. Their special skills will make the border security become more secure.

  8. Because of this show i never want to travel outside of my country. I am not a wrongdoer but i do not want to be subjected to a million personal questions (most of which is none of their damn business). And i dont want them touching me or rifling through my belongings. I also dont understand why some of these of these travellers are not smart enough to delete their phones or computers before crossing borders. Of course you are going to get caught dummies.

  9. my job handles a lot of Canadian orders and they have to be equal to or more snootier than  the French!  They say things like "do you understand what I'm saying?"  "Can you understand that?"  "Do you understand me?"  "Can you understand my problem?" "Can you spell that?"  "Are you able to assist me? No you don't sound like you can help me."  that may sound innocent, but here's the gist:  they ask this for basic things like, "My [blank] broke down, do you understand me?"  or "I liven in Calgary can you spell that?"  gosh!

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