Border Security 9-1

Border Security 9-1

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A reality television series, focusing on the Customs, the Ministry for Primary Industries, and the Immigration Service.

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33 thoughts on “Border Security 9-1”

  1. I am happy to know they are screening these girls because they could be spreading a disease or std like HIV. All passengers no matter whom they are should have a valid recent one day prior test for HIV in order to enter into any country. That way it stops the transmissions from one place to another if anyone gives a damn.

  2. If people meet on facebook and decided to go to new zealand for a good fkkkk, the immigrations dont allow it??…. wtf.
    You are fine with girls kidnapped for prostitution in new zealand but not those who voluntarily goes there for prostitutions.

  3. worker of Customs just a crazy , what is wrong with condoms ???,because girls have a lot of condoms, they thinking that girls prostitute? and just for this reason not allowed them entry .???maybe they will do love with her boyfrend 10 times a day ,..,but of cours man from customs maybe dont know about that ,.

  4. you got picked out because you looked like a twat with something to hide and he knew if he picked you, ou would play up to the camera! …..and you did hahahahahhaa….stupid woman we have all been stopped at some point, i have, maybe i was stopped because i had kids, maybe i was stopped because i looked flustered because i had kids and a twat of a husband, and then maybe i was stopped because im short who knows who cares. they have to stop people and as long as you have nothing illegal then let the men get on with their jobs. moron woman

  5. So if they had a work visas it’s ok to enter and prostitute 😂😂😂😂. My god it’s hilarious , they just wanted theme to pay pussy tax 🤪🤪.and the skimming guy should go to prison before deportation !!!

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